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tv   Journalism  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2017 1:32am-2:01am +03

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which left more than three hundred people dead egyptian military has launched a campaign in the sinai region after the attack president abdel fattah el-sisi promised to respond with brutal force zimbabwe's former finance minister ignatius chambre who has been held in custody until monday when a court will rule on his bail application on his corruption trial he was detained by the military during the takeover that forced president robert mugabe from office jumbos lawyers says his client needed hospital treatment after being beaten in custody i'm a deshon man maher have agreed to take assistance from the united nations refugee agency to safeguard the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of ranger rights groups have insisted on outside monitors for that safeguarding but the un has expressed concern about the process the preparation is due to start in two months turkey says u.s. president donald trump has agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish y p g
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fighters in northern syria to his president richard the one spoke to trump on the phone on friday a senior white house official has told our jazeera they will not be an abrupt termination but instead a winding down of support turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist group a.j. selects is next thanks very much for watching see you soon bye for. documentaries. at this time.
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we're not seven and you know. if you give. them. my view they have one on your muff. for someone who knows i'm with um you see here. live on the left. must mean. or the walls them up to fail on the seven eleven of which it about how to know in the hands of the mother in denver to list them. a lot of your mother and . father son and of avail so the name. of them was even in a mine and i have enemies out of a sort of mind that has the ten million best of and with an interview to yanni me
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a way out of some have tiny i know that's a given you know. given reality i defeat it. i know that i'm a lot of the one. for you come on what if you. don't know that and i don't know. how you're going to be by then going on the movies and i. don't want to get another job i want to.
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yeah. you know. that is. well one of the things though that is that neither the. movement unless it does so we get. into the gun and i think if we're going to do with that you
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wouldn't. want to do you want to. get out of you don't have a. get on of out of there. i'm just within the sign from the smuggler and when he. crossed we like so far as.
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oh god. i am i feeling strong others they called me the son of the one. i became photographer for the first time my uncle bartz me for a small coming out. at the beginning i was filming this. for myself and to learn by myself. in two thousand and eight the first. i was working we speak hours on following the bombs are. my friends and my family. in any moment i was thinking. that ok my family want to enjoy.
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life. more bland. the house of my. children living members of my family my uncles their sons and daughters and children as well it was herbal. for the death of my family. to be forced to join this. time a good tool. for this. was .
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some of the. most of the bunch of them it. was. hundreds and hundreds a day and. i mean some of them. one time i was there on. the old. we weren't there i'm the first thing i saw it's all he was under there are built his face it was covered by dust and by blood i didn't imagine that he will be alive then i realized that he still hate him . i can feel that i will die i mean it's because of the bumbling around you on fire i
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would to the front lines. of. course i feel there are a lot of similarities between us and see in stories most in the majority of the world there are a few zs in gaza my family the artifices. i can feel the suffering of the people who are in fiji as well. i feel like this in eyes i see. there are this him eyes and see.
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one time a given by and i said it's ok it's the last minutes of my life. the most want to go to mark almost on the small point of view i know. him according to a member of. this was in the photos they took me there there was a sniper but we didn't notice. he started. looking. ok. look. good it was. i mean.
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look at the right. they say they are not being well they are dealing with me as i am photographer or as the local journalist not like international journalist. i feel that these lists you speak for that are i was. but we are the one who is
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suffering my family my friends they are suffering because we are from the same time to or at least we are from the eye of the community. if there is anything hemant i am the one who would witness maybe one day i will be the news itself. honestly i never like my family that i am filming in syria like i don't want them to be very worried although to me. and tell us how much. you know how. well. you have. got.
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i wanted to send a message to the board that this is the live in gaza are easier to see and all the conflict zones in syria i know when i go there like i can feel the war there are like kidding and a lot of life you can feel it. only book. so it's not temporary i am in touch with them all the time even if i look at syria we live together we slip together we have good memories together. we have been in the front lines together the fighters there were there we were and i was carrying my weave in which is the camera.
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the last general good in solos i was it just relentless seemed a little cool. so i let me send more of me doesn't feel like kill walker look at the way young. women come into the last year. they were put there were lesbians. may kill you get the put the answer but it was more tremendous to be. seen only deal one if i mean you know what the latter will be anyone yet if indeed . my number that i will not have also of those also i mean they are longer but better employed set up better than.
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they must have given this. very question to my mother for me this happened since she. was. almost ten. k. . give you. a second. on the back of. my education. if.
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you. let. him pick your b.s. from me. don't. forget monday we're going to through it you know want to go to. the sun you know which. we love him because the supreme. court did. not. even come up. with what we had not by you might not believe a. little abandoned that's a big splash. on the plague.
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i think my friends. yes and that's. one of the hard look we know. what the government up and i were coming up with that up you're. going to get out of the n.h.s. . but i'm going to combine you know the hope which will get you out of the top of what it was something you don't. look at yorkdale that when they were not at all hard to keep them out of the messes. it's not up on the podium particular trial or the beach or whether we have what i. know study in the from about an hour your other
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noise better than i know not going to go if i'm. going to pour down going to come but most things going on them i'm going to go to. see. just to see him but been sunbow in. just a couple and then met a corner but i don't see that i was kind of noble pistols at the woman that will get on with us. the total to making this have it so look at peace us good demon boy guinness time i see nando. i lost but it's almost like i give these three million other older kids money. to compete says dean of interest one of the we had
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a. comment that i was. inconsistent is the important thing in that dusty were muslim but somebody came by one more point. you sort of thought daniel was. lost i must say if you can the whole chicken got a feel for what. the court. the new middle. east will benefit you get the fear is not going to be the best chance that a pessimist in the face of. that on the. economy. blows a lot and i don't even. khushi .
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yeah. and. the moment.
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you. get a little much. and a lot of the least of the one is what you have that is you. what the bully got a book going to commit it was a book that was. souls produced as
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a little boy that was another one of us. the most of the living in good articles a list of a. deals kept in the. innocent images they have been the whole lot is the one thing is did my god but let us hear only gonna pull a little of out of the ok a little toward a lot lot all the was is one of us in. enough
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. the latest news as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years old and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage try to imagine it only seven years ago people were living right here farming framed now the thief has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity ross. with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law. but why for so long with such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west you're not reporting to the congress that to the press there were engaged to a clandestine service al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former
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president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera. from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into uneasy as a rich tapestry of the threads at this time on a jersey you know. this is al-jazeera.


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