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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2017 8:00am-8:34am +03

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that's not what we're talking about something else about shooting people are not must try to shoot to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's general securities were all the people who paid the price clearly there writeup in prejudice setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. north korea says it has successfully launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the u.s.
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mainland. and i mean this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up pope francis leads the service during his first visit to me in muppet avoids making a reference to the refugee crisis. a u.s. jury acquits the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and twelve and garcia time of the most serious charges. and time for a bit coin is a crypto currency such as possible ten thousand dollars or. so north korea says it has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach all of the u.s. mainland announcement was made in the last half hour or so on state t.v. kim jong un said that the state's nuclear capabilities completed japan says the
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rocket reached four thousand kilometers high altitude never before seen from a north korean weapon let's go straightaway live to our correspondent kathy novak is in seoul and kathy tell us more about this announcement of what north korea are saying. well north korea is celebrating it as a priceless victory as you mentioned saying that this is a new type of i.c.b.m. it's the third time that north korea has launched an intercontinental range ballistic missile this year and it says that this is the hostle of fifteen making further advances from the haasan fourteen missiles that were launched back in july it says this is able to carry a super heavy large warhead it also claims that the missile accurately hit its targets washing down and waters off of japan after reaching a maximum altitude of almost about four and a half thousand kilometers that's about the estimation of the south korean joint chiefs of staff as well and what that means according to analysts is that if indeed
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this were fired at a normal trajectory that would put the u.s. mainland all of it in range and we know that north korea's ultimate goal is to mount a nuclear warhead on the end of an i.c.b.m. that can be delivered to the united states and what north korea is claiming in this instance is that with this launch it has completed its goal of completing that nuclear program saying it is completed the state nuclear force the cause of building a rocket power in response south korea launched drills of its own combined drills between the army the navy and the air force the launch the armed forces launched three missiles to simultaneously hitting a simulated target the message from south korea there to north korea is that the missile launch was detected immediately and south korea says it knew in advance that this was going to happen and if necessary it does have the capability to take
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out a north korean missile launch site cover tell us more about global and regional reaction . well there have been phone calls held between u.s. president donald trump and the leaders of south korea and japan all of them of course condemning this missile launch in the strongest terms donald trump saying simply that the united states would handle it in effect that they will take care of it didn't go much further than that the u.s. defense secretary james mattis said that this is all part of a research and development program from north korea that wants to develop missiles that can hit anywhere in the world and indeed when we see these sorts of test firings it is in part a demonstration from north korea to the world that first of all sanctions and pressure do not seem to be working that north korea is continuing to press ahead with its missile and nuclear program but it is also a research and development move on the part of north korea as dance man is is
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saying that it wants to improve its technology here it saying it's improving new technology with its i.c.b.m.'s so that is of course a major concern to the leaders here as well the president mungy and held a emergency meeting of the national security council in the early hours of the morning this missile was launched in the middle of the night it around quarter past three a.m. south korean time and monday and has said that what is his what his main concern is of miscalculation as these tensions keep being ratcheted up between north korea and the united states in particular noonday and does not want to see a preemptive strike from the united states that might cause north korea to retaliate by attacking this city seoul that donald trump seems to have stayed away for now at least from the fiery rhetoric that we've heard in the past when he's threatened north korea with a fire and fury simply saying that the united states will take care of it what that
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will add up to in the end remains to be seen nick or atrophy very very much lou because remember reporting from seoul. the head of the catholic church pope francis is in min miles largest city of yangon he delivered a mass to thousands of people many lined the route to greet him as he was brought into the venue on tuesday france's schooled for respect for the rights of all of mimosa ethnic groups as he appeared alongside the country's leader and sons who cheat but he avoided any direct mention of the hinge of muslim minority has more now from young. the pope conducting mass here and young gone in these grounds to tens of thousands of people christians from across the country came here to see the pope and this is their first opportunity to see him first and before he started the mass he drove through in his popemobile as it's known through the crowd behind me and then he went up to the stage and conducted the mass he also had a short family where there are broad themes like we've heard earlier in this trip
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on tuesday nothing specifically about the range of but he said that this country the people of this country have been victims of anger and wrath that the only way for a future for this country is through peace so again broad terms and how myanmar should go forward coming from the also meet on wednesday with leaders of the buddhist religion a council will be meeting with them and also meet with bishops from the catholic faith and then he'll start his second phase of this trip will go over to bangladesh that's the other side of the range of prices who leave for bangladesh on thursday the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and twelve benghazi attack has been acquitted of the most serious charges against him ahmed abu khattala was captured by american forces in two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound shepparton this is for fuel. the attacks on the state department and cia compounds in benghazi libya on september the eleventh twenty twelve have
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been a rallying point for republicans accuse them secretary of state hillary clinton of not doing enough and then lying about the incident that led to the death of four americans including ambassador christopher stevens we were misled that there were supposedly protests and then something sprang out of that an assault sprang out of that and that was easily but ascertained that that was not the fact but but the american people could have known that within days and they didn't know it with all due respect the fact is we had four dead americans was a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night or decided they'd go kill some americans what difference at this point does it make. i was detained in twenty fourteen the government accused him of being a ringleader in the attack prosecutors presented testimony that khattala had called for attacks on americans however his defense lawyers say he was a bystander who arrived on the scene after the attack a point conceded by the prosecution in addition
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a key prosecution witness was paid seven million dollars for his testimony and having been detained in twenty fourteen could tell i was held at sea for almost two weeks his defense lawyers say he was deprived of sleep and had no legal counsel after five days of deliberation the jury found him guilty of one count of conspiracy to provide material support or resources to terrorists one count of providing material support or resources to terrorists one count of maliciously destroying and injuring dwellings and property and placing lives in jeopardy and one count of using and carrying a semiautomatic weapon during a crime of violence but he was acquitted of the federal murder and other charges he faces decades in prison she has. i saw has claimed responsibility for a car bomb outside the finance ministry offices in the southern yemen city of aden at least four people have been killed it's cause severe damage to the building people living in the area say the force of the blast shook the. area. foreign
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ministers from the united kingdom saudi arabia the u.a.e. and amman have met in london to try and find a peaceful solution to the war in yemen britain's foreign secretary boris johnson called the crisis the number one impending humanitarian catastrophe and urged countries to work together paul brennan said this update. no defining breakthrough moment from these talks this forum that's been held here in london but an indication from the u.k. of the urgency of the matter and recognition according to the foreign and commonwealth office at least from the saudis the u.a.e. oman and the u.s. and of course the u.n. about the humanitarian plight being faced by the yemeni civilians three million of whom have been displaced tens of thousands of whom have been killed over the past three years and this blockade of the past two and a half weeks causing real genuine hardship now although the blockade is being eased the trickle of humanitarian supplies which have been able to get into yemen is
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hardly enough to feed the starving thousands and the those affected by cholera as well and aid agencies are extremely worried about the deteriorating situation there the foreign office minister from the u.k. has spoken in the wake of the meeting to say that the saudis understand the urgency of delivering humanitarian aid but at the same time they also want to have security from the kind of missiles that we saw fired from the hutu rebels that said there is recognition of the great urgency although resolving the situation will be dictated by events on the ground and that includes the delivery of humanitarian aid as well as preventing any further rocket attacks. still ahead here on al-jazeera. shuts down for days to use to spew smoke. late election results in honduras sparked protests and allegations of fraud.
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i think i've been a little nippy across parts of the middle east race labor got some wet weather at the time some wintry weather just spilling across the turkish mountains beneath this area will remain the case as we go on through the next day out. of right and snow also want to see just around the fringes of the mediterranean into the levant the a little brighter as we go on through thursday by thursday that cloud of rain that which makes making its way across. georgia pushing towards i said by john south that jan retry twenty one. cool enough cold enough here in die how as well with the top temperature of around twenty eight degrees meanwhile a lot of a little bit of lift it doesn't sound recently the winds have been getting up
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somewhat i think that will be the next the case over the next couple of days still a little bit of cloud they just around northern parts of the gulf but a fair amount of bright and sunny weather but a bright and sunny weather across southern africa right for the next day i say want to see showers there into the eastern cape of the most it will be fine and dry that is the case as we go on through thursday the western weather is into northern parts . driest guys coming into zimbabwe zambia right across the congo basin seeing plenty of showers but west africa. and dry. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family right here in the most terrible thing in syria just to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship. but sometimes a call to get better to die continued to be she really didn't talk to. the
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disappeared of syria at this time on al-jazeera. and again you watch the odds are a reminder of our top stories north korea says it has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile last song fifteen that can reach all of the u.s. mainland japan says it's the highest altitude achieved by north korean missile and u.n. security council is to hold on to much the meeting on wednesday. the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and twelve been gargi attack has been acquitted of the most serious charges brought against him ahmed abu khattala was captured by
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american forces in two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound. head of the catholic church but francis is in manaus largest city young gone when he delivered a mass to thousands of people that francis is attracting a difficult diplomatic line during his visit having to avoid any direct mention of the engine was a minority it was six hundred thousand range in a flood memo since august after a military crackdown. now the international airport on the internet is the indonesian island of bali remains closed for a third day continues to spew volcanic ash about one hundred thousand people living near the volcano have been told to leave their homes and scientists warn a major eruption could happen at any moment step vasant has more now from back in. i'm going to i go my mount i will miss completely confident clouds at the moment the weather has been very bad here in the area was a psycho loon actually an old for that has changed the direction of the wind going
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to the west now so all the ash the ash that's been erupting from the volcano for the last couple of days is now going to a different direction also has rocks up to four kilometers has been thrown out of the crater but so far a lot of our has yet to a wrap from the volcano mock maya is already building up inside the crater up to the to the highest level and you can actually see the pressure building up and the premises were recorded on tuesday which actually according to folk on a lot fo kind of lodges say that this is another option that could be very imminent a very big eruption but the problem with this volcano is that there are no scientific data of the latest a very major eruption here in one thousand nine hundred sixty three so it's very unpredictable at the time actually there was a the very first to call a rupture in the top group than kilometer so a lot of people are very rohit about this and that's why the authorities are saying
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that the whole area has to be cleared of people and their cattle and at the moment the still of a few people are quite reluctant to leave actually. under a election officials promise to announce results from sunday's presidential vote no later than thursday election has been criticized as being slow and lacking transparency is also prompted allegations of fraud from opposition candidates the opposition candidate should say who holds a narrow lead over the incumbent for such as reporting or from to cusco. it's the chant supporters of preceded this say they're convinced he won the election despite the electoral tribunals revealing the total tally. no hasn't published the results that's the problem but we know for sure they'll soon make an announcement and it will favor. supporters of his opponents. also claimed he won and therefore. the electoral tribunal is not independent.
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before the tribunal would announce results for presidency the same day of the election and now they haven't done so because the tribunals under the president's rule and they're trying to keep him in power. european union observers criticised the tribunals handling of the vote count. frequent communication about the results is not only a right for the honduran people but also an important estimate of transparency. it's left men who do winds confused and increasingly frustrated. like the surfacing of the only way to build supporters of the day it's usually on tuesday president that none they said both from were both areas are reporting the trend we're not still. we're projecting
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a victory based on our intelligence which we have been comparing to the official results so for us the results are beyond any doubt. this person did that man this is tampering with the results you have to put this. i'm certain that the president will declare himself the winner because this is not a democratic state this is an authoritarian state where yes power over all the institutions the etr national observers say the election was transparent they're simply urging election officials to hurry up and then i was the winner or explain the delay. to us. the reuters news agency is reporting a senior saudi prince has been released after more than three weeks in detention over corruption charges prince me time when a bullet was reportedly freed after reaching what officials called an acceptable agreement is reported to have paid more than one billion dollars in settlement type
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who was the national guard minister is the son of the late king abdullah and was once considered a contender for the throne. u.s. vice president met mike pence says that president donald trump is actively considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem in june trump signed a legal waiver that keeps the embassy in tel aviv palestinians say that move the embassy would pre-judge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict the status of jerusalem undermining america's role as a mediator the french president has promised a new relationship with africa emmanuel macro told students in bikini faso he wants france to deal with the continent on the basis of equality and not the past but demonstrators on demonstrations on the streets of the capital showed not everybody is convinced as mourner from what could have been. national pride runs high among the students in kenya fascinated but there's little
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affection for france the former colonial ruler a man who wants to fix what he calls france's image problem in africa which is why he chose to speak to dr who do you know first. i am like you from a generation that never knew africa as a colonized continent i am from a generation for whom one of the great political memories was the victory of nelson mandela this is the history of our generation. michael promised a new french african relationship based on equality rather than pass time he talks about youth security and jobs and said he'd do more to rescue migrants trapped in libya but it was not scripted question and answer session which captured people's attention i. would say. he touched on many subjects close to us and became a fast so he said africans must find they are in solutions and put themselves first
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. to do it it doesn't just mean we're certainly very persuasive but i don't really believe politicians let's give him the benefit of the doubt and see action isn't. just the students was the first it was that i had to. fight first was just like i said rightly the. demonstrators and police clashed in the city center others chanted for macro to go home activists say many people all fed up with a succession of french leaders who come to africa only to serve their own interests . we want. to govern how we want to withdraw its troops we don't need it's only bases here and the french. pillaging our country are not wanted because they are not helping us or our young people. that's all knew that this trip would be
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a challenge that doing away with decades of mistrust was never going to be easy and believes it's important to move forward with these young people agree is another matter natasha butler. became a faster. as a proto presidential candidate don't try to bring back christmas now the first lady has to do that call and decked out the white house and decorations emphasizing the christian holiday can we help get us. when first lady milan to get prompt unveiled holiday decorations this week she wasn't just showcasing a festive white house she was also helping her husband underlined that he had kept a campaign promise on the campaign trail and as president donald trump has repeatedly promised to halt what he believes is a growing secularization of a christian holiday day don't use the word christmas because it's not politically correct you go department stores and they'll say happy new year and they'll say
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other things and it'll be read they'll have it painted but they don't say well kesse what we're saying merry christmas again. even trumps official white house holiday card is a stark contrast to that of his predecessor the word christmas was absent on all eight of president obama's annual cards a frustration for christian conservatives. two years ago many christians in the united states including donald trump were outraged when the coffee giant starbucks removed christmas symbols from annual holiday coffee cups still in recent years private businesses have moved away from overt christian messages to include those who do not celebrate christmas in the holiday spirit i do think that it's very important to be cognizant of the speech and to respect them just like merry christmas because it's tradition. of course the president has been accused of
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not embracing the traditions surrounding a key month in the calendar for u.s. muslims for the first time in nearly twenty years the white house has not hosted an if tar dinner to commemorate ramadan the islamic holy month there is no doubt the trumps are putting the christ back in christmas clue did with the predictable gingerbread house and christmas tree lighting a trump has also prominently displayed a nativity scene honoring jesus' birth kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington. the u.s. federal reserve chair nominee jerome powell says he expects interest rates to rise gradually he made the remarks during his senate confirmation hearing also defended the need to potentially ease regulations on the financial sector he's president donald trump's pick to lead the federal reserve as a replacement for janet yellen who was appointed by former president barack obama
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zimbabwe's new president has opened a three month amnesty window for the return of stolen public funds that was in man and god word says those individuals and companies that have illegally stashed money abroad have until the end of february to give it back when gaga has promised to tackle corruption following robert mugabe's thirty seven year rule well the people of zimbabwe are looking to their new president to bring the country back from the brink of economic disaster and for business owners the need for help is critical it's interesting the. manufacturing industry like every aspect of zimbabwe's economy is on its knees and emanuel is under pressure. ask him what president new cabinet should prioritize the list is long with investment and jobs at the top since two thousand and warmer he's had to lose half of his work to stay afloat he's diversifying and taking on small of contracts. he hardly needs
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a reminder of hyperinflation and the national currency that's long gone but things haven't got any better. very stressful when you come to the end of the month you need don't even need to make sure that these guys that would sell out if you can look different predict the next ten days from now what are you going to be doing part of a derelict industrial landscape ziska still works is one of many states and companies that's gone bankrupt. that means this firm now has to import steel. and it's galvanizing business using molten sink to coat steel is a big loss maker this company galvanises fifty metric tons of steel pump month just to breakeven it needs to do three hundred tons a month it's remarkable this company manages to stay afloat this man believes he could start to fix things opposition politician tendai biti finance minister in the
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national unity government from two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen with just a drop by the mugabe and created a monster so we can trust the in one else i'm talking about a transitional process an inclusive transitional process in the respect of which key people in need including in particular morgan tsvangirai so could zanu p.f. take the boxes on demands from western powers to attract investment by including opposition figures in its government they should know toward out their own business community by giving them wrong advice about taking those boxes we would take them ourselves we would be created in to make zimbabwe the more do a democratic nation period emmanuel chimedza wants to believe that statement if things don't change soon he only has to take a look down the road to see what the future holds. hundreds simmons' al-jazeera
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harare the cryptocurrency bitcoin is part of the never with investors it's prices already increased more than one thousand percent in the past twelve months now it's edging close to another milestone has this. but a year ago you could buy one bitcoin for about seven hundred thirty dollars in currency exchange sites online now the same bad coin is worth nearly ten thousand dollars why most likely it is because there's a lot of speculators that have seen the rapid price rise and bitcoin and decided that this would be a good gamble for them to get in there have been signs the financial world has become more accepting of the virtual currency japan has recognized it as an official method of payment and the world's largest derivatives exchange operator c.m.e. group plans to start offering bitcoin futures before yours and bitcoins market capitalization is now larger than giant reality based companies like walt disney
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and i.b.m. investors have taken notice point base a popular online trading platform now has more than thirteen million users up more than three hundred thousand in the past week alone some financial experts see the rapid run up in bitcoins price as a classic symptom of economic delusion bitcoin as a speculative bubble the only question is when it's going to burst and who is going to be left holding the bag in the end the people that are holding it will hold something that is worth nothing big going trading as historically been extremely volatile with the price spiking and crashing as it did in two thousand and thirteen and twenty fourteen and bitcoin has also been linked to crime as hackers narcotics sellers and child pornography peddlers prefer the anonymity it provides for illicit transactions robert oulds al jazeera los angeles.
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all right let's have an update of the headlines here on al-jazeera north korea says it has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile fifteen that can reach all of the u.s. mainland japan says it's reached the highest altitude achieved by a north korean missile the u.n. security council is to hold an emergency meeting on wednesday. the man accused mastermind of the two thousand and twelve benghazi attack has been acquitted on the most serious charges brought against him ahmed abu khattala was captured by american forces in two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound the head of the catholic church pope francis is in midmost largest city of yangon delivering a mass to thousands of people francis is treading a difficult diplomatic line during his visit having to avoid any direct mention of the hinge it to the minority the u.n. security council has held an emergency session on human trafficking in libya
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evidence has emerged of hundreds of people being auctioned for as little as four hundred dollars france's called for sanctions to be imposed on the traffickers. in the united states a vice president says president donald trump is considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem in june trump signed a legal waiver that keeps the embassy in tel aviv to me and say that the move would pre-judge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict state the status of jerusalem undermining america's role as a mediator and while for the past twenty years congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our embassy as we speak. president donald trump is actively considering when and how to move the american embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. the international airport on the indonesian island of bali
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is expected to remain closed until thursday as mount continues to spew volcanic ash about one hundred thousand people living near the volcano have been told to leave as scientists warn that a major eruption could happen at any moment. all right up to date all the headlines here on out there coming out right now it is the listening. documentaries that open your eyes at this time and. military has to carry out. its present call me. on my. problem. like.
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hello i'm richard yes but if you're at the listening post here are som of the media stories we've.


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