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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 191  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 7:32am-8:01am +03

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next year should he get left egypt after he lost against the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsi in the two thousand and eleven election he's been a strong critic of the current egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi in the coming hours pope francis is expected to make his first trip to bangladesh i made an appeal to acknowledge the growing refugee crisis the country is facing in myanmar the leader of the roman catholic church failed to mention the six hundred thousand range of muslims of fled the military crackdown that francis has been advised by catholic officials in me and ma to avoid using the term hinge and during his visit he's expected to hold meetings with religious and political leaders u.s. president donald trump attacked the british prime minister to reason may condemnation of his anti is retreats from shared three on to muslim videos from a far right british group on twitter a spokesman from a call trumps actions wrong in response trump told me to focus on what he called destructive radical islamic terrorism in the u.k. not on him former bosnian croat military leader slobodan prolly acas committed
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suicide by drinking poison often losing his appeal at the u.n. war crimes court upon hearing that his twenty year prison sentence had been upheld probably action that he was not a war criminal well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream of the watching by foot. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed. the state of the economy this is easily. tax success story. by microsoft eleven we bring you the stories the economic world we live in. this time. hi i'm femi oke a and you're in the strange i'm really could be today protests and threats have halted the release of the bollywood film. so what is a film about and why is it upset things so many people know about to find out.
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the hindi film is swirling in control the sea so much so that its release in india has been postponed and his international debut left on certain the film set in the fourteenth century tells the story of a muslim soltan who attacks a kingdom in an attempt to capture a beautiful hindu queen critics say the film disrespects the sentiments of the rajput cost and while some members of the raj put community have taken to the streets to protest others have chosen more violent methods and despite historians pointing out that the queen portrayed in the film is a fictional character some rajput groups have been using their political capital to block the movie which in turn is raising concerns about growing censorship in india we're here to talk about this we have in mumbai raja film critic and author in
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chennai independent filmmaker actor and activist the question of the funder in new delhi he's an associate professor of history at the university of delhi whose background is in hindi literature of medieval india and in the united states sunday saying president of the rajput association of north america hello everybody good to see you i know you haven't seen the film. yet most of india hasn't seen the film yet most of our international audience haven't seen it yet so let me show you a little clip it's adults now but it was released early it's called guma have a look have a listen. roger
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this film looks funny i really got about six minutes of it to go on but so far it looks amazing what is the main reason that this is a huge conversation in india right now. well i think india is very quick to outrage about pretty much anything at this point of time. you know there are all these fringe groups that come in and claim pretty much anything being done in the public domain hurts their sentiments and since this is hard to quantify and since the reigning government is not really doing anything to quell their outrage these people are becoming more and more dangerous at this point there are based on as you said a fictional queen there is fringe groups are saying that the queen is being disrespected in the spill and they want the filmmakers head on a platter they have announced bounties on the actresses nose and this is the
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leading man's legs should be broken and this is all being said while the government isn't doing nothing about it in fact ministers from the raiding party the b j p have actually gone on record to say these things somehow rather totally totally wrong that this is a fictional character we have a history supporting it and let me tell you we made the history by making sacrifices of our lives by bleeding and now movie makers and critics like you come in sitting and allies and things that this is the fringe group you cannot live with the sentiments of the people there is a will to handle these things mr bhansali should have consulted when he did promise that he's going to at least scream with the company say well this should have been some understanding instead what he chose he chose to get some journalist without our involvement and let me tell you it is not about ronnie personally it is about
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women their their. respect and justice to the women can't we can't we can't let iran so much respected in the community and not respect her and go to fight. allowed him. welcome him to one of the littlest just like nine eleven terrorist you really find them under the us. mr miller interrupt you. i've been listening to the tragedy and you i must add that first to dodge that i don't think it's arbitrary who gets hurt and who gets outraised. too much by everything nor there is a pattern to it and as a student of history i see this pattern rather. discuss it's pretty disconcerting because you would notice that actually. the more powerful
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a community the more easily they get hurt and the more easily they get hurt and outrage to be heard now let's get this clear at the outset that we're here discussing and trying to defend what might turn out to be a second rate trail in spite of all the excitement that the controversy has generated but let's also get this clear that. you know here is our full as mr sanjay singh made clear here is a very powerful minority which is actually talking about you know protesting the film in the name of the idea that mini is a historical character now you know in in the context of medieval indian history there is so much that it goes low that one can never be sure about who is historical and who is fictional but one does know what but many has the queen but many has come to stand in far as far as the raj would come in india and what you
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know as far as the other communities are concerned and the most interesting thing is i'm glad mr pointed it out in the very beginning that they are protesting in the name of the owner of them and now i'm a little amused. because it would be a truism and understatement to see the medieval india the medieval indian community college today. even more patriarchal than to be. i hear your point there and i see russian smiling there as the sole woman on this panel but i want to bring in two comments and then go to you rushing me so one person might agree with sunday who spoke a little earlier this is that my yank on twitter who said our culture our faiths our beliefs emotions our history cannot be denied distorted dramatize or played with filmmakers can very well make money of and be creative about something out but
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this is a point from someone else's fossum ansari on twitter and she says she talks up to hindu nationalists she says the way their minds work there an able to differentiate between reality and myth they see padmavati as a for sonification of core hindu beliefs which add some value to her fictitious character and violate those things are violated when a non hindu emperor approaches her but russian of the as other people have pointed out this scene that people are upset about an approach or a romantic scene some have alleged is not actually even in the film. you know it is not and i'll do it seems. a bit amusing in the sense that in india we celebrate hypocrisy and i don't eat quite a bit so i'm the one saying we glorify it. and on the other side we clean them and to be gods and goddesses and at the same time of the same status or august
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and there is a. the last straw got to do that was in the two thousand and thirteen the amount of the lips of the little woman who was up to be r.p. doesn't so this was just the next one year so i think you understand the outrage about wanting to maintain the modesty of a woman being what is our ideal for the purposes seems a bit amusing to me if not. i don't know this allusion to. and also to add to the fact that the whole lot of the geisha not running but mum of the being the fact that she was test and that she killed herself in the end in order to safeguard her chastity and all of that seems in two thousand and seventeen quite a bit of our funny situation to outrage about to be honest let me just let anyone say so. please continue. having let me know when i say i have a definition and it's. not if it's yes or no way around alas i where on the one say
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we have denied. you know basic rights human rights or you know right to abortion where it mattered and rape is still not made illegal where child rapists on the rise and where all these issues spencer and the state of florida stand quite a bit i find it very disconcerting that just because this particular community planing this to be a personal issue and getting this to be a matter of concern in a way that the state isn't up your earning with the art and culture suppose i take it not because it should be different entities i let me just plain old gas a little crap and this is from the director sanjay leela bhansali and he was ready for the criticism and also looked like he had anticipated it as he was making a film have a listen to what he had to say. i mean this whole thing that he said when i. put
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mine on. or a part of it is made out of your money from me and he put not what they were loading he could be your dream sequence me. to be cliff. and every sunday what is fascinating here is that the reason that this is blown up so much is because there was a local member of the b j p that's a political party the major ruling party in india who said i am so upset i'm offering the equivalent of one point five million dollars for the head of the director and the lead actress in this film. what kind of situation could you justify not even being said in public sunday western like to comment to. the growing don't you dispensable mistreatment and i don't really use a statement complaining john self immolation that we are highly respect
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is that is the reason that i would not be capable perking about your. stance unless you. i guess let me just let me just interject in saying the reasonable reason why he came to the idea of the burning herself when her husband dies is because that is spoiler alert what happened to chris pap mean. let me just move on a little bit really where you want to take us awhile you mention the threat surfer read on twitter says for peace to reign please they should stop promoting this movie immediately they've already threatened to burn down any cinema that shows the film and there's a bounty on the head of the lead actress as you mentioned to me though the person who made that bounty now denies that he said that but i actually like to go to a video comment from someone who says all of these threats all of these comments could have been avoided here's a chart. all the protests and other things that have been said and done could have been easily avoided if the producer director had to come forward and at the very beginning treatment separate constraint would have kind of hunkered down but the
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other thing is that you know when it comes to artistic liberty and prevent it all of freedoms and about it become an environment of responsibility which i think the producer directed me to keep in mind point he's making a movie based on a historical account roger what do you make of that well i think i believe this is a big misconception i think everyone's going on about how mr bhansali should have clarified it was just and just said why did he sure it was was considering it to a couple of journalists but the fact of the matter is mr bhansali does not will these people are screening this point of street group which is trying to which is threatening to be violent and going down cinemas does not you know is not someone we should be as filmmakers or as a community we should be negotiating with as they say we should not negotiate with terrorists this is exactly the same situation just because these people are threatening the strong the situation does not mean we all don't you know any sort
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of pacification fashion i think what we know that sega had. yeah i was just going to add to what i just said the state must not interfere with the actual culture of the country because historically india has been pretty upfront about our question in condemning. political situation or anything anything that is a matter of france and right now on the national media being the most powerful medium which they just want the same time internationally. to check on something because it concerns a small section of. this country it'll make a landing because it's not just as a matter of you putting a check on me and i guess you getting a check on me i say that as a democrat yes i don't agree. we don't need to because we have more going for pacifica but we have a right to protest you're looking for anything about the most. everything we do i condemn those kind of a statement. and being
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a member of. mathematica i want to also trying all the members who are listening to us and i would also like them to. own the rights. and rule them as new members and i am pleased to announce that we have increasing number of minor s.w. here and we. have actually hold on to outright from what i want to paint of a clear because you can't talk about a film that people haven't seen much of so this is a little section of the film something is talk about the community it's all such a lot of which tells you a little bit about rajput society have a look. but
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ok. you know that someone. hurt. as a historian is that anything that you've seen so far out of the six minutes of the film that's going to write a novel you feel would upset the sensibilities of the rajput community as a historian. as a historian i'm particularly not concerned about the sensibility of our full minority community which gets to wise its identity only in an extremely patriarchal . and descending wise and claims to. protect the honor of women so seriously i do believe however that there are quite a few conclusions being created here in the name of history first of all i want to make it clear that there is no conflict here between history and my toilet by
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itself might also have histories but the most important thing is that more than being histories of the rajah's and kings and the ruling groups when mr sunday for example sais that we have sacrificed and we have. you know spilled blood and so on basically he's self a difference into the raj would come in if he as a ruling come and let's make it very clear even in the state of largest ton that splits are in the minority and. the largest majority of even the rajputs are pretty ordinary regular many class families now as well as then so there are very few very few families who are ruling houses the second thing is that my apologies have histories too as do other things more important things like gender and cost and what we should be talking about here actually is not the movie because nobody has
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seen it and whatever little we have seen it if you ask me the only thing that bothers me in this film is the kind of glorification of very very vivid i.e. very of the visit kind of mess community as well as a very binary juxtaposition of in the one muslim community where the audience is. exhorted to identify with either decide on that side. i would beg to differ historically this is not how it used to be the fault lines never was between muslim the lesson in the rules as many people would like to believe the fault lines then as now used to be between genders between castes and between rulers and ruled but i'm glad i'm here. and guess as you point out how you. know but i think this sunday if i may you're basing this on just a few moments of the trial and of course the place a cut to give a child saying match the narrative of
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a film as we all know. i want to give you perspective here about people who think that the government needs to weigh in here this is mr galley watching us live on you tube he says i don't know who gave her permission to make these movies using these types of sensitive issues there should be government restrictions on the other hand someone else on twitter says this is gone way too far it has to stop the government has to do something but they won't because how are they going to win the elections so this person is saying there might be political motivations behind us sanjay what do you make about family like quality assurance or always they will come behind it but let me tell you as a proud member of a transport community and as a proud member of the season of north america we have nothing to do with politics we are here to preserve our heritage and beauty pageant didn't miss just. one good one point you had talking about history and let's not forget your article
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about cultural memory let me tell you i have no memory. nor that been. that history you may not know historians are very quick to point to anything as myth because they. no i don't. know that well for you but your audience also are to do research historians also have villages and they also have cultural memories except that they're sensitive to the fact that cultural memories are always in plural there is never a single cultural memory cultural moment it would get to discuss that before seven or national and international media is a different point and that is where i think you know we should all remember that. almost more than a year ago. you know small town you know google was renamed in the memory of. figure figure who was responsible for taking the. you
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know fingers off one of his white wife or someone i trust is going to do just cabinet you know you know no reason to try to just. give me a month and what are you how tight for a moment let's get us back on track here let me show you this had like multi puff of r.t. control the c b j p leader mr imus but now it's the a bounty on the film's team steps down as party media coordinator let's go back to the political situation in that mine well impact what's been happening to this film that doesn't have a release still yet because it's had to be moved back. can you help us understand the pick up political climate that you never asked so just catching up on the tweet that was shown in the end but i wonder what's coming elections now presently and the three states that have a very full committee and condemned the killing of
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a shooter predation on three of the major presently being by. now if not the elections are concerned we have been and already have the balkans just. finished. so. well. i would be good if you let me get it maybe you're throwing me and let me go to you and i have a i only have a few moments like i really want to understand. take it on what i guess we've all been on the controversy of the film is a quality to what's happened politically and i believe that there is some kind of course of bush in our destruction tactic that the be to be often employs when it comes to i guess in the elephant in the room whenever there's a big crisis situation that is going on in the country at the moment it's about that yesterday that is like a huge stack that's been let in on all this. without any floor talk without any consideration to people belonging to the bottom of the minimum and above that you
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wanted a solution that just struck us like hell and the eyes are still recovering from it i believe that all the ruling party does right now is a subconscious tactic as a distraction tactic to sort of not make us not make the common person look at the elephant in the room and question them and condemn them because if they do that wrecked their credibility in the book i mean action and what the what this bill also does is easily polarizes hindus and muslims in such. a simple answer by now the situation bit is absurd because we are ok how do you claim to be secular and controversial and doesn't. want to be a god and. i used that as the one i. sort of am. so god be a talking as we can but i'm going to give you one sentence to finish up finish at once and explore. so there. you are not supporting extremism you are
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granted and the national. i just mentioned this to russia guess where at the end of the show let me say this to roger times our supreme court has ruled in favor of r.t. says the french can't block the release but the film doesn't have a released yet knowing the film industry in india knowing how the border senses work what you feel is the future for this film well it's a little uncertain right now i feel like as a nation is adjusted and i think the film will not be allowed to screen before the election that will go on after the elections are over it will become relatively amicable lost money process. i have one question the misses and i'm going to ask you to answer your question on night as well right at the very end of the show i know it's infuriating i want to know what that question is to many someone that would agree with you this is someone on twitter who says i have full faith that
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this movie will release after the elections which is over january eighteenth twenty eighteen something to look forward to and i will leave you with a little bit of the trailer. we've been talking about it over the way for this program let me give you a little clip thanks for watching everybody. the
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street is quiet the signal is given young members are out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty murders in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take them to violence i lost my. door years ago i
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also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class it in and has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. that's what they are talking about shooting people are not trying to children themselves and there are other countries of managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into a problem right open war with the city general security for the people who pay the price clearly there writeup in prejudice setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. the to. if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime.


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