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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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africa is going through seismic changes few country stands out because it's considered so successful why is the. president of ghana nonna our. talk to all jews here. at this time. i really feel liberated as a journalist while doing that is getting to the truth as it always does with his jokes about. young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. but this time on al-jazeera. several people killed in running street battles in pakistan as police try to clear
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out protesters and what a power lies the capital for weeks. and i'm fully back watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead another step in a pause long path to democracy where voters are having their say in the first regional elections plus we'll meet one of the thousands of palestinian families being forced to live in a no man's land and why a fight over language is stopping talks to solve a political deadlock in northern ireland. pakistan's government has asked the military to help restore order after protesters shut down roads in several cities but at least for now the army seems hesitant to get involved for the last three weeks on. rigs of supporters of
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a religious political party have been camped out at an intersection linking the capital islamabad to the nearby city of brown v the protests turned violent on saturday when police tried unsuccessfully to clear them out six people were killed and one hundred fifty others wounded or protesters are demanding a minister resign for a meeting a reference to the prophet mohammed in a parliamentary bill the minister says it was a clerical error that's already been fixed but they're accusing him of blasphemy a highly contentious issue in pakistan they say the changes were intended to benefit the mahdi minority whom they regard as the heretics protestors have been rallying in cities all over pakistan including islamabad lahore karachi the shower and hyderabad let's speak to al-jazeera come on hyder who joins us from color kahar on the road between lahore and islamabad come on these protests have caused huge disruptions affecting millions of people.
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i've. yet to give you an idea they're travelling distance from lord on the motorway about four do for an hour. however it has taken literally. from one intersection to another interchange and that of course is causing huge problems because what the protesters have done is they have barricaded all the. points where they were able to do much to the border and they have blocked that highway at several places and that of course means that one of the. logistical supply lines that link the north to the south is now cut off not functional there are thousands of people family truck. full of people who washed up on that highway to go indeed it is a serious crisis because what the protesters have also done in there after they were temporarily dislodged from islamabad they have turned out in even larger
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numbers than reoccupied goes for lation they've also brought in the city and when i say it across pakistan caracas. or all the major cities what dave down to the point and action of course leading to huge. talk sometimes several kilometers along the right come on tell us more about who the people protesting are willing at pictures here of demonstrations in islamabad on saturday some of the protesters are wearing gas masks who are these protesters and is this just about the blasphemy law or are politics also involved here. blasphemy law is something which is very waller dilation here in pa get on and. a few decades ago pakistan had declared that the car the on the community which did not believe in the phonology of the prophet muhammad that they were basically not
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muslims because they are not a prophet and did not believe in the phonology of the prophets or the protested against those people and particularly some of those ministers who say that they committed a clerical mistake but the protected saying and is protected by their way of belonging to a party which are known. of course that particular party had gained trained in a matter of months it's now become a huge force and it also gathered quite a bit of sympathy from across the country the important thing to note that you mentioned before demanding that there are a minister where now they're saying they will not move from that place until all the barriers are down and they were left got to be staying there for several more days they wore now the whole cabinet did dog the dog is on a military t.v. and also meeting the prime minister today right he had already had why it came that
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he should tackle today i should prefer yeah and i do want to speak to you about the military's role in all of this in this crisis they have been requested to come out into the to restore order but they seem we locked in to do so why is that. well constitutionally the civilian government can call the military. all there to villian government and they did go when emraan khan and the canadian clerically. but their jurisdiction and responsibility was to protect the white a little nation including the diplomatic conclave in it. and what they're saying is that they did not train the. the government has. to be able to go through what the military does not warn. war of incoming are. going against these protests because then create hatred against the military.
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the military telling the government clean up try to keep us out of their. responsibility constitutionally by protecting their nation including the. capital but beyond they would be reluctant because there are ramifications for the military if they were the politicians. and they warned the politicians to. come out for us in the whore in pakistan thank you very much for bringing us. in other world news a factory explosion has killed at least two people in eastern china it happened in in a part of the city that had already been cleared out for demolitions the state news agency shane watson is a blast caused some buildings to collapse and more dead sofie it about thirty people have been taken to hospital. polls have opened in the past northern mountain
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district says voters take part in the first federal and state elections under a new constitution it's a first phase of the vote across thirty two districts the election is expected to lay the groundwork for the pastrana vission into a federal state since the king was forced out of office in two thousand and six himalayan nation has been trying to over all its political system and leave behind years of violence and instability power is being devolved away from the central government to seven newly created states the changes will make it more difficult to remove a prime minister those who push to reform say it will lead to more stable government a proportion of seats in state and federal assemblies will be allocated to women and indigenous people the aim is to increase gender and social equality but they are concerned fringe parties will be pushed aside leaving power in the hands of the parties which have dominated neponset politics for decades while the vote is causing tension in one remote town where most of the residents are related to each
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other so the reports from district. in braga village in milan district on the famous on the put a circuit in the park to this flags fly along with flags of political parties the stars of nepali congress and the democratic alliance and the son of the hammer and sickle of the left alliance in the small village everyone is related to each other because of its remoteness and distance from the capital in the past the community had a common identity and decisions were made to you none i'm asleep. now that mainstream politics has been thrown into the mix family relationships are strained. thomas ringarooma has come all the way from got money to vote he and his wife she me don't want to stay with anyone if. this site the other would get opposite the two of. both sides or relatives whoever wins i hope they develop the district as all the
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hotels are aligned to one party or the other they will spend the next few days in a tent. like to go to a couple many of the voters from a long lived in the capital and have made the difficult journey to exercise their democratic right one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly one on district has the smallest electorate with just five thousand eight hundred eighty one registered voters and before winter arrives the first phase of the election is being held in the hills and mountains where climate and geography can both be challenging the second phase will be held on the seventh of december in more moderate climate district officials in milan have deployed more than six hundred security personnel nationally that figure is around two hundred fifty thousand already to other not only to the ground without enough goes with the ground clearance of mobile force might not be able to strike on time and real otherwise. assured that the upcoming federal
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state assembly election would be held in a free and fair when the voting will end by five p.m. local time but ballots will be counted until the entire nation goes to poll which means for the next ten days the tension among family members here is likely to continue sabina stretched out his era man on district in the past. zimbabwe's former finance minister says he was abducted by masked men ignatius was in court facing charges of corruption he was detained by the military when he took power almost two weeks ago under simmons reports from harare. a new presidency and the court cases have already started first in line ignatius chambre a former finance minister he owns more than one hundred homes and he's accused of corruption jumbo is reported to have been beaten in military custody and is even hospital treatment he says ma soldiers with assault rifles raided his home and he
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was illegally detained for forty eight hours as a military takeover took place also before the courts form a zanu p.f. used leader could sue knight ship anger accused of corruption and slander he had resisted the army takeover earlier this month. we. know what you want to be. very high means that you're. in. the army has already withdrawn from the streets of harare ahead of an announcement of a return to barracks and that action coincides with a high court judgment saying it's action and taking power and putting mugabe under house arrest was lawful but human rights watch says it's an example of the military having undue influence on the judiciary and the legal warnings that it could set a precedent. i was after his swearing
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in everson. had vowed to hit the ground running with a raft of measures to revive zimbabwe's shattered economy but he hasn't impressed the main opposition party. he has been part of the twenty seven years of disappointment thirty seven years of the unlikely that you see is from the same boat as mr mugabe they are cut from the same tree so it doesn't matter that present what appears to be a fresh deal it remains a pipe dream the people. that live. with foreign investors and foreign diplomats but political reform and economic reform needs to happen quickly to have the effect he wants. al-jazeera iraq. still ahead on al-jazeera at the cost of fighting al-shabaab we
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report from kenya where displaced people are too scared to return home and how students in japan are using to make sense of the north korea crisis to see that. hello it's time for europe to get properly cold again a real taste of winter is returning and we found a better cloud for ages this is heat and this side is still warm but that's a cold front so code is coming site bringing some snow showers with it at first the british isles proper snow to the alpine heights and even higher ground in germany and of course austria and that's a position we end up at on sunday this is going to be snow or rain depending on height again behind jumped on to single figures as day maxima the winds ok in the sunshine a bit of a breeze but will feel pretty cold in paris at eight and zero at forty madrid's
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dropped down to twelve so that's talking away the warm air science with it's touching what's happening in moscow towards minus three has been minus something for days that still subzero along with pretty close by with snow falling it just about plus four but it will get colder as a snow falls out of the sky that's the position the day after so which returning here it is going to have a knock on effect for the size of the central mediterranean bit of a breeze going to me it feels particularly nice i think analogies are to nice with rain and a breeze the whole lot moves through libya towards egypt on monday. again
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan's government has asked the military to help restore order after protests are shut down roads in several cities but for now at least the army seems hesitant to get involved the protesters and supporters of a religious political group they're angry over the wording of a parliamentary failed the polls have opened in
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a pos northern mountain district says voters take part in the first state and federal elections under a new constitution sunday mocks the first phase of the votes the second phase will happen in ten days and zimbabwe's former finance minister has told the court he was abducted by masked men ignatius johnboy is facing charges of corruption he was in detained by the military when he took power almost two weeks ago rights groups are concerned over the military's influence on the judiciary. kenya's military says it's pushed fighters out of a forest along the border with somalia the armed group has used the area as a hideout people who've been displaced by the fighting are scared to go back home though the government wants them to katherine sawyer reports from southern kenya. elizabeth cards lost two sons were reason he killed by an unknown people believed inside borneo a forest that extends to the border with somalia their home area we too as well as
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other paths along the kenyan coast have been attacked several times over the last few years. we stayed home that night instead of going back to the camp for displaced people one of my sons was not well and so we all decided to be with him we were attacked at around eight pm two other people were killed on that night in this village the government has often blamed somalis are shabaab fighters who've been using the forest as a hideout to plan attacks and train kenyan recruits but also increasingly conflict between firmus and hard as living inside the forest one of elizabeth cards all sons was in that house when the attackers came the other one was right out there there was also a friend in the compound their mother was preparing to sleep in the next house she says that the attackers targeted the men they slit their throats and then fled remember. this county administrative leader shows us some of the trouble areas he
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says a security operation has forced al-shabaab out of the vast forests. you susan. and they can use. a limousine yes under the nose seriously because they don't run free like in the us. we cannot the government now wants more than two thousand people who have been living in this temporary shelters on the edge of the forest to go back home life is stuff for them here they have little food and a bed bag infestation but they say going back right now is not an option so. it's true the government has pushed out but what we fear even more than al shabaab are the herders in the forest they're the ones who've been killing our people lately they're the ones who should be dealt with before we go back agnes and also lives in the compound this is the first time in three months that she and her son
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have come back to check on their home they don't have much time they tell us they have to go back to the camp before nightfall when it gets dangerous catherine sorry al-jazeera we too south in kenya. libya's coast guard has recovered the bodies of thirty one refugees who died when their boat sank off its northwestern coast on saturday about two hundred people were rescued and brought back to tripoli a coast guard spokesman told al-jazeera that forty people are still missing nearly three thousand migrants have died in the mediterranean sea this year trying to cross into europe. among the bodies that were tragic scenes the sharks have devoured parts of their bodies thankfully the survivors have been recovered. israel's occupation has cared the freedom of movement for many palestinians and split families in some areas at least twelve thousand people mainly from the occupied west bank are affected by israel's ban on family reunification algeria's bennett smith reports from call for archive where thousands are crammed into what
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is effectively no man's land. location location location rarely is the property hunting maxim more important than in the carved up territory of the occupied west bank mara obeyed lives in occupied east jerusalem she has the right to live in israel her fiance where some sell a main lives in ramallah an hour fifteen year old temporary israeli emergency order means with some cannot get israeli residency to join his wife to be so they have to live here. falls inside the municipality of jerusalem so it's governed by israel but it's on the palestinian side of the separation wall. they are bent like any other engaged girl you plan you have to dream i would have chosen for our club i was thinking of a house with a small garden it's more like a dream though faced by the reality i had no choice but to live in for a cup so i can keep my identity card and my life partner. catherine
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a cubs unusual situation i mean seventy thousand people packed into a limited piece of land now the population of course has grown by as many as ten thousand people a year every year for the last twelve years but this town could never expand outwards because of a separation wall and that suits the israelis because it's another way that they can control the number of palestinians living on the other side of the wall the main purpose in our point of view all from our long experience in this field is to push palestinians outside of the story to divide the families they know what it means you know the family the personal social network and they are targeting the feminists this is they are targeting children they are targeting the homeless they are targeting you know their presence enjoy them more than twelve thousand palestinians are stuck in this bureaucratic limbo and there's no chance of relief in sight bernard smith i'll just era in the occupied west bank tried to end from
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the indonesian island of bali have been distracted after a volcano erupted for the second time in a week mt are going send smoke and ash fifteen hundred meters into the sky it's been rumblings in september keeping about twenty five thousand locals from their homes the last major eruption in one thousand nine hundred eighty three kills more than a thousand people. now hundreds of students in havana have been on the streets marking one year since the death of the late fidel castro the rally organized by the young communist league was one of many in the cuban capital and elsewhere will be miniscule elections later on sunday which is the only chance for cuban civil parliament will select every placement next year for president raul castro if he downs brother who had a six years old has announced his stepping down. now for almost twenty years power in northern ireland has been shared between unionists who want to remain part of the united kingdom and republicans who want island to be one nation this is at the
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heart of a political deadlock which has left northern ireland without a government for most a year and there's another big issue the irish language needs explains from belfast from the heart of the. yuan that's a cultural center in west belfast i was speakers discuss the issues of the day many want the irish language to have official status in the courts the regional parliament and on road signs like gaelic in scotland and welsh in wales very few people speak their language fluently here around eleven percent claim to have some knowledge of irish a figure that steadily growing among republicans who favor a united ireland over british rule our speakers in northern ireland have his work right along with production and the. scots gerlach speakers in scotland because annoyance in that sense has been denied us is not just recognition of our language
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but it's also respect for our identity for the past decade power has been shared here the regional assembly between representatives of the pro british democratic unionist party the deep and the irish republican shin fein party shin fein pulled out in january complaining it wasn't being treated as an equal party. central to their demand is an irish language act many republicans see the language as an expression of their political identity they say it's a matter of civil rights. which is my heart and soul but it was a core of my skin and you could easily identify me as being of a different color and the d.p. were stand we can't give equal rights to sky i think clear. for us this is discrimination but there's no appetite for compromise among hardline unionists many see an irish language as a means of eroding and eventually ending british sovereignty the demands for
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formation feehan our political demands which i would say are vast open in the language of civil rights. and i think if you needed to put forward is not a proposal for an irish language or to be a secondary language it is a political proposal to give irish permanence and she damn say the disputes literally edged on the streets of belfast this graffiti calls for an irish language act the republican catholic west belfast the local councils have allowed residents to have their road signs in english and irish cross over to east belfast in union is appropriate is areas exclusively english if the deadlock doesn't end by december the british government may choose to take back direct control of the region undoing years of political progress republicans say the irish language is an expression of identity for many unionists it's a weapon in a cultural war we've baka al jazeera belfast.
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any online retail giant amazon reach a record high on friday surging during holiday sales is founder jeff bezos is now the world's richest person and reportedly worth more than one hundred billion dollars the perrier between the u.s. thanksgiving holiday and christmas is make or break for retailers it accounts for about forty percent of annual revenues. now to japan where students are using art to show how they feel about the seemingly unending crisis over north korea they're reaching out to other students whose families came to japan from north korea as they try to bridge a cultural divide and has a story from tokyo. on the outskirts of tokyo two schools a separated by a wall on one side chalky high bar and installation student who studied at the missing university this is the wall or how high was the bridge. why did you build it.
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so the friendship yes i just. wanted to communicate with students at the north korean school on the other side of the wall so she used her out skills to devise a way to overcome the problem on the other side student region and ethnic north korean works on her latest acrylic creation in her studio at the sixty year old korea university like many students here her family descends from north koreans who came to japan during its colonization of the korean peninsula her paintings reflect to search for identity in the divide between her family's homeland and japan. the works demonstrate her personal struggle with hope and despair for the future of both nations and what i was about to when i was born and raised in tokyo but up until university i received an if nic education i'm third generation if not korean my grandfather came here during the war but he died when i was small so i
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didn't hear many of his stories in it since the identity of the third generation is wavering through. chalky and remit at a combined schools exhibition they works had to be lifted over the wall to the gallery with jackie's previous bridge building experience and idea was hatched to build another bridge so he could float if it'll asli for the first time across the border. i could talk about what an ideal relationship might look like but it seems far off if a war breaks out will be the first victims because of our position and society the project started deep discussion about the different ethnic backgrounds and sparked debate throughout both campuses is the question i follow the news and look at visitors feedback of our work or sometimes feel powerless by showing what art can do i think there are things you can change what the students have achieved is a connection through common understanding a sort of diplomacy and as tensions increase on the korean peninsula it is an
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achievement which has so far eluded their political leaders many students like ri and say they are scared by the strong rhetoric and threats of nuclear war and find it hard to see a future the sort of the image was crossing the national border a bridge is very symbolic and the location also has meaning it was a project that made us magine a story line as the war of words is collated between the united states and north korea it's students like ri and sharkey who stand in the crossfire contemplating an uncertain future craig leeson al-jazeera. more news as always on our website al-jazeera dot com.
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hurricane i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan's government has asked the military to help restore order after protesters shut down roads in several cities but for now at least the army seems has it in to get involved the protesters and supporters of a religious political group they're angry over the wording of a parliamentary veil come out heidi has more from kandahar on the road between the whore and islam about. the traveling there from lauder on the motorway about four do for an hour. however it has taken literally twelve to thirteen from one intersection to another interchange and that of course is causing huge problems with god what the protectors have done they have barricaded all the. point where they were able to go much to the border and they have blocked that highway at several places. two people have died and two others are seriously injured in a factory explosion in eastern china and he said people have been taken to hospital
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after the blast in ning. polls have opened in the pas northern mountain district says voters take part in the first state and federal elections under a new constitution sunday marks the first phase of the vote across thirty two districts power is being devolved away from the central government to seven newly created states in zimbabwe the finance minister the former finance minister has told a court he was abducted by masked men ignatius chumba is facing charges of corruption he was detained by the military when it took power almost two weeks ago rights groups are concerned over the military's influence on the judiciary libya's coast guard has recovered the bodies of thirty refugees who died saturday when their boat sank off its north western coast one hundred forty five people were rescued and brought back to tripoli. in cuba hundreds of students in havana paying tribute to
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the late leader fidel castro on the one year anniversary of his death the rally organized by the young communist league was one of many in the capital and elsewhere also on sunday they'll be municipal elections that's the only chance cubans can vote on it will select a replacement next year for president raul castro you're up to date with headlines on al-jazeera inside stories next. on counting the cost crocodile economics what emerson will and god will have to do to transform zimbabwe's finances a modern day slave trade in libya and how china's internet giant ten cent over took facebook. counting the cost at this time on a dizzying. and unprecedented attack on a mosque in egypt's sinai region has killed more than three hundred people including twenty seven children why has the sinai peninsula become a security nightmare for the government and does there need to be a new approach to.


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