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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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show it to the past. stop the cycle he's in jail and be a right you for the end. of. the slide. show for us trailer did you see if you like kids new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera baes. walking into a diplomatic minefield pope francis touches down and me and maher and meets
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military leaders accused of ethnic cleansing. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program celebrating victory in pakistan protest leaders call off their massive sit in following a top level resignation. and election upset in honduras t.v. host turned opposition leader salvador nasrallah takes a surprise lead in the presidential polls and flights canceled one hundred thousand people told to leave in the easiest mt i don't really may be about to blow. the man in charge of me and mars military crackdown against your muslims as the night is that religious discrimination exists in his country sr gen ming on the
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lying made the comments in a facebook post after holding a last minute meeting with pope francis who is on his first visit to myanmar a catholic leader is known to be sympathetic to the ranger but has been advised to avoid using the term itself it's called hide law or has more now from young gone. word coming out late on monday here the first day of the pope's visit to myanmar that he met with the commander in chief gentlemen now this is a meeting that was supposed to take place on thursday caught some people off guard because this word came out late on monday that was originally described as a rest day for the pope now. the general posted as a statement on his facebook page say they met for about fifteen minutes now he said also in that meeting he got across the idea he said to the pope that there wasn't religious discrimination in the country but that it can press office said that the discussed several issues and that the pope got across to the general that there is great responsibility for the authorities here in myanmar during this transition
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period no there's no word from either side if the range issue was brought up now obviously that's a very sensitive topic during the pope's visit here now on tuesday the pope will travel to naples or the capital where he'll meet with the civilian leader and other members of the government and other members of the religious affiliations now it'll be interesting to see how those meetings go and if they'll be any mention of or hinted but this first high level meeting that the pope had unexpected high level meeting the pope had with the commander in chief of the military no mention of a hinge of but we'll see if that changes when the pope goes the neighborhood or on tuesday well father thomas is ek is the c.e.o. of salt and light catholic media foundation and works closely with the vatican this is his assessment of how pope francis will handle the issue. he goes as a peace maker and is a bridge builder he never goes to burn bridges he's been well informed and advised by those on the scene by cardinal bo by the bishops by other people not to use
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language that would provoke and burn bridges he is certainly aware of the refugee crisis he's referred to it several times over the past year and i think it would be unfair for you or for anyone to simply reduce the visit to myanmar as whether or not he's going to say the r word he's going to build peace he's going to encourage people to change the schedule already this morning rather than meeting with the military leaders later on he chose to do that right in the beginning it's also important to realize that he will be meeting when he gets to bangladesh with some of the hundreds of thousands of refugees and so he's listening he's coming as a peacemaker he's coming to build bridges he is certainly not coming to provoke. protesters in pakistan have officially ended their sittin near the capital islamabad after the law minister gave into their demands and resigned they've been
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calling for zahid hunted to step down over the wording of a parliamentary bill which they describe as blasphemous. reports from islamabad. you know. after more than three weeks this sit in has turned into a celebration. supporters of pakistan's blasphemy laws were able to force the government into giving in to their demands. not only has the federal law minister step down but the government of pakistan muslim noon has also agreed to investigate it so. a crowd of just thousands brought cities of millions to a standstill here by choking a main artery in and out of the capital city and this really is becoming a common way and all too common a way of achieving any kind of power here in pakistan by being a destructive force on the streets and effectively laying siege to islam a lot and then making political demands but the threat of force leaders of this
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fringe group have been bolstered by their newfound influence on the country's political affairs pakistan was great on the basis of the belief that there is no god but allah and mohammed is the messenger of allah we know that for seventy years ford has been committed against the religion so now we should place religion on the throne. is the man at the center of all this a one time preacher at a mosque in lahore he was removed by that city's governing religious body for his hardline views he's built his support base by being a staunch advocate for the country's blasphemy laws he's even run for a seat in parliament so what's next for this fledgling political party asked the crowd and the answer is more or less stay the same. day of the latest whatever guidelines thank you best we will follow accordingly. whatever all the just tell us to do we are completely. paramilitary units were on standby to prevent any more
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unrest and while protest leaders agreed to end their sit in hours later people here were still not ready to leave and more demonstrators were arriving. it's the kind of do or die loyalty that political parties campaigned for decades to achieve something rizvi has been able to accomplish in a few months just ahead of next year's elections zain basra the al-jazeera islam a bad. early results have given position leader a shock lead in the presidential election supporters of salvador now are celebrating after the announcement from the electoral forth that the current president's that's one hardline the hernandez was expected to comfortably win a second term both men are publicly optimistic right now sanchez is in the capital to speak to her now i suppose publicly optimistic perhaps is the more reason to be then than the other one what happened to the president's campaign. well it seems
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that the perception that he's a corrupt person has been very important among voters in fact and he accepted that didn't two thousand and thirteen money from the social security was funneled into his presidential campaign and also his brother has been associated with drug cartel and so this is a country with the corruption is rampant and people are fed up with corruption although he security policies have been very important and want to hold because he's been able to bring down the crime rate to the homicide rate by thirty percent which is a lot in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. that this hasn't been the most important issue for voters because many people have been telling us that although they are. they want to live in a country more important than anything. and in a country where the percent of the people are poor and nearly forty percent even
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when poverty was an important issue and apparently the president. who created the the promised during his campaign and obviously not all the votes have been counted so tour of the free their candidate the celebrating officially when are we actually going to get official results. well it's very difficult to say because. the bulk of the rural vote coming from the remote places you know on the left is taking a long time. there will be a protest later on by the alliance of the opposition parties because they say that would never take that long but. it will be very important because you could actually change the trend or at least begin to change the trend because although a lot now. who has the right left wing
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candidate the rule holds traditionally bold right wing in this country so this picture the trend for everything and. some experts say it will not change more than two percentage point but we'll have to see probably by the end of the end of the day when we still think it's probable that we will have final results. as with the latest there from the thank you. russia is the nine responsibility for the deaths of at least fifty five people after it conducted a series of air strikes targeting eisel in syria over the weekend funerals have been held for some of the victims after air strikes hit the countryside another twenty five people were killed in syrian government air strikes in the rebel held area of the eastern hutto on the outskirts of the capital damascus the region has been besieged by the government since two thousand and thirteen well meanwhile the
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latest round of un backed talks in geneva appears to have been delayed the people there are still waiting for the government's delegation to arrive. the word is that this is probably not going to start on time in the past we've had the opposition of taken days to get here to get to geneva because they had last minute negotiations among themselves this time the opposition some of them already here others are flying in in the next few hours it's actually the syrian government's side that is not it seems going to be here the start of talks on cheese day here in geneva they say they perspire on their flight to geneva because they're angry that the opposition is still saying that assad must go there are some who believe that's not maybe the main reason why they perspire their trip it's also being suggested that you mentioned it that on slaughter in eastern guta that maybe they want to continue that bombardment for a little longer before they come to the negotiating table potentially with
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a strengthened hand a turkish gold trader charged with conspiring to evade u.s. sanctions against iran will not go on trial in new york this week as that i've dropped out of sight in the two months leading up to shuttle trial prompting turkey's prime minister to suggest he has reached a plea deal with the u.s. authorities zab and then executive of the turkish state owned health bank are charged with doing deals with the iranian government and entities worth hundreds of millions of dollars but he insists the case is being instigated by supporters of the us based religious leader for two leg and then she has more now from washington d.c. . turkish president has tried and failed to lobby the u.s. government to get this case scraps talking to then vice president joe biden in twenty sixteen and president trump in a phone call in september of this year a key question is whether one of the main defendants raise
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a desire has flipped and is now a cooperating prosecution witness prosecutors have said in documents they filed with the court that they will show that the turkish government was involved in this money laundering scheme there is another element to this case as well the special prosecutor examining allegations of alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election this year has already been looking at the role michael flynn the former national security adviser to donald trump had with turkish lobbying efforts and there's some question as to whether we'll get more information about that as a result of this case as well. still to come on the program the french president heads to africa on a mission to redefine his country's relationship with its former. and how a changing climate and growing demand putting pressure on the disarray on the progress.
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for eastern parts of the mediterranean over the next couple days yet again we've got a little more cloud just rolling across the eastern med pushing across greece pulling out of greece extending into turkey as we go on tuesday can see how the rain clouds gather but across the levant that will bring some other unsettled weather rain and cool enough to quite stiff breeze to follow we'll see temperatures in baghdad of around nineteen degrees celsius twenty two celsius there for kuwait similar values as we go on into wednesday and by wednesday it comes that northern areas of syria for example we'll see more in the way of clouds and rain some snow there over the high ground of that breeze starting to pick up meanwhile just looking lousy fine and dry across the arabian peninsula little bit of cat is possible around more than most parts of saudi arabia could see a little bit damp weather coming in here. over the next temps just for the back a little so little bit of
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a chill in the air but still get up to around twenty seven degrees celsius with a fair amount of sunshine from out of south africa at present but we have got a lot of showers just draining out of the congo basin and standing across parts of zambia zimbabwe could also see some rather heavy showers and those showers i think most be.
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a reminder now the top stories on al-jazeera the man in charge of myanmar's military crackdown against range of muslims has told pope francis there is no religious discrimination in his country protests leaders in islamabad of called off a sit in of thousands of demonstrators after the resignation of pakistan's law minister who they accused of blasphemy and their early results have given him doris his opposition leader salvador nasrallah a surprise lead over incumbent one of the on the hernandez in the country's presidential election. now indonesia has raised its alert for bali's mound volcano to the highest level warning its first major eruption in fifty four years
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could be imminent one hundred thousand people have been ordered to evacuate and expand the danger zone and the main international airport has been closed mohamed jhoom has more. it could lead to a major eruption at any moment that's what indonesian officials are saying about the volcano on the island of bali mount agung has been rumbling and spewing ash into the atmosphere since the weekend on monday a mass evacuation was ordered and the danger zone was expanded. the possibility of a large eruption is very high some indications show they will indeed be an eruption since yesterday the eruption that happened has been accompanied by the sound of explosions and vibrations that can be heard and felt within a distance of twelve kilometers. indonesian officials say they will continue to search all the villages in the area and force residents to evacuate if need be. until now based on incoming reports that eruptions and trim is continuous and the
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love is filling the crater the lava will flow down the slopes after the crater is full. bali's international airport was closed hundreds of flights were canceled and tens of thousands of travelers were stranded after tests indicated ash had reached its airspace. everything and the kids that get right back. bali is the top tourist destination in indonesia and plays host to millions of visitors each year the volcano last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three when more than one thousand people were killed mohammed and just. a little earlier i spoke to vulcanologist at rough guess the ceremony said that he expects more explosive activity at mt argo. montor groom actually reawakened about two months ago and where we observed a lot of earthquakes happening inside the volcano telling us that mark most moving
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or molten rock or mark most moving inside a volcano towards the surface with them saw the first of eruptions a few days ago and the first eruptions were actually what we call free arctic eruptions meaning it was just steam eruptions from heated up water inside of ok no by the hot magma the last eruption or explosion yesterday seem to have been on a different kind does seem to have been fresh molten rock or magma involved in that explosion so what we're seeing here at the moment is sort of the beginning or the likely beginning of an eruption which of course could have more explosions in the near future and potentially also a more intensified explosive activity. germany's chancellor angela merkel says she wants to make a serious serious effort to form a stable government in talks with the social democrats also state despite her bloc
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winning most the seats in september's election she's not yet been able to agree a coalition the social democrats had been refusing to take part but that's now changed as dominic cain reports from berlin. for the past two months martin short his position had been unequivocal defeat as badly as his party suffered in september meant opposition was the only thing they could enter into in this parliament but with changing times so his opinion has changed the failure of the jamaica coalition talks thrust his party back into the limelight could they consider talking during the americans government government party could they consider four more years in government until now apparently not but after a statement to reporters just a short his opinion has changed so it should for discussions lead to us helping to form a government in whatever form our party members will be able to vote on that the coming days and weeks will demand much from all those involved in our party in the
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media and the public we're entering into discussions with outcome it's not known low options off the table the point to make here is the danger that faces the social democrats because they were widely perceived to have lost voters in the last election precisely because of their membership of a grand coalition with angle a miracle how might they look upon another grand coalition and then from the conservative point of view angle a medical says she is now prepared for another grand coalition but the big imponderable what will the voters make of this what will they make of yet more grand coalition and given the fact that both parties were punished at the polls the last time voters got their chance to express their opinions. it's going to zimbabwe where the former finance minister has been denied bail after he appeared in court on corruption charges ignatius' chambre has also been accused of trying to v for the central bank in two thousand and four he was arrested by the military at his
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home last week before robert mugabe resigned as president well since the fall of mugabe zimbabweans are hopeful of a new future but many continue to suffer after decades of authoritarian rule for me to miller reports from the village of missouri where where residents are given land once owned by white farmers have endured years of fear under the mugabe regime misery in much shauna land the rich and fertile is perfect for farming and gold deposits scattered in its mountains it was seized from white farmers and nationalized under former president robert mugabe's land reform program in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's but in recent years black zimbabweans here who won back land under that program say the mugabe government has been trying to push them off their farms it was a very terrifying bit big game we had to do it. the dogs every
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so they are working and us from from our house in. order to go out is the myself in demand wife. i got out of the house this with this study destroy my good general bedroom in the best bare room my storage and everything christoffersen owners lived and farmed here for seventeen years holding on despite what he says is constant police harassment he and others have been to court to stop it but the police raids kept coming. after yet another day of rain cristobal complains to his wife that their store grain will be ruined police destroyed their storage shed in the last raid more than nine hundred families once lived genoud just one hundred forty three remain with mazowiecki immense commercial potential and vast water resources people here say mugabe's wife grace wants it or even though gabi is no longer president
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and his wife grace doesn't have the polish she wants wielded special task force police still present here monitoring the area essentially protecting it for the mugabe family people living here say they continue to feel intimidated and harassed now we don't know which will we start which we are going through because every time they stick a guess and even me. then why did you to stay even to sleep all night without somebody several kilometers away construction of a luxury hotel belonging to grace mugabi has been abandoned the mugabe is also own a dairy farm nearby which grace managed until she turned her attention to a political aspirations while the government says it's given mugabe immunity it's not known which of his properties or businesses he will be allowed to keep there also allegations that there are links to millions of dollars worth of zimbabwe's
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missing diamond revenue since more gabby's overthrow people in missouri we have been told they can stay giving christopher some hope this will remain his home but no guarantee for me al-jazeera miseries and barbed wire. the french president is expected to outline plans for a new relationship with africa on a four day trip that starts in working a fossil france's relationship with its former colonies is far from easy it's often been accused of propping up the haters to benefit its own economic interests there are hopes though that a man who will change that as that are now reports. when emmanuel mccall condemned france's colonial past during the presidential campaign many voters understood it to mean that he wanted a new relationship with africa to end sixty years of french influence over its former colonies self interest was the guiding principle. is part of
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french restoring it was a crime it was a crime against humanity it was barbarous it's part of the perfectly must face up to former president jacques chirac embodied the neo colonial approach that became known as far south lake he used the french military to prop up authoritarian leaders if they were deemed to be friends of france nicolas sarkozy had little time for africa in a controversial speech in dhaka he said africans had failed to enter the history books. it was under francois hollande that the syal region became a new frontier in what he called france's fight against terror. with. france has no desire to remain here in mali because it must be the mali and themselves and africans who ensure the security the independence and the sovereignty of mali that's how i believe relations between france and africa must be so far is indicated that he wants to take a different approach to africa that he wants to build
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a relationship that's based more on equality than historical ties but just how easy that will be remains unclear. that car has had some false starts he was criticized for saying africa was being held back by women having too many children. and for a plan to place french immigration processing centers in some african countries. the way he is approaching africa it's new he chose to go to burkina faso a country which had a democratic revolution recently he's going to a university to address young people and he'll have a question and answer session with the students that's something we're not seen before as he begins a four day tour of west africa mccall has chosen to set out his vision for a new chapter in french african relations at work a degree university in capital on tuesday he says young africans carry the hopes of tomorrow and as for all this is youngest president he may be well placed to convince them that he means what he says with al-jazeera paris.
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business may be booming for lebanon's all of growers but their livelihoods are coming under increasing threat from climate change from lebanon to greece and italy to tunisia searing summers and unpredicted predictable winters are cutting by as much as a fist into reports now from southern lebanon. it's a tradition almost as ancient as the civilizations that first settled these hills for thousands of years all of those have been hand picked across southern lebanon much like they are today the fruit is a staple in mediterranean kitchens and all of oil is a crucial ingredient. lebanese farmers typically press oil at their own small batch facilities it's a complex process that sees the all the fruit washed pitted ground into a paste and then pressed into a golden oil the family has been in the business for as long as anyone can remember
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he says he can't imagine doing anything else wasn't because they go in with a door only of all is very nutritious and has so many benefits even god spoke about it in one of the verses in the koran only of all it is medicine it is the greatest of all these. modernization has made pressing all of us into oil less labor intensive and more lucrative but in recent years farmers have been struggling to keep up with demand all of oil production is becoming increasingly risky business crossed the mediterranean the land the earth according to environmentalists climate change is needed three pieces before you. from southern europe to north africa to the levant hotter than average summers and cold winters have seen harvest shrink according to forecasters at the international of council mediterranean oil production has declined by around twenty percent when compared to averages from the
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decade between two thousand and two thousand and ten delivering a major setback to the billion dollar industry and as the region supply becomes increasingly unpredictable some boss players have started looking elsewhere for future sources of all of oil including california australia and new zealand something producers in lebanon say could destroy their ancient way of life. we are very worried about the import of all of this on all of oil from abroad we must be able to export our own harvest i only hope our industry works to keep these markets open for us because our oil is of the best quality growing global demand for all of oil as a food and health product is also putting pressure on the mediterranean base apply ors to produce even more but with all of harvest continuing to decline because of the region's changing climate it's hard to see how they'll be able to do that. al-jazeera. in southern lebanon.
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and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the man in charge of me on mars military crackdown against muslims has denied is that religious discrimination exists in his country sr gen may not be made the comments in a facebook post after holding a last minute meeting with pope francis who is on his first visit to me and mine the catholic leader is known to be sympathetic to that but has been advised to avoid using the term itself scott haidar has more from young gone in that meeting he got across the idea he said to the pope that there wasn't religious discrimination in the country but that in press office said that they discussed several issues and that the pope got across to the general that there is great responsibility for the authorities here in myanmar during this transition period you know there's no word from either side if the red issue was brought up now obviously that's a very sensitive topic during the pope's visit here. protest leaders in islamabad
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have called off a sit in of thousands of demonstrators after the resignation of pakistan's law minister. the supporters of a religious party accused zahid honeyed of blasphemy after he left the prophet muhammad's name out of a nose meant to be taken by elected officials he had been under increasing pressure to step down after a weekend of protests. early results have given him during his opposition leader a shock lead in the presidential election supporters of salvador are celebrating after the announcement from the electoral court with more than half the votes counted he leads the president hernandez by five percent russia is the nine responsibility for the deaths of at least fifty five people after it conducted a series of air strikes targeting sight i saw in syria over the weekend funerals
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have been held for some of the victims of that as of countryside and indonesia has raised its alert for bali's mount a goal to the highest level one hundred thousand people have been ordered to leave the area around the volcano while those are the headlines this hour we're going to have more on all the day's news with the al-jazeera news hour that's coming up at eight hundred g.m.t. stay with us though coming up next it's inside story thanks for watching but i. first came the protests and then the resignation of government minister in pakistan has stepped down after days of destructive protests and accusations of blasphemy it was organized by a new political movement so how powerful.


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