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the coverage of latin america most of the world was about covering khuda todd's tragedies first quakes and that was it but not sure how capable feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go in with five and a half months of demanding it when education system that was introduced. in latin america was europe has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese firewall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. but this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello welcome to this al-jazeera news live from doha i'm melting denis coming up in the next sixty minutes. pakistan's army is called in the thousands of demonstrators trying to shop the country down in protest against a government minister here in the queues of blasphemy. why a scandal in our land threatens to bring down the government threatens to add more problems to britain's stalemated efforts to leave the e.u. . made one of the thousands of palestinian couples fighting to stay together in the face of an israeli residency long. term and with all the sports news as legal prepares for top of the table clash valencia for the surprise of the spanish season so far and they will host barcelona that and more later in the program.
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let's go live now to riyadh where you there you can see the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin sound man about to address a security conference we're going to listen and. you actions of concerted donation between our countries this has become history with the establishment of this coalition more than forty islamic countries have done efforts in combating terrorism whether militarily financially or in terms of political and intelligence. and this is what is happening today each country will provide what it can and. will have a number of declarations to make. sure i wouldn't miss. i wouldn't fail to remember to offer our condolences
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to egypt and the egyptians for that unfortunate event. which urges us to do more in. tourism again we offer our condolences to our brothers in egypt and with it today it will continue to stand side by side with egypt and other world countries in combating terrorism. radicalization car has many threat it is the greatest threat not only slaughtering the women. and children yet the greatest and the worst was smearing the emmet of our religion that's why we can log. those to continue to smear the mh of islam and saw in ish the name of our religion. today we are here to emphasize that we will do all what we can
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until terrorism is uprooted and erased from the face of the earth which once again i welcome you and i hope you will come out with a successful one recommendations and welcome there. all right so brief welcoming remarks from mohammed bin solomon m.b.'s who is the crown prince of saudi arabia as i mentioned earlier this is the islamic military counter-terrorism coalition and that's a coalition of more than forty islamic countries that have agreed to form this security arrangement the stated aim is to reduce or to wipe out completely from the face of the earth in fact according to n.b.s.
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terrorism listening to this with us has been. our correspondent has been monitoring it from beirut and has long much awaited much anticipated. appearance by m.b.a.'s is perhaps the most controversial figure in the middle east at the moment. indeed and he's been the rallying force behind this international islamic coalition against terrorism into a thousand and fifteen and he hopes to bring together muslim nations to try to disrupt the financing of the terrorist groups and also to target them militarily in different parts of the world and also to try to tackle their ideology has said in his brief statement that the biggest problem the muslims face is basically the fact that groups like i still distort islam and that there needs to be something done
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immediately to tackle it however martina have to say that the international coalition faces many problems because they said that they would like to tackle to tackle i said in places like syria and iran but we know that three countries have not joined this coalition which are iran a key player in the region syria and iraq because of the huge differences with saudi arabia now i can see the internet this islamic coalition sending troops to fight i said in syria and iraq without having the iraqi government or the syrian government allowing in number two iran is a country that plays a crucial role in those areas and therefore if you don't have iran on board there's absolutely no way you can move forward ok but also this element of the divide between the main certainly countries and i think these are challenges that the coalition faces a hat and it has been called
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a sectarian coalition hasn't it or it's been described as a sunni majority alliance there's no iran involved in this how is it actually actually being deployed as it actually practically been put into use. your. what it is because it's a coalition of predominantly sunni countries then the question is what about places like countries like iraq syria and iran and how can you come up with a plan for a plan of action we comes to deploying troops or coordinating military action against isis in different parts of the muslim world the latest. crisis that we've seen playing out in lebanon where iran and the saudis have been confronting each other about about a future role in the region gives you an indication that last you have the two
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countries coming together the possibility for a breakthrough when it comes to tackling is going to be slim saudi arabia and iran are engaged in a confrontation over supremacy in the middle east and a less the two countries set aside their differences people are concerned that it won't be an easy task for this international coalition to be able to stem the rise . of. other groups like groups are fairly ated with. other groups operating in different bars we're talking about sub-saharan africa and north africa also the middle east indeed. live in beirut for now thank you very much indeed. now protests is a return to the streets only outskirts of pakistan's capital islamabad an even larger numbers and this is despite a police crackdown on saturday at least six people were killed one hundred fifty
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people were injured when officers moved in to disperse a protest camp using tear gas and water cannon now thousands of others have been rallying in solidarity they've blocked roads in several cities and paralyzed major highways the government has asked the military to step in to restore order but at least for now the army seems rather reluctant to get involved now the protesters are supporters of a religious political group that angry over the wording of a parliamentary bill and they want the whole cabinet to resign maryanna honed as more. dancers are called to shut down pakistan issued by cleric and political party leader who stands in opposition to the government for three weeks protesters have choked the streets of islamabad and when there was violence on saturday as police tried to disperse them they spread along highways to other major cities including the whore and karachi.
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this movement is not political it is the duty of every muslim to protect the owner of islam the protesters maintain this is not political but this is an issue that could undermine pakistan's government. it began when pakistan's norman is desired hammered introduced a bill before parliament that made no reference to the prophet muhammad protest is linked it to the highly contentious issue of blasphemy and while the amendment was withdrawn blind on a clerical error and hammett apologized the little known group behind the protests argued it remained an affront tells them they want the minister gone. and after the violence on saturday they want the entire cabinet to resign. well private television broadcasts a blocked and social media sites are restricted but then. we have no news all the t.v. channels are closed people aren't coming out of their houses because they're scared
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it's a strange situation in the backyard of the narcanon this is the fault of the clerics their extremist attitudes they simply don't care about people and the business is being destroyed by the clerics doing this in the name of islam they're absolutely wrong and people are in pain but protest organizers have still managed to spread the call for demonstrators did begin encouraged by the police failure to get them off the streets kadhim hussein rizvi the cleric who leads the. pakistan party has called on his followers to bring the entire country to a halt the government has responded by calling in the army many a bracing for what that might mean. and to zero. all right let's go live to our correspondent he is in a place called. now that's on the road between the hall and islamabad and come all first of all the objective of these protests is to shut the country down it seems very much as though they're managing to cause
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a huge amount of inconvenience for many many people. yes that's true actually in the u.s. sitting in islamabad and dad blog traffic through islamabad and between robin day for several week however the police action having faith has strengthened those protesters to come out there's also been a reaction to the police action in islamabad and now you have a problem in all major days end up on job and even in the southern province of sindh but the borders of the party are angry that the government did you doing high handed tactic in orderly and. then as you saw in that report they now want to hold a cabinet or a dog the pakistani military chief is going to be meeting their budgets on the prime minister within the next few hours he will be attempting to convince the prime minister that this is indeed a see you see issue the government and already the military to come in aid of the
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civilian administration but the military as you saw and report all still reluctant because it doesn't want to take on those protestors their head a job after defend the front end of the country show a political crisis brewing up again ramifications fall now why should leave the government of course he had been disqualified by the sitting government is going to take the heat for what is happening across pakistan indeed come out of this is a new. appointed prime minister the policy battling really for its political survival how they miscalculated the seriousness of it because this has been going on now for a couple of weeks. absolutely in fact now it has become associated many parties then the ruling party are now trying to distance themselves from the pakistan muslim league now was because of fear that day would be repercussions that far in the public reaction is concerned about their
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safety so indeed the government had miscalculated the country i mean it. was very confident saying the idea would be read day the high court had said that this was basically challenging the rate of the government that people's rights will being abused because there was lack of movement people put in order moved and showed a court will also be coming out wrong to watch the government as to how it has to dish log of. take it on or protect water all cure buying any particular area so of course big question mark after the performance of the government also important to note that if there is created an orchestrated within the next few days it could spiral out of control right now they're busy body and they're dead but. have now has given them caused or take on this particular
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project to a new dimension and they're probably going to capitalize on it all right for now thank you very much. with little saying life from. the zimbabwean president is getting down to business just two days after he was sworn in and isn't one and god is picking his cabinet and devising government reforms in his inaugural speech on friday he vowed to reengage with the wealth fight corruption and create jobs and simmons reports from the zimbabwean capital harare. undoubtedly one of the main aims of this weekend from going on is actually finishing off a list of his cabinet which is expected to be announced on monday possibly and beyond that he has to look at further ways of attracting investment to zimbabwe he's coming under a lot of pressure from the west to come out with effective reforms he's promised democracy and a lot of people are now saying when will we hear the full plan but certainly the
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m.d.c. the main opposition party in zimbabwe they are saying that it has to be seen to be believed they are predicting that they will give this man a chance but magog is resolute in that he will change things even though he has a past which is directly linked to. and also he still stands accused of a number of human rights abuses and indeed an allegation in much of the land in the eighty's of being part of atrocities that were ordered so ahead of him a lot of problems a lot of excitement it has to be said amongst zimbabweans but then on this rainy sunday there is this feeling now that is growing that maybe this is not is as beautiful as it seems that mugabe may be gone but now the honeymoon period may not last as long as some people think. now ma'am are in bangladesh of agree to accept
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help from the un with the repeated tradition of ranger refugees it's hoped the plan will allow people to return home safely at least six hundred thousand muslim or hindu has crossed the border into bangladesh since a military crackdown began in me a mosque in august let's go to phil robertson he's deputy director of the asia division at human rights watch he is in buying coke first of all phil let's get your thoughts about the plan the plan has been agreed by me and and bangladesh to repatriate around six hundred thousand range or who've crossed over into bangladesh only since august well there are a lot of problems with this agreement it's a bilateral agreement between myanmar and bangladesh they're aiming to start returns within two months of the signing which would basically be around the third week of january. this is really a first step there's a lot of details are still lacking they still have to be negotiated but the biggest problem is they forgot to ask the rohingya who are in the camps they want to go
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back and whether what is being offered in terms of protection would be sufficient and do you do you think they do want to go back fill with your knowledge of of this group of people. i do not believe they want to go back at this time in fact they don't feel that there's anything that has changed on the ground in terms of the myanmar army's attitude towards. what you know there are no protection guarantees here in this agreement i mean they there's no clear role for you and it's yarn monitoring people going back into myanmar you know the u.n. refugee agency in the past when their returns back in one thousand nine hundred one did accompany the running go back to myanmar and they did stay there and monitor what happened to their men and there's no such provision here it's it's basically at the discretion of the myanmar government about whether you need c.r. would be allowed to return or not ok but we are we are reporting today that. there is no u.n.
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involvement in the agreement would that be sufficient correct well i don't think so the the guarantee of u.n. involvement is all coming from the bangladesh side because they want the un's help in having an orderly return they want to help ensure that the u.n. is there to assist them if they do try to put people on buses and send them back. the guarantees are not on the myanmar side and the rohingya are concerned that if they if they go back into harm's way how do they know that they're not going to see the same sort of cutthroat attitude from the myanmar army that they saw the chased him out of the country in the first place so it sounds like this agreement needs needs a considerable amount of action to be done given that the me and my government has agreed to some form of a arrangement with the bangladeshi government is this something that can be capitalized on the fact that me and my. responding to international pressure is preparing to consider having the range of people return. there's
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a lot of work that needs to be done and a lot of credit to that need to be met before this weekend except the right term you know ensuring its voluntary insurance rights respecting you know they put those words in this agreement but actually making it happen on the ground is a different sort of thing you know ensuring people are able to go back to the homes that they left or the areas that they left you know many of these villages in fact were burnt down so you know are things going to be rebuilt for them you know and also i mean it says very clearly here that if people are not able to go back to their original areas because of security concerns they would be placed in another another spot and we're very concerned that this is going to mean the kind of locked down tension camp facilities that we see in central rakhine state that are still holding over one hundred twenty thousand rohingya who were displaced in two thousand and twelve all right phil thank you for that phil robertson of human rights watch talking to us live from bangkok. we've got
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a lot more to come on this out of their news hour including another step in the polls long path to democracy where they just are having the same the regional elections. i did sports sunday mounts a hundred years since the founding of the national hockey league peter will have more on that in just a short while. the russian jets have targeted i still feiss in rural parts of the syrian city of day of the russian defense ministry says six of its planes carried out strikes in the area the armed group was driven out of. the city of it anyway earlier this month and now it only controls pockets of the countryside. rights groups are warning the arrival of four aid planes in yemen is not enough to
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stave off a humanitarian disaster there landed in the capital in sana'a on saturday they were carrying medicine and supplies after a blockade for almost three weeks by saudi led forces natascha good name records. wheels down at center international airport for the first time in almost three weeks until saturday a saudi led blockade had shut down most of yemen's ports of entry after warnings by the un a handful of planes carrying polio and diptheria vaccines and aid workers arrived in the hooty controlled capital had only open the mission and asuna international airport was banned from receiving communitarian aid aircraft for more than one thousand days that led to more than five hundred u.n. aid workers being stuck here and the cancellation of more than fourteen aid flights . earlier in the week some aid trickled into the western port of who died
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but that has now stopped the world food program tells al-jazeera it's still waiting to offload a ship carrying twenty five thousand metric tons of wheat enough to feed one point eight million yemenis for a month people need an avalanche of eight millions are on the brink of famine and they're struggling to survive cholera polio and diptheria outbreaks in addition to the war humanitarians are serving the needs of seven million people who are completed dependent on. the blockade began on november sixth after who the rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia. a saudi led coalition fighting on behalf of the government says it needed to stop weapons smuggling the u.n. warns commercial imports particularly food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off the supply could have
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a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in northern yemen people it says it doesn't have the resources to help natasha going to does iraq. the island is facing a political crisis over an escalating. policing scandal and possibly weakening its hand during negotiations the opposition is demanding the resignation of the deputy leader francis fitzgerald who is accused of failing to protect a police officer he was smeared in victimize after revealing widespread corruption prime minister. who's standing by his embattled deputy now faces the prospect of a no confidence vote taking place next week by the second largest party fianna for oil now that could pull down his minority government and lead to snap elections leaving arland in political chaos just as negotiations reach a critical phase over the irish border because the. barker. who is
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director of research at the school of law and govern dublin city university but it this on this occasion he's talking to us from may dover. first of all how seriously how seriously dangerous and is this moment how critical is this moment for the government the new government in ireland there was only book voted in and put in place in june. yes it's it's critical it's come completely out of the blue you mention of course it's about speed new administration and the vulnerability of this administration go back to its origins and we had a general election last year the result was that the science of the party in power in a gale over a third of its seats however it still was the largest party so even though it lost the election he still won power what do you want our i have been kind of a what's called a supply and confidence agreement with the opposition parties for more or less they
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are not the oppositions pleasure when the t. shirt went for approval from the parliament you want to receive a third of the votes of the other a little bit of against the other third state and so it was always very long it was issues that could be taken down any moment i think what surprises people is that it's this issue that's looking like a pretty down the government as a former prime minister once said in our image and it's the little things that trip you up and this was a simmering it surely has been there for many years but we were very surprised to find ourselves syria to face the election which really nobody wants i think in the country or very few certainties and explain for us then why this potential political turmoil in ireland could spell dissolve the full britain's attempt to leave the european union. well i think what it does is it creates further instability further uncertainty we don't have if you don't have gotten the job the conflict situation we don't have gotten to belfast and of course we have
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a chaotic and divided government in london we saw from the user perspective giving with bribes and treating with the irish issue which is the course a very important part of the whole greater because issues it means. for us perspective it's very difficult to know who to negotiate and to the people they negotiate with have a cowardly to make agreements which will probably stand for decades and this is why i think it's a critical time and it's a critical challenge to keep this government together because the you of course is a summit coming not a critical summit to decide whether to do causations move through phase want to the uk the issue of the border which separates northern ireland no property part is an integral part of those people stations and if there's no irish government in place then of course you get coverage of the irish government disappear if we can get these issues all right don't arca a back and thank you very much indeed for talking politics to us from our moldova.
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now factory explosion has killed at least two people in eastern china have an evening that's in a part of the city that had already been cleared for demolition the same news agency sheehan was says the blast calls some buildings to collapse and more deaths are feared around thirty people have so far been taken to hospital flights to and from the indonesian island of bali have been disrupted after a volcano erupted for the second time in a week mount argonne sense maybe fifteen hundred metres into the sky it's been tumbling rumbling even since september keeping around twenty five thousand people from going back to their homes the last major eruption was in one thousand nine hundred sixty three and killed more than a thousand people. we'll have the weather that with everton still to come here in. the moderate in honduras is one of the highest in the world we look at data. concerning heading to the.
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position in abu dhabi not coming up. through tranquil. and if. the weather is looking numb to pleasant across much of europe at the moment it's a cloud showing up on our satellite picture here especially a showers diving in from the north cold air in across that northwestern quarter ounce of also southeast where we got another area of low pressure just making its way across italy. gradually in the process of heading back to pull remember not too long ago we had flooding on the front edge of this system you can see as we move into the cooler where we have got a fair bit of snow coming in place pushing back into the northwest of europe for
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a time getting up to ten celsius is a temporary thing we've been struggling to get around five or six for the northwestern corner for some time and i think we're going to see those temperatures wind out as we go through the next couple days atop temperature she's daphne for london eight degrees celsius but still hanging on to that and there and paris notice how we have got this line of rain and snow pushing down towards the alps as we make our way towards the middle passage the weeks saying some wintry weather coming into that state or more heavy showers there of the med and these will gradually ease towards c.-h. riyadh come a little further south you see we got a little bit of cloud across the fog north of africa maybe one or two coastal showers into northern areas of morocco maybe just brushing the way towards the northeastern corner with dry weather towards the east. there with sponsored by qatar. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an arty should treat in cairo with their brass band was so popular it
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gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house about the people's music at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about it. when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of. ethnic cleansing imeem are from bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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let's take a look at the top stories here at our. professors have returned to the streets on the outskirts of pakistan's capital islamabad an even larger numbers and that's despite a police crackdown on saturday the government has asked the military to step in to restore order but the army is reluctant to get involved the protesters are angry about the wording of the parliamentary bill. president is getting down to business two days after he was sworn in as a man and god is working on establishing his cabinet and his program of government he has vowed to reengage with the world fight corruption and create jobs. the four planes carrying aid have arrived in yemen for the first time since
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a saudi led coalition fighting the rebels imposed a blockade nearly three weeks ago and the country is facing a cholera epidemic and is on the brink of famine. all right let's get more now on the own going situation in pakistan now we can speak to al-jazeera is up to rahman mata who joins us from the capital islamabad abdul rahman tell us what is the situation in the capital because we've been hearing that in various cities around the country more and more people are turning out on the streets and they're blocking roads and such like. exactly this is the general situation in the country but over here in the prevailing in the capital city. especially after. a semi fairly out of the police to crack down. during the day yesterday. while the police was trying its
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best to. disperse but they couldn't. you just mentioned yes the pull of the stones came back to the place just sitting over there and sitting over this is the last twenty days actually looking them in. the capital is. just a while ago there is a very crucial meeting taking place. in the prime minister in which the prime minister himself is chairing the meeting the meeting is also attended by the chief of the army and interior minister of course many officials there is. thinking. of trying to find a new way. to. sit and profess to be the first head. is showing
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a reluctance to get involved do we know why. we cannot say that there is a reluctant in the army side but we can say for sure that the army received an request from government the civilian government yesterday to deploy some of the soldiers. in the city and yes accepted. by the civilian government and yes they have deployed some of the soldiers around. they mentioned on the way to leading way to the capital. unclear what kind of an action the army might take it is not clear at all of those to the army to take an action maybe there is some kind of negotiations taking place right now as i mentioned between the civilian government and military leadership trying to
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find a way out trying to find a solution to this crisis which is taking place over here since the last twenty days so far there is no clear cut. in. even a declared steps to be taken by the military all right. thank you very much indeed . now the polls have opened in the polls northern mountain districts as voters take part in the first federal and state elections under a new constitution this is the first phase of the vote across the city to districts the election is expected to lay the groundwork for nepal's transition into a federal state where the vote is causing tension in one particular area where most of the residents are related to one another so beenish ressa reports now from man and district. in braga village in my district on the famous on a put
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a circuit in the park put this flags fly along with flags of political parties the stars of nepali congress and the democratic alliance and the sun or the hammer and sickle of the left alliance in the small village everyone is related to each other because of its remoteness and distance from the capital in the past the community had a common identity and decisions were made unanimously now that mainstream politics has been thrown into the mix family relationships are strained. thomas ringarooma has come all the way from got money to vote he and his wife she me don't want to stay with anyone if. this site would get opposite the. both sides are relatives whoever wins i hope they develop the district as all the hotels are aligned to one party or the other they will spend the next few days. when i'm sure going to couples many of the voters from montana live in the capital
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and have made the difficult journey to exercise their democratic right one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly one man district has the smallest electorate with just five thousand eight hundred eighty one registered voters and before winter rice the first phase of the election is being held in the hills and mountains where climate and geography can both be challenging the second phase will be held on the seventh of december in more moderate climate district officials in london have deployed more than six hundred security personnel and nationally that figure is around two hundred fifty thousand. and it is the guy without enough they goes with the ground clearance of mobile force might not be able to strike on time and we are fully prepared otherwise. assured that the upcoming federal and state assembly admission would we have free and fair voting will end by five p.m.
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local time but ballots won't be counted until the entire nation goes to poll which means for the next ten days the tension among family members here is likely to continue to al-jazeera on district in nepal. well hundreds is preparing for elections as well on sunday and public safety is one of the key issues of the campaign while the murder rate has dropped the country is still one of the most dangerous in the world marianna sanchez reports from the capital to go. with every election there is hope and he will do just the hope for change is crucial in one of the world's most violent countries because his sandals will vote with that in mind. i want to have the blessing of being able to come back home alive every night for now we don't have that. the promises of improved security i fight against corruption but also of a better economic future those are some of the core issues the nine candidates are
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offering no durance on sundays general elections. broadcaster and center left candidates. is splitting the opposition vote with former professor research from the liberal party opinion poll say president that man this is leading he's the first president in his recent history to run for reelection the supreme court lifted a constitutional ban on precedents serving more than one term paving the way for evan unless. according to the law that the syrian shouldn't have been adopted but it was approved by the supreme court the electoral tribunal the army said they wouldn't dispute the decision diplomat sad it was the court's decision and we haven't seen extreme civil disobedience because of it. eight years ago president monroe was ousted in a military led coup for trying to conduct a non-binding referendum on the issue of the election. some voters say democracy is
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being challenged in this election. on sunday will decide it will have four more years of a government that is bio he writes and it's all for tarion some analysts say this election will be a referendum on that and this is ten. or the challenge for the other candidates will be to convince voters their promises can surpass the economic and security policies this government insists have been a success. here at this one neighborhood on the outskirts of some. people just say the presidential term limits or even the issue of security are not the most important issues for hundred us. if there was work for older people i wouldn't mind waiting for the president. sixty percent of all didn't live in poverty many say this government has forgotten to give them jobs however many hundred say they may prefer to vote for what they already know and for promises from new candidates
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that make ultimately remain unfulfilled and innocent as i'll just see that they do see on us hundreds of students in havana again on the streets marking a year since the death of the late leader fidel castro the rally organized by the young communist league was one of many in the capital and elsewhere in the country they'll be municipal elections later on sunday which is the only chance for cuban survived parliament will select a replacement next year the president raul castro fidel's brother who is eighty six years old and has announced that he is stepping down. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in an egyptian prison for eleven months hussein is accused of broadcasting force news to spread calles which he and al-jazeera strongly deny hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december the twenty year while visiting family.
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all right we're going to go to syria now and out to syria has been granted access to. that's a border city near the turkish border turkish forces and their allies pushed us a lot of this area in august last year a correspondent binge of aid is there he joins us live now now jobless is an important part of the turkish authorities bid to build or rebuild and reconstruct society in a post syria what have you seen what kinds of things are going on around you. well inside the city of drab there is a lot of reconstruction the response to the council has been telling us about how did being getting electricity from how they have been getting help in establishing a security force with the help of the military they've also been telling us about how they are trying to build a city which was which can only host about twenty thousand people and now the local
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population of gerard list has gone up to about seventy thousand so it is a city that is growing because it is relatively safe a lot of people coming from various areas into the city the can let you can see behind us also have been set up with the help of turkish aid organizations but it is it is one of the most basic camps that we've seen in a very long time these are people who came from the city of homs a lot of neighborhood in particular about eight months ago when the syrian government to give them the ultimatum that they had to surrender or leave a lot of people chose to leave and went to either live or this the city here in drab this camp. speaking to people to be talking to us about the conditions the living in a man a minute here ago here who was telling me about how difficult it is to live in this silly cold weather in this tent with very basic facilities even sending us that about two people who shared one blanket and those stories are throughout the camp
1:45 pm
and it is certain human misery that you see in this place in particular because people have been subjected to months and months of siege and aerial attacks we spoke to a little boy who lost his leg we've been speaking to people who lost entire families people who have their family members and imprisoned in the syrian side in the regime held side also we've been hearing reports just east of us is the city of datas olivia there have been continued it strikes by the russian government and in other parts of syria the airstrikes and attacks are continuing not just by the syrian government but its allies as well. all right just on a binge of a live interrupt less thank you. lots more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour including installed the new champions of asia have been crowned that story is coming up for you in just a short while. news
1:46 pm
has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and. goes the extra mile to use some of the latest in camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be if you don't manage it it's not just sitting behind because it's about getting involved. with the team whenever needed. and the challenge of political refugees and ways being aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivity al-jazeera is
1:47 pm
a space for that. kind of time to suppose she's now his peter thank you so much fresh from signing a new contract extension live in our mistakes were lined up for barcelona as they headlined legace action on sunday and a top of the table battle against valencia but also pretty much where you would expect them to be in first place but for many see or exceeding expectations they are second four points behind barcelona and three clear of madrid clubs rail and athletico valencia will be aiming to utilize their home advantage against barcelona . and i've got to say. now so this is very difficult we want to be the
1:48 pm
first team to defeat saying these lower league a session nobody could have defeated them yet they have a best style which makes them the best defensive team in the league a bypass i think they conceded the just four goals this season. we think it isn't a portrait because of the opposition and their history because regardless of how well they are doing it now playing against them always means a tough game but regardless of the final score there is still a lonely campaign ahead of us. meanwhile third place real madrid were in action on saturday they were twice paid back by before a late winner from christiania rinaldo secured a three two victory for the hosts surprisingly this was just another second in the league this season and over england three matches on sunday sixth place to arsenal travel to seventh place burnley and the league leaders manchester city are in action in the lake match they travel to huddersfield town who were one of the promoted teams this season and doing quite well david wagners men have already
1:49 pm
beaten manchester united the season what they call a violent has done is. speaks for itself so there's a championship with the premier league enough to mate with they have. of course the resulting united is a good time. japan's rubber red diamonds are the asian football champions for the second time they beat saudi arabia's. two one on aggregate in the asian champions league final on saturday the side that played out a one one draw in the first leg in riyadh last weekend with no goals in the first off it looked like that would be enough to secure a victory for the japanese side but had a man sent off in the seventy ninth minute and just to be sure a victory brazilian rafael silver schooled for the eighty eighth minute to make it one no on the day and two one overall the last time around when the a.c.l. title was back in two thousand and seven. on
1:50 pm
a team and. we want to thank the fans who did a great job supporting the players this evening and the whole management which built the foundation for the squad as it is now we have learned a great deal from the first leg we analyze their main strategies and we came here prepared to perform at this level for the second leg that's why we prevailed. there's to be no final pole position for lewis hamilton this formula one season the world champion was beaten by miss eighties teammate valtteri bottas in qualifying for the season ending abu dhabi graham free bus pass was zero point one seven two seconds quicker than hamilton around the yes marina circuits to secure his fourth pole of the year ferrari sebastian vettel was zero point five four six seconds the pace in third hamilton new security's fourth world title two races ago in mexico will start from second on the grid as he bids for east tenth race win of the season in abu dhabi. yeah i think just in overall i think. just little bits here and there
1:51 pm
i was up i think a tenth and a half out of turn one and then have lost in turn five or six so either way it's been an incredible year of qualifying and one i've really enjoyed so and it's great to see so many british flags here so many people here today so great it. tennis now in france take a two one lead into the deciding day of the davis cup final against belgium after success for their doubles team on saturday the best of five match contest was tired one one going into that doubles rubber after a win a piece in the singles on friday now reshad gas k. and pierre. gave france what could prove a decisive lead with aforesaid win over belgian duo ruben beer months and you want us to litter the davis cup champions will be crowned on sunday after two most singles ties. sunday is marking a major milestone for the sport of ice hockey it's one hundred years since the
1:52 pm
founding of the national hockey league the world's premier competition now it all began on november twenty sixth nineteen seventeen that was in montreal they bosses of five canadian franchises made it together to replace a previous competition that folded now if few weeks later on december nineteenth of that year the first ever games were played that they took place in montreal and also with the canadian capital now the n.h.l. was an exclusively canadian league until nine hundred twenty four when the boston bruins came on board they were the first american team to join and they've grown a little bit since then today the national hockey league features thirty one teams seven of those are from canada the other twenty four from the united states and they all play for this one it's the stanley cup it's the oldest professional sports trophy in north america and it predates the league itself by twenty four years first played for eight hundred ninety three end defending stanley cup champions the pittsburgh penguins ended a season high three game losing streak with victory over the tampa bay lightning
1:53 pm
penguins captain sidney crosby and phil kessel each school twice to avoid the first four game losing streak in regulation since twenty fifteen five two was the school . alex ovechkin scored a hat trick to help the washington capitals beat the toronto maple leafs four two on saturday night scored two of his three goals in the opening period of the game he then made history in the first period with the fifteenth goal of the season and getting his five hundred seventy fourth career goal which moved him past mike bossley for twenty first on the career list. in the n.b.a. the golden state warriors battled their way to a one hundred ten ninety five when over the new orleans pelicans on saturday kevin durant missed the second straight game with an ankle injury and steph curry timed for his worst start to a game in his career still it was golden state's twenty third win in their last twenty four games against the pelicans meanwhile utah jazz have put themselves in a good position to make the playoffs they are in eighth place in the western conference now utah beating the more he backs one hundred twenty one one hundred
1:54 pm
eight on saturday rookie donovan mitchell school twenty four points and the utah jazz made a season high eighteen three pointers on the night. australia are on the verge of taking a one the lead in their ashes cricket series against the old rival the england in brisbane the tourist started playing on thirty three for two a slender seven run lead three wickets each from mitchell starc josh hazelwood and nathan lyon help the australians bowl the english up for one hundred ninety five and chasing one hundred seventy five victory home to a one hundred fourteen without loss at the close of play. begay snowboarding is set to make its olympic debut in pyongyang next year and the small stars have been continuing their bid to qualify for vets a world cup event in beijing austria's and i guess one the women's competition in china scoring almost two hundred points higher than her nearest challenger the men's was won by canada's mark mcmorris slopestyle bronze medals from saatchi. and
1:55 pm
that's all the sport i'll have another update again later on marty peter thank you very much indeed now to japan machines are using art to show how they feel about the seemingly unending crisis of a north korea they're reaching out to others she says families came from japan to japan from north korea as they try to bridge a cultural divide craig leeson reports from take care. of tokyo two schools a separated by a wall on one side jackie high bar and installation art student who studied at the university of the wall. how high was the bridge. why did you build it. so the best friendship. wanted to communicate with students at the north korean school on the other side of the wall so she used her out skills to devise
1:56 pm
a way to overcome the problem. on the other side student region and ethnic north korean works on her latest acrylic creation in her studio the sixty year old korean diversity like many students here her family descends from north koreans became to japan during its colonization of the korean peninsula. her paintings reflect to search for identity in the divide between her family's homeland and japan. the works demonstrate her personal struggle with hope and despair for the future of both nations and what i was about to when i was born and raised in tokyo but up until university i received an if education i'm third generation if not korean my grandfather came here during the war but he died when i was small so i didn't hear many of his stories in it since the identity of the third generation as wavering. chalky in remit at
1:57 pm
a combined schools exhibition they works had to be lifted over the wall to the gallery with jackie's previous bridge building experience an idea was hatched to build another bridge so he could float if it was lee for the first time across the border. i could talk about what an ideal relationship might look like but it seems far off if a war breaks out will be the first victims because about honorable position and society. the project started deep discussion about the different ethnic backgrounds and sparked debate throughout both campuses is the question i follow the news and look at visitors feedback of our work or sometimes feel powerless by showing what art can do i think there are things you can change what the students have achieved is a connection through common understanding a sort of diplomacy and as tensions increase on the korean peninsula it is an achievement which has so far eluded their political leaders many students like ri and chunky say they are scared by the strong rhetoric and threats of nuclear war
1:58 pm
and find it hard to see a future in the sort of the image was crossing the national border a bridge is very symbolic and the location also has meaning it was a project that made us magine a story line as the war of words is collated between the united states and north korea it's students like ri and sharkey who stand in the crossfire contemplating an uncertain future. craig listen al-jazeera take you. ok that's all for me for this news hour don't go away because foley will be here in the chair in just a minute or two to tell you more about the situation particularly in pakistan of course where there's quite a lot of unrest on the streets of the major cities in the country so don't go away stay with us air at al-jazeera.
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by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to a place america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a just see it. was . like the sands armies call.


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