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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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throw. an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader. to return to his country and reinstate his presidency. this time on al-jazeera.
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after months of division and protests. finally a. second term. president. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters. coming up. with. respect for human rights does not mention the word. syrian government. people ahead of a new round of talks in geneva. to be in trouble already. and the new evidence showing that an oil giant was allegedly complicit in punishing nigerian villagers who complained about spills.
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we begin in kenya where kenyatta has just been sewn in for a second and final term as president you know gratian ceremony follows four months of often violent political upheaval which left more than fifty people dead the opposition leader right out with a has vowed to fight on again scan yachters presidency let's listen in a bit to what the kenyan president is saying he's speaking right now to the kenyan people three years we have risen fifty six places in the world bank's ease of doing business index from one hundred thirty six. to eighty s. and our targets in a few years is to be fifty s. and we have several kenyans new business is established to show we have embarked on building an entirely new work clothes really system and
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thousands of kilometers of access roads to connect producers to markets we have ensured our children can study at night because we have connected thousands of schools and millions of bloom to electricity what do these things mean it means for example that since june of this year more than half a million kenyans have troubles the moment of the night will be due to. cheap foster. i'm surfing the never before. been out here ration speech of all who are kenyatta after he was sewn in for a second term as kenyan president after what was a disputed presidential election campaign kenyatta talking their value
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accomplishments during his first mandate talking about a railway system being built in kenya connecting fountains of schools and millions of homes so electricity let's bring in our correspondent who's outside just around the city and where that inauguration ceremony is taking place. that's catherine soy also standing by is family miller who's at a protest organized by the opposition against kenyatta's inauguration let's begin with you catherine what we were waiting to hear during this inauguration speech today by kenyatta was a message of unity for unity among kenyans did we hear that today. absolutely he was very very big on unifying people that was the first thing that he said he said that let's put our political ideas aside in the in the spirit of inclusiveness he said he is going to incorporate some of the ideas that have been
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fronted by the opposition to his vision he talked about uniting kenyans being a car story of dreams of all being a president of all for you also said that he's going to devote his five years to building bridges and uniting all kenyans then but he also said that this election really this inauguration marks the end of the election season and now we should move forward and try to build a country together he said i like you mentioned he talked a lot about used and he's still talking a lot about. accomplishments of the made in the last five years and going forward he's saying that his government is going to do more good to provide he's introducing free secondary education expanding maternal. health care but people are also saying that he really needs to seriously deal with the issue of economy a lot of people are leaving now and many of them here sixty thousand people who came to cheer him on are going back home to a situation where they don't know where they're going to get their next meal from
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if you go out to the streets almost everyone is going to tell you that the cost of living is very high and they need that addressed as quickly as possible a lot of people are also saying that he needs to decisively in these last term of he is the second time he needs to decisively deal with the issue of corruption in the government sector something that he really did not do in his last term so people are saying this is your last you need to leave a good legacy you need to make sure that you know the cost of living is going down people have to feel that their life is improving because right now they really are not feeling from here people who support him all the way to the opposition they share this in common folly. ok catherine thank you very much for that catherine sawin live forest outside cats ronnie stadium in nairobi where the kenyan president is giving his inauguration speech now we're going to say in africa and take you to
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brooklyn or fossil whatever do go is where the french president emanuel a speaking about france africa relations as embarked on a four day trip in west africa let's listen in to what he has. expressed myself. because because. i will not come here to say to you there we're going to have a big speech to open a new page in the relationship between france and africa and i am not coming here to say to you what is the africa policy of france as some claim because there is no longer an african policy of france. there are people out ticks that we can conduct that we can agreements but there is a powerful all a continent we must look in the face it is never comfortable
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in view of our shared history for french president to come and speak like that in such a way of africa and i will not have the pretension here of explaining the type person complexity of a continent of fifty four countries because it was something terrible american to try and explain. there would be no sort of. a complete homogenous homogeny are today fifty four countries with so much history and even more ethnicities and language which is there not relations that are not the same with regards to france and traumas in the past that have been very different but at least. if i don't want wish to m m provisos pretend to be a historian particularly in a university has taken the name of one of the most important historians of the
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continent i wish to express myself here to the country of people of integrity because i know the. we're not talking only about went to west africa or only to french speaking africa because these barriers that we've long existed in our representation in the reading of the polish of politics in the analyses. on no longer the barriers of africa today between a french speaking or an english speaking africa in africa or north of sub-saharan africa in fact french speaking all these barriers are artificial and i don't just come to pluck a past that must be a representation. of the past that construction's that this be built i will speak here for you africa. as a continent a multi multiple contract that is strong a continent that is
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a continent where it's being played parts of our common future i will speak to you with sincerity but also with deep friendship. i am like you from a generation that is never known africa as a communist continent i'm. one of the most wonderful political memories was the victory of nelson mandela and his fight against apartheid chased. from algiers to rip out from rwanda to conakry. that was the history of our generation also i refuse to always go back on the same representation of the past there have been some fights they have been crimes and the stakes they've been great things and happy happy stories but i have a deep conviction our responsibility is not to our responsibility
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is not to remain blocked fixed in the parts but to live a full adventure up this generation and i'm an opportune ration of french people that the crimes of european colonization are under severe trickle and part of our history i remember. the denounce the thousands of people in the railway works in the congo and these voices were a minority in france and in europe i'm also the generation that has been impressed by the terminations of the youth i've paid to defend on two occasions and sometimes at the cost of their lives the acquisitions optimal crissy and the state of law. i'm of a generation where one does not come to say to africa what it must do what are the
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rules of the state of law. but everywhere we should encourage those who in africa wish to take up their responsibilities want to express. the voice of emancipation and freedom as you have done here. and i'm of a generation that observes that everywhere it is the african continent african youth is claiming with impatience to participate in the construction of its country's destiny and work and globalization i'm of a generation of french people for whom africa is neither a problem from the past nor of france you can tax has a link with france. with but so often a fraternity and mutual aid africa is. engraved
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in a french memory and culture through history in the density of france and that is a strength and of pride which i wish to cultivate and which i want to express as is an asset. for france and for africa. i know. there is a technical problem. is everything ok that is everything alright. you. want we've been listening there to the french president emanuel. delivering
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a speech about eight hundred students at the university of fossil working a fossil of the first stop on a monument. four day trip to africa which will also take him to ivory coast and ghana this was a highly anticipated speech in which is expected to talk about a new kind of politics as he seeks to break away from neo colonialism across the african continent you know this war is basically aimed at boosting france's regional influence in africa and also as you heard the president talk a little bit about there stemming the flow of migrants from africa into europe. the french president speaking again to eight hundred students at the university of wanted to go and this will be followed by a question and answer session by the audience there let's bring in our correspondent on the line from wanted to go. this is a speech that's been highly anticipated because everyone of course recalls the
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controversial speech former french president nicolas sarkozy gave in dakar a few years ago talking about france africa relations and everyone expecting my call to hit the reset button if you will between france and africa what has he said so far any what is his message basically to the african countries. well i'm glad calls message they saw is really that she going to be a different kind of and she is young different mobility would be good in spain then it's on a generation of people who have a new color your eyes and she lost all of five by some of the crimes committed by french colonial got over very gentle done very well here we wanted to reverse to the stooges a cheering good medicine really and i know michael is one of the machine that is trained to keep the dog has an image problem in africa it's actually amongst young
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people because events to fix a lot of the arguments children of delivered look to front the politicians or officials that have sons of students who are going to get there we are told that you will also be touching a subject such as innovation job the technology of the year include things like disarmament and to be treated with the trend in the field of little children so this is very much about till they are different and live to tell you the return steps relations between. as he tries to reset these relations natasha important to note that in certain parts of the continent especially in that part of africa so a lot of hostility towards france the former colonial power. well the reason a lot of hopes going to be amongst the young people here is between the frustrated stuff you know that just gives them the so are you ever taken a step to the traffic approach to africa except to say to the chief of the bar to find that you have french troops i did it for issues we're all to be
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a strong school be going to be a terror on the front just because the money train lines you do want to be in london going on are there for the prevention through a grenade or charge they call. a peace a goodly part of what you call trick to correlate with my call because iran is doing any good. work to do with religion because he felt that the one of the problems of africa really have too many children and god is quick to go down well here thank you very much for that matusz and a talk show butler on the line there from want to go in working across the way the french president in money and michael is giving a very important speech today on france africa relations let's turn on to other world news now on al jazeera and pope francis has urged myanmar to respect human rights and ethnic diversity has been holding talks with myanmar's civilian leader entente sochi but the head of the roman catholic church did not mention the word
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rohingya a military crackdown and widespread violence has forced hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh in what the united nations has described as ethnic cleansing. but. he says based on respect and dignity and the rights of every member of society and for every ethnic group and its identity to be respected under human rights and the democratic order no individual or ethnic group should be excluded everyone can offer a legitimate contribution to the common good and the great work of reconciliation the national integration of religious communities and their differences must not be a source of division of. the situation in the rakhine as most strongly captured the attention of the world. long standing issues social economic and political that have eroded trust and understanding harmony and cooperation
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between different communities and the support of our people and of good friends who only raced to see us and has been invaluable your holiness the gifts of compassion and encouragement that you bring to us treasure. speak to. young gone scott this was a highly anticipated speech by the pope today everyone waiting to hear what he was going to say and it turns out nothing controversial in the end. our apologies we seem to have lost our connection to scott hyder our correspondent in young gone myanmar who was going to give us reaction to the pope's speech earlier in naypyidaw the capital of myanmar as he visits a country he's also expected to travel to bangladesh in the coming days pope
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francis now let's move on and we were talking about the french president earlier calling on europe and africa to increase corporation to crack down on groups that are trafficking illegal migrants emmanuel mccoy as we said is in book enough and so as part of a three day cut three country rather africa tour and a major issue during this visit as we mentioned with our correspondent will be the refugees and migrants that are being held as slaves in libya according to various reports france's asked for a un security council meeting on the issue of slavery in libya on when see that happen later today let's speak some more about this now to leonard doyle who is a spokesperson for the international organization for migration joins us live from geneva thank you so much for being with us so the issue is being brought in front of the united nations later today the issue of slavery in libya first of all just how widespread is this today in libya itself what can you tell us and what are your
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expectations as far as this meeting at the u.n. later. well i think what we're learning is that out of sight in remote farmhouses smugglers are actually selling human beings to the highest bidder and that's been reported by i am indeed it's been reported by al-jazeera some time ago and most recently most vividly by c.n.n. would some videotape of an actual action of some human beings this is what has galvanized the international community i mean i think there was a lot of sympathy towards the migrants especially those drowning and three thousand have drowned so far this year as of this weekend but that sympathy you know was up against the constraints of the political discourse about migration i think the reality that it's human slavery at the heart of it has actually forged a new political alliance between the europeans and the africans globally saying that something was happening we talk about the traffic isn't obvious they are responsible primarily for what's happening there but isn't there isn't there
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responsibility also shared for the situation these migrants find themselves in in libya shared between their countries of origin and also because of the situation in libya itself what action would you like to see taken. well i think there's no question as you rightly say that the the ownership of this problem is very much with the countries of origin of who in the post colonial period for many many different reasons have ended up giving being very poor leaders to their people giving very little economic development and having a lot of corruption so people are voting with their feet but what you've what you've omitted and i think is really important is that now with the advent of the smartphone and with facebook and others pushing into africa a youngster can meet a smuggler in two seconds on the phone now that's nothing is being done to challenge that they think they're following a dream to europe they end up in the mall in the grip of these replaces smugglers and i think this is really the problem it's a combination of new technology and the absolute absence of rule of law in libya so
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. these two things must resolve both ok i was going to ask you to let me love you a little show here companies need to i think the social media companies need to step it up a little bit and recognize that they're part of the problem and communicate to migrants don't believe the smuggler on your smartphone one thing we need to bring rule of law back to libya we need to reestablish central control human rights rule of law that's the basis of the problem but in the meantime we need to take the migrants out of this shocking situation and return them voluntarily to their homes of origin they are desperate to go a colleague of mine showed me photographs he took yesterday in a detention center in libya two hundred people crammed in a small room desperate to leave and desperate to go home that's what needs to happen thank you very much for speaking to us and sharing your views with us leonard doyle spokesperson of the international organization for migration joining us there from geneva thank you for your time or let's not return to the pope's
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visit in myanmar in bring up once again hopefully it works this time they are scott so we were all waiting to hear what the pope would say today in naypyidaw he met on sun sochi the civilian leader of myanmar what was his message anything controversial come out of this speech in the end. nothing controversal folly you know everyone was kind of waiting to see if he said. he didn't say we're friends if you alluded to them and what various into throughout this whole trip we were really sure when and if he'd be make making statements meetings were changed it was a meeting that happened on monday evening with with the military leader in this country the commander in chief that was actually supposed to happen on thursday but in this theme was a fairly short speech the main thing that came out of it he didn't say were hinge it but he alluded to the range and the plight of the regions and he said that for the future of this country there needs to be acceptance and respect for the identity of all ethnic groups and who they are and that's something that obviously speaks to what's been happening with their hands because when you talk about their
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identity and use that word that is because they're not recognized as citizens in this country me and more the government doesn't even use the word so that's obviously why he brought that up specifically and he said for the future of this nation so obviously he feels as though and he mentioned when he arrived on monday he mentioned that the future needs to you know really the leadership need to step up for the future of this country in transition again he's going back to that in other words for a future successful myanmar there needs to be recognition and respect for different different ethnic groups and help them have their own identity and that's something that they were hinged have not been getting in this nation so obviously without saying he was alluding to it ok scott thank you very much for that scott hyde and i for us in young gone myanmar returning now to our top story any nadia ration of kenya's president kenyatta for a second term after what was a very disputed presidential election campaign let's speak to dismiss. political
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risk analysts and he joins us from nairobi thank you very much for being with us and his inauguration speech who kenyatta has called for unity among all kenyans asking kenyans to move forward do you think that message will be heard by right and his supporters. well in kenya we have a very interesting scenario a twenty third mr calling for dialogue so that we move forward as a nation and then either the president cannot is not very keen on a dialogue and right now president kennedy is keen on a dialogue but it doesn't seem to be the case with mr. but for us as a nation to make progress we must address the real issues and the real issues in kenya is about a lack of inclusive because the number of kenyans actually up to fifty percent of the most part and parcel of this is that it's called kenya then we need to send it saves our electoral process so that when we have an election and our electoral vote
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he declares somebody a winner then everybody believes somebody has actually won or if this is somebody has lost everybody believes someone has lost and then we need to sort to review our democracy whether we're still left with a presidential system or a parliamentary system now for us to move forward then the president cannot and mr i. must have a very little conversation based on those three concepts if they're able to i don't have a conversation in a structured manner in an honest manner than as a nation we can make progress but right now doing as indicated so far that he's not interested in dialogue he's called for a national resistance movement to restore democracy as talked about launching a third republic in kenya his promises civil disobedience campaign i wonder you know how much support does he have when he makes all these calls and how dangerous a situation. does kenya face if if this crisis if this political dispute drags on you know how far is a dingo willing well our there. has got
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a lot of support in kenya because i mean if you want to confirm whether or not you've got support during the last presidential election he called upon the supporters to withdraw from there is and the way we're able to withdraw from i mean they did not come out to go and cast their ballots so it's good to support up to fifty percent of working and support him and. for him to achieve any level of success for him to achieve the aspirations for the nation in my stomach and with this image that president clinton privileged connecticut must bring in fundamental changes to the nation hold alone and mr eluding or cannot bring any any changes to alone they too have to work in unison they have to agree on a structured engagement so that we are able to make progress because if they don't if the most people to work together then will not be able to achieve anything just this was work or thank you very much for that. syrian out at least one thousand
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people have been killed by government airstrikes in a rebel held area on the outskirts of the capital damascus this is a second attack on eastern go to in forty eight hours the assad government has stepped up the peace the pace trial of strikes ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks to try and end the conflict or talks were meant to begin on tuesday but the u.n. has only just been given confirmation the syrian government delegation want to arrive until when say our diplomatic editor james space is following the story from geneva . the syrian government making a point i think of coming late for spoiling their trip we now understand they will be here in the next twenty four hours they say the reason that they did perspire on their trip for a while is because they're on happy with comments made by the opposition who've been saying what they've always been saying and that is that assad must go but i can tell you there are people who think that maybe another reason the bombardment being on the slaughter continues in syria particularly in eastern good term we've seen this many times as rounds of talks of approach then on the ground there's been
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an effort particularly by the assad government to strengthen their hand with military action just before the talking starts what it's worth noting this is not the same opposition you have a new opposition here despite that the head of that new opposition group inc still says assad must go with once bought the conditions we are here to condition to to negotiate but our goal and then he will she will be that departure of bashar assad from the beginning of transition diplomats have in the past called that the a side note it's a thing that's tied up all the rounds of negotiation here and still it's the key issue key issue one side saying assad must go the other saying no mistake. now again i'm fully back to where the headlines on al-jazeera who are kenyatta has
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vowed to unites kenya after being sought in for a second term as president inauguration ceremony for our. often violent political upheaval the opposition leader right now has vowed to fight on again skiing outas presidency. today is the one hundred twenty third day since we began on august eighth. two days in a world that isn't there for months. on end and i. look through a process. the elections. on the family behind us. you know the news pope francis says martha respect him and rides and ethnic diversity has been holding
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talks with myanmar civilian leader on sun sochi but the head of the roman catholic church did not mention the word rohingya a military crackdown has forced hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims to free myanmar for neighboring bangladesh in what the un has described as a ethnic cleansing. we're not back to those who least. peace is based on respect and dignity and the rights of every member of society and for every ethnic group and its identity to be respected under human rights and the democratic order no individual or ethnic group should be excluded everyone can offer a legitimate contribution to the common good and the great work of reconciliation the national integration of religious communities and their differences must not be a source of division. at least nineteen people have been killed in syrian government as strikes in eastern gota the assad government has increased strikes ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks they were meant to begin on tuesday but
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the government delegation says it will not arrive in geneva until wednesday and the french president has called on europe and africa to increase corporation to crack down on trafficking groups and money in my course says people smugglers need to be penalized he is in burkina faso as part of a three country africa tour those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside stories next. first came the protests and then the resignation of a government minister in pakistan has stepped down after days of a struct of protests and accusations of blasphemy it was organized by a new political movement so how powerful groups like these this is inside story.


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