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reliance on the private sector i would call the dependency mismatch between the way we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century you know. how many of the persons will do something no chance of my. child soldiers reloaded at this time. here is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people and nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. the world's most prominent christian walks a political and religious type probe as he arrives in myanmar
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a buddhist nation accused of crimes against its rohingya muslims. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also coming up after weeks of crippling and sometimes violent protests in pakistan the government agrees to activist demands the president of honduras declares an election victory but his rival says his in the lead and predictions of an imminent eruption raise bodies volcano i lead to the highest level. pope francis is beginning a trip to myanmar that's fraught with diplomatic risk over the country's treatment of muslim rohingya the politics is so delicate that some of the catholic leaders advisors have even warned him again. in the word more than six hundred thousand
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refugees have fled from myanmar to bangladesh escaping from a military offensive rights groups and the un have accused the army of atrocities allegations the military denies and speak to hide melusine young gone at the home of the archbishop that's where the pope will be ahead it made to scott the pope has been vocal about the plight of the rohingya in myanmar even before this recent violence and the refugee crisis how easy expected to handle it on this trip is it it's going to be very tricky isn't it. that certainly for you know we're at the archbishop's house this is where the pope spending the next three nights we're hearing that it might have landed here in yangon at the airport we don't know if he's actually on the road here but behind me you can see a lot of people have gathered on the streets here in yangon and particularly here in front of the archbishop's house where the pope will eventually make his way over here probably all taking maybe twenty twenty five minutes once he gets on the road we know that he's probably landed we're not we can't confirm that just yet but it's
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going to be interesting as you said probably over the next three days while these here and it's a very delicate tightrope political tightrope that he's going to have to walk because of all these very sensitive issues here here's a look at all those issues. roman catholic leader pope francis has been an advocate for refugees and the oppressed around the world previously he called the muslim or hindu good and peaceful people tortured and killed simply because of their faith during his visit the main focus will be on their plight but many will also be focused on whether the pope actually calls them . something the catholic leadership in myanmar has advised him against. there are six hundred fifty thousand catholics in myanmar that's less than two percent of the country's population which is overwhelmingly buddhist. a member of unsung suchi is ruling party explains why they don't want the pope to use the word. we do not accept the temora hinge and they are bengalis muslims from bangladesh so we would
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like to request that he use the official term it if the tape uses the ten you have to show you that it's an insult to. one bishop from a remote pocket of catholics in chin state is hopeful the visit will go smoothly. and i might be some differences of opinion between the pope and the government but since he's been invited to this country i'm sure they will be understanding a growing list of nations and international bodies are calling the military crackdown on the right ethnic cleansing something myanmar rejects visiting both sides of the crisis the pope will meet military and civilian leaders here in myanmar who also hold a large mass and young dawn the nation's largest city. then later in the week he'll travel to bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of refugees are sheltering with plans to meet a group of and the country's leadership catholics from across myanmar traveling
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here to yangon to see their cope some trips taking days by road and by rail and some sleeping outside just so they can be here. i'm ok with the fact that he's coming for everyone in the country not only for christians. our country is not there are many conflicts. we need development i hope he's going to help bring development high hopes for the pope's first visit to myanmar. in which he will need to not only bring the message of peace from a religious leader but channel the abilities of an artful diplomat. so scott the pope has landed in young gone what's his schedule going to be in the coming days one of the biggest challenges. will today's really doesn't it is a rest is going to be i suppose we hear a rest day and then on tuesday afternoon he'll travel today for this nation's capital will meet with military leaders who meet with civilian leaders will give
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a speech at a conference center there will come back to the end on tuesday then wednesday morning there's going to be a big mass here in yangon at the stadium that's going to be the biggest public event if you will that's where most people will come in some of those people that we saw in that. they've come to yangon exactly for that then thursday morning prayer service we know that he's going to meet with ethnic groups who meet with different religious groups and then he's going to head on to bangladesh where obviously this is the other side of the crisis and we'll probably be meeting with a group of britons or refugees in dhaka in the capital there and also meet with the leadership of that nation is locally. thank you very much for that scott highlight for us in young on where the pope has just arrived on his first visit to myanmar we'll keep following that story for you throughout the day here on al-jazeera moving on to other world news now and a government minister at the center of widespread anger in pakistan has resigned signaling a victory for protests. they've
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called off the three week sit in by thousands of people in the capital is been demanding stepped down over the wording of a parliamentary oath they have described as blasphemous the protests have spread throughout pakistan closing down major highways let's speak to zain. so zain the protesters have gotten what they want what happens next. well the leader of this of this movement if we can call it that has just been speaking in the last hour and how the hussein rizvi the leader of the bank is this little known burgeoning political party is known as he spoke and he told his his supporters that they've had a hard three weeks and they've lost lives of supporters and of fellow. brothers in this movement and things have been difficult for them but they have gotten what
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they wanted but that's not the end of their demands they also have pushed for an investigation into why this mission of the prophets name in the oath for elected officials happened in the first place so the government has committed to investigating itself. and the other thing that they demanded is the release of people who were arrested during these demonstrations and they say they will not rest unless those demands are met and what we are seeing now is a thinning of the crowd and it will probably take the whole day to have these people return to their homes they've come from all over the country from several different provinces and what we are seeing is buses and trucks and trains being arranged to now slowly help these people return to their homes but what has happened here is definitely a watershed moment for what is not a very developed political group and this is become a common way to to seize any sort of power in pakistan and get anything done be a destructive force on the streets lay siege to islamabad effectively by choking
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off a main artery and then making political demands and it's something that the supporters of this organization as well as rivals in the upcoming elections next year will be watching closely and to tell us more about this but. the saying what more do we know about it and its leader. well the man at the center of a card in the center is he was a cleric in lahore he was particularly conservative and very hardline and for a lot of his very divisive views the religious body that governs the clerics and the whore did actually kick him out and that happened after he made very public statements in support of montana's qadri the man who. shot and killed the police officer who shot and killed his the man he was supposed to be guarding the governor of punjab at the time some on last year in two thousand and eleven and so that was also having to do with with the issue of blasphemy in the country something that is
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is is is a very very touchy subject for many people here who see any questioning of the prophet or or or the religion or or anything that would challenge the pie. in a sea of the majority view on islam as as a threat and so that's where he got his rise and became an outspoken figure and he contested the last elections in lahore for a national assembly seat he came in third behind. a stunning list the party of the former prime minister of russia as well as iran on the critter turned politician his political party. came in second and this gentlemen's party mr aziz party came in third so not a very powerful political force but one that is on the scene and they do plan. to contest the next election and they hope or bigger outcome but this really is a situation where just thousands of people were able to bring cities of millions to
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a standstill and that just gives you a sense of how political campaigning or the political campaigning season begins here in pakistan. in islamabad thank you very much for that zain. and syria funerals have been held for some of the people killed in russian and government has strikes over the weekend mourners buried the dead in there is a province on monday at least fifty five people were killed in russian strikes targeting eisel in the countryside another twenty five people were killed in as strikes in the rebel held enclave of eastern go to on the outskirts of damascus the region has been besieged by the government since twenty thirteen as strikes have been intensifying even as more talks in geneva on tuesday this is a u.n. that process is aimed at bringing six years of war in syria to an end it's led by the u.n. special envoy stefan the mistura has managed to bring the syrian government and opposition to the table in the past but us failed to get any agreement syria's main
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opposition group the height negotiation committee or agency says it will be in geneva and has no preconditions it will have a new person at the helm after former heads riyadh his job quit last week. that resignation came on the same day president bashar assad made a rare trip out of syria to meet russian press present that may protein in sochi this will be the eighth round of talks in geneva previous attempts have stalled because a bitter disagreements mainly over whether assad should stay in power andrew tabler is a syria fayez analyst and senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy he says he's not surprised by the resumption of strikes ahead of the next round of geneva talks. oftentimes when we go to towards negotiations seemingly sealed agreements are not see old. it's also hard to predict the activities of the regime the interesting thing is the russian involvement and they're one of the sponsors it's what we can see but it's not a good sign and it's
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a bit of deja vu. in the process the russians and iranians in the regime are using military force to shape the diplomatic process and that's. you know a very good tactic in terms of getting results in many many hours they're willing to escalate or able to do so and the problem for the united states and so i said there are unwilling to escalate and that's the reason why russia and the regime are doing this and i'm afraid. and update on the world weather is now headed as kenya waits for its president to be someone back into office we look at how the contested election battle has hurt the economy and zimbabweans wait to see what their new iraq really means as the president prepares to announce his cabinet statistics.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast now across europe we've got a couple of weather fronts which are looking quite interesting we've got one area of low pressure in fact which is down across the balkans giving some very heavy rainfall and some big accumulations of snow there is of the front running into the northern parts of europe drink some slightly less cold air into parts of russia ahead of it meanwhile there's another system across more northwesterners very wet and windy weather in across the u.k. and france but dies for the sides during the course of choose day heavy showers wintry showers to the north of that frontal system and that too will eventually push in across the juror and into the alps but so i suppose down in italy with highs of ten in rome but generally looking quite wintry at the moment on the other side of the mediterranean this area of low pressure sistani is in for as long the coast of libya and also egypt sort of the risk of a few showers here fairly brisk winds generally so temperatures will be on the low
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side just sixteen degrees for central parts of africa. quite a long way south into awards component towards congo across west africa weather conditions generally not looking too bad we're looking at highs there into the low thirty's for southern africa we've had some heavy showers affecting mozambique those are still there in the forecast.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour and large crowds lining the streets of young gone in myanmar waiting to get a game serve the head of the catholic church pope francis has arrived in the country the first stop of his six day tour of myanmar and bangladesh he's the first pontiff to visit myanmar. the government minister at the center of widespread anger in pakistan has resigned signaling a victory for protest leaders have called off the three week syrian by thousands of people in the capital islamabad the protestors accuse i need homemade blasphemy and funerals have been held in syria some of the people killed in russian and
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government days strikes over the weekend at least fifty five people were killed in russian strikes dogging i saw in the arizona countryside another twenty five people were killed in as strikes in the rebel held enclave of eastern guta. now to zimbabwe where the new president is embarking on his first week in charge and one of those first jobs is to announce his new cabinet the opposition is calling for deep rooted political change but it's not clear how far and i got. from the old guard let's speak to algeria andrew symonds in harare and a number of big announcements expected today are outside the court in harare tell us first about what we are likely to hear from the court in zimbabwe today. yeah as far as this court case is concerned we've got ignatius. he is a former finance minister one of the first of the rival faction that was backing
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grace mugabe for the presidency in replacing her husband he is up on a series of charges corruption charges dating back more than a decade but he's accused of big time fraud and also misuse of his government position also. chip rangar who is the former head of the use of the p.f. he's also before the court both men arrived at a large prison truck which was a school to the front and back by spy the army and now this case is really heralds a key point in terms of a clear operation a corruption campaign which is being mounted by god well and he has been all weekend pouring through details and planning his cabinet announcement not necessarily going to happen on monday but we believe as every likelihood it will the key point to that is really who will replace the finance minister because
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that's going to be a very important post along with many others and there are question marks about how he will put out a signal that he is going to be back free democratic rule that is really big question mark how will he do that will he bring in new. all god a lot of people fear he will many are saying that the honeymoon is over but the m.d.c. the main opposition party is accusing him of really just coming up with the same sort of talk that zanu p.f. has made in the past promises that are followed up with action we'll see a lot is being planned by this new president however he has a lot to get over in terms of his reputation his past he has a c.v. that's very similar to mugabe who is as he says was his mentor effectively like a father so it's going to be an important day no doubt whatsoever the start of a really important week for zimbabweans thank you very much for that anderson is
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live for us in zimbabwe's capital harare we want to show you some pictures that we are getting out of myanmar young gone where the pope has just arrived on his first visit to the country these are the latest pictures of pope being greeted by big crowds lining up the streets of yangon he is due to stay in myanmar for three days and then travel on to bangladesh later. now in kenya president kenyatta is to be sawn in on tuesday for a second term in office after a long and bitter election campaign there was the first notification of august presidential election followed by an october rerun the political crisis continues to impact what is east africa's dominant economy catherine soy has a report from nairobi. an ordinary weekday morning in kenya's capital nairobi. and as always scores of people make their way to the city's industrial area to look for casual employment. what is changing the last few months is that jobs have
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become even more scarfs. even blames the recent election period and the political uncertainty around it he's waiting for work at this battery manufacturing plant he says he's only done ten days of work in and around sixty dollars since august of the. last election on the rerun there were no jobs at all but we still have to come and try our luck. some people try their luck in other factories like this vehicle assembly plant but it's also been tough for big industries the private sector has suffered huge losses many companies have downsized some have closed and investors are holding onto their money for now big contracts which were meant to begin immediately after the election was postponed by international customers who are in to do road construction on a relisted big project development they said let's wait and see and see how the
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election spins out. out on the streets most kenyans are also feeling the effects of an economy that is slowing down their cost of living has doubled in the last by ideas and now the government has downscaled its economic growth forecast for this year to five point one from five point nine percent the economy has almost always dipped during election. it happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and in two thousand and seven after i disputed post election the economy crashed this time around i was already struggling because of among other things a prolonged drought many are saying that the political uncertainty around the election just made things worse if i was present you know today i would be going you know early and on a privatization program i would be doing much more to stimulate particularly agriculture it's very easy you know so many people in our economy are dependent on it you get it working the sense of well being translates very very quickly across
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the board and. many people now hope that their lection over the economy will stabilize. but the opposition led by raul is planning more protests and economic boycotts to push for a new vote this may mean one certainty and economic hard times catching al-jazeera aerobic kenya. the first commercial ship carrying food has arrived at the many port . a week strong closure that aid groups say further deprived people already on the brink of starvation the saudi led coalition says it imposed ever ok to stop weapons reaching the healthy rebels it's fighting peter shop reports. the saudis have promised to lift the blockade of the yemen port of high died four days ago and that it was only on sunday for the first desperately needed food supplies were unloaded . now the ship has reached the port of entered carrying flour and relief material
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swaying five thousand five hundred tons this is not enough for the many people needs but we hope this is a good sign to open the port of the data and lift the siege many provinces. unicef says a child dies every ten minutes from preventable diseases that would equate to more than five hundred children dead in those last four days alone five thousand tonnes of flowers unloaded on saturday but it's just a trickle to little and far far too late for the most vulnerable today. it is fair to say that yemen is one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million. yemeni children are to be in acute need of humanitarian assistance that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl unicef says the war in yemen
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is sadly a war on children close to five thousand children have been killed or seriously injured in the last two and a half years and it welcomes the opening of the airport at santa it allowed us to send in a first humanitarian convoy one point nine million doses of vaccines vaccines that are urgently needed to vaccinate six hundred thousand children across yemen since the saudi led coalition began fighting the who tees in two thousand and fifteen the country's basic infrastructure no longer exists. the blockade began on november sixth after hooty rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia the saudi military said the blockade was imposed to stop weapons being smuggled into yemen but the un is warning that commercial imports of food and fuel must also resume the world food program says
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continuing to choke off those supplies could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in the remote regions of northern yemen completely unable to cope for themselves peter shop al jazeera. both the president of honduras and the main opposition party have declared victory in the presidential election official results have yet to be declared by the net nations electoral court the polls have been closed for hours and analysts say the late count indicates a tight race incumbent president one orlando amanda's is seeking a second ten you know norm i think. is the official tally records have been coming in and it's more than clear cut we won this election that's what these exit poll returns clearly show. opposition leader disputed the president's claim instead saying he is the rightful winner. if twelve o'clock at night i mean
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for me the well is nothing to do but if today at twelve o'clock at night. which at this moment. i believe to be for any fraud against. my own a sanchez has more from honduras is capital to. the president one of lumbermen this has claimed victory is that just a few minutes after the official media revealed in exit polls that he had a lead over. the alliance. for political opposition parties now right after that former president for a liar who had been ousted in two thousand and nine by a military who came out as a. representative of the alliance saying that in fact they reject those numbers and they're very have their own exit poll saying that some of the alliance was winning
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the press that he had fifty nine percent and for this president one of london on this only thirty three percent he said that he hopes that the electoral tribunal respects that trend and the next president of honduras is. both candidates have claimed victory. before the electoral tribunal gave any official results and ok no on the indonesian island of bali rumbling in spewing ashes official say it could erupt at any moment they've ordered more evacuations from the immediate areas mount argonne has been hurling clouds of ash about three kilometers into the sky since the weekend the next exclusion zone affects twenty two villages where up to one hundred thousand people live the volcano last erupted in one nine hundred sixty three killing more than a thousand people martin gazin associate professor at australia's university of
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adelaide and just returned from valise says people are pretty calm. little danger at the moment from people who are well clear of the exclusion zone so that there's a limited literal danger for people to be affected by anything such as if they're outside of the corner solutions are the biggest dangers our law which is also being evacuated from those areas and as you said the ashes three kilometer high or more ash floyd that is now sweeping over parts of southern bali was always a long block yesterday's close and has the potential to cause health hazards all was up in that area yesterday and there is actually very little panic in the area people have been preparing for this for a long time most of the people have been evacuated for months given that the tremors in the air quite associated with prepared the eruption began back in september first you have this well under control that evacuated the area slightly widen the looting to evacuate a few more people but that's the least that main area of risk around the volcano
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has been cleared demonstrations have been held across romania in protest against proposed changes to justice system the protesters say the changes will allow high level corruption to go unpunished people fear it could undermine years of investigations into hundreds of public officials including former prime ministers. the floor of a nightclub has collapsed on the spanish island of tenerife injuring twenty two people many of them fell from the ground floor into the basement mostly ending up with broken legs and ankles video posted by the fire department on twitter showed firefighters picking through rubble in the club which is located in a shopping mall a ten reef is off the coast of morocco and is popular with european tourists.
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slogan i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera launch crowds are lining the streets of young gone in myanmar waiting to get a glimpse of the head of the catholic church pope francis is in the country the first stop of his six day tour of myanmar and bangladesh he's the first pontiff to visit myanmar. a government minister at the center of widespread anger in pakistan has resigned signaling a victory for protest leaders. this called off the three weeks sit in by thousands of people in the capital islamabad they've been demanding zahid hamid step down over the wording of a parliamentary oath they described as blasphemous in syria funerals have been held for some of the people killed in russian and government air strikes over the weekend and a sixty five people were killed in russian strikes targeting i saw in the dairies or countryside another twenty five people died in airstrikes in the rebel held enclave of eastern guta. both the president of honduras and the main opposition
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party have declared victory in the presidential election the electoral court has not yet announced official results polls have been close for hours and analysts say the late count indicates a tight race incumbent president juan orlando amanda's is seeking a second term you know. there is the official julie records have been coming in it's more than clear cut we won this election and that's what these exit poll returns clearly shows. opposition leaders salvador disputed the president's claim instead saying he's the rightful winner. if you did twelve o'clock at night and inform you that you're losing well there's nothing to do but if today at twelve o'clock at night i lead this trend for which at this moment thousand reloads no favor i believe to be for any fraud against us and a volcano on the indonesian island of bali is rumbling and spewing smoke officials
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say it could erupt at any moment they voted more evacuations from the media's areas mound argonne has been hurling clouds of ash about three kilometers into the sky since the weekend the new exclusion zone affects twenty two villages where up to one hundred thousand people live up to date with headlines on al jazeera coming up next year it's inside story. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. a number of international brands have pulled for us from you tube it's in response to when you can best a geisha look found a video sharing site running ads next to inappropriate videos of children so how should we police online content this is inside story.


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