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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2017 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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around the world all the chinese and. guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this is like a preparation for our first president george washington if you want peace prepare for the coming war. at this time. facing new realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation true which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we needed the ball but some of my prediction is that he had a story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. at least nine people are dead in a taliban gun attack at a college in pakistan. darknesses
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al jazeera live from was a coming up an appeal for help the u.n. is asking the international community for twenty two billion dollars to help with humanitarian crises around the world. zimbabwe's new president unveils his cabinet and many faces from the mcgarvie era returning to senior posts. a date is set for japan's emperor to step down making it the first abdication in more than two hundred years. government of storm to college in pakistan killed at least nine people it happened in the north western city of all attackers were killed after two hours of fighting with the army and police the taliban faction in pakistan says it was behind the attack joins us on the phone from islamabad come are we hearing more about the target now what can you tell us about that.
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well good here's carol remaining a bit sketchy about the intended target of the taliban now they're saying that their dog a day to save ourselves the intelligence agency however there are no official confirmation john dagwood we have been told officially a dead dischord the agricultural training institute and that the attack. came in an outdoor rickshaw which injured three wheeler they then disembarked there were three of the attackers were said to have been in burqas they were covering themselves up and possibly their driver who was driving that rickshaw dench stormed entered the compound and ran garner shooting spree there was a quick reaction from the police as well as the military to our gun battle ensued we're told that dozens of people were wounded there for the likelihood of the
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casualties going higher but that dollar been coming out very quickly with a claim of responsibility saying that it was the squads the taleban who are led by myself by little he's also the leader of the day to get taliban pakistan over all the military also saying in the last few minutes that the attack came from somewhere across the border in afghanistan pakistan maintaining that thirty k. taliban pakistan has safe sanctuary on the afghan side of the florida and any idea why this sort of attack would happen now. well there are no. regards bargnani green saying that they have credibility every day and you forget that. there are of course blaming india for the board being burned out. gone. they're all gone or happy rid of one for not doing enough to border on border my management and all that happening go big before you
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are. gone the buggers don't need to have complained to the americans about the americans of course have given some a short and they really go after those dang they are a big problem and of course there are problems between washington and islamabad or another if you did read thank you for that. twenty two billion dollars that's how much money the un needs to provide humanitarian assistance around the world conflicts are pushing more people to the brink according to the un more than one hundred thirty five million people need help yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis with over twenty two million people in need a severe food shortage and an unprecedented color a crisis have put more yemenis address nigeria is the second on the list with fourteen and a half million people particularly women needing assistance and protection because
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of fighting between the military and armed groups and thirteen million people in democratic republic of congo need humanitarian help fighting has led to more internal displacement there than in any other country on the continent and more than thirteen million syrians still caught in the civil war in its seventh year in ancient need of help let's talk to our diplomatic editor james bays who is in geneva they not painting a good picture they are they james the fact that the number will just keep on increasing at staggering numbers it is. yeah this report which is but just been released in the last few minutes makes very grim reading in fact marlo cox who is the humanitarian coordinator of the united nations the top humanitarian official in the organization he is now briefing the press on the contents of this report on the crises around the world i spoke to him just moments ago as he was going into that news conference he says that conflicts and in particular protracted conflicts are
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the main driver of the humanitarian need which is a record amount they're asking for this year one percent up from last year twenty two point five billion u.s. dollars even if they get that they're only going to reach just close to ninety one . million people around the world when in fact they say they believe there are one hundred thirty five point seven million who are in need of their help so already from the first moment they admit that there are a large number of people that they won't be able to help because they won't get enough money and it's also worth telling you that last year's appeal in the end it went up throughout the year to twenty four billion when they put out that ongoing appeal this time last year and then throughout the year countries did donate but they only donated twelve point six billion dollars that means only fifty two point five percent of what they asked for was actually given by nations so really
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desperate need highlighted in this report and i can tell you sadly here and now that many of those people will not get the help they need yeah as he says very hard to get the money increasingly said james talk us about talk to us about the politics surrounding this and how it sits in the u.n. what we're likely to see happen next there. well what will happen is is that they will make this appeal and they will hope that countries are stirred into action by some of these different crises around the world some of the ones that of course everyone knows about the crisis in syria the crisis in yemen which has the most need of any in this report more than twenty two million people there as you've said needing help because of conflict and because of famine and cholera and they're very very concerned about the situation in yemen but of course there are other ongoing conflicts of call syria conflicts in south sudan central african republic there are
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other places i think that there will be surprised perhaps that the figures are so high for example at the democratic republic of congo we often focus on the violence there and on the difficult political situation but the result of that is humanitarian need a real rise there thirteen million people needing help all the other place that you need to look closely is the problems that are caused by boko haram because great deal of need in nigeria and also in cameroon right james best thank you. now syria like i said is one of the world's worst humanitarian crises the united nations security council failed last month to agree on investigating chemical attacks that the inquiry into their use expired after russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mandate and business on a binge of aid reports the inaction is causing fear among syrians that the perpetrators will become bolder just. when thirteen children play in the street
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their games in opposition held areas are often disrupted by the sound of warplanes . usually russian or syrian jets overhead. and a strike killed the mother this is in your when syrian government attacked with chemical weapons. remembers that day when he was in his brother's room and he smelled something funny. when he woke up in turkey his mother was gone. we met him there in april when he was being treated the u.n. found the syrian government responsible for the sarin gas attack in honshu hall which killed around one hundred syrians they bring call. dr abdullah their relations he's witnessed dozens of other attacks including one which killed more than one hundred people in a crowbar in hama province the town was controlled by isis fighters that the time and witnesses reported suffocation after poisonous gas was dropped on them after the rich accuses the world of noting chemical attacks even in areas which were not
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under ice and control his colleague dr ali the wish was killed in the attack in march he refused to leave a patient on the operating table a doctor continued the surgery and died a few hours later in an ambulance but he saved his patient dr abdullah says what happened amounts to a war crime and no one's been held accountable. the un's chemical watchdog i brought all the evidence with me the clothes dr ali was wearing blood piece of metal and samples of soil. other victims of chemical attacks and. for twenty five members. including a wife and two children the world briefly took notice when news of what happened to them. seven months on a bill has been really about the nightmare every day. for me you can't imagine my pain i was hoping after this attack a sad news regime would face something that is still the same we're in painting get
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no justice. that's a feeling shared by victims of hundreds of chemical bomb attack in syria and investigators have found the government responsible for most of the people fear that now that the united nations security council will not be investigating chemical attacks and with a limited mandate those carrying out chemical attacks will be emboldened. to zero in or them a little and just a moment ago the u.n. undersecretary general said the conflict in yemen is of particular concern for humanitarian assistance so the largest humanitarian crisis that we're concerned about in the world at the moment is the crisis in yemen. and. yemen has a population of twenty five million people twenty million of. need assistance and. something like seven or eight million of them are right now right on the brink of
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famine and as you know we've been calling for. a full i'm winding of the blockade which has been preventing. humanitarian assistance and commercial food and fuel get into yemen they head of the roman catholic church is there a mass for some one hundred thousand people in bangladesh is capital dhaka pope francis is on a six day visit of the region he's been criticized for not publicly mentioning there were hanging crisis during the me in my leg of the church but he will meet the refugees in dhaka later on friday within six hundred twenty thousand of them have fled to bangladesh since august escaping a military crackdown in myanmar child stratford is following developments from cox's bazaar where many are living in camps. this is only the second visit in bangladesh's history of the head of the catholic church pope francis led a mass in the car around one hundred thousand people we understand attending that mass where he ordained sixteen priests later in the day he is expected to be
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meeting. the country's prime minister that meeting will be happening at the vatican's embassy he will also be meeting a group of around fifteen range of refugees that are specifically traveled from these camps close to the myanmar border to dakar to meet him it's been described as a bit of a diplomatic tightrope that the pope is trading during this visit yet again publicly at least he has not mentioned the word ranger a word that is used by the entire diplomatic community to describe the more than six hundred twenty five thousand people that have fled that crackdown in myanmar since almost the twenty fifth now where representatives of the catholic community in myanmar said the reason why he didn't do it there was because there were fears of a backlash against the christian community in myanmar the pope last night thanks the bangladeshi government for giving such incredible humanitarian assistance to what
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he described as refugees from rakhine but yes this visit is proving massively difficult for the pope but no doubt will bring huge international publisher to to the kind of crisis that we're witnessing here. in a long way for results from the presidential election in. a potential game changer for renewable energy in australia. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across southeastern parts of asia we've seen some very heavy. rain affecting parts of java that area of rain is moving away still see some big rainfall totals but it is an improving situation also is pretty wet at the moment through central parts of them late peninsula so
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for northern parts of malaysia and through into southern parts of time it's looking fairly wet bangkok not faring too badly still some heavy showers effect in the philippines much of borneo not too bad just some showers across northern areas that continues ahead on through into sunday and you see that circulation moving out into the andaman sea there is a weakness there still result in some fairly heavy showers across the central swathe as you move down into a stray a well as for saying things are looking pretty nasty across southeastern areas we've had some heavy showers affecting parts of queensland through into new says wild but it's victoria are seeing some really heavy rain developing now that's likely continue melbourne because he's a very wet weather that's going to persist over the next couple of days elsewhere some heavy showers across more northern areas fine for perth thirty degrees heading on through into sunday we should see it become somewhat drier from melbourne about stage across into new zealand fine conditions during the course of saturday sunday some rain in the south later.
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school students are taking up weapons to fight in the street battles. zero. different. cultures across the. al-jazeera. but again the top stories on al-jazeera taliban gunmen have stormed
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a college in pakistan and killed at least nine people all four attackers were killed after fighting with the army and police in the city of charlotte. united nations has launched a recorded humanitarian appeal for twenty two billion dollars more than one hundred thirty five million people around the world need help from the international community to survive the head of the roman catholic church has laid a mass four hundred thousand people in bangladesh is capital dhaka pope francis is on a six day visit of the region and will meet with the refugees later on friday japan's emperor akihito is to step down and april two thousand and nineteen making him the first monarch to abdicate in two hundred years previously said his age and health would make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties the eighty three year old will be succeeded by fifty seven year old crown prince. in a special panel decided on the date of the abdication demonizes
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a senior associate professor of politics and international studies at the international christian university he says has been positive for japan as he tried to repair its post-war image. it's seen by both the people of the government and i think the region as a regional leader that is trying to promote reconciliation and peace and i think the transition towards the new emperor emperor now he thought in april thirtieth one thousand to two thousand and nineteen is going to be a significant moment it's going to be symbolic in terms of the post we're going to identity of japan this will be the first emperor that does not have a direct link with japan's imperial past i think that's very important emperor akihito again does have a link he was born in one nine hundred thirty three his father was part of the imperial the period. party that persecuted a very brutal war in in china and in the korean peninsula and i think that this new
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emperor of will be able to detach himself from that history he'll be able to continue to support those passages claimed but again dealing with that aggressive hard past to something more positive something. something new something more constructive within the region and i think that his his experience and his education and his inclinations will most likely continue to push down this idea of this path of reconciliation and promoting better relations with the region. tempers are becoming increasingly frayed in honduras over the time it's taken to announce the arrest of sunday's presidential election supporters of the main opposition candidates. attacked election headquarters in the capital protesters say the result is being manipulated after the ballot counting. in favor of the current president. it's been four days since the presidential election. these people say they are
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gathering in the capital to defend their vote. we are challenging the results. but the electoral tribunal is corrupt and is defending the interests of the president and betraying the hundred people we won't allow these elections to be stolen like happened in the past. both president. and his t.v. star opponents. claim victory after sunday's election initially the result at first . and then swung towards heaven and this after holed up in the count. remote municipalities that have not been tallied and their votes have not been counted as the victory of our party because rural areas vote in favor of the nationalist party. has one of the highest murder rates in the world and there are fears that the current political crisis will increase the violence that already exists in this central american nation. i don't even want to think about it this
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could get worse than during the two thousand and nine i'm afraid for my children my family and my wife respect the results. of american states managed to have both candidates signed a statement where they vow to respect the final results once the disputed votes are checked. but nothing later rejected the agreement saying the government is trying to. and supporters to take to the streets protesters set up barricades and clash with the police that used tear gas to disperse them. the next president whoever wins is going to be in a weak position because of the thin margin and the suspicion around the election will be accused of winning three four illegitimate. institutions against him. on the road as is already battling poverty and crime political instability. the
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situation here even further. i guess he. hopes have been dashed for the relatives of forty four sailors onboard an argentine submarine which disappeared almost three weeks ago naval commanders have ended the search for the san juan ships and eighteen countries have scoured the south atlantic an explosion was detected me and his sobs last known position after the captain reported a battery short circuit passengers on one of the biggest airlines in the u.s. could be going nowhere for christmas american airlines is scrambling to find pilots will fifteen thousand flights have to manage as promised time off for too many crews they're being enticed to the extra pay to get back on board over the but busy holiday period as well brown's reports. the computer glitch gave so many american airlines pilots time off from work during the christmas season that the pilots union says fifteen thousand scheduled flights have no one to fly them at this point
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it's a waiting game which is really unfortunate for consumers who are just excited to get out of town for the holidays they don't want their vacations to turn her into a nightmare american says it is working to avoid cancellations company says it has reserved pilots to cover some of the flights and is offering pilots who will work on certain routes one and a half times their regular hourly pay but the pilots union says american airlines isn't working with its membership to fix the problem the bottom line is we're not looking at placing blame we're looking at repairing the problem and ensuring that the over fifteen thousand flights that are not manned over the critical last two weeks of december do you have pilots in the cockpit and right now unfortunately there is no dialogue going on between our union and the company american is now advertising for a new director of crew scheduling unless the airline and its pilots can find solutions while they travel may turn to misery for many families this christmas
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robert oulds algis. zero potential game changer in renewable energy has been turned on in australia tesla has built the world's largest lithium ion battery one hundred megawatt battery was unveiled near a wind farm in south australia the state has turned off its coal fired power stations and is transitional to renewables but a freak storm last year cause a state wide blackout and exposed faults with the reliable supply of electricity the government sort help from tesla's elon musk who built the battery in sixty days . it's. the biggest poetry in the nation but it's proved to be the biggest petry in the world that the great thing about that he delivers and he decided that he'd come here and give a commitment to have this thing here and a hundred. and he delivered on that commitment and this has put us at the center of the universe zimbabwe's new president. has appointed senior military leaders to top
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posts in his new cabinet as well as veteran ministers major general. is the new foreign minister he was a key player in the ousting of former president robert mugabe the head of the air force marshal parents sherry has been picked to be land minister and the former finance minister patrick chinamasa has been reappointed to the post he held the job and my god he's administration that administration has been widely criticized for mismanaging the economy the reaction from harare. watching some people react to the new cabinet some people say that they are disappointed the new cabinet has. a lot of people from the old guard people who were in government. it was still the president. disappointed that is still part of the old guard in there why that nothing is going to change one man say it is the same bus find the drivers not on the driving and maybe the conduct is but still the same bus that said some people
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are cautiously optimistic saying they hope the president knows what he's doing they know he's a businessman of the people he's put in place to try and work to resuscitate the economy because right now that's what most people want they want jobs this country has an unemployment rate of more than ninety percent. standing on the seas did absolutely nothing hoping for some kind of well here's our frustration and anger in this country so i think while these full mixed feelings about the cabinet. there's still a lot of people who hope that another problem will go up in the form of prison is gone and we now have a new president hoping that he perhaps understands the reality on the ground and they hope that he's the man who will try to turn run the economy so while it's the point about the cabinet some hope that the prison knows what he's doing they hope that he has a plan to resuscitate the economy and they hope that even though you have the same people in cabinet they sound them as nice and easy they hope that these are people
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who are qualified and they don't want to. make money is the u.k. chairman for zanu p.f. and he joins us from london good to see vinick. the cabinet looks pretty similar to what we've seen before on a go a promise change what happened it's a. cabinet which brings us to believe in the sense that we have technocrats that have come. we have somebody who ferry you know mining is a bedroom is one of the bedrock so for economy and we have seasoned. corporates in this. chairman for mimosa was or was the chairman for one day mine is now coming in as a minister of mine so you would expect that. this troubles or the problems that we had specially consolidating the mining dam one mining companies would be
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a thing of the past because like you know how they are animal is only from the go a good job last time round and he's back my job they're fine they're financed the finance minister i think is a brilliant appointment actually and i mean this because i always contended that the finance minister in the good ideas is a man is a man i know very well he's a man who will the international community knows him in was not by the. institutions like i am f. he is the one who negotiated the limit arrangements and those were working he made a lot of reforms or proposals which we undermined or really says rescinded by the former president for example he did this troubles with indigenization we always tried to reform he had this problem with a bonus this bonus scheme which he tried to reform again and he had problems there with it with the former president he also tried to get to streamline the civil
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service get rid of some people especially the maybe where he was hard work or start the coming three now because you don't look at zimbabwe as an area exactly exactly that's my point that all these reforms now would not run into a brick or run into a very very tough it light and where does this leave the organisation should government should should we've seen a few opposition faces in their men. where is the unity here if i. if well the unity is among the people not you know not in government oppositions because they think the unity is a unity of purpose everyone working for the. plane the a party for the country if the opposition would only have taken positions in them i would be surprised and i would think that would be a very fatal political mistake because how would they criticize the government in eight months time how would they attack. was a rational prism and was administration in a few months time but now they are the same they are out there they are going to be
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picking holes whatever it is your administration is going to be making and it gives them in some impetus and some political space to to to to be an alternative ok because it's all eyes on the on the coming election right so what do you think we're likely to see the cabinet do in that time. what will become the company just to play it safe in the moment in playing safe means for sleep the people have to get money from their banks when they deposit well they should get it bonuses should be sort of people civil servants should be paid on time. it basically economic stability you know. starting to steam investors being seen to be coming into zimbabwe and you know getting to initiate projects as soon as possible with the not normal to many. of our soldiers are going to have to cut you off there thanks very much for talking to us it's ok thank
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you thank you exult is there are these are the top stories gunmen of stormed a college in pakistan and killed at least nine people all four attackers were killed after two hours of fighting with the army and police in the northwestern city of the shower the taliban faction in pakistan says it was behind the attack. united nations is launched to record humanitarian appeal for twenty two billion dollars more than one hundred thirty five million people around the world need help from the international community to survive conflict in syria nigeria and democratic republic of congo are pushing more people to the brink but the u.n. undersecretary general said their biggest worry is yemen yemen has a population of twenty five million people twenty million. need assistance and. something like seven or eight million of them are right now right on the brink of famine and as you know we've been calling for. a full i'm
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winding of the blockade which has been preventing. humanitarian assistance and commercial food and few get into yemen they head of the roman catholic church has led a mass for a hundred thousand people in bangladesh is capital dhaka pope francis is on a six day visit of the region and will meet richenda refugees late on friday it's a new president. has announced his cabinet it includes politicians loyal to the ruling party and members of the military who helped oust former leader robert mugabe japan's emperor akihito will step down in april two thousand and nineteen making the first mark to abdicate in two hundred years acute or series age and health would make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties eighty three year old will be succeeded by his son crown prince now though he too. hopes have been dashed
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for the relatives of forty four sailors aboard an argentine submarine which disappeared almost two weeks ago navy commanders have ended the search for the sun one those are the headlines the news will continue but first it is one of one. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. on the streets of jakarta hundreds of high school students armed themselves ready.


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