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tv   The Disappeared Of Syria  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2017 9:00am-10:00am +03

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rock. from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new design. families place. rich tapestry. the threat at this time. and i'm a clock in the over the top stories here on north korea says it has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach all of the u.s. mainland you know it was made in the last half hour on state t.v.
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. states nuclear capabilities completed japan says the rocket reached its four thousand. never before seen from a north korean weapon because more now from seoul north korea is celebrating it as a priceless victory as you mentioned saying that this is a new type of i.c.b.m. it's the third time that north korea has launched an intercontinental range ballistic missile this year and it says that this is the one of fifteen making further advances from the haasan fourteen missiles that were launched back in july it says this is able to carry a super heavy large warhead and also claims that the missile accurately hit its targets washing down and waters off of japan after reaching a maximum altitude of almost about four and a half thousand kilometer pleated its goal of completing that nuclear program saying it is completed. state nuclear force the cause of building
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a rocket power in response south korea launched drills of its own combined drills between the army the navy and the air force that launched the armed forces launched three missiles to simultaneously hitting a simulated target the message from south korea there to north korea is that the missile launch was detected immediately in south korea says it knew in advance that this was going to happen and if necessary it does have the capability to take out a north korean missile launch site the head of the catholic church pope francis is in the largest city in the most largest city young he delivered a mass to thousands of people many lined the street to greet him as he was brought into the venue on tuesday francis called for respect for the rights of all of those ethnic groups as he appeared alongside the country's leader aung san suu kyi devoted any mention of the range of muslim minority. the man accused of
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masterminding the two thousand and twelve bengazi attack has been acquitted on the most serious charges brought against him ahmed abu khattala was captured by american forces in two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the u.s. that from might come from. the u.s. vice president might paint says president donald trump is considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem in june signed a legal waiver that keeps the embassy in tel aviv palestinians say that the move would pre-judge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict the status of jerusalem undermining america's role as a mediator and while for the past twenty years congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our embassy as we speak. president donald trump is actively considering when and how the american embassy and israel from tel aviv. to read. the reuters news agency is reporting
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a senior saudi prince has been released after more than three weeks in detention of a corruption charges prince abdullah was reportedly freed after reaching what officials called an acceptable agreement type who was the national guard minister is the son of the late king abdullah and was once considered a contender for the throne. the international airport on the indonesian island of bali is expected to remain closed until thursday. continues to spew volcanic ash about one hundred thousand people living near the volcano have been told to leave and scientists warn that a major eruption could happen at any moment and there's a headline news continues here on al jazeera right after the disappeared of syria by.
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when syria first protested in the spring of twenty eleven there were weapons were banners and songs and a deep desire for freedom. with god. in him and also. in the name and. possibly luck in the town and. syria has been ruled by a dictatorship handed down from father to son since ninety seven. the regime
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denies its people basic freedoms it is controlling and often merciless. or for. those who have a. look at what. some sort of incentive. is that. the regime silenced the revolution and the country into. fighter jets tanks missiles chemical weapons. it uses all of its military might to suppress any possible uprising to maintain power it kills its own people who are forced into exile to survive. from
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behind the hype about. in secret. the syrian regime uses another less spectacular weapon the same fearsome. early days of placing in twenty of the secret police has resorted to mass arrests of those who dared to defy the regime. have disappeared for years and. never return. for years this invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship. almost four hundred thousand syrians have taken refuge in the city of gaziantep
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since the break of the fighting. the chaos that ravages their homeland is barely fifty kilometers away. how do you begin to talk about your own government's atrocities when you're still living in fear. those who reveal their identities are a few but they are still determined to overcome the terror instilled by the regime . the killer of whom they can in a status. and
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monk and i'm afraid that it was the halo. and i would have. found i. was vulnerable. comes from the town of near damascus. under siege since twenty twelve it's one of the towns that has been most affected by the violence. throughout the country syrians have been documenting the day to day repression by their with.
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in twenty alive and these videos were the only way to expose to the rest of the world what was happening inside syria the regime had closed its borders to many foreign journalists amateur videos flooded the internet. they've now become precious archives of history like this one filmed in damascus in november twentieth eleven. the secret. in action. no one dare even mention the word. it instills immediate fear. in this police state it's well known when they take people away they will disappear. little bit and try hard a lot all. he has been they must go if he must have houses mr cornell can live with
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us here. or in them. but i think that the press can with the best of us feel have had visions he thought about all analysts say that it cannot as it fell i kind of work modeled on the data of the whole. the me the on the south email us flooded. senate and one of the when i had less fuss and dollars so what i won the modesty. and i thought if i can and i think. i'll have to if the some. seed but what i don't know why it was annoyed we can mean about the shall we with them at the. time so shoot that if in the boss.
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or in civil court or uniform the resumes secret police carry out random and targeted arrests. this video was filmed by a member of the secret police during a raid on their village square in northern syria in may twenty twelve. they meant to be they believe it or not to cut off any of them either most of the time in the budget as a valid thousand advantage to be best off from just about how does he know that. and he crawls on. and on i don't want to know my. point in the senate. debate. i was sort of.
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a. family thousand born and. i. feed them i had a hard hit on the few days. i. had done with as a. as of a time of war. when you know an enemy. and i could and the metaphor had any. general kind of wish. lists for what. i had just gotten my mom found. me i know what it says miranda for. was a hush and. one of my dining on the last ship. to an innocent.
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condition. and. sentiment that i'm election. and letterman for letterman for. and the more either of us. oh you can bet that. and i was just one of. the few minutes. into what i had to deal with us. throughout the middle east to be syrian secret police is not for us for it's intelligence gathering technique. high ranking officers who have defected trying to keep out of the media they know only too well the system of terror they were part off for so many years. a former chief of the so-called political security a branch of the domestic intelligence service speaks out for the very first time.
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a sob issue and it is where you are and what the. mother left home or your allusion i feel that they will walk in what you would. when we say that he will see you guys. every b.b.b. them will feel. sorry for them something i want to pay. anything. in my garden higher sales and i'm assuming emmett till and.
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it wasn't all that some money. in there for you and i. asked you if you did that number one dollar to have done a lot of the show that. i thought of those have been the power less than the ne can toss them i have been done and been ever than in a long while when your so i know how. can you tell me what of the can i as a long time yet to tell you. and. do you know. that continue. can a so have you and i am your neck and it has a number that lennon and i asked it is rubber either has he had that.
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your physician left flattened. in can your mother or none of us have had the saddle long. at a time. for the first but had this. not to clean you had the seventh i was one of the clean on your my space not a commie i need to be beer they have now. every syrian knows about the thousands of people being illegally detained in their country. in almost every city still under the control of the region there may be one or several detention center in. damascus the capital has the largest number of them there are roadblocks everywhere controlled by the secret police the army or armed militias.
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that i'm a doctor you. might have the right if you're so young and over there looking for a minute though to feel what we can feel good limited shot or by that a few. see how i feel and what i think julia for atop the water. beside him to meet my to consider what the causes are not on how you act and when couples. are. at the deal what he said. or. over two hundred thousand people. by the syrian. secretly held in police stations army bases and. and warehouses. in damascus at least ten buildings used by the secret police have been identified
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but many more detention centers remain unknown. air force intelligence is based at the damascus military airfield. airport a syrian. twenty thirty here that way there. were secretly. the husband has been at. and he. said. us.
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onisim i cannot make you make any not anymore that he is ahead but there are some animal and non non numbers that might mean if you only manages a pen. then a center that even remembers the. ottoman and the cupboard deathwish way and them of the whole battalion of seven inches of there are many in ireland up to higher and. far full a couple of more than half of felons but the lafayette marler anomaly does the whole hour most of them had the and in blood the soul and. oh so gentle i have a standby here for sonic that's what the hell argument above the bottom of that was came out of the sheep had to hear of them or the original hail or we could layer them a little less than a little girl as has been all the water time on the deck. and the last blood bag
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the stories are almost all before sol a professor oh yeah radar for would probably have come out of the g.e. how or who but for be a call and who are kind of the one behind and was. pm about the. play and all that . and they want to be the above and have a little fun for fun and going home mother do for them of how to. develop as well as on the for one million and be a do you know find what happened and michele if the old man who. and in the overcrowded. airport. he was later transferred to hospital six zero one one of the military hospitals in damascus.
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and. for the popular. i don't want to look that. and i love. the hospital and family. shouldn't. have. had it happen after that i want to. but don't bother. with how the ship.
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for more than a million people and the most. efficient. and syrian state run television their regime is presented as the defender of the people and your pointer of syria's unity. but it has used its military might against its own populations against those that chanted with hard cards on the streets in the spring of twenty eleven. the government survival is dependent on fear and intimidation will i wish i'd gotten bad that way when i don't know what the shit. so until. we have read about it would you how to call that. you had of the day long and i hope your doctor visit the thermometer. ask if you know
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a lot about that. many of those who called for peace and reconciliation have been silenced or exiled. that they know. more about me not to listen to us. if the man i'm a weak yeah to me than i am i said tricky where your mind is man. on what happens if we could have caught it gotta. give us out of the fossil. what i want to let that be added but i bet a lot on me and no. because for several
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minutes we stumble upon my meeting with early. that and them and them at the thought on the head as it was because in his long beyond me. bima formed the basis for the at the me she says i think you know most of my why don't i have presented as a if we want to hold off well if i'm going to sleep thought are you know i mean it well to you know. was. the antarctic ice sheet is melting process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode through ice joins fifty five scientists on a wet psyching journey of discovery around the continent into the post on the future of the planet. that's quite amazing just to see that statistically.
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this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about it. fluent in world news we will maintain the finest fighting force little world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. are to be and the reality of the twenty first century in africa here in a bathing pool for you and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers like i said my dad child soldiers reloaded
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at this time. i don't know how the top stories here on. north korea says it has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach all of the u.s. mainland you know this winter was made in the last half hour or so on state t.v. in jones said the states and you could capabilities completed japan says the rocket reached four thousand kilometers an offshoot never seen before from the north korean. the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and twelve has been acquitted on the most serious charges brought against him. was a captured by american forces in two thousand and fourteen u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack on the
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u.s. diplomatic compound the head of the catholic church pope francis is in largest city young girl delivering a mass to thousands of people francis is treading into a diplomatic line during his visit coming to avoid any direct mention of the range it was in my no. u.s. vice president my pen says president donald trump is considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem in june trump signed a legal waiver that keeps the embassy in tel aviv palestinians say that the move would pre-judge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict the status of jerusalem and the money america's role as a mediator and while for the past twenty years congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our embassy as we speak president donald trump is actively considering when and how to move the american embassy in israel from
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tel of the. tourists and. the reuters news agency is reporting a senior saudi prince has been released after more than three weeks in detention of a corruption charges prince motel had been reportedly freed after reaching what officials called an acceptable agreement who was the national guard minister is the son of the late king abdullah and was once considered a contender for. the international airport on the indonesian island of bali is expected to remain closed until thursday as mount continues to spew volcanic ash about one hundred thousand people living near the volcano have been told to leave and scientists warn that a major eruption could happen at any moment and there's headlines got more news coming up right after the disappearance of syria continues.
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several weeks after vero arrival at the mystic airport detention center was targeted by tomorrow wait and wait their turn on a similar fate they were transferred to another prison a prison for common more fences on the outskirts of damascus they had somehow survived the black hole of the detention centers final assault. in me and i'm now back in one eye. and one anecdotal moment. yet you are phenomenal. at. cincinnati in that it was by their hard luck. to have my novel called the immortal family see the a.f.c. west valley. on a cloud rather than. bend and highlight the. i don't know you only can
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. tell us you know better about who you can't afford in. an exam that i've modeled on. but kind of what i saw you having. seen the circus of her life with her she. said mainly me and minister moshe dayan because many of the ads will be normal that's why do you say yes and here and now can a cat know whether one of the aside whether it was female. don't let us know much at all and. no one has. but. the first few hundred more but that. thought it. eventually appeared before an anti-terrorism court
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a tribe you know specially created in twenty twelve by the state. you know a smart company of a sort. of lobby them about a. lot of similar amount. and ok if i have a force that. would have our own has a. government has got a. role for tomorrow and after me how the just what i mean to be doing a very fine i would say have you know him very. have. you know far ahead. this is a hell of a hospital. yeah and you. know just so happen to march to the grandmother you. should be looking at my hand which was you i had
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my. you know when. you have thousands of them to me no matter how i feel. how some of the sasha and we. do you know so many. how small have you. me. feel sure sure sure we are a few. who are additional shortlists so you know an issue for me. after i mean with me for possibly some. other shows she fetch you.
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nor. you . yes. i don't i was so morning call. him jimmy you saw him with you myself on the right. man for thought the nuns were
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marked and by throwing a small i know but welcome but it was sort of into second at a loss or shame. another to live for himself and see if any sort of. yeah he had not on the cards climate. minister to be doing. a lot for the civil damages on the bill to keep barking as you all going just don't want to live with her she find ourselves every little bit i want from some civilian army he can do anything to have that moment difference of you don't know that i was actually set up either of them had a moat father in law in the army but then couldn't remember who is our we are is all you have your sore back in one article below should. last of the and what happed did you article for vitamin a happy couple and there was
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a perfect koan for sewer and who. i will. should be the leader of the whole world market one living at the clueless people can see for me i mean only the higher authorities you're on what they know well how they input and luckily for them the. that's ok. i mean. the decision it definitely.
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is good to see our only identifiable by numbers is the message is clear this is the fate that awaits those who dare oppose the regime. today the syrians are working with international n.g.o.s to try and name the thousands of anonymous victims and to gather all the evidence that will one day serve as proof against the regime and in a court of law. the. scale of syria and these images is truly i mean truly shocking. you know just the sort of numbers. and the numbers over such a short period of time. you know these photos were not taken all over syria these
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photos were taken mostly into medical hospitals in damascus. in the capital but in one city into medical facilities run by the military you have at least six thousand five hundred bodies identified over a period of a year and a half two years to military medical center. hospital and hospital six are in damascus close to the presidential palace. was detained in hospital six. habitants from dead i alone appear to ground. target is now working to identify those from his hometown who didn't survive so that one day justice may be served.
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here. ok.
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america. so we. wouldn't have a lot of. defection of caesar and people around him give us a snapshot into one part of the process which is you know photography by military police and other security agencies for recordkeeping there's another part which is ok what used to happen to these bodies. so this is a satellite imagery. comparing changes in september two thousand and twelve
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at the national martyr cemetery so we can see for example. that. there were trenches that were dug up new areas so this year you can clearly see for example. there was a new trench that was. dug up by a machine. and it was left and over time as you can see between november two thousand and twelve and february two thousand and thirteen the first trench was covered and a new trench was was dug up again this is what we can see from the satellite imagery it's not enough for us to say these many bodies were buried in these or this is the identity of the bodies that were buried it may be a legitimate activity maybe they are burying government soldiers but it may be something else and it could be you know i don't the question i would want to ask
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the government is what did you do with these bodies very simple question what did you do with these thousands of bodies. god did. become a just as didn't want to talk about that that i fin which he had to shun it's corn what i mean that much to commune with. the one who couldn't but him in the shuffle with him out of the visit me a while how. much for the few but not that i'm just this is about what alarms me about i was called was somewhat well not nice but i must say that aside. just has been how he had it out. jim i am the man out of opinion had he shall see that. the whole world to my ear and i can recall what he said and i can hide that i took my time for us what i also had we.
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had last night have any at the plumber who just. got on how they just as he or she my remarks in the long run because that to my commute. not some long lost i could. imagine who had a. good old hustle ten minutes in. with the food to my left and all that. you know when we talk about. many mice crimes in history you know when you talk about the stars eastern europe a lot of it became documented after the fight the gulag it was you know years later that the whole the the size of what was happening became clear the death squads in
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chile in argentina it took years to happen it's true today that actually we know what's happening in a way in real time. we know where these detention facilities are in many many cases we know the names of those responsible of these detention facilities and many cases we actually know exactly where the detainees are we have testimonies indicating what happened to them. we have you know geolocation we can i don't we know how many floors how many basements how many cells and yet and yet nothing is that. the un's commission of inquiry on syria has been working for over four years to no consequence. a member of the opposition and what had been nice spend five years in
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prison before the revolution for calling for reforms in his homeland the renowned campaigner for human rights later fled damascus for fear of being arrested by the secret police. and the delusion. that you would have. no authority. with. syria benefits from the unwavering support of a powerful ally russia which has been openly fighting alongside the regime. the crimes of the syrian government are well known by the security council but with its veto russia blocks many resolutions against syria.
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do not the news that they're not the kind i want. them to. be my fear but i mean what if it wasn't. for them was there was a time of the. well to surgery. where we now know that. higher. than just you know i'm sorry the next speaker is amnesty international yes of. today is a crisis in syria. and . johnny.
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b. . the oath. i had. finished my duty. and. while it. despite all the evidence over the past few years the dictatorship continues to deny the facts on the ground. in every public you have two minutes before i said the race.
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will be out and it is. up there with. the strategy of the syrian regime has shown itself to be extremely effective. despite all the killing it still remains in power in damascus. to survive syrians have no choice but to flee into exile their homeland has been destroyed many of their families and friends have been killed or disappeared the
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paradise they dreamed off. during the early days of the uprising has slowly faded away. for how long will the state's oppression continue how many more people will be arrested and disappear or become victim to a regime that is not held accountable. those that it. my god. who freak it did not would but. that a second did with god so. what you can read about it which had a child that i share many leisure for that i was a million measure and hard how come how come i mean what you know then of course.
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that you know what he was on a plane of ok you can bash could be very neutral to mr tom cruise and i me it hot when i got it home. for the whole shooting was what's it all hard to do you are tied up with that if you have. the last from us law meant this alone because. along with a whole bunch of. well sort of well a sort of. a lone criminal in the middle of the obvious hiding long i know of along with. that if.
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you know. among some of. you know my from how come you know but. the white house the second and ask on. the subject i don't honestly. know. i'm in tama to my mess and i have done my duty. to be like them but money. and the. minister lee hsien about the. hutton. and all of. us in the heart of a man well in the spirit and but the hundred loss of. how people up and fly. up.
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suffered at the. on top. of the whole of the not in the house i want to know. how i think i've been a little nippy across parts of the middle east race labor got some wet weather at the time some wintry weather just spinning across the turkish mountains beneath this area off the remain the case as we go on through the next. pitch a basin places of right and snow johnson wanted to show us just around the fringes
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of the mediterranean into the levant be a little brighter as we go on through thursday by thursday that cloud of rain that which makes making its way across. georgia pushing towards i should by john south that jan reach dry twenty one celsius in kuwait city so cool enough cold enough here in doha as well with a top temperature of around twenty eight degrees meanwhile a lot of a little bit of lifted. the winds have been getting up somewhat i think that will be the next the case over the next couple of days still a little bit of cloud they just around northern parts of the gulf but a fair amount of bright and sunny weather but a bright and sunny weather across southern africa for the next day i'd say want to see showers there into the eastern cape of the most it will be fine and dry that is the case as we go on through thursday the west whether it's into northern parts of my is a big driest guys coming into zimbabwe zambia right across the congo basin plenty of showers but west africa. and dry.
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december outrages iraq we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families who've been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the dock used to be uses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. you are making very pointed remarks where they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on set no you will first just wakes up of it in the
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morning and say i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion the lie about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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just about the. same it's only the beer. defying my disability on al-jazeera world at this time. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. when the power goes out. there's only one humanity trying to. local here and to many he steals electricity. but given the lights on is dangerous. as your forces cracked arm
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spock speaking to flight. powerless a witness documentary and this time on al-jazeera. celebrate as the nation wants just it's those powerful weapon yet.


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