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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. and forcibly taken from their families back to the most terrible thing in syria just to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship you don't have a mother sometimes i talk you can be better to die than continue to be she really didn't call to. the disappeared of syria at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. hello welcome to al-jazeera is news hour live from doha i'm martin dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes for the first time the head of the catholic church is in miramar how we deal with a government accused of ethnically cleansing its range a muslim minority. days of disruptive protests in cities across pakistan force a government minister to resign. are little what he did to state and even to sleep the whole night without somebody. from land reform to land grab why some farmers in zimbabwe say they're still intimidated by the mugabe family. goes on high alert as a volcano hurled clouds of ash three thousand meters into the sky. and i'm peter
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simmons with all the sports news as australia through russia england by ten wickets to take a one million in the ashes cricket series better more later this news hour. but first pope francis has become the first catholic leader to visit me in mar his trip comes as the government is accused of ethnic cleansing against its minority muslim or hindu or now the pontiff is expected to meet leader unsung suchi and the head of the military it's not yet known how he will deal with the sensitive issue of the ranger but the government insisting he doesn't even mention them by name but he's been a vocal advocate of their rights in the past more than six hundred thousand ranger have fled violence led by the military and they are now in the desh scott how has the latest from young gone. pope francis arriving here at the archbishop of young
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guns compound this is where he's going to spend the next three nights here in myanmar today on monday is a rest day he's going to stay here meet with some of the local clergy and then on tuesday morning tuesday afternoon i should say he's going to head to naples or the capital that's where the bulk of the meetings with the leadership of this nation will take place and that's where we assume a lot of the discussion about the range issue will be brought up but right now on monday rest day he's just arriving to the compound here for the archbishop and then on wednesday here whole come back to yangon and they'll be a large mass in the stadium here that's where all the christians within myanmar are heading to see the pope speak that's going to happen on wednesday then on thursday morning they're going to be some interfaith meetings another meeting with maybe some officials here in myanmar and then he'll take off and go to his second stage of his trip in bangladesh. now pakistan leaders of the protests have called off their three weeks close to the capital after a government minister resigned now this was
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a victory for leadership in demanding the honeyed step down over the wording of a parliamentary they'd been accusing him of class for me the protests have spread throughout the country closing down major highways we can go live to come out our correspondent he's in the capital now. and tell us more about this victory then that is being delivered to this group that managed to get so many thousands of people out onto the streets of pakistan. yes indeed. and died from this particular place the epicenter of the protests that started twenty two days ago from here great across the country north and south and it brought the government that brought the country down stated in the end the government had to make their demands of the protesters the law minister had gone
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and they also come reports that perhaps the interior minister and many more people will have to go as well the people here right now i celebrate being weak and you can see behind me the range of paramilitary forces are the only one. the police of course. are there but the crowd it is a big day for you people who are now planning to get their head against place and then march through the punjab province the hard line. of pakistani electorate electorate it is dead on mckinley and i was most right after this road that appeared that. is going to be the biggest loser he had already been disqualified he had the prime minister standing and it's not my body. taking dictation from our disqualified prime minister rather than doing his job so of course a lot can happen from now. we're just going to happen
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a celebration throughout the country or damage of a great three but they haven't yet left it in expected that by nightfall these people with voting and collectively go in a huge rally there taking over the hallway get rid of all culminate and how or how might this new found political clout be used in terms of elections in pakistan next year. i didn't hear you properly because there's a lot of the corruption had but from what i gather a pattern made that the n.l. and wrong glory was a fun job also that. they have lost their grip both support many of their party leaders are going to not start working that party and leaving the party to go it will be you can't back that twenty eighteen elections is something that nobody because there are few if you're
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a tribute or guard but it is expected that by agreeing to be eighteen the election will be here and no one knows the the clear way no one thing is quite clear that. you have a major victory where are they saying they have brought the government today a new many people are already thing that they did that they functional government were genuinely trying to buy time ok. live in islamabad thank you. we've got a little to come on this news hour including. how kenya has contested election battle has come to me. he's a see us of trying to convince a prisoner to betray his country will have a live report in just a short while and sixteen years of davis cup pain comes to an end from peta to tell you how they did.
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the funerals have been held in syria for some of the people killed in russian and government strikes over the weekend mourners buried the dead in day as a province on monday. let's take a closer look at what's happening and where in syria well those russian airstrikes reportedly on i saw targets happened here in dare province they hit the village of al shuffler where at least fifty civilians were killed move across to the rebel held on claim for the easten that's on the outskirts of the capital damascus this is where government airstrikes killed another twenty five people the region has been under government siege for for years now overlaid that with an outline of who controls what in syria and these large areas in red show just how much of the country is now back in government hands i celera is a martin black there reserve province was once almost completely under ice of
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control but that's shrunk significantly as you can see the areas martin green including eastern damascus are still under rebel control but these two surrounded by a sea of red over the past two weeks the pace of airstrikes has stepped up all of that is going on as the u.n. prepares to host the eighth round of peace talks in geneva on tuesday the government delegation though has postponed its departure for the swiss city where we can speak to simon mab on who's a lecturer in international relations at lancaster university in new kay he joins us from there from lancaster thank you for talking to us and it's quite usual isn't it in terms of negotiations for the military activity on the ground to intensify just before those talks get underway. of course i think what happens predominantly within this type of negotiation and just before it is that all sides involved try and increase the strength of bear hunt they try and ensure
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that that whatever is happening in the go shooting table they are doing so from the strongest possible position and in this case for the syrian regime. taking out as many opposition targets as possible now we've got the geneva process getting underway for the eighth time tomorrow that's tuesday but what is the status of this u.s. u.n. led process when you've got the a star on a process which is led to these deescalation zones you've also got the sochi process that is being managed by the russians so where does the u.n. fit into all of this. will look for u.n. as a is supposed to be the neutral arena through which all sides can come together and try and thrash out some type of deal but as we've seen with the starner and sort she and the riyadh talks last week we see that the actors involved in the conflict are trying to walk and eyes their own efforts to try and bring about peace now the
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u.n. effort has proved rather frustrating to a lot of observers of the conflict because it's not managed to get anywhere and that's because of these intractable differences not only on the ground with the opposition groups or unwilling to see power and authority to the assad regime has continued to bomb them but the assad regime not willing to step aside not willing to talk about transition and of course that's exacerbated when you think about the presence of the u.s. the position of russia and so you've got this real frozen type of of issue which is making it really difficult for the u.n. to move forward but in real terms the russians and the iranians are in control of what's going on on the ground in syria. has there who has the greatest power over the political process we've seen the the riyadh group of the opposition the h.n.c. there they've apparently shifted now i know they have agreed that there will be no
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preconditions that assad can possibly be part of the transitional process. yeah but i think that the transitional process is that it's not working towards a syria that is still ruled by assad after all how can you have a president of a country that is responsible for the deaths of over four hundred thousand people i think that's only tenable so i think if you look at what's happening it's the russians and the iranians that are really putting the screws on assad and giving him a green light with regard to what he can and cannot do but i think the one thing that's really important to remember is that this fight against given assad the green light to go ahead and strike opposition targets but fight against is coming to an end the group is losing territory now what does what the assad regime does after the group is defeated i think will say a great deal about about chance for moving forward because if it continues to strike against opposition groups when diet has been defeated that i think that any
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hope of a real smooth transition out of conflict is not going to happen until assad has gained complete control and all opposition groups have been decimated and what have the u.s. in all of this given that the u.s. has. perhaps distinguished itself a by not committing for the most part apart from offering piecemeal some would say support for the s.c.f. in the north of the country. yeah i think i think that the trump regime has had a really difficult role to play obviously realizing the potential for escalation with the russians especially given what's been happening in washington and all of the allegations of russian involvement in the elections but what i believe the pentagon is about to invoke released today is this fact that there have been around two thousand u.s. forces actually in syria so i think the u.s. have tried to play a more prominent role in the conflict but obviously it's not been enough for a lot of the people who say that the opposition groups and ultimately the civilians
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need more protection from the regime simon move on thank you very much indeed for talking to us here at out there thank you. now the first official numbers in the honduras presidential election are showing the opposition leaders salvador nasra has a surprise lead over the incumbent one orlando and there's earlier both of them declared victory before any of the official numbers actually came out with over half the ballots now counted the electoral tribunal says the opposition leader. has a five point lead well one juror says considered one of the world's most violent countries is also has the highest level of economic inequality in latin america now voters say while health and education are some of the most important issues on their minds they also want their new president to continue tackling crime marianna sanchez reports now from the capital to give her. hundreds went to the polls
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on sunday with a range of issues on their minds like the economy many hoping and your government will not forget the poor. the most important thing is ending poverty providing everyone with housing and food. has the highest level of economic inequality in latin america the world bank says more than sixty six percent of one durance live in poverty. orders say well health and education are also important issues hundreds who want the new president to continue tackling crime on average more than three hundred thirty hundreds are killed every month. i want the country to improve better education more jobs but there aren't so many. this is the first time a president is running for reelection since a two thousand and fifteen supreme court decision lifted a constitution ban but critics say during his four year tenure precedent and this
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has gained too much power controlling the judiciary and the electoral court opposition parties say they will only recognize the ballots their monitors consider as valid and not the official results because they say the election could be rigged . to come in it are so says both of his parents are eligible to vote and both have been long dead. my father is eligible to vote he died seventeen years ago he would be one hundred twenty years old known as it used as identity but no one is controlling this. twelve thousand monitors from ten political parties and more than two hundred international observers were touring polling stations at the bit where she was wonder if there are faults in the system the tribunal sometimes does not open the people's registry but this is normal. for now the main opposition party say they will remain vigilant until they can compare their results with the official ones for they accept the elections were transparent
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but in essence as i just. have been choosing municipal delegates who go on to vote for the country's next president. the people of the country to count ballots in a process that's tightly controlled by the ruling communist party from havana is a latin america editor lucien human. this is cuban style democracy from seventy. people voted in the only election in which ordinary citizens have direct participation several this enthusiastically explains that unlike in other countries municipal council candidates are not allowed to campaign. their biographies and qualities are posted everywhere so you can read about them and make your choice. the choice begins in town halls where each neighborhood proposes someone to represent them cubans are electing twelve and a half thousand delegates out of more than twenty seven thousand candidates but not
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a single one of them belongs to the opposition even though this year for the first time an unprecedented number of dissidents attempted to run but without success. a longtime opponent says it's impossible. don't have to be a member of the communist party to run but if the party doesn't approve it you can't be a candidate in this system nothing is as it seems it's a system designed to perpetuate a one party socialist state or as they say here the revolution. and it will be put to the test in february when and in directly elected national assembly chooses the successor to president raul castro marking the end of the sixty year castro era. well known musician says opposes the election process. no system is perfect but in other countries you have the right to vote for a political project and next time say no this doesn't work i want to bid on another
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project or modify it in cuba you can't. three years ago was temporarily blacklisted after this performance where he sang that he wanted to choose his president by direct vote. it's widely presume that this man first vice president. would replace an old castro but as points out. it's not up to him. i have no way of knowing since we don't choose or decide that's why people feel that those at the top decide for you. the decision that is supposed to begin here at the municipal level where those who disagree can only protest by casting a black vote. you see in human i'll just see done. right to zimbabwe now and there are reports of looting and illegal occupation of houses and farms the military and the police have released
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a joint statement saying there is behind what they're calling criminal behavior will be held responsible we will go live now to our correspondent andrew simmons who is in there in melbourne capital harare andrew so the police and the military releasing a joint statement suggesting that the rule of law is perhaps not completely in place in zimbabwe. well that does appear to be the case so we're not sure of the extent of this but certainly emerson. call for no retribution doesn't seem to be heeded in many places because we're hearing reports of property farms in particular being raided or occupied set on fire in some cases we have word unconfirmed but the nephew of mcgarvey. who was a government minister his property was attacked he is. whereabouts are
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unknown along with several other ministers who are either on the run or possibly in custody the military and the police won't say who they've got but they are saying that they do have some people in custody and of course one of those people who was in custody is appearing in the court behind me right now that's the former minister of finance minister ignatius. sixty six years of age he's trying to get bail on charges of corruption that date back at least ten years the most recent was two thousand and five he says that this is all politically motivated and could zani. is also before the court both men were brought in truck escorted by the military a lot of security here is as i say the former leader of the zanu p.f. youth wing and he's accused on corruption charges and also charges of slander.
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and how important then is it for the new government of amazon meninga. to have to go through the due process of of the legal system at this particular stage because of course this is the first example of a former mcgarvie supporter facing justice. it's a very relevant question martin because there are concerns among legal fraternity that human rights are a key issue yet there are suggestions that they're being abused in this sort of more pop operation which is in a sense according to one constitutional lawyer the new administration effectively picking and choosing bits of criminal law to suit its own motivation really. i am optimistic that there might be changes but i am not optimistic that the
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justice system will function differently because what i'm seeing is that certainly in the judiciary the rule of law remains in the rise and that. that you know selective application of the law will continue. long is that people don't come out to say if we have a constitution we must go by its provisions any particular time regardless of the political players involved so you have a lawyer actually making it quite clear that she is unhappy with the situation she went on to say that she considers the legal human rights position with with china what god in place now as being one of great concern she says it doesn't really matter which side you go to mugabe or children god it's still going to be a problem in terms of a justice system that's fair to war and
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a position whereby things are as free as they should be all right andrew thanks for that anderson is a live in harare well it's just days since president robert mugabe was ousted and now it barbarians many of them at least feeling free perhaps for the first time to speak out about the conditions under which they have lived for so many years now many suffered during the decades he was in power and from particularly from his use of state resources which they say he used to benefit his family and some of them particularly in missouri that's just north of the capital harare i've been speaking to our correspondent for media miller. mazzoli in much shauna land a rich and fur town is perfect for farming and gold deposits scattered in its mountains it was seized from white farmers and nationalized under former president robert mugabe's land reform program in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's but in recent years black zimbabweans here one backed land under that
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program say the mugabe government has been trying to push them off their farms it was a very terrifying bit they can lead to door armed to the dogs every so they awakened us from from our house in the i ordered us to go out is the myself in the mail wife. got out of the house beast with that abyss that didn't destroy my kitchen my bedroom in the best bare room my storage and everything christoffersen owners lived and farmed here for seventeen years holding on despite what he says is constant police harassment he and others have been to court to stop it but the police raids kept coming. in as agreed and after yet another day of rain cristobal complains to his wife that their store grain will be ruined police destroyed their storage shed in the last raid
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more than nine hundred families once lived genoud just one hundred forty three remain with mazowiecki immense commercial potential and vast water resources people here say mugabe's wife grace wants it or even though gabi is no longer president and his wife grace doesn't have the polish she wants wielded special task force police still present here monitoring the area essentially protecting it for the mugabe family people living here say they continue to feel intimidated and harassed now we don't know which will we start which we are going through because every time they stick a guess and even me. little what he did to stay even to sleep all night without somebody several kilometers away construction of a luxury hotel belonging to grace mccarthy has been abandoned the mugabe's also own a dairy farm nearby which grace managed until she turned her attention to her
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political aspirations while the government says it's given mugabe immunity it's not known which of his properties or businesses he'll be allowed to keep there also allegations that there are links to millions of dollars worth of zimbabwe's missing diamond revenue since mccartney's overthrow people in missouri we have been told they can stay giving christopher some hope this will remain his home but no guarantee for me al-jazeera. the first commercial ship carrying food has arrived at the yemeni port of her data after three weeks of a blockade where millions of people are at risk from starvation and disease the saudi led coalition says it imposed the blockades assault weapons reaching the healthy rebels peter sharper thought. the saudis had promised to lift the blockade of the yemen port of her died four days ago but it was only on sunday for the first desperately needed food supplies were unloaded. in the area and now the ship has
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reached the port of her entered carrying flour and relief materials weighing five thousand five hundred tons this is not enough for the many people needs but we hope this is a good sign to open the port of her data and lift the siege many provinces. unicef says a child dies every ten minutes from preventable diseases that would equate to more than five hundred children dead in those last four days alone five thousand tonnes of flowers unloaded on saturday but it's just a trickle too little and far far too late for the most vulnerable today it is fair to say that yemen. it's one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million yemeni children are to be in acute need of humanitarian assistance
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that's almost every single yemen a boy and girl unicef says the war in yemen is sadly a war on children close to five thousand children have been killed or seriously injured in the last two and a half years and it welcomes the opening of the airport at santa it allowed us to send in a first humanitarian convoy one point nine million doses of vaccines vaccines that are urgently needed to vaccinate six hundred thousand children across yemen since the saudi led coalition began fighting the who tees in two thousand and fifteen the country's basic infrastructure no longer exists. the blockade began on november sixth after hutu rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia the saudi military said the pl ok was imposed to stop weapons being smuggled into yemen but the un is warning that commercial
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imports of food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off those supplies could have a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in the remote regions of northern yemen completely unable to cope for themselves peter shop al jazeera. his country director of the norwegian refugee council in yemen is joining us live from aden thank you for talking to us i'm guessing you're welcoming the lifting of the blockade but presumably what's arrived is still not enough. you have been twenty five. million.
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yet to. getting water purification what. did not receive. them. how long will they last and how many people will they. have any. food. and i have three hours. dying from. starvation color and preventable disease.
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really what you need to address the fundamental concerns of the people of yemen is an end to the war. definitely the end of the war. very important very essential. humanitarian supplies going to. be opened. and. many with communicable disease. medication. and that. if it comes by plane of course. the saudis the saudi. coalition. weapons are coming in. to the. which is why they decided to close all the.
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weapons coming in how do you as a humanitarian organization navigate your way around. women and. the war. to be. living in yemen. seven million people at risk of starvation and. need. all the. live from aden in yemen thank you very much. prime minister has accused the u.s. of exploiting the trial of an iranian. trader.
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monday is a cute. of helping turkey to evade sanctions against iran charges of also being brought against a turkish banker and a former turkish minister let's go to see them cause a loon our correspondent who's in istanbul why is this case impacting turkish u.s. relations. yes martin this trial impacts turkish american relations in a negative way actually totally sees this trial as a politically motivated trial rather than a civil one or a judicial one let me explain you why anchor is thinking that way first this indictment states results are up this iranian turkish citizen. trader has been doing gold trade in order to evading the us sanctions imposed on iran also there
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are almost six or others six or seven other iranian citizens who are involved in this case as a part of this oil gold for oil business but the iranian state iran government is not in the indictment on the other side you see that turkish government with the turkish officials are included in this indictment and uncle or believes that including the turkish officials names in this indictment actually targets the turkish government itself imported killer the president turkish president roger so you are john who was the then prime minister which means who was responsible for all those four turkish ministers also results are up to this iranian businessmen's e-mails were revealed and he had an e-mail sent to iran's spiritual leader ayatollah harmony as saying that he's committed to
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continuing this goal trade if for economic jihad so unger essays if iranian state is also in this and there are some e-mails proving that why is turkish government and turkish why are the turkish officials and turkish banks are the target that's why taking off from the legitimate side angara sees this case is a politically motivated trial. and influenced by the glynnis who were accused of being the perpetrators of the failed coup attempt in july two thousand and sixteen this is the anchor of perspective and this is why there is a tension between washington in. about this case marty thank you very much. live in istanbul. now in just a couple of minutes we'll have the weather with every turn but also coming up on this out is there
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a new. how climate change is threatening the livelihood of only farmers across the mediterranean. and installed the end of this year's formula one season sets in for a twenty three. from i mean i mean when it's to an enchanting breeze you're. way have more heavy rain pushing towards greece over the next couple of days it will move through i am pleased to say at the moment we got the rain across slovenia sixty four millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours but that cloud that's making its way further east was making way for this next system which is diving in from the arctic willie will bring some cooler air and across much of northwest europe really are going to notice that change over the next few days at the moment the air is coming in from the alliance we're looking at temperatures in london
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around twelve degrees celsius room what's known as the warm sector back down into the southeastern corner there's that rain there pushing across southern parts of the balkans into the balkans peninsula into grace athan seen some cloud and dry and then and as we go on through monday and on into tuesday can see this long line of rain sleet and snow all the way up towards that western side of russia making its way further east was clear skies do come in behind vienna at around six celsius and by the time we come to choose they say the cold air coming in from the arctic this time so very cold direction seven right celsius there for london and paris there's the snow there across central and southern parts of france and that will continue to sink its way further southwards as we go through the next couple of days the clear skies come in behind the cold air that stays in place and we've got some snow once again across the alps. there with sponsored by qatar.
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the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode of price joins fifty five scientists on a brant psyching journey of discovery around the continent in front of him to the post on the future of the planet. but it's quite amazing just to see that that's the dust up when you rise up this time on al-jazeera. jazeera. where every.
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carissa take a look at the top stories here at. france's ahead of the catholic church is arriving young going on his first stop of his six day tour of meum are in bangladesh it's not yet known how he'll deal with the sensitive issue of the ranger but the government insisting he doesn't even mention them by name. protest leaders in pakistan of cordova three weeks if in near the capital after a government minister resigned it was a victory for the protest leaders have been demanding saeed honeyed step down over the wording of a parliamentary they'd been accusing him of blasphemy. the first official numbers
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in the honduras presidential election show the opposition leader salvador now has a surprise lead over the incumbent one orlando and there is earlier both of them declared victory before any of the official numbers were released. not to kenya where president of kenya is due to be sworn in on tuesday for a second term in office after a long and bitter in lunch election campaign there was first the knowledge occasion of august presidential election and that was followed by an october rerun the political crisis continues to impact what is east africa's dominant economy is catherine saw a reference from nairobi. an ordinary weekday morning in kenya's capital nairobi. and as always cause of people make their way to the city's industrial area to look for casual employment. what has changed in the last few months is that jobs have become even more scarce. even the recent election period and the political
1:42 pm
uncertainty around it he's waiting for what at this battery manufacturing plant he says he's only done ten days of work and and around sixty dollars since august. just election on the rerun there were no jobs at all but we still have to come and try our luck. some people try their luck in other factories like this vehicle assembly plant but it's also been tough for big industries the private sector has suffered huge losses many companies have downsized some have closed and investors are holding on to their money for now because. to begin immediately after the election was postponed by international customers who are in to do road construction on a relisted big project development they said let's wait and see and see how the election spins out. out on the streets most kenyans are also feeling the effects of
1:43 pm
an economy that is slowing down the cost of living has doubled in the last by ideas and now the government has downscaled its economic growth forecast for this year to five point one from five point nine percent. almost always dipped during election season it happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and in two thousand and seven after i disputed election the economy crashed this time around i was already struggling because of among other things a prolonged drought many are saying that the political uncertainty around the election just made things worse if i was present today i would be you know the only privatization program i would be doing much more to stimulate particularly agriculture it's very easy you know so many people in our economy are dependent on it you get it working the sense of well being translates very very quickly across the board and. many people now hope that their election over the economy will
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stabilize. but the opposition led by raul is planning more protests and economic boycotts to push for a new vote this may mean one. site indie and economic hard times catching saw al-jazeera narrow became. a volcano on the indian easy an island of bali is rumbling away it's spewing smoke an official say it could lead to a major eruption at any moment the vaulted more evacuations from the immediate area is called mt outgoing and it's been hurling out clouds of ash about three kilometers into the sky ever since the weekend the new exclusion zone affects twenty two villages and that's about one hundred thousand people the volcano last erupted in nine hundred sixty three and then on the thousand people were killed. well our meteorologist richard i'm going is here with me on the set to talk us
1:45 pm
through what we can expect so. i'm just wondering how this is going to be affected by weather conditions weather the weather and rain perhaps can ameliorate the conditions well i was there three months ago i'm sure fights and you know completely peaceful wonderful scene but such a transformation i think the moment the key issue is going to be the wind so i've been to the forecast so if you have a look at the weather graphics martín and you can see here as we zoom into the area that we've got a lot of clouds lots of first thing you see the clouds building up so showers that's going to be one issue and the other issue of course is going to be this wind direction that's key and almost graphic show same thing with winds blowing from west towards the east now i have to say there's not a huge amount of faith in that because the winds are very very light has been looking recently and they are extremely light winds at the moment so they could flip around what you really want to some it is a clear those winds are way clear that way but that's not happening so it's all very static which means that the only problems with the actual are they get washed
1:46 pm
out at times which will make it really messy all over the roads and everything or else it'll just form was quite a nasty smog so what they really need is a decent amount of rain and some strong winds to try to clear away all this ice and how does i mean when this when this volcano does start erupting in a major way how does that affect weather conditions and the the environment more generally right well that there are issues when you've got volcanoes in the rupturing you get thunderstorms generated by all this ash being thrown in the air which can result in heavy rain and then result in mudslides the small gets a major issue volcanic smog is a real problem where these things occur and then you have to us will have a bigger effect because indonesia's got formed back in one hundred fifteen time baur erupted and it caused the summer that never was really across much of europe we had famines. those crops failed so those can have a major impact but at this stage it's nothing to suggest that it's going to happen
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the problem is of course i mean bali is a is an island that is hugely dependent upon its tourism is yeah yeah what about flights i mean because flights we remember the icelandic i'm pronouncing bull. markets yeah well done but that grounded air traffic for a good long while and that was hugely controversial was that it was the difference between the two were first of all the winds from the other york that went right across europe and the civil aviation authority was sort of our station know how much. you could afford to be in taken into jet engines will hopefully have moved on since the icelandic volcano but as far as family is concerned there's also a westie that means that carter should be ok says international airport to get flights away from there and hopefully those winds will continue to keep the bulk of the island free from the ashes at the moment all right richard thanks for that but
1:48 pm
the environmental groups have warned that the billion dollar olive oil industry across the mediterranean is under threat because of climate change from italy to tunis to lebanon to greece increasingly hot summers and unpredictable winters are seen you decline by as much as twenty percent i'm just tired. it's a tradition almost as ancient as the civilizations that first settled these hills for thousands of years all of those have been hand picked across southern lebanon much like they are today the fruit is a staple in mediterranean kitchens and all of oil is a crucial ingredient. lebanese farmers typically press oil at their own small batch facilities it's a complex process that sees the all the fruit washed pitted ground into a paste and then pressed into a golden oil the family has been in the business for as long as anyone can remember he says he can't imagine doing anything else wasn't because they go in with
1:49 pm
a door only of all is very nutritious and has so many benefits even god spoke about it in one of the verses in the koran only of all it is medicine it is the greatest of all these. modernization has made pressing all of us into oil less labor intensive and more lucrative but in recent years farmers have been struggling to keep up with demand all of oil production is becoming increasingly risky business crossed the mediterranean the land the birds according to environmentalists climate change is leading three pieces for you. from southern europe to north africa to the levant hotter than average summers and cold winters have seen harvest shrink according to forecasters at the international of council mediterranean oil production has declined by around twenty percent when compared to averages from the decade between two thousand and two thousand and ten delivering a major setback to the billion dollar industry and as the region supply becomes
1:50 pm
increasingly unpredictable some boss players have started looking elsewhere for future sources of all of oil including california australia and new zealand something producers in lebanon say could destroy their ancient way of life. me i'm worried about the import of all of this on all of oil from abroad we must be able to export. i only hope our industry works to keep these markets open for us because oral is the best quality growing global demand for all of oil as a food and health product is also putting pressure on the may the mediterranean basin pliers to produce even more but with all of harvest continuing to decline because of the region's changing climate it's hard to see how they'll be able to do that. al-jazeera. and southern. find out what this is
1:51 pm
a had to say that left his captain in stitches we'll tell you all.
1:52 pm
time this for she is now his peter thank you so much cricket is where we started straightly have drawn first blood in the ashes series against old rivals england have won the first test in brisbane by ten wickets the australians only needed fifty six more runs of the thought of play on day five opening batsman david warner then cameron bancroft took their team home warner scored eighty seven not out while bancroft's was unbeaten on eighty two with they reached a victory target of one hundred and seventy the second test will be
1:53 pm
a day night contest in adelaide and starts on saturday. and we were very happy with the change that we picked in now it was just about performing in i was obviously performed really well in this game after probably a bit of a shaky start. but you know i think this chain has the potential in addition really good things and will have to continue to play really good cricket for three days you played some excellent cricket unfortunately when we going to competitions we didn't quite catch allies and and if we'd have done that then you know it's been a very different school board so i right now. there are things that we need to address and learn from from this game there's been a lot of talk about an incident that took place on a night out during one of england's warm up matches england's jonny bairstow head battered australia's cameron bancroft you did hear that correctly while much has been made of the incident bank of himself has lofted off as just a bit of. yeah like obviously at the top i mean you know he said sorry you know if
1:54 pm
i'm a person who is just really weird you know obviously. you know it was so random and i certainly didn't expect it coming you know as i said you know a handshake or a hog or something that would have something that all probably would have would have expected more than ahead bob. france are celebrating their first davis cup tennis cycling sixteen years off to beating belgium in this year's final they took a two one lead over the belgians into the final day in low but were pushed all the way to a deciding foot singles match helen gleason has more. with nine players ranked in the side the top one hundred fronts were always going to be one of the favorites to win tennis is to the world cup. belgium may only have two top one hundred players but one of them is wild number seven debbie golf fan. and he showed why he's been one of the best players on the a.t.p. all season with
1:55 pm
a straight sets win over french number one joe wilfred tsonga. the old so with the final all square at team matches apiece it was over to veteran belgian steve dusty and the youngster of the french team because. he was just seven years old when france last won the davis cup in two thousand and one but the world number eighteen didn't show any signs of knives as he demolished his elder opponent to secure a tenth davis cup title for his country. break again for the belgians who also lost the trying to fifteen final to great britain but with their first title in sixteen years france and now they joint the most successful nation in the one hundred seventeen year long history of the event for captain yannick know it's a title and charge up to also leading france a victory in one nine hundred ninety one on one thousand nine hundred six and with such strength and depth in his team it wouldn't be surprising if they added to that
1:56 pm
tally in the near future helen place and al-jazeera. the twenty seven hundred forty one season ended with valtteri bottas laying down a marker in abu dhabi ahead of the twenty eighteenth season lewis hamilton had already secured his fourth world title in mexico to race ago but it was these myths a nice teammate who clinched victory in the final race of the year on sunday ahead of hamilton for the third win of his career the two drivers also secured a fourth constructors' championship for ms sadie's in october. so if. there are a sebastian vettel was third in verse race and that was enough to finish in second place in the overall standings the race also marked the end of philippe masses fifteen year if one truly. russian athletes remain suspended from international track and field events after the world athletics governing body announced it is maintaining the doping ban put in place two years ago and the i'd say it will stay
1:57 pm
as long as key russian sports and political figures continue to deny the country has a doping system in place unless there is an acknowledgement of what happened before can't be no assurance that it will not happen again. therefore the task force recommended to the idea of council that not be reinstated at this time. in the n.b.a. despite getting off to a slow start the miami heat pulled off a third straight win beating the chicago bulls on sunday after scoring a mere seven points in the first quarter miami got thirty eight in the second to take the lead grand dragon each school footie that was team high twenty four points in the fourth quarter of the game one hundred ninety three was the final school the bulls have now lost five straight games. the n.h.l.
1:58 pm
celebrated its one hundred year anniversary on sunday and there was plenty of action on the ice including a disappointing loss for the first u.s. team to join the national hockey league that being the boston bruins they were beaten by the edmonton oilers ending what was a four game winning streak leon drive cycle and patrick maroon each school their seventh goals of the season to help edmonton to the victory for two was the school school and that is always quote i'll have another update again later peter thank you very much indeed for that so far this al-jazeera don't go away because i'll be back in just a moment with much more of the day's news and of all the day's developing story.
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to. december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could
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dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it the tendency we have a mismatch between the way we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century in africa here you know but you know for eleven out how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be your child soldiers and i have my child soldiers reloaded at this time. the.
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days of destructive power.


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