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tv   The Listening Post 2017 Ep 43  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 7:32am-8:01am +03

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both the president of honduras and the main opposition party have declared victory in the election that official result is not yet in one orlando is seeking a second term as president of the senate. is the official tally wrinkle to being coming in it's more than clear cut we won this election that's what these exit poll returns clearly show. on the other hand the opposition leader salvador disputed the president's claim instead saying that he's the rightful winner. the results show that more than thirty percent of the ballots are being tallied and we are a heed the opposition and the selection will not accept anything but physical ballot results. in indonesia authorities have closed the main airports on the island of bali because of volcanic activity mt i go and has been pouring think ash and steam into the sky since tuesday internees you know authorities have issued
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their highest alert as a geological experts warn that the volcano may erupt spewing lava down the mountainside people living within ten kilometers of the volcano have been ordered to leave the volcano last erupted back in one nine hundred sixty three more than a thousand people and destroying several villages. with headlines missing price coming. africa again through seismic changes country stands out because it's considered so successful why is the. president of ghana. talked to are just. at this time. military has carried out. against president. all. right.
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hello i'm richard yes but if you're at the listening post here are som of the media stories we've been tracking this week zimbabwe thirty seven years in power ends in a week of confusion we examine the coverage of robert mugabe's downfall uganda's president has been in office for a mere thirty one years and the journalists there are more and more fearful of the police in india a yet to be released bollywood epic has sparked protests and led a politician to place a bounty on the heads of the filmmakers and. steve playing the bond villain for all its worth. with the raising of a hand and the taking of a no it's a zimbabwe got a new president and the international news media lost a bogey man emerson went on god what is in robert mugabe is out the transition began when tanks rolled onto the streets and a man in a military uniform appeared at the anchor desk of the state on television channel
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assuring everyone that what looked sounded and smelled like a coup was in fact not a coup the army was clearly calling the shots but the ninety three year old head of state seemed to stray from the script during a live televised speech in which he failed to deliver the resignation that many had expected forty eight hours later though that resignation became official the proceeding power struggle had lasted seven days and it caught zimbabwe and their media included by surprise for a while there are journalists many of whom have spent decades preserving mugabe's unimpeachable integrity weren't really sure where the story was going and more to the point who they were taking their orders from our starting point this week is the capital harare. behind the story of what happened in zimbabwe this past week lies a significant media story that has gone largely unreported one of the reasons
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armored vehicles rolled onto the streets of harare that day. and the general took to the airwaves that night may have been that the day before this in baba in military held a press conference expressing concern over the state of the country's democracy the hijacking of its government that story was ignored not a word of it was reported by the state owned newspaper or state controlled broadcaster loyal to robert mugabe for the generals who tried to send a message the conventional way through the news media only to be thwarted that may have been the last straw. this press day that was not covered at the time by the herald. and this import is about the corporation however it did circulate on social media through whatsapp through facebook was uploaded on to. them from the following day images of tanks rolling into r.r. also circulated via social media only the early hours of the wednesday morning our
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main broadcast. operation and they had no way to publicize the situation in our country. that we decide to broadcast a televised address where an army general was addressing the nation of course also covered widely in the international media. over the next forty eight hours even state owned news outlets could no longer ignore the obvious at least not for long but spare a thought for the editors in charge of the herald and said b.c. t.v. for almost four decades those outlets were dedicated to propping up a mugabe government is if they were not to be in the space of a couple of days the rules changed now what do you think. the state. herald newspaper found itself in the an enviable position of having.
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a front page story denouncing the generals after their press conference. i mean the paper was published at midnight so in the morning they had to produce another special edition with a completely different message praising the military intervention was a spectacular you. guys were running with this corp you are running with this story very. working with. now they have to report on the developments. this is doing to this. report. from. the from field. then it's probably shocking for a lot of zimbabweans watching. for the past thirty seven years the same broadcaster have been singing this man's praises at what point do you suddenly realize that mugabe's ninety three you can't be telling me those in the state media
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realize mugabe was ninety three this week a lot of people in the state media simply flow wherever the water is flowing. that's where you find. four days after the military stepped in zimbabweans heard from robert mugabe for the first time knowing his speech was coming many western media outlets citing anonymous sources news alerts of a pending resignation they would be proven wrong the choreography of the televised speech was telling among the military men looming behind the president was constantine. the same general who had placed him under house arrest. so do you then started with an instinct. to president robert mugabe's address to the nation like we were about to watch a hollywood movie so sit back relax and switch to the footage of sitting in the
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room surrounded by the army generals and i was a bit unclear whether. i had just changed his speech or whether there was some something fishy going on there with the speech and we had that bizarre situation with me general had an eagle eye looking at what margaret was reading. appeared to miss a page and the general was kind of like. nicely tell him that you skipped something . people are still debating to say long speech or wrong speech. the theory was that the. sweet speeches and give him a speech where he was resigning or that he was meant to resign and the page where you were supposed to him to resign if the president. resigning sounded by many in uniform it would simply be again. who we.
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all talk about in. the military way. from the moment robert mugabe's resignation became official the picture is driving the coverage of the story looked like this celebre tour but should that be the case his successor emerson. is not exactly a fresh face free of back. as mugabe's former head of national security he takes office with a reputation for crushing dissent then there's the military having entered the political fray and intervened once how long will the generals be willing to remain on the side for all the coverage of zimbabwe inside the country and out plenty of stories are going on told including what lies ahead for the media. that's been very problematic for the international media to reduced as a story to the actions of one individual in the picture is more complex it wasn't
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just. south africa and it wasn't only the actions of. the supposedly destroyed but when you look at power relations between the different parties within factions within the party the story is. mugabe's past what is it going to be like this if million military relations going forward how is the opposed to. going to be a desirable out. if. the product of. doing charge of the events zanu p.f. is still in charge this is the equivalent office snake that is simply shed its skin because we have no idea as i'm doing this interview with the new information minister is going to be with the oppressive laws like the access to information and protection of privacy act that has been used to muzzle the media in zimbabwe we
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don't know whether that is going to be scrapped so let me say a tyrant has been removed but has the tide and gone. for zimbabweans leery of being overly reliant on state media for their news and information more and more alternative sources have presented themselves in recent years most of them accessible on mobile phones two six three chat is a news service it gets its name from zimbabwe's telephone country code it's a website with a weekly newsletter delivered via its whatsapp group founded in two thousand and twelve by a former accountant nigel moved to six three chat has almost a quarter of a million followers on twitter more than almost all of the country's mainstream outlets. open parly is a politics web site set up by the mcgann but network an activist collective trying
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to open up democratic space in zimbabwe the site provides real time coverage including facebook a live streams of parliamentary proceedings and breaking news updates on twitter and on the airwaves as well as online is the podcast politics and beyond its broadcast on a privately owned radio station called capital twenty six free the show's hosts analyze news events and interview politicians from all parties including those who don't usually find platforms elsewhere. other media stories that are on our radar this week the us federal communications commission has planned to repeal net neutrality laws has critics warning this could be the end of the internet as we know it net neutrality is the idea that all internet content should be free from interference by the middlemen broadband providers the current rules prevent american firms like the rise and a t. and t. arbitrarily blocking or slowing access to certain sites and charging others for
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access to a premium fastlane the f.c.c. chairman was appointed by president trump he says lifting these regulations will encourage broadband providers to invest in expanding their networks internet companies and experts alike have condemned the plans with pis predecessor at the f.c.c. calling it a sham and a sellout the f.c.c. vote in three weeks time looks certain to pass with republicans on the commission outnumbering democrats but net neutrality campaigners are saying they won't give up the fight the tussle that has the u.s. government and its tech companies in one corner and russia in the other escalated this past week eric schmidt of google parent company alphabet ink announced that google was reducing the prominence of r t n sputnik news outlets funded by the kremlin in its search engines to curb quote misleading and exploitative content russia's media regulator ruskell nab zora neale . it responded with a letter seeking clarification and raising the prospect of retaliation the us
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congress is investigating allegations of russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections and some u.s. tech companies have been accused of rolling over for russian media providers and social media propagandists last month the department of justice in washington for starting to register as a foreign agent in order to continue broadcasting in the u.s. which the russian parliament followed by passing a law allowing its own government to do the same with foreign media in russia in a separate move late last month twitter banned r.t. from advertising on its platform. in india the imminent release of a bollywood film and historical epic has provoked an extraordinarily hostile response with a politician calling for the heads of the director and the lead actress involved padmavati tells the fourteenth century story of a fictional hindu queen from the ravaged with cast and a muslim came. rumors of a romantic scene involving the two outraged many rag puts and other hindus who want
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the film banned. the filmmakers insist there is no such scene and they've been backed up by several journalists who have actually seen the film nevertheless the rads put cast association has held demonstrations protestors have burned effigies of the director sanjay leela bhansali and vandalized cinemas showing the trailer a media coordinator for the ruling b j p party in how to. went further he offered a reward of more than a million dollars for the beheading of the director and lead actress. to conan police in how to say they've booked and the under section five zero six of the indian penal code criminal intimidation the maximum sentence for that is seven years in prison. having been in power for more than thirty seven years robert mugabe was africa's third longest serving leader number four on the list at thirty one and a half years is the president of uganda you're wary to seventy in his early days in
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office to seventy oversaw the opening up of the country's media space the arrival of many new news outlets both broadcast and print however the seventy three year old has clearly grown less tolerant of a free press is government has passed some problematic laws that have had a chilling effect on reporting ugandan journalists have long faced political intimidation and harassment however over the past few years some things have changed and now the people reporters in uganda tend to fear the most wear police uniforms the listening posts nick muirhead now from kampala on media laws and the way they are for in. first when journalism in uganda crosses paths with policing. on the surface the media in uganda looks vibrant dozens of papers populate the newsstands there are numerous news channels on t.v. and some two hundred forty radio stations on the ugandans can also get online with relative ease however speak to journalists here and many will tell you that
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reporting the news can be risky and a police presence is often not a reassurance but a threat to let me know. if it makes me feel. like . it but. thank you. i went to see andrew long the journalist who was assaulted by a senior policeman while covering a protest in two thousand and fifteen and attack he says has left him with permanent injuries and january twelfth two thousand and fifteen you went out to cover a group of young ugandans were protesting against unemployment in the country what happened next. i happened to be behind.
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me first and then i am. here. i put the camera heated. it was. but so he to me then i walked out. course was rushed to hospital there was real free wristed by the police and the wonderful team itself that state of health would be to be at least it went toward the hospital. with a medical team of the hospital and national rafal hospital to give do items on these guys but then the guy was discharged and lucrative to the state and the next day when he came a letter the police to quote a statement you collapsed admitted in. but i woke up up. after.
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thirty or forty well making up on the fourth day i could not feel myself from the worst of to do exactly. what was. about. twenty seven days. the day after the assault a group of ugandan journalists and media activists organized a protest march as they neared police headquarters in central camp they were blocked by police pepper sprayed and arrested overwhelming evidence of the assault on the one go by district police commander drama subject got him suspended and charged two years later in the case for the delays irregularities and claims of witness intimidation c.j. was found guilty of assault he was dismissed from the force and find a nominal one thousand four hundred us dollars the longest says that his medical bills have come in at around sixty thousand dollars we spoke with a son kissinger the assistant inspector general of police he says that his forces
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taken the appropriate action even if the courts have not as this available this officer was that was stated by the police. the d.p.p. advised the police and which i just said. he was taken to courts so if courts of law gave a punishment that in a public opinion it's not what you would have done we have nothing to do about that that was an addict. not to be judged for what courts of law india wisdom. but we say even if courts of law have made this kind of judge me this officer cannot walk in the police we wanted a message go out to the other police officers. who are. dissing. what is just make that point very strong we
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achieve that. while we are refining the. point but there are so many journalists that have been written out of. and this isn't just. one of the only police officers being convicted of assaulting a journalist despite the alarming frequency with which it happened according to reports released by the human rights network for journalists in uganda h r n j the security forces especially the police are the worst offenders against media freedom of the one hundred fifty five violations against journalists last year eighty three were committed by the ugandan police that's more than sixty percent. the police have consistently been the worst perpetrators of violence against the media in uganda h r n j ust finding shows that over the past four years there's been a spike in police aggression and that should come as no surprise because exactly
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four years ago a controversial new law was passed called the public order management act that many careworn with but the opposition act. of us protesters and journalists on a collision course with the authorities. the roots of the public order management pomo can be traced back to two thousand and eleven as the arab spring unfolded with uprisings across the middle east and north africa authorities in kampala made moves to boast the legislation that would stand simply help them maintain order in practice it would seem they were creating a legal framework to crackdown on dissent and depend if five or more ugandans want to form any kind of political assembly and they need police permission to do so which opposition members were to tell you is hard to combine as a consequence police are breaking up more and more gatherings of a political nature like a handful of ugandan youths protesting against unemployment and when journalists
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turn up to cover the story then all too often and through no choice of their they become part of the story we know this period behind but she. was too. critical voices. was to deny space to the opposition and. the media is the last month's time be it to give a platform to those that are not allowed to assemble it wasso shit and talk with themselves it's through public forums and meetings which media now is being on the street to discuss things in. a way that tends to be friendly to the region they have already stopped opposition their worries britain media their voracious britain be a citizen of the standing up for their rights but they have no legal basis so their public order management act was passed yet a basis for the bad acts of government but also it's important to underscore the
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factor that is being implemented alongside other broken down laws the communications act they may be afeared arms act this cyber crimes act so it is not just that is using the media. for example if it is a political contestation they already have you can tell. whether it is that. whether it is by whether it is expressing a point on t.v. and once you have what they put you think that you are somebody from that kind of perspective this is going to be a problem. that a perceived media from any kind of justification for police brutality is the problem and it demonstrates that too many uniforms and you can't serve those in power and not the people and here is just one are. forced to live at home with his
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retired mother the journalist struggles to make ends meet and is unlikely to work in the field if not the profession ever again the policeman has sold to them free. and finally a couple of weeks back donald trump's treasury secretary steve miniature took advantage of a photo opportunity showing himself with a sheet of newly printed one dollar bills the first to feature his own signature the resulting image went viral but for the wrong reasons someone made the point that mr secretary and his wife resembled a couple of ball and villains which may actually took as a compliment or at least try to and that's not one twitter commentator thinking historian kevin am cruise concluded and wasn't the only member of the trumpet ministration with an eerie resemblance to bad guys and bad girls from films featuring secret agent we leave you now with a little selection of those we'll see you next time here at the listening.
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kingfish indulge your five senses young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese firewall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. but this time on al-jazeera. and under put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
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days looking forward to from dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. but. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this job. returning to come protests is in pakistan vowed to end the protests after the for.


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