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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am +03

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ity to be one of the member of the country everything i'm doing is following my music it is. from my music i did deliver a message sometimes during the song sometimes i stop everything and i talk to people on everything i'm doing nice behind my music music is a is a language is maybe the first language and we can use it to deliver a message and i'm going to keep this use language to believe the message definitely i love this country and i think myself and my music need this country.
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welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters and me as a peron i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes. at least fifty people are killed and then russian jets bombed rebel held areas and syria. yemen receives its first aid supplies and. blockade. counting is underway and on douras for the presidential election we are live at the capital. protests continuing the government and. trying to. at least fifty people have been killed in just twenty four hours and government and russian air strikes in syria twenty three people were killed in
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a government airstrike in the rebel held damascus suburb of east and the area has been on the government's. three hundred fifty thousand people they are in desperate need of aid meanwhile thirty seven people were killed in russia there strikes on a gathering of displaced people and their province a monitoring group says fifteen children were among the victims well solomon has just returned from syria to gaza just across the border in turkey. despite a cease fire agreement between iran turkey and russia the violence in syria does not seem to be coming to an end the airstrikes in the hooter district of damascus targeted three different residential areas according to activists on the ground the number of casualties is on the rise they're saying that they're not able to provide help to all of the victims because they have very limited supplies inside. and a number of hospitals have also been targeted in the last few months they say that
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because of this siege and the assad government has not been allowing any medical aid or medical supplies to come in and they're not able to treat patients as they would in a normal situation this is not the only place where strikes have taken place there also russians frights which door in between the resort and this is an area where isis fighters have fled to but it's not just isis fighters who've fled into these areas it's also civilians according to activists on the ground most of the people killed here there are four have been civilians so it's another day of violence that we've seen in syria activists had been called telling us from the ground that in the last ten days or so more than one hundred people have been killed in just the eastern district which is besieged by syrian forces and they say they don't see the violence coming to an end any time soon now and a tablet as a syrian affairs analyst and senior fellow at the washington institute for near
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east policy i asked him why we're seeing strikes on a single. it's just designed i think to run down the capital of the. negotiation candles or to speak of the opposition and around them around but it doesn't need getting an agreement any easier and you also mentioned and you know we've seen the russian strikes and that has all entrusting because we've had statements from the russian government along with the u.s. government these joint statements for which. now saying that there is no military solution to the war and syria and yet we're seeing these strikes so it's very difficult to to take those statements seriously i mean what are russia doing here well the russians and iranians in the regime are using military force to shape the diplomatic process and that's. you know a very good tactic in terms of getting results in many many hours they're willing
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to escalate or able to do so the problem of the united states and there are unwilling to escalate and that's the reason why russia and the regime are doing this and i'm afraid you know there was wasn't there some hope that these deescalation zones the joint russia taking iran negotiations were having you know at least some success at reducing the violence but if we see that agreement violated at the opposition's expands then what success can these. negotiations have any other than a moment and then the syrian government well war or addresses. military victory diplomatic victory these parallel processes in sochi an astronaut and so on and a lot of fear that that's what's happening and let's wait and see how that comes out of the russians day two tracks you need to track and there are. let's move on to other news now saudi arabia has begun to lift its blockade on yemen after three
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weeks medical supplies are flying and the first ship carrying food has now been unloaded but with yemen facing a famine and u.n. aid workers say much more is needed and quickly pizza shop reports. the saudis have promised to lift the blockade of the yemen port of her died four days ago that it was only on sunday that the first desperately needed food supplies were unloaded. now the ship has reached the port of how they entered carrying flour and relief material swaying five thousand five hundred tons this is not enough for the many people needs but we hope this is a good sign to open the port of the data and lift the siege and all your many provinces. unicef says a child dies every ten minutes from preventable diseases that would equate to more than five hundred children dead in those last four days alone five thousand tons of flowers unloaded on saturday but it's just
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a trickle too little and far far too late for the most vulnerable today it is fair to say that yemen. is one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million. yemeni children are to be in acute need of humanitarian assistance that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl unicef says the war in yemen is sadly a war on children close to five thousand children have been killed or seriously injured in the last two and a half years and it welcomes the opening of the airport at santa it allowed us to send in a first humanitarian convoy one point nine million doses of vaccines vaccines that are urgently needed to vaccinate six hundred thousand
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children across yemen since the saudi led coalition began fighting the who tees in two thousand and fifteen the country's basic infrastructure no longer exists. the blockade began on november sixth after hutu rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia the saudi military said the blockade was imposed to stop weapons being smuggled into yemen but the un is warning that commercial imports of food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off those supplies could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in the remote regions of northern yemen completely unable to cope for themselves peter shop al jazeera. well let's get more on this now with rebecca barber humanitarian advocacy manager at oxfam a stranger she is joining us live from melbourne very good to have you with us on
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al-jazeera so as we've been reporting the blockade has been partially lifted just how much of a difference do you think this is going to make to the just terrible situation in yemen. yeah well i mean we welcome the postulate that let. me know this i apple and i and i know what as you said it's not anything like. yemen is a country in which more than twenty million people depend on who manage terry energy ascends and typically imports eighty to ninety percent huel and medical supply and so these classes that the needs of the in many people cannot be met and less there is are full and yemen and airports and seaports and land and people what book by a humanitarian connection. and it's instance one of the key issues at the moment is
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that that's an extremely to be sure any judge deal across the country hill is not counted as a humanitarian it's currently nothing. and all very well or. many of those applies to the fourteen as humanitarian assistance but it does not feel to transport that assistance around the country then it's not much so that it's a desperate desperate need. to be good in because it will be exhausted and what is it going to take to get fuel into the country to get the blockade completely lifted i know that your organization have said that the international community must break it silence and use all possible means to lift the blockade completely you know what means does it have at its disposable like now. well we expand our love being really high i mean in all the countries that get the capital in country in country in yemen but also in not capital the in
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a stay of it in the same u.k. in the u.s. to lobby i got ments to put pressure on saudi arabia. to block a possible lifting the humanitarian system as a welcome development or we can do is can continue to call attention to. die humanitarian consequences that this blockade is having every day we heard already that there more children are dying every day that this blockade continues its. continued to call on all governments that have any influence with the saudi led coalition. as you call that a blockade to be completely as quickly as possible. thank you very much for your time on the server back of baba joining us live from melbourne thank you. right on durance have voted in a presidential election that is widely expected to kick their leader in power for
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a controversial second term polls show why orlando inland is as likely to benefit from a supreme court ruling that overturned a constitutional ban on reelection money on a song begins our coverage from there were. hundreds went to the polls on sunday with a range of issues on their minds like the economy many hoping and your government will not forget the poor. the most important thing is ending poverty providing everyone with housing and food. i guess has the highest level of economic inequality in latin america the world bank says more than sixty six percent of one durance live in poverty but he never says what anything durance jobs . after i sell my food i will vote my work is more important because my children have all been unemployed for more than
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a year i order say well health and education are also important issues on durance want the new president to continue tackling crime on average more than three hundred thirty hondurans are killed every month. i want the country to improve better education more jobs but there are so many. this is the first time a president is running for reelection since a two thousand and fifteen supreme court decision lifted a constitutional ban but critics say during his four year tenure president cannot this has gained too much power controlling the judiciary and the electoral court opposition parties say they will all recognize the ballots their monitors consider as valid and not the official results because they say reelection could be rigged. to come in it are so says both of his parents are eligible to vote and both have been long dead. my father is eligible to vote he died
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seventeen years ago he would be one hundred twenty years old known as used his identity but no one is controlling this. well thousand monitors from ten political parties and more than two hundred international observers were touring polling stations if you were to proceed there are faults in the system the tribunals sometimes does not update the people's registry but this is normal. for now the main opposition party say they will remain vigilant until they can compare their results with the official ones for the accept the elections were transparent. let's go live to money on a now vote counting underway and the president's national party declaring him the winner lady anna. we are already seeing some people walking out in the streets with flags of the national party
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beginning to celebrate after a precedent one number of members claimed a victory on television after exit polls now. official media seen that the trend was the president's one man this was the lead however took a few minutes after that former president when he was ousted in two thousand and nine and is part of the alliance of political opposition came out in a press conference saying that the political opposition does not recognize those numbers that they have their own and he says that's. a lie. fifty nine percent of the transit that is not from the with fifty nine. percent of the thirty three presidents former president of the next president says
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he's. not and that he hopes. he'll no. we'll respect that trend and as we speak candidates come along nothing is claiming victory as well so here we have two candidates the top two candidates claiming victory way before the electoral tribunal has given any official results yet so where to from here then monday on and when can we expect to hear the official results from the tribunals. it will give in a few hours from now a first official results county about sixty percent of the vote which is of course not conclusive what we know is that that's right you know we'll probably have to wait between monday and tuesday to be able to get all those ballots that come from
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remote areas. to get here to be part of the tally and after that only after that tribunals will be able to see who is the next precedent. for money and thank you very much for that for now that's monday on the sanchez who's monitoring those results coming in for us and to go figure out but thank you. cuba has held its first elections a year after the death of fidel castro the new national assembly is expected to choose a successor for eighty six year old raul castro who says he will step down in february after the two five year terms merica editor lucien human explains what it means for the communist country off to six decades of cost or evil. this is cuban style democracy from seven a.m. people voted in the only election in which ordinary citizens have direct participation. this enthusiastically explains that unlike in other countries
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municipal council candidates are not allowed to campaign. their biographies and qualities are posted everywhere so you can read about them and make your choice. the choice begins in town halls where each neighborhood proposes someone to represent them cubans are electing twelve and a half thousand delegates out of more than twenty seven thousand candidates but not a single one of them belongs to the opposition even though this year for the first time an unprecedented number of dissidents attempted to run but without success. a longtime opponent says it's impossible. i don't have to be a member of the communist party to run but if the party doesn't approve it you can't be a candidate in this system nothing is as it seems it's a system designed to perpetuate a one party socialist state or as they say here the revolution. and it will be put
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to the test in february when in directly elected national assembly chooses the successor to president raul castro marking the end of the sixty year castro era. well known musician says opposes the election process. no system is perfect but in other countries you have the right to vote for a political project and next time say no this doesn't work i want to bid on another project or modify it in cuba you can't. three years ago was temporarily blacklisted after this performance but he's saying that he wanted to choose his president by direct vote. it's widely presume that this man first vice president. with a place for all. but as congress says points out it's not up to him. i have no way of knowing since we don't decide that's why people feel that those at
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the top decide for you. the decision that is supposed to begin here at the municipal level with those who disagree can only protest by casting a black vote you see in human i'll just see done that. i think the leaven people have been killed after a boss overturned in southern chile on saturday was carrying healers from a health center to work with the indigenous people about twenty people were injured police say they believe speed was a factor in the crash we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including we meet one of the thousands of palestinian couples fighting to stay together in the face of an israeli residency your point francis leaves room for what could be one of his most delicate overseas trips yet focusing on the plight of the ranger and as the country celebrates his first davis cup tennis title and sixteen years we'll have
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the full details coming up in sports. and an asian authorities have closed the main airport in bali because of volcanic activity on the island mound argonne has been pouring for cash and steam into the sky since tuesday and an asian authorities have issued their highest alert as geological experts warn the volcano mayer up to its last erupted in line nine hundred sixty three killing more than a thousand people and destroying several villages. rise to pakistan now with thousands of workers from a political party are calling for more demonstrations as anti blasphemy protests continue to escalate pakistan's government and the military have agreed not to use force to disperse the protesters the decision came after prime minister shell had karkala bassy held emergency talks with the army chief demonstrators have been on
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the streets since the eighth of november when a mandatory oath and electoral laws was changed a line in the proclaiming muhammad to be the last prophet of islam was changed and that something protesters say amounts to blasphemy that change was swiftly withdrawn but protesters are demanding the door minister and other cabinet ministers resign well the demonstrators have been blocking a key highway connecting the capital islamabad with the city of. diseases come on high that is among the thousands of people stranded on the roads he reports from colored k. hard on the highway between lahore and as lama bad. after a botched dam by the security forces there disperse the crowds holding a major intersection in rawalpindi fairly late on saturday the pakistani military chief. to come back to islamabad for a crisis meeting with the country's prime minister kaukauna bochy here the prime
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minister that force was not an option that the people love the military and therefore the military could not be used against the people that it could only be the last option the government had. the military to come in aid of the civilian administration something that did allowed by the pakistani constitution or the pakistani military chief saying that the military was not very good deploy across the country that this was a crisis that had to be really thought of politically through dialogue the prime minister the interior minister and the chief minister of the pun job all egg reading with the military chief this is the first time since the crisis began i dated a ray of hope now it is important to see what kind of reaction comes from those protests have been laying siege to the entire country al-jazeera is demanding the release of his journalists saying his being in gyptian prison for eleven months hussein's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al
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jazeera strongly deny saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail it was arrested on the twentieth of december while visiting family. saudi arabia's crown prince has told a forty one nation alliance of muslim nations that terrorists cannot be allowed to tarnish the name of islam muhammad been so model speaking at the first meeting of the islamic military counter-terrorism alliance and bring out. there is no doubt today's meeting is of great significance simply for the reason that over the past years terrorism has been wreaking havoc in our respective countries in the absence of concerted coordination between our countries this is becoming history with the establishment of this coalition more than forty islamic countries have dovetailed efforts in combating terrorism with it militarily financially or in terms of political and intelligence cooperation. while the crown prince also offered his condolences to egypt where three hundred five people were killed on friday after fighters targeted
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a mosque in northern sinai massive graves had been made for some of the victims which included twenty seven children egypt's president. has promised the use of brutal force against those responsible well there's been a vision in gaza for the victims of the attack malcolm webb was there. hundreds of people have gathered here. killed in the attack in egypt since friday the gunman opened fire at a mosque in the town of and our recent killing more than two hundred had already said about one hundred kilometers from here many palestinians live now hundreds of egypt so some people here knew some of those who were killed this morning events organized by some of gaza's political factions but it has some political significance this is a message of sort of going to the muslims would be born after the. meeting with these it was a board or. it's
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a buddhist and. on date it is brokering reconciliation sold to. political parties sponsor and. that's the name factions this is meant to lead to hand over of power here on friday from hamas to the palestinian authority the administrator of gaza and its opponents of these developments for. you to arrive in gaza tomorrow night these are reasons why i'm not just trying to belittle facts and i want to show solidarity with egypt at the moment but many people in gaza now they have rather been several repeated that failed attempts at reconciliation before they wait to see what will happen in the coming days and if this reconciliation will actually produce something tangible . now at least twelve thousand people remain in the occupied west bank are affected
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by israeli restrictions on freedom of movement for palestinians in missions have left families divided then a smith reports from crawford with thousands of crabbed into what is effectively no man's land. location location location rarely is the property hunting maxim more important than in the carved up territory of the occupied west bank mara obaid lives in occupied east jerusalem she has the right to live in israel her fiance where some sell a main lives in ramallah and our fifteen year old a temporary israeli emergency order means where some cannot get israeli residency to join his wife to be so they have to live here. falls inside the municipality of jerusalem so it's governed by israel but it's on the palestinian side of the separation wall. they are bent can look like any other engaged girl you plan you have to dream i would have chosen for a car i was thinking of
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a house with a small garden it's more like a dream though faced by the reality i had no choice but to live in for a cup so i can keep my identity card and my life partner kathak ups unusual situation i mean seventy thousand people a packed into a limited piece of land now the population of course has grown by as many as ten thousand people a year every year for the last twelve years but this town could never expand outwards because of a separation wall and that suits the israelis because it's another way that they can control the number of palestinians living on the other side of the wall the main purpose in our point of view all from our long experience in this field is to push palestinians outside of their voters to to divide the families they know what it means you know the family of the personal social network and they are targeting the feminists this is they are targeting children they are targeting the homeless they are targeting you know their presence in jordan more than twelve thousand
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palestinians are stuck in this bureaucratic limbo and there's no chance of relief in sight burnitz with al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. still ahead on the news to have their say. millions turn up for prevention polls plus. what's being denied us is not just goodness in our language but it's also respect for our identity. mind in their language speakers trying to save their native tongue and manchester city leave it late but put away at the top of the premier league details coming up of joe in sports. by the sky. or off the coast of the italian riviera. welcome back as we look at the weather across southern eastern china and taiwan so
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looking pretty good at the moment plenty of sunshine here fine in hong kong fine in fukushima shanghai since sunshine and seventy but looking to about across much of indochina although for central parts of vietnam we've still a shower continues to head on through into tuesday but for hanoi weather conditions are looking good fine across much of laos and ma'am are plenty of sunshine here yang gong highs of thirty three so heading down into southeastern parts of asia still some showers particularly ceasar the philippines but generally looking for a bit better compared to the last couple of days and it's been very white very wet across too often barely got circulation of low pressure just towards the south another circulation close to sumatra so really all the way here and through them they pinch those begins to look pretty white once you get up into bangkok a more northern parts of taiwan across combo here and southern parts of vietnam the weather conditions are looking generally dry now into south asia pretty wet across sri lanka at the moment and likely to stay that way want to two showers also
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impacts upon china but north of that area it looks all dry and fine and certainly across more northern parts of india should be plenty of sunshine temperatures not looking at about a twenty five in daddy and storm a pretty boy in pakistan with highs of thirty in karate the weather sponsored by cats on my face. young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world is ever no united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call the dependency. between the way
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we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century. child. at this time. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories at least fifty people have been killed in just twenty four hours in government and russian airstrikes and servia twenty three people were killed in a government and strike in the rebel held damascus suburb of east and well more than thirty people killed in the russian attack on a gathering of displaced people and their province. blockade of yemen has been
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partially lifted after three weeks medical supplies are being flown in the first ship carrying food has been on loaded millions of yemenis are on the verge of starvation after years of war and tight restrictions on imports and crude in aid now both the president of and the main opposition party have declared victory in the election. result as and yet in one orlando and seeking a second term as president. part of the elections that marked the final stage of a peace process that started eleven years ago the aim is to turn the country into a federal democratic republic sabina stressed to reports from a long district. the early morning cold is no deterrent for these people in the district they have come to exercise their right to vote district and
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national officials have been working for days to ensure the election happens far one new constitution is being implemented and as a local elections have already taken place this is the first phase of election for national and instead as and lead in this election is important because it is about implementing the constitution the first phase of this election is happening in the hills and mountains where climate and terrain can be challenging the second phase will take place on december seventh in more moderate climate there are nearly six thousand registered voters here and competition is fierce every vote counts and representatives from all sides are keeping a tight watch. there are candidates representing both the left alliance of nepal's communist party unified marxist leninist and the former maoist and the democratic alliance of the nepali congress and the right of center parties one candidate will
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represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly. but for people like groom who runs a hotel here this election is more about development done tours a number. i really hope that we get a good representative tourism is important for us and we need good roads for people and tourists here we also need schools and hospitals. and district is on a tracking route and has recently been linked by roads but the journey is precarious polls close at five in the evening local time but by late afternoon most people have already cost of a while in milan district officials say that more than the expected number of people have cast their ballots nationally the turnout has we know making it difficult to predict the outcome of this election which will turn into a federal republic. out of the euro when an district in a. pipe francis has left rome for a six day visit to myanmar and bangladesh is expected to address the revenger
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refugee crisis during the trip well than six hundred thousand were hand to have fled violence and myanmar to bangladesh just in the past three months the pope has previously condemned me almost treatment of the revenge of a scot highly reports from young gone he faces unique challenges on this trip. roman catholic leader pope francis has been an advocate for refugees and the oppressed around the world on monday he embarks on a trip to the region facing one of the biggest force activists in the world this year previously he called the muslim or hindu good and peaceful people tortured and killed simply because of their fate. during his visit the main focus will be on their plight but many will also be focused on whether the pope actually calls them . something the catholic leadership in myanmar has advised him against there are six hundred fifty thousand catholics in myanmar that's less than two percent of the country's population which is overwhelmingly buddhist. a member of
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a song to cheese ruling party explains why they don't want the pope to use the word . we do not accept the tim. they are bengalis muslims from bangladesh so he would like to request that he use the official to if the tape uses the ten you have to assume that it's an insult to. one bishop from a remote pocket of catholics in chin state is hopeful the visit will go smoothly. and i might be some differences of opinion between the pope and the me on my government but since he's been invited to this country i'm sure they will be understanding a growing list of nations and international bodies are calling the military crackdown on the right ethnic cleansing something myanmar rejects visiting both sides of the crisis the pope will meet military and civilian leaders here in myanmar who also hold a large mass and young gone the nation's largest city. then later in the week i'll
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travel to bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of refugees are sheltering with plans to meet a group of and the country's leadership catholics all across myanmar traveling here to yangon to see their cup some trips taking days by road and by rail and some sleeping outside just so they can be here. i'm ok with the fact that he's coming for everyone in the country not only for christians. our country is not stable there are many conflicts the pope will bring peace here we need development i hope he's going to help bring development. high hopes for the pope's first visit to myanmar. in which he will need to not only bring the message of peace from a religious leader but channel the abilities of a diplomat got other al-jazeera younger. to zimbabwe and our newspaper is reporting that robert mugabe was wanted full immunity and
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a payment of ten million dollars to convince him to step down as president the zimbabwe independent also says the former president's been promise he can keep all those properties and that he'll be paid his salary for the rest of his life but the ruling party disputes mugabe got a special deal out of a toss of reports from her party officials in say that robert mugabe got the usual standard normal retirement package given to any former head of state we're told that he wants to stay in zimbabwe he plans to do that but he is able to leave the country and go to singapore for his usual regular medical check ups he's indicated he wants to do some farming in the country and we've heard his wife grace mcgarvey is still planning to build the robert mugabe university all eyes are now on the new president emerson when i got here and the cabinet he is going to form are some indications say that it could be as early as monday when the cabinet is announced people are wondering will he be inclusive will you work with opposition party leaders will he also work with other political parties which could indicate
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that he is maybe genuine about being a unifying leader but some zimbabweans fear that if we see more of the old guard in cabinet it could indicate nothing really has changed on the ground and they fear is that if that is the case in things one transform quickly in terms of the economy the main thing now for most of us who are struggling economically and financially is the economy who is the finance minister going to be they hope that individual is someone who can work with the international community bring investment into the country create jobs and lisa tate the struggling economy. khana may well be a key issue for a new president and. as high as ninety percent of business owners are hoping for better times but some pessimistic and or summons report. sunday and the time for contemplation are to zimbabwe's momentous events the church of christ has twenty eight congregations in harare and they're all here under one
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tented roof in the front row a university chaplain by his side a law student his studies had been broken up because his family became destitute. behind them a couple who may be wearing their sunday best but they're reliant on a small business that barely balances its books they're only just getting by. it's the sort of service that always has religious intensity but after the dramatic events of the last two weeks this one has an added dimension out would relief in would anxiety that all of one's faith but there's a broad cross-section of people here all of them sharing the hardships of so many years most of them are unemployed some self-employed. tries to run the business exchange rates and hyperinflation make family life painful at times i'm
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a businessman but i can't afford to feed my family. because. the situation isn't where people in the civil case may be. the change is not new that was. here it was looking. like i've been used by space aliens. so i guess after twenty five years. who is pessimistic about his future. it the age of twenty five i should have been doing something better with my life but right now . after school i don't know we saw just something. i can celebrate our band. were different mood of the elation of last week namely representative of many people they have hope but not trust andrew simmons al-jazeera harare now ireland is in the grip of
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a political crisis all over the place of whistleblower scandal that's happening as its neighbor the u.k. a negotiator breaks it which has huge implications for the irish republic the opposition is demanding the resignation of deputy prime minister francis fitzgerald who is accused of failing to protect a police officer who was smeared and victimized after revealing systemic corruption well prime minister who's standing by his embattled deputy now faces the prospect of a no confidence vote next week by the second largest party phina foyle it could pull down his minority government and lead to snap elections just as the u.k. and ireland discuss what will happen with the british controlled northern ireland when russian leaves the e.u. well dog owners director of research at dublin city university's school of law and government and he explained the effect the political standoff in our land could have won bracks it. i think what it does is it creates further instability further
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uncertainty we don't have if we don't have to go to dr to compliment the situation we don't have a government belfast and of course we have a chaotic and divided government is long time so from the user perspective giving with bribes it's meeting with the irish issue which is of course a very important article because issues it need. from britain's perspective it's very difficult to know who to negotiate and to the people they negotiate with have a corollary to make agreements which will probably stand for decades and this is why i think it's a critical time and it's a critical challenge to keep this government together because the e.u. of course has a summit coming up a critical summit to decide whether it's a google station through face want face to the uk the issue of the border which separates northern ireland and the republic barbizon interpret part of those people stations and if there's no irish government in place then of course you get coverage of the are from disappeared into these issues well as dublin wrestles an
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uncertainty of its government this political statement a stalemate a northern ireland a part of the island under british control powers being shared there between privatise unionists and irish republicans they want the island to be one nation but the governing administration in northern ireland has been debt law for almost a year by disagreements with the little status of the irish language central to the divisions they've barker explains from belfast. in the heart of the. it's a cultural center in west belfast i was speakers discuss the issues of the day many want the irish language to have official status in the courts the regional parliament to norm road signs like in scotland and welsh in wales very few people speak their language fluently here around eleven percent claim to have some knowledge of irish a figure that steadily growing among republicans who favor
5:46 am
a united ireland over british rule ira speakers. along with protect from. speakers in scotland. being denied. recognition of our language of respect for our identity for the past decade power has been shared here the regional assembly between representatives of the pro british democratic unionist party the d. and the irish republican sheehan fame party. pulled out in january complaining it wasn't being treated as an equal party central to their demand is an irish language act many republicans see the language as an expression of their political identity they say it's a matter of civil rights. which is my heart and soul but it was a core of my skin and you could easily identify me as being of a different color and the d.p. worse than we can't give it equal rights this guy i think clear. for us
5:47 am
this is discrimination but there's no appetite for compromise among hard line unionists many see an irish language as a means of eroding and eventually ending british sovereignty the demands put for political demands which i would say are vast open and the language of civil rights and i think if you needed to put forward is not a proposal for an irish language language active. a political proposal to get. the disputes literally edged on the streets of belfast this graffiti calls for an irish language act the republican largely catholic west belfast the local councils have allowed residents to have their road signs in english and irish cross over to east belfast in union is appropriate is areas exclusively english if the deadlock doesn't end by december the british government may choose to take back direct
5:48 am
control of the region on doing years of political progress republicans say the irish language is an expression of identity for many unionists it's a weapon in a cultural war. al-jazeera belfast now scientists in australia are encouraging people to help them study native from eggs by recording the creatures themselves the australian museum has designed a smartphone that can record the unique sounds of two hundred forty frog species the being is under threat from climate change predators and human development not many frogs. but you get. that sound like a lot tatts. absolutely everything so some of the frogs that you might hear might sound like. bach. great great great so amazing diversity and this fine will help you capture those and then we can identify where frogs are and how
5:49 am
they're doing. we have the sports still ahead on the new cell. the formula one season wraps up on top of the podium again just a look at how the new math has helped the school get in touch with its fangs.
5:50 am
time to sports now his job. thanks very much will we start with tennis where france also celebrating winning the davis cup they took
5:51 am
a two one lead over belgium into the final day in louisville but were pushed all the way to a deciding for a singles match as helen gleason reports. but with nine players ranked inside the top one hundred fronts were always going to be one of the favorites to win tennis is to the world cup. belgium may only have two top one hundred players but one of them is wild number seven dr kaufmann. and he showed why he's been one of the best players on the a.t.p. all season with a straight sets win over french number one joe wilford tsonga. the old so with the final all square at two matches apiece it was over to veteran belgian steve dusty and the youngster of the french team because. he was just seven years old when france last won the davis cup in two thousand and one but the world number eighteen didn't show any signs of nerves as he demolished his elder opponent to
5:52 am
secure a tenth davis cup title for his country. break again for the belgians who also lost the trying to fifteen final to great britain but with their first title in sixteen years france and now the joint the most successful nation in the one hundred seventeen year long history of the event for captain yannick know it's a third title in charge up to also leading france a victory in one nine hundred ninety one on one thousand nine hundred six and with such strength and depth in his team it wouldn't be surprising if they added to that tally in the near future helen place and al-jazeera. well after twenty races the seventeen formula one season has come to a close in abu dhabi it was hamilton had already secured his four world title in mexico two races ago but it was his new sadie's teammate voluntary bought us who claimed victory in the final race of the year on sunday headed households and for
5:53 am
the third queen of his career the two drivers also secured a fourth constructors' championship from the sadie's in october. very shortly before you say well. sebastian vettel was third in up to secure second place in the overall standings in the race monkey and a philippe masses' f one career the brazilian leaving the sports after fifteen seasons. big big congratulations to. an amazing job today to hold me off but it was a it was a great race i didn't i just gave it everything every single lap it's very very hard to overtake here so what you have to last sector struggle a little bit but i gave it everything is congrats to me very happy for him and again very you know very much congratulations to who is on the season it is i was there to win the championship this year in the end i hate to say it but he was the better man so i'm sure you know we will do our bit over the winter and hopefully come back stronger well this season has been the first on the new management
5:54 am
company liberty media while they've talked about making big changes to revive the sport they've done very little an announcement this week about changing the sports logo didn't go down well with fans earlier i spoke to a foreign journalist phil duncan who's still confident the liberty media will do well for formula one. i mean it's lots of things that they could change from a new one and the logo is probably want it doesn't really need need changing so i mean i guess in fairness then you can understand why they want to do they want you know put them on and changing the logo is one of those things i think the biggest change so far has been there are more social media which is in the past. wasn't a fan of it so they feel they've made this temple now they've given it seems drivers access to. race tracks which they want out steve before and they've definitely grown the sport social media it's gone from about zero two that's it's a much higher so that's that's the biggest thing that they've done in terms of
5:55 am
actually what you know the schedule format or anything else has been too much of a change and i think there's a sense of perhaps frustrations that it's also sort of final months of that first year in charge that we haven't seen perhaps enough from them there's been a lot of talking hasn't been quite enough action for me yet but maybe going forward we may see more but for the for the moment you know a huge difference or he changed so this is a format that bernie presided over so many years. nervous kate that the draw against second place for lengthy when they should have really won the top of the table clash messi and his team were left frustrated when his goal was disallowed even they replaced showed it clearly crossed the line second place but i feel went in front through of the go but a late goal from jody alba ensured a share of the points in the one one draw and it keeps balls low four points in front now much city have moved eight points clear at the top of the english premier
5:56 am
league pep guardiola side came from a goal down to beat huddersfield two one on sunday so levelled it before raheem sterling school the went out late in the second hole we need this kind of situations happen. we have to leave that situations that we had last month in the happening one has to leave be in trouble because. one meal down and us to leave it to end not doing the right the last seven games thing games to fight to win the premier league you have to leave this kind of games elsewhere everton's worries continued as they slumped to afford to feed as southampton but arsenal have moved into the top four in the premier league a last minute penalty from alexis sanchez earning them a one zero win at burnley organizers of the castle twenty twenty two world cup have unveiled the design for what they say will be the torments first reusable stadium brewed in doha will see forty thousand spectators and host matches up to the
5:57 am
quarterfinals and it's made up of shipping containers which can then be taken down and reassembled for use elsewhere once the world cup is. russia's ban from international track and field events has been extended by the international federation the idea say the ban which was first put in place in two thousand and fifteen will stay as long as key russian sports and political figures continue to divide the country has a doping system in place unless there is some acknowledgement of what happened before can't be no assurance that it will not happen again. therefore the task force recommended to the i don't want to have counsel that do serve not be reinstated at this time. and finally go for wade played his first european tour event thirteen years ago and at the two hundred sixty fourth
5:58 am
time vazquez on sunday he won his maiden title it was a nerve wracking finish at the hong kong open for the thirty seven year old australian who carded a final round of sixty eight to finish eleven on the par atonement looked to be heading for a playoff but rough a company or bayeux failed to make par on the eighteenth to hand a first ever european talk round to the world number three hundred and nineteen. and those are useful for now more later. that does it for the al-jazeera news hour for me elizabeth problem thank you very much for watching. with. the sky why should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is
5:59 am
a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the travel goes beyond borders and prejudice all the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of everywhere every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame that good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and
6:00 am
evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law. but why for so long with such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west you're not reporting to the congress that to the press they were engaged in a clandestine service al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera. at least fifty people are killed the syrian and russian jets balrog.


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