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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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defying my disability. whether. i think it's how you. doing it you can just. fly out. u.n. security council meets to tackle the grim business of people trafficking as evidence
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mimes the trade is booming. out of them to deal with all this it is a lie from london also coming up. there for months. and i repeat. who are kidnapped and promises to unite kenya as he's sworn in for a second term as president. but the opposition remains defiant didn't get says he'll hold his own swearing in ceremony as two people are killed in protests. and carefully chosen words pope francis avoids mentioning the range of crisis or claims of ethnic cleansing during a key address in me and on the. u.n.
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security council is holding a briefing on the libyan slavery crisis evidence says of march that hundreds of people are being auctioned in moderns they say they've markets in libya for as little as four hundred dollars maybe as the main transit hub for refugees and migrants attempting to reach so many in europe by sea we'll have reaction from the u.n. in just a second but first this report is a burned out smith. this is not where these migrants want to be heading back to the african continent thanks to a from the italian government to reinforce libya's coast guard it's helped cut the number of migrants arriving in italy two hundred twenty two thousand in the last three months it's the lowest total for four years but people trafficking networks in libya continue to flourish because of government chaos as rival groups battle for power. these are all ins repatriated to the ivory coast from libya so they risk being sold into slavery we do know about this all africans over there in libya they
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sell men even fifteen year old libyans or they're in a car they're armed the coming kidnap you and the cell you've heard seventy to one hundred fifty dollars and then others will resell you i think they're going to leave soon as you arrive in libya the first thing that happens is that you are taken away and sold our black brothers from west africa wherever you are from a million a senegalese or any other nationality from the west even ibori and you are sold and for what seven hundred dollars you know. but these migrants will tell you that life is so hard in their home country that it's worth almost any risk to make a new start in europe now with the advent of the smartphone and with facebook and others pushing into africa a youngster can meet a smuggler in two seconds on the phone now that nothing is being done to challenge that they think they're following a dream to europe they end up in the mall in the grip of these replaces smog or despise increased patrols the u.n. says more than one hundred sixty thousand people have made it across the
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mediterranean to york this year about three thousand have drowned on bernard smith al-jazeera why can a has been missing in new york. well a week after the u.n. security council passed a resolution condemning the traffic and slavery france called for this emergency session which has been taken place it insists that more needs to be done more quickly in order for this massive problem to be addressed we've heard from the french ambassador the word barbaric also saying that every single element within the u.n. security council's power must be used to address this ongoing problem of slave trafficking within libya especially this is what the u.k. ambassador had to say today let us stand together as an international community in our commitment to eliminate the a bar and crime of modern slavery and human trafficking and safeguard the lives and
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dignity of those who are most vulnerable like many libyans in country i share the disgust and grave concern that the news footage from last week i'm deeply concerned that civilians continue to suffer inexcusably from the conflict in libya and that in the absence of the rule of law they can suffer human rights abuses of the worst kind. and i welcome the announcement by the government of national accord of libya of an immediate investigation into this matter the security council is exploring ways in which to deal with this immediate problem that is of slave trafficking the french ambassador has mentioned perhaps imposing sanctions against individuals and entities responsible for it he's also said that every aspect of international law must be brought to bear including possibly the international criminal court but what we've been hearing in security council discussions as well is slave trafficking is just a symptom of
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a wider cause that cause is forced migration within the african continent refugees moving within the african continent drifting out of their native countries by conflict by groups such as boko haram in nigeria but i saw in various parts of the continent and one must remember as well that ninety percent of would be refugees and forced migrants pass through libya of the way in an attempt to get to europe on the other hand what you have increased controls in europe of the movement of migrants and refugees so what you have in a way in libya is a perfect storm of human degradation the issue of slavery very much a consequence of far wider problems existing throughout the continent and in europe itself. kenya's president if you're a kenya has urged his to buy the nation to move on from months of political
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upheaval after being sworn in for a second term his inauguration ceremony follows a violent and drawn out election process which included two disputed polls kidnaps us calling on all leaders to serve the nation regardless of political affiliation and says he will take to educate all of his energy to building unity and nationhood . today is the one hundred twenty third day. since we began on august eighth. two days you know that isn't. there four months. and i repeat the end of our electoral process the elections. on now firmly behind us it's been a trying time. but once again kenyans of showing their resilience. in coming their pensions and the passions that accompany political competition for catherine
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solway was set up the swearing in ceremony in nairobi. president who are looking at the must be very relieved it's been a long and difficult election period and his message today really was about unity was very big on unity he knows too well that millions of supporters of the opposition do not support his presidency so he is reaching out to these people saying that he wants to be a president who will say that he's going to devote this five years in office to you know unite all kenyans he also talked about achievements of his government in the last five years and this is something that he wants to continue he's talking about introducing free secondary education expanding maternal health care a continuing with a road construction that he had started at the railway that he had started that his government had started constructing he's also talking about connecting more people to the national electricity grid but a lot of people are really saying that he needs to deal with the economy go to the
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streets and many kenyans will tell you the struggling to make ends meet the cost of living is very high more than sixty thousand people came to cheer. on many of them are leaving not knowing where they're going to get their next meal so this is something that he wants they want him to address as a matter of an audience and many other people also saying that he needs to decisively deal with corruption in the public sector that is something that he didn't really do in the last in his last stand so people are saying he needs to deal with that this is his last time he needs to leave a good and lasting legacy he needs to make this things work. to people including a seven year old child were killed the supporters of rival need to rile clash with place as angus rejects of kenya answers and occupation vowing to hold his own swearing in ceremony as president in two weeks' time he's fired rifles and tear gas to break up a large crowd of adiga supporters he says can yes this presidency is illegitimate
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and valid to push for new elections the media miller has more. residents of the syria have been gathering all morning on the outskirts of the track around the grounds now that's where the opposition the national super alliance and its leader raila odinga had wanted to hold a rally or a commemoration of its supporters who have been killed in recent days police are determined to keep these protesters out of the jacaranda ground are now moving in to the residential area which demonstrators have been gathering all morning they say they're angry with police they're calling police murderous this is after a number of opposition supporters have allegedly been killed by police the opposition says at least twenty seven in recent days that's after the presidential rerun the protesters here say it's their right to gather to demonstrate peacefully we've seen protesters throwing stones though and we've seen police retaliate with
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tear gas a number of times the planned commemoration and rally were abandoned but raila odinga did try to come to this area but he was stopped by police while speaking to supporters he said he will have a swearing in of his own he says who are kenyatta is an illegitimate president who's beginning his second term in office after a sham election. actually used chapter one of the constitution the people mean and we have said that and before but well we should hold the people to assembly that will swear me into office once raila odinga finished addressing his supporters here in america see and they were dispersed police have maintained a high presence in this area confrontations between themselves and demonstrators appear to continue and there's no sign of the tensions easing anytime soon. pope francis has avoided any direct mention of me and masri hinge of muslim
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minority as he appeared alongside the country's leader aung sun city the pope touched on the range of crisis but never directly named the ethnic group as widely expected he insisted me in law should respect the rights of all ethnic groups scot haida reports. pope francis traveled to the capital april or tuesday on a day trip for me and gone to meet unsung suchi she introduced the pope after their closed door meeting of the many challenges that our government has been facing the situation in the rakhine has most strongly captured the attention of the world. touching on the issue that many are waiting to be brought up the plight of the ranger. while not calling them by name though he has before he alluded to their plight one a growing number of nations and international bodies are calling ethnic cleansing. the future must be peace
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a peace based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society respect for each ethnic identity respect for the rule of law and respect for the democratic order that enable each individual and every group known excluded to offer its legitimate contribution to the common good earlier in the day here in yangon the pope started his first full day in myanmar by conducting an interfaith meeting with buddhist christian hindu jewish and muslim representatives so that's why. when represented muslims he was on the rakhine commission led by the former head of the united nations kofi anon to provide recommendations on the real hinge a crisis like i didn't use the word i didn't you mention about the crisis but i did say that. this multi-racial multi-religious literalistic society where diversity and unity prevails but recently religion has
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been hijacked and it has been politicised the roman catholic leader is due to hold mass in a stadium in yangon on wednesday it will be the first time to speak to the tens of thousands of christians who have traveled from all over myanmar to see it's got harder al-jazeera younger still to come here on out. here porch at the time for a second day running his mind keeps on running like plus. i'm joined now on the greek island of last boss where more than two and a half years after the great influx of refugees to europe began people are still making with perilous crossing from turkey every day. winter. housebroken through iran middle east so you can see any kind of cloud could
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produce more interesting weather but temporarily we're still talking about the caucasus in the caspian sea there's a kill there the cold front will take a little bit of rain through took on a stand possibly north of that otherwise it's fairly quiet couples back in the sunshine at twelve. baghdad slowly warming up to about twenty unlike the shower to the east and made for the event but. sunshine here with the regular snow proving that something caucasus and i saw usually of course brings temperatures down to one can feel quite cold in some places we're below thirty's a day max in places like u.a.e. western side of the peninsula we're up into the low thirty's that for mecca but yemen disappointing and it's very cold at night as well but it's what you might expect normal average temperatures in southern africa the rain has recently been quite poky in the eastern side of south africa but if you watch for the cloud is going the bright white show you the deepest clouds are told clouds heavy showers
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mainly it's the north northern mozambique and tanzania and zambia i think we are from the heaviest rain the next not to preclude a few showers for the south. i
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don't mind over the top stories here and i'm just here at the un security council is meeting to discuss reports of a growing slave trade industry in libya. kenya's president a hurricane yet has been sworn in for a second term is to own position supporters are killed and find with nukes. pope francis has avoided any direct mention of me and was written jim is the minority or claims of ethnic cleansing during a speech in a peace deal. zimbabwe's new president has opened a three month amnesty window for the return of stolen public funds and most amana says those individuals and companies that have illegally stocks money abroad have until the end of february to give it back to has more now from the capital harare. president was there when i was sitting at the ground running and he seems to be doing that to me the poison into the government it's embarrassing will be get we is
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the acting prime the basement of the patrick chinamasa is yet to finance going to the both men were fired by robert mugabe they have years of experience in government is thought they will likely try to reengage with the international community patrick chinamasa the acting finance minister has a history dealing with the i am if it also seems that there are some signs on the ground that things could be improving for the first time in a long time the saying banks are now issuing u.s. dollars instead of the local gangs note cards with some people usa is a worthless and is devaluing to foster the present also has given people who've done life spans and i say it's three months three months to return those assets no questions os and there won't be filed which could be a sign that he is willing to give them a states. hossam try to move the country for the big question now is how many people are going to comply. here in syria and boy stuff and to mr s.s. the syrian government has agreed to a cease fire in east and go to proposed by russia the rebel held area in the
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outskirts of damascus has come under heavy bombardment in the past forty eight hours ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks to try to end the conflict talks were meant to begin on choose day with the government delegation has said it won't arrive until wednesday or diplomatic edison james beings is in geneva. the syrian talks a back on in geneva but only one of the two sides present the syrian opposition of the meeting with the u.n. special envoy stefan de mistura at their hotel in the last few hours here at u.n. headquarters but the syrian government perspire on their trip angry they say some comments by the opposition there are those that believe the real reason for the delay was to allow the syrian military to continue their operations in east and the u.n. special envoy though says he's now received word there will be a cease fire i was just informed by do russian sandu today or to people a meeting that the russians have proposed to end the government effects have to do
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a sci fi only it's difficult because we were and are very concerned about till now we need to see where they did take place but it is not coincidental that it's actually been proposed and agreed upon just the day of the beginning of this station the syrian government delegation will arrive here on wednesday it's not clear whether they'll have talks straight away the opposition say they want to meet with them face to face around the same table u.k. foreign secretary has met with the foreign ministers of saudi arabia the u.a.e. and juan in london as part of efforts to find a peaceful solutions the war in yemen speaking ahead of the meeting boris johnson said his government wanted to push for the full reopening of ports within yemen the saudi led coalition mounted a sea and air blockade earlier this month to prevent supplies reaching hooty rebels but when and has been following the meeting. no defining breakthrough moment from
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these talks this forum that's been held here in london but an indication from the u.k. of the urgency of the matter and recognition according to the foreign and commonwealth office at least from the saudis the u.a.e. oman and the u.s. and of course the u.n. about the humanitarian plight being faced by the yemeni civilians three million of whom have been displaced tens of thousands of whom have been killed over the past three years and this blockade of the past two and a half weeks causing real genuine hardship now although the blockade is being eased the trickle of humanitarian supplies which you've been able to get into yemen is hardly enough to feed the starving thousands of the those affected by cholera as well and aid agencies are extremely worried about the deteriorating situation there the foreign office minister from the u.k. has spoken in the wake of the meeting to say that the saudis understand the urgency of delivering humanitarian aid but at the same time they also want to have security
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from the kind of missiles that we saw fired from the hutu rebels that said there is a recognition of the great urgency although resolving the situation will be dictated by events on the ground and that includes the delivery of humanitarian aid as well as preventing any further rocket attacks now been inspired minister saad hariri says hezbollah must stop interfering in regional conflicts and accept a neutral policy to bring an end to the political crisis here is waiting for the outcome of the president's talks with political before deciding whether to withdraw his offer of resignation then a hoarder has the story. all smiles or saddle happy they left a meeting with president michel and the prime minister didn't say if they discussed his demand that lebanon stick by the state policy of staying out of regional conflicts but he appeared to be in a good mood the prime minister suspended his resignation last week to give the
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president time to renew lebanon's commitment to what is known as a dis association policy it is a reference to hezbollah how did he has said he would resign if the party doesn't stay out of regional conflicts hezbollah's parliamentary representative was among the political figures received by the president as part of his consultations to reach a consensus but has not discussed how to protect lebanon how to govern neutrality and resuming the work of the government. he refused to answer when asked it has but i will and its military activities outside lebanon. hezbollah has said it plans to withdraw its commanders advisors and trainers from iraq where the government there declares victory against i so apart from that statement it has not made any clear public commitment that it will and its involvement in syria for example it has also been accused of providing military support to the hutus in the yemen i charge it denies but hezbollah's role abroad is not the only divisive issue. of
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hezbollah's political opponents have long called on the group to surrender its weapons accusing it of using its arms for political gain. hezbollah says it is open to dialogue and ready to reach an understanding about its ally iran has already closed the door to compromise at least on one issue iran's revolutionary guard says hezbollah's arms of the remaining non-negotiable. even acknowledge that lebanon cannot do anything because hezbollah is arms are a regional matter his allies agree. it would be better not to discuss the issue of farms this will take us back to previous dialogues and this would be futile let us discuss the disassociation policy and how to implement it. he has little leverage hezbollah's armed wing is stronger than the national army but he does have an advantage there is consensus among all parties to preserve
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stability the presidential palace issued a statement saying that political blocs agreed on major issues like that this is policy and non interference in the affairs of arab countries it seems there is a compromise deal to. beirut. bali's airport has been shut for a second day as an erupting volcano disrupts travel plans and threatens thousands on the intonation and mind agonise spearing huge kinds of ash into the air and small explosions can be heard natasha guy has more. towers of volcanic ash continue to shoot into the sky over bali after more than half a century of call my experts are warning of a catastrophe on mount. explosions can be heard and felt twelve kilometers away. for the second day the airport near the island capitol dome pasar is closed up ending the travel plans of thousands of tourists anyway so we don't know we don't
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know if you haven't but if i have a dream. the government said one hundred buses to the airport and to the island's ferry terminals to assist travelers ten airports elsewhere in indonesia are ready to handle diverted flights but the response hasn't been quick enough for some medics have said the government is doing enough to help the foreign tourists there are thousands of people stranded here at the airport they have to go to another airport and they are trying to do that but the government and the authorities. islanders are nearby lombok say the amount of gong eruption is hurting their businesses but will not go the number of foreign tourists has dropped considerably while local tourists have increased and you know one of the with photographers are enjoying the spectacular event but it's a potential life or death situation for the estimated one hundred thousand people in the danger zone. the last major eruption of mount agung in one thousand nine
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hundred sixty three killed around eleven hundred people natasha going to al-jazeera . a russian weather satellite has failed to enter orbit after being launched from eastern russia on thursday or tuesday rather it was cause most space agency said it failed to establish communications with the meteor am one too whether satellite following the launch because of the failure is unknown but russian media is reporting a software glitch that led to the problem a series of failed launches in recent years have tarnished the reputation of russian space industries up to two hundred refugees a day are still arriving at the main government one account on the greek island of lesbos is struggling to cope with the influx and harsh winter conditions are fast approaching as jonah hole reports from lesbos there's little prospect of them traveling further into europe. for more than two and a half years people have been making the perilous journey across the water from
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turkey many have lost their lives trying to reach the safety of europe's shores and still they come. i was. just my life. for i believe it. i just know that. it's now well known that europe's borders are closed the greece offers little prospect of one would travel to countries like germany. you know. but beyond the friendly smile of a volunteer camp worker they're about to discover another grim reality. there are no bathrooms we haven't had a shower for ten days. hussein and her family from iraq weren't prepared for the dire conditions inside the main government run camp on less boss island and this is
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all greece has for them and with winter approaching they're trapped here like thousands of others i believe what we see today is also part of a big current strategy the message is various very clear if you want to apply for asylum in europe this is what you will find that where you will stay more than for a long period of time your needs will not be even met. and you will probably stay there for a year or longer if as a person seeking asylum you managed to survive the sea crossing by small rubber boat from turkey twelve miles away you might arrive as many have done at this pretty greek fishing port imagine if your first sight of the european union was a place like this. and yet you ended up stuck for months on end in a place like this not all will have valid claims to asylum some will be considered
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migrants economic opportunists but whether they fled war or poverty there's no doubting their determination to find a better life you know i said bus and i got ready and dug you know so i think we had done more than we ever have even. maybe identify. kind of bit with by and it is a game you know it's here. it's all gonna be whatever you dig out of. the days of this scene is like from head to head with staffers place of origin gambia isn't recognized as a country at war it's likely he will be deported under the terms of e.u. policy back to turkey his journey from hell to hell not over yet jonah how al-jazeera lesbos greece well you can find it much more about the stories we're following on our website at al-jazeera dot com.
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a quick reminder of our top story. u.n. security council is holding a briefing on the libyan people smuggling crisis amid evidence that the trade is growing libya's the main transit hub for refugees and migrants attempting to reach by sea and there are claims that song are being sold there is slaves by commas at the u.n. headquarters in new york. but week after the u.n. security council passed a resolution condemning the traffic and slavery france called for this emergency session which has been taken place it insists that more needs to be done more quickly in order for this massive problem to be addressed we've heard from the french ambassador the word barbaric also saying that every single element within the u.n. security council's power must be used to address this ongoing problem of slave trafficking within libya especially kenya's president hurricane yet or has urged
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his country to move on from months of political upheaval after being sworn in for a second term his inauguration ceremony follows a violent drawn out election process which included two disputed polls elsewhere in i will be at least two people were killed and police clashed with supporters of the opposition leader while adding get he says he'll hold his own swearing in ceremony in just two days to. the un syria envoy stuff and a mysterious says the syrian government has accepted a ceasefire in eastern guta reports by russia the rebel held area and the outskirts of damascus has come under heavy bombardment in the past forty eight hours ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks to try to end the conflict. but francis has avoided any direct mention of me in mars' ranges the minority as he appears alongside the country's leader aung san suu kyi as why do expect the head of the roman catholic church insisted the mean why should respect the rights of all ethnic groups and military crackdown has forced hundreds of thousands of to flee to
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neighboring bangladesh bali's airport has been shot for a second day as an erupting volcano disrupts travel plans and threatens thousands on the indonesian island mind agony is spewing huge crowds of ash into the air and officials are warning a large eruption is imminent those are your headlines stay with us up next it's a story see you later. controversy in greece over an arms deal to saudi arabia the government of prime minister alexis tsipras is accused of failing to follow proper procedures but how is the weapons trade regulated and is this to speed because it would most.


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