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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2017 7:00am-7:33am +03

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their. attention is going to take. the line down and the cost of the. toxic war and this time on al-jazeera we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. work to be here and the reality of the twenty first century in africa here in about a little for eleven out how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be chancellor just like i said my child soldiers reloaded at this time. pakistan calls of the need to restore borders and blasphemy protests grow.
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lots of all robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next thirty minutes easing its blockade the saudi led coalition allows the first aid shipments into yemen in weeks. also zimbabwe's government moves in on robert mugabe's old allies. a bridge over troubled relations to art students in japan and start a debate on the tension with north korea. welcome to the program we started back as that way its military has been called in to restore order in the capital islamabad after the police struggle to disperse hundreds of demonstrators well the one hundred fifty people were injured when officers fired tear gas and water cannon to clear that the. the demonstrators have
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blocked a highway for two weeks to call for the law minister to step down they're angry because he admitted a reference to the prophet to have it in a parliamentary bill maher hired a house more from key that the city of lahore. the civilian government has off the military to come in aid of that civilly and administration their primary objective would be to save dogs key installations the diplomatic all claim in islamabad and that at a time when there is trouble spreading across the country we had added trouble in karachi protests have continued a many people injured there and us and we are toward only one person was killed near the airport now all the airports all the highways and fluting the grand trunk road that connects the north to the south as well as the motorway that connect this lombard to the provincial capital of the punjab long haul all are jammed people are
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stuck on the highways de canard move because all the intersection have been taken over by the protector and then we have also been told that the protesters are now back in strength at the same place where the security forces primarily the police where they tried to get across them are near this morning story indeed a crisis situation head and the military now being called in for the protection of islamabad but this is a situation that has been mishandled by the government that disqualified prime minister of the country had called all his party workers and members including senior ministers for a meeting and it all was probably it was brewing in the city of karachi in islamabad so it appears that the government had miscalculated they did not know their strength of the reaction that would happen and on forward on the streets across pakistan indeed a crisis situation one that age threatening to spiral out of control that is also talk that the form a interior minister's house was attacked the law minister who is
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resignation that people have demanded and are also being attacked and of god that the government and all sorts of trouble asha's of the kinds of independent security analysts now she's worried that sanctions within bunker stance will manipulate the situation. so the issue of. you know order of the prophet is something which is very popular in pakistan the question is how it is used because in the law in the changes that were made to the law there was nothing which was done or said against the honor of the prophet so there was nothing blasphemous the content wasn't blasphemous but the other thing is that when the the whole fighting began this morning the issue is that the government's forces the police force they did seem to control the situation but suddenly the people appeared from somewhere you know i was like somebody people repair a shooter who are better prepared who had a gas mask who had you know tear gas equipment who had guns and who knew exactly
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where the c.c.t.v. cameras were and they got the virus so that their movement wasn't recorded i think politically it's going to give more power to the. to the armed forces and armed forces wanted to believe that the armed forces want to manipulate the we're not happy with the government i think this is a wish come true for the military but apart from that this is a situation in which you don't know who was controlling whom what hands are playing the guards so the only option remains to call in the military i think where the government went wrong they should have from the beginning asked the military to come in control the situation and go away the u.s. is warning pakistan that the decision to release the key suspect in the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks will strain relations pakistani harvests aid has a ten million dollars bounty on his head washington's been freed because the pakistani government failed to provide evidence against him so it has denied any
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involvement in the attacks which killed one hundred sixty six people now zimbabwe's former finance minister ignatius chambre appeared in court facing charges of corruption the military detained him when they took over power almost two weeks ago and resubmit reports from harare. the new presidency and the court cases have already started first in line ignatius chambre a former finance minister he owns more than one hundred homes and he's accused of corruption. is reported to have been beaten in military custody and is even hospital treatment he says ma soldiers with assault rifles raided his home and he was illegally detained for forty eight hours as a military takeover took place also before the courts form a zanu p.f. used leader could sue knight ship anger accused of corruption and slander he had resisted the army takeover earlier this month. we. know what it's going to be.
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in. the army has already withdrawn from the streets of harare ahead of an announcement of a return to barracks and that action coincides with a high court judgment saying it's action and taking power and putting the garbage under house arrest was lawful but human rights watch says it's an example of the military having undue influence on the judiciary and the legal warnings that it could set a precedent. i was after his swearing in everson. had vowed to hit the ground running with a raft of measures to revive zimbabwe's shattered economy but he hasn't impressed the main opposition party. he has been part of the twenty seven years of disappointment thirty seven years of the and i get that you see he's from the same
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boat as mr mugabe they are cut from the same tree so it doesn't matter that present what appears to be a fresh deal it remains a pipe dream the people. may have with foreign investors and foreign diplomats but political reform and economic reform needs to happen quickly to have the effect he wants under simmons al jazeera iraq. not for planes arrived in yemen's capital for the first time since the saudi led coalition fighting against rebels in yemen imposed a blockade nearly three weeks ago the planes carrying humanitarian workers and bank scenes to help find diptheria the country is also enjoying the world's worst cholera epidemic and is on the brink of famine with a small. wheels down at santa international airport for the first time in almost
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three weeks until saturday a saudi led blockade had shut down most of yemen's ports of entry after warnings by the un a handful of planes carrying polio and diptheria vaccines and aid workers arrived in the hooty controlled capital had only open mic and asuna international airport was banned from receiving communitarian aid aircraft for more than one thousand days that led to more than five hundred u.n. aid workers being stuck here and the consolation of more than fourteen aid flights . earlier in the week some aid trickled into the western port of who died but that has now stopped the world food programme tells al-jazeera it's still waiting to offload a ship carrying twenty five thousand metric tons of wheat enough to feed one point eight million yemenis for a month people need an avalanche of eight millions are on the brink of famine and
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they're struggling to survive cholera polio and diptheria outbreaks in addition to the war humanitarians are serving the needs of seven million people who are completed dependent on. the blockade began on november sixth after who the rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia. the saudi led coalition fighting on behalf of the government says it needed to stop weapons smuggling the u.n. warns commercial imports particularly food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off the supply could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in northern yemen people it says it doesn't have the resources to help natasha going to does iraq. from the arabian gulf let's go over to asia now and more than thirty people have been taken to hospital following a factory explosion in eastern china it happened in the borough in
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a part of the city that had already been cleared of people for demolition and china's state news agency shin wa says the blast courson buildings to collapse and casualties are fears. or poles have opened in nepal which is holding the first phase of federal and state elections since a major part in the ongoing process to overhaul the political system in twenty fifteen vote was passed to change the constitution power is being devolved away from the central government to seven newly created provinces and other changes will make it more difficult to oust a prime minister as hoped it will lead to a more stable governments a proportion of the seats in provincial and federal assemblies will be allocated to women and a digital people the aim is to boost gender and social equality but there are concerns that fringe parties will be pushed aside leaving power in the hands of the parties which have dominated the polls politics for decades while the vote is causing tension among stanleys and close knit communities to be the shastra reports
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now from men and district. in brother village in milan district on the famous unappointed circuit in the park but this flags fly along with flags of political parties the stars of the party congress and the democratic alliance and the son of the hammer and sickle of the left alliance in the small village everyone is related to each other because of its remoteness and distance from the capital in the past the community had a common identity and decisions were made unanimously now that mainstream politics has been thrown into the mix family relationships are strained. thomas ringarooma has come all the way from got money to vote he and his wife she me don't want to stay with anyone if. this site the other would get opposite the two of. both sides or relatives whoever wins i hope they develop the district as all the hotels are aligned to one party or the other they will spend the next few days in
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a town. like to go to a couple many of the voters from a long lived in the capital and have made the difficult journey to exercise their democratic right one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly my man district has the smallest electorate with just five thousand eight hundred eighty one registered voters and before winter arrives the first phase of the election is being held in the hills and mountains where climate and geography can both be challenging the second phase will be held on the seventh of december in more moderate climate district officials in milan have deployed more than six hundred security personnel nationally that figure is around two hundred fifty thousand already not only to the ground without enough goes with the ground clearance of mobile force might not be able to strike on time and we are fully prepared otherwise. the rest assured that the upcoming federal and
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state assembly and action would be held in a free and fair when the voting will end by five p.m. local time but ballots won't be counted until the entire nation goes to poll which means for the next ten days the tension among family members here is likely to continue sabina stretched out his era man and district in the past. well still ahead here on al-jazeera we take you underground to meet the doctors in syria forced to work and treat their patients in secret. also talking tough to end abuse france's president promises to tackle gender based violence all of that coming up after the break here. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello there is more cloud to show still around the caucasus around
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afghanistan as you know the season has broken through has we got some is talk about not just temperatures and wind direction rain is likely to fall in one or two places it is disappearing if you took my stance to afghanistan the hindu kush will be significant snow but it's returning slowly further west now this is a particularly benevolent day back at baghdad at fifty is a very warm with cloud it will be very sunny either but it has been worse there is more rain coming in slowly make it into the eastern med but it leaves a couple of days of fine ish weather but watch what's happening to us or iraq in the western side of iran down towards q eight twenty one degrees represents a temp ship bit of a drop the green represents forecast rain so we start on sunday fine there's a bit of a breeze from that's for the gulf orbach rain and qatar's bid notice and not be particularly warm by day twenty seven is not for high this time of the year rather better in mecca of thirty to about time we get to monday the chances are we want to
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show the northeast society slowly heading south is the right time the air is happening again the same is true in southern africa we've seen a lot of rain recently in south africa is just across now to sudden mozambique. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. that's what you'll get while shooting people are not sure to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war to the cities general security people who pay the price clearly their writeup being prejudiced setting the stage for serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching arches or arms a whole ramadan reminder of our top stories barbara starr has called in the military police struggle to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital islamabad six people have been killed and more than two hundred injured demonstrators want the law minister to step down for failing to mention the prophet mohammed in a parliamentary bill also zimbabwe's former finance minister ignatius chong both in custody and accused of corruption he appeared in court today after the new president was sworn in. also for a plains of riding yemen's capital sanaa are carrying humanitarian workers and vaccines to help fight diptheria it's the first aid ship but since the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels imposed a blockade nearly three weeks ago. doctors in syria have
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a secret underground hospital to treat patients injured by government airstrikes they say they've been driven underground because attacks on hospitals above ground have become routine. reports now from gaza and they syria's border with turkey. is on the operating table because his leg was injured in an airstrike but this is northern area operation theatre it's hidden underground so it's been filled by air raids. they were i'm afraid when the regime targets a hospital and lost a member of my family in an airstrike. it's known as the cave hospital in northern theory or doctors are keeping its location secret for fear of further attacks by government get. they showed us photos after some of the hundred thirty five year strikes targeted their hospital medical facilities and medical workers nowadays are far from being working an ideal situation there are all sort of challenges one of
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the main challenges has to do with witnessing has been ongoing for a long time but at the same time he doesn't. doesn't stop. this is what remains of many hospitals above ground so it took months of digging five hundred square meters in the mountains to convert into treatment room workers then plaster the walls and bags at the entrance increased security. this is the doctor who began the project he was also killed in an airstrike last year and his colleagues continue to face challenges. the biggest problem is the airstrikes which target civilians this hospital is theoretically safe but we expect anything from the government and it's destructive weapons making the hospital safe is just one of the many challenges most hospitals in opposition areas suffer from a lack of medicine and other vital supplies to emergency exits in case of any attack being underground brings the constant challenge of maintaining the floor so
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doctors and patients don't suffocate. we face difficulties such as ventilation and shortages of medical supplies after securing ourselves in a cave inside a mountain because health care system has been largely destroyed by six years of war preventive care units and health centers are nonexistent potentially fatal diseases are common because of a lack of vaccine. healthcare is being used as a weapon of war in syria doctors they targeting hospitals means denial of treatment and the only option to save lives is going in the ground. zero. libya's coast guard has recovered the bodies of thirty refugees who died when their boat sank off its north western coast on saturday one hundred forty five people are rescued and brought back to tripoli a coast guard spokesman told our desire that forty people are still missing. to
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america's now one hundred hours is gearing up for elections on sunday and public safety is one of the central issues of the campaign while the murder rate has dropped on jurist remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world but in the sanchez reports now from the capital to go. with every election there is hope and the hope for change is crucial in one of the world's most violent countries because his sandals will vote with that in mind. i want to have the blessing of being able to come back home alive every night for now we don't have that. the promises of improved security i fight against corruption but also of a better economic future those are some of the core issues the nine candidates are offering no durance on sundays general elections. broadcaster and center left candidates. splitting the opposition vote with former professor
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recently from the liberal party opinion poll say president that now this is leading he's the first president in his recent history to run for reelection the supreme court lifted a constitutional ban on precedents serving more than one term paving the way for it nonetheless. according to the law that the syrian shouldn't have been adopted but it was approved by the supreme court the electoral tribunal the army said they wouldn't dispute the decision diplomats sad it was the court's decision and we haven't seen extreme civil disobedience because of it. eight years ago president was ousted in a military led coup for trying to conduct a non-binding referendum on the issue of the election. some voters say democracy is being challenged in this election. on sunday will decide it will have four more years of a government that is byo it right and it's all for tarion some analysts say this
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election will be a referendum on and this is tenure the challenge for the other candidates will be to convince voters their promises can surpass the economic and security policies this government insists have been a success. here at this one neighborhood and. the outskirts of some. people they just say the presidential term limits or even the issue of security are not the most important issues for us. if there was work for older people i wouldn't mind waiting for the president. sixty percent of them didn't live in poverty many say this government has forgotten to give them jobs however many hundred say they may prefer to vote for what they already know and for promises from new candidates that may ultimately remain unfulfilled and innocent as i just see that the. us. rallies have been held across the world to highlight crimes against women people marcion istanbul in turkey in their police initially didn't give permission they
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want the government to do more to combat domestic violence and improve the gender equality. in france president manuel micron announced a series of measures to tackle sexual violence that has more from paris. a big speech from the president on a topic that's a huge problem in france and beyond and many were mcallen said tackling gender based violence and discrimination would be his top priority over the next five years as he promised to get tough with. our situation up to now shows that something is not working in our country the shame that women experience a shame without reason since they are already victims the shame should be experienced by the perpetrators of violence it is a civic and political shame it is a national disgrace earlier his minister for gender equality outlined how wide ranging the problem was. that violence against women takes many
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forms and we talk most about sexual violence but there has been more openness to talk about other types like physical violence so-called administrative violence where women's passport documents are withheld economic violence where many women find themselves staying in an abusive situation because of financial dependence. mccann said he'd introduce legislation next year including on the spot fines for harassment in public and he promised nationwide training for teachers health workers and police to help recognize abuse but this woman's rights activist who was in the audience is skeptical on the provision and is the model of police there's currently a lack of training particular for the police when it comes to harassment and sexism in public places so we're asking where you find the money for all that you're selling us the idea of a great national cause but with the smallest budget of all the government departments. in recent months seven hundred thousand people have signed petitions urging the government to do more on the saturday thousands more hit the streets
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many viewed the president's new initiative as just part of the solution i think anything to the others he says it is his opponents of equal rights in our society is what we ask for we demand equal rights for everyone but macron can't act alone. act here is. we not. if she's not obliged to artists what president mark raul has announced is in effect a revolution in the way france deals with violence against women these protesters want to see real change on the ground and they want to see it quickly and they are we keeping up the pressure until that happens they didn't go but al-jazeera paris the german chancellor angela merkel is hoping to form a government soon after the opposition social democrats agreed to more negotiations talks on a coalition between merkel's conservative block and two smaller parties collapsed last week on friday the social democrats reversed its decision to rule out being
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part of merkel's government again. to asia pacific now where flights on the indonesian island of bali have been disrupted after a volcano erupted for the second time in a week that angle sent smoke and ash fifteen hundred meters into the sky about twenty five thousand locals have been unable to return to their homes since september when the mountain showed signs of activity for the first time in more than fifty years his last major eruption in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killed around eleven hundred people well to japan where some students are using art to communicate with the crisis over to north korea and its nuclear program among the students are some third generation north koreans living in japan quickly suppose more. on the outskirts of tokyo two schools are separated by a wall on one side sharkey high bar and installation student who studied at the
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university this is the wall. how high was the bridge. why did you build it. so the best friendship yes. jackie wanted to communicate with students at the north korean school on the other side of the wall so she used her out skills to devise a way to overcome the problem. on the other side student rejoin an ethnic north korean works on her latest acrylic creation in her studio with the sixty year old korean diversity like many students here her family descends from north koreans who came to japan during its colonization of the korean peninsula. her paintings reflect his search for identity in the divide between her family's homeland and japan. the works demonstrate her personal struggle with hope and despair for the
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future of both nations and what i was about to when i was born and raised in tokyo but up until university i received an if education i'm third generation if not korean my grandfather came here during the war but he died when i was small so i didn't hear many of his stories in it since the identity of the third generation is wavering. chalky and remit at a combined schools exhibition they works had to be lifted over the wall to the gallery with jackie's previous bridge building experience an idea was hatched to build another bridge so he could float if it will asli for the first time across the border. i could talk about what an ideal relationship might look like but it seems far off if a war breaks out it will be the first victims because of our position and society. the project started deep discussion about the different ethnic backgrounds and sparked debate throughout both campuses is the question i follow the news and look at visitors feedback of our work or sometimes feel powerless by showing what art
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can do i think there are things you can change what the students have achieved is a connection through common understanding a sort of diplomacy and as tensions increase on the korean peninsula it is an achievement which has so far eluded their political leaders many students like ri and say they are scared by the strong rhetoric and threats of nuclear war and find it hard to see a future the sort of the image was crossing the national border a bridge is very symbolic and the location also has meaning it was a project that made us imagine a story line as the war of words is collated between the united states and north korea it's students like ri and sharkey who stand in the crossfire contemplating an uncertain future. craig listen al-jazeera.
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you're watching out as their arms a whole realm of these roll top stories pakistan has called in the military as police struggle to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital islamabad six people have been killed and more than two hundred injured demonstrators want the law minister to step down for failing to mention the prophet mohammed in a parliamentary bill has more since. near the city of lahore. the government had made. there did not ignore the trend of the reaction there. by a lot of. the law. resignation the. dag and of god that the government in or out of trouble and we stay in pakistan because the us is warning the country that the decision to release the key
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suspect in the two thousand and eight to mumbai attacks will seriously restrain relations washington says half is saying it is being freed because the pakistani government failed to provide evidence against him say it has denied involvement in the attacks which killed one hundred sixty six people more than thirty people have been taken to hospital following a factory explosion in eastern china it happened in a part of the city that had already been cleared of people for demolition now china's state news agency says the blast calls some buildings to collapse and casualties are feared. zimbabwe's former finance minister ignatius chong bo is in custody and accused of corruption he appeared in court a day after the country's new president was sworn in. four planes carrying aid have arrived in yemen for the first time since the saudi led coalition fighting hutu rebels imposed a blockade nearly three weeks ago yemen is facing a cholera epidemic and is on the brink of famine flights on the indonesian island
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of bali have been disrupted after a volcano erupted for the second time in a week and gongs said smoke and ash fifteen hundred meters into the sky about twenty five thousand locals have been unable to return to their homes since september when the mountain showed signs of activity for the first time in more than fifty years i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's a front. africa going through seismic changes country stands out because it's considered so successful why is the. president of ghana and none are called for i don't talk to our disease. at this time. is religion to blame for the world's violence or is it just an easy scapegoat and in a world of advanced science and technology do we even need religion anymore in this up front special.


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