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tv   Hissene Habre Trial Of A Dictator  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 9:00am-10:00am +03

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and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. at the top stories here on al-jazeera thousands of protesters in the pakistani capital have announced that they will end the three week protest after sporadic violence broke out over the weekend demonstrators have agreed to end sits in federal law minister. voluntarily stepped down and apologized for a clerical error that spot the protests six people were killed and over two hundred injured when protesters clashed with police on saturday. as ravi has more now from
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the capital islamabad. is a very very different morning here in islamabad today three weeks and a few days after it all began the protesters here have gotten what they wanted the resignation of the law minister at the center of all the controversy and the government has now actually promised them that they will also investigate themselves and find out what led to the proposed amendment to the oath is taken that left out the name of the prophet to begin with in the days you know it's already so close the main airport in bali jutes a volcanic activity on the island has been spewing thick ash and steam into the sky since tuesday tens of thousands of people remain stranded at bali international airport after flights of perspective will cancel the national disaster agency has issued the highest alert saying around one hundred thousand people must be evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano. at least eighty people have been
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killed in just twenty four hours in government and russian asterix in syria twenty five people were killed in a government test dragging the rebel held damascus suburb of east ghouta well more than fifty five were killed in a russian attack on a gathering of displaced people in the province. pope francis has left rome for a six day visit to bangladesh the head of the catholic church is due to land shortly and young girl is expected to address the real hidden gem refugee crisis during the trip more than six hundred thousand rangers have fled violence in me to bangladesh in the past three months the papers previously condemned me and most treatment of the. both the president of honduras and the main opposition party have declared victory in the country's presidential election that's despite official results yet to be declared by the nation's electoral court incumbent president han orlando to see his second term as leader. of the enemy is the official tally records have been coming in it's more than clear cut we won this election that's
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what these exit polls clearly show meanwhile opposition leaders salvador nasrallah disputed the president's claim instead saying that he is the rightful winner. the results show that more than thirty percent of the ballots are being tallied and we are a heed the opposition and the selection will not accept anything but ballot results what is here now from our own sanchez who has more from the capital to. well president one of lumberton and this has claimed victory is that just a few minutes after the official media revealed in exit polls that he had a lead over. the alliance. for political opposition parties now right after that former president who had been ousted in two thousand and nine by a military who came out as a. representative of the alliance that in fact to reject those numbers out there
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have their own exit poll saying that some of the alliance was winning the trend that he had fifty nine percent and. only thirty three percent he said that he hopes that the electoral tribunal respects that trend and the next president. both candidates have claimed victory. and. way before the electoral for. any official results. the blockade of yemen has been partially lifted off to three weeks medical supplies have been flown in and the first ship carrying food has been unloaded millions of yemenis are on the verge of starvation after years of war and tight restrictions on imports including. yours though the headlines news continues here not deserve right after the same help the trial of
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a dictator. this is the first time an african head of state is to be tried by a special african tribe you know. it's an ab way the president of chad from nine hundred eighty two to nine hundred ninety is on trial for crimes against humanity war crimes and acts of torture. i gave it official he said have a say become at it there's just this. and that freak but i'll say this was had
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ninety five up what i say pope will just keep it must suck not appropriate i want to move forward and i got the set up i'm sure they're ok on the ship. you're not a pundit did buy them then think i'm going to. just or you'll be a dud gurgled. to my end yvonne and some other a put what you muddied to. say there's just donaghy made the manhunt is on by doing so. there was a group of us who said no we are never going to give up we were going to fight this until his and heartbreak died or went to court. you'll lose a slam. dunk city get up
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at. midem xena's you. cuny mostly most young kids from eleven said. oh no they kept me. think a victim. the people you can. set the most. says. that that they're for this to me their victims to come to some. that they saw. they despise. they more this. the cause the cream dishonorably. the wolf.
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is an aberrated not speak a single word during the eight months of his trial. not looking once of the hundreds of victims that gave their testimonies day to day. the stubborn silence of a dictator denying the legitimacy of the court. when the police arrested him in his villa in the capital city of senegal it's an upgrade had been living as a free man for twenty three years despite having had an international arrest one. in exile in senegal since the fall of his regime in one nine hundred ninety few
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believe that he would ever be arrested. on it they didn't know he had. let's go to move on i will abuzz league o'keefe l.a. city. silicon was ordered to do click when he said the me who who simply said i bring some id you give says you there next a shift in the africa. you know i think again near the end up against indy car this year that we can. count on this in the car is so cool. all the necessary evidence to indict is in our brain had been painstakingly gathered over fifteen years ago by a few survivors and with the support of activist reed brody. nicknamed the dictator hunter he investigated yes and high praise dreaded political police force the d.d.s. . that task to stamp out those who allegedly opposed bryce regime. within
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these buildings abandoned by the d.d.s. reed brody made a major discovery. we go into the building and there you know in room after room ankle deep tens of thousands of documents. documents had not been touched you know for seven or eight years and they were just strewn across the floor. and we started to bend down and pick up these documents. and we realized that this was these were the files of histon harbor is political police. sent out of the city so soon very tough it was all from police. there were spying reports and they lead lists of people who died in prison i mean this was everything you know that we needed you know to to build
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a solid legal case you know. i mean if you don't. overlook the cover if you're not with. the money the victims association actually spent six months putting these documents together and we put them in a database. we were able to count the names of one thousand two hundred eight people who died in detention or you know or killed twelve thousand three hundred forty one victims of arbitrary arrests and of torture. that did this. seem to go the direction. i think the media doesn't make it. she pvc. direction about how big.
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a cream. infix your. sample. their death. fair to have them puts on. shows i meet the pretty when. the political market was artist realized that this. norm or. what. i don't need. lane team can fix your data. and she for meaning. and many more. j d sure as the who for the first one. to moon the consumer
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the mischievousness like. limo to see did you. make when they came up assumes it's the same as your auntie did. the you. know when it's. a shock for you having. to live. venue in common was ontario no. reason in south korea i'm wondering you know going in with your. measurement there is a path. down desire as cool or ball around order uplander more than my claim is opus on the shop here is. she does anybody need loses she minister a preventive sink and jam it. does on key vienna the need
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susan of pity the poor wee he's of a group that kissed your own you know how could you to sing and to me. she was supremely it discontinued on your record. deja sounds you can consider yourself he made he so until recently recipe daimon this will combine a standard to sitting on that. deja can even if you supply the link. make. i said i'd like. but if. or nor fair at least one. but how did is an aberration become such a cruel dictator. the story begins in one nine hundred seventy five in chad.
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a former french colony twice the size of france located in northern central africa chad is landlocked and bordered by six other countries. say look we're reading the quran is this you know if i look at just what it. was you know it was weapon by value aware yes it will. force as it will not need it but no i believe. the immunity deal medleys all news your best to reach if you have a normal guys this you know is an aggregate form a student at the elite french school of political science seals popat he led a rebellion against a government he considered to be overly influenced by france from the desert region
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of to besting he relit support with his nationalistic rhetoric is a number they. do want to be. equal for you know guscott the cuban and capital gang and i will be shown justice to you like i'm different. you know that i'm owed an informant x. coming and then you. and i wanted to get. you know. because. he would. say that i really. think this one is on the measures of carbon it's. also good i guess again you. see the paucity of the schools. you see. let me that is this
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a ton of money it only takes hold you know no desire. to switch. or me period was. going to did it in. the first trench hostage was archaeologist françoise closed who was kept prisoner in the to best the desert for thirty three months and i'm going to give us it and you know. i think i mean that is a. second that being. after years of chaos and infighting between rebel factions in chad it's an end to the capital janina victorious in june one thousand nine hundred two. the revolutionary declared
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himself president. from the moment he assumed power the young head of state had to face the threat of neighboring libya. colonel moammar gadhafi wanted to an exchange. he was an equally ambitious revolutionary but all the more powerful thanks to the money he made from oil. in the name of his pan african dream he ought to strip of land in knows who the neighboring territory of libya and launched a rebellion against is an apple. and. then. a son in to get it into. the. gadhafi threatened western interests. not only in chad but globally. he
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supported revolutionary movements and financed international terrorism in. the west extended supporter is an outbreak that's absolutely and cost. you. ronald reagan do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states and. we can and will raise out of the problems which now confront us you and the president reagan came into power we were instructed to do everything possible to stop libyan activities america was like going against gadhafi he was just doing everything to foment revolution so in that context chad became an important
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area for us the americans have the sort of they were going to support dissing the united states didn't care in chad per se but they did have a very strong interest in reigning in the ambitions of of colonel gadhafi. what we did was we assessed were chair. needed. charlie and soldiers more point and shoot it had to be pretty simple. it was part of my function to coordinate all that . we were to deliver them to the airport in the middle the day. be delivered at night rather than over their own who were not reporting to the congress and the press they were engaged in this program. the united states is an abberation regime but fronts was hesitant to do so.
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also meet at home a socialist wanted a new african policy with less intervention and more progression. he opens dialogue with gaddafi for their feelings uplift new evil if you don't want us your best so then you have a. dog. biting but the less said it did your icicle got spots ok but this is. me so do you think. you got there she. did you what i was and all. this she did you know it was all of a deal just villa in ur what is all. that as you little glass again. gadhafi agreed not to cross the sixteenth parallel
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a symbolic boundary that separated the pro libyan troops from the regime of it sent our plane over to me and of course the show is on must be a loss of. my colleagues and i in washington were aware of the fact that some elements of the french government were tempted to try to work with. khadafi in our message to the french would have been when you sup with the devil. within two years is an arbitrator had taken his place on the international stage. within the country his regime carried out their first massacres in the south. for the requirements of the trial lawyer jacqueline medina returned to this region
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where the armed rebels known as the kodos opposed is an aberrated who tried to secede from the regime. did the same sort of extreme and. did this over to. the us that it was. not administered. in this isolated location. as army plan to ambush the rebel kodos. happening there forgive me please. then me exact them are pretty you do get it get it. on i viewed as a smile. i deserve i don't think envy. segment so don't they play with their minds on the. sunday.
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it was on the could have fed me on the let me get over. baku the head of i think the p.c. the cab driver is the only thing but to see. him second they can. see on the last. i mean if we don't know. this done this. and i'll just say. oh no erica. it is not. the night i
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had no idea mrs. said. sin in the same boat they must suck i just should. they really. are proving that september one of you just don't take it they barely let me do they don't want to with visual done this kind of play he is almost a christian really says on the wrinklies i'm trying to please so it's a very happy my second cup run cup. thirty years later the south of chad has not forgotten the bloody violence of the army against the civilian population. people were killed on the slightest suspicion of supporting the rebels claim you've already knew. we were. so hungry more.
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on the top three garbage when i made that firsthand account of course. right here where you know you know when i was up with your number one of my welcome friends. was on fire going on. then with everyone with a sense of. well it's an odd place army was killing and wiping out dissent in the south the world's attention was turned to the north gadhafi had violated the pact he'd made with france and the pro libyan troops across the sixteenth parallel and were advancing on chad's capital city. a secular regime that a pretty and fair because i want the money in new the system.
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not from us but. i know what they. will say like mr exterior. i think was anxious to avoid. commitment in chat but he couldn't escape it. he and his government could not escape it in reality. he didn't also divine i got us. through. it and i break i got what he wanted the support of the french army. cadets he gives in and signs an agreement with me to home he promises to pull his troops out of china ok users and.
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about how they will moan. on their thought also listen fair. that i had soviet it that. already said i got the brush that he should also be. well he would be on the. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time. round.
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december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their families back to the most terrible thing in syria just to be detained this has been the invisible
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weapon of the syrian dictatorship with other mothers sometimes i thought it would be better to die than continue to be surely active and go to. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. at the top stories here on al-jazeera thousands of protesters in the pakistani capital have announced that they were in the three week protest after sporadic violence broke out over the weekend demonstrators have agreed to end this sit in off to federal law minister went voluntarily stepped down and apologized for a clerical error that sparked protests. has more now from the capital islamabad.
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this is a very very different morning here in islamabad today three weeks and a few days after it all began the protesters here have gotten what they wanted the resignation of the law minister at the center of all the controversy and the government has now actually promised them that they will also investigate themselves and find out what led to the proposed amendment to the oath is taken that left out the name of the prophet to begin with indonesian authorities have closed the main airport in bali gts of all kind of activity on the island has been spewing thick ash and steam into the sky since tuesday tens of thousands of people remain stranded at body international airport after flights of perspective and will cancel the national disaster agency has issued the highest alert saying around one hundred thousand people must be evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano. pope francis is left frame for a six day visit to mean marm bangladesh head of the catholic church is due to land shortly and young go on he's expected to address the root in jet refugee crisis
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during the trip more than six hundred thousand range have fled violence to bangladesh in the past three months papers previously condemned the amounts treatment of the range. at least eighty people have been killed in just twenty four hours in government and russian asterix in syria twenty five people were killed in a government in the rebel held damascus suburb of east and well more than fifty five were killed in a russian attack on a gathering of displaced people in coffins. both the president of honduras and the main opposition party have declared victory in the country's presidential election that's despite official results yet to be declared by the nation's electoral court incumbent president juan orlando hernandez is seeking a second term. all right you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera coming up next he's saying trial of
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a dictator seems. you see she knew me. and i prayed was known as the lion of un i on his political party. thousands of child eons were victim to the cruelty of his regime. who knows i can't miss out on their career said something they did being kind to me and i. was left. without please don't be seen. please on the left we got special b.c. here that this is also. a shame that many in the country must cheer. and jimmy not knitting can come the song. name motif meister nearby. city mo t.
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you're a prime up with the show. remember. having made down so. we're doing it. you live. with us you don't. cause they know my life. then they damn. my laryea member party. to let my lady is it even more. silly comrade comedian it's lame on the sink.
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sank a canned tuna recipe referee. for a priest jennifer with us from the. instrumentalists enough brains that. said it better than. i thought of the. dot so i. put every executive. come to one hundred and all. this on the summer concert and. make up for. every. exact we come to. the. show we. come tonight it is all one is a magic to my life what isn't it was it don't listen to her credit the mystery
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novel is all predators on. city if she wanted. to. see all ski to someone else for the knob. in you meant to go. because of a love of too needy that you love very deep aleppo city i mean let me that she does some. idealism ship with this unity don't mention it but after that there's. top three. hundred because don't you sort of truly sure but you should book i spit it up or what but some man is our problem because else i got my back up look at. their victim you so not really are after me i wanted to talk to a partnership on him but. still like
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a lot of traditional because when she's everywhere she's kevin. sessums. so now it's just that's all i wanted to cause effect will be my own so. it's like the shows go ahead of you that you know he said i might. disappear you want. the public. school to check that is what he said. was i want people to see repulsive. to me that i should. ask a buddhist ideals for exquisite hadn't he what she looks this is a charge and he would love it for me i do so. by the trial where. you know i don't want. support only best result. you want. because of the month of june. you want to.
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let. me know your dualism of a can of fancy new proof but did keep me in the zone wondering what did they look at it on some of the. longer so their love of fast did this was a villainous fuck you say did he and his family still to this american either your law school move away or lake or that arm goes wrong when doing this by the call on the meter france a chemical pharmaceutical have a disease that are. media composure to the clinic and. one of the very first documents we picked up was the report of a training course in the united states for a number of d.d.s. agents. including some who were listed later as the
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most feared torturers in chad we see from the entry logs of the d.d.'s the liaison from the us to the d.d.s. was coming in and out of the d.d.s. it would be really hard to say that the us did not know what was going on. yet when the russian shots went and why the design would up. and answer can i find out from the fisherman. of course we knew about human rights violations. in chad. it was not an issue for us and as i said before our main focus was libya. of course we frequently have to help people we who are not very nice to do our things
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but we do not regret anything there it is real politic yes. if you get a show that's it. by the mid one nine hundred eighty s. gadhafi had still not withdrawn his troops from northern chad he did not fulfill the agreements that he made with me tell tensions were rising between france and libya border such as it was there which i.
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don't. like girls or below. near the city of what he doom the libyans built a two mile long runway to channel weapons and initiate a fresh attack on the country alone to get daffy once again to try to persuade him to see reason. get their feet. and then apply this is. and then. it is. all of you know. she would you. have your local. beach is something.
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to do and he would. love us all for says a boy about this image and they are all more not sitting at his mother and then getting france reiterated their support for its and our brain with operation apell being. the french and the americans were now in the same position they had to clamp down on the libyan advance to threaten stability in the region. libyan army was very well outfitted because libya had a lot of oil wealth and the soviet union that thought happily provide them with a lot of equipment. so if the same hardware was going to go after that you know he
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had a good case to make we provided ten stinger missiles under very strict controls . and they were he wanted. a new reality. this modern equipment allowed. to launch an assault on the pros libyan forces a battle known as the toyota war took place in the vast desert of chant. on that he had to get that money. and for a. set of your own but i. feel for the men. the toyota war ended with the taking of what the doom gadhafi stronghold in china. is and how bray in the end destroyed the libyan army.
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and killed thousands of libyan troops that would not have happened if there had not been effective french or american cooperation. is very happy he came we had lunch with president reagan and we had a long talk president are convinced. that the relationship between our countries will continue to be strong and productive and was an honor and a great pleasure to have had him here as our guest.
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cheri. this in harbor a is the fourth dictator charged with crimes against humanity who was supported by the reagan administration you have a gusto pinochet in chile you have his and harbor and chad you have in haiti you have rios montt in guatemala after seven years in power he became obsessed with those he considered internal enemies in chad in one nine hundred eighty nine is an obvious former chief of state interest they'd be led a rebellion against him and his paranoia knew no limits. chaldeans from the same ethnic background as a three state be there's a guy became targets with him in gym ina they were held in a prison called the p.
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seen swimming pool it became a symbol of oppression as the country was plunged into fear. or left the p.c. prosecutor very much and i think the scene sank as i missed it is if you see it for sale on the left is that you. left the scene i think it was for me when i close to a shop we just. said come into the wood to someday i'll buy. the cd with. with were with. the. loan growth from it the threat is that it shipped from a through the. cut madness auntie's i've accepted you and that. made don't but if someone did that they didn't. say.
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we're live book why did the left at the media's look at enough. i thought as i sing one might it it was clear to see that was our. number on guard duty of course i think on a terrorist event like this one. jerry parr list really fit only the sheer wonder the more if you let him. think your mom would have done. it all in walk. him or was a bit. he's all that is an. exact one i'm. going to have
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come up with on the reasons. i'm one of the sons and i'm abilities on this and. during the same period to terror attacks find their targets the pan am flight explodes mid flight over lockerbie in scotland the second a french u.t.a. plane explodes in the middle of the sahara desert both attacks both the hallmarks of colonel gadhafi the united states decided that the libyan leader needed to be eliminated. it's an opened his country to u.s. forces allowing them to pursue their objectives just a few kilometers from and jim ina the cia had secret camps where they trained former libyan prisoners. an issue that i forgot i will judge it on that with real down was the media our body was right there with your. lap. all the while me but i don't really. deep.
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pocket also come in arms i mean i don't no no no no no no no yeah i'm sure please along the journey along with it it's going to claire it's on t. shirt it will be on the rails. underneath. that is i mean i get some training. i would use and where i would want to be because when it began. it was a cia operation. a covert operation. the purpose was to infiltrate libya with libyan people who could attack libyan facilities she says her city this trial again about a.f.e. the prison year and i guess going to get us to do twenty year only is amy.
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because you know the use of america he fit in a fox e.p.a. help me throughout highly food or a hotly i got a few is a make an example but come up with. her slippers going to do montgomery man. runs did not appreciate united states inviting themselves into their african domain the head of the french foreign intelligence went to chad to meet it's an upbringing which she said i bought him of was twelve in the rear of the other. it costs just the putting on the. soft. pascoe. presented the do you know
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provision a false. if you have a new trial yes a good day some collision middy. frizzy he precipitated a battle so my laziness and i. see your list he said i but i felt sympathy to serve no sane. metal of fur and i think. also for too short to choke to death i think. france had already selected the man to replace him into a steady the former chief of state under it's an upgrade. he had taken refuge in sadam. when his troops entered and janina the french military did not intervene. michelle compatible. a must go to a combatant effort but it did not work on three year i live close to god only if
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you. are sick i don't. sell our liberty. said to him i guess i'm in the south of n.g.'s and you have to be there for the guy in the up be the present. who are fairly sort of the sure say look i'm very lucky to have the sort of thing here to get a problem you can get a skeptic you grew up in must be your best. on it it is clip of you vall i penned up in a marsh a comma city like you that i shall. have them by the common article is us live it full of my ship it will happily of course she was said more considerate i based.
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it to last forty happens. then look. inside it but look at the eats just to see if that's not said just said lack of the prison. here at the ship but they're here. cecille is she pleased about get. it we stared be appointed magistrate mamata has son of a car as the head of a commission to investigate crimes committed by the regime of it's an object. the commission collected statements from victims and discovered a number of mass graves. by me that a woman does here comes out of it for
9:55 am
a shock your commission says that the city after the pussy peace usually. on the list of cannot fight heathy and. if you do this you. aegis debbie's relation to this case has always been very complex on the one hand he was his and harbor his military chief during one of the bloodiest periods of the government on the other hand after he broke from his and harbor a many of his best friends and many family members were killed by his and. when you're the authoritarian president of a country. and simple citizens have brought to justice the previous president it's very it's an uncomfortable situation it's a democratic victory that you don't. you know necessarily want to be encouraging.
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to did notice for seventy. one offense because this one is it doesn't. end soon month and a buddy is on it keeping a buddy mr dylan responsiblity jimmy deep blue sky is in of this it on then it is off that i suppose it's. going to be a method in my. human mind. a kid is a free kick into wealth at a point and then ends up. even on his selection.
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welcome back so look at the weather across the levant some western parts of asia is quiet and then after quite an unsettled spell of weather but we have got a weather front which stretches across parts of iran and through into the gulf region so that could be some rain here and elsewhere around the caspian sea could be wanted to showers on the eastern shores when the eastern side of the mediterranean the weather conditions general looking fairly quiet twenty one in beirut heading on into choose day we have got this low pressure beginning to move in getting as far cyprus i think during the course of the day not that stage or the highs of nineteen and back down to a bit warmer in tehran that fourteen now as we head across in to arabia and pincher weather conditions generally fine for the most part but this front could give the threat some rain across parts of saudi arabia would entirely rather chance of a shower pushing to qatar but it shouldn't be anything of any intensity otherwise
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weather conditions looking fine upper darby looking pretty good temperatures there rising to twenty nine so that's heading into southern portions of africa where it's quite unsettled at the moment we've got some rain effects in parts of zimbabwe and through into mozambique some heavy showers still for the east coast of madagascar and still some showers affecting the eastern side of south africa but as you head on to choose day becomes largely dry here fun in cape town is twenty two. people or not he was trying to shoot themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into a right open war that the city should know security people who pay the price there right up in prejudice setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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we're here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we cover it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being good government it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call the dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century in africa here. for you and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers like i said my child soldiers
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reloaded at this time. al jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. the world's most prominent christian walks a political and religious type robot.


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