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is that the truth. and we've. nothing to do you think she is you know we need for change things return of the president at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. you run for your. oh. this is al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this news hour on has i'm speaking in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes north korea and celebrates as their nation launches its most powerful missile yet one of those of us believe could put all of the u.s. in range also or rather your own internet i'm not a war criminal what i have just struck was poison. running scenes at a u.n. war crimes court a former bosnian croat military leader appears to drink poison after his sentence is upheld. why. thrown out into subzero temperatures chinese officials are described as inhuman but demolishing illegal housing for migrant workers i'm tatiana sanchez with the sports news including memorial services held in south america for those including members of presently unfair. killed in a plane crash a year ago. a
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we begin this news with north korea its leader has declared his country is now a full nuclear state and can strike anywhere in the u.s. that's after successfully testing the most powerful missile yet another launcher provoked the predictable round of global outrage the u.n. security council gathering for an emergency meeting later on wednesday kathy novak reports from south korea's capital so. it's being celebrated as a priceless victory in north korea state media says the country has completed its rocket system development with the successful test launch of a new long range missile and you're going to get the i.c.b.m. while song fifteen weapon system is an intercontinental ballistic rocket to the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s. it's the third i.c.b.m. test this year north korea says this one is more advanced than the haas on
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fourteen's in july traveling for around fifteen minutes to an altitude of about four and a half thousand kilometers before landing in waters off japan the intended target according to pyongyang's media from the u.s. president who has threatened fire in fury in the past this response or we can you know we will take care of it we have general matters in the room with us and we had a long discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle it went higher frankly than any previous thought they paid for a research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missile that could threaten. everywhere in the world basically south korea says it detected the test in advance of the launch at around three a.m. local time and immediately responded with joint army navy and air force drills launching three missiles that simultaneously hit
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a simulated target the intended message to north korea the south could take out the launch site if necessary president trump spoke with the leaders of south korea and japan. japan will resolutely enhance its pressure on north korea to the maximum level we will continue to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of japan on to the strong japan u.s. alliance president monday and told trump that north korea's technology has apparently improved agreeing to continue the sanctions campaign that angers kim jong un's government but so far has failed to stop its missile and nuclear tests. yourself korea and the united states along with the international community have no other choice but to continue applying strong pressure and sanctions the south korean government says those sanctions are designed to force north korea to negotiations there has been no communication between the two countries since last year the u.s.
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and its allies have often said that denuclearization is a precondition for talks but it seems increasingly likely that if north korea comes to the table it will insist on doing so as a nuclear state kathy novak al-jazeera. once blix is a former director general of the international atomic energy agency joins us now via skype from stockholm good to have you with us so i want to ask you first of all what do you make of this latest test by north korea based on what is known does it in your view. put north korea further two to becoming a fully nuclear state as they claim well there are some uncertainties about what i've done so surely they're wrong to demonstrate again that they have the strong retaliatory capacity whether it's not so dong still with us that they made some months ago or longer influence or practice on so there are two other points i
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want you to notice along with us but one motivation could also be that they wanted to make a tit for tat for the american us declaring that north korea is a terrorist state and there isn't yet another detail in the translation of their your generation namely that this testing now is that many in the end will this is the last this long and that they will suspend to stop these that could be a hopeful sign but certainly they will think reheats or has that capacity really in the atmosphere. as we reported just a moment ago the u.n. security council is going to meet again on wednesday for its reaction to this latest test how hopeful that are you that that will make any difference and does there need to be a complete reassessment of how. nations approach north korea in this. well we don't know yet whether these tests indicate that they could have made
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myside into re enters the atmosphere and set off a nuclear explosion but whether it was now can do it now or later well they will have the capacity so the situation is that can swamp i think that the best hope here remains a suspension open end of suspension brutal testing of no on the whole korean side i don't believe that suspension of the big military maneuvers that scares them off the ends and that the u.s. and south korea have mounted the territory of south korea but also wants read the. back of carrots along the coast are with bombers and there there's more as the north koreans very much so they want to demonstrate to their capacity toward callias. the suspension on both sides could give room for some time for conversations between the u.s. and north korea there are channels available this that is not the problem on them
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if they have not managed to deescalate somewhat or that could open the way for talks for the more long term solution and even that that's case there are some conditions that are not so bad the u.s. a sad said for instance that there are eighteen years not to return or it's a regime change in north korea that will do is has also said that they do not intend or wish to change the border three and sold them out of south and north korea and these are often all the indications that the u.s. can say more than simply that that north korea should do nuclear eyes be interesting to see how this play out i'm going to leave it there hans blix thanks very much for joining us in the. alah been dramatic scenes at a u.n. war crimes court in the hague where a former bosnian croat military leader appeared to drink poison seconds after judges up held his twenty year sentence the proceedings were then suspended while he was seen to but they've now resumed his burnous missed. with his twenty year
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sentence for war crimes of hell on appeal. it was not about to go quietly it were seated. shouting i am not a war criminal a former croatian general took a drink from a soul bottles. for a short time the presiding judge continued to deliver verdicts on the other defendants then heard again through a translator i have taken poison the seventy two year old's lawyer repeats a client's claim. clients as he drank a poison this morning she says sprint. or flew from zagreb to the netherlands and surrendered himself to the hague tribunal in two thousand and four with his co-defendants he was charged with trying to create what was described as an ethnically pure greater croatia. probably ak was found guilty with others of
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helping a stablish concentration camps for bosnian muslims and specifically he was charged with ordering the destruction of the city of must ask ottoman era brick. these were the last verdicts to be handed down by the international criminal court for the former yugoslavia it was set up in one thousand nine hundred three at the height of the balkans wars to prosecute europe's worst atrocities since world war two bernard smith al-jazeera. it is a lecturer of security studies at the university of grady joins us now from there to talk more about this thanks for being with us so i want to ask you first of all about those events that played out there when the sentences were being read out and what we saw dad from from one of the one of the men who. he says drank this poison
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what do you make of all that. i strongly believe that mr purdie arc is a very well that he did not drink any kind of the poison and you need to read he's a biography he's an actor by his profession and i think he performed last his performance in let's say in a room of international criminal tribunal for former yugoslavia so i strongly believe nothing will happen to him. if that is the case then what would have been his motivation for for doing this. he want some kind of attention he was theatricality and he was not a general he was self proclaimed general by his the teaching he is actor saw basically. he will not perform anything further more than that. his responsibility is clear judgment is the sentence is clear and it's
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a good day for let's say for the justice but the justice is not served at all food why because now we have a serbs prosecuted by international criminal tribunal to be you know and sentenced as well we have a creation but it's basically woke rhymes committed by muslims fellows actually bosniaks all creations and serbs and those guys who were crimes are still under the shadow and those crimes are not seen and not prosecute coming from the family of the victims and i know every each individual school of my family like nias joshi which are commando who is a free man right now in creation and he raped my aunt and he killed half of my family saw a father of eight that justice is served but it is a good step forward that we see that all those criminals were criminals from all sides. basically that they are not still prosecuted but it is
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a good step forward that some of them they are. just a bit more on the case itself. the factory is it has gone to the stage to to an appeal and that this is this is the final opportunity for them to appeal this. what case is there for these men and what kind of justice would you want to see them for first before this case is refer on the war crimes committed by creation in creation headed by officials zagreb of headed by. officials in creation including as we see. who was on the time president of gracious unfortunately he passed away without indictment the same situation happened also with allie is a big reach he was the leader of the bosnian muslim he was sworn in concentration camp july b.g. and he possibly without indictment saw now and we have situation that most of the
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serbs there were indicted and sentenced most of christians were indicted and sentence and we have a completely failure in case of albanian for example nasser or its failure to comply complete failure in case of our most corrupt deny for kosovo crimes during the one thousand nine hundred conflict and we have situation that or two witnesses of crimes in place of what i was scared of the night they were killed in the front of a city why and there was no action so what we need from this region from balkan we need peace with justice i strongly feel that the now we need to see who did the crimes on behalf of the islam is a religion because we know that there is ongoing trial in united states for four saudi arabian responsibility nine eleven but there is a saudi arabian responsibility involved crime in bosnia and this kind of responsibility is established by judgment of i.c.t. why in case of who were in case of. mr delegates and others.
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good to speak with you dark one of its shares joining us there a farm belgrade thank you i just it is david chaytor report with more on this now from on the divisions of the past that still haunts ethnic groups as also the home of the man the man on trial. the old bridge of must start built by the ottomans in the sixteenth century one of the priceless architectural casualties of the war in bosnia its wanton destruction is included in the list of indictments against the bosnian croat defendants in the last major case being heard in the international criminal tribunals for the former yugoslavia in the hague now painstakingly restored to its former glory it's become a new nest go world heritage site and is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year but then a very reverse still marks
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a front line twenty two years after the war ended close by the city's main academy has also been renovated the neo morris building houses two schools under one roof most of them muslims and bosnian croat it's being taught in different languages and different versions of history on different floors. ahmed is a human rights lawyer whose daughter went to the school he won his court case against the local authorities demanding a unified curriculum but nothing has changed and we have to. be the most our municipal court decided in its final judgment that they were discriminating against children by organizing the educational system and the curricula by ethnic principals thereby separating children. what about school in bosnia and herzegovina we should all study our history the same history we must not compromise anybody's
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integrity or language everyone has a right to religion and places to pray this right must be guaranteed but when it comes to school curricula i think many changes can be made so we can all study the same ones. in the wake of a war that killed one hundred thousand people the idea of two schools under one roof was devised by the organization for security and cooperation in europe to try and start reintegration but it's simply cementing the divisions what we have is a situation where you have multiple curricula you have multiple instructors separate administrations all divided along along ethnic lines and that frankly. and to me personally is is a long term threat to the security and stability of the country. as radko mullard it's the butcher of bosnia completes the first week of the rest of his life in prisons one experience commentator of the genocide observed a bitter truth. he will at least have the satisfaction of knowing his mission in no
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small part was accomplished. the city's iconic bridge may stretch across the ethnic divide here but the truth is the division between them as deep as ever david chaytor al-jazeera. plus more still ahead on this news out more accusations of mass executions in libya after two dozen bodies are found. settling up the bill reports britain is close to agreeing on an easy divorce payment we're live to london. and later in sports tiger woods preparing to make a long awaited return to golf that china will have more on that in the news i. saw still ahead but first the syrian government negotiators have a ride in geneva to join the latest round of talks aimed at ending the war the
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asaad regime initially refused to confirm it would attend the government was angry the opposition wanted to talk about bashar al assad's removal as syrian president something the regime says is off the table trying to a diplomatic end to james bays who is monitoring this for us in geneva so james how have mysteries meetings with the opposition gone at this point. well they've only been introductory meetings with the opposition but it's clear that some in that opposition negotiating team are not really happy with the approach that the special envoy is taking his mandate is based on the un security council resolution back in december twenty fifth dean and that laid out a road map of a way forward in syria to create a political transition with a governing body that would then take syria through to elections and a new constitution now mr de mistura is focusing on the latter part of that on the
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elections of the new constitution he's not focusing very much on the really troubled thing which is this idea of a governing body which under an earlier deal which is still in place the geneva communiqué were supposed to be by mutual consent to both sides and clearly that gets you to the key divide here should assad stay or should he go and that's why he's focusing on the elections and on the constitution the opposition say no we want the transitional government governing body to be sorted out and that needs to be done first so it's clear there's some disagreement even in the discussions between the opposition and mr de mistura and we still haven't got the government involved there negotiators only arrived in the last couple of hours. and the government delegation arrived at the air today as well james what more on that . you have there and hotel not far from the u.n. now a short time ago mr de mistura the special envoy was seen leaving here at the u.n.
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headquarters in geneva we think he's heading to that hotel for a courtesy call with the government delegation i think we'll have to wait and see how that goes to see whether actually any formal talks take place today here at the united nations it's already twenty past two in the afternoon it's possible that he talks here in the next couple of hours it's also possible that they will wait until thursday morning i could tell you the opposition delegation say they're really fed up with this process that we've seen in the past with mr de mistura talking to one side then the other they're saying let's just move ahead let's get both sides around the table james may's live for us in geneva thank you our forces loyal to renegade libyan general honey for haft are accused of summarily executing dozens of men in the eastern town of ben here's a human rights watch says local police forces discovered the bodies of thirty six men relatives told the rights of the men had been detained by half task forces the
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international criminal court has already issued an arrest warrant for mahmoud in what fairly a commander allied would have to offer a series of killings more on this let's cross to mom or dad and wear head who joins us from tripoli so good what more on this. well. according to eyewitnesses and victims' relatives. the victims were arrested by have to his forces from their own houses months ago before they were killed and called blood and they were taken to a prison belonging to forces loyal to it in a gay generosity for have to and then as you know last october they found all of the thirty six individuals killed in cold blood with shots to the head while they were one of them they were handcuffed according to also according to medical
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sources embassy all the victims were killed in cold blood now have that his forces have been committing atrocities during the last three years. member has him last march his forces the earth the graves of opponents and they mutilated their bodies they also are they were also accused of killing innocent civilians and as you know that there are a group of rights organizations have filed a lawsuit against have his forces at the international criminal court and the i.c.c. general prosecutor of. spoke earlier this month. the united nations security council and expressed her disappointment as. forces because they have not delivered on their promise as you know has immediately after the release of the
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mass execution. last month have this force has promised to start an investigation and to bring. to trial but the this has not happened yet generally have to this forces have been committing atrocities. and all these crimes have gone unpunished. he is still large and he might be committing similar atrocities and what does this tell us about the power vacuum in libya right now we have two. different governments. one of them is internationally recognized one of the reason we have these leaders who are seemingly operating with it with impunity now what does this tell us about the state of affairs in the country this is so much related to the civil division political division and military conflict in libya because in the
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eastern camp which includes. operation dignity. and the eastern government and their parliament be used in the eastern city of kabul and these forces committing atrocities and they have the backing of all these institutions so they very much encourage it to commit more atrocities and the kid they are sure that they can go with impunity on the other hand here in tripoli that is the western you campbell which includes you and back the government of national accord led by faisal large and the state council and the boss they both are. powerless they can do nothing they have been only releasing or issued a statement statements condemning all these atrocities but they cannot do anything on the ground because it seems that have that his forces are controlling taken control of major areas in the east they have been progressing they have been
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advancing they have been achieving progress on the ground but at the same time because because of these atrocities they have been losing public support more of the way ahead thanks for that joining us there in tripoli. all right let's get the weather for you has rob yes that's what we start on in the what is part of the world at the moment we're in south asia ok so in the last twenty four hours or so you see a lot of rain falling in southern philippines and also was prince yuma lazier really and this law is the active one oh now you may have heard of the wind direction change and brought the ash and the volcano further south elsewhere it's all part of a slowly changing system but we're much further north here we're talking rain north wind there out there what five hundred twenty nine reserve rain in the last four days that amount of rain possibly a little bit more obviously flooding is without question going on here but if you
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look at the other side of the bay of bengal sri lanka in tamil nadu there's been a fair amount of white talk cloud here that's produced something not quite as dramatic one hundred twenty to be so there but in the last three days and pam bondi is that. between talent and storyline care both these cases there's some development going on in the atmosphere circulation developing around to get another one developing just the west is for lying whenever you see a circulation you expect to see possibly strong winds more especially huge amounts of rain given what's already happened here you were surprised to hear more flooding very likely in this part of thailand and malaysia but i'd say the same is true of travel not as. thanks rob now still ahead in the second off all this news our anger as u.s. president donald trump re tweets three entity muslim videos. and his sport find out
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why the bron james got ejected from the game for the first time in his n.b.a. career at the jhana over here with that. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and going to run the world
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well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this seems like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just see it. well again you're watching al-jazeera reminded of our top stories this hour north koreans celebrated the launch of what could be their most powerful ballistic missile yet state t.v. said it can strike anywhere in the united states and the north can finally declare itself a nuclear state the u.n. security council is due to meet on wednesday. not the court
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proceedings in the appeal case of six bosnian croat convicted of war crimes were suspended after one of the men drank a substance he says is poison he drank it after the court held a twenty five year sentence for atrocities committed in the early one nine hundred ninety s. as the former yugoslavia was breaking apart. syrian government to go shiite is a arrived in geneva for the latest round of talks at ending the war there said regime had initially refused to confirm it would attend the talks that began on tuesday when the opposition and the un special envoy stephan them a story. or us president donald trump has read tweeted anti muslim videos from a far right british activist group his twitter account retreated three separate videos posted by a.j. de france and who is a deputy leader of the group britain first the videos contain unverified and graphic scenes president trump has over forty million followers. how could joins us
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now from washington d.c. so kimberly the u.s. president is no stranger to controversial tweets and we're seeing the same here what what exactly did he reach what's been the reaction. well certainly many americans are just waking up to this and are familiar with the president sending out a frenzy of tweets often early in the morning so many just absorbing of this but certainly it's catching a lot of attention here in the united states but around the world given the fact that what the president has used this platform for is to essentially read tweet very anti muslim inflammatory and shocking videos there in essence as you point out three videos that seem to show alleged attacks by muslims on not just people but property now there has been no reaction from the white house so far but
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certainly i can tell you that many here in the united states at first thought that perhaps the president's account had been hacked given the inflammatory nature of these tweets again looking for white house reaction not receiving it so far but certainly many people feeling as they have in the past that the president has certainly given us insight into some of his personal beliefs he certainly has been accused in search of his policies particularly the travel ban of it being anti muslim something that the white house and the president have denied but certainly this does give more credence to that argument given the fact that many people feel it's inappropriate for the president to reach we videos particularly not only because these are inflammatory but because they are also on and verified and certainly her full to many inside as well as outside the united states and what does it say when the president of the united states is tweeting something like this given given what you've said about the controversial nature and the message that
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this might send. to other people out there who have these feelings towards people in the muslim community. well i think that this underscores what many don't want to admit in the united states and that is that there is a large segment of the united states that does feel that what the president is tweeting is appropriate and that's how this president got elected and so there is a segment of the united states that feels that this is something that needs to be part of the discussion of course what makes it so hurtful is that there are so many millions of americans who don't feel that way and so it just underscores again over and over and that's what this president seems to do is he underscores the deep divisions in the united states now i'll tell you personally as a reporter and someone who's lived in the united states for twenty years it's my hope that by having these very painful discussions that we actually move forward
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and become more enlightened as a society but at the same time what this does is it does sort of expose the thinly veiled discrimination and and intolerance that exists in the united states that many people hope will be something that will change but right now still exists and this is just another manifestation of that kimberly how good thanks for that can we have to live in washington now the u.s. veteran t.v. host matt lauer has been fired over inappropriate sexual behavior n.b.c. news says the action came off to the company received a detailed complaint from a colleague about the today show host company's chairman andy lack said he had reason to believe this was not an isolated incident. leaders from europe and africa are holding their first joint summit is taking place in the ivory coast they say it will herald a new partnership but there is growing concern that the european union aid to
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africa is being used to block refugees and migrants instead of being used for development let's get more on this now from the tasha butler who is in abidjan for us so. first off then is it fair to say that migration will be at the top of the agenda at this summit. but i think the feeling is here that migration is set to dominate this summit because it comes at a time when so many people are still trying to absorb the fact the refugees are being treated as slaves in libya and what you and african officials say is that they plan to launch a new initiative a new strategy to try and tackle the situation and help those that are trapped now what's interesting is that linked to this issue is the question of the e.u. aid and how it is being used because there are many people who say this is increasingly it is being used to try and control borders to try and stop migrants
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rather than alleviate poverty in one of the problems of that is that it is perhaps inadvertently fueling situations like the one in libya and elsewhere in africa where we went to process the heart of the european union for more. than buttons not far from the headquarters of the european union volunteers helped dozens of refugees to find shelter from the cold sudanese eritrean ethiopian most say they've endured terrible journeys to reach europe like daniel he's been here for three months fighting for everything. we know what to. do. as refugees continue to arrive on their doorstep european leaders scramble for ways to stop coming their latest strategy is to offer african countries more development aid if they crack down on migration and when i talk with our african partners about the future. it's not developments that comes up more often it's
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other towards investments and security the e.u. is the biggest donor of aid to africa giving twenty billion euros a year but some members of the european parliament are frustrated that some of the money is being used to manage europe's refugee crisis rather than to alleviate poverty. the european parliament to make clear we don't think development aid for me should be spent on border controls we want development aid funding fund on on the ground they want to do which is reducing poverty in the world and making people's lives better. critics say e.u. money is also fuelling already chaotic situations europe has funded tighter border control in libya fewer refugees a crossing the mediterranean sea but libya has become a bottleneck for others who are vulnerable to slave traders and people traffickers . youth workers in africa say african and e.u.
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leaders favoring quick fixes over long term solutions we cannot continue partnership that does no benefit to people what's more important is when you look at it in the eyes and say what do we want is it economic is it political. is it what do we need exactly european and african union leaders hope their first joint summit in will focus on what they call a new era in relations one based on equality but once the greetings and handshakes all over there is little doubt that with the latest revelations from libya it's migration which everyone here says is likely to dominate the agenda. well this is the first meeting between these two organizations the european union and the african union and it's been a lot of talk about wanting this new era of relations of equal partnership many analysts say is that can be very hard for as long as the e.u.
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is warning aid money into africa that sense of equality is going to be difficult there's also the fact that the e.u. in a year made up of many countries and they don't always speak with one voice and there are those simmering resentment african leaders in the past feel that they're being talked down to by european leaders your pin leaders feel that they only think for their money so the only way to move forward say people here is for everybody. to try to open even more i want to see much more frankly about what about what they really want when it comes to migration the economy investment and aid that will be the only way to perhaps inject a sense of equality into summits like this. but that's about a life for us there in abidjan thank you. just you know is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in egyptian prison for eleven months hossain is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly denied he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he
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was arrested on december twentieth while visiting family. in the united kingdom is reportedly close to reaching an agreement on his so-called briggs it divorce bill that was a key sticking point in the goshi ations to leave the european union british media reported the u.k. will pay about sixty five million dollars to settle the dispute the e.u. was refusing to discuss future trade options until both sides agreed on an amount of british prime minister theresa may is planning to meet european commission president john claude younker next monday and besides the divorce bill they'll discuss the other two big issues in the break that process the irish border and the rights of e.u. citizens currently living in the u.k. are used brazen negotiator says no deal is done yet on the divorce bill but both sides are trying to work towards a fair outcome. since i was given the honor of conducting this mission in the name of the european union which i am doing without
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aggressiveness or naive day since it is a negotiation i have not been approaching it with revenge in mind there is no revenge there is no punishment i am conducting these negotiations to reach an agreement with the united kingdom not against it. ana de barber is live for us in london on this day what more do we know about the figures that they're working towards here what has i'm just listening to michele. the e.u. seem to have stuck to their their lines all along simply asking for britain to of to meet its obligations in the e.u. budget which ends in twenty twenty nothing more if you believe the press reports here in the u.k. the u.k. government certainly has moved towards brussels position more or less doubling what
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to resume a offered two months ago which was in the region of twenty five billion dollars now they're talking about. up to fifty billion dollars government sources saying that they're not going they don't recognise any of these figures it's in fact a very unlikely that they will be committing to a particular amount rather they are saying these are the areas that we will continue to pay into not just areas like agriculture and fisheries and infrastructure projects but things like the european union's pension pot and many other areas which will be going on perhaps for decades so hard to put a precise figure on both sides clearly trying to put a positive spin on this in the last couple of hours the u.k. foreign secretary has said that he thinks this could be a very important turning point. working as you can imagine to build on the momentum we've got going forward to the december european council we're hoping very much that the offer that the promise is able to to make it that counts will be one
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that guarantees sufficient progress so how quickly will things get to the next stage in brussels then a team. well has if you'd if you ask somebody who i could boris johnson very quickly others are much more skeptical because there are two other issues which we know the u.k. has committed to dealing with before they can talk about future trade agreement one of them the issue of citizens rights e.u. citizens in the u.k. and british people in other e.u. countries seem to have made some progress but some diplomatic sources in brussels say there's still work to be done more problematic of the irish border how can you avoid having customs checks if the whole of the u.k. including northern ireland is not in the existing customs union u.k. government sources say are we have means and ways but the opposition now is certainly putting pressure on the government to do what it takes to move forward by
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the middle of next month when there's an e.u. summit in brussels vats when the government will want to move to the next stage of trade talks if they don't the court really starts ticking next year they've got about nine months to get some kind of deal otherwise it will be a no deal breaks it that's something that's very worrying to many in the business community here so the government really has got a lot to do at the bar live for us there in london thanks. now officials in beijing say they will continue demolitions in areas that are home to migrant workers the campaign's part of a safety crackdown on illegal housing critics say the government is just kicking vulnerable people out into the cold china correspondent adrian brown reports jungle fein and his wife are packing up. their worldly goods are in plastic bags and buckets they were given just a day to move out of a condemned khomeini's paging to hurry them along the power was cut john's job is
4:45 pm
to repair air conditioners a typical trade for a migrant worker most of his neighbors have already gone. beijing does not welcome us and even not allowing us to stay here i feel so sad about this after being working here for more than ten years over the years factories and warehouses on the city's outskirts have been illegally converted into flats in dormitories and rented to migrant workers but the conditions are dangerous earlier this month a fire killed nineteen people state t.v. showed examples of hazardous living conditions the fire appears to have given the government the excuse it finally needed to clear the area. and so in subzero temperatures the evictions began last week some of those forced out have returned to their home towns and cities others are in temporary
4:46 pm
accommodation a long way from the capital. than demolitions provoked an outcry on chinese social media in response local government officials concede their tactics may have been heavy handed and heartless but they insist the campaign to clear this area and others will go on in a move that risks arrest critics of urged to the campaign they include a group of one hundred intellectuals who've signed a petition against what they call ruthless human rights violations so they don't know if the authorities behavior was beyond common sense in such cold weather those come in lower class people have been treated in a way that was an reasonable and inhuman president xi jinping has a vision for a vast modern capital befitting a superpower but that vision may not include the migrant workers who helped to build the skyline
4:47 pm
a dream brown al-jazeera beijing. pope francis preached the message of forgiveness in his first public mass in myanmar's largest city yangon a crowd of about one hundred fifty thousand turned out to see the leader of the catholic church in what is a mostly because the buddhist nation a day earlier pope francis called for people to respect the rights of all ethnic groups but avoided using the name of myanmar as persecuted muslim minority. so. you mean. i know that many of you mean more bear the wounds of violence both visible and invisible the temptation is to respond to these injuries with a worldly wisdom that like the king in the first reading is deeply flawed so we think that healing can come from anger and revenge yet the way of revenge is not the way of jesus. oblivious constitutional court has cleared the way for president abel morales to run for a fourth term in two years' time the court said the right to run for office superseded the limits of the constitution the ruling goes against the wishes of the
4:48 pm
bolivian people who rejected an extension of time limits in a referendum last year critics say the latest ruling could allow the president to run for office indefinitely. but still ahead. in the sport tachyon i will be here with all the action from the fust stage of the marathon they saw in peru.
4:49 pm
time to get all sport here start young thank you has been memorials have taken place in brazil and colombia to mark the one year anniversary of
4:50 pm
a plane crash that killed seventy one people nineteen members of the brazilian football team shoppach when they were among the dead when their plane went down while on very to the colombian city of messaging the first service was held in la union that's the closest town to the site of the accident the team were traveling to compete in the final of the cup i saw the many kana investigations later revealed the plane had run out of fuel and was overloaded a memorial plaque was also unveiled in the town square meanwhile in a separate and more festive ceremony was held just after midnight to coincide with the exact time of the crash the families are still mourning the winds hailing but football in the southern city in brazil goes on. to report. even before the plane crash which nearly wiped it out chapel cohen says story was a remarkable one touching hearts around the world the modest team from the small city of just because brazil rose to the country's top division reached the final of
4:51 pm
the regional cold competition. it was on the way to play the first leg of that final against that lead to go nasional of many years the tragedy struck. as brazil . as the families mourned the club for back inspired by the three players who survived in memory of the nineteen who died was another of the survivors was journalist but i fail hines who two months after the crash back at work spoke to al-jazeera. i believe it's a rite of passage from morning to rebirth it's obvious we won't forget anyone who lost their lives but we need to move on the football players lives to win to fight and to win i'm sure it'll be a very emotional game everyone will cry were it was and they did in the two two draw with brazilian champions. the last. played before the accident was the team now made up of players sold cheaply on loan from other clubs survived
4:52 pm
in brazil's first division and won the state championship was keeper jackson foreman who lost a leg in the crash now works for the club administration for two other surviving players. who shell hoping to soon return to action into a method that might be than there after such an experience we learn to appreciate life differently we start to celebrate life more often we don't know what will happen in fifteen minutes so i am enjoying my life in the best way possible but a cloud still hangs over. an investigation into why the bolivian own charter plane crashed just short of its destination is still on the way the families are contesting a compensation of two hundred thousand dollars per player. have come to symbolize many of the things fans love about football not just in brazil but around the world surviving and thriving against the odds playing football in the face of adversity
4:53 pm
of china. the competition that shoppach owens they were competing in before the plane crash is reaching its latter stages argentine team independent they are three to the cop as the american final off to beating the bad bad in their semi final leg on tuesday independent to go on to the score sheet first with a penalty as you can see here within the first twenty minutes of the game they than doubled their lead just two minutes later. but it wasn't enough three one was the final score on the night with independent a winning three two one aggregate they haven't won the second to south american title since two thousand and ten. manchester united have closed the gap at the top of the english premier league standings to five points they defeated what food for two on tuesday ashley young scored twice as united took a three nil lead what but came back to make it three two before jos a marine years team scored again to make sure of the victory. elsewhere relocation threatened crystal palace the bottom of the table on goal difference after
4:54 pm
a draw against brighton tottenham suffered a defeat to leicester and newcastle came from two goals down to draw at west brom there are six more much is coming up on wednesday as well the likes of aston old chelsea and liverpool all in action as well as league leaders manchester city who can restore their eight point lead over man united with a home win against southampton man city boss pep guardiola has a rather humorous view on winning teams attracting attention. always always the people come for the people who smell good you know the guy who won who in the place who will win you the people the journalists the media find nothing wrong with you than a. simple like that over in spain clubs are fighting it out to advance to the next round of that method cup competition the copper doll right the nadine's the damned feel that awakened around madrid team who needed gareth bale to come off the bench to help them draw to two against one labrada
4:55 pm
a team from the third division in spain royal go through to the last sixteen for two on aggregate. barcelona will be incompetent action as well on wednesday they face a more c.r. . three nothing advantage from the first leg incursion nest of alberta is planning to field reserve team players in this match. and when le bron james the come there's something he's never done before he was addicted from a game for the first time in his career in cleveland game against miami hate liberal head avoided such a trouble for a total of one thousand and eighty one career games that changed after he became infuriated with the referee on tuesday often missing a shot he believed he was fouled and began yelling and gesturing at the ref he was given a technical foul and detected as a result so none want to braun again but despite the setback kevin love scored thirty two of his thirty eight points in the first half to go with twenty one scored by james for his rejection cavaliers extending the winning streak to nine
4:56 pm
with a one hundred eighty nine seven victory. you know that were to go play golf ball with the court. on the last trip i want to go to the right. that's what it's about you know so what i have to say and i will go but he. decided i should get to. it you know the way it was the most also because i got too old you know because they were obviously i was more or he was i was no no. no he's one. off to ten months out of the game form a well number one and fourteen time major winner tiger woods is set to return to competitive golf woods had back surgery in february that was the fourth time in three years but the forty one year old will take part in the invitational heroin challenge in the bahamas this week he also warmed up for his comeback by playing around with u.s. president donald trump on friday woods will be hoping to keep the focus on the
4:57 pm
course on his return off to he was recently sentenced to twelve months probation off the pleading guilty to reckless driving. i miss playing golf for fun go out there and hidden giggle and play for some denominations and have a good time i had done two years play nine holes here and eighteen holes here in the take three days off back was killing me and. i had bill play fun golf like that with my friends and such a long time forget being compared to this. but this the surgery was you as you said . it was about quality of life because i didn't really have much the fastest stage of the gruelling six stage does that ultra marathon the marathon dishonorably in peru has been won by both of the male and female favorites runners had to enjoy thirty seven point two kilometers through the peruvian desert on tuesday with fully loaded backpacks estimated to be weighing around eight kilograms morocco's rashid al gravity was the first man over the line as expected he has an early twenty five
4:58 pm
minute lead over second place mel in the women's rice with natalie moore clarifying through to the fourth grade on it she held the thirty seven minute lead going into . so the spot for now has a. thanks very much we go for lots more on our website as always the address is al jazeera back with more news in two minutes stay with us . overthrown and exiled their point they say if you all thought this wish me an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth was forged by and we've. nothing to gain if you think it is the interest of
4:59 pm
this return of a president at this time on al-jazeera. the responding six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live in bring the stories they tell. us whether or not i could not let this young. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian i'll just zero in world news. that's what we'll get i'll ask about shooting people are not trying to shoot to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the suffusion all securities where the people who pay the price clearly there writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for
5:00 pm
a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain that good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. north koreans celebrate as the nation launches its most powerful missile yet one.


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