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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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he's going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. scheming. al-jazeera selects at this time. who'll kenyatta is about to be sawn in for a few years three disputed second term as kenya's president as police fight with
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supporters of his rival. it's nine g.m.t. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha. also coming up the syrian government has twice came at least nineteen people ahead of a new round of talks which look to be in trouble even before they begin. cross a left wing t.v. host on trying to be the next president of honduras and. we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago they call or pocahontas donald trump is accused of making a racist slur during an event honoring native american war veterans.
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we begin in kenya where police are fired tear gas and fought with opposition supporters ahead of the swearing. president kenyatta after two disputed elections sees a live pictures of that inauguration ceremony which is about to get officially underway in nairobi the president arrived just a moment ago and there was a national anthem of kenya sixty thousand people in the stadium where they not here asian ceremonies happen in class or any stadium in nairobi filled to capacity several african heads of states are among the dignitaries attending including the presidents of south sudan uganda rwanda as well as zambia now this ceremony follows as we've said for months of often a violent political are evil which left more than fifty people dead the opposition leader in kenya right now has evolved to fight on against kenyatta's presidency
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while we're covering this story from both sides from a to miller is at a park in nairobi where the opposition had planned to hold a rally but the police have stopped them from coming in and force others away will be speaking to her in just a few minutes but first let's go to catherine someone who's counsel ronnie stadium where the inauguration ceremony of is about to begin we saw the president arrived just a short while ago catherine too loud she is a big crowd cassani stadium tell us about the atmosphere where you are. absolutely the president has arrived to a rousing welcome by more than fifty thousand people very. many many people aware. that. there are. people very. many many more people police have had to fly it got the out people.
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right now the president inspecting that or not then it would be immediate. then they'll be the one that is going to give a speech outlining the plans for you government for the next five years. because the legitimate president will be a lot of people you want an election that had. an election that was not. the people here to. the president and the. opposition and not just. generally rich. old. between him and. but right now.
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you want to talk about the. country. and economic as well. as we talk about those challenges that await him we continue to watch these live pictures from that ceremony in nairobi the president making his way i've been a very shortly to the sage where he's going to be. sworn in in just a moment but first now being greeted by the god of honor there kenyatta about to be sworn in for a second term in office talk us through a bit more catherine about what we're expecting this ceremony to to to show us today he will give a speech and everyone is waiting to hear of course what he will say whether there will be a call to unity and there are loss of heads of state from the region attending this ceremony are there.
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thank you. yes. yes it does and the fact that you like to. keep people on the right that is expected to talk about corruption how are you going to deal with that and he has already been talking when it comes to you already talking about how he was that unify the country that's going to be very a lot of people are saying the economy that should be. called the me being he not just by the election and not but also on the fact that my. prolonged drought year. that life has become very. didn't want to correct kathleen i'm going to interrupt you for just a second standby we'll come back to you very shortly as kenya is sworn in but i
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want to cross over from it a million now another rock correspondent who is in nairobi a rally which was planned by the opposition which isn't going ahead because a security force i believe have stopped the protests is from reaching where you are from it and i see some action going on behind you tell us about what's happening. hopefully this is about the third or fourth time that police have moved in to the residential area behind us every so often pockets of protesters gather they want to come into this area but of course there's no leadership present yet from the national super alliance they were meant to lead a rally of sorts a commemoration of people who'd been killed in recent days or through protests they say the police are responsible for those killings but it continues to be tear gas being fired ahead of me thick black smoke that's where protesters have a lot tires and of also sealed off the greater area blocking off main roads to
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these are jacaranda grounds these police determined to keep these demonstrators away from these grounds are not allowing them to congregate here at all fully. what is the opposition strategy going forward family. well the opposition is said a number of things one major focus for them is this what they're calling a people's assembly in individual counties across the country they say these assemblies antal on to a parallel government but rather an alternative the issue for raila odinga is that he's not willing to engage with president rouhani are to he says because there's been no electoral justice the foundation of his complaints going back to the elections way says they weren't free and fair they weren't adequate reforms and that's of course as we remember that's why you withdrew from the presidential rerun
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so the opposition using these people's assembly to make their voices heard also talking about economic boycotts of major companies here in kenya effective that will be is not known because these entities do enjoy huge support each commercial support from kenyans as well as he says there will be a little some level of civil disobedience disobedience at this point we continue to see these type of demonstrations can write a new one just about ten days ago when a dingo returned to kenya after a visit abroad so these demonstrations certainly have become routine and no one can really say it will come to an end anytime soon and they highlight don't they the deep rooted divisions in kenya that are spawn for years now just how dangerous a situation is kenya facing even if these demonstrations continue if the political crisis drags on. well those divisions are
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a mix of political economic and ethnic people very much on the sidelines i think of kenya's economic development not benefiting as they would like a complain that this is because of their ethnic of because of ethnicity very much linked to that of raila odinga coming from the same ethnic background and saying they've been sidelined for a long time now they say that president toured can yatta also his father before him that people of kikuyu origin have dominated the political scene also the economy and this is what people are very angry about they say they've been marginalized and they want more of a say in terms of what happens going forward and it appears also that these are if the divisions that are exploited to their advantage of various and leadership this is to be has been calling for unity we've heard that from the government in the last few days calling for people in areas like this impoverished areas essentially
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calling for them to not attend any of these rallies calling for them to be united with all kenyans as a work in yard to is sworn in for his second and final term ok thank you very much for that family life for us in nairobi let's cross to. ration ceremony he's about to take the oath of office right now what's happening i believe is an elderly giving a blessing an elder sorry i giving a blessing to the ceremony which is about to begin catherine soy is set for us. at casa ronnie stadium talk us through what's happening right now catherine we see a lot of people stepping up to the microphone there are they giving prayers ahead of the official ceremony. they are all out of a little hole look a little longer left holding and let a look maybe a little them a little. a little. come on you want to even let
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a little negatively. or a lot of people are. really. what you want me to do about it so people think that he needs. that we all. need the money. borrowing to do big infrastructure projects the. project that the president you. think that you know that. thinking deeper into debt it's not sustainable in fact the government has downgraded the economic growth. to five point one from five point nine per cent back to twenty seven. so people look at that and they say that there
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needs to be a balance between projects and helping people provide their livelihood helping people manage the cost of living people need to feel that their lives are improving and right now they're saying that their lives are not really improving catherine soy in nairobi stadium will leave it for now catherine as religious leaders continue to give blessings and prayers for this oath of office that's about to begin. is about to be sworn in for a second term when we turn to the ceremony in just a few minutes when the president takes his own thank you for the moment catherine let's move on to other world news now and at least nineteen people have been killed by syrian government as strikes in a rebel held enclave on the outskirts of the capital damascus this is the second attack on eastern in forty eight hours yeah sound regime has increased strikes ahead of the eighth round of the geneva talks aimed at ending conflict the. and
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even though the talks are set to begin imminently the u.n. says yet to receive confirmation that the government delegation will be there from geneva here's our diplomatic editor. peace talks in geneva was supposed to stop this bloodshed. but as we've seen many times before the time table of failed diplomacy is actually creasing the agony of the people of syria. parts of aleppo province. and the outskirts of damascus bombarded the assad government has been intensifying its onslaught in the days and hours before talks due to start. assad didn't leave a single corner that hasn't been destroyed if you want to fight it don't target civilians instead take on the armed groups at the front lines god willing they'll teach you a lesson briefing the u.n. security council in new york the man who's supposed to lead the talks on tuesday
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stefan demas stora condemned the violence he noted that the syrian government had perspire its travel to geneva but he said they needed to attend naturally we hope indeed expect that the government will be on its way shortly but to get an idea president of commitment to break that in putting when they met in sochi that meeting part of intense diplomacy in recent weeks the russians who turned things around on the battlefield for assad are supposed to bring the syrian government to the geneva table and the saudis created a new opposition group ing to go to the talks out are key players like former leader riyadh his job in a figures closer to moscow some of which were previously even to write it as a sad stooges. a number of western diplomats have told me they're concerned about the way stefan de mistura is handling this process they fear it's becoming russian
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flavored with a focus on a new constitution and elections rather than on political transition. zira geneva. there is a summit been javid has been speaking to people in three areas of syria to hear about their expectations from the talks in geneva. when there are no place in the sky and there is less fear of forces invading you there is hope all around you in this particular town in northern syria this is jobless and people are trying to come back and review their lives but when it comes to talks in geneva they are not very hopeful they say this is the revolution that they began and it has been taken away from them and the world really doesn't care. i'm in syria and they call me a refugee what can we want from the talks. as long as assad remains geneva doesn't mean anything. they show solidarity with syrians but in reality they're all
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complicit and involved in the destruction of syria we just hope the siege can end. our hope is with god not russia or iran. and. we hope this round could be a new beginning because of the major changes before the geneva meeting we see the meeting in geneva whether it's the eighth or the tenth or the twenty fifth round of talks there are all the same there is a lot at stake at these talks opposition leaders have been telling us that they're fearful that if the united nations fails yet again to come through its solution to provide a long lasting peaceful terms that all sides can agree upon they will be forced to go to work for she and the russian solution when they feel that russia will undermine the role of the united nations as it tries to bring its own version of the solution for syria which are literally side in power and many people here will tell you that this is something that they do not want. amnesty international says
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is tainted new internal documents and evidence from energy giant shell the rights organization says the materials point to shows complicity in crimes committed by the nigerian military during the one nine hundred ninety s. they put out a report which says that shell and the nigerian government operated as business partners having regular meetings to discuss the protection of their interests at the time protests by the ogoni people of southeastern nigeria were taking place in response to years of oil spills which devastated their environment documents show that on october twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred shell requested security protection to subdue peaceful demonstrations over the next two days police of time to know goni village with guns and grenades killing at least eighty people and burning or will six hundred houses or a spokesperson for shell in nigeria has provided a statement to al-jazeera saying that we have always denied in the strongest possible terms the allegations made in this tragic case it goes on to say amnesty
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international's allegations are false and without merit shell did not conclude with the authorities to suppress community unrest and in no way encourage or advocated any act of violence in nigeria while mark dummett is a researcher at amnesty international he says there are grounds for a criminal investigation against the company. the evidence suggests or points to doesn't point to any direct involvement by a shell staffer for michele staff i mean these were horrific crimes including murder torture rape and the destruction of villages these were carried out by members of the nigerian military but the internal shell documents show that throughout this period the company was encouraging. the the nigerian military government and the military unit involved to take action against these protesters even after the company knew what was likely to happen i just want to give you one
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concrete example we one of the documents that we've we've got is a shell internal memo dated the third of march one thousand nine hundred ninety four and this memo authorized the payment of around nine hundred dollars to a military commander and shell explains that this payment is partly for a sustained favorable this position toward shell in future assignments in other words this payment was partly for future assignments now just days before this payment was made this military commander who received the nine hundred dollars had opened fire on unarmed protesters outside the front gate of shells headquarters in port harcourt and months later was responsible for the brutal crackdown in the goalie land and that's one example of many that we have. a leftwing television host is on track to win hundred euro's as presidential election with most of the votes
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counted salvador nasrallah is five points ahead of current president when orlando had nine days mariana sanchez reports from. supporters of solace while i didn't wait for a final result from. a popular t.v. personality eluded us sixty four year old took the lead in a much contested general election to get a most we want something new from honduras and the new was called salvador nostra. the electoral tribunal says it will wait until all the ballots reach the capital and are counted and that could take a few more days i think demonstrators outside the electoral tribunal say they would defend the vote. we are celebrating and we want our votes can't be stolen. people here tell us there couldn't have instead. is the winner of this election and they're celebrating before there's a final result. from
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a precedent been written by a joint celebrations it was a comeback for him the party he found it may return to power said i yes says he already feels vindicated eight years after he was ousted in a military lit. it means the start of a new era it means the closing of a cycle that began with the coup and with the tragedy that that has represented for us and political and social and economic trends and it means the hope to rebuild honduras that is democratic all hours after polls closed top candidates claimed victory and candidate recently from the liberal party conceded necessarily had ruled the election the president cannot london and this remains waiting for the rural vote from remote areas of us hoping they could still give him a chance to win. the alliance claims a victory. i mean you hear see is it reversible. and innocent just i just see the
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you see on boundless. pope francis has arrived in a paedo way he will meet me on mars civilian leader on sun sochi he will also deliver a speech in the capital which is expected to center around the room hang a crisis this all is his meeting with me on mars more senior military general on monday who denies religious discrimination exists in myanmar military crackdown has forced hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims to feed to neighboring bangladesh this is the head of the catholic church first visit to myanmar. police in australia second largest city have arrested a man accused of planning a mass shooting on new year's eve authorities say the twenty year old try to obtain an automatic rifle to attack people in melbourne it's alleged he was planning the attack at federation square a popular spot for thousands of people celebrating the new year the mile is one of the hardest persons of interest we have been monitoring him for
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a very lengthy period of time he's in a strange citizen and he's of somali and parents the allegations are that he was planning to commit a terrorist act and he attempted to obtain a gun to do so what we will be alleging is that he was intending to use a farm to shoot and kill as many people as he could in the federation square area on new year's eve. now the past few months have seen a sharp increase in the number of refugees arriving on the greek island of les paul's by boat from turkey conditions inside the main government run camp are poor and there's little prospect of travelling further into europe even so up to two hundred people are arriving on the island every day trying to hold reports. for more than two and a half years people who've been making the perilous journey across the water from turkey many who've lost their lives trying to reach the safety of europe. and still
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they come. away. just one life. and we. are breaking into that report to take you back to kenya now where rule kenyatta is about to be sorn in for a second term in office he's about to take the oath of office kenyatta serving a second term after what was a bitter presidential election campaign which saw two elections in kenya in just a few months or first vote in august which can yet i one was unowned by the supreme court over the supreme cold court called irregularities then there was a rerun election on october twenty sixth but that was boycotted by kenya's opposition leader right now or dean guy and the rerun saul kenyatta wind ninety eight percent of the vote but with
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a turnout of just under thirty eight thirty nine percent and now kenyatta about to be sworn in for a second term in office at that ceremony arts nairobi's cassani stadium more than twenty heads of states from the region attending let's listen in. the o.l. ev. the old. the old mr president will begin with the finest oath which is that oath of allegiance i'll ask you to leave the bible right on and place a left hand on the constitution. please repeat after me
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i. on who are kenyatta the the obtain food me and may they shun in the sewer realize they see all the high calling of the high court i now see you as president of the republic of kenya as soon as president of the republic of paying off the in the a booth where that i will be faithful. to swear. that on they will be faithful and bear true allegiance i'm bad through allegiance to the republic of kenya to the republic of carrying out the time when obeyed that i would obey they resign resign protect and defend
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the constitution of kenya protect and defend this constitution of kenya us by law established by law established and all the other laws of the republic and all other owners of the republic and that time i will protect and up holds a lot i will protect and uphold the soul rinty the soul renita the integrity integrity and the dignity of the people of kenya and dignity of the people of kenya so help me god help me on the eve of the ego they have it's kenyatta sworn in as the second engine for the second time i scanned in the president after what was a better presidential election campaign. i was standing right next to him is his
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wife margaret kenya. this is a moment the kenyan president has been waiting for for some time now after that bitter election campaign that saw two elections but certainly there are going to be a lot of questions about his nature in recent media there. after the swearing in ceremony let's listen in a little bit more to what's happening there and i will be. silent. so we will take the second all which is a off of do exit keyshawn of the functions of office of the president. place you know a sleeve to the right and up and please repeat after me i. do swear. that i will always. that i will draw on knowing that i will always surely and diligently truly and diligently so the people on the
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republic of kenya the people of the republic of kenya. that i will diligently discharge my duties that i will diligently discharge my duties and perform my functions before my functions in the office of president of the republic of kenya in the office of president of the republic of kenya and i told do justice. and that'll do justice to all. and that i will do justice to all in accordance with this constitution in accordance with this constitution us by law and stop placed on by laws established on the laws of kenya. and the laws of kenya. on the laws of moses thing with old fia. without favor. affection. or ill will.
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so help me god. legal. the crowds going wild at casa ronnie stadium in nairobi as a working out eyes to warning for a second nature and as president he seems to make a speech very shortly. we will listen to that and also that ceremony in nairobi attended by several heads a safe from the region standing next to the president is his wife margaret kenyatta he will be speaking very shortly i understand and we will listen in to that in the meantime let's speak to catherine soy who has been listening in and was at cassani stadium catherine this moment is quite a relief for kenya to isn't it because before the swearing in ceremony there was
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a long political drama in kenya which saw two elections relief but the challenges ahead for the kenyan president are enormous i. eat. eat. eat. eat. eat. eat. eat. eat. eat. eat. eat eat. eat eat. eat eat meat.
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if you. really feel. you. katherine story at cassani stadium thank you let's check in with some of them in an hour who was not far from where the ceremonies taking place in another area of nairobi where the opposition was planning a rally earlier today to protest against a horror kenyatta's inauguration but they have been preventing prevented rather from reaching the place where they wanted to hold out running by the police.


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