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tv   Siham Ben Aissa The Thread  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 1:32am-2:02am +03

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tribunals in honduras is capital in support of the opposition leader who's on track for a surprise victory in the presidential election salvador nasrallah leads incumbent one orlando hernandez by around five percent with most of the votes now counted and and as was widely tipped to win a second term indonesia has raised its alert for bodies mount going to the highest level these are live pictures coming to us now from the island one hundred thousand people have been ordered to leave the area around the volcano bodies international airport has also been closed leaving travelers stranded. protest leaders in islamabad of called off a sit in of thousands of demonstrators after the resignation of pakistan's law minister. supporters of a little own religious party accuse ahead honeyed of blasphemy after he left prophet muhammad's name out of an oath meant to be taken by elected officials and nineteen people have been killed by russian as strikes in the east and boucher
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suburb of the syrian capital russia denied responsibility for the deaths of dozens of civilians and strikes targeting i said over the weekend attempts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict have now stalled because the syrian government delegation has yet to arrive in geneva for talks and much more coverage of that story and everything else at the top the next hour there will be more news coming up from doha that's it for myself from the team here in london stay with out as they are. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in the street. one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time an al jazeera. they are.
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doing this. in the summer and day. two in the city and brooklyn in a cup then they had their feet. in. and see him be nice but. you know fearfully left in a seizure in this usually. old mrs fyne new year clear mamoun and a seizure. yes sir. if you know what i shouldn't.
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she did i do let you. know it could have been how the officer did this and said oh mrs de. rick said to the lad about the invasion. peter. who has. but in the business to come in on a. little bit and see if the. likelihood of my shoe. please kill me. i'm not saying that i never hear those fun. than that. one do you really think that in a country and to have acted methadone for so and. we have a. lot of guns. and i must have seen in the stomach.
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if. it is. a very it's not my last post. and the only way. the year on the internet has a cost cutting of an absolute. amount in a day money i think it's the same for me hickey and i have but it's good to maggie passionately that you live in. heaven and have only the. good this time and i have bought and been in the market it's a bubble little while absorb and most of us laugh later. because the wood that has
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been the bedrock is just. going to my loaded a car with fifty an hour the. sort of time i must get i've had to give businesses. because it's a look i looked at his new york and didn't happen to have shit that i haven't heard yet the. local high. school. not of elections they were not the best it was. and have not only to be legit you have to agree. with them very much with the most liberal get.
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under. my. mum the most or the i would be found. guilty as. to money. if you can with. me said i'm one of the computer. i think a lot of music. at what. will be. the. human should just. given says no then i would. have been a that but now i. have known people of the us they would
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have should. have. been civically really for the use of lethal weapon control from with them. looking should sell or save. told to hold off till i. got whiskers remember that. not. only. has he
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done so but never. under. the sea been hashed. to. a mobile. she's pushing. them for the. law though aren't you know.
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that after you know some of us here. google you from my passion for some of. their work to. get it in or to missoula said they are. on issues and. it's a book i have. had the deformed by. after the coalition. how many and how to end their love for the war and how and. when you don't. have this had they been a manager i have got their act.
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alone on her and. i'm a thoroughly. but how come you. couldn't move some of. them as one is in some from she. had better be with their oh. my. i'll cut them has some shooting them me. here at our group has. severed with the other to fit in with ruthie if. the library has the n.f.l. guys to leave in a hundred fifty. i would embarrass them mr first in the front of. the human. given a. good lord and
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oh. and if they're not of the view that. one can mine and argue back and completely mukund. no one medically. who actually don't mean m.-x. of them india but that. was seen at the core of the if. this will not be what i. heard this is one of them about. she follows a lot of. table for. just. has . been couldn't have.
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and. couldn't have seen at the d.v.d. if they had can. the same at the given hellish weight. a bum is going to land. is most of the here. and you will just have months to get the right person to do. it if. they are just that you are going to be so clueless why they are what dominates so
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much of the dominic i'm going to sell mom on the side on the couch and is going. to have a hard to much but a bit difficult it's laughable to. the best seller in my life the studies the whole of. her lobbyist. vs just them for is it up when we are one of them for i can. i just be so it's you know this a to me. a so. you know we're going to come to the left. for me to. look at how good it should. look like. when. well let me just thank you thank you so
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much have you got to look at. you. don't know. what to. do with the question only and she managed five and you've done with the. in the book. because this is if you can. save was that to be a bunch of us. because the. so
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. you could have told me. she'd had to.
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do with. a man. i guess. i think a big help has. been a mistake. if the commission of that commission is you don't have to bitch that made money in a fight and the man held. up his that was when i was. on you on. this me i didn't have to handle. all of them so one more.
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is having. that island. and sickest so when a. mission a boy victim of the time care made a visual. you . know when mammograms for the one listening know this me you. know when we have to deal with the holy
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emphasis i don't mean anything i fell in love and see both of our women have been guests on them. but you know now for a quick ceremony. that i was. going to have one now we can have. a good semi they. can. play in my message never. yes it's a. bit. dark if you have. never. been in. the nation i thought money is running. our nation and i don't have. them is there i am. home and shown
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a fantasy so here they are. we do. not tell. them you. have a superficial. yes one of the most one. can easily get a christian priest to give out of his or her
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a few will be in the prison. because. one whom. we had a lot of the what us. they may have been. long. as she did to her the woman is now gone how did. you. gauge. on me. on the brain.
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and i'm going to go. in this with. a dick i'm just about. done.
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better. to. let. you know that you are one of the things that you see. this is the model is it the muslim brotherhood the sneaky believe most influential gnomes in uses that because they
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say your most to try to. get the. damage to a model who could say i'm on sale. a lot of. the house but i was left homeless. or fannie n o l. is a result. of the chinese should not be here. is the fact that they say has been running and. then again what is the model for when the you
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became unstable you never learned to live anything with the boom the money go. it's in the. never going to be finished and there's a really good there's a bit about your. question she's so you can. have a half. dozen three and have felix way you're. going to be a doctor told me that. some of the trash can it happens when i'm going to come live and i know match last year she started going to amazon i'm just trying to look back and. we should try to know .
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her. soon and there's still this should be team i think this is so. much of a. motion focus at the moment and the. sort of the. way i know my question very much and thank you. is that you're my way to. go on the became a hero because i will. become used to me to. them and to.
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the men that. yes you could feel right at the one of them has it is your duty to have it put in there for you and you said it's good and does a billion on a day and hold it in the hands of the end or need a help wanted a meeting i. don't see where. i'm going. to miss a year we need. almost a i'm stuck on the air no one syrian in. december
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on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families who have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family right
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near the most terrible thing in syria just to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship but i thought sometimes i thought it would be better to die than continue to be she really didn't go to. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode rice joins fifty five scientists on a bright psyching journey of discovery around the continent look into the past and the future of the planet. but it's quite amazing just to see that that's the gist of what. lies this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome to the al-jazeera news on live from my headquarters and millions of coming out in the next sixty minutes. people of eastern buthe ahead of u.n. sponsored talks to find ways to end the war. president . vote counting continues. how the impending trial of the turkish trade as u.s. turkey relations. and tens of thousands of people evacuated and dozens of flights canceled as.
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a government.


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