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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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now marianna uses a new service it's called level drive it's for women passages only and run by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time and i. suspect it funny says. that killed hundreds of people.
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and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up over one hundred fifty people are injured as police try to disperse a religious protest in pakistan fear and distrust how some are henge refugees are reacting to a deal that could see them return to myanmar. and we return to cuba for the first anniversary of the death of fidel castro and. we begin in egypt where prosecutors say gunmen who stormed a mosque in sinai were carrying and i saw a flag officially there is still no claim of responsibility but egypt's military has already begun target saying with bombing targets part of a pledge by president abdel fattah el-sisi that those behind the attack would not
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go unpunished more than three hundred people now known to have died in the attack in bed the worst in egypt's modern history hannah starr reports. egyptian military has released this footage which it says shows its warplanes hitting targets in the sinai it's part of its crackdown on suspected fighters after friday's devastating attack these targets the minute she says are believed to be housing or storing ammunition linked to those who attacked the mosque has president abdel fattah el-sisi has promised to use brutal force and an iron fist against those responsible for what he called a heinous act of terrorism he also declared three days of national mourning this is the worst attack in egypt's recent history apart from the devastating loss of life people here a feeling angry to. be for anything i thought our leadership
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because our leaders haven't taken decisive decisions with respect why because this isn't the first time this has happened and it's in a mall so that's. the brotherhood is giving money to these people they're spending all of them there helping them who else is going to help them this is the mosque that was targeted in the troubles northern part of the sinai it's used by sufi's members of a mystic movement within islam the attack began shortly after the noon worship started in the mosque was four witnesses described how between ten and twenty masked gunmen were a military uniform stormed the mosque using rocket fire grenades and automatic weapons it also blocks the escape route local reports described how the government surrounded the mosque outside to mow down any survivors as well as those who are rushing to the scene to help this thirteen year old described how he survived. i was outside the mosque and suddenly i heard gunshots inside i saw them running and
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i went inside the mosque i found all of the people climbing on top of each other they were trying to get out of the mosque because they were afraid and i was trying to get out of bullets and of my like no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but a media. suspicion has form a local i saw linked armed group analysts say the heavy handed military response could potentially lead to more on rounds you saw at the beginning of fomenting of a cycle of violence of state repression targeting these groups through arbitrary arrests leading to them for mentoring a cycle of violence. meanwhile the president has launched a thorough investigation as the families of the victims gather to bury that kind of hoax. egypt is also securing its borders the planned reopening of the rafa crossing into gaza is now delayed until further notice it was expected to open temporarily on saturday but it's been put on hold egypt has kept the crossing largely sealed
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off since twenty thirteen while the army fights groups in the area says thirty thousand people have been waiting to cross well earlier timothy called us from the taria institute for middle east policy told al-jazeera the military approach in sinai has not been effective. in the in the case of sinai the military has had a pretty active tempo of. counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations for quite some time and as yesterday showed it hasn't been enough to stop this sort of thing from happening and for us to continue to escalate. its tactics in the mainland the government has been fairly successful at bringing down substantially the number of attacks however sinai has remained a different challenge. i think that the question that needs to be asked is when will the military and the government review its strategy and look to have a more sophisticated and mixed approach to counterinsurgency the military strategy
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alone has not been and has not been adequate and so it's time to examine what other options are available and how to win over the local population and help the nicest safe haven and the ability to move more freely. carrying humanitarian and vaccines to help fight get feria yemenis injuring the wells west cholera epidemic and he's on the brink of a famine all made worse by. the country now reports. wheels down at santa international airport for the first time in almost three weeks until saturday a saudi led blockade had shut down most of yemen's ports of entry after warnings by the un a handful of planes carrying polio and diptheria vaccines and aid workers arrived
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in the hooty controlled capital had only open mic and asuna international airport was banned from receiving communitarian aid aircraft for more than one thousand days that led to more than five hundred u.n. aid workers being stuck here and the consolation of more than fourteen aid flights . earlier in the week some aid trickled into the western port of who died but that has now stopped the world food program tells al-jazeera it's still waiting to offload a ship carrying twenty five thousand metric tons of wheat enough to feed one point eight million yemenis for a month people need an avalanche of eight and they're struggling to survive cholera polio and if the area outbreaks in addition to the war humanitarians are serving the needs of seven million people who are completed dependent on. the blockade began on november sixth after who the rebels fired
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a ballistic missile into saudi arabia. the saudi led coalition fighting on behalf of the government says it needed to stop weapons smuggling the u.n. warns commercial imports particularly food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off the supply could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in northern yemen people it says it doesn't have the resources to help natasha going to does iraq. the army has been called in to restore order in the pakistani capital islamabad after more than one hundred fifty people were injured in violence between police and religious protesters earlier riot police fired tear gas and water cannon the demonstrators while clearing their city and camp which has been blocking main routes into the city for over two weeks the possesses are calling for the
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resignation of a minister who admitted a reference to the prophet mohammed in a parliament she will come out high is in sukiyaki near the eastern city of lahore kemal now we're hearing the army is being called in really this situation seems to be spiraling. absolutely spiraling out of control the civilian government has asked the military to come in aid of the to villian administration the primary objective would be to guard key installations the diplomatic corps klavan it. and dad at a time when there is trouble. spreading across the country we had added trouble in karachi protests have continued many people injured. and we are told that at least one person was killed near the airport now all the airports all the highways including the grand trunk road that connects the north to the south as well as the motorway that connected to the provincial capital of the punjab law all the people
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are stuck on the highways they cannot move because all the intersection have been taken over by the protester and then we have also been told that the protesters are now back in the same place where the security forces primarily the police where they tried to dislodge them earlier this morning so indeed a crisis situation head and the military now being called in for the protection of islamabad but this is a situation that has been mishandled by the government there did qualified prime minister of the country headquartered all his party. and members including senior ministers are meeting in the hall why is troubled brewing in the city of karachi. it appears that the government had miscalculated they didn't know the strength of the reaction. happen and forward on the streets across pakistan indeed a crisis situation one threatening to spiral out of control that it. that the
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former interior minister is how. the law minister nation the people have demanded being attacked and of course that the government in all sorts of trouble. thank you heidi that bringing us the latest from the unrest in pakistan. mammal have agreed to take assistance from the united nations refugee agency to safeguard the repass ration of hundreds of thousands every hinge of muslims the two governments signed a pact on thursday settling terms for the repatch reaction process which is expected to begin within two months under the new deal the henge of attorneys will be moved to temporary camps while so-called model villages are constructed near their former homes may also plans to issue them with an identity card on their return although most have so far we jacked the scheme child stuff it has more from cox it's bizarre
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it's impossible to imagine the level of suffering that people like these have endured over recent months and indeed for decades now stories of men women and children being killed by the myanmar army also stories of gang rape being committed by soldiers in the myanmar army stories that the myanmar government denies now this agreement between the bangladeshi and the myanmar government with respect to repress relation implies the eventual return of these people to a country that they have some sort of legal citizenship status but of course they don't they lost their citizenship thirty five years ago in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and it's when you speak to people here. but you really get a sense of the fear and a lack of trust amongst them by saying that they are not prepared to go back until their property is rebuilt and they get some sort of formal legal citizenship status
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. hasn't seen her husband since she fled a month ago. on our first they have to give us identity cards at the border stating that we are residents all citizens and that we are. otherwise we will not go in because they may start killing us again. also says his home and village was destroyed and he is terrified about returning to live like that and they wanted out of him we don't want to leave bangladesh back home we're afraid to leave our houses they kill us they take our people away we don't want to go back i'm going to deny that. according to the bangladesh government there's no fixed time frame as to how long this repatriation will take it's hope that the process will start in about two months time the bangladesh foreign minister also says that myanmar has agreed that the u.n. h.c.r. the un will be involved in the process and it's aiming to set up temporary camps so
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people like these can live in the areas in which their homes were destroyed but the two main issues when you speak to the people here are issues of trust trust of the military and secondly citizenship will they eventually become citizens of the country for so long for so many generations they have called child strife and al-jazeera culture is bizarre. still to come on al-jazeera a small town in papua new guinea takes in hundreds of refugees from a close to australian camp but there's no guarantee of a warm welcome and going underground doctors in northern syria work in secret to treat wounded civilians from strikes.
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welcome back we're losing some of the rain across the eastern parts of china fuzhou still looking wet and rainy stands in across taiwan but otherwise dry for hong kong and certain northern parts of vietnam are ok but when she comes southward down eyeing the sort of are still seeing a lot of heavy showers pushing in across the rest of indochina weather conditions across most meum are come botticelli not looking too bad at all yang on m e m r should be fine temperatures there into the low thirty's so let's head across into south asia across sri lanka things are looking very lively at the moment i think we'll see some big rainfall totals here in the next twenty four to forty eight hours so a wet one in colombo still some rain likely for chennai but north of that it's drive variable amounts of kleiber's across northern parts of india bangladesh and through into pakistan it's looking fine quite a woman in karate there with highs of thirty one and staying into the thirty's through monday here in the arabian peninsula remains largely dry though i think as
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we head on through into monday we will start to see the stresses and rain returning into parts of saudi arabia states riyadh temperatures coming back up to twenty seven degrees here in qatar pleasant enough twenty some here and temperatures still very pleasant for mecca here a maximum of thirty to. i am taking your story steps to lift the restrictions on american without regulation profit tax policy on health. and the environment it was a surprise. that some. protection is going to take a decade of work to do and why the cost of the. toxic wall this time on.
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a comeback remind of a top story sarah al-jazeera egyptian military has launched a campaign in the sinai region after an attack on a mosque which left more than three hundred people dead the army has been called in to restore order to the pakistani capital islamabad after more than one hundred fifty people were injured in violence between police and religious protesters. bangladesh have agreed to take assistance from the united nations refugee agency to safeguard the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of or henge or the process is due to start in two months. hundreds of refugees in papua new guinea have spent their first day outside
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a decommissioned australian prison camp they were refusing to leave they say the town outside the camp isn't safe for them but some locals disagree after thomas reports from the sun and. internationally the words man a silent conjure thoughts of banished refugees but they're not the only ones who live here the island is big and has a population close to sixty thousand most people are spread out living in small villages in the interior or along the coast but six thousand live here in the islands only town lauren lauren gallo is also now home to about seven hundred refugees most moved here against their will on friday they say they want to stay in their former prison despite having to live on rainwater and smuggled in food because they did not think they say in town most local cop when you give you say that fear is misplaced money people are very accommodating people that love being.
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inclusive people but others have concerns about hundreds of men from very different cultures certainly living among them. is just men only and they do that when they come on ladies we find if we don't related needs on a big. issue did they don't feel the need of a having a leader. and then they may cause a problem with the local leadership that's not concerned though that necessarily leads to hostility walking around this market in daytime fails to meet a pretty sight but then i'm only here for a short time and i'm not a refugee from the middle east africa or south asia or things they say very different some refugees chose to leave the prison and move to laura months even two years ago to keep occupied such hussein works as a receptionist in the guest house but he's not paid refugees aren't allowed paid work and despite being much better integrated the most he says the town for refugees isn't safe one month there will be
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a good anyway if you deny on my neck the. port up or. if i didn't you would be. many refugees have similar stories drunk young men attack them among the locals most have sympathy for the refugees but think it's time they move on or were moved on there's a billboard they belong to a different girl to a different world for a long woods. for years you still have one when. the refugees feel the same way andrew thomas al-jazeera one man assigned in papua new guinea iran's president has done rouhani has told syrian president bashar al assad in a phone call that iran will stand by the syrian people and the government in the fight against terrorism and reconstruction efforts iranian media is reporting rouhani told his syrian counterpart that talks to leaders summit in sochi was the
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right step at the right time for the future of syria it comes as iran russia and turkey held a trilateral meeting at a summit this week or a major diplomatic push was made to end the war in syria. turkey says it expects u.s. president donald trump to stick to his promise not to supply weapons to syria and kurdish fighters also known as the y.p. . on friday turkish president. held a phone call with truong in which the u.s. president reportedly gave an order that weapons should no longer be supplied to the white p.t. the white house later issued a statement only saying it would quote make adjustments to its policy of arming allies in syria the trump administration began supplying weapons to their wipe e.g. earlier this year before the battle to retake eyesores stronghold of iraq or turkey considers the y p g a terrorist group.
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one subject that negatively impacts our relationship with the us is the weapons that it's given to the y. p.g. lately we've seen that some armored vehicles have been supplied and our esteemed president once again reiterated his discomfort to mr trump mr trump clearly stated that he had given clear instructions that the white won't be given arms and that this nonsense should have ended a long time ago of course we were very happy with this doctors in northern syria are being forced underground because a frequent attacks on hospitals one facility has been built entirely below the surface at a secret location to treat patients injured by government strikes as i'm going to write reports in gaziantep syria's border with turkey. farmers on the operating table because his leg was injured in an airstrike but this is no ordinary operation theatre it's hidden underground so it's been filled by air raids. i'm afraid when the regime targets a hospital and lost
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a member of my family in an airstrike. it's known as the cave hospital in northern three doctors are keeping its location secret for fear of further attacks by government get. they showed us photos after some of the hundred thirty five year strikes targeted their hospital medical facilities and medical workers nowadays are far from being working an ideal situation there is. just one of the main challenges has to do with witnessing. going for a long time but at the same time it doesn't. doesn't stop. this is what remains of many hospitals above ground so it took months of digging five hundred square meters in the mountains to convert into frequent rooms workers then plaster the walls and bags at the entrance increased security. this is the doctor who began the project he was also killed in an airstrike last year and his colleagues continue to
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face challenges. the biggest problem is the airstrikes which target civilians this hospital is theoretically safe but we expect anything from the government and it's destructive weapons making the hospital safe is just one of the many challenges most hospitals in opposition areas suffer from a lack of medicine and other vital supplies that are to emergency exits in case of any attack being underground brings the constant challenge of maintaining the floor so doctors and patients don't suffocate. we face difficulties such as ventilation and shortages of medical supplies after securing ourselves in a cave inside a mountain because health care system has been largely destroyed by six years of war preventive care units and health centers are nonexistent potentially fatal diseases are common because of a lack of vaccine. healthcare is being used as a weapon of war in syria doctors say targeting hospitals means denial of treatment
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and the only option to save lives is going on the ground some of the job without the zero. zimbabwe's former finance minister has appeared in court accused of corruption just a day after a new president was sworn in in days just jumbo was detained by the military during the takeover that forced president robert mugabe from office jumbos lawyer says his client needed hospital treatment after being beaten in custody court has ruled the military factions jury in the takeover legal well andrew symonds joins us now from harare andrew it's not just the finance minister. there are raft of cases court cases coming up. that's right this is the first full day of the new presidency and we're seeing a lot of action in the course of the weekend it has to be said as well first of all so let me deal with ignatius a chambre you mentioned there that his lawyer had said that he had been held her
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injured and treated in hospital his lawyer also said that he wants to talk about very sensitive matters related to his arrest he was arrested at his home with his wife late at night by moscow soldiers according to the lawyer and he is suggesting that the charges he's facing he does own a hundred more than one hundred homes run across them badly and the charges he says are politically motivated he is going to contest it would seem these charges that the hearing had been going on for some considerable time moving on from there we have another case involving kids and a chap he is the actual that was the leader of zano p.f. use movement now both of these men have one thing in common that they were plotting it's alleged to actually get grace grace mugabe the wife of robert mugabe into power to succeed him and that caused this massive rift in the ruling party now run
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across him but we now are seeing an easing of the tensions this is the first weekend after the whole thing came to a head people are relaxing more the army has pulled off the streets of harare more or less now only a few units remaining and there is going to be an announcement of them going back to barracks likely to be on sunday people absorbing events now it's happened so quickly they're realizing that well there's promising things going on but when will the delivery take place what we're seeing is that the man of god is actually talking to business people he's talking to governments he's talking to diplomats and it's. going to be a head on assault getting investment but the real problem is political reform the reform of the economy can he deliver in time that's still a big question many thanks anderson is there with the latest developments coming out of harare cubans are looking ahead to
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a post castro era as they mark the first anniversary of the death of their revolutionary leader fidel castro built the communist state on america's doorstep off a century ago and in three months his brother and successor are all steps down a lot of america and it's a you see a new man reports from havana. in old havana a decades old photograph of fidel castro framed by plastic flowers is put on display. at the hotel where castro met with countless heads of state and international stars the staff paid homage to the deceased leader of the revolution with music and poetry. son alexis castro was the guest of honor he told al jazeera his father is resting in peace because. he was always certain of the continuity of the work and the ideals of the revolution he dedicated much of his efforts in life to just that i think he would be satisfied. a year ago the world
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took note of the passing of the last cold war warrior the revolutionary who created a communist state on the doorsteps of the united states in cuba a ten day mourning period paralyze the country on the anniversary of his death academics and communist party officials have been holding symposiums as part of a state push to keep castro's example alive as the country faces new hostilities from washington i might drop of a get it were possible for years and it's trump that wants to return to the past for there was always look into the future i think the way cuber is handling the situation and what is very little but many say castro's passing has had no impact on it all the way the same nothing has changed as usual he wasn't the only person a certain sadness because he was our president but nothing more but cuba is inevitably moving towards change for bill castro is gone and in just three months
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his brother and successor will be stepping down which leads to the obvious question of what will become of the cuban revolution once there's no castro at the helm the answer in part depends on just how well the cuban state can keep pradelle castro's bigger than life persona a life you see in human i'll just see how vanna. xico government has created the largest marine park in north america the giant lines in the pacific ocean southeast of the baja california peninsula is home to giant rays whales and turtles with a protection zone of about one hundred forty eight thousand square kilometers all fishing activity will be banned and the area will be patrolled by the navy hotels will be built on islands within the recent.
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headlines now on al jazeera the egyptian military has launched a campaign in the sinai region after the attack on a mosque which left more than three hundred people dead egyptian prosecutors say twenty to thirty gunmen carrying eisel flags were behind the attack president abdel fattah el-sisi promised to respond with brutal force the army has been called interest or order to the pakistani capital islamabad after more than one hundred fifty people were injured in violence between police and religious protesters riot police fired tear gas and water cannon at the demonstrators as they clear their city and camp the protests are calling for the resignation of a minister who admitted a reference to the prophet muhammad in a parliament she bill. is insecure near the eastern city of lahore regrowth the gondry there's been a strong reaction they've been announcements on the in the mosque for people to
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come out we're door that kharaj literally gridlock. paralyzed because the protected are now blocking talk through then the third day there along . the highway everything is blocked. have agreed to take assistance from the united nations refugee agency to safeguard the repository ation of hundreds of thousands of. rights groups have insisted on outside monitors to safeguard the return of the rich. the un has expressed concern about the process. to. turkey says u.s. president donald trump has agreed to stop supplying weapons to the kurdish wife e.g. find syria president. spoke to trump on the phone and friday the white house issued a statement only saying it would quote make adjustments to its policy of arming allies. zimbabwe's former finance minister has been in court accused of corruption
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just a day after a new president. detained by the military during the takeover that. garbage from office says his client needed hospital treatment after being beaten in custody those are the headlines that stay with us. is next. now the breaking news on the russia investigation since president took office the trump show. breaking news right now it was a profanity laced tirade rebalanced is now. for all of the trouble in the just.


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