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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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add to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode. joins fifty four scientists on the brant so i can join you discovery around the continent for a look into the past on the future. but it's quite amazing just to see that's the gist of what. this time al-jazeera. fifty people are killed in twenty four hours and government of the russian in syria
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. and iran and this is al jazeera line from london also coming out yemen receives its fast food deliveries says a saudi led coalition eased its sea and a. fresh protest by muslims in pakistan the government and the military agreeing not to use force to disperse them. under the incumbent president one orlando is expected to stay in power. and of course the robert mugabe was granted full immunity and a ten million dollars payoff to step down zimbabwe's president. at least fifty people have been killed in just twenty four hours in government and russian ass strikes in syria twenty three people were killed in
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a syrian air strike in the damascus suburb of eastern ghouta the area has been on the government siege for four years and three hundred fifty thousand. are in desperate need of aid. thirty seven people were killed in russian air strikes on a gathering of displaced people in dera zor province which is based activists say fifteen children were among the victims i saw a binge of aid has just returned from syria to go across the border in turkey. despite a cease fire agreement between iran turkey and russia the violence in syria does not seem to be coming to an end the airstrikes in the hooter district of damascus targeted three different residential areas according to activists on the ground the number of casualties is on the rise they're saying that they are not able to provide help to all of the victims because they have very limited supplies inside. and a number of hospitals have also been targeted in the last few months they say that because of the siege and the assad government has not been allowing any medical aid
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or medical supplies to come in and they're not able to treat patients as they would in a normal situation this is not the only place where strikes have taken place there also russian strikes which. in between the resort and this is an area where isis fighters have fled to but it's not just isis fighters who fled into these areas it's also civilians according to activists on the ground most of the people killed here they would have been civilians so it's another day of violence that we've seen in syria activists and in college telling us from the ground that in the last ten days or so more than one hundred people have been killed in just this eastern hooter's district which is besieged by syrian forces and they say they don't see the violence coming to an end any time soon.
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as ship carrying more than five thousand tons of flour has stopped in the yemeni port of her data is the first major food delivery since sounding like coalition aids to see and locate the u.n. children's agency says also says it sent one point nine million doses of vaccines into the country in a child dies every ten minutes in yemen from preventable diseases today it is fair to say that yemen. it's one of the worst places on earth to be a child but more than eleven million yemeni children are today in acute need of humanitarian assistance that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl. protesters in pakistan all calling for a nationwide strike on monday after another day of escalating demonstrations are
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angry about the wording of a palm and she bell case have been ordered to show restraint although six people were killed on saturday in efforts to break up the protests and a hundred calls i am. recalled to shut down pakistan issued by cleric and political party leader who stands in opposition to the government for three weeks protesters have choked the streets of islamabad when there was violence on saturday as police tried to disperse them they spread along highways to other major cities including a whore and. this movement is not political it is the duty of every muslim to protect the owner of his land the protesters maintain this is not political but this is an issue that could undermine pakistan's government. it began when pakistan's norman is desired handmade introduced a bill before parliament that made no reference to the prophet muhammad protest is
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linked it to the highly contentious issue of blasphemy and while the amendment was withdrawn blamed on a clerical error and hammett apologized the little known group behind the protests argued it remained an affront tells them they want the minister gone. and after the violence on saturday they want the entire cabinet to resign where. people aren't coming out of their houses because they're scared it's a strange situation in the backyard of the narcanon this is the fault of the clerics their extremist attitudes they simply don't care about people and the business is being destroyed by the clerics doing this in the name of islam they're absolutely wrong and people are in pain protest organizers have still managed to spread the call for demonstrators did begin encouraged by. the police failure to get them off the streets carden hussein rizvi the cleric who leads the teddy
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pakistan party has called on his followers to bring the entire country to a halt the government has responded by calling in the army many of bracing for what they might mean a hand and to zero. well let's have a closer look at what led to these protests there being driven by the. bike. pakistan movement it's led by outspoken cleric for saying rizvi who's been using facebook to achieve protestors to demonstrate the group stems from the barrel of a sect of islam a barrel of a follower mom tak cadre was executed in twenty sixteen after he assassinated liberal punjab governor salman taseer over his stance on the country's blasphemy laws seems to have inspired the group's more hardline stance the protests have been simmering for nearly three weeks ever since a government minister introduced a bill to change the wording of intellectual law that made no reference to the
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prophet muhammad come on hyder is in a protest in kalak on the highway between lahore and as i'm about. for the past two days the highway systems of pakistan have come to egg grinding hard because the protesters are now broking intersections all along the route which travels from north to south and south to north thousands of people are stuck on the highway these are some of the fortunate people who may have some special it on the roadside but there are family children elderly the shake who are stuck in the long queue the protesters will not allow them to move any further because of the anger that they're expressing after the pakistani government went after those protectors general will pay india and it. instead of dislodging them they have now turned out in large numbers and they're saying that they will continue their protests for many
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more days to come that of course will mean huge problems for people like dave who are already suffering they say they need help and they need some guidance as to what to do. hondurans are voting in a presidential election that's widely expected to return the incumbent power one orlando and two has the center right national policy has been praised for bringing down the sky high murder rates and raising economic growth but critics say he's trying to tighten his grip on power a years off to himself supported a coup against the previous president and you can speak to mariana sanchez who is in the capital to go sick got caught so how come from the island as he's managing to run again as a as a candidate when the constitution forbids a second term. well too if you
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go back to two thousand and twelve when a president from the land of nod as well president of programs for justice of the supreme court were sacked and then you fast forward to two thousand and sixteen the supreme court decided then to lift a constitutional ban that did not allow either president or or former presidents to run for reelection not even trying so that's out that's what their president part of london was able to do and now the political opposition parties called that. as illegal and that has generated some tensions however many of the people who. who have supported that move are members of the army a diplomat and members of the political elites here at least for the same people
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when two thousand and nine supported that food attack against president i'm going to live action wednesday in the army so there would be spending the most wealthy and the i'll first person in line with the light to let you out once in. a hold and one by using the referendum to ask only runs about the fact that. if. the constitution was right on the presidents who would be running for reelection now at this point in. the political opposition political parties are participating in this election and although many are critical about the precedent the president has done many it has implemented namely policies that have been very successful and that's why the president wants a level at man this is the scene asked a favorite in this election a million of our friends the economy is doing well g.d.p.
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is looking very healthy and that murder rate has considerably dropped under one and those that do under and feel that the allies of improved with him as president. well it's really this is difficult to say depends on what you want maybe some people in still see ralph on the capital or in some of the major cities will say maybe yes they feel safer but in general i can tell you that that's not the feeling in the slums in the in the small neighborhoods in the poor area where sixty percent of the people are poor in this country and nearly forty percent of the poor people live under under the poverty line in extreme poverty and if you come to think of the number of people that size here in this country that number has gone down dramatically but still three hundred and thirty. on average if people die in violent deaths or a child every monster hearing on google so when we were asking people in this in
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the poor neighborhoods what to use to how did you feel do you think that life is better for you well people were telling us that they don't feel the difference of they feel that they don't have jobs that they have to live behind gave it to communities because they have to pay. i think they have to tell their children. to migrate because. you feel bad thank you mariana mariana sanchez there with the latest songs to go sicko. still to come on al-jazeera. paul continues on the slow path to democracy with millions expected to turn out for provincial polls plus. what's being denied us is not just me some of our language but it's also respect for origins of the. there's
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no the island wrestles its future we meet the gaelic speakers battling to save native town. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now across europe we've got a couple of weather fronts which are looking quite interesting we've got one area of low pressure in fact which is down across the balkans giving some very heavy rainfall and some big accumulations of snow there's of the front running into the northern parts of europe drink some slightly less cold air into parts of russia ahead of it meanwhile there's another system across more northwesterners bring what some windy weather in across the u.k. and france but dies for the sides during the course of chews day heavy showers wintry showers to the north of that frontal system and that too will eventually push in across the juror and into the alps but so i suppose down in italy with
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highs of ten in rome but generally looking quite wintry at the moment on the other side of the mediterranean this area of low pressure is extending its influence long the coast of libya and also egypt sort of the risk of a few showers here fairly brisk winds generally so temperatures little bit on the low side just sixteen degrees for central parts of africa. quite a long way south into wards component towards d.r. congo across west africa weather conditions generally not looking too bad we're looking at ties there into the low thirty's for southern africa some heavy showers affecting mozambique those are still there in the forecast. in syria thousands of disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from the family where the most terrible thing in syria used to be. this has been the invisible weapon of
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the syrian dictatorship. but sometimes i thought it would be better to die continue to be she really didn't go to. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. welcome back remind of the top stories here and i'll just share a russian and government test strikes have killed at least fifty people across syria the attacks targeted the areas eastern guta and there is also. a ship carrying more than five thousand tons of flour has docked in the yemeni port of data the first since a saudi led coalition started to eans at sea and blockade. pakistan's government
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and military have agreed not to use force to disperse protesters who have blockaded roads near the capital islamabad. as in baba a newspaper is reporting a gobby was granted full immunity and the payment of ten million dollars to compensate him to step down as president the zimbabwe independent also says he's been promised he can keep all of his properties to be paid his salary for the rest of his life but the ruling party disputes mugabe got a special deal. from harare. officials in zanu p.f. say that robert mugabe got the usual standard normal retirement package given to any former head of state we're told that he wants to stay in zimbabwe he plans to do that but he is able to leave the country and go to singapore for his usual regular medical check ups he's indicated he wants to do some farming in the country and we've heard his wife grace mugabe is still planning to build the robert mugabe
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university all eyes are now on the new president emerson when i got here and the cabinet he is going to form some indication say that it could be as early as monday when the cabinet is announced people are wondering will it be inclusive will you work with opposition party leaders we also work with other political parties which could indicate that he is maybe genuine about being a unifying leader but some zimbabweans fear that if we see more of the old guard in cabinet it could indicate nothing really has changed on the ground and they fear is that if that is the case in things one transform quickly in terms of the economy the main thing now for most of us who are struggling economically and financially is the economy who is the finance minister going to be they hope that individual is someone who can work with the international community bring investment into the country create jobs and lisa tate the struggling economy arriving zimbabwe's cripple the economy will be a key issue for a new president and. unemployment is as high as ninety percent business owners are
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hoping for better times but many are still pessimistic andrew symonds reports from harare. sunday and the time for contemplation to zimbabwe's momentous events the church of christ has twenty eight congregations in harare and they're all here. and did roof in the front row a university chaplain by his side a law student his studies had been broken up because his family became destitute. behind them a couple who may be wearing their sunday best but they're reliant on a small business that barely balances its books they're only just getting by. it's the sort of service that always has religious intensity but after the dramatic events of the last two weeks this one has an added dimension out would relief in would anxiety there all of one faith but there's
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a broad cross-section of people here all of them sharing the hardships of so many years most of them all unemployed some self-employed. tries to run the business exchange rates and the hyperinflation make family life painful at times i'm a business man but i can't afford to feed my family. because. the situation is in zimbabwe where people in the civil service maybe even the business community just want to see that change is not new that we see. here it's. the only thing i've been using like he was the vice president and he still is in place and he's on time so we guess after three hundred syrians. who is pessimistic about his future it's the age of twenty five i should have been doing something better with my life but like now i'm still stuck it to school after
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school i have no hope i don't know we saw something that i can celebrate. and so what different mood than the elation of last week didn't emily are representative of many people they have hope but not trust andrew simmons al-jazeera harare. saudi arabia's crown prince says warned a forty one nation alliance of muslim nations that it cannot allow terrorists to tarnish the name of islam mohammad bin solomon was speaking at the first meeting of the islamic and military counter terrorism alliance in riyadh. there is no doubt today's meeting is of great significance simply for the reason that over the past two years terrorism has been wreaking havoc in our respective countries in the absence of concerted coordination between our countries this is become history with the establishment of this coalition more than forty islamic countries have dubbed held efforts in combating terrorism with militarily
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financially or in terms of political and intelligence cooperation the crown prince also offered his condolences to egypt where three hundred five people were killed on friday after fighters targeted a mosque in northern sinai mass graves have been made for some of the victims which included twenty seven children egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi has promised the use of brutal force against those responsible. a solidarity vigil has also taken place in palestine for the victims of the attack welcome way possible from gaza city. hundreds of people have gathered here. killed. in the agency friday of the gunman opened fire at a mosque in the town of el reese killing more than two hundred recently about one hundred kilometers from here many palestinians lives in the heart of egypt so some people here knew some of those who were killed this morning events organized by some of gaza's political factions but it has some political significance. this is
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a message of sort of going to the muslims would be born after the mosquitoes which opened. up to it would be we're going to have the same meeting. with the board over. the budgets of who to see who it. is you know. i'm dating it is brokering reconciliation told to. make political parties sponsor and i might as well call it harvesting them factions this is meant to lead to hand over of power here on friday from hamas to the palestinian authority you've ministration of gaza and its opponents of these developments for. you to arrive in gaza tomorrow is a reason why i'm not listening to let's go facts and i want to show solidarity with egypt at the moment but many people in gaza are now they have rather been several
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repeated that failed attempts at reconciliation reform what are they waiting to see what will happen in the coming days and if this reconciliation will actually produce something. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmud hussein is being in an egyptian prison for eleven months assange is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny a saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december the twentieth while visiting his family. several flights to and from bali have been cancelled because of volcanic activity mount has been pouring ash and steam into the skies tuesday officials are warning that a major eruption is possible when it last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killed more than one thousand people and destroyed several villages cambodia's prime minister has called for the closure of one of the country's main human rights groups the cambodian center for human rights was founded by opposition
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leader came soca who is in jail for treason denies the charges against him the main opposition party was disbanded by the top court earlier this month rights groups say one cent is systematically silencing critics voters in the poor are taking part in elections that marked the final stage of a peace process that started back in two thousand and six the aim is to turn the pool into a federal democratic republic so british reports from our own district. the early morning call is no deterrent for these people in the parts manon district they have come to exercise their right to vote district and national officials have been working for days to ensure the election happens far beyond the new constitution is being implemented and as a local elections have already taken place this is the first phase of religion for
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national and its did assembly this election is important because it is about implementing the constitution. the first phase of this election is happening in the hills and mountains where climate and terrain can be challenging the second phase will take place on december seventh in more moderate climate there are nearly six thousand registered voters here and competition is fierce every vote counts and representatives from all sides i keep tight watch. there are candidates representing both the left alliance of nepal's communist party unified marxist leninist and the former maoist and the democratic alliance of the nepali congress and the right of center parties one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly but for people like groom who runs a hotel here this election is more about development on tourism and. i really hope
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that we get a good representative tourism is important for us and we need good roads for people and tourists here we also need schools and hospitals. district is on attracting route and has recently been linked by roads but the journey is precarious polls close at five in the evening local time but by late afternoon most people have already cast their votes while in milan district officials say that more than the expected number of people have cast their ballots nationally the turnout has been no making it difficult to predict the outcome of this election which will turn into a federal republic. out of the euro when an district in the. islands commission says the u.k. must change its approach to brecht's it negotiations because it risks leading to a hard border between northern ireland the republic of ireland which is part of the european union or the controls will be in violation of a nineteen year old deal which ended the conflict in northern ireland and it's not
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just bricks it dividing the parties language has also become a major issue the backer explains. in the heart of the. it's a cultural center in west belfast i was speakers discuss the issues of the day many want the irish language to have official status in the courts the regional parliament and road signs like gaelic in scotland and welsh in wales very few people speak their language fluently here around eleven percent claim to have some knowledge of irish a figure that steadily growing among republicans who favor a united ireland over british rule. along with production and. speakers in scotland because annoyance in that sense being denied us is not just recognition of our language a respect for our identity for the past decade power has been shared here the
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regional assembly between representatives of the pro british democratic unionist party the deep and the irish republican shin fein party. pulled out in january complaining it wasn't being treated as an equal party central to their demand is an irish language act many republicans see the language as an expression of their political identity they say it's a matter of civil rights. which is my heart and soul but it was a core of my skin and you could easily identify me as being of a different color and the d.p. worse than we can't give it equal rights this guy i think clear but certainly for us this is discrimination but there's no appetite for compromise among hard line unionists many see an irish language as a means of eroding and eventually ending british sovereignty the demands put for our political demands which i would say are vast open and the language of several
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aides and i and i think if you. put forward is not a proposal for an irish language act to be a second line. a political proposal to give permanence and shoot them a say the disputes literally edged on the streets of belfast this graffiti calls for an irish language act the republican largely catholic west belfast the local councils have allowed residents to have their road signs in english and irish cross over to east belfast and unionists pro pritish areas exclusively english if the deadlock doesn't end by december the british government may choose to take back direct control of the region on doing years of political progress republicans say the irish language is an expression of identity for many unionists it's a weapon in a cultural war we've barkha al-jazeera belfast. the
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top stories on al-jazeera a series of russian government asterix has killed more than fifty people across syria twenty three people died in a syrian air strike in the damascus suburb of eastern guta a rebel held area has been under government siege for four years and three hundred fifty thousand people are in desperate need of aid thirty seven people were killed in russian air strikes on a gathering of displaced people in darrell's or province which is based activists say fifteen children were among the victims of the attack on the town of. a ship carrying more than five thousand tons of flour has docked in the yemeni port of her day the first since a saudi led coalition started to. blockade the un children's agency also says its point nine million doses of vaccines in use have says a yemeni child dies every ten minutes preventable diseases today
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it is fair to say that yemen. it's one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million yemeni children are to be in acute need of humanitarian assistance that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl. during this hour voting in a presidential election that's why they are expected to return the incumbent to power one i wonder hernandez who has the center right national party has been praised for bringing down the sky high murder rates and raising economic growth the critics say he's trying to tighten his grip on power eight years after he supported a coup against the previous president. pakistan's government and military have agreed not to use force to disperse protesters nadya's capital islamabad and the
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demonstrators have blockaded roads for weeks angry about the wording of a parliament she fell have spread to several other cities since saturday when at least six people died after police trying to clear a protest camp stay with us talk to al-jazeera space to go on as president about the challenges facing his country i'll be back in about twenty five minutes for another bullet to go away. you will. see. typically associated in international me.


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