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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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president hosni mubarak as messiah. is going to be the next president we tell you should repent have a go go back she's a reconnaissance of gas on us to believe that western we're going to be if you're getting anywhere no risk if we're going to. be achieve something that never happened before. on counting the cost crocodile economic what emerson men and god will have to do to transform zimbabwe's finances a modern day slave trade in libya and how china's internet giant ten cent over took facebook. counting the cost at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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and i honor and tell you this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. air strikes across syria killed more than fifty people including civilians in the last remaining rebel stronghold near damascus. thousands more protesters take to the streets in pakistan the government and the military agree not to use force on them. after school i have no i don't know we have we saw just something that i can watch. where in harare where the elation following last week's ousting of president mugabe is beginning to dwindle. i'm joined again. boortz including. the formula one season wraps up with miss avies on top of the podium again we'll look back on how new management is helping the sport get in touch with its time.
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first to syria where at least fifty people have been killed in just twenty four hours in government and russian as strikes twenty three people were killed in a syrian airstrike in the damascus suburb of east and go to the area has been under government siege for four years and three hundred fifty thousand people are in desperate need of aid thirty seven people were killed in russian air strikes on a gathering of displaced people in darrow's or province british based activists say fifteen children were among the victims or some of been debate has just returned from syria to just across the border in turkey. despite a cease fire agreement between iran turkey and russia the violence in syria does not seem to be coming to an end the airstrikes in the hooter district of damascus targeted three different residential areas according to activists on the ground the
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number of casualties is on the rise they're saying that they are not able to provide help to all of the victims because they have very limited supplies inside. and a number of hospitals have also been targeted in the last few months they say that because of this siege and the assad government has not been allowing any medical aid or medical supplies to come in and they're not able to treat patients as they would in a normal situation this is not the only place where the rights of taken place there also russian strikes with a door in between their door and this is an area where isis fighters have fled to but it's not just isis fighters who've fled into the areas it's also civilians according to activists on the ground most of the people killed here they would have been civilians so it's another day of violence that we've seen in syria activists and in college telling us from the ground that in the last ten days or so more than
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one hundred people have been killed in just this eastern hooter's district which is besieged by syrian forces and they say they don't see the violence coming to an end any time soon joining hand this year is it going to yield this fellow with the european council on foreign relations a specialist on syria thanks very much for coming in so let's talk about the timing of this could we recently had the summit between russia iran and turkey in that meeting between putin and assad and with the u.n. talks to just start up is all the kind of activity we're seeing on the ground in syria linked to that i believe it's linked to the to that and it's this these attacks also come month after the cease fire agreement signed by rebels and the government and the government apparently used the recent attack by someone other rebel groups in one of the towns in eastern. guta as a pretext to target this area i think the main aim is to make rebels feel even weaker ahead of. talks next week on twenty eight of normal so you mentioned there
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the areas suburb of damascus why is this area so significant it is a very i mean it doesn't occupy a large area on the map where the population is between three to four hundred thousand it's a very significant rebel area right from the beginning and it's very close to the capital city the rebels have been holding this area against the regime in the last seven years and a lot in the last four years they lived under siege and the situation in the area so there was still there the senior u.n. official describe the situation as the region as the epicenter of suffering in syria and what are some of these other areas i mean there's been quite a bit of talk about the fact that i saw as managed to stage a few counter offensives into the areas where it was thought that they had taken control of them or what you make of them the ice all elements of all this the issue is actually the ice was much less strong in syria at the moment but it doesn't necessarily mean that the syrian army is and isn't
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a good shape to take on the isis despite the weakening of isis forces the syrian army has been suffering from war fatigue and the it has been very difficult for them to recapture areas from isis that's why they're relying heavily on airstrikes and artillery is of different sorts which increases the number of casualties because they can't necessarily hold it against isis on the ground fighting for face to face what do you make about that that the russian element of the strikes which seems just so quite severe strikes what sort of cannot tell us about the way the russians are operating at the moment the i mean they've been they've used some strategic. fighter jets like the long range fighter jets flew for over five hours from russia to bomb a small village and the. i don't and they are not necessarily sure about the military justification of using these kind of weapons but we know that the russian military. officials say this is the easiest way to intensify the airstrikes in this
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region in syria because they don't have the capacities inside syria they also don't have the the. armed drawn capabilities as a sophisticated as the u.s. has so they rely heavily on these kind of weapons and we also know that isis has. manpads like a surface to air missiles but the broader issue is that they want to both russians and the regime is trying to. decrease the level of public support for both isis and the rebels ahead of the u.n. geneva meetings and the problem with geneva talks is that on the one on one side you have the assad government which holds most of the territory in syria and on the other hand you have rebel groups which. hold very little territory and the syrian democracy forces which control the u.s. backed syrian the market forces which control one fourth of syria is not on the table so that's horses in the negotiations is problematic for this reason
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it is thank you very much and interferences thank you. our ship carrying more than five thousand tons of flour has docked in the yemeni port of her day to the first since a saudi led coalition eased started to ease a sea and air blockade unicef says it's flown a delivery of aid into yemen sending one point nine million doses of vaccines into the country unicef says a child dies every ten minutes in yemen from preventable diseases. only when child agency regional director get capillarity says yemen is teetering on the edge of famine today it is fair to say that yemen is one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million. yemeni children are today in acute need of humanitarian assistance
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that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl. pakistan's prime minister and the military have agreed not to use force to disperse protesters in the capital islamabad the demonstrators angry about the wording of a parliamentary bill on saturday six people were killed as police tried to break up the crowds thousands of people have blocked roads in other cities in a show solidarity marion one hundred port i am. recalled to shut down pakistani issued by cleric and political party leader who stands in opposition to the government for three weeks protesters have choked the streets of islamabad and when there was violence on saturday as police tried to disperse them they spread along highways to one of the major cities including a whore and cut out she might have. this movement is not political it is the duty of every muslim to protect the owner of his land the protesters maintain this is
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not political but this is an issue that could undermine pakistan's government. it began when pakistan's norman is desired hammered introduced a bill before parliament that made no reference to the prophet muhammad protest is linked it to the highly contentious issue of blasphemy and while the amendment was withdrawn blamed on a clerical error and hammett apologized the little known group behind the protests argued it remained an affront tells them they want the minister gone. and after the violence on saturday they want the entire cabinet to resign whatever it is. people aren't coming out of their houses because they're scared it's a strange situation in the backyard of the narcanon this is the fault of the clerics their extremist attitudes they simply don't care about people and the business is being destroyed by the clerics doing this in the name of islam they're absolutely wrong and people are in pain protest organizers have still managed to
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spread the call for demonstrators did dig. encouraged by the police failure to get them off the streets carden hussein rizvi the cleric who leads the teddy pakistan party has called on his followers to bring the entire country to a halt the government has responded by calling in the army many of bracing for what they might mean medium the hand out to zero. or take a closer look now at what's led to these protests that being driven by the terry killer bike to pakistan movement it's led by outspoken cleric hussain rizvi has been using facebook to purchase supporters to demonstrate the group stems from the a l.v. sect of islam a follower winter's cadre was executed in twenty sixteen after he assassinated liberal punjab governor salmond to syria over his stance on the country's best from the laws that seems to have inspired the group's more hardline stance the protests
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have been simmering for nearly three weeks ever since a government minister introduced a bill to change the wording of an electoral law that made no reference to the prophet mohammed about hyder is at a protest in the heart on the highway between a whore and on about. today highway fifty don have gone through a grinding halt because the protesters are now broking intersections all along their route which travels from north to. people are stuck on the highway these are some of the fortunate people who may have some fertility on the road but there are family. elderly that take stock in the long queue the protests will not allow them to move any farther because of the anger that they are expecting after the government grant after those protected and
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. instead of their flogging them have now turned out in large numbers and they're saying that they will continue to rotate for many more days to come that of course really mean huge problems for people like the war already suffering they say they need help and they need some guidance as to what to do as much more to come here now as their news hour including new poll continues on a slow path to democracy with millions expected to turn out for provincial polls. love across the separation we meet the palestinian couple forced to live in limbo because of his rainy bureaucracy. and a century of play on the ice so look back at how the national hockey league has changed that's coming up with jones sports.
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as in my way newspaper is reporting that robert mugabe was granted full immunity and a payment of ten million dollars in that same to step down as president he zimbabwe independent also says he's been promised he can keep all his properties and that he'll be paid his salary for the rest of his life but the ruling party disputes that mugabe got a special deal which has more from harare. officials in say that robert mugabe got the usual standard normal retirement package given to any former head of state we're told that he wants to stay in zimbabwe he plans to do that but he is able to leave the country and go to singapore for his usual regular medical check ups he's indicated he wants to do some farming in the country and we've heard his wife grace is still planning to build the robert mugabe university all eyes are now on the new president emerson when i got here and the cabinet he is going to form some indications say that it could be as early as monday when the cabinet is announced people are wondering will it be inclusive will you work with opposition
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party leaders we also work with other political parties which could indicate that he is maybe genuine about being a unifying leader but some zimbabweans fear that if we see more of the old guard in cabinet it could indicate nothing really has changed on the ground and they fear is that if that is the case in things one transform quickly in terms of the economy the main thing now for most of us who are struggling economically and financially is the economy who is the finance minister going to be they hope that individual is someone who can work with the international community bring investment into the country create jobs and lisa tate the struggling economy. mention there reviving zimbabwe's crippled economy will be a key issue for a new president anderson and i'm gonna go on employment is as high as ninety percent of business owners are hoping for better times but many are still pessimistic anderson. sunday and the time for contemplation of the zimbabwe's momentous events the church of christ has twenty
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eight congregations in harare and they're all here. and roof in the front row a university chaplain by his side a law student who studies have been broken up because his family became destitute. behind them a couple who may be wearing their sunday best but they're reliant on a small business that barely balances its books they're only just getting by. it's the sort of service that always has religious intensity but after the dramatic events of the last two weeks this one has an added dimension out would relief in would anxiety that all of one's faith but there's a broad cross-section of people here all of them sharing the hardships of so many years most of them all unemployed some self-employed. tries to run the business exchange rates and the hyperinflation make family life painful at
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times i'm a business man but i can't afford to feed my family. because. the situation isn't where people in the civil case may be even the business community is just want to see the change is not new that was. here. i've been using i see you as the vice president any. time soon we guess after twenty five. is pessimistic about his future it's the age of twenty five i should have been doing something better with my life but like now i'm still. after school. so something. i can celebrate a. different mood than the elation of last week namely representative of many people they have hope but not trust andrew simmons al-jazeera harari
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saudi arabia's crown prince has warned a forty one nation alliance of muslim nations they cannot allow terrorists to tarnish the name of islam mohamed bin simon was speaking at the first meeting of the islamic military counter-terrorism alliance in riyadh. there is no doubt today's meeting is of great significance simply for the reason that over the past few years terrorism has been wreaking havoc in our respective countries in the absence of concerted coordination between our countries this is become history with the establishment of this coalition more than forty islamic countries have dubbed held efforts in combating terrorism with militarily financially or in terms of political and intelligence cooperation and the crown prince also offered his condolences to egypt where three hundred five people were killed on friday after fighters targeted a mosque in northern sinai mass graves have been made for some of the victims which
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included twenty seven children egypt's president. has promised the use of brutal force against those responsible. and a sword has also taken place in palestine for the victims of the attack welcome when as more from gaza city. hundreds of people have gathered here in gaza that killed. in the agency friday government open fire at a mosque in the town of and already killing more than two hundred had already said about one hundred kilometers from here many palestinians live in the halls of egypt so some people here knew some of those who were killed this morning events organized by some of gaza's political factions but it has some political significance. this is a message of sort of going to the muslims would be born after the bus which had been. meeting with a board or. the but it's
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a buddhist and. it was you know. on days it is brokering reconciliation told to. make political parties and hamas as well as well the other palestinian factions this is meant to lead to a high number of power here on friday from hamas to the palestinian authority the administrator of gaza and the monitors of these developments for security officials in utah writes in gaza. is a reason i promise not to belittle facts and i want to show solidarity with egypt at the moment but many people in gaza are now they have rather been several repeated that failed attempts at reconciliation before they wait to see what will happen in the coming days and if this reconciliation will actually produce something kind of your home israel's continued occupation of the west bank has curbed freedom of movement for many palestinians and split families in some areas
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at least twelve thousand people are affected by israel's ban on family reunification some in occupied east jerusalem and a supposed reports who call for a cab where thousands of crammed into what effectively is a no man's land. location location location rarely is that property hunting maxim more important than in the carved up territory of the occupied west bank mara obaid lives in occupied east jerusalem she has the right to live in israel her fiance where some cellar main lives in ramallah and our fifteen year old temporary israeli emergency order means where some cannot get israeli residency to join his wife to be so they have to live here. falls inside the municipality of jerusalem so it's governed by israel but it's on the palestinian side of the separation wall . they are bent on the like any other engaged girl you plan you have to dream i would have chosen for a cab i was thinking of a house with
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a small garden it's more like a dream though faced by the reality i had no choice but to live in for a cup so i can keep my identity card and my life partner kathak ups unusual situation i mean seventy thousand people a packed into a limited piece of land now the population of course has grown by as many as ten thousand people a year every year for the last twelve years but this town could never expand outwards because of the separation wall and that suits the israelis because it's another way that they can control the number of palestinians living on the other side of the wall the main purpose in our point of view all from our long experience in this field is to push palestinians outside of their voters to to divide the families they know what it means you know the family and the personal social network and they are targeting the feminists this is they are targeting children they are targeting the homeless they are targeting you know their presence in jordan more than twelve thousand palestinians are stuck in this bureaucratic limbo
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and there's no chance of relief in sight bernard smith al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in an egyptian prison for eleven months we say he is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december twentieth while visiting his family my sister several flights to and from bali have been cancelled because of volcanic activity and our goal has been pouring ash and steam into the skies since tuesday officials are warning that a major eruption is possible when it last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three that killed more than a thousand people and destroyed several villages. cambodia's prime minister has called for the closure of one of the country's main human rights groups the cambodian center for human rights was founded by opposition leader came so car who
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is in jail for treason cancer card denies the charges against him the main opposition party was disbanded by the top court earlier this month rights groups say when sen who's one of the world's longest serving prime ministers is systematically silencing critics voters in nepal are taking part in elections that marked the final stage of a peace process that started back in two thousand and six the aim is to turn nepal into a federal democratic republic so minister reports from mélange district. the early morning call is no deterrent for these people in the parts manon district they have come to exercise their right to vote district and national officials have been working for days to ensure the election happens for them there both new constitution is being implemented and as a bottom feeder local elections have already taken place this is the first phase of felix one for mr miller and his did as simply this election is important because it
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is about implementing the constitution. the first phase of this election is happening in the hills and mountains where climate and terrain can be challenging the second phase will take place on december seventh in more moderate climate there are nearly six thousand registered voters here and competition is fierce every vote counts and representatives from all sides i can type to watch. there are candidates representing both the left alliance of nepal's communist party unified marxist leninist and the former maoist and the democratic alliance of the nepali congress and the right of center parties one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly but for people like groom who runs a hotel here this election is more about development done tourism. i really hope that we get a good representative tourism is important for us and we need good roads for people
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and tourists here we also need schools and hospitals. district is on attracting route and has recently been linked by roads but the journey is precarious falls close at five in the evening local time but by late afternoon most people have already cost of while in milan district officials say that more than the expected number of people have cast their ballots nationally the turnout has been no making it difficult to predict the outcome of this election which will turn into a federal republic that he has rushed out of the euro when and district in the poll their collections of began in cuba as part of a cycle that will end with the selection of a new president in february voting over the next few months will see cubans transition from sixty years of castro rule you see in human is in havana. the municipal elections are the only instance in which ordinary citizens can directly participate in the choosing and voting for their officials after this it is the
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provincial organization and then the national assembly they each choose each other and then eventually that national assembly or congress if you like to says the president that one who will succeed president raul castro the last of the castros after nearly six decades to govern this country but at this level with the people will be choosing for some twelve thousand five hundred municipal delegates among more than twenty seven thousand candidates it sounds like a lot but not a single one of them belongs to the opposition this year for the first time an unprecedented number of dissidents attempted to take part in these when a civil elections but they were not allowed to do so. with. their still ahead. displaced by living in fear we meet the kenyan villages who say they're too scared to return to their homes. as island wrestles its place bricks and future meet the gaelic's because battling to save the country's native tongue. and sport will have
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the latest news you just can't find any. whether remains in the forecast for parts of the middle east over the next couple of days you still get a fair amount of cloud around the black sea the caspian sea and at times that cloud has been taken out to produce some rather lively mania ninety nine millimeters of rain in twenty four hours the worst weather will sink a little further southward so heading towards the q white maybe into western parts of iraq kuwait city with a top temperature twenty one degrees celsius cold enough in baghdad just eighteen degrees but prices skies for the time being across that eastern side of the mediterranean cloud will start to spill in from the southeastern corner of here
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pushing across towards the levant as we go on through tuesday so middle of the week do expect to see a little more damp weather coming through here some time weather to into the arabian peninsula more especially around ne in the sections of saudi arabia you can see this line of cloud down towards the far southwest of the razor southern end of the red sea but a bit of that weather possibility here in doha temperatures getting up to around twenty eight degrees just starting to feel a little wintry meanwhile we've got some wet weather once again just around the both eastern parts of south africa pushing up towards mozambique maybe a few showers there it is about we have the next few days harare with a high of twenty two. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their families the most terrible thing in syria is to be. this has been the invisible weapon of
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the syrian dictatorship of sometimes i thought it would be better to die than continue to be really active and go to. the disappeared of syria at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds up and i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line.
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one of the top stories here now to syria. russian and government strikes have killed at least fifty people across syria the attacks targeted the air is it. and. the ship carrying more than five thousand tons of flour has docked in the yemeni port of data the first since a saudi led coalition started to ease a sea and air blockade. pakistan's government and military have agreed not to use force to disperse protesters in roads near the capital islamabad. when you're in the voting in a presidential election that's widely expected to return the incumbent to power on our land our nanda who heads the center right national party has been praised for bringing down the sky high murder rates and raising economic growth but critics say he is trying to tighten his grip on power eight years after he himself supported
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a coup against the previous president. before the so we can speak to mariana sanchez in the capital to go around to how is the vote. her lauren are. going to you know when we haven't heard of any of any violence yet . there's been a lot of tension in the last few days because there was. really political activism from the opposition parties and one political activists from the ruling party that were killed that were talked to day after day before now ah there's a little bit of tension among the people from the other party that because they've been playing in the last few days that the election could be rigged so what they are saying is that they will be monitoring everything that happened try the polling stations they think that the government controlled but have this theory that government controlled the. army and the police. they say that they will be
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only validating those ballots that are validated but they will only recognize the ballots that are validated by their own monitors and each party you talk to one party has a g.c. two of them in each polling station and so we will have to see till the end of the day until the end of the voting day as to see if the numbers. coincide the numbers from the monitors from the political parties and also from the official results of the electoral tribunal whenever they come and certain areas in the shoes of immigration and violence have been a big part of these elections what are the candidates offering on these subjects. in general the candidates are offering their offerings that the better the economy that they will fight corruption and impunity but indeed one of the most important
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issues in this country is security because this is one of the most dangerous countries the highest murder rate among the highest murder rates in the world outside a war zone so the candidates will be i will have a very difficult task to match and to convince voters. they will be able to match what this government has done is the government of one old london monday has implemented the serious of the curative policies that have paid well because the level of homicide rates have come down to the observatory profile includes a very reliable test that is least thirty percent of the homicide rates have gone down in the last twelve years about very unfortunately in this country where people can simply walk out their homes because they can get killed anytime so air many people will do the same thing about whether they want a new candidate
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a new president of the real idea or whether they want the same policies to continue with this presidency three electors are essential thank you very much indeed. we won the elections in honduras we can speak to x. maine he's a senior associate for international policy at the center for economic and policy research based in washington thanks very much indeed for being with us can you what's the level of international monitoring is there of an election in this election in honduras well both the european union and the organization of american states of monitors on the ground but you know there are fairly small delegations just a few hundred and i think there's a great deal of skepticism as to you know whether they can genuinely monitor the situation throughout the country securely in rural areas where in past elections there have been a lot of reports of irregularities. and you know we have to take into account the fact that yes no i was just going to say that because it would just be useful for
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background for people who are watching this who don't know much about one hundred twenty feet here to explain why how can and as ended up back on the ballot paper given that he supported a coup against his precess or he was trying to change the constitution about tom with a referendum. explaining how it's ended up that to hand as is the current president can run again this time. well of course that's a major issue and it's part of the reason why you have an alliance of opposition parties that are called the alliance against the tater ship because many hundreds feel that way because in fact the honduran constitution doesn't allow reelection and the only way to bypass that or the only way to have reelection is to change the constitution through a popular referendum this didn't occur instead you have the supreme court of honduras which is stacked almost entirely with allies of the president that decided that the constitution wouldn't be taken into account as far as the reelection issue
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went and they cited human rights as the reason so really a complete sort of sham decision on the part of the hundred supreme court there were enormous protests after the decision was made but as your reporter was highlighting earlier. the president controls all of the institutions of the country the judiciary the electoral authority the military of course a very close relationship with the military and also the media tends to be in the hands of private actors that are very very much pro-government and so there's sort of a barrage of pro-government propaganda there so really very little space at all for the opposition expressed any kind of dissent and a lot of people i believe won't be voting in these elections they don't consider them to be legitimate and i want to mention the saudi organization american states
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what's that take on the way this is being run and what kind of reaction when they have if they felt that it had in fact the elections when it fact. well in the last elections in two thousand and thirteen there were a good deal of irregularities that were reported by some independent observation groups either the oas or the e.u. the e.u. i think that a bit of a better job of actually featuring those irregularities in their report even though they accepted the final result of the oil didn't do that much at all and i think the feeling is that the oas the organization of american states is an institution very much controlled by united states this point particularly when it comes to these electoral monitoring missions and so. they tend to be very critical when it comes to. you know left wing incumbents that might win elections much less so when it comes to right wing more produce less candidates that might win
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elections and explain thank you very much indeed for joining us thank you thank you kenya's military says it's pushed fighters out of a forest along its southern border with somalia but villagers fear another unknown group is now carrying out attacks on civilians in the area people displaced by the fighting and defying government requests to return to their homes catherine sawyer reports from southern kenya. elisabet two sons were reason he killed by an unknown people believed inside borneo a forest that extends to the border with somalia. their home area we too as well as other paths along the kenyan coast have been attacked several times over the last few years. we stayed home that night instead of going back to the camp for displaced people one of my sons was not well and so we all decided to be with him we were attacked at around eight pm two other people were killed on that night in
9:40 pm
this village the government has often blamed somalis are shabaab fighters who've been using the forest as a hideouts to plan attacks and train kenyan recruits but also increasingly conflict between firmus and hard as living inside the forest one of elizabeth cuddle sons was in that house when the attackers came the other one was right out there there was also a friend in the compound their mother was preparing to sleep in the next house she says that the attackers targeted the men they slit their throats and then fled the members of. this lama county administrative leader shows us some of the trouble areas he says the security operation has forced al-shabaab out of the vast forests or little to the right you see. an old bulls would see if they can use. have been seen in years and when i was seriously living the country they don't mean free like in the past. we cannot the government now wants more than two thousand people who
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have been living in this temporary shelters on the edge of the forest to go back home life is stuff for them here they have little food and a bed bag infestation but they say going back right now is not an option so. we quickly said colin if i knew you it's true the government has pushed out but what we fear even more than al-shabaab are the herders in the forest they're the ones who've been killing our people lately they're the ones who should be dealt with before we go back. adolescent about also lives in the compound this is the first time in three months that she and her san have come back to check on their home they don't have much time they tell us they have to go back to the camp before nightfall when it gets dangerous catherine sorry are just zero we two south in kenya. arlen's e.u. commissioner says the u.k. must change its approach to brics in negotiations because it risks leading to a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland which is part of
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the european union border controls would be in violation of a nineteen year old deal which ended the conflict in northern ireland and it's not just bricks and dividing the parties the arash language has also become a major issue from belfast neve parker explains. in the heart of the. it's a cultural center in west belfast i was speakers discuss the issues of the day many want the irish language to have official status in the courts the regional parliament and on road signs like in scotland and welsh in wales very few people speak their language fluently here around eleven percent claim to have some knowledge of irish a figure that steadily growing among republicans who favor a united ireland over british rule speakers. along with protect from the. speakers in scotland because annoyance in that sense being denied us is not just
9:43 pm
recognition of our language a respect for our identity for the past decade power has been shared here the regional assembly between representatives of the pro british democratic unionist party the d. and the irish republican shin fein party. pulled out in january complaining it wasn't being treated as an equal party central to their demand as an irish language act many republicans see the language as an expression of their political identity they say it's a matter of civil rights. which is my heart and soul but it was a core of my skin and you could easily identify me as being of a different color and the d.p. worse than we can't give it equal rights this guy i think clear but certainly for us this is discrimination but there's no appetite for compromise among hard line unionists many see an irish language as a means of eroding and eventually ending british sovereignty the demands put for
9:44 pm
our political demands which i would say are vast open and the language of several eight and i and i think if you. put forward is not a proposal for an irish language active in the language of. and she damn say the disputes literally edged on the streets of belfast this graffiti calls for an irish language act the republican largely catholic west belfast the local councils have allowed residents to have their road signs in english and irish cross over to east belfast and unionists probe rich areas use exclusively english if the deadlock doesn't and by december the british government may choose to take back direct control of the region undoing years of political progress republicans say the irish language is an expression of identity for many unionists it's a weapon in a cultural war. al-jazeera belfast. so to come on the program
9:45 pm
they cut a twenty twenty two world cup a set to have a reusable stadium joe will tell us more just ahead in sport. and creative diplomacy the japanese artists are using their work to try to bridge the deepening divined with north korea. thanks. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time and i just hear. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when
9:46 pm
mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just see it. was time for sport with. lauren thank you very much will france is celebrating winning the davis cup tennis for the first time since two thousand and one after
9:47 pm
a victory over belgium france had been leading the best of five match contests two one going into the final day but belgian number one have a go found the jo wilford song in straight says descended into the deciding rubber look up to a winning six three six one six love against steve d'arcy to seal victory for the french as their tenth davis cup crown in a. after twenty races the two thousand seven hundred forty one season has come to a close in abu dhabi lewis hamilton had already secured his fourth world title in mexico two races ago but it was his missing these teammate paul terry bought us who clinched victory in the final race of the year on sunday head of hamilton the third win of his career the two drivers also secured a fourth constructors' championship from the sadie's in october. really actually for a well. ferrari sebastian vettel was third enough to secure second place in the overall standings and the race marked the end of philippe masses f one career the
9:48 pm
brazilian leaving the school tough to fifteen seasons big big congratulations to. an amazing job today to hold me off but it was a it was a great race event i just gave it everything every single lap it's very very hard to overtake here so what you had to last sector struggle a little bit but i gave it everything is comprised of i was really very happy for him and again very you know very much congratulations to lewis on the season it is i was there to win the championship this year in the end i hate to say it but he was the better man so i'm sure you know we will do our bit over the winter and hopefully come back stronger well this year has been the first full season on the new management company liberty media but well they've talked about making a lot of changes to revive the sport but they've done very little an announcement this week about changing sports logo didn't go down very well with fans earlier i spoke to f one journalist phil duncan who's still confident that liberty media will
9:49 pm
do well for formula one. i mean there's lots of things that they could change a formula one and the logo is probably one that doesn't really need need changing so i mean i guess in fairness then we can understand why they want to do they want you know they're mocking us for and changing the logo is one of those things i think the biggest change so far has been there are more social media which is in the past. it wasn't wasn't a fan of it so they've made this they've given the teams and drivers access to to shoot. at racetracks which they weren't allowed to do before and they've definitely grown. from about zero two since a much higher so that's that's the biggest thing that they've done in terms of actually what the. format or anything else has been too much of a change and i think there's a sense of perhaps frustrations of the. final months of their first year in charge that we haven't seen perhaps enough from them there's been a lot of talking it hasn't been quite enough action for me yet but maybe going
9:50 pm
forward we may see more but for the for the moment you know a huge difference or huge change to so this in a format that bernie presided over for so many years. when just city have moved eight points clear at the top of the english premier league pep guardiola side came from a goal down to be huddersfield two one on sunday elsewhere ever since woes continued as they slumped to a four one defeat at southampton but also have moved into the top four in the premier league last minute penalty from alexa sanchez earning them a one zero win at burnley. you know but for us after the win against tottenham it was very important to go away from them and play a difficult game and win it and that's what we did for the belief which very important. just days after signing his new contract leno messi will line up for barcelona as they headline legal action on sunday in the top of the table battle
9:51 pm
against valencia basso are pretty much where you would expect him to be in first place but i don't see our exceeding expectations they are second four points behind barcelona and clear of madrid clubs rail and let it go for lengthier will be aiming to utilize their home advantage against barcelona and an oversized. risk to defeat parsis very difficult we want to be the first team to defeat bad saying these lower league a session nobody could have defeated them yet they have a best style which makes them the best defensive team in the league by far i think they conceded the just four goals this season. you know most essential but you know we think it is an important cause of the opposition in history because regardless of how well they are doing you know playing against them always means a tough game but regardless of the final score there is still a long league campaign ahead of us organizers of the counts are twenty two and two
9:52 pm
world cup have unveiled a design for what they say will be the torments first reusable stadium booed in doha will seat forty thousand spectators and host matches up to the quarterfinals is made up of shipping containers which can then be taken down and reassembled for use elsewhere once the world cup is over it's the seventh of eight expected venues that will host the twenty twenty two tournament. sunday marks one hundred years since the founding of ice hockey is top league the n.h.l. it all began in montréal one nine hundred seventeen their bosses of five canadian franchises got together to replace a previous competition that had folded now the first ever games were played on november the twenty sixth the n.h.l. was an exclusively canadian league until nine hundred twenty four when the boston bruins became the first american team to join the growing a little bit since then today the national hockey league features thirty one teams
9:53 pm
seven from canada and twenty four from the united states and they all play for this the stanley cup it's the oldest professional sports trophy am probably the biggest in north america it predates the league itself by twenty four years first played four in eighteen ninety three and defending stanley cup champions the pittsburgh penguins ended a season high three game losing streak with a victory over the tampa bay lightning penguins captain sidney crosby and phil kessel each school twice to avoid a first game losing streak in regulation since two thousand and fifteen five two was the school. alex ovechkin scored a hat trick to help the washington capitals beat the toronto maple leafs four two on saturday night which can score two of his three goals in the opening period of the game he then made history in the first period getting his five hundred seventy four gold. australia on the verge of taking a one zero lead in their ashes cricket series against old rivals england embrace been the tourists started play on thirty three for two
9:54 pm
a slender seven run lead three wickets each for mitchell starc just hazelwood and nathan lyon helped the australians bowling dish out for a hundred ninety five chasing hundred seventy five victory the home team one hundred fourteen without loss at the close of play and finally go for wade omes be played his first european tour event thirteen years ago at the two hundred sixty fourth time of asking on sunday he won his maiden title it was a nerve wracking finish at the hong kong open for the thirty seven year old australian who carded a final round of sixty eight finish eleven under par the tournament looked to be heading for a playoff but. failed to make par on the eighteenth to hand a first ever european tour crown to the world number three hundred nineteen feels amazing. just run out of the get here but i'm yeah pretty pretty still very still like to play solid i just try to keep pumping it out and i'm in a lot of grains probably wasn't quite behaving but not as played solid and sometimes that's good enough celebrating movember to you that is all the sport for
9:55 pm
now but to lauren in london joe thank you very much now in japan students are using art to show how they feel about these to me on ending crisis over north korea they're reaching out to other students whose families came to japan from north korea as they try to bridge a cultural divide craig lisa reports in tokyo. on the outskirts of tokyo two schools a separated by a wall on one side chocky high bar and installation art student who studied at the mrs she no university this is the world yes how high was the bridge. why did you build it. so the friendship yes yes. chucky wanted to communicate with students at the north korean school on the other side of the wall so she used her out skills to devise
9:56 pm
a way to overcome the problem. on the other side students rejoin an ethnic north korean works on her latest acrylic creation in her studio the sixty year old korean of a city like many students here her family descends from north koreans who came to japan during its colonization of the korean peninsula. her paintings reflect her search for identity in the divide between her family's homeland and japan. the woods demonstrate her personal struggle with hope and despair for the future of both nations and what i was about to when i was born and raised in tokyo but up until university i received an if nic education i'm third generation if not korean my grandfather came here during the war but he died when i was small so i didn't hear many of his stories ines sainz the identity of the third generation as wavering three. young chunky enry met at a combined schools exhibition they works had to be lifted over the wall to the
9:57 pm
gallery with jackie's previous bridge building experience an idea was hatched to build another bridge so he could float if it was lee for the first time across the border. i could talk about what an ideal relationship might look like but it seems far off if a war breaks out will be the first victims because about honorable position and society. the project started a deep discussion about the different ethnic backgrounds and sparked debate throughout both campuses is the question i follow the news and look at visitors feedback of our work or sometimes feel powerless by showing what art can do i think there are things you can change what the students have achieved is a connection through common understanding a sort of diplomacy and as tensions increase on the korean peninsula it is an achievement which has so far eluded their political leaders many students like ri and chunky say they are scared by the strong rhetoric and threats of nuclear war and find it hard to see a future the sort of the image was crossing the national border
9:58 pm
a bridge is very symbolic and the location also has meaning it was a project that made us imagine a story line as the war of words is collated between the united states and north korea it students like ri and sharkey who stand in the crossfire contemplating an uncertain future. craig leeson al-jazeera tokyo. and that's it for me said news out the back and if you miss one of the full run of the day's news thanks very much for watching ifa.
9:59 pm
africa going through seismic changes few country stands out because it's considered so successful why is the. president of ghana nonna a coup for i don't talk to walsh's here at this time. december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could
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dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode thrice joins fifty five scientists on a brant psyching journey of discovery around the continent in front of him to the post on the future of the planet. but it's quite amazing just to see that that's the gist of when you rise this time al-jazeera. fifty people are killed in twenty four hours and government and the russian asked in syria.


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