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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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when you're the most terrible thing in syria has to be that this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship or the other whether sometimes a call to get better to god continue to be surely active than quarter of. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is asked so where ever you are. north korea says it has successfully launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the u.s.
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mainland. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up pope francis lead to service during his first visit to me but avoids making any reference to the ranger crisis. a u.s. jury acquits the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and twelve and galaxy attack serious charges. in a year on from a plane crash that killed nineteen brazilian plan we'll look at how much of a quinsey has rebuilt it's. so north korea says it has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach all of the u.s. mainland the announcement was made in the last half an hour on state t.v. kim jong un said the state's new capabilities are completed and says
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a rocket reached four thousand kilometers an altitude never before seen from a north korean weapon let's go straight away live to kathy novak is in seoul and kathy tell us more about this announcement what else is north korea saying. north korea says this is a new type of missile that has not been seen before the hot saucing fifteen it's calling it we saw the test launches of intercontinental range ballistic missiles back in july those were some fourteen so what north korea saying here is that this is a new missile that represents advancement when it comes to their technology as you mentioned north korea is claiming this means that it has completed its final stages of developing its rocket program its ultimate goal of course we know that it's been stated that it wants to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can be and with and armed with a nuclear warhead and hit all of the u.s. mainland north korea says here that this intercontinental ballistic missile can
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carry a heavy payload and that it does have the range to hit the united states it seems from what it has displayed with this altitude of about four and a half thousand kilometers according to the south korean joint chiefs of staff analysts can look at those numbers and extrapolate that they believe the range could be as high as thirteen thousand kilometers which would indeed put all of the u.s. mainland in reach what analysts and governments will be looking at now will be further details will be hoping to see some pictures of the missile which haven't been released yet by north korea to see if they believe north korea's claims that it does represent the completion of their rocket program but what we heard from a south korean minister yesterday is in effect that north korea seems to move faster than many experts expect and analysts have said that north korea should not be underestimated because there were some estimations that it would take two to
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three years for north korea to complete its nuclear program the unification minister here in south korea said he wouldn't rule out the possibility that that would be complete by next year and now we have north korea celebrating the success saying that its program is indeed complete right very troubling for the regional neighbors what are they saying. well here in south korea president monday and chaired an emergency meeting of the national security council condemning the launch we also had a strong condemnation from japan and the united states donald trump the u.s. president saying simply that the u.s. would take care of it staying away from some of the tough language we've heard before when he threaten north korea with fire and fury interestingly also north korea seemed to tone down its language even in the statement coming from state media regarding this particular missile launch if i can quote a bit of it to you it said that the purposes of the program is to defend the
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sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country from the us imperialists nuclear blackmail policy and uclear threat and saying that it is making a solemn declaration that north korea will not pose any threat to any country in the region as long as the intrinsic interests of north korea are not infringed upon so seeming to demonstrate here or claim at least what many analysts have suggested in the past that ultimately perhaps what north korea really wants is a deterrence policy wants to demonstrate to the united states to the region here to the entire world that it should be taken seriously as a nuclear power and they want to defend against any potential preemptive strike from the united states that is something that president monday in a south korea also very much wants to avoid he made reference to that after chairing that emergency meeting this morning saying he doesn't want to see any sort of miscalculation that would lead the u.s. to launch a preemptive strike because of course the general consensus is if north korea were
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to be attacked it would be very likely in the first instance to attack this city seoul or does he leave in the face very much a new coffee never reporting from seoul. the head of the catholic church pope francis is in man largest city of yangon he delivered a mass to thousands of people many lined the street to greet him he was brought into the venue on tuesday francis called for respect for the rights of ethnic groups as he appeared alongside the country's leader. he avoided any direct mention of the ranger muslim minority scott hardly has more now from. the pope conducting mass here and in these grounds to tens of thousands of people christians from across the country came here to see the pope and this is their first opportunity to see him first hand before he started the mass he drove through in his popemobile as it's known through the crowd behind me and then he went up to the stage and conducted the mass he also had a short family where there were broad themes like we've heard earlier in this trip
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on tuesday nothing specifically about the range of but he said that this country the people of this country have been victims of anger and wrath that the only way for a future for this country is through peace so again broad terms on how myanmar should go forward coming from also meet on wednesday with leaders of the buddhist religion a council will be meeting with them and also meet with bishops from the catholic faith and then they'll start his second phase of this trip will go over to bangladesh that's the other side of the range of prices to leave for bangladesh on thursday. the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and twelve benghazi attack has been acquitted of the most serious charges against him. was captured by american forces in two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound she had as a. the attacks on the state department and cia compounds in benghazi libya on
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september the eleventh twenty twelve have been a rallying point for republicans accuse them secretary of state hillary clinton of not doing enough and then lying about the incident that led to the death of four americans including ambassador christopher stevens we were misled that there were supposedly protests and something sprang out of that an assault sprang out of that and that was easily but ascertained that that was not the fact but but the american people could have known that within days and they didn't know it with all due respect the fact is we had four dead americans was a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk or decided they go kill some americans what difference at this point does it make. i was detained in twenty fourteen the government accused him of being a ringleader and the attack prosecutors presented testimony that khattala had called for attacks on americans however his defense lawyers say he was a bystander who arrived on the scene after the attack a point conceded by the prosecution in addition
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a key prosecution witness was paid seven million dollars for his testimony and having been detained in twenty fourteen could tell i was held at sea for almost two weeks his defense lawyers say he was deprived of sleep and had no legal counsel after five days of deliberation the jury found him guilty of one count of conspiracy to provide material support or resources to terrorists one count of providing material support or resources to terrorists one count of maliciously destroying and injuring dwellings and property and placing lives in jeopardy and one count of using and carrying a semiautomatic weapon during a crime of violence but he was acquitted of the federal murder and other charges he faces decades in prison she had. foreign ministers from the u.k. saudi arabia the u.a.e. and oman have met in london to try and find a peaceful solution to the war in yemen britain's foreign secretary boris johnson called the crisis the number one impending humanitarian catastrophe and urged
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countries to work together paul brennan this update no defining breakthrough moment from these talks this forum that's been held here in london but an indication from the u.k. of the urgency of the matter and recognition according to the foreign and commonwealth office at least from the saudis the u.a.e. oman and the u.s. and of course the u.n. about the humanitarian plight being faced by the yemeni civilians three million of whom have been displaced tens of thousands of whom have been killed over the past three years and this blockade of the past two and a half weeks causing real genuine hardship now although the blockade is being eased the trickle of humanitarian supplies which of been able to get into yemen is hardly enough to feed the starving thousands of the those affected by cholera as well and aid agencies are extremely worried about the deteriorating situation there the foreign office minister from the u.k.
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has spoken in the wake of the meeting to say that the saudis understand the urgency of delivering humanitarian aid but at the same time they also want to have security from the kind of missiles that we saw fired from the hutu rebels that said there is recognition of the great urgency although resolving the situation will be dictated by events on the ground and that includes the delivery of humanitarian aid as well as preventing any further rocket attacks. still ahead on the program a nation divided kenya's opposition leader vows to fight on as president who is sworn in promising unity. and a battle that pits jobs against the environment in the heart of u.s. coal mining country. sky by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels.
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how i think it's been a little nippy across parts of the middle east race labor got some wet weather at the time some wintry weather just spilling across the turkish mountains beneath this area remain the case as we go on through the next. pitch a basin places of right and snow also want to see showers just around the fringes of the mediterranean into the levant hopefully a little brighter as we go on through thursday by thursday that cloud of rain that which makes making its way across. georgia pushing towards i should buy john south of that jane reach dry twenty one celsius in kuwait city so cool enough cold enough here would die how as well with the top temperature of around twenty eight degrees meanwhile a lot of sunshine little bit of lift it doesn't sound recently the winds have been getting up somewhat i think that will be the next the case over the next couple of days still a little bit of cloud there just around northern pos off the gulf but a fair amount of bright and sunny weather but a bright and sunny weather across southern africa over the next day or so you want
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to see showers there into the eastern cape of the most it will be fine and dry and that is the case as we go on through thursday the western weather is into northern parts of mozambique driest guys coming into zimbabwe zambia right across the congo basin seeing plenty of showers but western africa is fine and dry. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. you are making. when they're on line the main us response to drug and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminal or if you join us on say you know evil person. in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion i like about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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that again you're watching al-jazeera or mind of our top stories north korea says it has successfully launched a new into called the intercontinental ballistic missile at once on fifteen that can reach all of the u.s. mainland japan says it's the highest altitude achieved by north korean missile your security council is to hold an emergency meeting on wednesday. the head of the catholic church pope francis is in me and last largest if you don't go on way to the mass to thousands of people progs is treading a difficult diplomatic path during his visit having to avoid any direct mention of the range of muslim minority over six hundred thousand range of the most oldest after military crackdown. and the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and
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twelve in god the attack has been acquitted on the most serious charges brought against. his captured by american two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the u.s. . the u.n. security council has held an emergency session on human trafficking in libya evidence has emerged of hundreds of people being auctioned for as little as four hundred dollars by kind of reports from new york. a small crowd of africa next gather outside the libyan embassy and protest against the practice of modern day slavery why do we. not here disputes that libya is now a failed state but many argue that those who were affected the overthrow of the gadhafi government six years ago must share responsibility for the consequences of the political vacuum that was created among them the abuse of migrants and refugees who fled their native lands just up the road the security council discusses what is
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to be done in. france calls for a strong expression of condemnation from the security council the horrific images emerging in recent weeks shocking as they underscore the urgency of improving our global policy to tackle this scourge and put an end to this human tragedy the un's refugee chief proposes immediate measures but says funds as well as words must be deployed strengthening refugee protection and offering solutions along the routes. including in the new share is key but dramatic funding gaps persist especially in sub-saharan africa some ninety percent of refugees and migrants attempting to get to europe pass through libya and it's the most vulnerable who are the prey. they sell africans over there in libya they sell men even fifteen year old libyans
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are there in a car they're armed the coming kidnap you and the so you've heard seventy to one hundred fifty dollars and then others will resell you. soon as you arrive in libya the first thing that happens is that you are taken away and sold under discussion in the security council the possibility of sanctions against individuals and entities and applying the full range of international law including the use of the international criminal court but the session ends without resolution it could be weeks even months before the u.n. security council agrees on concrete measures to stop the slavery those suffering in africa and their contact in new york adam and even. mike hanna al-jazeera. the reuters news agency is reporting a senior saudi prince has been released after more than three weeks in detention over corruption charges principal been was reportedly freed after reaching what
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officials called an acceptable agreement he's reported to have paid more than one billion dollars in something that the times he was the national guard minister is a son of the late king abdullah and was once considered a contender for the throne. kenya's president kenyatta has a divided nation to move on from months of political upheaval after being sworn in for a second term meanwhile at least two people were killed when police clash with supporters of the opposition leader rather a danger in nairobi catherine so i reports from the capital. who are looking at iran. for his inauguration to a rousing welcome from tens of thousands of supporters. as relieved as a reelected president following a long difficult and controversial men action campaigns they see the second of two poles was especially mad by fighting between rival supporters and violent confrontations between police and protesters kenyans are deeply divided along
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ethnic lines and millions over position supporters feel marginalized by oral kenyatta. drooly and diligently so as expected he said all the right things uniting kenyans more jobs continuing with development projects started in his previous stop by to listen carefully to my competitors and in the spirit of inclusive ity i will endeavor. to incorporate some of their ideas many kenyans also want to see how he's going to deal with an economy that has been slowing down because of among other things a severe drought the political uncertainty around the election only made things worse many kenyans will tell you that they're struggling to make ends meet. it's very high sixty thousand people came to cheer president. but many of them are leaving without knowing where they're going to get their next meal they say the
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president needs to deal with. the economy is very bad i am a businessman. during campaigns and i have to start. we need to shine tribalism. where business people. join. move forward a by bringing together especially those who are in opposition. as he was being sworn. police in running battles in another part of the city they say they don't recognize his presidency. most kenyans say what he now needs to do is stay true to bridging the ethnic and political divide fixing the economy dealing with corruption and improving their welfare cattery al-jazeera and i will be kenya u.s.
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vice president my plan says president donald trump is actively considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem in june trump signed a legal waiver that keeps the embassy in tel aviv palestinians say that the embassy would pre-judge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict the status of jerusalem and the money america's role as a mediator and wow for the past twenty. congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our embassy as we speak president donald trump is actively considering when and how to move the american embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. it well donald trump has ordered the environmental protection agency to begin rolling back obama era climate regulations it's a public hearing is taking place in the heart of america's coal industry there were
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letters on that reports now from west virginia. and to see you guys he's the powerful owner of the largest underground coal mining company in the united states yeah i'm going to ask you first and while he normally would be greeting his employees at a coal mine today he's at the state legislature building urging the federal government to repeal it barack obama era climate change initiative that he says is illegal and killing his industry but unless this clean power plant is repealed this will force many of these coal fired power plants to close many more were closed which would destroy the jobs and the family livelihoods for thousands of coal mining families in this coal dependent state interest is high on the first day of public hearings the obama plan was to cut power plant emissions in america to reduce climate change but it now faces a repeal. something environmentalist say would be a disaster repealing the plan means ignoring the reality of the climate crisis
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which puts our communities at risk of further disruption and deny them the opportunity to breathe clean air outside the state capitol a statue in honor of coal miners is a signal of how important the industry is to the state dot along the landscape signs of a one striping industry now in decline nationwide industry has lost forty percent of its workforce in a decade and production has dropped to a slow slow and forty years here in coal country west virginia the issue is personal it's about jobs and it's also political many people here seeing a friend in president trump in the white house but with the wind solar and natural gas cleaner and cheaper the future of coal in america might come down to a simple case of economics the economics of renewables are getting better all the time some of these things are just going to happen without government involvement
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and so whether the government is. rather not the market is. saying it may have already decided we knew pools are considerably cheaper than coal and even if the u.s. reverses course on climate change policy prices likely won't change but in this part of america there is still hope they'll get the shot they need to revive an industry they're not willing to give up on just yet heber elizondo. charleston west virginia well oil giant royal dutch shell is denying the latest allegations of complicity in a military government campaign of murder rape and torture in southern nigeria in the one nine hundred ninety s. the international says that shell played a role in crimes against protesters reports now from. the homeland of the only people who saw the nigeria is calm now but the old reach delta has a history of murder rape. and oil pollution and rest against foreign
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energy companies in the early one nine hundred ninety s. give rise to activism. the resistance campaign led by the playwright can solder we were provoked a crackdown by nigeria's former military government i'm just international says evidence points to complicity by the giant energy company royal dutch shell. horrific crimes including. rape and the destruction of villages these were carried out by members of the nigerian military but the internal shell documents show that throughout this period the company was encouraging. the nigerian military government and the military units involved to take action against these protesters even after the company. what was likely to happen so i know we were along with nine others were hanged in one thousand nine hundred. from then on fighters
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rebeled against the government lawyer. who worked with santa we were there of course one of the moments and government forces attacked his community my community was destroyed i mean grazed down to the ground. here helicopter came home very morning train the aftermath of that destruction it does not. it does not the government. that came and i just like him believe some of the oil companies operating in the region get away with almost anything communities in nigeria's oil producing region say what they describe as atrocities committed by multinational oil companies will continue until the companies are forced to act responsibly. argue that the local
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government and administrative systems are not strong enough to deal with powerful oil companies so they take their cases to court and to sue the multinational firms i'm just international reviewed thousands of pages of internal shell company documents and interviewed witnesses the human rights group wants to see shell in court shelly nigeria issued a statement saying we've always denied in the strongest possible terms the allegations made in this tragic case i mean to see international set against our false and without merit shall did not colluding with the authorities to suppress community unrest and you know we encouraged advocated in the act of violence in nigeria despite the denials and two decades after the military crackdown thousands of nigerians continue to seek justice for many it could come too late if it comes at all how many agrees al jazeera which are. the u.s. federal reserve chair nominee jerome powell says he expects interest rates to rise
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gradually he made remarks during his senate confirmation hearing also defended the need to potentially ease regulations on the financial sector is president donald trump to leave the federal reserve as a replacement for janet yellen he was appointed by former president barack obama it's been a year since a plane crash killed nineteen players from a brazilian football team despite family still mourning football continues to be a source of strength for a small brazilian city as its ripple. even before the plane crash which nearly wiped it out chappell cohen says story was a remarkable one touching hearts around the world the modest team from the small city of southern brazil rose to the country's top division and reached the final of the regional cup competition the student. it was on the way to play the first leg of that final against that political nasional of many years in that tragedy struck . as brazil. as the families mourned the club for back inspired by the three
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players who survived in memory of the nineteen who died was another of the survivors was journalist but i fail who two months after the crash back at work spoke to al-jazeera. i believe it's a rite of passage from morning to rebirth and it's obvious we won't forget anyone who lost their lives but we need to move on the football players lives to win to fight and to win i'm sure it'll be a very emotional game everyone will cry. it was and they did in the two two draw with brazilian champions. the last. played before the accident was the team now made up of players sold cheaply on loan from other clubs survived in brazil's first division and won the state championship was the jets and foreman who lost a leg in the crash now works for the club administration the two other surviving
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players. who shell are hoping to soon return to action. after such an experience we learn to appreciate life differently we start to celebrate life more often we don't know what will happen in fifteen minutes so i am enjoying my life in the best way possible but a cloud still hangs over. an investigation into why the bolivian own charter plane crashed just short of its destination is still on the way the families are contesting a compensation of two hundred thousand dollars per player. have come to symbolize many of the things fans love about football not just in brazil but around the world surviving and thriving against the odds playing football in the face of adversity of china.
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all right let's have a recap the headlines here on al-jazeera north korea says it has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile fifteen that can reach all of the u.s. mainland japan says it's the highest altitude achieved by a north korean missile the u.n. security council is to hold an emergency meeting on wednesday the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and twelve by the ghazi attack has been acquitted on the most serious charges brought against him. was captured by american forces in two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound the head of the catholic church pope francis is in maine miles largest city of yangon delivering a mass to thousands of people for months as is treading a difficult diplomatic line during his visit having to avoid any direct mention of the muslim minority. the u.n. security council has held an emergency session on human trafficking in libya
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evidence has emerged of hundreds of people being auctioned for as little as four hundred dollars france has called for sanctions to be imposed on the traffickers. u.s. vice president mike pence says that president donald trump is considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem in june trump signed a legal waiver that keeps the embassy in tel aviv palestinians say that the move would pre-judge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict the status of jerusalem undermining america's role as a mediator and while for the past twenty years congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our embassy as we speak. president is actively considering when and how the american embassy. from tel aviv. to rescue. the international airports on the indonesian island of bali
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is expected to remain closed until thursday. continues to spew volcanic ash about one hundred thousand people living near the volcano have been told to leave as scientists warn there's a major eruption could happen at any moment all right you're up to date with headlines here on. news coming up right after the street. facing the reality if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chance of true which we can bring in. getting to the heart of the matter we need to. hear the story on how it is enough at this time. to.


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