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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 192  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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as told a new york court that turkey's president. approved the transaction was prime minister at the time. is the key witness in the trial of tot by king official mathematic on a tele the un humanitarian advisor for syria has called on well powers to help arrange the evacuation of five hundred people including a hundred sixty seven children from a besieged damascus suburb jan egeland said that humanitarian supplies are not being allowed to reach east in ghouta nine children have died in the last few weeks . after north korea's latest ballistic missile tests russia has accused the united states of doing everything it can to provoke young and moscow also insists that cutting diplomatic and trade trade ties is not the answer. to be able to reach any target on the u.s. mainland and pope francis is demanding the international community takes decisive measures to resolve the exodus
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a mass exodus of range of muslims from myanmar arriving in bangladesh pope francis broke his silence of what the united nations has called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing in eight but he still avoided using the name rango you're up to date with all of our top stories the stream now looks at what lies ahead for zimbabwe in the post mugabe era. ok you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and on you tube today we're update three stories we've been keeping
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a close eye on. with the story our community has been buzzing about zimbabwe has a new president who's tasked with handling an economic crisis and steering the country out of political crisis and in the united states a leaking oil pipeline has mobilized activists but first aid incision by the trumpet ministration has haitians both in the u.s. adding haiti concerned about their future. it is unfortunate that despite everything that has been seeded and even the government stated that. sixty thousand haitians to go back home at once that administration keep saying that haiti has made progress and that it's based on that they want to be needed to be as free but we have to remember that this is not a haitian issue t.b.'s is a national issue because there's over three hundred thousand. in united states.
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since we first discussed temporary protection status in early november the trumpet ministration has determined that the status issue to haitians living in the united states after an earthquake and i do ten is no longer needed almost sixty thousand haitians living in the u.s. now have until july the twenty second twenty nineteen to go home or change their visa status at this say that conditions in haiti are still poor and the country will not be able to cope with the sudden return of so many people since they are quite the country has been hit with a cholera epidemic hurricanes our unemployment is estimated to be more than sixty percent haitians living are walking in the u.s. are vital to the haitian a car. to me with mrs making up to thirty percent of the country's g.d.p. so how haitians in the u.s. being affected by the decision and what plans are they making here to help us discuss from year to abraham is a t.p.s. recipient and lives in miami and jacqueline charles is the caribbean correspondent
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for the miami herald welcome back to the stream both of you i want to start on my laptop with a tweet from a member of our community lisa writes in haiti is still reeling from natural disasters and is not ready to receive sixty thousand people their own government has said as much haitian t.p.s. recipients are working in key industries here in the u.s. like hospitality this decision doesn't make sense economically and tears us families apart i want to start with you how are you reacting to the news how are you feeling right now about their new to after. news about two dozen nineteen we have to leave the country for for me and for my family need to be separated from my daughter because haiti we know we need to receive these people i'm not ready to go back haiti because i don't
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have nothing over here. jacqueline howard is waiting for this for this news to happen i know haitians in over the u.s. who are anticipating it they were hopeful that they would show what was going to happen how did you cover the story well i suspected that it was going to happen i mean we have to remember that earlier this year when they decided that they would renew it for six months i sat down with kelly who's now the chief of staff john kelly but at the time he was the head of v.h.s. and he said you know i don't know what i'm going to do come november but i told the haitian president to prepare to bring his people home and when we look at the ministration and we look at how president trump campaign in terms of immigration i think the stakes were really high that c.p.s. was going to come to an end and in fact the miami herald we were the first ones to actually break the story before d h s made the announcement we got it confirmed from several sources and we hit the you know the push button i think there's
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a lot of confusion of the haitian community where people heard eighteen months they thought wow we won we got what we wanted no you wanted eighteen months but not with a final determination date and that is where we are now in eighteen months goals very very quickly it's not a very long time. someone here might agree with you casandra here says why isn't people into a place devastated by earthquake and hurricane and a place where it can happen again see climate change who benefits from sending people into harm's way t.p.s. is nonsense there should be an opportunity to apply for permanent status jacqueline what is that transitionary period looking like for members of t.p.s. what can they do to apply for permanent status oh well a lot of people have to just really evaluate their own situation are you married and your spouse is an american citizen ok that is one way you can adjust your status or do you have a child it's u.s. born dead it's an american citizen and that is the age of twenty one that will
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allow you to adjust your status but the reality is that a lot of people have documentation issues they entered the country undocumented so they have no proof that they actually were in the united states to enter into the united states first and foremost you have to go see an attorney go and see somebody who is legally an attorney and it's going to give you good advice and look at your situation is going to tell you which attorney those are and let me just say one other thing you know what people are failing to realize is you have somebody who is living here in the united states and who has a child regardless of whether that child is u.s. born or that child was born in haiti but that child has been educated in the us education system in english system now for you to uproot that child who is eleven ten years old take them to a country whether it is new get out well where they also terminate it or whether it's haiti where the language system the education system is french base and what do you do as a mother do you have that child restart everything from one or do you need that
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child in the us to continue with your education these are the decisions of families are having to face and in most instances families every time a going to choose the future of a child and they're going to be forced to leave that child behind and for them that's going back to haiti where they're going to live what chapal they going to. you have a country sixty percent unemployment you have a country over three hundred thousand houses were destroyed just last year with hurricane matthew we're not talking about the earthquake that left three hundred thousand dead so when the u.s. government talks about conditions have improved everyone is asking what is to improve their wish to checklists show me the number of houses that have been built show me you know improvements in the health care system where is the eighty three million dollars hospital that the u.s. promised to build and almost eight years after the earthquake it still doesn't exist. just in activism on this issue the idea that haitians sixty thousand of them should be allowed to stay in the u.s. it comes in all shapes and sizes or ages as well and show you one little girl who
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put on like a message for president trump have a look have a listen are you present i would put myself in the shoes of these parents with us poor children it is not hard to do since you are the son of immigrants you are also very smart you manage to ever get women so i would empathize with them feel for them and understand how painful it must be to be forced to leave their children behind i mean thousands of children of all ages or take them to haiti hundred us side of the door and other places where immigrants all races are important to all of us there as american as apple pie forced to think about your little girl i'm projecting ahead eighteen months you have to make a plan you have a child what is your plan right now my plan i have to talk to send a message to mr president. so he want to separate from me to send haitian to
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haiti. so this is this is not their way he want to make. again last week like november twenty first we was in my last go put this thing about it is b.s. all you high. seventy people would be is up top of that to work and he's been is and he's. you know you want to get rid of us he always the and the contrie walk in pay taxes already live got us started to work here milton you want to get you have of us when you want to get people we come back to work and there is for he's on benefits this is that they way you can help the country you want this is their way to want to clarify what you're going to do have you decided your next step are you going to go back to feed your you or are you going to take your child with you where i am going to take my telling me i have no household i don't have nothing in
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my country because i lead the country january two thousand and ten do learn to eliminate two thousand and ten a quick happened on the twelfth everything i had lost my family lost everything so since that time i never have been there because not hours i have nothing overdid thats why i never go day to me again we just want to just let me just push is so eighteen months from now where will you be living where you think you are living i live in here while here and the us you not going out and i will all right i'm not going i already am working my daughter and help also my martin haiti. x. me to him gently and we here guess we really appreciate this this story isn't going anywhere it's not over yet we have eighteen months more reporting to do but we will leave it here for now please come back and update us as the story progresses stunts being on the street from the united states we shift to zimbabwe what lies ahead for that country. then between the seventeen down it's about his history is the
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most dramatic and arguably most historic manton's about wins politics was to independence it was a month filled with high drama tensions it was to all intents and purposes a political roller coaster right now with him as a man got way is the right person to be taking over from the gov it is something that the people of the bubble we have to decide and there we have their moment to decide to do it through an election otherwise we'll know the new president will be relying on performance legitimacy and a lot of people are watching to see what does and with his entry into the prison with the president of the country. departure from the politics of the past with a political business it's really. emerson miller has his work cut out for him but in a case seen as a barometer of judicial independence in the post mugabe era on wednesday as about when courts found activists pastor ivan madidi not guilty of attempting to subvert
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the government his this flag movement began some of the largest protests the country had seen against corruption ivan joins us now from harare and also back with us we have al jazeera is africa correspondent her room with tacit good to have you both but smiling broadly past i have to share this tweet that you shared with so many people yesterday and you'll smile fills the screen my fellow citizens it is my absolute passion that i've been acquitted of all charges thank you for your prayers and support let's join hands in building a better zimbabwe where were you how did you get this news. well i was right in the courthouse at the time it was just off to. judgment had been given and really was just a picture of. journey for i mean for you for any description had been as horrible as they come but thankful that we were able to finally get to
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a place where we could get a judgment that they don't want you all the charges that have been laid against me . there is a tweet here underneath one of the tweets that you sent out there pastor and this is that piece that he says congratulations it wasn't going to make sense for you to stand trial for attempting to overthrow mugabe with a tweet when those who managed to overthrow him with guns are not even facing any charges what do you think is behind your acquittal do you think it is the change in leadership the actual man of course not the the ruling party or do you think that this is something else. well it would be it would be very difficult to imagine that the change did not play a role in it because i think that there is a change of administration and some of the characters that were behind my arrest and continued. you know frustrating frustrating are some people that are now in jail themselves or have left the country but i think it's also important to note
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that this case was never really going to go anywhere it had no legs from the beginning there was no basis for my arrest i should never have been arrested to begin with they could not prove a thing that they were charging me with and it was purely politically motivated and designed to frustrate me so i think there's a bit of both here the realisation that there was an opportunity to acquit because this case was there's no way but there was a lot of political pressure on those who were at least attending to the case however i'm going to share with our audience one of your most recent tweets and it is of presidential we gain here and we have a baseball cap here and then colors and a crocodile on the front that is because the new president nickname is the crocodile it's not necessarily a compliment harry join explain unpack it for us a little bit. well he has a bit of a controversial history he's been i suppose that he was a implicates or complicit in some human rights abuses but sickly back the one nine hundred eighty s. in west berlin province some people are skeptical about him but at the end the day
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he is what zimbabwe has been knows that even if you love more hate him he is what you have until elections until the eighteen and the four years died down but now these people it's cautious optimism and he seems to be saying the right things for now for example he wants a smaller government he wants people who stole money and stands abroad to bring him back by february or they be arrested there's an appeal of congress happening the same but he says not understand eight million dollars and one is then one million dollars and that's and the surprise situation today he visited some of the public hospitals by surprise surprise most of the staff nice hospitals just to see the condition that poor zimbabweans have to go through but but but that said there are people who are cautious about him they say remember he was in iran mugabe's government the former president from one thousand nine hundred eighty he i suppose how mugabe same path with thirty seven years one man actually said it's the same
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bus the driver has changed but the conductor has taken over but it's the same bus so really is he going to change anything so some people are to most exam people skeptical skeptical he'll score the crocodile because he's not going to be. shrewd he's known to be calculating whereas the barbarians know that's good or bad for them only time will tell how are those two counts that you laid out there were saying the exact same thing among our community and zimbabwe in which we got lots of tweets from people on what had this terror dissolution changes what some barbarians are experiencing apart from age there is not much difference between both men of course mugabe and one and god what he's talking about and then you have zanu p.f. the ruling party still calling the shots on the other side of that. this is cd who says those who believe that he is the same as mcgarvey are those people who think that people from the same family always do the same things i believe in hand because the work you've done so far is
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a great pastor and then what can the fallen. well i think i think i've fallen right in the middle where i have both. you know a good dose of optimism but also you know a good dose of caution just like how you said that this really is the same but just a different driver but let me maybe tell you where my optimism comes from it comes from the fact that isn't bob wills we have walked this journey for the last thirty seven years particularly the last maybe twenty twenty five years which which has just been a horrible we have lost everything in terms of our dreams in terms of physical money we have lost family in terms of people that have moved out of the country under robert mugabe's leadership and the optimism comes from the fact that this is a different man more so in the last few months has had a sharp disagreement with robert mugabe and the thought that possibly just possibly he may want to prove to the people of the bubbly that he is something that is
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starkly different from robert mugabe and i think that is part of where optimism lies is what we have right now and i think that it does not hurt us to have a good dose of optimism going forward in the last few days seem to be pointing in the right direction how. fast i want to say this if you somewhere me when he says the past three weeks will enable her to live in a beautiful bouncing baby girl now she's with us all the tensions around her everybody likes and we all wish the best friend means involve a als is a blessing family i have to put it in you think when you're really good and knowledge is a metaphor however in a sentence how would you sum up this past conditioning if i can say is how does someone else for you as a reporter and zimbabwean. wow. i went through a moment. i never thought it would happen and then it started to happen and then
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you went through a since it was a real act of peaches all has really gone now he's gone we also people celebrated and now that the celebrations that down is that what's next in the needs of a lot of people hoping things will be better was in the poor and struggling but we also realistic we're not stupid the mob is not she but we know that maybe the person who's taken over may not be the best thing for the country but he is all we have and i think those were the go to move water holding that he is the right man for the job past. it's been a pleasure having you on the street in your welcome back anytime we'll be watching zimbabwe very closely here on al-jazeera and now we want to move back to the united states to south dakota activists sara manning sent us this have a look. for the later the american communities that flank all development in infrastructure their populations are already strained with harsh living conditions oil development exposes vulnerable communities to even more risk and as we have
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learned pipelines do break likely hundreds of thousands of gallons leading to months if not years of cleanup so from that a quarter access pipeline to keystone and bridge for candor morgan many tribes are still saying no more. the keystone pipeline leaker earlier this month spilled more than two hundred thousand gallons of oil into fields near and her south dakota up the third leak sense construction began more than seven years ago while cleanup continues the pipeline has resumed operations activists have been keeping a close eye on the impact to the environment and to native americans in the u.s. state of minnesota another pipeline m.h. edgings line three is under consideration tara how sky is with us she is the national campaigns director of the after is going to having here this story was a huge story line. that it went very quiet and he's just keeps bubbling along one of the biggest concerns that native americans will think about with these pipelines
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his environment not an easy on your land but also the damage the environment and now we're seeing leaks well so he can tell us about the leaks how much damage is that. you know as you saw that video clip there's two hundred thousand gallons of tar sands that was just spilled from the keystone pipeline and then the following day you know we saw the approval of keystone x.l. in for us approved a secondary route so you know these damaging the damage that comes from a pipeline spill is significant there was a major ambridge spill over in the kalamazoo river in two thousand and ten they are still cleaning that up that was over a million gallons of tar since the kalamazoo river i mean it essentially killed the river so these pipelines are incredibly destructive because it's not just a small amount that leaks it's a massive massive destructive force so i want to share this from the sierra club they write the extent of the damage caused by this most recent spill remains to be seen but it's yet another reminder that there is no such thing as
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a safe oil pipeline they leak and spill which threatens land water and communities they go on to say and pipelines spill it's not a matter of if but when keystone has already spilled many more times and trans canada predicted of course as we mentioned in the intro to this there is another pipeline that's under consideration right now what are activists doing to address that and that of course is energy in bridge energy's line three what are you doing . yeah you know there we have been engaged in a years long effort to first force ambridge to do an environmental impact statement which they're in the process of completing right now you know the environmental impact statement is being assessed for adequacy it's been written there and their final decision on that in april the minnesota public utilities commission is deciding whether to approve or deny this canadian tar sands line that would go through the headwaters of the mississippi river and to the shore of lake superior
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that's a fifth of the world's freshwater so we are engaged heavily in focusing on banks doing divestment but the people that are funding these projects doing front lines resistance there is an active camp that i'm part of called can't look well in northern minnesota we've been shutting down construction over in wisconsin since they've actually started construction either side of minnesota. and you know there's several different efforts to raise public public awareness be engaged in the process the public utilities commission process and i can guarantee there will be many many lawsuits if this is indeed approved tell what happened and what is happening to people who bring out protesting almost a flag and now referencing court cases that so many of them well so if you can tell us about that. yeah the resistance to the kind of access was serious i myself was arrested along many many other people hundreds of people who came out alongside thousands to give their potentially their freedom up to protect the water and protect the missouri river there were over eight hundred thirty cases that were
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brought by the state of north dakota against peaceful protesters and you know we've seen hundreds of dismissal ohs because they can't prove these charges against us that said there are there are a couple cases that are very high profile what is red solid she was charged with a felony that could be potentially very very serious you know her her freedom is at risk and there are several others chase ironi it's you know holy up lafferty they've got cases that we need to stand with them and make sure that the federal government and these corporations can oppress the people this is a battle tara in the final moments of. amount of communities of a winning this battle against pipelines going across the land i would say so you know i think that we've been able to successfully pull literally billions of dollars out of these banks that fund these projects it is a successful movement that has gaining support around the world and indigenous people have been here for
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a long time and will continue to be here. you know we are resilient we resist and we are strong people and we have many many allies who are joining us in this fight for mother earth which is the most important fight climate change is happening climate change is real and we all need to stand together people fighting with use us as the past is still present we're still destroying sacred lands and attacking peoples for trying to protect that land terra i thank you so much for that i leave it at that thank you to all of i guess guests for joining us today if you have a story that you would like to see us update to leave and do right here on the stream tweet us a hash tag. on line. it
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. was an issue. the nature of news as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage hard to imagine that only seven years ago people were living right here farming shrimp now that street has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to caracas
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a missed opportunity abroad. just looking to talk about what they must about shooting for not much pressure to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into a cult right open war with the city journal security issue where the people who pay the price clearly there writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera as our eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly to others. i know i'm maryam namazie in london area top stories on al-jazeera leaders in libya have agree.


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