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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2017 12:00am-1:01am +03

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thursday started to cloud over mall colder weather coming in behind with ted for to struggling to reach freezing. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on a private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we maj and work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough to get here in a bagel for you and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers and like i said i think that child soldiers reloaded at this time. zira.
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hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next the sixty minutes north korea fires a missile the first such launch in two months and just a week after the u.s. they cleared it a state sponsor of terrorism the u.n. security council meets to tackle the grim business of people trafficking as evidence mounts the trade is booming. and i repeat. all gonna let. promises to unite kenya as he's sworn in for a second term as president and boom time for a bit coin the crypto currency surges past the ten thousand dollar mark for the first time. i'm joining you j. sports including a year on from
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a plane crash that killed nineteen players will look at how brazilian club chappaqua and say has rebuilt its team following that tragedy. south korea's president will soon preside over a national security meeting following a missile launch by north korea an initial assessment by the u.s. suggest pyongyang launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that would travel to an altitude of around four thousand kilometers before eventually splashing down in the sea of japan south korea says it's carried out a test of its own in response and japan has ordered an emergency cabinet meeting well for the latest let's go live to kathy novak she joins us live now from seoul first of all what other reaction has there been. well this is being taken very seriously here in the region as you say the president himself in chairing this
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meeting of the national security council here in south korea and the initial assessment seemed to be pointing to this being an intercontinental ballistic missile japan's defense minister saying that north korea reached its highest level ever with this missile launch which we're told has splashed in waters off the coast of japan we saw intercontinental range ballistic missiles for the first time in this year year or recall back in july of course north korea has long been promising that it is working towards developing an i.c.b.m. that kinda live or a nuclear warhead to the u.s. mainland which is each of this these tests it wants to demonstrate to the world the kind of range its missiles have and it also gains crucial crucial technical knowledge for its own engineers its own military as it keeps working on perfecting
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its missile and indeed its nuclear program as you mentioned south korea's military conducted live fire training in response to this missile launch which happened in the middle of the night local time it was just gone quarter past three a.m. when this missile was launched in just over five minutes later the south korean military launched training of its own involving missiles in involving its age of ships and involving air force fighter jets and the message that south korea wants to send to north korea is that it is monitoring actions coming out of north korea that it detects these missile launches quickly and that it is prepared to respond with a message with this live fire drill being that if necessary if needed south korea it says has the capacity to take out the launch sites in north korea though in this case it was just a drill. you know this north korea launch is the first since mid september so about
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two months ago how do you think cassie the international community is likely to respond. well the one that happened back in september was an intermediate range ballistic missile that flew over japanese territory so of course that caused a lot of alarm in japan japan increasingly taking these missile launches ever more seriously because its own territory is threatened when these missiles fly over japan and what north korea seems to be trying to demonstrate with that is that it's confident in its technology but no doubt there will be discussions in the international community about what response they are likely to take though it seems that their options as ever are limited when it comes to north korea the theme of a coup the latest from seoul cassy thank you and the u.s. president has just said the latest launch it does not change his government's approach to north korea let's go to kimberly halkett at the white house what else
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did the u.s. president say kimberly. that's right the president speaking in the oval office with reporters just in the last half hour or so not saying an awful lot when it comes to a response on north korea in fact saying rather generically will handle it and then implying that there would be further discussions to ensue with regard to the next steps for the united states fairly subdued response considering some that we've had from donald trump in recent months with regard to north korea certainly the fire and fury that we saw early in the summer of course the speech at the united nations where donald trump exchanged insults calling kim jong un a little rocket man and also promising that the united states would have no choice but to totally destroy north korea if the united states or its allies were threatened will certainly now with this latest test that has occurred certainly
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more was expected from the president but it seems the president is still weighing his options consulting with his advisors on next steps for the united states in terms of response to what you mentioned these next steps of already announced tougher sanctions what more can he actually do now. well that's the challenge barbara is that the united states has really boxed itself in in terms of a response i mean certainly the white house it appears is out of options because there really are only two choices except a nuclear north korea or in fact go to the military option but we know from former advisors to donald trump including steve bannon one of his chief strategist that in fact that really is not an option that has ever been considered despite some of the public statements that donald trump has made so certainly we have seen steps being taken in terms of investing in a relationship with the chinese president xi hoping that there would be financial and economic pressure put on north korea we've also seen the designation of state
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sponsor of terror that was again putting north korea on that list as of last week and also financial sanctions but beyond that it seems right now the u.s. has very few options can really help it with the latest from the white house kimberly thank you but the u.n. security council is hold an emergency session on human trafficking in libya evidence has emerged that hundreds of people are being all cautioned and modern day slaves markets in libya for as little as four hundred dollars mike hanna reports from new york. a small crowd of halfrek annex gather outside the libyan embassy and protest against the practice of modern day slavery why do we were. not here disputes that libya is now a failed state but many argue that those who were affected the overthrow of the gadhafi government six years ago must share responsibility for the consequences of the political vacuum that was created among them the abuse of migrants and refugees
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who fled their native lands. just up the road the security council discusses what is to be done when. france calls for a strong expression of condemnation from the security council the horrific images emerging in recent weeks. they underscore the urgency of improving our global policy to tackle this scourge and put an end to this human tragedy. the un's refugee chief proposes immediate measures but says funds as well as words must be deployed strengthening refugee protection and offering solutions along the routes. including in chad and you share is key but dramatic funding gaps persist especially in sub-saharan africa some ninety percent of refugees and migrants attempting to get to europe pass through libya and it's the most vulnerable who are the prey.
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they sell africans over there in libya they sell men even fifteen year old libyans are there in a car they're armed the coming kidnap you and the so you are seventy to one hundred fifty dollars and then others will resell you their goods. as soon as you arrive in libya the first thing that happens is that you are taken away and sold under discussion in the security council the possibility of sanctions against individuals and entities and of applying the full range of international law including the use of the international criminal court but the session ends without resolution it could be weeks even months before the u.n. security council agrees on concrete measures to stop the slavery but those suffering in africa and their compatriots here in new york adam and even. my kind of al-jazeera new york. letter and doyle is the spokesman for the
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international organization for migration he joins us live now from geneva sir thank you for joining us welcome to al-jazeera now libya has been a state of the survey for what six years now a bit more since gadhafi fell the slave trade itself is nothing new but what changes are you see in the past months or so what examples can you give us how do you think the nature of the slave trade in libya is changing. well i mean i think what you're saying is human trafficking is nothing new and it's happening worldwide including in developed countries nothing new about that what's new and what shocking about libya is we have slave auction something we thought had been banished from the face of the earth two hundred years ago so you have effectively opened slave auctions which have been filmed and which have been recorded and which have now been spread around the social media and this clearly you know the selling of human beings is not new to libya but the auction is a pretty low base and what do you think has changed to create that situation for it
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to come out in the open in such an obvious way because there's a couple of things one is the the the crisis for libya is libya has been going on for a long time there's a lot of criminality outside the government there's not a great government in position all of the doing the best and on top of that you have a surge of migrants coming through many of them lifting up a smartphone like that and seeing an ad for some eldorado in europe that doesn't exist so thanks to social media facebook pushing out into africa for free kids innocent vulnerable people are seeing a route which takes them like a trap straight into the hands of the exploitative traffickers and then they're simply shaking them down torturing them and then selling them on to make profit so what do you think the international community too could do to help the situation room thinking of some southern european countries italy for example had a deal with the un backed government to try to stop the flow of migrants which has within reason stopped it's unrealistic to think europe is just going to accept more
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refugees and migrants so what do you think they could do that might help the situation. well it's a terrible problem and there are many parts to resolving it first of all we need the big tech media companies to communicate across africa that it's a bad idea to jump on the smugglers bus really bad idea we need to help libya former russia a coherent government was rule of law where the humanitarian where the rights of migrants and refugees are respected that's a long way off but in the meantime what we really need to do is get people out of detention fast and that is what the u.n. migration agency is planning to do with the help of the european union and the african union and their partner unit c. or the seems to be a general agreement that what needs to happen now now that the scourge of slavery has emerged in this very vivid way is to get people out of these detention centers where they're treated so badly and get them to is get them home to their own
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countries voluntarily of course i mean a lot will simply not want to to go back to to the places they've come from. that's not really so i mean my colleague of a senior colleague my when was in a detention center yesterday leading a european union senior delegation he was surrounded by people crammed like sardines in a room who were appealing to him to take him out to help get them home they have been through the mill the notion that they want to stay is nonsensical and they want to go voluntarily home and rapidly they've been trapped into this situation there is no forward for them there's nowhere to go those who get put into the rubber raft by the smugglers quite often end up drowning we've just recorded three thousand drownings in the mediterranean this year alone this weekend thirty people were drowned in a rubber boat that sank why are people people being put it to sea in a rubber boat in the middle of winter god only knows clearly the smugglers and
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traffickers couldn't care that our dog from the international organization for migration sir thank you for sharing your expertise with us. much more on this al jazeera news hour including a carefully chosen words pope francis avoids mentioning the role hinge of crisis during a can dress in myanmar. a cease fire is announced in the syrian suburb of eastern huta as a new diplomatic push to end the war gets underway. hundreds of runners take part in a grueling six day old from marathon in peru we'll hear what motivates them to push their bodies to the limit that's coming up in sport. kenya's president has urged his divided nation to move on from months of political upheaval after being sworn in for a second term that's why nairobi at least two people were killed when police
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clashed with supporters of the opposition leader. that's when sawyer reports now from the kenyan kept. looking after i arrived for his inauguration on grounds one come from tens of thousands of supporters there as relieved of their reelected president following difficult and controversial men action campaigns this year the second of two polls was especially mad by fighting between rival supporters and violent confrontations between police and protestors kenyans are deeply divided along ethnic lines and medians over position supporters feel marginalized i. truly and diligent. as expected he said all the right things uniting kenyans more jobs continuing with development projects started in his previous stop to listen carefully to my competitors and in the spirit of
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inclusive it. i will endeavor. to incorporate some of their ideas many kenyans also want to see how you is going to deal with an economy that has been slowing down because of among other things a severe drought the political uncertainty around the election only made things worse many kenyans will tell you that they're struggling to make ends meet. it's a very high one hundred sixty thousand people came to cheer president to rule. but many of them are leaving without knowing where they're going to get their next meal they say that the president needs to deal with them funny as a matter of parity. the economy is very burn i am a businessman two of my shops are a bun down during campaigns and i have to start over. we need to shun tribalism we are all kenyans where businesspeople. should know. joy in
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homes on the move can afford to buy bring them together especially those who are in opposition. as he was being sworn in. opposition leader supporters police in running battles in another part of the city they say they don't recognize the presidency. and they want to do is stay true to the ethnic and political divide fixing the economy dealing with corruption and improving their welfare cathy zoi al-jazeera never became. pope francis has avoided any direct mention of myanmar zero hinge a muslim minority as he appeared alongside the country's leader and sons who change that the pope touched on the range of crisis but he never directly named the ethnic group as widely expected he insisted myanmar should respect the rights of all lest not hide their reports. pope francis traveled
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to the capital or today on a day trip from yangon. want to meet on song suchi she introduced the pope after their closed door meeting of the many challenges that our government has been facing the situation in the rakhine has most strongly captured the attention of the . touching on the issue that many are waiting to be brought up the plight of the ranger. while not calling them by name though he has before he alluded to their plight a growing number of nations and international bodies are calling ethnic cleansing. the future me and my must be peace a peace based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society respect for each ethnic identity respect for the rule of law and respect for the democratic order that enable each individual and every group not excluded to offer its legitimate contribution to the common good earlier in the day here in yangon
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the pope started his first full day in myanmar by conducting an interfaith meeting with buddhist christian hindu jewish and muslim representatives so that's. when represented muslims he was on the rakhine commission led by the former head of the united nations kofi anon to provide recommendations on the real hinge a crisis like i didn't use the word i didn't you mention about the crisis but i did say that. this. multi-racial multi-religious literalistic society where diversity and unity prevails but recently religion has been hijacked and it has been politicized the roman catholic leader is due to hold mass in a stadium and gone on wednesday it will be the first time to speak to the tens of thousands of christians who have traveled from all over myanmar to seal it's got harder al jazeera younger. the french president has promised
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a new relationship with africa lenny well across told students of working a fast so he wants france to deal with the continent on the basis of equality and not the past but there was freshens on the streets of the capital showed not everyone believed him natasha has more now from one get to. the national pride runs high among the students into kenya faster but there's little affection for france the former colonial ruler him at all michael wants to fix what he calls from his image problem in africa which is why he chose to speak and why didn't the university hey. i'm like you from a generation that never knew africa as a colonized continent i am from a generation for whom one of the great political memories was the victory of nelson mandela this is the history of our generation while the naacp was in yours. michael promised a new french african relationship based on equality rather than pass time he talked
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about youth security and jobs and said he'd do more to rescue migrants trapped in libya but it was not scripted question and answer session which captured people's attention i. would say. he touched on many subjects close to us and became a fast so he said africans must find they are in solutions and put themselves first . sitting in the cities certainly very persuasive but i don't really believe politicians let's give him the benefit of the doubt and see action listening to. the first students was the first to insist that the if to. fight the system. was just like i said the french the. demonstrators and police clashed in the city center others chanted for macro to go home activists say many people are fed up
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with a succession of french leaders who come to africa only to serve their own interests . we want. to govern how we want to withdraw its troops we don't need it's our bases here by the french in the groups the pillaging our country are not wanted because they are not helping us or our young people. back all knew that this trip would be a challenge that doing away with decades of mistrust was never going to be easy he believes it's important to move forward with it these young people agree is another matter natasha butler what became a fuss over. on the river there is a senior lecturer in african history at soas university here in london and she joins us in the studio welcome to al-jazeera so a new president in europe is lauded as being a changing younger. something new when it comes to the relationship with africa do you foresee any changes i mean the fact that for example he chose to address
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students is that just sort of symbolism just the setting or do you think it harks something different yeah well sarkozy in two thousand and seven or was already addressing students in that car so. of course symbolically to important the african population needs extremely young was more than seventy percent of the population under surtees so there you see african use what really at the hurt of the speech he gave today at the university also because they were full part of the political changes which happened in booking office so in two thousand and fourteen they pushed the president at the time comp our way out of poor so a very strong civil society so of course it's a topic which in an avoidable and prezi the micro knows exactly sat is
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a mistrust of current mistruths it can be between africa and france is mostly based amongst a use which was demonstrating outside. a university campus today during the speech and yeah i mean even before the strip you sort of got in trouble because one of the first things he said or you know shortly after being elected he mentioned africa and how it had a problem with civilisation obviously we shouldn't go down well he mentioned that women have too many children that's holding africa back what do you think france should actually do in concrete terms to resettle try to reset its relationship with africa rather harmlessly change the attitude like the ways a tall the way this picture to the african partners and and basically trying to take them i mean to prove that it takes him seriously. time again there is a new president in france there is hope and premisses everything will change but
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of the day a new speech a new q. and a and a president let me just push you have i mean you mentioned change in tone which i would be well but on a more concrete level would is that the african countries would need a would want violence. on the african side is of course partnership and not an equal relation like it has been for too long in the economy terms i mean and it's not just so france africa issue it's a world balance issue in terms of terms of of trade. barrier and in terms of migration as well president marc or has highlighted how much courage is. new possibilities of circulation for young graduates for example is not such a positive move what. i mean you can't just. an
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issue of young graduates trying to to to cause. a share and. it's a global phenomena which can be reduced just to education going to be in africa for a few more days will be interesting to see what comes out of those. senior lecturer of african history at the school of oriental african studies here in london thank you. and much more on this al-jazeera news hour including after a major hurricane last year half of all haitians are now at risk of famine the country's new president issues an appeal for help and support tiger woods is preparing to make a long awaited return to the show is going to have more on that and all the rest of the sports a little later. we
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got some rather cool air across a good part of europe at the moment big front sliding down across the northwest this has a lot of the cooler to the north of that look at the i suppose a lined up coming from a northerly direction from the arctic most of speckling of shower cloud following on behind and that cold air will continue to slide its way further south which is because for the next few days even getting as far south as the mediterranean temperatures in london the paris struggling to get to around seven or eight celsius in screaming normally it will feel pretty cold a few showers along the east coast as well so whether that across the mediterranean into central and northern parts of italy and up towards the bowl and seizing up of course more the most part furthermore still looking at snow in the snow becoming more expensive as we go on through thursday big swathe of snow coming in here heavy rain there for the balkans still cold up towards the northwest coast still actually just five celsius for london and. harris is going to feel
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a good deal cold in that when he out on the strength of the winds that way whether it will make its way into the far north of africa easing down across northern areas of morocco and algeria to go on through the next couple of days cold enough here is well algiers with a top temperature of fifteen. the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire. in a special episode joins fifty five scientists on a bright journey of discovery around the continent look into the past and the future. but it's quite amazing just to see that that's the gist of what. this time. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the
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lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about my life when people need to be heard. hundreds of thousands of. ethnic cleansing in bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the un security council has held an emergency meeting to discuss reports of human trafficking in libya evidence has emerged that hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern day slave markets in
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libya for as little as four hundred dollars kenya's president. sworn in for a second time as three opposition supporters are killed in fighting with police and north korea has fired what is believed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile the first such launch in two months it's been condemned by countries around the world the u.s. president said it does not changes the momentum. prochoice to north korea. a missile once more. while ago from north korea i will tell you they will take care of it we have gentleness in the room with us and the room discussion on it it is a secure location that we will handle. all the so-called mastermind of the two thousand and twelve attack on the us embassy in the libyan city of benghazi has been convicted on terrorism charges in the us that's happened just the past few minutes for however ahmed abu khattala was cleared on the more serious offense of murder
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how come i was captured in two thousand and fourteen and brought to the u.s. to face trial for more on this breaking news story we can cross live to she who joins us from washington d.c. she what more do you know. i'm just looking through what he was actually convicted of that there were eighteen charges against him he's only been convicted on four of those charges providing material support and resources to terrorists providing material support to terrorists maliciously destroying injuring drillings and carrying a firearm during a crime of violence the prosecution has presented him as the must or mind or one of the masterminds of the attack on the compound in benghazi the state department cia compound in benghazi it appears then that the jury didn't agree that he had such a central role the defense of long argued he was a bystander the only game in the cave and came onto the scene at a later time as indeed the prosecution videos that were presented evidence or also
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show they also the defense had long argued that he was stitched up basically that the not only did the u.s. pay seven million dollars to one of the key prosecution witnesses but very interestingly he was also detained but then kept on the ship for two weeks without a lawyer at which his prosecution or other his defense lawyers allege he was deprived of sleep as he was interrogated so there are all these other two questions which surrounded the trial but he has now been convicted of four of the eighteen criminal charges which doesn't suggest or that we need to get more information we're just getting that right now but it doesn't suggest then that the jury agreed that he was the mastermind of the operation as the prosecution had been suggesting she ever tanser the latest on that story live in washington d.c. she had thank you now the u.n. syria envoy stephan the mistress says the syrian government has agreed to assist fire in eastern huta after days of heavy bombardment this came at the start of an
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eight round of talks in geneva to try to find a way of ending the violence our diplomatic editor james based reports. the syria talks in geneva are back on but for now with only one of the two sides present u.n. envoy stefan de mistura met the delegation from the opposition but the government which has been involved in a major intensification in eastern. it's trip to geneva the suspicion is they wanted this aerial bombardment to strengthen their hand at the talks and you have any optimism when you see what's going to be as you'll see most. well i was just informed by do russia and then do it today at their peak for a meeting their russian proposal to end a government they've accepted a defiant is difficult because we were and are very content up till now we need to
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feel where they did take place but if not coincidentally they've actually been proposed to end their greed upon just the day of the beginning of the station. there is tension within the opposition camp two groups the karo platform and the moscow platform or previously shunned by the rest of the opposition now they've been brought into the negotiating team but that decision made in recent days in riyadh is deeply controversial many including the former leader riyadh his job resigned their posts and now a letter signed by over four hundred prominent opposition figures saying the team here in geneva does not represent them that delegation is led by nasa hariri but even those with him in geneva believe the process may have been compromised his spokesman says he's worried that special envoy de mistura listens too much to the russians the man is tilting towards to be the supporter of
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a brutal regime russia is not a neutral party in syria. but i believe that the man is between. a rock and a hard place with comments like that on the first day the prospects for this round of mr de mistura can't be good. at the u.n. in geneva u.s. vice president mike pence says president trump is actively considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem the fence made the comments during an event at israel's mission to the united nations the controversial move is something trump has previously vowed he would do now no country currently has its embassy in jerusalem because the city is not officially recognized as the capital of israel in june trying to sign the waiver to keep the embassy in tel aviv but that's up for renewal in the next two months zimbabwe's new president has opened
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a three month honesty window for the return of stolen public funds and my sentiment god was says those individuals and companies that have illegally stashed money abroad have until the end of february to give it back when god was sworn in as president on friday and promised to tackle corruption following robert mugabe's thirty seven year. get the ground running and he seems to be doing that to me the boys in the interim government somebody will be good we is the acting foreign affairs minister patrick chinamasa is the acting finance minister. by robert mugabe they have years of experience in government is thought they will likely try to reengage with the international community patricks there must be finance minister has a history dealing with the i am if it also seems that there are some signs on the ground the things could be improving for the first time in a long time with the same banks and us dollars instead of the local bonds note cards with some people here say is
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a worthless and is devaluing to foster the present also has given people who. funds and i say three months three months to return those assets no questions asked and they won't be filed which could be a sign that he is willing to give the mistakes of the possum trying to move the country for the big question now is how many people are going to comply. oil giant royal dutch denying the latest allegations of complicity in a military government campaign of murder rape and torture in southern nigeria in the ninety nine amnesty international says show played a role in horrific crimes against protesters reports. the old line of the only people leasehold in nigeria is calm now but the old rich delta has a history of murder rape. and coal pollution and rest against foreign energy companies in the early one nine hundred ninety s. gave rise to activism. but assistance campaign led by the playwright can start
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a we were provoked a crackdown by. government i'm just international says evidence points to complicity by the giant energy company royal dutch shell. these were horrific crimes including murder torture rape and the destruction of villages these were carried out by members of the nigerian military but the internal shell documents show that throughout this period the company was encouraging. the nigerian military government and the military unit involved to take action against these protesters even after the company knew what was likely to happen so i do we were along with nine others were hanged in one thousand one thousand five despite international appeal for clemency from then on fighters rebeled against the government. who worked with senator we were recalls one of the moments and
12:40 am
government forces attacked his community my community was destroyed i mean grazed down to the ground. now up to two hours share helicopter. came over in. morning train the aftermath of that destruction. it does not air force. it was not the government and it is the chopper that came nigerians like him believe some of the all companies operating in the region get away with almost anything communities in nigeria's oil producing region say what they describe as atrocities committed by multinational oil companies will continue until the companies are forced to act responsibly community leaders argue that the local government and administrative systems are not strong enough to deal with powerful oil companies so instead they take their
12:41 am
cases to court and to sue the multinational firms i'm just international reviewed thousands of pages of internal shell company documents and interviewed witnesses the human rights group wants to see shell in court. shelly nigeria issued a statement saying we've always denied in the strongest possible terms the allegations made in this tragic case i missed international set against are false and without merit shell did not could lead with the authorities to suppress community unrest and you know we encouraged advocated in the act of violence in nigeria despite the denials and two decades after the military crackdown thousands of nigerians continue to seek justice for many it could come too late if it comes at all how many agrees. police in greece have detained nine people after finding bomb making equipment and detonators in raids in athens eight men and a woman are being questioned after police searched three separate locations the
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suspects are sought to have links to a turkish armed group turkey's president. is expected to visit next month's. going to haiti where the new president is pleading for international assistance as millions on the caribbean island are facing the risk of famine the country's agriculture sector is still struggling after last year's hurricane last year destroyed nearly six hundred million dollars worth of crops livestock and fisheries there is a bull has more now from. a uni self treatment center in russia in southern haiti dozens of my numerous children come here every day to receive medical help. me glen plessy morning brings her daughter just sitting every few days she say to months old. i lost my house in the hurricane right now i'm trying to rebuild it i'm struggling to feed my kids she's not eating
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well she gets sick all the time doctors here have intensified efforts in this area to fight my nutrition in haiti that has been hit by natural disasters in the last two years over and over again half of the population is officially man nor'east children brought here have been diagnosed with my nutrition due to not wholly shortages of food but also to the quality of one theory in this place they're given this special that it's made of vitamins and other components and they're also treated for related illnesses like parasites. most of the people in the southern part of the country depend on agriculture to survive but hurricane matthew last year killed cattle and crops. strong wind destroyed my house and my legs do injured before the hurricane we used to have a place to work some gardens but we don't have anything right now. even in the
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coastal areas hardship is everywhere these days these fisherman spent hours trying to get something to eat when. usenet is useless even though we put it here for hours it came out with nothing during the hurricane we lost so much nobody comes here to give us anything. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world that heavily relies on international assistance but aid has been slowing down in the last two years. analysts say haiti's government has not prioritized the country's most vulnerable. and the government the moans of the three hundred percent increase but the first thing the majority of the population of the country and worse in living conditions that already poor. haiti is extremely vulnerable to changing weather patterns which have a direct impact on people's lives here only prevention and continuing international
12:45 am
support is what could impede these people's lives from getting worse. haiti. the u.s. federal reserve chair nominee jerome powell says he expects interest interest rates to rise how it made the remarks during his senate confirmation hearing on tuesday and said he expects the central bank to continue raising interest rates gradually john powell is president donald trump's pick to lead the federal reserve as a replacement for janet yellen who was appointed by the former president barack obama. well mine currency bitcoin has surged past the ten thousand dollar mark for the first time doubling its value in the space of just four weeks bitcoin is an online payment system independent of central banks it can be bought sold or traded online there are no actual notes or coins it was launched eight years ago and it's
12:46 am
attracted billions of dollars of investment worldwide the financial mainstream however has kept away but change is in the air the world's biggest derivatives exchange operator c.m.e. group recently announced that it would start offering bitcoin futures where junior on wall is a technology journalist at the web site quartz see says the growth that volatility bitcoin is experiencing is normal for young currencies is worth remembering that because it is about nine years old now and so it's a very young technology and a young asset class the last big bubble was twenty thirty two and a hit twelve hundred and it took about almost four years for the for it to for the price to surpass that level so after each peak you'd have had quite severe crashes i think lots of you know economic historians have looked at this and said these sorts of cycles are quite common for young asset classes so you know mike novogratz who is a hedge fund manager has predicted bitcoin forty k. by the end of twenty eighteen which could well happen in the long term if bitcoin
12:47 am
takes off as a technology we would expect to see the volatility fall into that you drop and it would start to be used much more like an everyday currency. i want to come in this hour of news from london including at the airports in bali is shut down for a second day running as mount agung keeps song rumbling plus. we all have you all thank you. plain sailing how to bear devil frenchmen managed to pull off this breathtaking about even those coming up of joe unspoiled. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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airport in bali has been shut for a second day as an erupting volcano disrupts travel plans and threatens thousands on the indonesian island bound to go is spewing huge clouds of ash into the air and small explosions can be heard at the. towers of volcanic ash continue to shoot into the sky over bali after more than half a century of call me experts are warning of a catastrophe on mount. explosions can be heard and felt twelve kilometers away. for the second day the airport near the island capitol dome pasar is closed ending the travel plans of thousands of tourists anyway so we don't know we don't know what's happened. over the three. the government said one hundred buses to the
12:50 am
airport and to the island's ferry terminals to assist travelers ten airports elsewhere in indonesia are ready to handle diverted flights but the response hasn't been quick enough for some medics not sure the government is all doing enough to help the foreign tourists there are thousands of people stranded here at the airport they have to go to another airport and they are trying to do that but the government and the thirty's. islanders are nearby lombok say the amount of gong eruption is hurting their businesses but will not go the number of foreign tourists has dropped considerably while local tourists have increased and you know one of the with photographers are enjoying the spectacular event but it's a more tension a life or death situation for the estimated one hundred thousand people in the danger zone. the last major eruption of mount guard in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killed around eleven hundred people natasha going to al-jazeera. the
12:51 am
latest sports news here is jo in doha barbara thank you so much was a year to the day since a plane crash killed nineteen players from brazilian team shop a cohen say the plane carrying the team to the cop pursuit amerikana final ran out of fuel and hit a mountain just outside of mediterranean in colombia seventy one of the seventy seven people on board were killed now the families are still mourning the wounds are healing and the football as it must in the small southern brazilian city of sheppard coco's on down u.s. one in a reports. even before the plane crash which nearly wiped it out chappell cohen says story was a remarkable one touching hearts around the world the modest team from the small city of tropical and southern brazil rose to the country's top division to reach the final of the regional crop competition. it was on the way to play the first leg
12:52 am
of that final against that let it go national of many years in that tragedy struck . as brazil as recall as the families mourned the club for back inspired by the three players who survived in memory of the nineteen who died was another of the survivors was just because journalist but i feel hines so who two months after the crash back at work spoke to al-jazeera. i believe it's a rite of passage from morning to rebirth and it's obvious we won't forget anyone who lost their lives but we need to move on the football players lives to win to fight and to win i'm sure it'll be a very emotional game everyone will cry were it was and they did in the two two draw with brazilian champions. the last side had played before the accident was the team now made up of players sold cheaply on loan from other clubs survived in brazil's first division and won the state championship was the jets and foreman
12:53 am
who lost a leg in the crash now works for the club administration the two other surviving players. who shell are hoping to soon return to action. than air after such an experience we learn to appreciate life differently we start to celebrate life more often we don't know what will happen in fifteen minutes so i am enjoying my life in the best way possible but a cloud still hangs over. an investigation into why the bolivian own charter plane crashed just short of its destination is still on the way the families are contesting a compensation offer of two hundred thousand dollars per player. have come to symbolize many of the things fans love about football not just in brazil but around the walls surviving and thriving against the odds playing football in the face of adversity china. now to
12:54 am
a race that will test run his mental strength and push their bodies to the absolute . limit the famed marathon de salvo in morocco is known as one of the toughest races on the planet now organizers have started a new version of the race in peru and they're off and running three hundred competitors from forty countries cross the start line a little earlier for this ultra marathon they'll travel across two hundred fifty kilometers running more or less the equivalent of a marathon every day for six days the runners have to take everything with them on their backs including all their kit and food among those taking part is five time marathon this hour with champion rashid elmer beatty who won choose dates first stage in peru. it's my first time in peru but i will used to the terrain in morocco i can say i am more than prepared to compete here hoping to achieve positive results three months of intensive training it helps
12:55 am
a lot to adapt to the changing weather for this marathon i have prepared all the food that i need and as well suited i am more than ready for this kind of marathon where the ultra or extreme requires tremendous if it but i'm prepared and up for the challenge ahead. saudi arabia have a new coach in charge is their third new coach since september argentina when antonio p.c. replaces compatriot at guard the browser who won two out of five games since qualifying for the world cup pizzey has just six months to get saudi arabia ready for their first appearance at the world cup since two thousand and six although he has plenty of experience having led chile to the final of the confederations cup and a two thousand and sixteen corporate america title. fourteen time major winner tiger woods preparing to make his return to competitive golf woods has been out of action for ten months since having surgery on his back for the fourth time in three years in february the forty one year old has been practicing in nassau in the bahamas
12:56 am
where he'll take part in the invitational hero world challenge later this week what's also warmed up for his comeback by playing around with u.s. president donald trump last friday he'll be hoping to keep the focus on the course on his return after he was recently sentenced to twelve months probation after pleading guilty to reckless driving. a misplaying off for fun go out there and didn't go and play for some denominations and have a good time i had done two years. nine holes year and eighteen holes here and take three days off the bike was killing me and. i had built. with my friends and such a long time forget being competitive. but this the surgery was you as you said. you was about quality of life because i don't really have much. now scandal is threatening to tarnish the image and popularity of japan's national sport sumo
12:57 am
wrestling reports of emerge that mongolian grand champion attacked junior wrestler . with a bottle and a karaoke remote control while drinking in a bar in tokyo last month the incident is currently being investigated by police it comes as the sport has just been recovering some of its fan base after a series of other violent incidents over the last few. as if jumping off a mountain wearing only a wing suit wasn't thrilling enough take a look at this. you all. french day devils have pulled off a breathtaking dump in the swiss alps they jumped from the top of the mountain glided behind and under a light aircraft and straight through the side of the two flies had taken more than
12:58 am
one hundred practice flights to perfect the stunt there were a couple of earlier failed attempts but eventually they landed awkwardly in the cabin and screamed with joy. very good well that is all for now but in london joe thank you and that is it for this news hour remember you can get a lot more on everything that we've been covering on our website the address on your screen right now coming up there it is al jazeera dot com. well do stay with us i'm going to have more news for you in just a few thanks for watching. when
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the power goes out. there's only one man to turn to. local heroes to many he steals electricity. but keeping the lights on is dangerous to watch. as your forces cracked spokes begin to fly off powerless a witness documentary and this time on al-jazeera. december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage
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a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles . one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time on al jazeera. we al jazeera is our eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that is incredibly. north korea fires a missile the first such launch in two months.


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