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tv   Siham Ben Aissa The Thread  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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same way there was a long political drama in kenya which saw two elections released but the challenges ahead for the kenyan president are enormous. was the only way. to be the only. key. to the old because people did not want to old me a lot of people to say that. he needs to be there you need. people to feel like you are not sure but that is it now now wait people say that was
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looking up. to the people we all believed in areas that. you did. and he. was going. to be one of you to be carried to reach out to the opposition to reach out to people who don't really feel that they are. going to make you. think a lot of people say to you that you don't. catherine saw a at cassani stadium thank you let's check in with the miller now who was not far from where the ceremonies taking place in another area of nairobi where the opposition was planning a rally earlier today to protest against aurukun yachters inauguration but they have been preventing prevented rather from reaching the place where they wanted to hold that ronnie by the police from the miller is there for us even as
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a war kenyatta is being inaugurated even as is sworn in lot of questions about his legitimacy and we're seeing that today with these protests on the day he's inaugurated. that's always been the question throughout this election process especially after the first election which was by the supreme court in the rerun at least six million people stayed away from the polls after the opposition called for a boycott so once it was declared that. had who won that election those questions resurface considering that only thirty eight percent of kenyans turned out to vote now here in and because you where we are we still hear police shooting firing tear gas at protesters they have come forward in pockets and then they disperse and so there's a large amount of people at least here specifically there are unhappy with the swearing in they say that victory was stolen from the man that they stand behind
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raila odinga. nasser the opposition coalition led by violent have said they would keep going with these protests have talked about civil disobedience they have talked about an economic boycott but i wonder. from a how much how long how long can they keep these protests going isn't there as sense of fatigue perhaps among kenyans who are tired of seeing these ongoing protests who just want to move on with their lives. this is actually a number of kenyans who really just want this to be over it's two elections in three months of campaigning period that went on and on these protests that disrupt life in nairobi in the central business district is disrupted people from making a living it's really had quite a negative impact on the economy but standing here in him because we see that there are people willing to continue despite this high security prisons despite being
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told by police to go back to their homes and despite facing any dangers brought on by the police response to them gathering we hear their tear gas continuing and these people are determined to get into this area even if it is symbolic even and to show police that look we're here and we're going to be pushed back by you we're here for a purpose how how how much of an impact that has is unknown but they certainly are people willing to continue this fight for what they say is electoral justice the president is about to deliver a speech in which he's expected to call for unity among all kenyans those who didn't vote for him of course are waiting to hear what he says today he has reached out to ryan. farmiga has called for talks with the opposition but they have so far refused to talk why is that. they
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say that conditions on conducive again for this issue around electoral justice they want a complete reform ultimately what they've been calling for the last couple of months entirely new elections in the new year they say that kenya's not been able to hold free and fair elections they don't appear to want to go to speak to two presidents who are kenyatta about anything else other than elections i mean at this point we know that we're kenyatta has said well look the game's over i've won i'm being sworn in and it's time now to move forward so as long as the opposition is not having the government come to them on the terms they want raila odinga says he's not prepared to talk. as we continue to washy pictures from cassani city and let's talk about the challenges that he faces ahead there is of course the issue of uniting kenyans once again but there are a host of other challenges not least how to deal with kenya's declining economy
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this is one of the south africa's strongest economies has been anyway but it's been experiencing a great deal of difficulties in recent years how is he going to address this. in the last year alone the kenyan economy has lost millions of dollars because of the political instability and speaking to analysts who have looked at how kenya needs to recover they're talking about more privatization they're looking at money now that's been diverted to the election you know at one point costing more than a billion dollars and now being used for the continuing infrastructure development there have been some gains in the last several months whether it's a massive railway that runs from the capital to the coast but ultimately people are worried about an economy that isn't growing at the rate it should be at least compared to five years ago there's been a significant decline so these will be an area of focus for president uhuru
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kenyatta in his second term appeasing people who are having difficulty putting food on the table this is really a burden back to issue for many kenyans who already many of them don't have jobs or looking for employment and youth that say they've been sidelined and marginalized when the focus is very much being on the politics of the day rather than boosting the economy you very much for that family mill i will leave you for now and come back to nairobi in just a few minutes when president or kenyatta makes his speech to the kenyan people after being sworn in just a short while ago for a second term in office. moving on and the chair of the u.s. federal reserve is arguably the most powerful banking wall in the wild and all eyes will be on present donald trump's nominee jerome powell later when he attends his confirmation hearing tom ackerman reports from washington. jerome jay powell would be the first federal reserve chairman in nearly four decades with
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a corporate background a big asset in the eyes of donald trump jay will bring extensive private sector experience and real world perspective to our government as the richest fed chairman in recent memory the former investment banker is expected to favor looser regulation of some banks which complain of too many lending restrictions but paul is been a strong defender of the fed's policy to lower interest rates by increasing the supply of dollars the problems that some commentators predict predicted have not come to pass accommodative policy did not generate high inflation or excessive credit growth rather it helped restore full employment and return inflation closer to the two percent goal. in fact he's joined many experts to catholics claim why inflation is actually remained so low despite one of the longest growth streaks in u.s. history with still no recession yet in sight from hasn't explained his decision to
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deny a second term to outgoing chairwoman janet yellen he called her excellent in the job despite being part of barack obama's legacy so market analysts expect her successor to maintain a steady course i think powell would be the closest thing to monetary policy status quo as you can get short of our next two renominating yellen but i think powell is the base case not yellen because trump has to be seen as a disruptor and an agent of change thank you again for this extraordinary opportunity to serve the american people thanks but if the economy does show signs of overheating next year powell and the fed. may see no choice but to step up the pace of raising the cost of borrowing money tom ackerman al-jazeera washington. and present donald trump has been accused of using a racial slur during a white house event honoring native american war veterans he derided the democratic
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party senator as pocahontas a nickname native americans have previously described as offensive and distasteful chris since you know me as a story. the event was to honor native american veterans but president donald trump couldn't resist the opportunity to criticize a political rival use the name of a native american hero in front of a portrait of president andrew jackson who is known for forcefully removing natives from their ancestral lands no less in a way that was not meant as a complement thank you because you're very very special people you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago they call or pocahontas it's a name he first used on the campaign trail and polka dot this is not happy she got to refer to the democratic senator and staunch trump critic elizabeth warren the senator who's claimed native american ancestry was quick to respond it is deeply
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unfortunate that the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a wave or the president spokesperson said there was nothing offensive about it you know most people find offensive center warrant line about her heritage to advance her career but native groups such as the national congress of american indians have expressed outrage at the president's use of the name pocahontas before and again called it a slur that denigrates her legacy and i think her native women who remain and i think a take one of the name one of the stories of our women in a race in a story but using her name a pejorative term only helps to continue the extremely high level of violence we have against native women today you know the controversy overshadowed recognition of the veterans who use the navajo language to transmit secret messages during
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world war two sending what some insist is a message of disrespect kristen salumi al-jazeera. a take is gold trader charged with conspiring to evade u.s. sanctions against iran will not go on trial in new york this week raises a rob dropped out of sight in the two months leading up to his schedule trial it's prompted turkey's prime minister to suggest the rob has reached a plea deal with u.s. authorities she has more from washington. president. of turkey has repeatedly trying to get this trial scrapped lobbying then vice president joe biden and twenty sixteen and president trump in september of this year he maintains of this is a politically motivated prosecution intended to discredit and ultimately overthrow his government on behalf of for two and islamic cleric who lives in pennsylvania to learn. these steps are purely political i hope we'll get a chance to discuss this issue the united states needs to revise this decision
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there are very peculiar smells coming from this issue. but draw prosecutors have dismissed that contention and in court filings say they anticipate that the evidence introduced at trial will show that the turkish government and banking officials were integra to the sanctions evasion scheme razor's arab is among several turkish men charged with operating a billion dollar money laundering scheme to evade u.s. sanctions against iran only two of the accused are in u.s. custody however there is widespread speculation that zurab has flipped and is not cooperating with the prosecution he was abruptly released from prison in early november his whereabouts publicly unknown authorities say he remains in federal custody and that's led to speculation that he entered the witness protection program there is another strand to this case the special counsel robert muller looking into alleged russian meddling in last year's presidential election is examining former trump national security adviser michael flynn's under a cloud lobbying for the turkish government it's been alleged that flynn was
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offered large sums of money at the very least and lobby the trumpet ministration for the extradition of if not kidnapping himself and transport the cleric to ankara he's also alleged to have been asked to get this legal case dropped now there are questions as to whether i will be able to provide any further information about turkish lobbying of u.s. government officials like flynn if there and can provide documented evidence that would be a huge break in the fine investigation. but also possibly and i think this is the most. interesting angle to the case is a potential criminal investigation of the president of turkey for violating irene c. iran sanctions. that could be what got him released with turkey describing this case as a tack on the country to trial as soon as yet another blue to u.s. took relations already on the stream. china has sent
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a pro taiwanese democracy activists to five years in prison leaning was convicted of attempting to subvert state power or trying to overthrow the socialist system the government says he's confessed to writing in distributing online articles criticizing the ruling chinese communist party taiwan's presidential office has called the verdict on acceptable and human rights groups say the trial was unfair at least chinese codefendant has been sentenced to seven years in prison. and a senior chinese military official is under investigation for corruption and he's committed suicide zonk young is a former member of the power for central military commission he was suspected of giving and taking bribes. to zimbabwe now where the new president amasa nagar why is expected to form his cabinet this week all eyes are on whether he'll break with the past sent in name a broad based government or select old guard figures from robert mugabe's era
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reports from harare. nearly two weeks since the military takeover zimbabwe's security forces say the situation is getting back to normal the police who haven't been seen on the streets of a rally for days are resuming the g.t.s. for now that means doing joint patrols with soldiers to try and maintain law and order law enforcement are ordered receiving reports or looting in. other people's views particularly farms in the houses. it is criminal in the spirit of man. and it will be made by the people of the law the announcement comes days after innocence and i got the new president urged citizens not to take matters into their own hands by punishing allies of the former president robert mugabe there are reports that robert mugabe and his wife
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grace have been given immunity from prosecution the police won't say how many of mugabe's allies have been arrested so far the most high profile is a gracious the former finance minister he's accused of corruption going back at least ten years. some say so late to punishment could be a sign not much is going to change under the new administration we might have had one person removed but the higher. remains in place so for me the more things change the more they remain the same and you know if i'm against you and i think you are challenging me. you become fair game human rights abuses the high court recently ruled the military takeover which eventually saw robert mugabe resign was lawful zimbabweans who were tired of having macabre as their leader for thirty seven years have welcomed the court's decision. but others worry allowing the army to legitimize taking over the functions of the state sets
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a dangerous precedent. thirteen people have been killed and thirty others injured after a suicide attack southeast of the iraqi capital baghdad it happened near a market in the night one area i saw has claimed responsibility imran khan has more from baghdad. what police sources are telling us that after the explosion took place a small improvised explosive device that a number of gunmen at least four they say fired from the roof tops of buildings adjacent to the market and that's where we saw a lot of those deaths take place now we are hearing that i still have claimed responsibility for this attack now this will shock a number of people here in baghdad i guess it was go through a relative period of calm the last major suicide attack like this that we saw a bombing that we saw was actually in may know that happiness few very small
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incidents outside of baghdad in the south but nothing in the south of baghdad sorry but nothing the scale of their star as i say i still have claimed responsibility for this it's likely that they're striking back because they've suffered defeats in mosul in iraq in syria and also in the north in anbar province already in iraq. imran khan in baghdad there five people have been injured after a blast brought down a building in southern television footage from the scene shows cars in buildings engulfed in flames the cause of the brass is being investigated but israeli media is reporting it appears to be accidental. now bally's international airport is closed for a second day as mount argos fuse volcanic ash up into the atmosphere posing a danger to aircraft massive plumes of dark small have gone up as high as three kilometers officials say one hundred thousand people on the island need to be
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evacuated from the danger zone around the volcano indonesia's disaster agency also warned of bigger eruptions and cold lava flows the volcano last erupted in one nine hundred sixty three when more than one thousand people were killed. by returning to a story we had earlier but that we had to jump out of because of the kenya you know occupation the past few months have seen a sharp increase in refugees arriving on the greek island of les paul's by boat from turkey conditions inside the main government run camp are poor and there's little prospect of travelling further into europe even so up to two hundred people are arriving on the island every day journal reports. for more than two and a half years people who've been making the perilous journey across the water from turkey many who've lost their lives trying to reach the safety of europe's sure's
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and still they come. away. others mostly i mean just one life for. a meeting will be very. isolated and. it's now well known that europe's borders are closed the greece. little prospect of one would travel to countries like germany. you know. but beyond the friendly smile of a volunteer camp worker they're about to discover another grim reality. and you know. there are no bathrooms we haven't had a shower for ten days. hussein and her family from iraq weren't prepared for the dire conditions inside the main government run camp. i mean this is all greece has for them and with winter approaching they're trapped here like thousands of others
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i believe what we see today is also part of a big you know the parents strategy and the message is very very clear if you want to apply for asylum in europe this is what you will find the county where you will stay more than for a long period of time your needs will not be even met. and you will probably stay there for a year or longer if as a person seeking asylum you managed to survive the sea crossing by small rubber boat from turkey twelve miles away you might arrive as many have done at this pretty greek fishing port imagine if your first sight of the european union was a place like this and yet you ended up stuck for months on end in a place like this. not all will have valid claims to asylum some will be considered migrants economic opportunists but whether they fled war or poverty there's no
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doubting their determination to find a better life you know i myself have been talking you know. more than where ever i have even. passed maybe are there any. kind of people buying this dream and i was here. are going to be able. to have the same is like from head to head with stuff his place of origin gambia isn't recognized as a country at war it's likely he will be deported under the terms of e.u. policy back to turkey his journey from hell to hell not over yet joe how al-jazeera lesbos greece. britain's prince harry and his fiance u.s. actress megan markel have given their first t.v. interview after the official announcement of their engagement but their relationship has exposed an ugly side of traditional and social media peter shop reports. prince harry and meghan markle together outside london's kensington
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palace the thirty six year old actress brings a touch of the twenty first century to britain's royal family she's an american who describes herself as mixed race which came under scrutiny in media coverage of their relationship and some of that scrutiny and you ended up making a very public statement about it some of that scrutiny was centered around your ethnicity. when you realize that or to think of course it's disheartening you know it's. it's a shame that that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that that would be discriminatory in that sense but i think. you know the end of the day i'm really just proud of who i am and where i come from and we have never put any focus on that we've just focused on who we are as a couple and so when you take all those extra layers away and all of that noise. i think it makes it really easy to just enjoy being together and to know all the rest
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of that out. it was in september two thousand and sixteen that they made their first public appearance a sports event for wounded veterans later prince harry was incensed by the press coverage of their relationship his office issued an unprecedented rebuke his girlfriend meghan markle has been subjected to a wave of abuse and harassment a smear on the front page of a national newspaper the racial undertones of comment pieces and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls this is not a game it is her life and his prince harry who's fifth in line to the throne so permission from the queen to marry this is a royal family that from the top that means with the times and sage to say to it to its members and you harry's a modern going he's a guy he's grown up in the modern world he wants to do things his way he's not bound by tradition he's following his heart as opposed to any form of protocol that people think he should marry the world's media had set up outside kensington palace
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but on the streets of london news of the engagement was greeted with a mixture of delight and disinterest. actually they're. going to get mad when you think. how much of her interests. don't you know really. well then. missing gauge woman speaks volumes about how the royal family has changed american actress of mixed race will become a duchess unthinkable even a few years ago peter shot al-jazeera in london. i do say this on al-jazeera are plenty more where news coming out very shortly when my colleague has been sick or back in a moment. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together overthrow and exiled they appoint and got say i'm sure all the swiss reaching you i mean to my film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to
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his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the troops from by and we've been nothing against the french she is seeking the one true change this return of a president at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. this is al jazeera.


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