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i want to cover the world. is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the. people are not in themselves and the other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that. the people who pay the price live their rights up in prejudice setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. and
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live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm dreading obligates a welcome to the news grid of thousands of people welcome the leader of the roman catholic church to me in march the pope is set to meet leaders of thought nation including on science and cheek but there is one word he's been asked not to say will bring you the details with the end of the war in syria in sight another round of political talks in geneva are set to begin for the eighth time will the fast changing battlefield affect the outcome this time and how can the country rebuilds we have report and analyses coming up and in the new amount of gunk threatens to erupt thousands of people in bali have been moved out of harm's way but the government says thousands more need to be evacuated we'll take a closer look at the volcano with the help of our weather presenter richard angwin i'm heading home and there's a royal wedding set. as britain's prince harry marries actress meghan markle but
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it's not only love and praise says mina racist backlash around that announcement that the us he's national news right. here with the news spread we are live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com thanks for joining us there is one big question looming over pope francis his first visit to me in mar will he mention the word hinge up now the pontiff has already met the military chief who told him there is no religious discrimination in the country he's expected to meet a young son suchi on tuesday his advisors have insisted he shouldn't mention the word for fear of upsetting his hosts more than six hundred thousand roven to have fled violence led by the military there now in bangladesh scott idler has more from young gone. roman catholic leader pope francis has been
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an advocate for refugees and the oppressed around the world on monday he embarks on a trip to the region facing one of the biggest force exodus in the world this year previously he called the muslim or hindu good and peaceful people tortured and killed simply because of their fate. during his visit the main focus will be on their plight but many will also be focused on whether the pope actually calls them . something the catholic leadership in myanmar has advised him against there are six hundred fifty thousand catholics in myanmar that's less than two percent of the country's population which is overwhelmingly buddhist. a member of unsung two g.'s ruling party explains why they don't want the pope to use the word hinge or. we do not accept the temora hinges they are bengalis muslims from bangladesh so we would like to request that he use the official term if the tape uses the ten you have to
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assume that it's an insult to. one bishop from a remote pocket of catholics in chin state is hopeful the visit will go smoothly. there might be some differences of opinion between the pope and the me on my government but since he's been invited to this country i'm sure they will be understanding a growing list of nations and international bodies are calling the military crackdown on the right ethnic cleansing something myanmar rejects. visiting both sides of the crisis the pope will meet military and civilian leaders here in myanmar also hold a large mass and young guy on the nation's largest city. then later in the week will travel to bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of refugees are sheltering with plans to meet a group over him and the country's leadership catholics from across myanmar traveling here to yangon to see their cope some trips taking days by road and by rail and some sleeping outside just so they can be here. i'm ok with the fact that
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he's coming for everyone in the country not only for christians. our country is not stable there are many conflicts the pope will bring peace here we need development i hope he's going to help bring development high hopes for the pope's first visit to myanmar. in which he will need to not only bring the message of peace from a religious leader but channel the abilities of an artful diplomat got harder al-jazeera. will not cross over to toronto joining us is father thomas reese seeker he's the c.e.o. of salt and light catholic media foundation he's also the former media of the holy see press office and continues to work closely with the vatican thanks for joining us on al-jazeera how much of a tight rope is the pope walking and what do you expect him to do will he be using the word. thank you very much for inviting me when
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the pope visits a country particularly in this country he goes first of all as a pastor to encourage the christians and the catholics living there he goes as a peacemaker and is a bridge builder he never goes to burn bridges he's been well informed and advised by those on the scene by cardinal boll by the bishops by other people not to use language that would provoke and burned bridges he is certainly aware of the refugee crisis he's referred to it several times over the past year and i think it would be unfair for you or for anyone to simply reduce the visit to myanmar as whether or not he's going to say the r. word he's going to build peace he's going to encourage people to change the schedule already this morning rather than meeting with the military leaders later on he chose to do that right in the beginning it's also important to realize that he will be meeting when he gets to bangladesh with some of the hundreds of thousands of refugees and so he's listening he's coming as
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a peacemaker he's coming to build bridges he is certainly not coming to provoke but he is a pope that has spoken out on the refugee issue he's certainly used the words a row hinge in the past so a lot of people just wondering why he wouldn't do so now and do you think that discredits him in a way. not at all if if we've had any pope interested so deeply concerned with refugees it's been pope francis we remember the earliest moments in lampedusa in two thousand and thirteen and subsequently but when the pope arrives in a particular country among the people of that country he never comes to provoke he's well aware that his very presence is a sign is a symbol meeting with the military meeting with the leader of the government we realize too that it's a very fragile democracy that's in place and the pope does not want to come to ruin that his presence is the gift and he speaks with his presence and gestures to
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apply our terminology or our expectations to this it would be very unfair there's a much greater thing that's at stake here it's peace and justice and awareness of refugees and i think the entire world knows his deep concern and solidarity with those who have been expelled or those who are without a home those who are wondering does this huge migrant crisis a process cross the face of the earth you continue to work closely with the vatican so can i go out on a limb here and say that from what you're telling me your advice to the pope wouldn't be to use the word that rohingya. i think the pope has been well advised by his own diplomatic efforts by cardinal parlin and those working with him by cardinal both for whom he has an immense respect and i can't imagine the pope going against so many people who are saying tread lightly in
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this situation speak forcefully tread lightly and listen to the people the pope is coming is a pastor is somebody to listen and so i would fully agree with the advice that's been given to him but as we know pope francis will do what he wishes and so we need to wait and to see and to listen carefully but also to watch his gestures his gestures speak or write and that is what we will wait and see we thank you father thomas reese sikka for speaking to us from toronto well since his papacy began in twenty thirteen pope francis has established himself as a people's pope now he's popular all around the world and has a reputation as a reformer able to reinvigorate the catholic church for the modern age but how successful have his reforms been so al-jazeera as hosts of up fronts mad he has done and his guests debate this very issue right there it's from an earlier episode this year but very much relevant today you'll find it on al-jazeera dot com by
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searching for hope up front in the search button now the syrian media reports syrian media rather reports that its government negotiators have delayed their travel to geneva for the next round of talks aimed at ending the war in the country chooses meeting will be led by the u.n. special envoy stefan de mistura he's managed to bring the syrian government and opposition to the table in the past but has failed to get any agreement so the main sticking point between both sides has been in the past whether president bashar assad should step down from power some of binge of aid reports from jobless we're not everyone is keen on the negotiations. people inside syria have been telling us that they are afraid of another round of talks because every time negotiations happen both sides try to accelerate their suffering their attacks on people and the suffering of people actually in pieces in the last twenty four hours we've had multiple attacks in the eastern suburbs of damascus
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a looter. of more than four hundred thousand people are believed to be besieged united nations have been calling on all parties to allow unhindered access and it's been waiting for the assad government to try and get aid to these people but haven't been able to retrieve the hospitals are very ill equipped and one airstrike an artillery strike happened in the various they're not able to provide help to the people who have been injured elsewhere in syria in their door the death toll from this strike that happened twenty four hours earlier when russia attacked a group of people which was believed to be and i thought i did but in fact ended up killing many many civilians that that knowledge possible fifty and medical there and the local sources there feel that that death toll is also going to mount well the u.s. has almost no friends in the store is speaking right now he's briefing the united nations security council via video conference from geneva itself and that is where
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our diplomatic editor james bays is joining us from to tell us the position of the syrian government james it seems that so they have been delayed why's that. yeah the syrian government is not yet here in geneva they have perspire on the flight that negotiating team was supposed to be on we've had this before the other way around where the opposition so it took some time to take to come to these talks the syrian government says it's unhappy with the opposition still saying that assad must go that of course has been their consistent position every single time we've had negotiations taking place here in syria it's nothing really new and there are some that suspect the real reason may be the fact that the syrian government is still in a military phase right now intensifying the operations as you've heard particularly in eastern while i can tell you that stefan de mistura the mediator of these talks
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moments ago in the u.n. security council condemned that intensification of the fighting that's taking place now he said these are supposed to be deescalation zones and that is what is needed to make these talks work he's also though somewhat more optimistically told the security council that this is a moment of truth coming he said after the effect of defeat in terms of territory on the ground in syria of eisel he said this is the time now for the political process for the failed diplomacy that has gone on for so long in syria to come to something that actually can bring an agreement that can bring peace ok james raise thank you for that update well now speak to set of how he's a professor of conflict resolution a dorothy mason university is a joining us here on the set thanks for being with us just your initial analysis of the talks in geneva eighth round we're seeing now what's different. absolutely
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nothing new because we have recycled the same you and i approach in trying to bring both sides the league asian from and that there must course and the correlation of several syrian opposition groups through the front platform of the russian platform this hour the platform. the problem is we are trying to bring them to talk however since the first geneva round in june two thousand and twelve when looked there but i mean was the main or the chief negotiator he was talking to two different groups and he could not have a face to face in the dark and so i come from a perspective of conflict that you need to engage them in bridging the differences first and breaking the ice so i am not really does hope for the dysthymia something becomes clear on the table or a comparison to be made what's going on in geneva and what we saw happen in sochi earlier earlier last week where you had the russians the turks and the iranians
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come together and put in coming out and saying that he supports an initiative to convene all syrian congress for a national dialogue in syria so when you look at both this parallel diplomacy that's going on which one has more likes to stand on one there is more legitimacy in the geneva process that's in the name of the entire council security council five permanent members under ten on women's now it seems that there is a competing in diplomatic process by the kremlin with the turks with the iranians since the russians have helped the syrian government to regain ninety percent of that that it were inside syria so to me this second or alternative diplomatic process is it defacto exercises of power so it does not it does not represent the international community it becomes it builds on this struggle in you and process therefore we have split the debate around the syrian crisis. the political
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dimension now the russians they want to talk about the survival of or the future of bashar assad in writing and there must be rights i would tackle in the humanitarian crisis i think the you and i was well as the russians have not done much then are we. sort of finding a way to go beyond the current cold war between the regional powers while they have been their proxy war inside syria so we have so much complexities in both processes and fortunately i don't it doesn't to me it doesn't seem that the sochi or the russian approach is trying to compliment or to bring in new them it is if you as i think she said about the absence of the united states and in all of this different land i think that the obama administration was responsible for the lane and then running away from the whole conflict but in two thousand and twelve
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told us that in even said that next time if there is use of chemical weapons were going to intervene so i think the legitimacy and also the credibility of the united states has been undermined now with from the word house. but between it in the same kind of laid back isolationists approach so unfortunately we're trying to manage the crisis but there are no real prospects of a framework of what is a relation or at least a settlement and now if you break down the opposition platform by select in those who should or should not attend geneva you are making more difference or bringing more differences into the conflict saw i think it's going to stay with us for a number of a number of years ok and how much of how we thank you very much for joining us on the news grid what to what extent is russia setting the agenda for an end to the
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conflict and how it's put in driving the peace process jane dunn and guests debate this very issue on an earlier episode of inside story and you can find that episode by going to al jazeera dot com clicking on so and then clicking on inside story. we'll now cross over to barbara sara in london who has more of the international news. thank you as starting pakistan where protesters are winding down they are sitting near the capital islamabad after the law minister gave into their demands and resigned many though are sticking around to celebrate. they've been demanding that he didn't need step down or be sacked over the wording of a parliamentary bill which they described as blasphemous the demonstrations are spread to towns and cities across pakistan six people were killed over the weekend when
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police tried to disperse crowds from ohio has more now the pakistani capital they. are all fair protests began. their goal why did the board by the government security force. there. that changed everything the writing then spread across the country for him the law minister daughter dying. if you know the end of. the now gathering point we're going to be remembered for a long time to come and it ignored the law minister already paid a price but did it know it kidding predicted against their country. who had failed to deliver and for a problem it sure did functional government did it. not going to
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draw anything and it all. it's going. from what happened to him yeah going to lose support and heart and i were geared up one job. it may be the beginning of the end of the ruling party. turkey is calling on the united states to drop a case against a turkish gold trader who is accused of evading u.s. sanctions on iran turkey is that the prime minister said the case against that reza rob is a plot against turkey and has no legal basis that rob and then executives of turkish state owned how crank are charged with doing deals with the iranian government and entities worth around hundreds of millions of dollars in a scheme to evade u.s. sanctions the turkish government says the case is being instigated by supporters of the us based religious leader for two local. there are reports of looting and the
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illegal occupation of houses and farms in zimbabwe the military and police have released a joint statement saying anyone carrying out criminal acts against supporters of former president robert mugabe would be held responsible andrew symonds has more from harare. anderson moon god had appealed for no retribution against mugabe's supporters but that warning appears not to have been heeded in several places the police and the military say that attacks have taken place on property farms on land that have been fires and there have been occupations now it's reported that the nephew of mcgarvie patrick a jew well who has been one of the victims in the sense that his property has been attacked there's no word as to the man's whereabouts in fact there's a swirl of rumors going around about the whereabouts of former ministers several have escaped the country and it appears the army and police have arrested some as
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well although they don't confirm this the police and the army say that the main installations of military in the capital and elsewhere are now back to barracks but they are doing army and police patrols right the way across the country in particular in the capital central business district and in terms of court hearings ignatius' chaum bo the sixty six year old former finance minister is accused of corruption charges and is trying to get bail here in harare magistrate's court along with zanny chip rango. well that's all for now i'm going to be back at six hundred g.m.t. with more on all of the day's news now let's go to rest. thanks barbara now britain's prince harry is engaged to american actress meghan markle where the wedding planned for early next year the news was just announced a few hours ago and this is what happened on twitter prince harry immediately became a worldwide trend we saw hundreds and thousands of words like engagement prince
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harry and royal from across the globe now the announcement was made on twitter by prince harry's father prince charles who said the wedding will take place in spring twenty eighteen and the couple will live in kensington palace. paris also wish them a lifetime of happiness as well as prince william and kate and the queen and duke of edinburgh however not everyone is happy about this in the reason for this is well meghan molecules racial background as a couple sought a dating model has been the target of racial comments online for being bi racial the thirty six year old actress is known for her role as a lawyer in the american t.v. series suits. it was this headline but the u.k. paper the daily mail who called the actress almost straight out of compton a reference to a rap album from the one nine hundred eighty s. and her race was talked about so much that the royal family actually released the
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rest statement last year confirming their relationship and saying a line was crossed calling it outright sexism and racism of social media trolls. but at least today the message appeared more positive and these are just some of the tweets we've been seeing sickening at them up for you yeah prince harry among a black woman one of the biggest hits against racism and hates and some are also says that prince harry's future mother in law is a black woman with drug locks there are no words for this kind of joy but as this use the points out it also means that the end of a dream for women all over the world who wish to marry the prince so some others already offering how much the wedding will actually cost william in case wedding cause that cost taxpayers around thirty million dollars so let us know what you think about this get in touch with us using the hash tag news grid or message me directly i'm. sorry. thank you coming up. in the break in just a moment for those turning us on facebook you see this how the translation of some
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words is helping the deaf community in colombia become one of the issues affecting their country and coming up on the grid we'll be looking at the french president emmanuel michaels first major visit to africa that's coming up in just a moment thank. for eastern parts of the mediterranean over the next couple days yet again we've got a little more cloud just rolling across the eastern med pushing across greece pulling out of greece extending into turkey as we go on tuesday can see how the rain clouds gather but across the levant that will bring some rather unsettled weather rain and cold enough to quite stiff breeze to follow we'll see temperatures in baghdad of around nineteen degrees celsius twenty two celsius there for a similar values as we go on into wednesday and by wednesday he comes that northern
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areas of syria for example will see more in the way of cloud and rain some snow there over the high ground of that breeze starting to pick up meanwhile just looking lousy fine and dry across the arabian peninsula little bit of cloud is possible around more than most parts of saudi arabia could see a little bit damp weather coming in here has settled in saudi over the next day temps just forty back a little so little bit of a chill in the air but still get up to around twenty seven degrees celsius with a fair amount of sunshine from out of sunshine too into south africa at present but we have got lots of showers just draining out of the congo basin extending across parts of the zimbabwe could also see some of the heavy showers and those showers i think mozambique. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short puzzle
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stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. al-jazeera. where every viewer.
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what's trending right now on our website the top story is about syria we're getting reports that eighty people have been killed in just over twenty four hours as you can see the second story we've been covering here on the newsgroup pope francis arrives in myanmar amid the. crisis and just if you take
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a look at the fifth story in fact it's also on the right hand just read much more about who they are on al-jazeera dot com on the home page. yeah. president meanwhile in my new i must call says he wants to transform his country's strained relationship with africa and go beyond its colonial legacy so the comments come as he begins a four day visit to the continent work in a faso is the first stop of my calls three nation tour unions there have called for protests and schools have been ordered to close because of security france's role in africa is not just limited to its colonial past but it's also shaped by its present day military interest it has thousands of troops spread right across the continent well now speak to him on his head of the european research at the global
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policy institute joining us live on skype from samenow and brittany thanks for joining us on the news grid so no doubt there are strong military tries between france and some countries in africa to what extent is that going to be a big part of trip he's going there to reinforce the military ties. yes it will be an important part two main themes will be security and development france as you know is already read into our very much in mali and he's involved debt and in central africa france recently or so in mali it was a summit of the g five group because france would like western african countries to look after their security so he would be talking about that at the same time there's another dimension that michael would want to bring to the security cooperation with african countries is the european demonstrate it would like to do your best to get more involved in especially in the area decide to fight against
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terrorism and that would be a subject of the we address in two days' time when he goes to abidjan fall summit between the african union and the european union well speaking of the countries that he's going to what do you make of the choice of countries he's first going to bring afonso and then moves on to ghana then the ivory coast what's the significance here. i think it's important generally is to put this is a fence of our own and you go to suckers it made it so ritual for french president to go in his first year to make a big speech about this african pretty see you know african country and they're asked to have done in deca and remember nicolas sarkozy made a speech there which went down very badly saying africa and africa story is chosen we're going to go book enough or so and i think it's very symbolic because france is of an accused of protecting leaders who've been in place for
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a long time i do expense of the interest of the book relation and this time is going to. be looking after so we're going to go where in two thousand and fourteen street demonstrations led to the ousting of the president would be indefinite twenty seven years so. he's going to a country where do you feel is very british sized where do you feel he's actually criticizing france's role in backing dictators you know to protect sco commercial interests. to let you get a license or the real state of france's relationship with the continent and will he be able to do so yes that's what prisons have said it will do is going to try to do it and is going to try to. insist on the dimension that you want to move away from aid to corporation development from aid to investment and one symbol of
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that will be the loan that france. sent to. ivory coast to build one point two billion euro and that france went to do very close to build a metro or do y z we love it we make a big speech about the need for education that africa is a country with rarely young population we needs to develop find its energy and france and europe to be involved in and big eight for the sake. of fellow we thank you. as we thank you very much for joining us on the newsgroup good to get your thoughts let's now go back to zimbabwe for a bit where the country is opening a new chapter in democracy so robert mugabe's authoritarian grip over the country and its people has ended and many now feel emboldened to speak out about harassment and intimidation they faced under his rule. or now with some of those accounts from
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my sewing. mazzoli in much shauna land a rich and fertile is perfect for farming and gold deposits scattered in its mountains it was seized from white farmers and nationalized under former president robert mugabe's land reform program in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's but in recent years black zimbabweans here one backed land under that program say the mugabe government has been trying to push them off their farms it was a very terrifying bit they can lead to doing. the dogs every so they awakened us from from our house in the eye or that. is the myself in the mail wife. got out of the house these with that this that idiot destroy my kitchen my bedroom in the best barrel my storage and everything christoffersen owners lived and farmed here for seventeen years
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holding on despite what he says is constant police harassment he and others have been to court to stop it but the police raids kept coming. after yet another day of rain cristobal complains to his wife that their store grain will be ruined police destroyed their storage shed in the last raid more than nine hundred families once live gen now just one hundred forty three remain with mazowiecki immense commercial potential and vast water resources people here say mugabe's wife grace wants it all even though gabi is no longer president and his wife grace doesn't have the polish she once wielded special task force police still present here monitoring the area essentially protecting it for the mugabe family people living here say they continue to feel intimidated and harassed now we don't know which will we start which we are going through because every time they stick
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a guess and even me. little what to do to stay even to sleep the whole night without somebody several kilometers away construction of a luxury hotel belonging to grace mccarthy has been abandoned to mugabe's also own a dairy farm nearby which grace managed until she turned her attention to a political aspirations while the government says it's given mugabe immunity it's not known which of his properties or businesses he would be allowed to keep there also allegations that there are links to millions of dollars worth of zimbabwe's missing diamond revenue since mugabe's overthrow people in missouri we have been told they can stay giving christopher some hope this will remain his home but no guarantee. what we do want to hear your thoughts here on the newsgroup about all the stories we're covering so you can tweet us at a.j. english or on facebook a send us
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a message there on facebook dot com slash aging was or what sapa plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine and use the hash tag a.j. news grid well the first official numbers in the honduras presidential election so show opposition leader salvador has a surprise lead over incumbent one orlando hernandez earlier both of them declared victory before any official numbers came in with over half of the ballots counted the electoral tribunal says the opposition leader nice fellow has a five point lead by diana sanchez joining us from to go so the president are now and as was the favorite to win during the campaign but now he's five percent behind the left wing salvador enough to allow what happen there. well during i think a few or weak points for on one part this is a country where corruption is rampant and there's a perception that he's been associated with corruption his brother has been
6:38 pm
associated with the drug cartel money final from the security from the social security was. arrived it came into his presidential campaign in two thousand and thirteen something that he accepted also but she's is security policies have been incredibly successful and he he. used to security policy says he's main flag for issues for his campaign this time however it seems that that's not the most important thing for hunger ends because we've been speaking to a lot of people in poor neighborhoods and people were saying yes it's important to have security in our neighborhoods but before that we need jobs and one of them that landis has not promised has not created the jobs he promised on the other hand is have all of the celebs who is now leading the vote it was very intelligent to target the young which is
6:39 pm
a group of people who. do not have jobs here in this country and he offered them jobs and we're just haitian and that's seems that that's the reason why the trend of the favorite is now reversed and there's a lot of enough rella is leading this vote with about a five percentage point well could got trend be changed because there still a percentage of votes that need to be counted. that's right and the real goal the need to be counted slowly coming into the capital and then incredibly not the rulebook here is very conservative and it could well be that most of the rural areas vote for none dismissals bill there is a chance that the trend that we have been seen for the last few hours can change ok i'm out on a sanchez will speak to later we thank you for that update from to go. well
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some political change also expected in honduras so the president's want to lower or land or nando's faced opposition leader. in one of the fiercest electoral campaigns in its recent history as we were just saying where he is watching the story for us as well what do you sing about this online it's very mix as well daryn the polls have been close for hours as we've already said marking the end of this campaign which was closely disputed by president. does and the opposition leader. this was the scene last night in the capital with people celebrating the win of both candidates that's right both the president and his opponent have claimed victory on twitter but the official results have not been released. my. according to the supreme electoral tribunal opposition leaders solved only has
6:41 pm
a lead of five percent as you said with slightly more than a halt of the votes counted so far now though the election day was peaceful many users online was sharing the democratic right to vote on monday with the word fraud which is trending in the country at this year's oscar why people are congratulating candidates in honduras if there are no official results during his term president and as has lowered the murder rate but hunter is still considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world and under is has also faced accusations of corruption and he's also come under fire for running for a second term which was considered illegal under the hunger and constitution until a twenty fifteen supreme court ruling reverted that ban so no official whenas so far although the candidates might think otherwise it hardly in hunter astute at us no get in touch with us using the news grid me directly i'm at random hammad well volcano on the indonesian island of bali is rumbling and spewing smoke as you can
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see right there officials say it could erupt at any moment for shells of ordered evacuations from the immediate areas here's our senior weather presenter richard angwin he says although the volcano may cause bad weather and some mudslides the wind direction should ease some of the worst effects. well known as one of sunlight seventy active volcanoes in indonesia as part of the ark so let's take a look at what's happening in more detail at least as far as the weather is concerned well we're seeing a lot of shower clouds here as you would do this time of year across the underbelly not spoiling the sunshine too much we'll leave that to the eruption itself now as we get these showers developing it will tend to wash the ash out of the atmosphere but that's going to cause problems it's going to cause a lot of money murky water to stand and transport you very difficult also the eruption itself is causing thunderstorms to occur which could cause mudslides in turn but what you can notice is that generally the winds are blowing from the west
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towards the east which is taking the worst of the away from jakarta which is a major international airport but having said that at times the winds are going to be highly variable so it's one to watch that there's all this set your mind of what happened back in two thousand and ten with the eruption of. folks you know most people not heard of until then but once it started erupting it was producing a mass of ash into the atmosphere as these pictures clearly show what made it worse was the fact that the winds were blowing from the northwest over the following few days taking the ash right across european airspace causing all sorts of problems aircraft were grounded because of a serious concerns about what was happening to craft in tanks the situation in bali at this stage isn't on the same scale and most of the pollution is going to be heading out into an unpopulated area for the most part so the result in spectacular sunsets will have a major impact on the climate generally not know volcanic eruptions only account
6:44 pm
for about three percent of c o two production for instance ninety seven percent of it i'm afraid is manmade and as long as the winds continue as they are at least the major international airport you carter should remain open and where he was here with more on the situation in bali really low. well daryn adding to rich's report some people have also seen coals of lava covering the ground as can see in this clip a lot of it people are mostly dipping their six minutes to get a sense of the depth of this lava but it's also mudflows unmovic volcanic day bring water moving down slopes people have been warned to avoid the rivers there and this was the scene in palmy gone in body and as you can see the streets are filled with floodwaters in the area but people have also been warned to immediately evacuate the area and the amount are gone and there are reports that most of the nearby villages have been most people in the neighboring villages have been moved to
6:45 pm
nearby shelters but this video shared by this user says that the farm workers are still very busy harvesting rice despite concerns of the volcano erupting and the spokesman for the disaster mitigation agency tweeted that some people are yet to evacuate but they feel safe because this particular area did not experience any damage in previous eruptions it also seen aid groups and local volunteers distributing facemasks as well as assisting with the evacuation and response efforts we also heard from the indonesian red cross they've been mobilizing around three hundred volunteers to help the twenty nine thousand internally displaced people and the head of the disaster management says that there are still other issues that need to be addressed here with immediate needs immediate needs that needed. to be there. family plan
6:46 pm
playing great water. family. sleeping man we continue monitor our situation and we work together with the government and under. non-government organisation in there are. and thousands of passengers have been stranded airports with tense scenes between passengers and applesoft you can see here bodies main airports have been closed for the past twenty four hours and authorities say that the closure could last much longer it's worth noting as well that the volcano is about seventy kilometers away from bonnie's main tourist sites and many users have taken to social media to criticize how the authorities have handled the situation r.t. tweeted india's minister of external affairs directly saying india and stranded in bali need a way out if done partially airport to shop for a week help us get to the nearest international airport and message al jazeera
6:47 pm
directly saying there is a complete chaos and ions of forcing people to cancel and wait there's no food or stay and thousands of people are sitting helpless so are you currently in bali we'd like to get your thoughts get in touch with us using the hash tag or message me directly i'm at random ahmet diary yaz we're below saying if you're in bali do get in touch with us so here all the ways you can do so we're on twitter our handle is we're also on facebook at facebook dot com a.j. english or you can send us a what's up on plus line seven four five zero triple one one four nine and just a reminder to use the hash tag a.j. news coming up in just a moment joe will be here to have the sports news in cricket is known as a gentleman's game but the behavior of english player in australia is taking attention away from the pitch that's coming up right after a check on the world weather.
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thank. you and those there with the sporting cricket is meant to be the gentleman's game but it doesn't seem to be the case today joe absolutely yes terry one of the biggest rivalries in international cricket is being played out in australia right now the host of taking on england in the ashes series now the two countries have been playing the biannual series for one hundred and thirty five years an england of the current holders of the trophy but australia won the first of five tests test matches on monday they wrapped up five days of play pretty convincingly in fact winning by ten wickets in brisbane and the thing is the talk hasn't really been about the action on the pitch instead
6:50 pm
everyone's been reacting to the behavior of english player jonny bairstow now he's under investigation after apparently head butting australia's cameron bancroft in a ball in perth four weeks ago both of them shook hands at the end of the match on sunday but then in the post much news conference came bancroft version of events take a listen. i got into a very amicable conversation me with johnny and. you know yeah like just. just just graded me with. yeah just ahead on kind of thing obvious expecting a hand she acted on it wasn't it wasn't degrading a choice it all was i was expecting and obviously yet at the time on me he said sorry you know from a person he was just really weird you know what to say and. you know it was so i ran in and i'd simply didn't expect it coming and you know i said you know the handshake or ha goes on no that way today and something that i probably would have
6:51 pm
would have expected more than i had bought. as i said like there was certainly nothing in the leashes to daddy's action and i just took it is. what i jonny bairstow i have. a you know he says a lot of very different later to myself as and when i'm not as a current oh yeah my head yeah he's far and. full head full head they got for him. if you're wondering how a head but pos is a greeting then you want all the i need one because for most training practice shane warne. piers morgan think it so very odd indeed now journalists like to analyze details jonathan you with the independent picks over the press conference and decided that if it wasn't the greatest transcript in the wells that i reading reading reading want to know what is and folks what's present to adam peacock says what we're all thinking this is great bancroft is great but has
6:52 pm
a screw loose now let's get lee wellings take on it he's in london for us you've covered plenty of cricket matches ever been greeted with a head but. now i have enjoyed i'm sure one or two of world sports bosses will of felt like doing it some of the questions are part of them on the serious sports issues over the years look coming bancroft has come out of this very well for him as of most of the australian team it's been a situation where everything has seemingly gone well for them and not for the england so it is harder to have fun with it you can see why buying coffers than that it would be much more difficult for him if actually australia have lost their nothing the public wouldn't have been happy with this in australia but the fact is he had a good test himself he can do that he hasn't wanted to sink the boat any further with jonny bairstow but some of the things and cryptic things he said it just doesn't add up does it mean board is a non-malicious had bought as a greeting it's like a jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing and that's why people on social media say he's done it and people
6:53 pm
have seized on the fact that cameron bancroft has done very well with his explanation yeah because people are really reacting well to the bank officer spawns but there really is quite a serious side to this isn't it because it just it just seems like you can't go around head butting somebody. people have got a view and. my view on this is i've covered a lot of cricket issues with it's got an acute problem cricket but particularly with groups of young men who are spending a lot of time together socialise and often drinking other things have been involved as well i know it can really get out a hand in the worst case i covered of a young sorry cricketer incident in a fatality. with ben stokes instant it's extremely serious what's being investigated and the alleged violence that occurred now this of course was a different scenario but it feeds into the same thing and also into the aspect of
6:54 pm
mental health how to cricketers cope with that intense environment of being a why away from their friends and families and with other men in a group what do they do out of i behave personally i think the behavior this being alleged of doing is embarrassing it's humiliating it all owns it so to england being forged in the series they're going to have a really difficult time now i don't think it reflects well on the management who are supposed to be looking after them i can see why and social media has created such a stir in some of that's positive to me it's a huge negative and it's actually quite a serious story masquerading as a lot one alright and the england team of ungrounded has ten but for now that's. thanks for late for that now to the biggest story online in canada over the past twenty four hours but even the most hardened of sports fans might not know much about it the one hundred fifty edition of the grey cup take place it's the canadian version of the super bowl and this was every bit canadian shuffles when he did to clear the snow from the field in ottawa and shinai
6:55 pm
a twine herself performed at half time after being led on to the field by a dog sled and greeted by canadian mounties toronto argonauts kicked a field goal with fifty three seconds left on the clock to beat the calgary stampeders to the title and they make three for cookies after that you can get in touch in the house a.j. nice great or tweet me at joke as you ask i'll be back with more sports at eight hundred g.m.t. for now back to during. thank you for that and thanks for the canadian story now online retailing giant amazon is at the center of a fierce bidding war between u.s. cities they want to be home to the company's new headquarters banking on big economic benefits gabriel the zones are reports from one of the hopefuls newark in the state of new jersey. and old abandoned baseball stadium what's become a symbol of a city in decline but in the city of newark there are signs that things are
6:56 pm
changing what is this going to be. this is going to be a very large make you broader we'll have a. housing unit. in newark a revival with the development boom in recent years we believe that the north time has come and we wanted to be part of it but now the city located just fifteen kilometers from new york is thought to be a top contender for the second headquarters of the retail giant amazon the city is treating it like it was beating to host the olympics we are that mad so we had the infrastructure you know we have the people we have the diversity newark is not alone in wanting to become the host city for amazon second headquarters more than two hundred thirty cities are making bid they are all over the country and range
6:57 pm
from big cities like boston chicago denver and los angeles to small cities like wilmington delaware population seventy one thousand amazon has promised to invest five billion dollars in the local economy to the winning city and i said the second headquarters could bring fifty thousand new jobs in its bid to moue or amazon here to newark the city and state are offering the company huge financial incentives primarily between five and seven billion dollars in tax breaks. critics say the plan is built on a flawed theory called trickle down economics that reducing taxes on business will stimulate economic growth over the pole or trickle down doesn't really trickle down to the working class or to low income people so i think they were in new york to be really concerned and some people are while we had. that that's not good to me but others see opportunity. because
6:58 pm
a lot of people need just one city like so many others in north america looking for amazon to make another delivery a boost to their local economy gabriel zonda. newark new jersey that'll do it for this newsgroup thanks for watching remember you can keep in touch with us on social media just use the hash tag is good and the ways to do so are right there we'll see you back here in studio fourteen at fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. on tuesday. we
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