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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time one of. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. this is al jazeera.
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hello welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm melting down is coming up in the next sixty minutes. protests in pakistan when there weeks long battle against the government forcing a minister to resign. the world's most prominent christian walks a political and religious tightrope as he arrives in me i'm a buddhist nation accused of crimes against his range of muslims. the u.n. tries to revive its efforts to end syria's war as a skilled thousands more people where in geneva and in syria. also predictions of an imminent major eruption raise bali's volcano alert to the highest level. and with all the sports news as australia thrash england by ten wickets to take a one zero lead in the ashes cricket series there are more later in the program.
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but france protests in pakistan are now dispersing from the city and on the edge of the capital islamabad after the target of their fury a government minister resigned many they're sticking around to celebrate. they were demanding step down or be sacked over the wording of a parliamentary bill which they describe as blasphemous the demonstrations gradually spread to towns and cities right across the country let's go live now to our correspondent zain verjee in the capital islamabad so tell us more about this movement that managed to bring many parts of pakistan to a halt and ultimately when they got there the scope of the minister.
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the group is called. to the law it is a relatively new political group definitely on the fringes of mainstream politics for for many years and it is new to the scene the man at the center of all this their leader is a man named saddam hussein receive you know use a one time cleric from a mosque in lahore the provincial capital of the punjab province and he was removed by the religious party that governs in the mosques in lahore for his very hard line conservative views and he. the thing to understand is it's not so much about him or his political party it isn't just a few thousand people that have managed to bring cities of millions to a stance on the reason they've been able to do that is because they've all gotten behind and because being very staunch supporters. of the very contentious and. very contentious blasphemy laws in the country it's something that people are very
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passionate about and when it's brought into the political sphere there's not a lot of room for discussion conservative hardline muslims who support the blasphemy laws in their entirety with with no room for conversations about it so when it's invoked on the political scene or in the street it brings a lot of supporters to it and it's very difficult for mainstream political groups or reformers to even address the issues just to give you a sense of what the situation is like what the political discourse is like in pakistan the sitting governor of the punjab province so much us here in two thousand and eleven he was killed by his own security guard. three for allegedly violating the blasphemy laws what does congress become a cult like figure for people who support the blasphemy laws and he was hanged last year for his crimes and he has since then become a martyr for their cars another example is. a student in maher done in the five o'clock and pop province was beaten to death by
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a mob of hundreds of students of fellow students on false accusations of having committed crimes against committing crimes under the blasphemy laws and so it's a very contentious issue it's something that people are very passionate about and it's a very difficult issue to address when emotions are so high and it's really the the the the bringing to the street of the blasphemy laws that has given this political party so much resonance that they've been able to affect change at such a such a high level and see the. minister of law step down ok it's live in israel thank you. now pay francis is beginning his trip to me a model that is fraught with diplomatic risk over the country's treatment of muslim the politics are so delicate some of the catholic leaders advisors have even warned him against using the word ranger more than six hundred thousand refugees have fled
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nehemiah for bangladesh escaping from a military crackdown pope francis has previously condemned me and mark over the range of crisis that has more. pope francis arriving here at the archbishop of young guns compound this is where he's going to spend the next three nights here in myanmar today on monday is a rest day he's going to stay here meet with some of the local clergy and then on tuesday morning tuesday afternoon i should say he's going to head to naples or the capital that's where the bulk of the meetings with the leadership of this nation will take place and that's where we assume a lot of the discussion about the real hinge issue will be brought up but right now on monday rest day he's just arriving to the compound here of the archbishop and then on wednesday here whole come back to yangon and will be a large mass in the stadium here that's where all the christians with in myanmar are heading to see the pope speak that's going to happen on wednesday then on thursday morning they're going to be some interfaith meetings another meeting with
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maybe some officials here in myanmar and then he'll take off and go to his second stage of his trip in bangladesh now the funerals have been held in syria for some of the people killed in russian and government air strikes over the weekend mourners buried their dead in their province on monday at least fifty five people were killed in russian strikes which were targeting i saw in the countryside of terrorism or another twenty five people were killed in airstrikes in the rebel held on claim of her on the outskirts of the capital damascus well have been increasing even as more talks are due to start in geneva on tuesday the process is run by the united nations and aims to bring more than six years of war to an end. the u.n. special envoy seven de mistura is in charge he's managed to bring the syrian government and opposition to the table in the past but he's pretty much failed to get any agreement syria's main opposition group the higher highway negotiations committee or agency says it will be in geneva and has no preconditions this will be
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the eighth round of talks in geneva previous attempts of stalled because of disagreements mainly over whether president bashar al assad should stay in power. diplomatic editor james ray's is in geneva for those talks we'll go live to him in a little while inside syria we have osama bin with turkish troops injure others in the north of syria so let's start with you first. we're hearing that as these talks that the eighth round prepares to get underway there's even more military activity. of people. on the ground. because. every time there. is much territory as possible. so they can have a better hand at the negotiating table and this is. happening in.
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not just a strike but. a neighborhood residential neighborhood. just to. strike . right. in as you also mentioned there are russian. and many many other people. also in damascus from. sources that. haven't decided and. so in syria on the ground the fighting continues to escalate. all right stay with us a summit is that we're going to talk to james in geneva and james the situation then facing the diplomacy is pretty grim indeed isn't it and furthermore the u.n. itself is battling with other processes that have been put in place namely by the
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the russians so what is what does the u.n. need to do tomorrow in order to get things under way. well i think first they need to persuade the syrian government to come here because currently they have perspire and their trip as sama says there has been a pretty consistent pattern i've covered these talks for five years now as we've had various gatherings taking place here in geneva he's right that this failed diplomacy the timeline or that has actually rather than bringing peace to syria has actually increased the suffering of the people there because as he says every time there are talks there's a scramble particularly by the assad government to take ground and that appears to be what's happening now this serves negotiating team say they're not coming here because they don't like some comments made by the opposition in riyadh remember though the opposition in riyadh is splintered we don't have the same people coming
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this time that have come every up past meeting including riyadh who had been the leader of the high negotiations committee that he's not actually involved anymore some of them a design is not even worth coming back here to geneva the because of the opposition is what is always said which is a sad must go the syrian government team say for now they're postponing their visit many diplomats though believe that possibly the real reason is what you are seeing some reporting on there trying to grab a little bit more land trying to do a little bit more of a bombardment to give them a better hand in the negotiations when they do finally come here i gained james in geneva let's go back to osama now in inside syria in your applet and what's going on in geneva or are not going on in geneva this must seem like a million miles away from the people where you are.
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when you hear very bitter comments from people when you try enough of them what hopes and fears that they have from this particular round of talks and they'll tell you that they don't have any. many many. the government has continued. all across the world and talk about. them. hundred dollars. hundreds of thousands of people living under conditions. of the world people say. they don't have any hope that. anything and especially the opposition has been.
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making sure that. because there is a. happening. and that the russian government is trying to make. everything. a demand. by people. now a volcano in indonesia and ireland of barley is rumbling and spewing smoke officials say could erupt at any moment they've ordered more evacuations from the immediate areas mt are gone has been hurling clouds of ash about three kilometers into the sky ever since the weekend the new exclusion zone includes twenty two villages and up to one hundred thousand people the volcano last erupted in one thousand nine
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hundred sixty three and it killed more than a thousand people who are marketing gay is an associate professor at the university of adelaide and he's just returned from bali. little danger at the moment from people who are well clear of the exclusion zone so that there is limited little danger for people to be by anything such as lava if they're outside of the climbers and so on the biggest dangers are la havas which which is also being evacuated from those areas and as you said the actions that three kilometer high or more ash lorry that is now where you can over parts of southern bali was always a long walk yesterday that's close the airport and has the potential to cause health hazards i was up in that area yesterday and there's actually very little panic in the area people have been preparing for this for a long time most of the people have been evacuated from the tremors of the earth quites associated with precarious the eruption began back in september so the
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authorities have this well under control that evacuated the area that slightly widened the exclusion zone to try to act like a few people but that's that at least that main area of risk around the volcano has been cleared. not want to come of this news hour including the greek defense minister faces tough questions about a controversial multi-million dollar saudi arms deal. they stabilize the government . we visit the size of africa's biggest hydroelectric dam project and find out why it's so controversial. and sixteen years of davis cup pain comes to an end for france peter will tell you how they did install. the turkey is calling for the case against a turkish gold cape trader to be dropped saying he's being pressured to make accusations against his homeland his aim is reza rob and he and eight other people
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have been charged with engaging in transactions that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars which evaded u.s. sanctions against iran the. in the years two thousand and ten and twenty fifteen now the turkish prime minister has described the case as an indisputable plot against turkey and that the accusations have no legal basis the turkish government has previously suggested that the case is politically motivated or may have been instigated by fit to live and he lives in the u.s. turkey blames glen's movement for last year's failed coup against president. well we can speak to sell the toll now his national financial security analyst she's joining us from is stamboul why does the government think that this case is politically motivated. well this is before asking the question of.
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political motivated it's better to ask why u.s. jurisdiction is accused saying you are now you a citizen based on the fact that by u.s. law which is all bigotry only to u.s. citizens in fact according to u.n. resolution one thousand two into knowing that it all is a serious measures granted to all. goods and services accordingly but according to the u.n. your resolutions and any iranian crude oil expert was actually legitimate. starting through two thousand and. since there we go after. the u.s. . open it's all sanctions and in fact using its all international convention power to eliminate or to contain iran within the region and that's that's turkey was actually injured so what you're suggesting is that the
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u.s. authorities are trying to ratchet up the pressure on iran but using turkey is that what you're suggesting. well my suggestion is that you and u.n. resolution was which has been active in two thousand and ten was not included crude oil export as a sanction issue and this is the u.s. sanctions. so turkey starting from two thousand and ten and afterwards try to to help iran and also other countries whose export to exporting oil from your i like india for example and to to make to trade up ironic because turkey and iran in this region is its cause through to be our.
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two important regional countries regional congress which actually it is very upset literally unbelievable why u.s. is considering this case as illegitimate and want to learn. how would you describe the state of relations between the u.s. and turkey right now. well you us. before asking the question i think we have to ask which u.s. are we talking about pentagon are we talking about the regional. cia or any other. organizations like that or are we talking about mr trump the president by and can self because absolutely i think we have some. difficulties to understand what u.s. policy is is absolutely trying to do turkey is it cools and very strategic ally to us for the last two years and until after the two thousand and eight when actual
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crisis turkey is important is need to be considered or need to be recalled stood again by the u.s. options because at the end of the day there is a new law in town this is china chinese rise and they want to project creating absolutely new strategy mansion's so i cannot understand why and to to what is the motivation behind. for some of us or officials to draw a case like that which is absolutely against international law and standards so what top thank you very much for joining us my pleasure thank you. greece's defense minister is facing questions over a seventy nine million dollar deal with saudi arabia that's now being put on hold the disputed may pose a threat to the left wing government of prime minister alexis tsipras. joins us
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live from athens in simple terms as possible john what exactly is going on. well the defense minister has just spoken in parliament in order to defend himself but he hasn't defended himself on the two key points of the opposition's accusations the first is why was the government attempting to sell saudi arabia three hundred thousand tank shells when it appears that the saudis were only interested in one hundred thousand tank shells and secondly why were they going through a middleman when twenty eleven law has expressly forbidden any arms procurements through middle parties it has to be state to state in order to ensure transparency in the transaction. regarding the first mr governor said that the initial contracts were drawn up for three hundred thousand and to redraft those contracts for a different smaller number of would have essentially blown the whole deal up in the
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air and he was very keen to get rid of these tank shells as quickly as he could because he was going to have to pay more than fifteen million dollars in order to have them destroyed once their shelf life was over that would have been very soon instead he would have seized he would rather seize an opportunity to make seventy five million dollars regarding the second point was to come in as merely said i went through a middleman that the opposition has also used in the past but that doesn't really constitute a defense in this case all right john these are all of these allegations and surrounding this prospective deal centered upon one man the defense minister why is this possibly why does this have the potential then to go further and to the government of. well if it does come to something serious like a confidence motion in the government what i expect would happen is what happened last september when again the defense minister. was on
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a vote to lift his parliamentary immunity in order for him to answer charges. that he was illegally in illegally in contact with a convicted drug dealer in prison and that there was no call for him to do so within the bounds of his duties on that occasion the leftwing caesar party brought to bear and together with mr. minority coalition partner the independent greeks party because they hold one hundred fifty three seats in parliament managed to defeat that motion to lift his immunity so i imagine that that would again happen because it's not just the defense minister fighting for his political life here it is the government fighting to preserve its parliamentary majority and to remain in power until the twenty nineteen election is due. mr us has no one else in parliament to work with no but there is no other party that is apparently willing to enter into
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a coalition with him and if the defense minister goes down and takes away his nine m.p.'s then the government collapses. that he will keep an eye on that dramatic situation in greece for us. all right it's time for the weather now is everton and it seems to me all change in the u.k. as we go from autumn is definitely to winter yeah i'm afraid that is the case martin we got a cold blast just knocking on the door if you take a look at the satellite picture so this lovely blanket of cloud right there over the u.k. at the plaza site is the blanket move the blanket and it gets a good deal colder that cold air will make its way further southwards as we go on through the next couple of days at the moment you can see how it's filtering down across the low countries into northern parts of france here's a cold front. just tucked in behind a nice speckling of shower clouds and that will follow its way through as we go on through the next day or so so certainly feeling very very cold at the moment temperatures around eleven degrees celsius in london we're looking at temperatures
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no higher than around seven right celsius as we go on to choose day and those winds coming in from the atlantic always a mild direction now we're looking at the winds coming in from the arctic cold direction so we'll fill noticeably colder as we go on through tuesday some snow there just across central and southern parts of france pushing down towards the alpine regions and they will make its way across the alps as we go on through awareness day to choose the night into wednesday you can see have a system continues to sink its way further south as it is a cold front of course the cold air stays very much in place here we chris it will be sunny but you may well need to gloves as well as you say it's temperatures in london no higher than seven degrees marty. and in turn fox and then now we hear it here is continuing with its plans to build a massive new despite growing objections from egypt the project has strained relations between the two countries because egypt which lies downstream sees it as
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a risk to its water supply from the blue nile mohammed vall has been to the site of the five billion dollar project which will one day be africa's biggest hydroelectric. work at the ground if you're putin a sas continues through the night flood lights help workers connect my own thoughts that beehive atmosphere on top of the central section of the one point seven kilometer down concrete slabs suspended from giant cranes for the next layer of the world the project's chief engineer says work is so advanced that some of the sixteen pilot or binds are already in place. within this hydro power scheme we have two powerhouses one is on the right side and the other on is on the left side the right is a cure for the with ten units and the left is a cure for the with six units in total we have sixteen units with this we can generate up to
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a maximum of five hundred megawatts of electricity. the final capacity of the dam however will exceed six thousand it michael and it will allow you to open not only to satisfy its domestic needs in electric power but also to become a major exporter of electricity to regions as far away south africa and the western world with sixty three percent of the construction achieved according to engineers here the dam is beginning to take its final shape if you see this part of it it represents the highest level beyond it that's the beginning of the reservoir of the lake on the upstream side it is going to be able to hold up to seventy four billion cubic meters of water. a five kilometer long supplementary dam is being built to world this side of the reservoir that will cover an area of one thousand eight hundred and seventy four square kilometers despite the cost of the dam nearing five billion dollars and the controversy around it it joe perry cysts on completing it
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through its own means its next door neighbor sudan says it's happy with the project saying it will preserve its share of the water that used to go to egypt but egypt the major downstream benefit of the nile and what it is concerned that down would affect its share of this vital resource it to be officials say egypt wants construction to stop pending the completion of technical studies and the final agreement over the issues but if your peer is infusing them to comply. with. never stop and will never stop until the project is completed during the technical committee meetings the work continued in the dam we are not concerned by what he dipped things he did to benefit them as water sources without causing harm to anyone if you are pure hasn't made clear how long it will take to fill the down or how it plans to fulfill its promise of not harming downstream countries like egypt as
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a rhetorical over the project heats up sources have told us they also maximum security around the dam with an undeclared no fly zone and anti-aircraft defenses there have been rumors on social media here in ethiopia about possible air strikes by egypt to destroy them all to getting fears of what could be africa's most ambitious hydroelectric project could perhaps provoke a destructive conflict one hundred five a disease at the ground or in a north western ethiopia. on the al jazeera news. i will do what he did to staying hell even to sleep the only night without somebody . robert mugabe may be gone but fair of him remains the zimbabwean. farmers tell us why. how climate change is sucking the life out of all the farms across the mediterranean. one of europe's most successful football clubs father coach peter we'll tell you more.
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on counting the cost crocodile economics what emerson melange god what will have to do to transform zimbabwe's finances a modern day slave trade in libya and how china's internet giant ten cent over took facebook. counting the cost at this time on a visit. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth as i would that's what this job. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say you know you will first just makes up of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about
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people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. deal with al-jazeera these are our top stories courtesy this in pakistan of cold off a three week sit in near the capital after a government minister resigned it was a victory for the demonstrators have been demanding saeed hommage stay. down over the wording of a parliamentary bill have accused him of blasphemy. france's the head of the catholic church has arrived in yangon on the first stop of his six day tour of meum are in bangladesh it's a politically sensitive time as mammals government is accused of committing crimes
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against the british muslim minority of o'kane on the indian either an indonesian island of bali is rumbling and spewing smoke officials say there's likely to be a major eruption at any moment after one hundred thousand people living nearby have been told to leave their homes. now there have been reports of looting and illegal occupation of houses and farms in zimbabwe the military and police have released a joint statement saying those behind the criminal behavior will be held responsible and the military seize power almost two weeks ago a move that led to the resignation of the former president robert mugabe andrew symonds has more from harare. anderson moon god had appealed for no retribution against mugabe's supporters but that warning appears not to have been heeded in several places the police and the military say that attacks have taken place on
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property farms on land there have been fires and there have been occupations now it's reported that the nephew of mcgarvie patrick a jew well who has been one of the victims in the sense that his property has been attacked there's no word as to the man's whereabouts in fact this is all of rumors going around about the whereabouts of former ministers several have escaped the country and it appears the army and police have arrested some as well although they don't confirm this the police and the army say that the main installations of military in the capital and elsewhere are now back to barracks but they are doing army and police patrols right the way across the country in particular in the capital central business district and in terms of court hearings ignatius chaum borrow the sixty six year old former finance minister is accused of corruption charges and is trying to get bail here in harare magistrate's court along with
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zanny chip rango well now the drug mcgarvie has gone many zimbabweans are feeling free to speak out for the first time about the kinds of conditions under which they've lived and some of them have been speaking to for me to miller our correspondent who's in mazowiecki just north of the capital harare. mazzoli in much shauna land a rich and fertile is perfect for farming and gold deposits scattered in its mountains it was seized from white farmers and nationalized under former president robert mugabe's land reform program in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's but in recent years black zimbabweans here one backed land under that program say the mugabe government has been trying to push them off their farms it was a very terrifying bit they can lead to doing. the dogs every so they awakened us from from our house in the i ordered us to
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go out is the myself in the mail wife. got out of the house beast with that abyss that didn't destroy my kitchen my bedroom in the best bare room my storage and everything christoffersen owners lived and farmed here for seventeen years holding on despite what he says is constant police harassment he and others have been to court to stop it but the police raids kept coming. after yet another day of rain cristobal complains to his wife that their store grain will be ruined police destroyed their storage shed in the last raid more than nine hundred families once live genoud just one hundred forty three remain with mazowiecki immense commercial potential and vast water resources people here say mugabe's wife grace wants it all even though gabi is no longer president and his
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wife grace doesn't have the polish she wants wielded special task force police still present here monitoring the area essentially protecting it for the mugabe family people living here say they continue to feel intimidated and harassed now we don't know which will we start which we are going through because every time they stick a guess and even me. then why did to stay even to sleep all night without somebody several kilometers away construction of a luxury hotel belonging to grace mugabi has been abandoned the mcgarvie is also own a dairy farm nearby which grace managed until she turned her attention to a political aspirations while the government says it's given mugabe immunity it's not known which of his properties or businesses he'll be allowed to keep there also allegations that there are links to millions of dollars worth of zimbabwe's missing diamond revenue since more gabby's overthrow people in missouri we have been told
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they can stay giving christopher some hope this will remain his home but no guarantee for me al-jazeera mazzoli is in barbwire. to kenya now where president is due to be sworn in on very first second term after a long and bitter election campaign there was first the knowledge recreation of all this presidential election that was followed by an october rerun the political crisis continues to impact what is east africa's dominant economy catherine shore from nairobi. an ordinary weekday morning in kenya's capital nairobi. and as always scores of people make their way to the city's industrial area to look for casual employment. what is changing the last few months is that jobs have become even more scarfs. events most of blames the recent election period and the political uncertainty around it he's waiting for what at this battery manufacturing
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plant he says he's only done ten days of work and around sixty dollars since august after election. after the august election on the rerun there were no jobs at all but we still have to come and try our luck. thanks some people try their luck in other factories like this vehicle assembly plant but it's also been tough for big industries the private sector has suffered huge losses many companies have downsized some have closed and investors are holding on to their money for now big contracts which were meant to begin immediately after the election was postponed by international customers who are in to do road construction on a real estate big project development they said let's wait and see how the election spins out. out on the streets most kenyans are also feeling the effects of an economy that is slowing down their cost of living has doubled in the last by ideas
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and now the government has downscaled its economic growth forecast for this year to five point one from five point nine percent the konami had almost always dipped during election. yes it happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and in two thousand and seven after i disputed paul and post-election the economy crashed this time around i was already struggling because of among other things a prolonged drought many are saying that the political uncertainty around the election just made things worse if i was present today i would be you know really in on a privatization program i would be doing much more to stimulate particularly agriculture it's very easy you know so many people in our economy are dependent on it you get it working the sense of well being translates very very quickly across the board. many people now hope that their lection over the economy will stabilize. but the
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opposition led by ryan is planning more protests and economic boycotts to push for a new vote this may mean one certainty and economic hard times catching al-jazeera aerobic kenya. the floor of a nightclub has collapsed on the spanish island of trying to reef off morocco injuring twenty two people many of them fell from the ground floor into the basement mostly ending up with broken legs and ankles video posted by the father. of firefighters picking through the rubble in the ruined club which is located in a shopping mall. the first official numbers released after the honduras presidential election show the opposition leaders salvador nasrallah has a surprise lead over the incumbent one orlando and anders earlier both of them had declared victory before any of the official figures came in with more than half the ballots now counted the electoral tribunal says the opposition leader now is roller has a five point lead. is considered one of the world's most violent countries and has
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the highest level of economic inequality in latin america and voters say while health and education are some of the most important issues on their minds they've also want whoever becomes president to continue tackling crime mariana sanchez ripples from the capital to go to girl power the. hundreds went to the polls on sunday with a range of issues on their minds like the economy many hoping and your government will not forget the poor. the most important thing is ending poverty providing everyone with housing and food. has the highest level of economic inequality in latin america the world bank says more than sixty six percent of one durance live in poverty the border say while health and education are also important issues on durance who want the new president to continue tackling crime on average more than three hundred thirty her durance are killed
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every month. i want the country to improve better education more jobs but there aren't so many. this is the first time a president is running for reelection since a two thousand and fifteen supreme court decision lifted a constitutional ban but critics say during his four year tenure precedent cannot london and this has gained too much power controlling the judiciary and the electoral court opposition parties say they were only recognize the ballots their monitors consider as valid and now the official results will. they say the election could be rigged. i mean it has no says both of his parents are eligible to vote and both have been long dead. my father is eligible to vote he died seventeen years ago he would be one hundred twenty years old known as it used as identity but no one is controlling this. twelve thousand monitors from ten
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political parties and more than two hundred international observers were touring polling stations at the bit where. there are faults in the system the tribunal sometimes does not open the people's registry but this is normal. for now the main opposition party say they will remain vigilant until they can compare their results with the official ones for they accept the elections were transparent but innocent as i just see. that business may be booming for lebanon's growth but their livelihoods are coming under increasing threat from climate change across the whole mediterranean searing summers and unpredictable winters a cuffing all of you by as much as a fifth. report from southern lebanon. it's a tradition almost as ancient as the civilizations that first settled these hills for thousands of years all of those have been hand picked across southern lebanon
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much like they are today the fruit is a staple in mediterranean kitchens and all of oil is a crucial ingredient. lebanese farmers typically press oil at their own small batch facilities it's a complex process that sees the all the fruit washed pitted ground into a paste and then pressed into a golden oil the family has been in the business for as long as anyone can remember he says he can't imagine doing anything else was i think going with a going on of all is very nutritious and has so many benefits even god spoke about it in one of the verses in the koran all of all it is medicine it is the greatest of all these. modernization has made pressing all of us into oil less labor intensive and more lucrative but in recent years farmers have been struggling to keep up with demand all of oil production is becoming increasingly risky business cross the mediterranean the land the birds according to environmentalists climate
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change is needed three pieces for you. from southern europe to north africa to the levant hotter than average summers and cold winters have seen harvest shrink according to forecasters at the international of council mediterranean oil production has declined by around twenty percent when compared to averages from the decade between two thousand and two thousand and ten delivering a major setback to the billion dollar industry and as the region supply becomes increasingly unpredictable some boss players have started looking elsewhere for future sources of all of oil including california australia and new zealand something producers in lebanon say could destroy their ancient way of life. me i'm worried about the import of all of this on all of oil from abroad we must be able to export our own harvest i only hope our industry works to keep these markets open
4:46 pm
for us because oral isn't the best quality growing global demand for all of oil as a food and health product is also putting pressure on the may lead mediterranean base apply or is to produce even more but with all of harvest continuing to decline because of the region's changing climate it's hard to see how they'll be able to do that. al-jazeera. and southern but about. the intends bidding will between american citizen want to be home to amazon's new headquarters. and find out what this australian cricketer had to say that left his captain in stitches peter will tell you all.
4:47 pm
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now the online retailing giant amazon is at the center of a fierce bidding war between us it is they want to be home to the company's new headquarters believing it will bring big economic benefits. ripples from one of the hopefuls newark. and old abandoned baseball stadium what's become a symbol of a city decline but in the city of newark there are signs that things are changing what is this going to be. this is going to be a very large for me new project will have a. housing unit. in newark a revival with the development boom in recent years we believe that north time has come and we wanted to be part of it but now the city located just fifteen
4:49 pm
kilometers from new york is thought to be a top contender for the second headquarters of the retail giant amazon the city is treating it like it was beating to host the olympics we are that match we had the infrastructure you know we have the people we have the diversity newark is not alone in wanting to become the host city for amazon second headquarters more than two hundred thirty cities are making beard's they are all over the country and range from big cities like boston chicago denver and los angeles to small cities like wilmington delaware population seventy one thousand amazon has promised to invest five. billion dollars in the local economy to the winning city and i said the second headquarters could bring fifty thousand new jobs in its bid to move or amazon here to newark this city and state are offering the company huge financial
4:50 pm
incentives primarily between five and seven billion dollars in tax breaks critics say the plan is built on a flawed theory called trickle down economics that reducing taxes on business will stimulate economic growth for the poor trickle down doesn't really trickle down to the working class or to low income people so i think people in newark should be really concerned and some people are while we had. that's not good to me but others see opportunity. because a lot of people need just one city like so many others in north america looking for amazon to make another delivery a boost to their local economy gabriel zandi al-jazeera in newark new jersey. all right it's time for this full. of my theme thank you so much strain you have
4:51 pm
drawn first blood in the ashes cricket series against old rivals england have won the first test in brisbane by ten wickets the australians only needed fifty six more runs of the start of play on day five opening batsman david warner and cameron bancroft took their team scored eighty seven not out bancroft was unbeaten on eighty two as they reached a victory target of one hundred and seventy the second test will be a day night contest in adelaide then starts on saturday. we were very happy with the team that we picked in now it was just about performing and we've obviously performed really well in this game after probably a bit of a shaky start. but you know i think this team has the potential to do some really good things and will have to continue to play really good cricket for three days you played some excellent cricket unfortunately when we go into good positions we didn't quite catalyze and and if we'd have done that then you know we've been a very different school board so i right now. there are things that we need to
4:52 pm
address and learn from from this game there has been a lot of talk about an incident that took place on a night out during one of england's warm up matches. headbutted australia's cameron bancroft well much has been made of the incident bankrupt himself as lofted off as just a bit of fun. yeah what. tommy. said sorry for me personally it was just really weird. you know it was so random and i certainly didn't expect it coming you know as i said you know shaq or hog or something that would have gained something that i probably would have would have expected more than a headband. france are celebrating their first davis cup tennis talking sixteen years of the beating belgium in this year's final they took a two one lead over the belgium's into the final day in lieu of a push all the way to a deciding foot singles match held in greece and has more. with nine players
4:53 pm
ranked inside the top one hundred fronts were always going to be one of the favorites to win tennis is to the world cup. belgium may only have two top one hundred players but one of them is wild number seven debbie fan. and he showed why he's been one of the best players on the a.t.p. all season with a straight sets win over french number one joe wilfred tsonga. the old so with the final all square at team matches at pace it was over to veteran belgian steve dusty and the young to of the french team because. he was just seven years old when france last won the davis cup in two thousand and one but the world number eighteen didn't show any signs of knives as he demolished his elder opponent to secure a tenth davis cup title for his country. break again for the belgians who also lost the trying to fifteen final to great britain but with their first title
4:54 pm
in sixteen years france and now the joint that my successful nation in the one hundred seventeen year long history of the event for captain yannick noah it's a title in charge up to also leading france a victory in one nine hundred ninety one and one thousand nine hundred six and with such strength and depth in his team it wouldn't be surprising if they added to that tally in the near future helen place and al-jazeera. italian football giants ac milan have sacked their code shivan chains on montel and after a poor start of the season milan are seven times european champions but have struggled in the last few years new chinese investors were hoping to boost the club by spending two hundred thirty three million dollars during the pre-season transfer window on new players but montell or has been shown the door with the club lying seventh in city are eleven points outside of the champions league qualifying positions for millenia midfielder gennaro gattuso will take over. controversy on
4:55 pm
the football pitch as barcelona played out a one one draw with valencia that should have seen the league leaders boss or come away with a win you know messi andy's team were left frustrated when he's goal was disallowed even though replays showed it had clearly crossed the line second place valencia went in front through roderigo about a late equaliser from jordi alba ensured a share of the points the result keeps bassa four points clear at the top of the table russian methods remain suspended from international track and field events after the world athletics governing body announced it is maintaining the doping ban but it put in place two years ago and the i.w. have say it will stay as long as key russian sports and political figures continue to deny the country as a doping system in place unless there is a acknowledgement of what happened before you can be assurance that it will not happen again. they're for. the task force recommended
4:56 pm
to the idea of council. not be reinstated at this time in the n.b.a. despite getting off to a slow start the miami heat pulled off a third straight win beating the chicago bulls on sunday after scoring a mere seven points in the first quarter miami got thirty eight in the second and as you would expect it took them into believe to go and drag h. scored fourteen of his team high twenty four points in the fourth quarter of the game one hundred ninety three with the final score the bulls of mel lost five straight games the n.h.l. celebrated its one hundred year anniversary on sunday and there was plenty of action on the ice including a disappointing loss for the first u.s. team to join the national hockey league that being the boston bruins they were beaten by the edmonton oilers ending what was a four game winning streak leon dry cycle and patrick mirror each school day seven goals of the season to help it went into the victory for two with the final score.
4:57 pm
the twenty seventeen formula one season ended with valtteri bottas laying down a marker in abu dhabi ahead of the twenty eight hundred season lewis hamilton had already security's fourth world sightly mexico two races ago but it was easy. to change victory in the final race all of the year on sunday ahead of hamilton for the food when obvious career the two drivers also secured a fourth constructors' championship for miss a in october. actually if so well. ferrari sebastian vettel was third in this race and that was enough to finish in second place in the overall standings the race also marked the end of philippe masters fifteen year formula one career. big big congratulations. an amazing job today to hold me off but it was a it was a great race event i just gave it everything every single lap it's very very hard
4:58 pm
to overtake here so what you get the last sector struggle a little bit but i gave it everything is congrats to valerie very happy for him and again very very much congratulations to louis on the season it is of the to win the championship this year in the end i hate to say it but he was the better man so i'm sure you know we will do our bit over the winter and hopefully come back stronger and we'll leave it there from our whole sport coming up again later marty peter thank you very much indeed that's so from the news hour don't go away because i'll be back in just a minute hearted with the very latest come from geneva and the rest of the day's nice. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects at this time the nature of news as it breaks the last time synagogue qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage try to imagine that only seven years ago people were living right here. now the city has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to caracas a missed opportunity a braai. witness
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