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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 10:00am-10:33am +03

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head to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eight. december on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put out every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. the u.s. renews calls for countries to cut ties support radio for its latest missile launches warns its leadership risk being utterly destroyed.
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shall carry this is al jazeera life and also coming up. as president donald trump heads out of the u.k. prime minister theresa may after she criticized his retreats. videos but francis wraps up his trip in me and mar with a message of hope before heading to neighboring bangladesh plus. i'm going to hold on liz boss island greece where thousands of asylum seekers are living in such appalling conditions that some a prepared to commit self in the hope of getting out. the u.s. is pushing for the international community to cut ties with north korea the united nations security council held another emergency meeting following missile test on tuesday or the launch proves it has the capability to reach the u.s.
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mainland president al trump is threatening more sanctions but not everyone agrees with his stance i can of reports for the ninth time this year the security council gathers to discuss yet another crisis centered on north korea an emergency session called for by the u.s. japan and south korea and a grave warning from the french representative this test is another confirmation that the north korean threat has changed dramatically in a few months both in scope and scale the threat has shifted from being regional to global. the u.s. ambassador makes a direct plea to china to place greater economic pressure on its ally and neighbor we need china to do more president tropp called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea that would be
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a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah but no such pledge from china instead it called again on the u.s. to explore a free for free scenario in which north korea would slow its missile program if the u.s. and south korea lowered their military posture on the peninsula this position supported by russia the mythical about what we proposed a solution based along the principle of suspension for suspension which in visions of d p r k stopping missile tests while at the same time the u.s. and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises this in turn will pave the way for the principles of peaceful coexistence and peaceful discussions between washington and pyongyang but the says being repeatedly and vehemently ruled out by the u.s. and clearly while the council is united in its condemnation of the latest missile launch it remains divided on how to respond the question now with the missile
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testing continues will the u.s. continue to seek solutions with its security council partners or decide to go it alone mike hanna al-jazeera united nations and kathy novak joins us live now from seoul so kathleen north korea has released new video of this launch what do we know about it. well this is new video that is just coming out in the last half hour or so this is part of the pattern that we see from north korea when it conducts these missile launches first we get the announcements from the united states south korea japan of the launch being detected then north korea itself confirms the launch and earlier today we saw the first still pictures and now the video north korea wants to get the maximum impact from this launch it claims that it with this launch has completed the development of its nuclear weapons program it said this is this is
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a new missile the fifteen that is more powerful than the other i.c.b.m.'s that were launched back in july the south korean president told donald trump that here is that north korea has made advances with this missile and it will be watching closely this video and the stills that have just come out today by adding a list to determine how much of what north korea says is true what it claims that it has completed its weapons program there are always questions around taking north korea's words at face value there are questions around whether north korea does indeed have the reentry vehicle for example that it would need to successfully launch a nuclear attack against the u.s. mainland but nevertheless this is being taken very seriously here in south korea and indeed by the united nations and the united states south korea's preference is to push ahead with those sanctions that were talked about at the united nations the
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leader of the ruling democratic party of south korea is visiting beijing and intends to bring up those sanctions with the leadership in china hoping to get more action out of china to pressure north korea to scale back this nuclear development show kathy novak live for us in seoul kathy thank you. as president donald trump ass attacked the british prime minister theresa may for condemning his latest tweets trump shared three anti muslim videos from a far right british group to more than forty million of his twitter followers a spokesman for may call trump's actions wrong trump replied this way three summate don't focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we are doing fine exclamation point. jordan has more from washington d.c. . a wednesday the u.s. president donald trump was roundly criticized for reach waiting three videos which
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he claimed showed muslim violence against christians and others who do not share the muslim faith the british prime minister through a spokesperson condemned the reach weeding of these videos which had been disseminated by a far right wing group or neo nazi group known as britain first the message from number ten downing was that this was inappropriate and it was nothing more than simply disseminating hate and bigotry around the world of course donald trump then fired back late on wednesday against the prime minister to resign may essentially addressing her on twitter and saying that she needed to pay attention to the own country her own country's problems dealing with what he called radical islamic terrorism inside the u.k. that of course is not going down well with a number of people on both sides of the atlantic not only have a number of republican senators condemned the remarks and called on president trump
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to retract those comments but the communities minister in the u.k. sodje job it is now saying that what mr trump has said is reprehensible and that he would use his own position as a public figure to try to fight against this sort of dissemination of bigotry and hatred and of course it is worth pointing out that at the beginning of donald trump's tenure as president there was active discussion in the u.k. about inviting him to visit the country on a state visit and at the time minister job it was saying that people should keep an open mind and not just stand against a trump visit outright but now in light of the dissemination of these videos that have been supported by far right wing groups mr job as chairman has very much changed. that francis has left man martin is on his way to bangladesh head of the roman catholic church and me and maher since tuesday he's been criticized for not
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publicly mentioning the refugee crisis during his visit but the vatican said the pope wanted to build bridges with the mainly country the pontiff is expected to discuss the plight of the henschel while in bangladesh. his visit to myanmar with the mass for young people told worship or sing and gone to never be afraid of making a ruckus all encouraging them to ask questions that make people think scott heiler has more now from. the forty visit to myanmar by pope francis has wrapped up now there's criticism externally outside of myanmar coming from human rights groups that he did not say did not specifically directly bring up their hands or refugee crisis now the vatican spokesman here in country saying that even though he didn't say that or didn't bring it up directly he did not lose the pope lose any moral authority he still holds that figure and that the he hinted that in that private meeting with on song suchi this country's civilian leader earlier in the week that there were going to issue might have been brought up there was nothing publicly
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said about it but it could have been now the pope on his last day held a mass at st mary's church the largest catholic church in yangon and then headed to bang with national bangladesh's the second phase of this trip and there were issues can be brought up more publicly if you will we know that on his original schedule for his trip to bangladesh he's going to be meeting with some britons are refugees we don't know exactly when that's going to be happening but he'll be in the capital of bangladesh and again as we're hearing from the spokesman from the vatican that he'll be able to speak more freely about the range of issues there because it's not a sensitive obviously as it was here in myanmar the plan to send hundreds of thousands of refugees back to me and maurice facing hurdles the bangladesh governments have agreed on a deal issues with identification documents those are still presenting problems deport them cox is bizarre. up till fires in his family fled their home in the me and my bangladesh border a month and a half ago military my advocate the myanmar military were taking woman away and
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raping them we saw them burning home all is so was fire everywhere. following huge international pressure myanmar has agreed to work with bangladesh on a plan aimed at eventually allowing the regime jet to return to plan entails refugees staying in temporary camps close to their property and destroyed homes the rangers have suffered decades of persecution they often described as the largest stateless people in the world i'm not sure i know what our main demand is that they recognize us. and then we may go back to. it when you take a look at the various identity cards issued to the region that you begin to understand how vulnerable they are to further violence and discrimination these cards and pieces of paper highlight the kind of problems that the rangers have had for decades in relation to their legal status inside myanmar and they also
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highlight potential difficulties with respect to their identification if indeed this repatriation plan goes forward this is a citizenship card and it was made available to all ethnic groups including the ranger after independence now in one thousand nine hundred two citizenship was withdrawn for the ranger it was a few years later that they were issued with this the so-called white card now the word ranger has disappeared from it instead there is written then goalie and the religion islam. in twenty fifteen they had to hand these over and they were issued with this receipt now there is no mention of any ethnicity nationality or religion on this receipt it was a few months later that they were issued with these with a similar scant amount of information now the vast majority of ranger refused to ever pick these up from the government bangladesh has already registered hundreds
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of thousands of refugees living in the camps have those son muhammad was his new id card but the information on it is far from clear. first they gave us a card which said granger registration card and now they gave us a card which has me on my national registration card why the bangladeshi government gave us this card and we don't know based on information provided by bangladesh me and maher says it will accept the written job only after it verifies the information. in the hollow to walk to the border and look at their home which is now occupied by the myanmar military. bill says he just wants citizenship and security in the country he his family and hundreds of thousands like them believe they are from. that al-jazeera conses bazaar bangladesh still ahead on al-jazeera
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zimbabwe and count the cost of the new president's plans to turn around the failing economy. living conditions already dire syrians face for survival is. something of a wintry look to the weather across europe over the next couple of days because sway the cloud for central pa was about six days standing right down across that western side if you're up and behind that we've got this whole thing in from the arctic temperatures in london in paris struggle to get to four or five degrees in the heat of the day on thursday afternoon that basin pieces of snow that will certainly be the case expect some wintry flowers along the east coast of england into that a side of scotland is certainly plenty of wintry flowers there just around the outsourced reassessing some wintry weather that will push its way up through potent
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into that western side of russia little further research as we go through friday lots of cold air behind two or three cells just for vienna more snow flurries over the alpine region still pretty cold there for london in paris not quite as cold as it was but you can see cold enough as the winds come in from or north easterly direction some snow there over the parent east northeast and parts of spain could see some of that wintry weather come down into one of the parts of africa we can expect to see some disturbed weather affecting here as well as the northern parts of morocco could see some very heavy bursts of right with the possibility of some flooding heavy showers a possibility to the parts of algeria and much of. you're
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watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories this hour the u.s. is calling for greater sanctions and the complete isolation of north korea united nations security council held an emergency meeting following the killings this will test for the korea says a launch proves it has the capability to hit the u.s.
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mainland as president donald trump has attacked british prime minister theresa may for condemning his anti. islam tweets truck shared three anti muslim videos from a far right british group with more than forty million followers and pope francis has left me and martin is on his way to bangladesh the head of the roman catholic church has been criticized for not mentioning there were a henge a refugee crisis publicly while in me and marvet is expected to discuss their plight while and bangladesh. the united arab emirates is denying that it stopped former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik from traveling says he's been blocked from leaving the country after announcing plans to run in egypt's presidential election next year he left egypt after losing to the muslim brotherhood mohamed morsi in the two thousand and eleven election is been a critic of the current president of tiles c.c. . my fellow egyptian citizens i have announced my intention to room in the presidential election and i was planning to start
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a tour amongst egyptian communities abroad before going back to egypt in the next few days however i was surprised to find out i'm prevented from leaving the us for reasons i don't understand and i'm not willing to understand i've often stated my appreciation for you are you for hosting me however i reject any intervention he prefers by preventing me from participating in a constitutional right al-jazeera is demanding the release of a channel a smart move to saying he's been an egyptian prison for eleven months now saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny these are people he complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december the twentieth all visiting family. handover of power and gaza has been postponed rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah agree to ask egypt for that to lay state a transfer of power of the gaza strip to the palestinian authority by friday as
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part of a reconciliation deal that are now wants a new deadline of december tenth to complete arrangements that sides accusing each other of not respecting the deal mediator over the handling of the handover egypt has sent a delegation to gaza to try to resolve the issue. thousands of passengers who were stranded at bally's international airport have started to fly out after a switch in one direction blew volcanic ash from mount and gun away what has become increasingly active over the past week and scientists say the threat of an eruption is not over around one hundred thousand people living in the dangerous zone have been told to move to emergency centers as more from near mount agung in valley. i'm here in one of the largest evacuation shelters near mt are going by earlier this is basically the same so but still near enough to do for people to come here and spend the night as you can see there's a around a few hundred people here but only half of all the people in the danger zone have
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actually registered at these shelters which means that thousands of people are still actually in the danger zone risking their lives it has been a very big challenge for the government to persuade people to come down because the situation has been going on for two months already back then two months ago i spoke with the family here of a man who actually survived the one nine hundred sixty three eruption she told me back then that people in her family had died of five hundred people in the whole village which was completely destroyed by the eruption at the time die. here is her son in law and he actually still goes back and forth to the village which is very near to the crater and he told me there is what he called fire rain coming from that right now. it's a very dangerous situation when i went back to the village in the morning i could see ash spewing out i felt my body stinging my mother told me that that's firing at
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her fragments from the crater and a sign of bigger russian could happen but it has been quite difficult for the government to persuade people to come down and to explain to everyone that it is very dangerous and very deadly because money is a very unpredictable and although the warning system is in place all the equipment has been in place it's very difficult to persuade people to spend their life like this for days for weeks and even months in a row as winter approaches in syria many in the north of the country worry about how they'll survive as a lack of fuel and people living in besieged areas say they have already. most of the trees around them for firewood and some of. the turkey syria border. it's getting cold in syria and it's the time of the year to scavenge for things to burn they need it more inventive because in addition to cooking the family will need to stay warm in terms we came from homes because of the government we didn't
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go to. i send my boy to collect things to. face another winter without any food or diesel. diesel is expensive and ensure supply because the northern countryside of homs has been under siege for years. is that. the reason behind the high prices is a blockade we live under even then the diesel we get from the regime areas is not suitable for cars people are forced to look for alternatives. you had to become a tree law that he fills all kinds of fees in his own and nearby villages. yes this year he says he's got sixty tons of trees to be burnt this firewood. the cost to the environment she was a small price to pay for survival. prices make us cut the trees down used to cost less than two cents
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a kilo now it's over twenty cents. but cheaper alternatives to diesel means trees in these villages are fast disappearing. there aren't enough trees left we have been besieged for the last five years when the firewood ends will have just our clothes and god help. some residents are trying to find alternatives to cutting trees. growing them to earn a meager living. back in a home there's sort of island whatever they can get their hands on to cook with and to cook on. i can't go to school i used to like winter but there was no money to buy firewood or diesel or another children hope winter will be easy on them this year. is just one of many besieged areas in syria where tens of thousands of people are struggling to survive this would be their seventh
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winter since the two thousand and eleven uprising and many syrians say that the outside world does nothing to ease their suffering. a surgeon refugees having to greece and the past three months is straining emergency facilities camps built a whole host a few thousand people are coping with three times that number the conditions are so dire that some are hurting themselves in the hopes of being removed from the camp and the island john hall reports on the island of. in a busy cafe outside the main refugee camp on lesbos island tally to tell stories of self harm and abuse on your way out of. had been absent i know of some people who cut themselves so that doctors can see there and let them go when you didn't already have them and no mother many. people have been here for more than a year and they're tired and psychologically and well they will hurt themselves in
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anyway just so they can leave this island inside the camp more than six thousand people share facilities designed for just a third of that number in conditions that appear to be in breach of their human rights many have severe medical problems a man with little bolts of his knees. a husband whose wife is about to give birth. the letter says this gentleman has had two recent hospital admissions in mytilene with chest pain it sounds like he has significant coronary artery disease. but there is no easy ticket out of this place or off unless bos island the asylum process can take each year or more it's you and therefore greek government policy now to stem the tide of refugees into europe so we've heard stories about people. making themselves sick have you heard these stories can you confirm that it's true they do these things quite common all the time we hear it those sorts of injuries
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and that they have various problems with their health but it's something we've become used to and i've been here for years at this camp and for all the years i've been here this is been going on. the words there of the camps doctor surprised he says at the lengths people are prepared to go to because of the conditions here that senior members of the european commission have visited this camp and nothing changed even the greek health minister has visited this camp and nothing changed the medical charity do. does without borders concentrates on mental health and sexual violence inside the camp it is horrendous and it is unacceptable so for me the question would be. pushing people to take this measures this extreme measures. and what do you think that is the policy if you use that in your fullest sense today. to. this.
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nighttime temperatures here in single figures and yet these are some attempts there's no hot water nothing but wood fire to protect families from the cold you conditions like these the sick get sick and the desperate do desperate things don't know how al-jazeera lesbos greeks more than forty years after the death and disappearance of thousands of people an argentinian judge how sentence twenty two of the fifty four members of the one nine hundred seventy six military regime to life in prison the ruling marked a first judgment against those who participated in the so-called death flights during the country's dictatorship only five thousand opponents of the military regime were held at the naval mechanic school some were later thrown alive from airplanes and in the south atlantic ocean to hide their murders. and israel has fired its ambassador to the united nations the sacking of rafael ramirez a former oil minister comes amid a major anti-corruption campaign targeting the oil industry the u.n.
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says of venezuela government has not notified of any changes to its representation zimbabwe's new president has announced plans to revive the economy emerson is offering amnesty to companies and people who return money stashed in overseas bank accounts. chronic cash shortages taso reports people are skeptical about his plan. zimbabwe's central bank says one bond the local currency is worth one dollar but on the black market one hundred dollars is worth one hundred twenty pounds note that's a twenty percent markup it's one reason why some zimbabweans don't deposit cash in banks anymore illegal cash transactions are big business for the syndicates who run them this money change asked us not to show his face he says too many high profile politicians and business leaders are benefiting from illegal cash transactions he doubts who are a key is a break in the exchange control know by illegally stashing money abroad will return
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their riches in exchange for amnesty ok people should return the money that they store which people i mean. if one of them the prison the new president has always been this is the. have all his friends because this is true and if there are people who stole money there's still money. limited way. to. zimbabwe's new leader says after february anyone who hasn't returned money equally stashed abroad will be arrested some economists say if money is returned it could help ease the current cash crisis. that it might have been taken and so the amount of money from china could be three billion. pounds damage it would be. but if. i. am assuming that god is also promising to cut unnecessary government spending
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president him is the man and what is under pressure to deliver especially on the economy the unemployment rate is more than ninety percent bad sometimes fail to get cash to customers because of foreign currency shortages long keys outside banks are coming at the end of every month some customers wait the whole day only to receive twenty dollars because of the withdrawal limit. for the whole deal which means we had to leave the group of production before country and the next to come back with us when i was sworn in as president on saturday after robert mugabe resigned sums of cautiously optimistic he has a plan to revive the ailing economy how to. shock here here with your headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. is calling for more sanctions and the complete isolation of north korea united
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nations security council held an emergency meeting following on yanks missile test for korea says the launch proves it has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. issued a strong warning to north korea. north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not seek it if war does come it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed as president donald trump has attacked the british prime minister theresa may after she condemn tis anti is long tweets trump shared three anti muslim videos from a far right british group. pope francis has left me and martin is on his way to bangladesh the head of the roman catholic church has been criticized for not mentioning the
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henge a refugee crisis publicly while in me in march but he is expected to discuss their plight while in bangladesh the pope wrapped up his visit in myanmar with the mass for young people he told and to never be afraid of making a ruckus while encouraging them to ask questions that make people think the united arab emirates is denying that it stopped former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik from traveling chief excess he's been blocked from leaving the country after announcing plans to run it egypt's presidential election next year he's been a critic of president of the tile c.c. handover of power in gaza has been postponed rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah agreed to ask egypt for the delay moss was due to transfer power of the gaza strip to the palestinian authority by friday as part of a reconciliation deal but now wants a new deadline of december tenth to complete arrangements. thousands of passengers who were stranded at bally's international airport have started to fly out after
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a switch in one direction will volcanic ash from mount agung away about one hundred thousand people living in the danger zone have been told to move to emergency centers will continue to follow that for you those are the headlines news continues on al-jazeera after inside story keep it or. i would use iraq. and for you. who's to blame for african migrants being sold as slaves in european countries rush to help libyans get rid of gadhafi but quickly abandon the. legal migration be controlled in a failed state.


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