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second term they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all of the ones you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and as we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street that. when one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time an al jazeera. threat some new sanctions after north korea test fired a missile it says can reach the u.s.
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mainland. and their entire lives is al-jazeera live from london also coming up. president trunk condemned for retreating the three anti muslim videos posted by a british far right leader. a former bosnian croat general dies after drinking poison in court as judges confirmed his twenty year jail sentence. and pope francis warns against anger and revenge at a mass in myanmar but still avoids mentioning the ranger. and our u.s. president donald trump says additional major sanctions will be imposed on north korea in response to its latest missile test made a threat after a phone call with china's president xi jinping the u.n.
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security council is due to hold an emergency session in the coming hours now says it can reach the u.s. mainland. new song fifteen intercontinental ballistic missile through an altitude of up to four and a half thousand kilometers and travel nine hundred sixty kilometers spending nearly an hour in the air at that height the missile traveled more than ten times higher than the international space station which orbits four hundred eight kilometers above earth several weapons experts say the missiles lofted trajectory so that suggests an actual range of thirteen thousand kilometers which is enough to reach washington d.c. and any other part of the continental united states that also means europe which is seven thousand six hundred fifty nine kilometers away from north korea is reachable by missile kathy novak reports from south korea's capital seoul. it's being celebrated as a priceless victory in north korea state media says the country has completed its rocket system development with the successful test launch of
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a new long range missile and you're going to get the i.c.b.m. what song fifteen weapon system is it into continental ballistic rocket took to the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s. it's the third i.c.b.m. test this year north korea says this one is more advanced than the hawse on fourteen's in july traveling for around fifteen minutes to an altitude of about four and a half thousand kilometers before landing in waters off japan the intended target according to pyongyang's media from the u.s. president who has threatened fire in fury in the past this response or we tell you that we will take care of it we have general mattis in the room with us and we had a long discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle it went higher frankly than any previous top a pagan for research and development effort on their part to continue building
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ballistic missile that could threaten. everywhere in the world basically south korea says it detected the test in advance of the launch at around three a.m. local time and immediately responded with joint army navy and air force drills launching three missiles that simultaneously hit a simulated target the intended message to north korea the south could take out the launch site if necessary president trump spoke with the leaders of south korea and japan. japan will resolutely enhance its pressure on north korea to the maximum level we will continue to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of japan on to the strong japan u.s. alliance president monday and told trump that north korea's technology has apparently improved agreeing to. continue the sanctions campaign that angers kim jong un's government but so far has failed to stop its missile and nuclear tests.
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yourself korea and the united states along with the international community have no other choice but to continue applying strong pressure and sanctions the south korean government says those sanctions are designed to force north korea to negotiations there has been no communication between the two countries since last year the u.s. and its allies have often said that denuclearization is a precondition for talks but it seems increasingly likely that if north korea comes to the table it will insist on doing so as a nuclear state kathy novak al jazeera sole u.s. president of trump has been widely condemned after he said anti muslim videos posted by a far right british activist group his twitter account retreated to three separate videos posted by j. to france and the deputy leader of the britain first group she was convicted earlier this month of abusing a muslim woman traumas tweets provoked a strong reaction online especially here in the u.k. t.v. presenter piers morgan has responded by asking trump forty's doing really tweeting
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britain first a groupie describes as a bunch of disgustingly racist far right extremists british opposition politician david lammy accuse the us president of promoting a fascist racist extremist hate group and said trump is not an ally or friend of ours the husband of british politician joe cox who was murdered by a far right supporter last year wrote that trump as the demise to the far right in his own country now is trying to do it in ours spreading hatred has consequences and the president should be ashamed of himself going to get more from white house correspondent can really help it in washington d.c. so what's the reaction been in the us kimberly. very similar to what you outlined there's been quite a bit of outrage but also condemnation by the president's retreats live from the largest muslim civil rights group in the united states care in fact in
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a statement it was said that they believe that the president's actions were islamophobia and in even incitement to violence against muslims and this was something that was echoed by a very prominent democratic congresswoman congress man rather on the house of representatives floor where in fact he believes that this is nothing more than hate and is calling for the impeachment of the president but the white house is defending the president's actions the dep the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders speaking to reporters in sort of an impromptu appearance outside the west wing of the white house defended the president's position saying that he was really doing nothing more than promoting border security and protecting americans whether it's it's a real video the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats and those are real no matter how you look at it so it doesn't. how surprising use this given some of trump's previous positions. right well if you look at the president's
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positions not just as president but as candidate donald trump he's been fairly consistent in his views i mean he has you remember famously called for a ban on muslims entering the united states when he was campaigning for the white house was in the white house and we saw protests across the united states in airports as he put in place that first executive order travel restriction but what many said was essentially a muslim ban given the fact that it targeted travelers into the united states from muslim majority countries and as well we saw it recently even a month ago the president blaming an uptick in crime in the united kingdom what he said was the spread of radical islamic terrorism in fact he uses that phrase repeatedly we're talking about al qaida we're talking about i so so the president's positions have been fairly consistent and i should point out really reflect the views of millions of americans who did help him win the white house can be how can
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i thank you very much indeed former bosnian croat military leader has died after drinking poison in a u.n. war crimes court so i went on cardiac drug or substance just seconds after he was told he lost his appeal and smith reports with his twenty year sentence for war crimes of how on appeal but i'm probably actors was not about to go quietly if we were seated. shouting i am not a war criminal a former croatian general took a drink from a small bottle police would know for a short time the presiding judge continued to deliver verdicts on the other defendants then probably heard again through a translator i have taken poison. the seventy two year old's lawyer repeats a client's claim that. he levy employees of clients as he drank a poison this morning she says research spent at least the curtains probably ak was
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taken to a hospital in the hague where he later died in two thousand and four slept on probably at flew from zagreb to the netherlands and surrendered himself to the hague tribunal with his co-defendants he was charged with trying to create what was described as an ethnically pure greater croatia. probably ak was found guilty with others of helping us stablish concentration camps for bosnian muslims and specifically he was charged with ordering the destruction of the city of must pass ottoman aerobraking. on wednesday and more star some of the survivors of those concentration camps watched the sentencing and probably acts suicide. all of us who had been in camps we expected at least the confirmation that this was a joint criminal enterprise and not only the verdict against prayag but also all the men who took part while on the other side of divided must are some of projects
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former soldiers understood why he'd taken his own life. but as a vision i am thinking i would do the same it would be hard to serve time in prison while some are marking you these were the final verdict to be handed down by the international criminal court for the former yugoslavia the six defendants had their appeals rejected they'd been sentenced to a collective one hundred eleven years in jail the court was set up in one thousand nine hundred three at the height of the balkans war to prosecute europe's worst atrocities since world war two bernard smith al-jazeera. that process is urged british leaders in myanmar to tackle quote prejudice and hatred during his visit to the country's largest city young go on i want to forget avoided using the term ranger to refer to the muslim minority from rakhine state but he preached a message of forgiveness in his first public mass warning followers against the temptation for revenge but hardly reports from young. the people of
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myanmar were finally able to get a good look at pope francis this time more than a quick wave out of a window his popemobile is built so he can be seen unlike his convoy of vehicles that have been traveling through the streets of yangon since monday on the sprawling grass fields of the checkers and grounds in the city center. the part of hell the mass for an estimated one hundred fifty thousand catholic faithful so i know that many in me in my bad the winds of violence. visible and invisible the temptation is to respond to these injuries with the worldly wisdom like that of the king in the first reading is deeply flawed we think that healing can come from anger and revenge yet the way of revenge is not the way of jesus the preachings of the pope were directed at the decades of ethnic wars and violence here. in his large public mass where the pope again did not specifically mention there were
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hidden gems but his statements about acceptance and identity has prompted some the think about the crisis. i don't think we're hinges are as bad as people say they're only a minority in our country like the pope said they should be treated accordingly by human rights as you know difference between us and them my dad from a religious point if you have seen. but i cannot accept them the pope is due to hold one more smaller mass on thursday morning and then embark on the second leg of his trip to the region. to bangladesh where he's expected to meet refugees and the small catholic community he's got either al-jazeera. still to come this half hour european union and african leaders pledged to do more to help thousands of migrants stranded in libya. and why some farmers are ignoring the government's call to evacuate.
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something of a wintry look to the weather across europe over the next couple of days because sway the cloud for central pass up to was about six days standing right down across that west aside if you're up and behind that we've got this. diving in from the arctic temperatures in london in paris struggle to get to four or five degrees in the heat of the day on thursday afternoon that basin pieces of snow that will certainly be the case expect some wintry flowers along the east coast of england into that a side of scotland is certainly plenty of wintry flurries there just around the outside stress inducing some wintry weather that will push its way up three part of it into that western side of russia where little further research as we go through friday lots of cold air behind two or three cells is that for vienna more snow
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flurries over the alpine regions is still pretty cold there for london in paris but quite as cold as it was but you can see cold enough as the winds coming from or north easterly direction some snow there over the parent east northeast and parts of spain could see some of that wintry weather come down into one of the parts of africa we can expect to see some disturbed weather affecting here as well the northern part of morocco could see some very heavy bursts of right with the possibility of some flooding heavy showers a possibility to the parts of algeria and much of. when the power goes out. there's only one humanity to. local humans too many he still left. but keeping the lights on is dangerous. as you forces cracked our spy speaking to
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fly. out. a witness documentary. this time on al-jazeera. the might of the top stories when i was there a u.s. president donald trump says new sanctions will be imposed on north korea in response to its test of a new missile it says could hit any target in the united states. the white house is defending donald trump after he shared three anti muslim videos posted on twitter by a british leader. and former bosnian croat military leaders for over done probably has committed suicide by drinking poison after losing his appeal at the u.n.
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war crimes court. one our top story now that i just missile test by north korea mike hanna joins us now from the united nations headquarters in new york so mike tell us what we can expect from the u.n. later on. well what is happening anyway was that there was a shared jeweled a discussion about sanctions against north korea that happens every ninety days and we were about to hear a report from the head of that sanctions committee sebastiano carli who's the head of the sanctions committee itself but subsequent to that and following the latest missile launch japan north and south korea and the u.s. have asked for further discussions to be held so basically they have agreed to hold both meetings in one of the real effect though is that what was going to be a closed door discussion will now be open so we'll be able to see the proceedings as they go along on likely our discussion are they going to be further sanctions
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that something that we've heard before following missile launches by north korea certainly there is going to be intense discussion about how this latest launch the first one since mid september changes the scenario with regard to sanctions and any punitive action against north korea and on the issue of sanctions a president trying a spoken to his chinese counterpart and suggested that there would be further sanctions where there's likely to forty think. well we've been here so many times before following some north korean missile launch we're likely to get exactly the same discussion that we've had before some of the security council members insistent that what must be done is that karen sanctions already in place have to be imposed properly before new sanctions are introduced now china has been part of that particular group arguing very strongly that it's pointless to introduce further sanctions should you not be probably applying those
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that you've already agreed on we're going to hear discussion about that there are a slew of sanctions in place against north korea but importantly there are some that could have a major impact on the north korean economy particularly any ban on the export of petroleum or oil from north korea could have a massive impact on that country's economy in the past china is among the members that have been opposed to this kind of extreme sanction as it would be seen it's possible that the u.s. and the other two sponsors of this urgent meeting may come up with that as a suggestion as you say though president promising further sanctions let's see what happens within the u.n. security council mike hanna thank you very much indeed i saw says it carried out a car bomb attack in the southern yemeni city of aden which killed at least two people the force of the blast outside the yemeni finance ministry offices shook the
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core area of the city which is the temporary capital of the internationally recognized government of president rebel mansour hadi the ousted yemeni president salih says he's prepared to push the hoodies to stop firing rockets at saudi arabia but only if a saudi led coalition ends its blockade and airstrikes on yemen in speech and salah salah said this could be the first step toward peace negotiations. oh god how oh well what's the first step is a roadmap to stop the war stop the airstrikes and put an end to the blockade. and return we say to the decision makers stop launching rockets riyadh this is an initiative and after this we can meet in geneva kuwait or amman we are ready for that. syrian government negotiators have finally arrived in geneva for the latest round of un backed talks aimed at ending the civil war yes our government had initially refused to confirm it would attend the eighth round of talks that began
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on tuesday between the syrian opposition and u.n. special envoy staff and a mistura the opposition had wanted to discuss the possibility of removing president assad but the government insists it won't tolerate such a discussion talks have now been extended to december fifteenth former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik says the united arab emirates have blocked him from traveling it comes after he announced his intention to run in next year's presidential elections he stood in egypt's first presidential election are to the uprising twenty eleven against former leader hosni mubarak but he lost against milan morsi of the muslim brotherhood after his defeat shafique fled over scenes. my fellow egyptian citizens i have announced my intention to run in the presidential election and i was planning to start a tour amongst egyptian communities abroad before going back to egypt in the next few days however i was surprised to find out i'm prevented from leaving the u.a.e.
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for reasons i don't understand and i'm not willing to understand i've often stated my appreciation for you are you for hosting me however i reject any intervention in egypt or furrows by preventing me from participating in a constitutional right was enjoined of our skype by some national hotter he's an associate professor of middle east politics at the university of oklahoma thanks for being with us so why do you think he has been blocked from leaving. well the united arab emirates along with saudi arabia are among the staunchest supporters of the current egyptian government and president sisi and so they have an interest in president sisi continuing they certainly supported his rise to power and there's been some reporting that they actually supported the movement to oust morsi as well so they are in favor of sisi staying in power and not interested in seeing any potential challengers in the gyptian regime is also not interested in seeing
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potential challengers in next year's election yes so talk to us i mean what to say bay definitely behind this move and expand to that a bit about the background to him why he would be potentially a threat to safety. sure it's not clear that the egyptian government or presidency is behind this move i mean we know that authoritarian regimes cooperate with one another and this isn't certainly the first case of that we've seen dissidents gyptian dissidents in kuwait and in saudi arabia rounded up and sent back to egypt and we've seen the opposite and so on so it's not clear that sisi is responsible for this well presidency is to some extent vulnerable certainly there is a security crisis in egypt as we saw with the devastating terrorist attack last week in sinai that killed three hundred five people the economy is not doing very well or at least many many people are suffering and as a result of high inflation the flotation of the pound and so on so there are economic grievances and mr shafiq of course as your piece mention came in
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second in the two thousand and twelve elections against mr morsi who won those elections and he clearly has political aspirations and we've known that for some time so what do you expect the reaction to be in egypt because sometimes people don't like the idea that. people who might be running in their elections detained elsewhere. well yes i mean clearly mr sharif is taking a chance because the emirates has hosted him and he has now come out critical in one way or another although acknowledging their support for him and their hospitality and so on it's unclear whether he'll be able to return to egypt and even if he did in reality the system is structured in a way that president sisi will win another term next year he has support but also the system is engineered to produce that kind of an outcome and just briefly get do you think that he would have any chance of getting the backing of the military if you did get back and is that the worry well that's
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a very serious concern because not only was he the last prime minister he's also an air force general and he had some popularity there we don't know the egyptian military like many militaries in authoritarian regimes is a black box and there has been some reshuffling of positions read recently so clearly some of the military could think that mr speaker is better than the current x. general who is now presidents. thank you very much indeed. from usa to him the way a thought thank you thank you. the leaders attending a joint european union african union summit in our rico's to have pledged to do more to help thousands of migrants stranded in terrible conditions in libya german chancellor angela merkel says the e.u. needs to work more closely with africa to address illegal migration of ivory coast's leader says urgent measures are needed to end migrant slave trading and reports from. a migration there has really dominated the first day of this summit
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in abidjan i think the sense of urgency was really underlined by the fact that all of the leaders where they spoke about opening statements each of the mentioned migration and the tone was really set earlier on not by the president of the ivory coast where this summit is being held because he talked about libya and the trading of refugees various slaves and he really said that this is totally unacceptable and everyone here has a collective responsibility to do something about it not just a bit earlier i spoke to the fridge present tomorrow my call and what he told me was that leaders here want to try a north an initiative a strategy to try and tackle the situation in libya to help evacuate some of those refugees that are trapped but it is interesting also that earlier we heard from the u.n. secretary general and what he said is what he said the solutions are needed that are really far more long term and he's talking about things like more legal pathways to europe for migrants and also just developing countries in africa the
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need extra funding in order to stop people leaving in the first place. human rights watch says venezuelan government forces systematically abused opponents of president nicolas maduro during a political crackdown earlier this year the group says many of the more than five thousand people detained were beaten sexually assaulted and given electrical shocks rights group described it as a level of repression seen in venezuela in recent memory. a pastor in zimbabwe has been acquitted of trying to overthrow former president robert mugabe evan mowery who's also an activist was accused of leading protests urging a violent removal of the government last year the court ruling came a week after ninety three year old mugabe ruled with thirty seven years was ousted by military intervention. valleys international airport has reopened after wind blew a ash spewed out by a volcano but the threat from mount
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a go in is not over thousands of villages living in the danger zone are being asked to move to emergency centers and step back reports many are not heeding the call evacuation shelters are surprisingly empty two days after villagers were ordered to leave the slopes of mount of the two hundred people who have found refuge in that our village there are only a few women and children the men have gone back to the village in the danger zone the volcano has been spewing rocks and clouds of ash kilometers into the sky. cattle farmer why and switcher has tried to persuade others in his village to take refuge in the emergency shelter but to no avail. if somebody manages to convince more people to come down i'll do everything to help at least i won't be accused of violating the government's instructions i really support the government's efforts but i love my people very much. we find
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a farmers around six kilometers from the top of the volcano of the passing several warning signs they're not overly worried about eruptions and continue to care for their cattle despite orders for immediate evacuation we found and their family refuses to be dangerous so they say they only go if i mean. here are they worried that they will lose everything they have for free in the evacuation route for weeks or even month. many farmers sold their cows for a low price after the government issued its initial effect to asian order two months ago mt are gone didn't the rup then and villages were allowed to go back home this time farmers can't afford to lose money again yes it's just value it's very difficult to effectuate our cattle especially because there is no food for our cows down there this time of year it's hard to find food anywhere we don't have money to buy it for them. the government has yet to or the forced evacuation of
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thousands of balinese who remain in danger zones that increases the risk of casualties it is a major option such as in one thousand nine hundred sixty three which killed around one thousand five hundred indonesians there no one was given any warning this time around everyone is alert step fasten al-jazeera bali. taxi drivers in spain a staging a twenty four hour strike to protest against services such as which they say are not following the law thousands of taxi drivers march to parliament blocking traffic on major roads in central madrid spanish law states that there should be thirty official taxis for every vehicle a taxi and so the law is not being enforced but want to website the rest of that is al-jazeera dot com.
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one of our top stories making news u.s. president donald trump says additional major sanctions will be imposed on north korea in response to this latest missile test after speaking on the phone to his chinese counterpart xi jinping the u.n. security council is due to hold an emergency session the new why strong fifteen intercontinental ballistic missile crew to not suited for a half thousand kilometers spending nearly an hour in the air and could theoretically hit any target on the mainland united states. the i.c.b.m. what song fifteen weapon system is that intercontinental ballistic lock it took to the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s. donald trump has been widely condemned after he shared anti muslim videos posted by a far right british activist group his twitter account retreated three separate unverified videos posted by j. de france and the deputy leader of the britain first movement he's being backed by
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the white house whether it's it's own real video the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats and those are real no matter how you look at it so . a former bosnian croat military leader has died after drinking poison at a u.n. war crimes court. drunkeness substance seconds after his twenty year sentence had been upheld he was one of six men who'd appealed against war crimes convictions dating back to the breakup of the former yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s. . i source says it carried out a car bomb attack in yemen the southern city of aden that killed at least two people device exploded outside the yemeni finance ministry offices in the temporary capital of the internationally recognized government syrian government negotiators have finally arrived in geneva for the latest round of un backed talks aimed at ending a civil war yesod government traditionally refused to confirm it but attend the
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eighth round of talks began on tuesday former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik says he's being blocked from leaving the united arab emirates it comes as he announced his intention to run in next year's egyptian presidential elections he said overseas after defeat in the twenty twelve election that's what are coming next a stream of more news for you after that by for. me ok and you're in the street i'm really good today protests and threats of hope to the release of the bollywood film. so what is a film about
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a why is it up setting so many people you're about to find out.


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