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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles. one on one east investigates this violin phenomenon. at this time on al-jazeera. uhuru kenyatta is about to be sworn in for a fiercely disputed second term as kenya's president as his rival leads more
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protests. come fully back to you watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha also coming up syrian government strikes kill at least nineteen people ahead of a new round of talks which look to be in trouble even before they begin. a left wing t.v. host on track to be the next president of honduras plus we have a representative in congress who they say was your long time ago the color pocahontas donald trump is accused of making a racist slur jaring an event honoring native american veterans. we begin in kenya who are kenyatta is expected to deliver
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a message of unity when he is shortly so on in for a second and final term as kenyan president the ceremony follows four months of often violent evil which left more than fifty people dead the opposition leader raul has evolved to fight on again skin yet his presidency he and his supporters have organized protest rallies to coincide with the inauguration ceremony you're watching live pictures there from nairobi so how did we get here well kenyatta was declared the winner of the first election in august electoral commission reported that he received just over fifty four percent of the votes his rival right now had forty four percent but never accepted that and he took his objections to the supreme court which a note of the result citing mistakes and failings by the electoral commission judges ordered a rerun within sixty days. this now not long before that rerun right loading or withdraw his candidacy saying he still didn't believe the electoral commission
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could ensure a fair race so overall kenyatta had no trouble winning the rerun getting almost all of the ballots cast however only thirty eight percent of voters turned out there were big protests and violent clashes between police and supporters where we're covering this from both sides is out of place in nairobi the place in nairobi where the opposition wants to hold its rally will be a lighter in just a moment but first to catherine soyuz at kenyatta's inauguration ceremony at nairobi's cassani stadium catherine i see huge crowds behind you there and it's getting quite loud tell us about the mood for this ronnie city know hey. he.
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was and. he wanted to let. me. see the unifying. theory really.
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position. right now. that you will. be waiting to hear whether they'll be that message of unity today from the working as i were watching live pictures from cassani stadium of the different dignitaries arriving as he said more than twenty heads of states and city mrs expected to attend this inauguration ceremony including any foreign minister the president of uganda and rwanda as well talk to us about the challenges ahead. on this second then final term we talked about the issue of the unity of course
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where they will be able to unify all kenyans but what are going to be his priorities elsewhere. something that he never really. an immigrant on in. south. worried that the government hasn't responded the infrastructure project that. this
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thing that ninety three ninety one i was going to speak for and then handed. to. me was i understand hearing you because the crowds their extreme the liveliest you can imagine as the way to see who kenyatta and they wait for his inauguration a second term as president let's cross over to another of our correspondents in nairobi from it was at the opposition rally your attire jacques around the grounds where the opposition coalition wants to hold this rally but i understand it's been blocked off and is surrounded by the police tell us about what's happening. well there certainly was the hope of fully that the opposition had wanted to gather here bring their supporters together they say told to commemorate commemoration rather for people who had been killed in protests in recent days they say that goes
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up to at least twenty seven but police dozens of them have been out at this grounds from early in the day a trying to prevent protesters or any supporters even of the national super alliance from gathering here i'm just going to step out of shot to give you an idea of what it looks like jacaranda ground is surrounded by a residential area and because he and there are a few dozen police stationed on the outskirts of the grounds so far they've been firing tear gas at the protesters gathered in the residential area young men standing on roofs we also know stones have been thrown have been thrown and there has been a lot of tear gas so far the police making sure that no one is able to come into these grounds and we don't foresee any sort of rally or commemoration happening here at any point during the day so far the local government has said it's illegal they haven't given him permission and police here ensuring it doesn't happen what
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is right strategy going forward from it or i mean his calling for this protest today on the inauguration of all kenyatta but i know in the past has also called for civil disobedience and so on to protest kenyatta as presidency does he have a plan going forward a strategy a clear cut strategy. well at times it appears as if the opposition is sort of scrambled for the way forward with regard to its opposition to these elections and the rerun they do continue to say that it was an illegitimate election that he was manipulated they called it a sham and they say they don't recognize president hu or kenyatta as president of kenya the opposition is to talked about a number of ways forward one of them is an economic boycott they plan to boycott companies businesses in kenya that they say are aligned with the government how
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effective that would be is not known because these are large entities which have huge support in the country they've also spoken about civil disobedience and we know that a rally planned for today would be an attempt by the opposition to maintain some sort of relevance going forward considering that in terms of political landscape who cannot is being sworn in he's now beginning his second term in kenya and so then he's pushed further out further into the sort of the sidelines of political duel developments here to has extended a hand to talk at least twice now we know the opposition says they aren't prepared for that because the government as well as the electoral commission that ran elections didn't meet the demands that they were looking for so the opposition is saying this is not the end of it they're even talking about secession certain areas of the countries wanting to cede certain areas of kenya wanting to secede from the
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country they say they will want to introduce this bill to parliament at some point in the future follies ometer miller thank you very much for that family miller reporting there from a truck around the grounds in nairobi where the opposition is holding a counter rally today to protest scene argue ration of horror kenyatta as we watch these live pictures from nairobi's cassani stadium where that inauguration is. taking place later today in the next hour in fact or kenyatta expected any moment now to be sawn in for a second term as kenyan president loss of people in that stadium as you can see and twenty heads of states then presidents except expected to attend including the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the ugandan president yoweri in the seventy and also wonder as president paul kagame we will bring you the latest from that inauguration ceremony throughout the morning here on al-jazeera let's move on to other world news in the meantime and at least one thousand people have been killed in a syrian government has tried in
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a rebel held enclave on the outskirts of the capital damascus this is the second attack on eastern gota in forty eight hours the assad regime has increased strikes ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks aimed at ending the conflict but even though the talks are set to begin imminently the u.n. says it's yet to receive confirmation that the government delegation will be there from geneva here's our diplomatic editor james space. peace talks in geneva was supposed to stop this bloodshed. but as we've seen many times before the time table of failed diplomacy is actually creasing the agony of the people of syria. parts of aleppo province is scooter and the outskirts of damascus bombarded the assad government has been intensifying its own slaughter in the days and hours before talks due to start my fellow in the development of a sudden leave a single corner that hasn't been destroyed if you want to fight it don't target
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civilians instead take on the armed groups at the front lines god willing they'll teach you a lesson briefing the u.n. security council in new york the man who's supposed to lead the talks on tuesday stefan de mistura condemned the violence he noted that the syrian government had perspire its travel to geneva but he said they needed to attend. naturally we hope and indeed expect that the government will be on its way shortly but to get in i don't break that into men to break them in putting when they met in thought you that meeting part of intense diplomacy in recent weeks the russians who turned things around on the battlefield for assad are supposed to bring the syrian government to the geneva table and the saudis created a new opposition group ing to go to the talks out are key players like former leader riyadh his job in a figures closer to moscow some of which were previously even to write it as
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a sad stitches a number of western diplomats have told me they're concerned about the way stefan de mistura is handling this process they fear it's becoming russian flavored with a focus on a new constitution and elections rather than on political transition jane spays al-jazeera geneva. television is on course for a surprise victory presidential election. has almost a five point lead over incumbent one orlando have none this is one of the poorest nations in south america it also has the highest murder rates in the world still ahead on al-jazeera. the new evidence showing that an oil giant was allegedly can play in punishing nigerian villages who complained about spills. i'm joined now on the greek island of lewis was where more than two and a half years after the great influx of refugees to europe began people are still
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making this perilous crossing from turkey every day. hello and welcome back now across europe we've got some really cold air taking down we've got snow in many areas this area across hungry remaining crossed into the black sea region is going to cause some problems we've got snow further north into parts of russia some snow over the alps good for the ski season and cold air taking down across the u.k. with some snow showers in the east and west coast and as we head down into appearing plenty of that area of rain and snow is going to become heavier with time this is frontal system across southern areas too so all in all is looking pretty unsettled cross many parts of europe as was done in greece the best the weather but
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nothing special there with highs of fourteen degrees on the other side the mediterranean the circulation of low pressure is just increasing the winds along the coasts of both libya and through into egypt karo should get away with a fairly nice day temperatures of twenty three degrees celsius now as you head into central parts of africa looking fairly quiet here at the moment has to be said some showers across the congo gabon but otherwise largely dry thing for many areas nice day in lagos nigeria and ghana should be dry and plenty of sunshine same goes through into wednesday for southern portions of the continent we've got to find weather in many areas highs of twenty two in sunny cape town.
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right. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour kenya is expected to deliver a message of unity when his shaunie and sworn in shortly for a second then final term as kenya's president the ceremony follows four months of often violent political upheaval supporters of opposition leader right now have organized protests rallies to coincide with the inauguration ceremony but have been
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blocked from gathering by police. at least one thousand people have been killed by syrian government strikes in eastern guta the assad regime has increased such a time it's ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks aimed at ending the conflict the u.n. says it's still yet to receive confirmation that the government will be fair and in left his television holds his on course for a surprise victory in honduras this presidential election. as almost a five point lead over incumbent juan orlando have nine days with most of the votes counted. now i'm a senior national says it's obtained in new internal documents and evidence from energy giant shell the rights organization says the material points complicity in crimes committed by the nigerian military during the one nine hundred ninety s. they put out a report which shows that cho and the nigerian government operated as business partners having regular meetings to discuss the protection of their interests at
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the time protests by the ogoni people of southeastern nigeria were taking place in response to years of oil spills which devastated their environment documents show that on october twenty ninth one thousand. ninety shell requested security protection to subdue peaceful demonstrations over the next two days police attacked an ogoni village with guns and grenades killing at least eighty people and burning almost six hundred houses well a spokesperson for shell in nigeria has provided a statement to al-jazeera saying that they've always denied in the strongest possible terms the allegations made in this tragic case it goes on to say amnesty international's allegations are false and without merit shall did not collude with the authorities to suppress community unrest and in no way encourage or advocated any act of violence in nigeria. france's president has arrived in brooklyn on the first stop of
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a four day africa visit he says he wants to transform france's strained relations with the continent and will give a major speech on tuesday to kick start the process but he is not the first french leader to make such a promise a cash about reports from work here fossils capitol hill. the french president arrived in turkey no fasteners capital what to do go late on monday night he was warmly greeted by president barack. emanuel marcos' he's come to africa to start a new chapter in french african relations one built on equality rather than former colonial ties really on the merger to sort of i wanted to make the first stop on africa trip it's also a symbol to mark a new era of relations not just with your country mr president but with the whole continent. back or has condemned france's colonial past he says he wants to end sixty years of french influence over its former colonies where self interest was the guiding principle. former president jacques chirac embodied the neo colonial
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approach that became known as far south lake nicolas sarkozy had little time for africa in a controversial speech in dhaka he said africans had failed to enter the history books. it was under francois in all of that the syal region became a new frontier in what he called france's fight against terror. the french have no desire to remain here in mali because it must be the malayans themselves and africans who ensure the security the independence of the sovereignty of mali that's how i understand relations between france and africa. when it comes to africa has had some false starts he was criticized for saying africa was being held back by women having too many children and for a plan to place french immigration processing centers in some african countries.
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like every new president mccrone says hill into the old french african it works of faith his but in the most presidents interrupt keeping the status quo and they criticized for their. emotional mark or has chosen to start his four day trip to west africa with a speech to students at work are due to university he says it's young africans who carry the hopes off tomorrow and his friends as young as president he may just be the one to convince them that he means what he says with our support of law i'll just era. china has sentenced say taiwanese pro-democracy activists to five years in prison leming che was convicted of attempting to subvert state power or trying to overthrow the socialist system the government says he's confessed to writing and distributing online articles criticizing the ruling chinese communist party taiwan's presidential office has called the verdict unacceptable and human rights schools say the trial was unfair. but francis is preparing to meet me on
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mars the facto leader on sun sochi is holos his meeting with the country's senior military general on monday organized religious discrimination exists in his country ahead of the catholic church is on his first visit to myanmar a politically sensitive time a military crackdown in myanmar's rakhine state has forced hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims to free to neighboring bangladesh. the past human sosina shopping crease in refugees arriving on unless both are in greece by boat from turkey conditions inside the main government run camp are poor and there's little prospect of travelling further into europe even so up to two hundred people are arriving on the island daily as journal reports now. for more than two and a half years people have been making the perilous journey across the water from turkey many have lost their lives trying to reach the safety of europe's shores and
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still they come. oh i lose my house my car i was. just my life i. feel for i baby. i just know that. it's now well known that europe's borders are closed the greece offers little prospect of one would travel to countries like germany. you know. but beyond the friendly smile of a volunteer camp worker they're about to discover another grim reality. there are no bathrooms we haven't had a shower for ten days. hussein and her family from iraq weren't prepared for the dire conditions inside the main government run camp boss i look around and i know this is all greece has for them and with winter approaching they're trapped here
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like thousands of others i believe what we see today is also part of a big you know the parents struck at seeing the messages various very clear if you want to apply for asylum in europe this is what you will find that where you will stay with them for a long period of time your needs will not be even. and you will probably stay there for a year or longer if as a person seeking asylum you managed to survive the sea crossing by small rubber boat from turkey twelve miles away you might arrive as many have done at this pretty greek fishing port imagine if your first sight of the european union was a place like this. and yet you ended up stuck. in a place like this not all will have valid claims to asylum some will be considered migrants economic opportunists but whether they fled war or poverty there's no
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doubting their determination to find a better life. even. with. help. with stuff first place of origin gambia isn't recognized as a country at war it's likely he will be deported under the terms of e.u. policy back to turkey his journey from hell to hell not over yet jonah how al-jazeera lesbos greece. now the chair of the u.s. federal reserve the most powerful banking role in the world and all eyes will be on present donald trump's nominee. when he attends his confirmation hearing tom argument has more. jerome jay powell would be the first federal reserve chairman in
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nearly four decades with a corporate background a big asset in the eyes of donald trump jay will bring extensive private sector experience and real world perspective to our government as the richest fed chairman in recent memory the former investment banker is expected to favor looser regulation of some banks which complain of too many lending restrictions but paul is been a strong defender of the fed's policy to lower interest rates by increasing the supply of dollars the problem is that some commentators protect the predicted have not come to pass accommodative policy did not generate high inflation or excessive credit growth rather it helped restore full employment and return inflation closer to the two percent goal. in fact he's joined many experts who can't explain why inflation is actually remained so low despite one of the longest growth streaks in u.s. history with still no recession yet in sight trump hasn't explained his decision to
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deny a second term to outgoing chairwoman janet yellen he called her excellent in the job despite being part of barack obama's legacy hologram so market analysts expect her successor to maintain a steady course of i think powell would be the closest thing to monetary policy status quo as you can get short of our next two renominating yellen but i think powell is the base case not yellen because trump has to be seen as a disruptor and an agent of change thank you again for this extraordinary opportunity to serve the american people thank god if the economy does show signs of overheating next year powell and the fed may see no choice but to step up the pace of raising the cost of borrowing money tom ackerman al-jazeera washington. and donald trump has been accused of using a racial slur during a white house event honoring native american war veterans he derided a democratic party senator as pocahontas
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a nickname native americans have previously described as offensive and distasteful christensen only has a story. the event was to honor native american veterans but president donald trump couldn't resist the opportunity to criticize a political rival use the name of a native american hero in front of a portrait of president andrew jackson who is known for forcefully removing natives from their ancestral lands no less in a way that was not meant as a complement thank you because you have very very special people you were here long before any of us we're all oh we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago they call or pocahontas it's a name he first used on the campaign trail and polka dot this is not happy she got to refer to the democratic senator and staunch trump critic elizabeth warren the senator who's claimed native american ancestry was quick to respond it is deeply
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unfortunate that the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a wave or the president's spokesperson said there was nothing offensive about it and what most people find offensive is senator warren a line about her heritage to advance her career but native groups such as the national congress of american indians have expressed outrage at the president's use of the name pocahontas before and again called it a slur that denigrates her legacy and i think her native women who are in the right way take one of the name one of the stories of our women in a race in a story but using her name which you are to turn. only help. through high levels of violence we have against men and women today all the controversy over shadowed recognition of the veterans who use the navajo language to transmit secret messages during world war two sending what some insist is
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a message of disrespect kristen salumi al-jazeera. no again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera who are kenyatta is expected to deliver a message of unity when his song in soon for a second and final term as kenya's president these are live pictures from the ceremony in nairobi which was four months of often violent political upheaval which left more than fifty people dead supporters of the opposition leader right now have organized protests rallies to coincide with the occupation ceremony at least nineteen people have been killed in syrian government airstrikes in eastern guta the assad regime has increased strikes ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks aimed at ending a conflict the u.n. says it's yet to receive confirmation that the government delegation will be in
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geneva. five people have been injured after a blast brought down a building in southern television footage from the scene shows cars and buildings engulfed in flames the cause of the blast is being investigated but israeli media is reporting it appears to be accidental. china has sentenced a pro taiwanese pro-democracy activist to five years in prison leming che was convicted of attempting to subvert state power or trying to overthrow the socialist system the government says he's confessed to writing and distributing online articles criticizing the ruling chinese communist party taiwan's presidential office has called the verdict unacceptable and human rights groups say the child was unfair least chinese codefendant has been sentenced to seven years in prison. a leftist television hosts is on course for a surprise victory in honduras his presidential election salvador nasrallah has
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almost a five point lead over incumbent juan orlando have nine days jurists is one of the poorest nations in south america and it also has the highest murder rates in the world it's the opposite with the headlines on al-jazeera plenty more news on al-jazeera dot com coming up next sits inside story. where interest. first came the protests and then the resignation a government minister in pakistan has stepped down after days of to stop the protests and accusations of blasphemy it was organized by a new political movement so how powerful.


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