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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2017 2:00am-3:00am +03

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unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in tunisia has a rich tapestry. the threads at this time on it does either. this is al jazeera.
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hello from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria this is the new sound from al jazeera and and blasphemy protest in pakistan grows and then turns violent as the military is called. easing its blockade the saudi led coalition allows the first shipments in weeks to enter yemen. with a new government moves in on robert mugabe's old ally. and in the refugee camps of bangladesh more doubts about the agreement that's supposed to allow him to muslims to return to me and. so we're going to start off with this standoff in pakistan where the military has been called in and a partial media blackout is in place but it's a struggle to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital islamabad this is
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after earlier on saturday police fired tear gas and water cannon to clear the protest camp more than one hundred fifty people injured the demonstrators have been blocking a major highway for two weeks and are refusing to leave until the law minister steps down this is all stemming from the fact they are angry over the fact he omitted a reference to the prophet mohammed in a parliamentary jail has more now from the city of lahore. the civilian government has off the military to come in aid of the to villian administration their primary objective would be to save dog's key installations the diplomatic all claim in islamabad and that at a time when there is trouble spreading across the country we had added trouble in karachi protests have continued many people injured there and us and we are toward only one person was killed near the airport now all the airports all the highways
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and fluting the grand trunk road that connects the north to the south as well as the motorway that connects its lombard to the provincial capital of the punjab long haul all are jammed people are stuck on the highways de canard move because all the intersection have been taken over by the protector and then we have also been told that the protesters are now back in strength at the same place where the security forces primarily the police where they tried to dislodge them earlier this morning story indeed a crisis situation head and the military now being called in for the protection of islamabad but this is a situation that has been mishandled by the government there disqualified prime minister of the country had called all his party workers and members including senior ministers for the meeting and it all while trouble was brewing in the city of karachi in islamabad so it appears that the government had miscalculated they did not know their strength of the reaction that would happen and on forward on the
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streets across pakistan indeed a crisis situation one that age threatening to spiral out of control that is also taught that the form a interior minister's house was attacked the law minister whose resignation the people have demanded and also being attacked and of god that the government and all sorts of trouble. another story concerning pakistan washington strongly condemning the release of the pakistani national have made a key suspect in the two thousand and eight mom biotech's motion and saying the decision will affect u.s. pakistan relations site as a ten million dollars bounty on his head for the attacks which killed one hundred sixty six people including americans u.s. officials say he's being released because the government failed to provide any evidence against him so it has denied any involvement in the mumbai attacks let's talk about all issues pakistan now with me who is the editor of daily times pakistan joining us via skype from ithaca in new york state and we thank you for
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your time but still with the protests what do you make of what's going on there i mean blasphemy the anti blasphemy law as well they are such sensitive topics in pakistan. absolutely it's of a sensitive subject and. also where a lot of politicians and even the media are very careful in brushing it but unfortunately this has been no use for the past twenty days for billy blue to go a lot of this is just. you know who have gathered in the capital and now all over the country blocking high release want to know you know early on they want to do the resignation of the law minister but now they are demanding that the government should step down. a lot of commentators have alluded to the fact that they have the backing of elements within the state who have been broadening
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them to basically keep the government under pressure but the other of us forces of the government itself is beleaguered and incompetent in handling that situation like that that it has that got things to such a pass so this started to crack down on them then they thought that crackdown backfired and then they had to go on the operation and not at all in the military and the military is asking what is the scope of it wasn't in need of some real problem so the military is very careful here but it does not want to be directly in consultation with these new laws really who i guess that are you know. what do you draw is a very critical realistically do you think there is any chance of this minister stepping down. well i guess yes there is i mean that's what the least the government would have to do after this may have been that the country this
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situation cannot really prolonged way much because you know in pakistan's history when it was such a situation is not good in the one nine hundred fifty s. and one nine hundred seventy s. both times you know lived really just not be rallied against democratic governments and the results were basically you know quite disastrous you know the prime ministers had to step down the road electorate who does so i guess the government would like to result just imagine a very soon and it's not that they may have to sacrifice a few minutes of but i'm not really sure whether things are going to be normalized just by didn't resignation of the minister until of course the military stands with the government you know i mentioned the story today with half a site as well and that's going back to the two thousand and one by attacks united states not happy about that as well as i mean broadly speaking how would you describe. pakistani politics pakistani international relations at the moment they
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at some sort of critical juncture. indeed there are no i think the u.s. sort of statements from the white house ability of the state department i mean they indicate. some level of concern in the united states about obviously a release now the problem here is that the pakistani goads time and again have been involved and they said that they don't have enough evidence for you know against the prosecution does not ring. so hard to say that gets away with that. but the real question here is there are two hundred or so it's one out and in his. approach to words a question to be sure which is the. contention between india and pakistan is something that is very close to the state of pakistan you know the state has
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officially. you know in dual subject of reducing the cost and therefore. need additional policy by the pakistani government on the part of the foreign also as. well as national outcry against obvious traits and i think it's five cents or interests that such groups are. decent you natured raza rumi thank you so much for your time very interesting to talk to you two other news for aid planes have arrived in yemen's capital sanaa carrying humanitarian workers and vaccines to help fight diptheria they say it's now the first aid shipments since the saudi that coalition fighting against rebels in yemen imposed a blockade nearly three weeks ago yemen remember also ensuring the world's worst cholera epidemic and is on the brink of famine although he has now from natasha and i'm. wheels down at santa international airport for the first time in almost three
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weeks until saturday a saudi led blockade had shut down most of yemen's ports of entry after warnings by the un a handful of planes carrying polio and diptheria vaccines and aid workers arrived in the hooty controlled capital some had only open the mission and asuna international airport was banned from receiving communitarian aid aircraft for more than one thousand days that led to more than five hundred u.n. aid workers being stuck here and the consolation of more than forty aid flights. earlier in the week some aid trickled into the western port of who died but that has now stopped the world food program tells al-jazeera it's still waiting to offload a ship carrying twenty five thousand metric tons of wheat and enough to feed one point eight million yemenis for a month people need an avalanche of eight millions are on the brink of famine and
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they're struggling to survive cholera polio and diptheria outbreaks in addition to the war humanitarians are serving the needs of seven million people who are completed dependent on. the blockade began on november sixth after who the rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia. a saudi led coalition fighting on behalf of the government says it needed to stop weapons smuggling the u.n. warns commercial imports particularly food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off the supply could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in northern yemen people it says it doesn't have the resources to help natasha going to does iraq. zimbabwe's former finance minister ignatius jumbo is now in custody on monday
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a court will rule on his bail application over his corruption trial his detention just one day after zimbabwe's new president was sworn in and simmons reports from harare the new presidency and the court cases have already started first in line ignatius jumbo former finance minister he owns more than one hundred homes and he's accused of corruption. is reported to have been in the military custody and is even hospital treatment he says ma soldiers with assault rifles raided his home and he was illegally detained for forty eight hours as a military takeover took place also before the courts form a zanu p.f. used leader could sue knight ship bangor accused of corruption and slander he had resisted the army takeover earlier this month. you know what it is what he told you if you please i mean. you
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hear. the army has already withdrawn from the streets of harare ahead of an announcement of a return to barracks and that action coincides with a high court judgment saying it's action and taking power and putting mugabe under house arrest was lawful but human rights watch says it's an example of the military having undue influence on the judiciary and the legal warnings that it could set a precedent. i was after his swearing in everson. had vowed to hit the ground running with a raft of measures to revive zimbabwe's shattered economy but he hasn't impressed the main opposition party. he has been part of the twenty seven years of disappointment thirty seven years of the unlikely that you see is from the same boat as mr mugabe they are cut from the same tree so it doesn't matter that present what appears to be a fresh deal it remains
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a pipe dream the people. may have with foreign investors and foreign diplomats but political reform and economic reform needs to happen quickly to have the effect he wants under simmons al jazeera iraq. the bobbies new president is promising a range of reforms to try to revive the once thriving economy one of em a synagogue was the first move is to appeal to the four thousand white farmers whose lands were seized under former leader up in the gobby a decision international condemnation and sanctions at the time and contributed to zimbabwe's economic slide from the breadbasket of africa to country struggling with severe cash shortages and high unemployment. says the action cannot be reversed he is offering the farmers compensation many of those farmers fled to neighboring zambia south africa botswana and mozambique child story is the head of country risk
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at the consulting firm various maple croft and he says many goggles compensation offer does send a positive signal to foreign investors. i think it was a noteworthy statement i think he's calling out to certainly some barbarians but really to the international community to say that this seems like an old issue but it's absolutely paramount to zimbabwe's business community is certainly paramount to zimbabwe's farming community and what he's trying to say is that's true aligned to the south in the sam's madness but the past behind us and he wants to signal that symbolically it's going to be a safe investment environment for businesses one must remember that for effective farm as many have moved to other parts of the world they develop new lives they have new livelihoods and for individuals and somebody where you who took over those farms they have put in some cases up to seventeen years of investment in that land
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so it seems to make in the minds of many people a little sense to try to wind back clock and put things back how they were so i think what he's trying to do is take the next step which is to say that's legally resolve this issue. and bangladesh have agreed to take help from the un's refugee agency to repatriate thousands of ranger refugees the government signed a pact on thursday settling the terms for the repatriation process which is expected to begin in two months under the deal ranger refugees will be moved to temporary camps in me and ma while the so-called model village is built near their former homes which were burnt down during the crackdown in august me and also plans to issue them with identity cards on their return although most stranger have so far rejected the scheme of more often causes bizarre in bangladesh where most of those ranges have fled to. it's impossible to imagine the level of suffering that people like these have endured over recent months and indeed for decades now
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stories of men women and children being killed by the myanmar army also stories of gang rape being committed by soldiers in the myanmar army stories that the myanmar government denies now this agreement between the bangladeshi and the myanmar government with respect to repack relation implies the eventual return of these people to a country that they have some sort of legal citizenship status but of course they don't they lost their citizenship thirty five years ago in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and it's when you speak to people here that you really get a sense of the fear and the lack of trust amongst them they saying that they are not prepared to go back until their property is rebuilt and they get some sort of formal legal citizenship status. hasn't seen her husband since she fled a month ago. but they have to give us an identity card at the border stating that
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we are residents. and that we are. otherwise we will not go in because they may start killing us again. also says his home and village was destroyed and he is terrified about returning to live like that and they wanted out of him we don't want to leave bangladesh back home we're afraid to leave our house and they kill us they take our people away we don't want to go back to virginia that is. according to the bangladesh government has no fixed timeframe as to how long this repatriation will take it's hope that the process will start in about two months time the bangladesh foreign minister also says that myanmar has agreed that the u.n. h.c.r. the un will be involved in the process and it's aiming to set up temporary camps so people like these can live in the areas in which their homes were destroyed but the
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two main issues when you speak to the people here are issues of trust trust of the military and secondly citizenship will they eventually become citizens of the country for so long for so many generations they have called child strife and al-jazeera culture is bizarre. here's what's coming up for you on this news. gyptian warplanes target suspected. to kill hundreds of people in the sinai. monley people of various people love the new home for hundreds of refugees were gauge what sort of reception they'll get him out of. and then sport the new champions of asia have been crowned that story coming up in sports.
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now iran's president has reassured his syrian counterpart bashar al assad that teheran will support him in the fight against groups and will also help with efforts to rebuild the country iranian media is reporting us on ronnie call the syrian leader to tell him recent talks aimed at ending the war at the right time leaders from iran russia and turkey all met in sochi earlier this week in a major diplomatic push to find an end to the six year syrian war turkey says it expects u.s. president donald trump to stick to his promise not to supply weapons to syrian kurdish fighters including the y.p. g on friday turkish president rejects. a phone call with which the us president reportedly said weapons would no longer be supplied to the y.p. senior white house official as told of zero they will not be an abrupt term a nation but rather a winding down of support remember turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist group. i mean. the one subject that
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negatively impacts our relationship with the us is the weapon that it's given to the white lately we've seen that some armored vehicles have been supplied and our president once again reiterated his discomfort to mr trump mr trump clearly stated that he had given clear instructions at the white won't be given arms and that this nonsense should have ended a long time ago of course we were very happy with this interruption prosecutors say up to thirty gunmen carrying i thought flags were behind the sign a mosque attack which killed at least three hundred five people on friday officially there is still no claim of responsibility but military has started bombing targets part of a pledge by president. to publish a story punish the attack and. star reports. egyptian military has released this footage which it says shows its warplanes hitting targets in the sinai it's part of its crackdown on suspected fighters after friday's devastating attack these targets the minute she says a believed to be
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housing or story and ammunition linked to those who attacked the mosque has president abdel fattah el-sisi has promised to use brutal force and an iron fist against those responsible for what he called a heinous act of terrorism he also declared three days of national mourning this is the worst attack in egypt's recent history apart from the devastating loss of life people here a feeling angry to. be for anything fault our leadership because our leaders haven't taken decisive decisions with respect why because this isn't the first time this has happened and it's in a mosque that serious the brotherhood is giving money to these people they're spending on them they're helping them who else is going to help them this is the mosque that was targeted in the troubles northern part of the sinai it's used by soofi members of a mystic movement within islam the attack began shortly after the noon worship
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started in the mosque was four witnesses described how between ten and twenty masked gunmen were a military uniform stormed the mosque and also blocked the escape routes local reports described how the gunman surrounded the mosque outside to mow down any survivors as well as those who are rushing to the scene to help this thirteen year old described how he survived yes i was outside the mosque and suddenly i heard gunshots inside i saw them running and i went inside the mosque i found all of the people climbing on top of each other they were trying to get out of the mosque because they were afraid and i was trying to get out of the bullets and of my leg no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but immediate suspicion has fallen on a local i saw linked armed group. analysts say the heavy handed military response could potentially lead to more unrest you saw the beginning of phone mounting of a cycle of violence of state repression targeting these groups through arbitrary
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arrests leading to them for mounting a cycle of violence. meanwhile the president has launched a thorough investigation of the families of the victims gather to bury their dead. al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalists and hussein has been in an egyptian prison for eleven months now and then is accused of broadcasting false news spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny his saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail as well he was arrested on december twentieth while visiting his family libya's coast guard has recovered the bodies of thirty refugees who died after their boat sank off its north western coast on saturday one hundred forty five people were rescued and brought back to port in the libyan capital tripoli but a coast guard spokesman told us you're a forty people are still unaccounted for german chancellor angela merkel has spoken out against a return to the polls saying it wouldn't be fair to ask people to vote again
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germans went to the polls in september the talks on a coalition between merkel's conservative block and two smaller parties collapsed last week she now says she hopes to call a government together soon after the opposition social democrats agreed to in warm negotiations but there's a. nice so in the next election we must do better we must have solved more problems than we have today it is with this in mind that we must evaluate possible talks with the social democrats of course we're prepared to talk but talks can only be conducted on the basis of mutual respect that must be clear. hundreds of refugees in pomp and you're getting have spent their first day outside the decommissioned australian prison camp they were refusing to leave but they say the town they've moved to isn't safe for them though some locals disagree thomas reports now from an assignment. internationally the words man of silence conjure
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thoughts of banished refugees but they're not the only ones who live here the island is big and has a population close to sixty thousand most people are spread out living in small villages in the interior or along the coast but six thousand live here in the islands only town lauren gallo is also now home to about seven hundred refugees most moved here against their will on friday they say they wanted to stay in their former prison the spite of having to live on rainwater and smuggled in food because they did not think they'd say in town most local cop when you give you just say that fear is misplaced money people are very accommodating people that love being. inclusive people but others have concerns about hundreds of men from very different cultures certainly living among them. is just men only and they do that when they come on ladies they find if we don't related needs on a big. issue did they don't feel the need of every leader.
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and then they may cause a problem with the local leadership that's not concerned though that necessarily so hostility walking around this market in a time fails to meet pretty sight then i'm only here for a short time and i'm not a refugee from the middle east africa or south asia the things they say a very different some refugees chose to leave the prison and move to laura months even two years ago to keep occupied such hussain worked as a receptionist at the guesthouse but he's not paid refugees aren't allowed paid work and despite being much better integrated the most he says the town for refugees isn't safe one month there will be a good and you will deny on my neck. put up or. if i didn't you would then be. kidding me many refugees have similar stories drunk young men attack them among locals most have
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sympathy for the refugees but think it's time they move on or were moved on they should have gone and they belong to a different culture a different world different language. for how this is to look we should have one by now the refugees feel the same way andrew thomas al-jazeera on medicine and in pop when you get. still more ahead for you this news hour in the u.s. one of the busiest shopping weekends of the you look at how the rise of online giants like amazon has changed but the way people shop and the way many people are . talking tough to end abuse from says president promises to tackle gender based violence boy i'll tell you both us. position in more on that coming up later farai.
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hallows the thanksgiving weekend comes to a close in the u.s. so if you'd be traveling once again quite often yes i'm pretty poor weather thanksgiving this time it's not so bad there's a lot of cloud around it misleads a cult from running up through the great lakes and towards the atlantic seaboard lot more cloud on the pacific coast that's more telling but it's also quite specific more recently has been washington state's got really wet in b.c. seeing rain and snow on the canadian side but that rains heading down through california be raining in san francisco on sunday but otherwise what's going on not very much it's not particularly cold in new york at night nor indeed in toronto it's rate in both places you should see more sunshine anything else and that's true for the day after. it's we're looking the high ground the west where rain or snow is going to be the feature so the most places asked looking for enjoyable dance are the governments go to the caribbean that persistent line of rain the port
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a bit of flooding to jamaica haiti bitsa cuba and costa rica is still there it is falling apart just not quite such concentrated rain but the chances are you'll still get yet more shows over jamaica over cuba with this circulation contra to get near panama the probably more especially once more costa rica. the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode just joins fifty five scientists on the planet psyching journey of discovery around the continent for look into the post on the future of the planet. but it's quite amazing just to see that statistically lies this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. on the news on here at al-jazeera let's take you through the top stories pakistan has called in the military yes police struggle to disperse hundreds of protesters
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in the capital islamabad demonstrators want the law minister to step down they are angry because here i made a reference to the prophet muhammad and i parliamentary bill for a plains of arrived in yemen's capital sanaa carrying humanitarian workers and vaccines to help fight diptheria is the first aid shipment since the saw that coalition. blockade maybe three weeks ago. and zimbabwe's former finance minister strongbow is. in custody an accused of corruption detention that comes just one day after the country's new president was sworn in. as an amazon reached a record high on friday surging on optimism of a holiday sales in fact the founder jeff bezos is now reportedly worth more than one hundred billion dollars but those employed by the online store to deliver goods and not doing so well some say they've had their pay cut by a third with no explanation jacob ward explains. john delivers packages for
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amazon. the gig is unpredictable amazon flex drivers spend as many as sixteen hours a day watching an app for an available block of deliveries if they get one they'll deliver perhaps a dozen packages in a two hour window then they wait sometimes for hours without pay i want my job i started what would i do i love being in a car and i think doing most job is great but i just can't make any money doing it right now john is not his real name and we can only tell you he lives on the east coast of the united states he says he doesn't want to lose this job but he can no longer afford to work it either when i started we were earning our base wage plus tips after several months who changed too. base pay including tips amazon now counts tips for its amazon flex drivers against their total pay john used to make roughly three hundred dollars in
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a day now he's making two hundred dollars if he's lucky amazon is developing a service to use drones amazon has made a science of delivering goods fast and cheaply someday it says it wants robots to make deliveries but at the moment it relies on contractors to cut costs in this country if you are treating workers as an independent contractor you're saving up to thirty percent of your labor costs you're not painting to social security you're not paying into workers' compensation for workers who are injured you're not paying into unemployment insurance for workers who are laid off and two months before innocence from the change in pay on him john received a new contract to sign you and amazon agreed to resolve disputes between you and amazon on an individual basis through final and binding arbitration he was being asked to sign away his right to sue in open court and then amazon changed his pay i
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shouldn't have to fend off e-mails trying to now through to why my paycheck is thirty percent less than what it was last week and i still haven't gotten an answer because there's nobody pocket i don't know what to do there's nothing to do you can quit that's around through you're a private contractor newts up the perm but the job or you don't the holidays put pressure on everyone but for those without the comfort of full time employment there's no such thing as time off take aboard al-jazeera. we ask them isn't to speak to us about these allegations they say they won't comment however on pending litigation thing is amazon employees not the only ones who have been complaining about their pay this is the so-called gig economy it's been growing around the world particularly in the take industry those who are going to talk to john biggs about it because it is there at tech crunch joining us via skype from new york john do we i don't think i don't think we accept this because clearly his rights are
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being trampled on but is this a new reality and twenty seventeen this is a new reality this is one of the easiest ways to get a job. without a lot of experience. and without a lot of trouble so if you can imagine the way it used to be used to get a union job you'd be set for life or for decades even have a nice house have a nice car that was the easiest job to get now this is the easiest job to get isn't the best job to get absolutely not so what can change what can we do as you say you know the key thing you said there was union jobs and people had someone to support them in this in this case i mean what of what people go out i think we just answer don't question unfortunately these bigger companies are going to be fighting it tooth and nail until somebody really figures this out and obviously this is a specific job that could be knocked out overnight with the right kind of car right
2:37 am
kind of drone obviously but we still have a good decade of this going to this happening so we have to figure something out that's that's a little bit better for these folks and the problem is as well of the convenience of it from the other side of things see if we get away from amazon from i mean if i think of something like when you ride sharing apps again where people are sitting there waiting for the job to come to them and they might get ten they might get none. but there's the convenience factor for the people using them and as long as that sort of drives the demand i can't see it stopping. it's not going to stop what needs to happen is that the folks who are in this gig economy. we need to help them get the word out about the idea of you know i think the idea of asking for more money for better work obviously and they're all there killing themselves driving back and forth from airports on a daily basis for a lift. i've met plenty of people who get up at two or three in the morning just so they can get these lucrative early morning long drives out into to a jeff k.
2:38 am
or wherever it's just exhausting them and it's one way to it and it's actually makes them a little extra money is what you can work a full full of days eight hours a day and then you can't home and keep driving. in the same case it happens with the. drivers as well u.p.s. fed ex and then the ancillary drivers who are helping out especially during the holiday season but exactly. this needs to be fixed and i think slowly but surely companies especially companies like amazon that have a happy smiley shiny face to the rest of the world they're not to fix this or they're going to get a lot of pushback the tech companies would argue that this is simply how they have to operate now with the amount of demand they have gotten the likes of that is there is there any logic to their argument no that's that's that's a complete lie. obviously they're they're very very happy that to join their company all you have to do is press it but that's wonderful for them they don't
2:39 am
have any they don't have to pay benefits they don't have to deal with any sick days they just if you press a button you're working if you know a person but you're not working so what do they have to add to that to make that work fair they know. well and get exactly what needs to be at they need healthcare they need it all sorts of protections that are going to do it until they're force. is this administration in the us seriously that ministration do that to force that over the over the line actually not after a couple more years by that time we're not going to be replacing these folks with us. from tech crunch in new york thank you so much for your time really interesting to talk to you. the poll is holding the first phase of federal and state elections on sunday but this vote is leading to disputes in some areas the choice of candidates is causing tension among families in close knit communities. reports now from menang district in
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a park. in braga village in my district on the famous on a put a circuit in the park but this flags fly along with flags of political parties the stars of the party congress and the democratic alliance and the son of the hammer and sickle of the left alliance in the small village everyone is related to each other because of its remoteness and distance from the capital in the past the community had a common identity and decisions were made unanimously now that mainstream politics has been thrown into the mix family relationships are strained commerce ringarooma has come all the way from got money to vote he and his wife cimi don't want to stay with anyone if. this site the other would get opposite the. devote. both sides or relatives whoever wins i hope they develop the district as all the hotels are aligned to one party or the other they will spend the next few days in
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a town. lexical uncoupled many of the voters from anon live in the capital and have made the difficult journey to exercise their democratic right one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly one district has the smallest electorate with just five thousand eight hundred eighty one registered voters and before winter arrives the first phase of the election is being held in the hills and mountains where climate and geography can both be challenging the second phase will be held on the seventh of december in more moderate climate district officials and milan have deployed more than six hundred security personnel nationally that figure is around two hundred fifty thousand already not only to the ground without enough they goes with the ground clearance of mobile force might not be able to strike on time and we are fully prepared otherwise. assured that the upcoming federal and state assembly and action would be
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held in a free and fair. voting will end by five p.m. local time but ballots won't be counted until the entire nation goes to poll which means for the next ten days the tension among family members here is likely to continue sabina stretched out his era man on district in a. saturday is international day for the elimination of violence against women and rallies have been held right across the world to highlight crimes against women in france president emanuel macron has also announced a series of measures to tackle sexual violence not in barber has our report now from paris. a big speech from the president on a topic that's a huge problem in france and beyond the money were mcallen said tackling gender based violence and discrimination would be his top priority over the next five years as he promised to get tough with. our situation up to now shows that something is not working in our country the shame that women experience
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a shame without reason since they are already victims the shame that should be experienced by the perpetrators of violence it is a civic and political shame it is a national disgrace earlier his minister for gender equality outlined how wide ranging the problem was. violence against women it takes many forms and we talk most about sexual violence but there has been more openness to talk about other types like physical violence so-called administrative violence where women's passport documents are withheld economic violence where many women find themselves staying in an abusive situation because of financial dependence mcconnell said he'd introduce legislation next year including almost spot fines for harassment in public and he promised nationwide training for teachers health workers and police to help recognize abuse. but this women's rights activist who was in the audience is skeptical. there's currently
2:44 am
a lack of training particular for the police when it comes to harassment and sexism in public places so we are asking where you find the money for your selling us the idea of a great national cause but with the smallest budget of all the government departments . in recent months seven hundred thousand people have signed petitions urging the government to do more on the saturday thousands more hit the streets many viewed the president's new initiative as just part of the solution i think anything this is equal rights in our society is what we ask we demand equal rights for everyone. yes. if she's not. our. president has announced in effect a revolution in the way france deals with violence against women these protesters want to see real change on the ground and they want to see it quickly and they'll
2:45 am
be keeping up the pressure until that happens. this in turkey two thousand people marched in istanbul to protest violence against women the demonstration went ahead even though police initially didn't give permission to speak it said they want the government to do more to combat domestic violence and to improve gender equality demonstrations in turkey have been taken restricted since twenty thirteen after a wave of anti-government protests as well as extremist attacks on a state of emergency following a failed coup in twenty sixteen. time magazine is denying a claim by the u.s. president on trump that he was told he would be featured as a person of the year said on twitter that time magazine called to say i was probably going to be named man of the year like last year but i would have to agree to an interview in a major photo shoot i said probably is no good and thanks anyway time magazine says it never actually reveals the choice of person of the until relates. mexico's
2:46 am
government has created the largest marine park in north america this is in the pacific ocean southeast of the baja california peninsula it's home to giant rays whales and turtles with the protection zone of about one hundred forty eight thousand square kilometers all fishing activity will be banned and the area will be patrolled by the navy hotels will also be prohibited on islands within the reserve . cubans are looking ahead to a post castro era as they mark the first anniversary of the death of their revolutionary leader fidel castro the communist state of a century ago his brother and successor role will step down in three months in america and reports. in old havana a decades old photograph of fidel castro framed by plastic flowers is put on display. at the hotel where castro met with countless heads of state
2:47 am
and international stars the staff paid homage to the deceased leader of the revolution with music and poetry. sun alexis castro was the guest of honor he told al-jazeera his father is resting in peace because. he was always certain of the continuity of the work and the ideals of the revolution he dedicated much of his efforts in life to just that i think he would be satisfied. a year ago the world took note of the passing of the last cold war warrior the revolutionary who created a communist state on the doorsteps of the united states in cuba a ten day mourning period paralyze the country on the anniversary of his death academics and communist party officials have been holding symposiums as part of the state push to keep castro's example alive as the country faces new hostilities from washington i might drop of a good. it's trump that wants to return to the past for there was always look into
2:48 am
the future i think the way cuber is handling the situation and what is very little but many say castro's passing has had no impact i mean all the way the same nothing has changed as usual he wasn't the only person a certain sadness because he was our president but nothing but cuba is inevitably moving towards change castro is gone and in just three months his brother and successor. hour will be stepping down which leads to the obvious question of what will become of the cuban revolution once there's no castro at the helm the answer in part depends on just how well the cuban state can keep the del castro's bigger than life persona alive you see in human how than a sports news on the way in there is good news for barcelona fans as well you know messi signs the new deal far with the details in just about.
2:49 am
december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families who've been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. on counting the cost crocodile economics what amazon melange god will have to do to transform zimbabwe's finances a modern day slave trade in libya and how china's internet giant ten cent over took
2:50 am
facebook. counting the cost at this time on a dizzying. and rain with no. time. to live i want this to be you were in my life. because the news. and you didn't miss any of the news and you can watch it on my. time to get a look at sports news. thanks to pan's or our reds are the asian football champions
2:51 am
for the second time they beat saudi arabia's to one on aggregate in the champions league final on saturday the sides had played out a one one draw in the first like in riyadh last week and with no goals in the first half it looked like that would be enough to secure victory for the japanese side. had a man sent off in the seventy ninth minute and just to be sure of victory brazilian rafael scored for iraq in the eighty eighth minutes maybe one nil day and she won overall the last time were i won the a.c.l. title was back in two thousand and seven. it's true we want to thank the fans who did a great job supporting the players this evening and the whole management which built the foundation for the squad as it is now we have learned a great deal from the first leg we analyze the main strategies and we came here prepared to perform at this level for the second leg that's why we prevailed.
2:52 am
earlier i spoke to asian football expert paul williams he says the quality of play and the popularity of club football in asia is on the rise it's five teams now in the world cup for the very first time from asia so that that suggests that there is some improvement in asia but it remains to be seen how those teams will perform at the world cup and then had that reflects more generally on the club people situation in asia you know that the clubs are improving year on year but there is still a big gap between a couple in asia and comparable in europe and and that's going to take some some time for that gap to to show in a little bit but certainly it is a good sign that there are five teams from asia in the world cup next month and hopefully they do go well in that suggests that there has been some improvement over the last four years you know there is the population in asia as asian football continues to develop you know i think it's a significant portion of the world population to leave in asia so certainly there's
2:53 am
the potential there but it's still a long way away from ever reaching the hearts of the u.a.e. the champions league and i think would be many years before we ever see. the european champions league but you know certainly as a nation football fanatic i do hope that we get to see it one day it's the news barcelona fans have been waiting for star forward lean on messi is signed a new contract with the club that runs and till the end of the twenty twenty to twenty one season with a buyout clause worth eight hundred and thirty five million dollars the news comes a day after messi won his fourth goal and award for being europe's high school story last season he's netted a total of five hundred and twenty three goals for barcelona in six hundred two appearances annis helped them win eight league titles and four champions league crowns his previous deal had been due to expire next year but he said he has always wanted to end his career at the club. now with that bit of business out of the way barcelona will be looking to extend their lead at the top of the league again
2:54 am
second place side of the land sea on sunday meanwhile their place around madrid were in action on saturday and they were back to they were twice paid back by malaga before a late winner from christiane were naldo secured a three two victory for the hosts it was the portuguese first league goals since october fourteenth and just his second in the league this season. in the english premier league manchester united close the gap on manchester city to five points with a one zero win over brighton on saturday city travel to huddersfield on sunday and other results top the missed the chance to move into the top three as they were held to a one one draw at temporary home wembley to a manager less west brom a seventy fourth minute equaliser from hurricanes salvaging the point for spurs and there was a point each for liverpool and chelsea as they played out a one one draw at and fields yet for us. it was very difficult to.
2:55 am
to play these games after that on the other. nor is the form for my players and also because when you plea. it's not simple because you play it is that it is to deem how you play now. and i must feel. particularly at the must feel. you have very intense game very difficult for us against everybody now is very strong just the team with. quite a different approach than i. do family and. the readable. wow. there's to be no final pole position for lewis hamilton this formula one season the world champion was beaten by mercedes teammate valtteri bottas in qualifying for the season ending prix bolt this was
2:56 am
a low point one seven two seconds quicker than hamilton around the arena circuit to secure his fourth hole of the year ferrari sebastian vettel was there a point five four six seconds off the pace and third hamilton who secured his fourth world title two races ago in mexico will start from second on the grid as he bids for his tenth race winner of the season an album davi. yeah i think just another rule i think. just little bits here and there i was up i think a tenth and a half out of turn one and then in turn i was six so another way it's been an incredible year qualifying and one that i've really enjoyed so and it's great to see so many british flags is so many people here today so be sure to tell us now in france will take a two one lead into the deciding day of the davis cup final against belgium the best of five match contests was tied at one one going into the doubles after win apiece and the singles rubbers on friday richard guess k. and keep their gave france what could prove a decisive lead with
2:57 am
a force that win over belgian duo ruben bell in men's and loris to lure the davis cup champions will be crowned on sunday after two more singles ties. bigger snowboarding is set to make its olympic debut in chang next year on the sports stars have been continuing their bid to qualify for the bad side a world cup event in beijing austria is and i guess they are won the women's competition in china scoring almost two hundred points higher than her nearest challenger the men's was won by canada's mark mcmorris forces first event backs and sustaining life threatening injuries following an out of competition sall in march . coming off a really tragic injury and just how long you take no for and not only how long it take. straining it is on your mental sort of to come back and have the confidence to do this in early steps again and it can be really mentally challenging at times but it's all worth it when you win an event and finally american kite border and
2:58 am
daniela moreau's has won her second world title she is just sixteen by kiteboarding world championships took place in oman in the men's event was won by france's nicole partin the. lead the women's field to throw out the tournaments. and that's all your support for now more later all right ted that is your news hour we are back in just a couple of minutes with another full of news here on al-jazeera the latest on the blasphemy protests don't come on santa maria.
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the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming
3:00 am
a new life is part of life it's culture. the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire. in a special episode rise joins fifty five scientists on a breathtaking journey of discovery around the continent into the past and the future of the climate. but it's quite amazing just to see that that's that's the when you rise at this time on al-jazeera. pakistan called in the army to restore order as anti blasphemy.


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