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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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now the city has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential chows to correct a missed opportunity ross. you are making very pointed remarks when they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion on line about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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after a bust of asteroids egypt blames eisold for the mosque bombing in sinai which killed more than three hundred people. i'm sad to say than this is al jazeera live from the hall so coming up. the pictures pakistan's government doesn't want the people to say private television channels ordered off the air as hundreds of riot police moving on protesters. we go on the ground to check out the secret serial hospital built to survive and raids plus. in modern bangladesh agreed to seek u.n. help for the repack creation of rango refugees. egyptian prosecutors. twenty to thirty gunman carrying ice or flags were behind the
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attack on a mosque which left three hundred five people dead the military has launched a campaign in the sinai region after president argued for that has sisi promised to respond with brutal force the attack in be reliable on friday is the worst ever in the sinai how the hawks star reports. egyptian military has released this footage which it says shows its warplanes hitting targets in the sinai it's part of its crackdown on suspected fighters after friday's devastating attack these targets the minute she says a believed to be housing or story and ammunition linked to those who attacked the mosque has president abdel fattah el-sisi has promised to use brutal force and an iron fist against those responsible for what he called a heinous act of terrorism he also declared three days of national mourning this is the worst attack in egypt's recent history apart from the devastating loss of life
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people here a feeling angry to. be for anything fault our leadership because our leaders haven't taken decisive decisions with responded why because this isn't the first time this has happened and it's in a mall so that's. the brotherhood is giving money to these people they're spending all of them there helping them who else is going to help them this is the mosque that was targeted in the troubles northern part of the sinai it's used by sufi's members of a mystic movement within islam the attack began shortly after the noon worship started in the mosque was full witnesses described how between ten and twenty masked gunmen were a military uniform stormed the mosque using rocket fire grenades and automatic weapons it also blocks the escape route local reports described how the gunman surrounded the mosque outside to mow down any survivors as well as those who are rushing to the scene to help this thirteen year old described how he survived yes i
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was outside the mosque and suddenly i heard gunshots inside i saw them running and i went inside the mosque i found all of the people climbing on top of each other they were trying to get out of the mosque because they were afraid and i was trying to get out of the bullets and of my like no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but immediately. this patient has formed on a local i saw linked armed group analysts say the heavy handed military response could potentially lead to more unrest you saw at the beginning of fomenting of a cycle of violence of state repression targeting these groups through arbitrary arrests leading to them fomenting a cycle of violence. meanwhile the president has launched a thorough investigation and the families of the victims gather to bury that kind of. bangladesh and me and have agreed to ask for u.n. assistance in the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of bring the refugees
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rights groups have insisted on outside monitors to safeguard the return of the rangar to me and mark but the un is expressing concern about the process we've had creationists to just start in two months more than six hundred thousand rangar fled to bangladesh from what the u.n. calls ethnic cleansing in me and my child stratford has more from. it's impossible to imagine the level of suffering that people like these have endured over recent months and indeed for decades now stories of men women and children being killed by the myanmar also stories of gang rape being committed by soldiers in the myanmar. stories that the myanmar government denies now this agreement between the bangladeshi and the myanmar government with respect to reprice relation implies the eventual return of these people to a country that they have some sort of legal citizenship status but of course they don't they lost their citizenship thirty five years ago in one thousand nine
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hundred eighty two and it's when you speak to people here. but you really get a sense of the fear and the lack of trust amongst them they say that they are not prepared to go back until their property is rebuilt and they get some sort of formal legal citizenship status. hasn't seen her husband since she fled a month ago. first they have to give us an identity card at the border stating that we are residents citizens and that we are. otherwise we will not go in because they may start killing us again. also says his home and village was destroyed and he is terrified about returning to live like i mean they want a lot of them and we don't want to leave bangladesh back home we're afraid to leave our house if they kill us they take our people away we don't want to go back to doing that. according to the bangladesh government there's no fixed time frame as
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to how long this repatriation will take it's hope that the process will start in about two months time the bangladesh foreign minister also says that myanmar has agreed that the u.n. h.c.r. the un will be involved in the process and it's aiming to set up temporary camps so people like these can live in the areas in which their homes were destroyed but the two main issues when you speak to the people here are issues of trust trust of the military and secondly citizenship will they eventually become citizens of the country for so long for so many generations they have called home stratford al-jazeera. planes carrying humanitarian aid have landed in yemen after a blockade lasting almost three weeks the resumption comes after relief groups the u.n. and other countries including the u.s.
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made appeals al-jazeera international name reports. wheels down at santa international airport for the first time in almost three weeks until saturday a saudi led blockade had shut down most of yemen's ports of entry after warnings by the un a handful of planes carrying polio and diptheria vaccines and aid workers arrived in the hooty controlled capital some had only one like me and my son a international airport was banned from receiving communitarian aid aircraft for more than one thousand days that led to more than five hundred u.n. aid workers being stuck here and the consolation of more than fourteen aid flights . earlier in the week some aid trickled into the western port of who died but that has now stopped the world food program tells al-jazeera it's still waiting to offload a ship carrying twenty five thousand metric tons of wheat and enough to feed one
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point eight million yemenis for a month people need an avalanche of eight millions are on the brink of famine and they're struggling to survive cholera polio and diptheria outbreaks in addition to the war humanitarians are serving the needs of seven million people who are completed dependent on. the blockade began on november sixth after who the rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia. a saudi led coalition fighting on behalf of the government says it needed to stop weapons smuggling the u.n. warns commercial imports particularly food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off the supply could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in northern yemen people it says it doesn't have the resources to help natasha going to does iraq.
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zimbabwe's former finance minister is in court accused of corruption just a day after new prize and i was sworn in. was detained by the minatory during the takeover that forced the president robert mugabe from office meanwhile the high court has ruled the military's intervention was legal under simmons has more from harare. there's a real sense of normality returning to the streets now with the army appearing to have withdrawn back to barracks and the police being deployed in their place all over the city now the army have had a clearance from the high court that what they did ten days ago in taking over power was legal it was ok perfectly permissible to put robert mugabe under arrest a high court judge decided now this is a controversial move because some legal experts some human rights activists are suggesting it sets a precedent for an army to actually move in at times of political difficulty now
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this is all coincides with a court appearance of ignatius john breaux former finance minister who was accused of corruption and full wrongdoing in his dealings he actually had a property portfolio of more than one hundred houses all across symbiote way also in court goods and i had she panga who is the former use head of the sun who p.f. use so that is a situation that is showing the action is being taken of those suspected of wrongdoing in terms of corruption. still to come on al-jazeera. people of various people lobby. the new home for hundreds of refugees we gauge what sort of reception they'll get and years of court fights the u.s. backed the industry is forced to fund the anti smoking ads.
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welcome back we're losing some of the rain across the eastern parts of china still looking wet and rainy extends in across taiwan but otherwise dry for hong kong and certain northern parts of vietnam are ok but when she comes southward down eyeing the sort of are still seeing a lot of heavy showers pushing in across the rest of indochina weather conditions across nice meum are cambodia generally not looking too bad at all yang going to me a mar should be fine temperatures there into the low thirty's so let's head across into south asia across sri lanka things are looking very lively at the moment i think we'll see some big rainfall totals here in the next twenty four to forty eight hours so a wet one in colombo still some rain likely for chennai but north of that it's drivable amounts of kleiber's across northern parts of india bangladesh and through into pakistan it's looking fine quite
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a woman in karate there with highs of thirty one and staying into the thirty's through monday here in the arabian peninsula remains largely dry though i think as we head on through into monday we will start to see the stresses and rain returning into parts of saudi arabia state riyadh temperatures coming back up to twenty seven degrees here in qatar pleasant enough twenty some here and temperatures still very pleasant for mecca here a maximum of thirty two. that's not going to talk about. shooting people are not trying to shoot to burn themselves and the other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war in the cities general security issue where the people who pay the price clearly their writeup been prejudiced setting the stage for serious debate absent at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching our just zero time to recap our headlines now egyptian prosecutors say twenty to thirty gunman carrying i saw flags were behind the attack on a mosque which killed three hundred five people the military has launched a campaign in the sinai region after the president promised to respond with brutal force bangladesh and men marv agreed to ask for u.n. assistance in the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of writing of muslims rights groups have insisted on outside monitors to safeguard the return of the
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reindeer to me and now the un has expressed concern about the process zimbabwe's former finance minister is in court accused of corruption just a day after a new president was sworn in as jumbo was detained by the military during the takeover that force resident roman gobby from office the high court has ruled the military's intervention was legal. turkey says u.s. president donald trump has agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish wife e.g. fighters in northern syria follows a phone call between turkish for. rajib tired of the one the white house later said it would make adjustments to its policy of arming allies in syria to trumpet ministration began supplying weapons to the i.p.g. earlier this year before the battle to retake eisel stronghold of iraq turkey considers the i.p.g. a terrorist group so it has more from the turkish city of gaziantep near the syrian border. what's being reported in the turkish media as united states saying that it
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will stop arming kurdish militias does not reflect in statements that have been have seen from both presidents met press offices they say that united states will be adjusting its policy when it comes to its allies in syria especially after the fall of ice and rock or turkey on the other hand has been calling for on the united states to stop arming these mainly kurdish fighters with turkey sees terrorists once the united states to be part of its campaign to try and clear the area of what it called all terrorist groups which include these kurdish militias which are allies of the united states as these statements come there is no end to the fighting on the ground inside syria but we have seen attacks by syrian government and its allies opposition positions rebel positions in not just the province of aleppo but also in the politics of. doctors and it workers have been telling us about the situation on the ground they say their infrastructure has been
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systematically targeted by the regime and to save lives all they can do is dig tunnels and go underground. farmers on the operating table because his leg was injured in an airstrike but this is no ordinary operation theatre it's hidden underground so it will survive. i'm afraid when the regime targets a hospital i lost a member of my family in an airstrike. it's known as the cave hospital in northern third doctors are keeping its location secret for fear of further attacks by government get they showed us photos after some of the hundred thirty five yr strikes targeted their hospital medical facilities and medical workers nowadays are far from being working an ideal situation there are all sort of challenges one of the main challenges has to do with security they are witnessing not only has been ongoing for a long time but at the same time he doesn't. doesn't stop. this is what remains of
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many hospitals above ground. it took months of digging five hundred square meters under the mountain to convert into treatment rooms workers then plaster the walls and sandbags at the entrance increased security. this is the doctor who began the project he was also killed in an airstrike last year and his colleagues continue to face challenges. the biggest problem is the airstrikes which target civilians this hospital is theoretically safe but we expect anything from the government and it's destructive weapons making the hospital safe is just one of the many challenges most hospitals in opposition areas suffer from a lack of medicine and other vital supplies to emergency exits in case of any attack being underground brings the constant challenge of maintaining the flow of fresh air so doctors and patients don't suffocate. we face
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difficulties such as ventilation and shortages of medical supplies after securing ourselves in a cave inside a mountain because serious health care system has been largely destroyed by six years of war preventive care units and health centers are nonexistent potentially fatal diseases are common because of a lack of vaccine. healthcare is being used as a weapon of war in syria doctors say targeting hospitals means denial of treatment and the only option to save lives is going on the ground some of the job made out of there are. now protests spreading in pakistan after security forces launched an operation to clear a protest camp in the capital islamabad riot police moved in and threw tear gas canisters at the demonstrators who were supporters of a religious political party favorite occupying an intersection for three weeks ignoring the mounds to leave the area calling for the resignation of a minister who admitted a reference to the prophet muhammad in
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a bill private television channels were ordered off the air during the crackdown. is near the eastern city of lahore and tomorrow you're on the highway between lahore and islamabad tell us how are things now under control by the security forces. on the contrary that situation is spiraling out of control across the country there are huge traffic jams because the protesters blocking point the motorway that leaned forward to islamabad it's completely standstill people are stuck on the roadside not knowing what to do there are entire families the airports. are suffering because people are not able to get to the airport or leave the airport there i head and pakistan that situation is indeed critical many people are saying that the government had mishandled the issue they were going to be ramifications from died particularly
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security operation that started early in the morning we also have reports that a number of people have been killed across the country over one hundred people are wounded that is the early reports that we are getting the law minister's house has come under attack the former interior minister and how it had also come under attack or not very far from that video of a climb up the protests is growing we are told that they're making announcements throughout the religious end a mosque for people to come out against the government and this particular problem it seems is spiraling out of control. come out this began with a demand for a minister to resign do you get a feeling that people are coming out for other reasons which perhaps been bottled up for a while. well first of all this is a contentious issue because anything that relates to the prophet or blasphemy laws
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that are very sensitive issues people are emotionally charged they're blaming the government for deliberately trying to change the laws which were non muslims to become members of parliament. and dad of course. strong reaction from the public it's no longer the law minister is resignation even if you're a line these people are not going to stay quiet in fact they're now trading their day will march on the farm and i watch jerry he of course after his disqualification i've been holed up at his residence on the outskirts of the hall and these people are now threatening house tomorrow that situation is critical we are told there are certain dead bodies along this particular motorway have been put on the main roads they were killed in police action and of course that showed that they showed two asian it indeed quite critical of the military chief has also told
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the country's prime minister mr garner bochy that change should immediately tried to problem as peacefully as possible but at the same time the military is likely to stay out of this political make. no doubt come back to you later for an update on that. whole thing on an escalating situation. now opinion is divided among people now mixing with refugees on an island at the center of a dispute in papua new guinea some are wired about how they're integrate into life on manna silent the refugees have protested for weeks against their removal from a decommissioned prison camp fearing for their safety andrew thomas reports internationally the words man of silence conjure thoughts of banished refugees but they're not the only ones who live here the island is big and has a population close to sixty thousand most people are spread out living in small villages in the interior or along the coast but six thousand live here in the
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islands only town lauren gallo is also now home to about seven hundred refugees most moved here against their will on friday they say they wanted to stay in their former prison the spite of having to live on rainwater and smuggled in food because they did not think they'd say in town most local cop when you give you say that fear is misplaced money people are very accommodating people that love being. inclusive people but others have concerns about hundreds of men from very different cultures certainly living among them. is just men only in the way they come on ladies they find if we don't let it be on a big. issue do you feel the need of every leader. and then they may cause a problem with the local leadership that's not concerned though but necessarily so hostility walking around this market in daytime fails to meet a pretty sight but then i'm only here for a short time and i'm not
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a refugee from the middle east africa or south asia or things they say a very different some refugees chose to leave the prison and move to lauren months even two years ago to keep occupied so i just hussein worked as a receptionist at the guesthouse but he's not paid refugees aren't allowed paid work and despite being much better integrated the most he says the town for refugees isn't safe one month there will be a good end. on my neck. if i didn't deal with the. many refugees have similar stories drunk young men attack them among locals most have sympathy for the refugees but think it's time they move on or were moved on they should have gone and they belong to a different culture a different world different language. for how this is to look we should have won by
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now the refugees feel the same way andrew thomas al-jazeera on madison and in papua new guinea. it's international day for the elimination of violence against women this hour live pictures coming in from a rally in paris a similar scenes in rome as well france's president says it's one of his priorities and i know micron's announce a series of measures aimed at tackling sexual violence. has more from paris. the president has been stressing that the main thing they're gone cause of his five year term will be equality between men and women and he says that the first thing that needs to be tackled in that area is gender based violence sexual assault and sexual harassment he held a minute's silence for one hundred twenty three women who were killed last year by their partners and then he went on to explain just why it's so important for him
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listen to mom the feeling of horror and of shame resulting from the situation is i must say has taken specific importance since a little more than a year ago because it is shame that we talk about when one is at the same time a man and a public decider i cannot consider that we're talking about today is something that was boring but now and except. now everybody was waiting to see what concrete proposals president. would put forward he did say that there were many areas to be worked on in education for example training teachers to help pupils to get rid of stereotypes which can lead to gender based violence along the line and also strengthening police responses and. putting more resources into helping victims he did outline that in legislation that he's been going to put forward next year there will be a new offense basically of street harassment which can be punishable on the spot he
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also intends to extend the length of time that victims of sexual violence can take the. filing a complaint from twenty years to thirty years so that if a woman was the victim of an assault when she was a minor she has thirty years to come forward and file a complaint he says that budgets are being increased between ministries by thirteen percent next year how quickly that will start to make a difference is hard to tell and virtuous means by big tobacco will be back in the us media from sunday but the knowledge you think these ads were ordered by the court to warn of the dangers of smoking habitants who reports smoking is highly addictive these messages will air in prime time for one year on major u.s. television networks along with adverts in fifty newspapers. radio and t.v. ads promoting cigarettes were banned in one nine hundred seventy but the new
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adverts should have added years ago they were ordered in two thousand and six after a big tobacco was found to have misrepresented and deceived the american public about the effects of smoking by a federal judge they brought appeal after appeal after appeal and contesting every issue they could think of to try to delay the time when they would actually have to be forced to tell the truth to the american people. campaigners are skeptical as to the difference these ads will make partly because the media has changed so much over the last decade most us smokers begin as teenagers but now less than five percent of network t.v. viewers are under twenty five also the trumpet ministration is filled with those who once worked for or received large sums from big tobacco infamously vice president mike penn's once wrote an editorial that accepted the dangers of smoking yet asserted time for a quick reality check despite the hysteria from the political class and the media
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smoking doesn't kill so this is a general no francisco one successfully argued in court against printing the telephone number for a service to help smokers quit on cigarette packets on behalf of tobacco company r.j. reynolds president trumps nominee to oversee chemical safety at the environmental protection agency took money from big tobacco to promote research that downplayed the effects of secondhand smoke we cannot afford to have to back up policy being being made by the lawyers for the tobacco industry. the proportion of u.s. adults who smoke is now fifteen percent it was forty two percent in the sixty's however due to population growth that still represents thirty six and a half million people in addition in low income areas the proportion of smokers can reach thirty seven percent cigarette taxes remain low in many states political donations from big tobacco are plentiful which helps explain why big tobacco still views the u.s. as a growth market the world's largest tobacco profit pool outside of china in the words
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of one cigarette executive she have returned see al-jazeera. times take a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now egyptian prosecutors say twenty to thirty gunmen carrying i saw flags were behind the attack on a mosque which killed three hundred and five people the military has launched a campaign in the sinai region after president. promised to respond with brutal force bangladesh in man may have agreed to ask for u.n. assistance in the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of rango muslims rights groups have insisted on outside monitors to safeguard the return of the remainder to me and now but the un is expressing concern about the process planes carrying humanitarian aid have landed in yemen's capital sana there the first since the
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saudi led military alliance tightened its blockade almost three weeks ago the resumption comes after relief groups the u.n. and other countries including the u.s. made deals yemen is enduring the world's worst cholera epidemic now doctors are warning of an outbreak of a potentially fatal diptheria virus. zimbabwe's former finance minister has appeared in court accused of corruption and a.t.'s chambre was detained by the military during the takeover that forced president robert mugabe from office. says he was beaten while in custody the high court has ruled the military's intervention was legal. turkey says u.s. president donald trump has agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish why fighters in northern syria has followed a phone call between trump and turkish president or edge of tiber the one white
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house later said it would make adjustments to its policy of arming its allies in syria turkey considers the wife e.g. a terrorist group. spreading in pakistan of the security forces launched an operation to clear a protest camp in the capital islamabad riot police moved in and threw tear gas canisters at the demonstrators it's up front now news has never then. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera is religion to blame for the world's violence or is it just an easy scapegoat and in a world of advanced science and technology do we even need religion anymore in this up front special will debate faith reason is science with physicist and atheist lawrence krauss and reza aslan author of the new book god a human history.


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