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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2017 12:00am-1:01am +03

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europe is in place we're able to cover music like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and anger around the world but the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time and i just see it. al-jazeera.
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hello i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up president transform a national security adviser pleads guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with the russian ambassador. the u.n. launches a record annual aid appeal for twenty two billion dollars to help more than one hundred thirty five million people in need. france's ass revenger refugees in bangladesh for forgiveness for the world's indifference to their plight. and the world's biggest battery is turned on in australia could herald a new era in the renewable energy. and school hosts russia will place saudi arabia in the opening much of next year's football world cup the group stage draw also putting portugal up against twenty ten one despite.
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u.s. president donald trump's former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia the charges were brought by robert muller as part of his investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's u.s. election friend says he was asked to contact russian officials by a senior member of trump's transition team reported to be jarrad cushion or our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. a ride to get federal court in washington michael flynn ignored shouted questions by reporters. inside moments later the former national security adviser to president donald trump pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. court documents show the charges against flynn stem from his lying about efforts to obtain. that's knowledge of how foreign governments might vote on a u.n. security council resolution about israel as well as phone conversations flynn had
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before trump was even sworn in as president with the former russian ambassador to the united states surrogate kislyak flynn is said to have suggested to kiss leon sanctions put in place against russia by the obama white house may be dropped once trump was sworn in and they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or or impose a censure against russia flints lies to the vice president about that phone call led to his dismissal after just three weeks in office in a statement trumps lawyer said flynt false claims mirror the false statements to white house officials which resulted in his resignation in february of this year nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than mr flynn but his plea in fact may directly tie the oval office to the investigation by
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special counsel robert muller and whether or not the trump campaign worked with russia this suggests that mr flynt has more information to provide about other things the white house has lied about other things the president himself may have lied about and whether or not the white house including the president himself colluded with russia according to the former f.b.i. director james comey trump once asked him to drop the case against flynn and despite claims by the president's lawyer flynn's cooperation with the f.b.i. probe shows that most investigation is escalating and could lead to charges against an even bigger target including the president of the united states kimberly helped get al jazeera washington. let's get more on this now from rose in jordan in washington d.c. and perhaps it doesn't come as much of a surprise rosalynn that the news briefing there was canceled this isn't something
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the white house wants to be quizzed about right now but what what have you managed to glean. well there are no news reports coming out indicating that mr flynn may have been acting at the behest of the president's senior adviser and son in law of jared questioner this is again according to unnamed sources in a number of u.s. media reports coming out at this hour if in fact that is true that might indicate why mr flynn agreed to plead guilty to what many legal experts are calling a minor charge lying to the f.b.i. in order to provide more detailed unvarnished information to the special investigation about what he was doing in his interventions with russian officials including the former u.s. ambassador to the u.s. . and with officials in moscow. usually say
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that when some sort of deal such as this has been struck it is so that investigators can get much more information about other people who might be involved in some sort of illegal activity rather than simply putting all of the blame and all of the charges on one person again that information is just coming out at this hour that michael flynn may have been engaging with people with in the russian government at the behest of jared kushner the president's son i'm all right so this could reach senior members all the while not just the transition team that time but of course senior figures within the trump white house right now we know that michael flynn is cooperating fully with them under investigation what could this mean attention trump and south. and this is pure speculation mary i'm but if michael flynn were to give information
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to the special investigation team that. president knew about these contacts that mr phone was having with russian officials if. any of these contacts the spelled out the agenda that mr flynn would have to basically take off during his interventions with russian officials if there were any indication that the president was aware of this intervention or had had a hand in how these interventions were carried out that would be very very bad news but of course it all comes down to how cool whopper of michael flynn actually is with the special investigation because the way this normally works in the united states is that a minor charge might be the only thing that's filed against someone and that other
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more serious charges are filed if that person doesn't give up everything he or she knows and so that's certainly a gamble on the part of robert muller who was the special investigator but it comes down to this there's been long suspicion that donald trump the u.s. president knew a lot more and was much more deeply involved then he and his team have tried to i persuade the u.s. public and so the question now is will that suspicion actually be borne out or will the president and his advisers be proven correct all right thank you very much rosen jordan live for us in washington d.c. joining me now from chicago is renate mariotti is the democratic candidate illinois attorney general and a former federal prosecutor thank you very much for speaking to us first of all if i can ask you what motivated michael flynn to strike this plea deal now. well what typically motivates people like mr flynn is that they're facing
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significant prison sentences they have significant evidence against them and in mr flynn's case that may also have been the potential liability of his son michael flynn jr and according to court documents we know that he worked with russia on a number of issues but what everyone is now fascinated by what everyone is focusing on is the fact that he did so in consultation with others those higher up the food chain does how much evidence does more than now have to go off to those who might be very close to president trump. well what's important for people at home to pay attention to is not just what's in this plea deal what what what what mr flynn is trading in exchange for that plea deal so that's a very very favorable plea deal for michael flynn he is pleading to. a single
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count of making a false statement to an f.b.i. agent the maximum possible sentence is five years in prison and the government said that the guidelines range that they will be recommending is zero to six months which is a pretty pretty good deal and so the thing in the united states federal prosecutors do not hand out deals like that unless they are also getting something in out of the deal something in exchange and so the question is now what did michael flynn tell robert muller and his staff and those f.b.i. agents to get that deal and what it has to amount to is what we call in federal law here in the united states substantial assistance in other words he had to provide assistance that would lead mr moller and his team to charges against another person someone significant not against an assistant or associate of mr flynn's but somebody else who is a significant subject of mr miller's of us and not to venture too much into the
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realm of speculation but from what you know already the background to this case and the nation that has recently. you conclude that that individual is jarett question . well it certainly could be we have heard news reports today that your questioner is the individual that directed michael flynn to contact the russian government obviously. michael flynn had extensive contact with gerry kirshner but he also had contact with other senior people in the campaign so you know there are others whether it's sam clovis who is former co-chair of the campaign there are you know obviously the president himself had extensive contact with michael flynn and at one point according to former f.b.i. director james comey told mr comey to drop the investigation against mr flynn let it go look there's a lot of people he could be cooperating against wall have to see to stay tuned to see who that is but i think what we can what we've learned today is not only is the
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case against mr flynn very strong but also mr flynt has given up a lot to robert muller to get such a favorable deal yes so he can the assumption is that the information he has to hand over is going to be very valuable and definitely help advance and let our investigation how does this fit of role with the the broader inquiry into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election. that's a fantastic question because really i think the what viewers need to understand is that the inquiry involves many different pieces that are only that are only loosely related with each other let me explain what i mean by that paul man a fort was indicted for his various crimes tax evasion should say making false statements of tax returns and failing to register foreign bank accounts etc those crimes are totally distinct from what mr my friend has pled guilty to to what mr
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papadopoulos has pled guilty to and all of that is very distinct from the obstruction piece of the investigation that mr mohler is looking at the relations of the firing of james komi and then of course we've also heard you know you mentioned the russian interference in the election here there's been a search warrant those executed on the facebook various facebook accounts that were allegedly used by the russian government so all of those pieces are only somewhat related to each other and i think what everyone at home needs to remember and to realize is that mr miller's investigating all of those pieces independently and just because he's wrapped up charges against man afford or he's advancing the ball on the flynn piece of the investigation doesn't mean that we won't be seeing additional news on those other pieces of so we could expect in the not too distant future to learn more about what he's found if anything in the obstruction piece of the investigation for example and it's definitely a lot to digest and. surely will be more to come thank you very much for the
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appreciate your time joining us now from chicago thank you. well now some other news from the u.s. senate republicans say they have enough support to pass a controversial tax bill later on friday party leaders sounded confident of securing the backing of the republican holdouts despite concerns by a senate committee that it will add a trillion dollars to the deficit president transcends the proposed cuts which include huge cuts to corporate tax economic growth but the democrats who oppose the bill say they'll have a damaging impact on working families health care and property taxes. when our senior u.s. official says president trump is likely to make a speech on wednesday recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital a move which could further inflame tensions in the middle east and the chief of the palestine liberation organization executive committee has again criticized the possibility of moving the us embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem it was
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one of donald trump's pledges during the twenty sixteen presidential election barack out insist that such a power will cross a red line for the palestinian state. and you mustn't when almost a miracle everyone has informed the u.s. administration that jerusalem isn't just a palestinian question it's an arab islamic and christian question the u.s. administration understands the enormity of the subject we're being told that promises were made during the election campaign which would postpone internal u.s. problems that are facing trump or anyone else on to a concern but this is a very big issue touching jerusalem a touchingly alexa mosque touching the church of the holy sepulcher is playing with fire but there's no meaning for a perilous journey in states without east jerusalem as its capital. watching the news hour from london much more to tell you about looking at why zimbabweans might be disappointed by the new president's latest cabinet appointments. also kenya's opposition leader writer dangar organizes his own swearing in ceremony as he
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insists he is the people's president and then in s'pore australia aim for an eleventh rugby league world title and we'll have that story and more. united nations as an ocean of record appeal for more than twenty two billion dollars to help victims of conflict and humanitarian crises around the world the u.n. says more than one hundred thirty five million people across the globe need aid yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis war has left more than twenty two million in need with a severe food shortage and cholera crisis in nigeria forty and a half million people particularly women need aid and protection because of fighting between the military and armed groups and more than thirteen million people in the democratic republic of congo need humanitarian help many were displaced by fighting a similar number of syrians are still course up in a civil war in its seventh year third of the money requested by the u.n.
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is to help them out diplomatic editor james braze reports now from geneva. the u.n. says it's the worst humanitarian disaster on earth in yemen the people are suffering from conflict and a continuing cholera epidemic the situation only made worse by a saudi blockade stopping much of the food and medicine from getting to those who so desperately need it the u.n. appeal for twenty eighteen estimates there are in the country twenty two million people in need the situation in yemen is atrocious the number of people in need and the population in twenty of twenty eight million is approaching twenty million seven or eight million of those people are right on the very famine and starvation we need to get the ports fully opened so that the fields around the water systems can get in the fuel to get the food around the
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country can get in more commercial food as well as the aid food can get in until those things happen and the situation will continue to deteriorate and the risk of millions of lives being lost will grow yemen is just one of many civil taney assume urgence is making this a time of unprecedented need in its appeal for twenty eighteen the u.n. says it believes there are almost one hundred thirty six million people in need they come up with a plan to help almost ninety one million people and that will cost twenty two point five billion dollars but i have to say i don't think we're going to get all that money you just have to look at this year twenty seventeen their appeal was fifty two point five percent funded from south sudan to syria from afghanistan to the refugees from myanmar conflict is the main cause of the human suffering and
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in most cases these are conflicts with no end in sight james pais al-jazeera at the united nations in geneva. well as the u.n. makes that plea residents of a rebel held in eastern good to have made their own pledge request for more medical and food aid the u.n. is called for the immediate evacuation of five hundred people including a hundred sixty seven children from the area which is near damascus nine people have died in recent weeks waiting for permission from the syrian government for the sick and the wounded to be allowed to leave. they're going to be richer because of the rockets the houses we live in have holes in the ceilings there is nothing else to say it is not enough that we are hungry and cold we are covering ourselves alone sheets to keep us warm and lighting fires to cook we are like a barn animals now we eat barley what can i say god help us we don't know what will happen to was what is going to be the end of us what now what are we to do for our
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children are gone dead from the shelling and the others have fled. well ahead of syria's government delegation is criticize the opposition for statements made ahead of the current round of talks taking place in geneva jaffery said there can be no progress while the opposition is still demanding president bashar assad step down the government delegation has now returned to damascus and says it will decide whether to return to geneva when negotiations resume on tuesday the current round of talks to find a solution to the conflict is due to run until december fifteenth possibly now pope francis has met range of refugees in bangladesh who fled myanmar's military crackdown in russia kind state you apologize for the world's indifference to the suffering and ask them for forgiveness and he used the politically sensitive time ranges something that he avoided doing when he was in myanmar earlier this week charles strafford reports now from the camp. and i stated
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hundred thousand bangladeshis crowded into this already park in dhaka as pope francis helped mass but it was later in the day after the pontiff met ranger refugees that he finally publicly mentioned the ethnic group by name. and. will continue to recognize their rights we won't close our hearts to them we won't look in another direction the presence of god today is also cold every one of us needs to respond in the right way muhammad idris was among the small group who spoke with the pope along with his ten brothers and eight sisters he fled the military crackdown on the region just three months ago he says soldiers burnt their family home in rakhine state and shot his cousin dead as. we have very happy to be in penguin but we thought put so much pain and agony and that's what we want to tell the pope. this is only the second time the head of the catholic churches visited bangladesh the last was pope john paul the second in one thousand
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nine hundred six and this time it hasn't been easy the pope's visit to bangladesh comes as this country the united nations and international aid organizations struggle to cope with more than six hundred twenty five thousand range of refugees that have arrived here since what was the twenty fifth it's a visit that is proving a huge diplomatic challenge to the head of the catholic church. rights groups criticized the roman catholic leader for failing to say the name of angel during his three day visit to myanmar and the world since arriving in bangladesh on thursday it's believed he refrained in myanmar to prevent a potential pact clash against christians that the region have been persecuted for decades by the myanmar government which doesn't recognize the ethnic group range of citizenship in what was then burma was drawn in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. the pope's blessings of just
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a few of the hundreds of thousands of refugees here in bangladesh will draw greater international attention to their plight they are often described as the world's largest group of stateless people. strive for al-jazeera cultures bizarre bangladesh. the autopsy is underway in the netherlands on. the bosnian croat war criminal a very public poison himself in front of united nations judges on wednesday investigators hope that discovering the type of poison in his system might help them determine exactly how he smuggled the bottle through court security the seventy two year old has just lost an appeal against a twenty year sentence for war crimes during the one thousand nine hundred. a court in malaysia has heard that the murdered half brother of north korea was carrying an antidote to the talks in that was used to poison him kim jong nam died after the nerve agent v.x. was made on his face at kuala lumpur airport in february two women have been charged with his murder trial has heard that kim had
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a dozen vials of the antidote in his bag but it's not clear why he didn't use it jiang has been accused of orchestrating the killing the date has been set for the official abdication of japan's emperor akihito which will take place on april thirtieth two thousand and nineteen he will be the first japanese monic to step down in about two hundred years the eighty three year old both heart surgery and counts of treatment recently said he feared his age might make it difficult to fulfill his duties will be succeeded by his fifty seven year old air crown prince now though he too zimbabwe's new president has disappointed many by filling his first cabinet with senior military figures in ruling party loyalists but no opposition politicians major general. is the new foreign minister he was a key player in the ousting of former president robert mugabe announcing the military takeover on national television the head of the air force marshal parents sherry has been picked to be the agriculture minister is directly linked to the
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matabele land massacre of thousands of people by military brigade in the one nine hundred eighty s. spots of a crackdown on mugabe's opponents the former finance minister patrick chinamasa has been reappointed to the post despite heavy criticism of mccartney's administration for mismanaging the economy our metasearch has been gauging reaction to all this in the town of chinoy. the announcement by president of who is in the new government is dividing opinion zimbabweans who know the new leader is a businessman a cautiously optimistic he's picked the right team others say they are disappointed at how many military commanders and politicians in the new cabinet have strong links to robert mugabe and the former government. disappointed. to the expectation of the people of zimbabwe we were hoping that. would there be a new beginning would have also
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a cabinet that is responsive to what the expectations of the people expect a new policy. expected. these university graduates hope the new cabinet will deliver on the president's promise to create jobs many graduates confines a job. twenty three year old innocent has a bachelor's degree and is known as a graduate on a good day he makes about ten dollars selling secondhand mobile phones on the streets for me is a disappointment. you know reasons of this place because this is what is the current situation i've just been forced to draw was a little surprised frightened with this this. was a this is what. economists say the new cabinet has to rework or scrap some of robert mugabe's policies such as indigenization a controversial policy of black empowerment is the term take away indigenization
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and he buried. it because there's. just. one percent. and they think they're better. and better different indigenisation when i got recently made british and chinese envoys the european union and the united states say they are keen to re-engage with them again after you. unemployment rate is a. struggling president knows what he's doing and that his policies. the reality is that thousands of these graduates join other degree holders on the street if economy doesn't drastically improve.
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the world's. nuclear arms race. despite years of hard work why the world's nuclear powers are reluctant to give up their arsenals. elected five years ago promising violence in mexico and wreak presidency is now dogged by rising crime and claims of corruption. in the second test of. hello and welcome back it's cold and snowy across many parts of europe at the moment certainly cross more eastern areas temperatures really struggling frontal system is going to be quite slow moving further south throughout some storms across
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parts of turkey and into greece some snow over the balkans some snow in the southern alps and cold air across central parts of europe at the risk of some fall further towards the west it's also looking cold and shallow with snow extending down through into parts that period potentially should die out during the course of sunday but otherwise temperatures definitely low for this time of year the snow still in evidence there is a move through into sunday so let's head into north africa where we still have some pretty chilly wet and windy air across coastal parts of old syria and tunisia tunis with a nice sort of just ten degrees celsius further along the coast where the conditions are much they should be car in fact is looking very pleasantly warm there with the maximum temperature of a twenty seven degrees celsius and indeed later on sunday we should find the temperatures to just begin to recover and shoot us as we start to see the wind ease down so move into central parts of africa the weather here is generally looking pretty good for most areas one of two showers across congo kabban and d.r. congo much of west africa dry and fine should be
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a nice day in accra in ghana with highs of thirty one. the pages of this. unspeakable matter compiled testimonies a victim of the congolese mustnt. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further. and intricate ten of the people and in the nation crippled by recent history. africa but one of the two top series at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for that is you know it's very challenging liberty but to be here because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to
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tell the real story i'll just mend it used to do the work individualism we don't feel inferior we're good all of us across the globe. are back with the news outlets update you on the stories making headlines all now president obama's former national security advisor is pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the f.b.i. about the extent is contact with russia. michael flynn says a senior official directed him to get in touch with the russian ambassador in december twenty sixth eighteen and he's not cooperating fully with the f.b.i. . the u.s.
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has watched a record appeals more than twenty two billion dollars mostly to help victims of conflict around the world yemen is the worst crisis with more than twenty two million people in need. and pope francis has asked a group of ranger refugees in bangladesh for forgiveness for the walls and difference to their plight he also used the term range up something he avoided while this week. now correspondent patty call hain brings us more on the reaction in washington to that to the news that michael flynn is now cooperating with the russian investigation. general michael flynn was a very visible part of trump's campaign for president one of his earliest and closest advisers his job often go after hillary clinton. hard that's right. that chance came back to haunt him friday oh yes oh oh. his guilty plea will make it that much harder for the white house to downplay the
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investigation but the f.b.i. now admits is looking into potential collusion between russia and the trump campaign which the president has called a witch hunt but i think most of us believe it's not a witch hunt or a hoax and that the f.b.i. director and all others believe this is a legitimate concern for their part democrats dismissed the white house assertion that flynt was a minor figure in the administration hard to distance yourself from one of the most visible of your campaign surrogates and your national security adviser we want to wish everybody a merry christmas on thursday night trump seemed to bask in the spotlight lighting the national christmas tree it was a much different scene after the news broke friday reporters kept out of a planned photo shoot in the oval office the president who seems to love to talk. about it and tweet stayed silent general flynn is the fourth person close to president that's been caught up in this investigation now that we know he's
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cooperating it's pretty much guaranteed he won't be the last to call him al-jazeera washington. now some other stories we're covering at least nine people have been killed and six injured after a gunman song a college in pakistan at least three men disguised in book has arrived in a great show and to the agriculture training institution and opened fire all the attackers were killed after two hours of fighting with the army and police the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility saying it was targeting a safe house by the i.s.i. intelligence agency. from islamabad. and nor do i carried out by that very good dollar bond don they are of course claimed responsibility immediately after their deadly in. the agricultural research if you're a doctor and according to official story it did not yet cleared the ward ward the real intended dog all of the reports about the remains edgy but
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a number of people are dead and many more are wounded it all happening at a time when the u.s. and pakistan are due to meet at the high level read the u.s. secretary of defense really doing it. and ridge progress down real berating concern about the group operating from across the border and i've run it on and who are now carrying out deadly attack in fired back at dawn police in germany have defused a device full of nails and why is that was found at a christmas market people evacuated the market in the city of. lynn and cordoned it off while special forces were sent in to investigate a suspicious package delivered to a pharmacy in the area germany is on high alert for potential attacks deadly attack on christmas market environment. european council president all to help us in the e.u. will project talks on a postbox a transition and future trade deal if island is not happy with the u.k.'s offer on
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board arrangements he delivered the warning after meeting the irish prime minister in dublin it is the u.k. that started break not only just davis possibility to put those the credibility commitment to do this necessary to avoid a hardboiled let me say that we clearly. if the u.k. also is some acceptable for i won't it will also be an acceptable for the e.u. . electoral court in honduras says ninety five percent of ballot boxes have now been counted but still no result five days after the presidential election police say twelve people have been wounded in street clashes with opposition protesters who are not happy with this delay officials say more than a thousand ballot boxes with irregularities were counted by hand incumbent one orlando hernandez has a narrow lead over his surprise challenger salvador. kenya already has a president but now it's set to have what the opposition leader is calling
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a people's president right or a dentist said that he'll be sworn in on independence day in eleven days time or dinger and millions of his supporters are refusing to recognize the inauguration of president hu kenyatta catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. there was a cheerful child who went to a neighbor's house to watch t.v. and play with his friends now his family moans him they say the seven year old was shot as he played on the balcony during confrontations between police and two rival political groups nearby they leave in this densely populated area with little else than balconies for children to play. i mean so much pain my son was very bright i knew you would help me in future i'm hurt. the shootings in nairobi and tuesday happened as president. was being sworn in for
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his second and final time in office opposition supporters say they were being dispersed by police using guns and tear gas lunchtime police were chasing porters just down the street fourteen dying his friends were right here watching the bullet that killed him also he's a pregnant woman she's out of danger but still in hospital the leader of the opposition. has declared he'll be sworn in as president on december the twelfth which is independence day and he'll push for reforms including electoral justice by using the so-called people's assembly the forum established by the opposition has already been endorsed by some local government he does i don't think in terms of taking the oath of office as prescribed by the constitution. i think he means perhaps the people. there would like the. legitimate president. some people say odinga still has the capacity to make the government's
12:39 am
job difficult to see will disobedience and economic boycotts are the say the president's inauguration has weakened his position he does. not count. on the fact of the notion or the suspicion that kenyans will rally behind him as days move on. our way from an election. or not to be his followers. will be very few and fewer every day elizabeth just wants justice for her son she joins dozens of families be relieved by election violence since august she and her neighbors hope the rival leaders will quickly find a solution to prevent more killing and chaos catherine saw al jazeera arabic kenya . saudi arabia's foreign minister says lebanon has been hijacked by has. told
12:40 am
a conference in italy that lebanon would only survive. lebanon is. a tragic situation. it's a country that was hijacked by a foreign country through. a militia that is a terrorist organization that's what you have lebannon. is. dominated by hezbollah. they either do with subtly or they kill you and we've seen that it's the only entity that has an armed force in the country and they use it against their own people they say that this these arms are for the resistance what's the resistance doing in libya iraq yemen. syria. nothing doing iran's bidding.
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the nobel peace prize is due to be awarded on december tenth taking up the award is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or icann which is dedicated to creating a while without nuclear weapons in the days leading up to the awarding we're looking at the nucleus status of countries worldwide shihab rattansi begins our series in the us which is the second largest holder of nuclear weapons. the united states is the only country to have used nuclear weapons not once but twice and it took seventy one years for a u.s. president to visit one of the targets president obama refused to apologize for the annihilation of hiroshima but he called for a moral awakening we can chart a course that leads to the destruction of the stockpiles we can stop the spread to new nations and secure deadly materials from fanatics his actions as president there have ensured that the world will fear nuclear weapons for obama's lifetime
12:42 am
and beyond it was president obama who began a one trillion dollar modernization of the us is nuclear arsenal making its nuclear bombs small to its delivery systems more accurate to fear among disarmament experts is improved accuracy will make the use of nuclear weapons more likely u.s. presidents will feel they can finally cued a nuclear strike with precision the arsenal will be even more capable than the current version and when you pair this with what other countries are doing to upgrade and modernize their forces i think right now the world is facing a renewed nuclear arms race the us is a nuclear deterrent is based on what's called the triad missiles can be launched from la. c. and to make it difficult for an enemy to destroy the arsenal in a first strike in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the us had thirty one
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thousand two hundred fifty five nuclear warheads to treaties with russia to reduce that to one thousand five hundred fifty deployed at any time with thousands held in reserve however president obama's administration reduced the stockpile at the slowest rate of any post cold war presidency a trend that's likely to continue if not reversed on the president trump what has changed under president trump is that open discussion about whether the president should have the sole authority to launch nuclear missiles senators are discussing whether to take that power away but accidental nuclear strike is also a concern since nine hundred fifty the public has been told of thirty two broken arrow is or nuclear weapon accidents that unintended launch defamation or loss the latest was in two thousand and seven the us flew six nuclear armed christmas isles from one base and the other states to south korea states did know the missiles on board were armed and they were and they were there at the base and sat very twenty
12:44 am
four hours unguarded no one knew they were there it's clear that president trump like his predecessor feels nuclear weapons are just too strategic an asset for the us to part with and it's likely that other countries will follow the us his lead she ever time see washington turkey is to seize the assets of a turkish iranian gulch writer and his close relatives reza is a key witness in the trial of a turkish banker he allegedly worked with to help iran launder money he's pleaded guilty to those charges and is now cooperating with american prosecutors turkish prime minister says he hopes will turn back from his mistake reiterating on korea's belief that the trial is aimed at putting pressure on turkey and its economy. now this time five years ago mexico was swearing in its new president and rico pena neta but since winning office his approval ratings have plummeted the number of
12:45 am
homicides in the countries which a twenty year high and the deteriorating security situation has become a top priority for voters at next year's election by new reports from guerrero state. to step up this morning in the city of cheap and single mexico have reached a breaking point in increasing violence means bodies are arriving faster than they can process. forensic teams are working twenty four hours a day just to keep up. cutting the number of homicides in states like get a little one of the deadliest places in mexico it was a cornerstone of it to take opinion yet this presidential campaign now entering his sixth year in office many say the crisis has grown and is now out of control this part of the country sees over two thousand homicides per year and when the morgue runs out of space for unidentified bodies they end up here these above ground niches on the outskirts of town. president pena nieto is facing criticism beyond
12:46 am
the violence evidence of corruption within his party has already landed two state governors in jail and another three are under investigation. as youngest son disappeared in two thousand and fourteen she along with other relatives of missing people in a ghetto blame the president's government. this is a desperate cry for the people of mexico to see and know that we can no longer live in this corrupt system that's obsolete that gives no to anyone education is in the dumps and there have been structural changes and there have been reforms but they've all benefited themselves. despite evidence of corruption policy experts suggest that it might still be too soon to judge the impact of many of those presidency. the best this government has done are the structural reforms to say they have not yielded immediate results perhaps they will further down the road
12:47 am
unless they are obstructed. if we allow reforms time to be refined perhaps we'll see positive results. today the president's national approval rating hovers at around thirty one percent not the worst of his tenure but a long way from the days when he was featured on the cover of time magazine as the savior of mexico. looking to the two thousand and eighteen general election the president's party is counting on a strong national economy still forecast to grow but shortcomings on everything from human rights to alleged corruption appear to have a majority in mexico ready for a change in leadership. from .
12:48 am
business updates to you by qatar airways going places to get the. business updates to you by qatar airways go. places together.
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on our way that any. thank you marion will hosts rush it will place saudi arabia in the opening match of next year's football world cup and christiane allies poet hugo have been joined alongside twenty ten when in spain the group stage draw took place in moscow with european champions portugal up against spain morocco and a ring around in group b. defending champions germany are in group f. with mexico sweden and south korea and russia's open it with saudi arabia will take place on june the fourteenth in moscow europe while the other group same group beat
12:50 am
portugal spain morocco and iran. champions france it's obsolete in group c. alongside australia peru and denmark argentina face first on qualify as iceland the group d. croatia and nigeria also in brazil are in with switzerland costa rica and serbia in group f. germany will be aware that the last state if any champions be knocked out in the group stages belgium england panama and tunisia they could group with poland senegal colombia and japan in the final four that's also you from each group going to the knockout rounds has our schools correspondent lee wellings. the first thing that really stood out about the draw was actually a much spying versus portugal that could only come about because spain weren't in the top sage you always expect spine with their brilliant track record to be among the top seeds but they weren't and they will play portugal what i would say is with walker when they run in the group both spain and portugal will expect to progress
12:51 am
whatever happens in the match between them as for the first time finalists i say you could barely have got a more attractive guy for them to apply the smallest lever to take part in the world cup a fantastic achievement to qualify despite what they achieved in the european championship last year and they're playing argentina in moscow it's going to be another amazing day for the people of iceland what i would say is to manage expectations it's going to be extremely difficult for iceland to pick up points in that group don't really don't expect them to qualify for the knockout stages if they don't it will be quite a story in terms of the toughest going. i look at brazil switzerland costa rica and serbia and i think you've got three strong teams what really strong tame this being my favorites and i think they were going to call anything the group of death but i think that one looked the toughest along possibly with that ice and group with argentina in it as well as croatia and nigeria former england manager sam allardyce
12:52 am
says everton's ambitious plans for the future convinced him to come out of retirements the sixty three year old assigned an eighteen month as the club's new manager have a center in the bottom half of the premier league table i've been offered a number of jobs between retiring from crystal palace. and short of almost officially saying i'd retired for the first time always before and sort of said you never know what might happen so i got offered more jobs when i said i'd be tried in the not for the mill i've lost reilly will be the big favorites to successfully defend their rugby league world title when they take on england in saturday's final australia have won their last twelve games against england including an eighteen four victory in the opening match of this tournament england's coach was accused his opponents of cheating rock rules in the build up to the game in brisbane. it's part of the part of theatre of. big
12:53 am
guys in particular you know they want to win we want to win. it all adds to you know the driver of a world cup probably walk up far you know so. you know so that's that and that's the game right but if you win the right well then you're a good chance of being successful so that's it's pretty simple game. now the bizarre case of the head butt greeting has dominated the build up surrounds here of the ashes series between australia and england the second test coming up in adelaide after australia won the opening test time count since the smith saw the funny side as team a camera bancroft described being head butted by england's jonny bairstow in a bar weeks earlier claimed it was his way of saying hello. i certainly wasn't mocking his team i was certainly laughing at cameron in the way he delivered. the advent of what had happened and. i don't know cameron that well yeah i haven't
12:54 am
played a lot with him but. he was very dry and. different in the way things came across and you know i think if you guys got a good laugh out of it as much as i did i'd like to think that. steve has in a good amount of humility about him and he's laughing at the scenario and the comments rather than the situation and things and i think it's important we just move on really one man most cricketers wouldn't want to head but has been trying his hand at the game wrestling superstar john cena is in australia meeting sydney thunder players ahead of next month's t twenty big bash lee seen did eventually get the hang of batting but said he didn't really fancy the idea of having a ball. which is what i take the ball and it bounces and it hits the top thing and all those things collapse yeah that's what i did one way to get there first of all
12:55 am
i don't ever admit what may she have been so i think like that. competitors of the marathon day saw him per getting ready for the toughest stage of the race organizers of the legendary so horrifying so putting on a sister events in south america while stage three was a relatively short twenty five kilometer jog on saturday a seventy kilometers or route awaits the total route just over two hundred forty kilometers and with the exception of some strictly russian water runners have to carry all their own supplies. ok that is only sport on a let's get back to marion in london thanks very much well now it seems that us entrepreneur ask the man behind space x. and tesla is a man of his word of the promising to make the world's largest lithium ion battery in hundred days you not only deliver the product to south australia but had it switched on this friday it's the clean energy will power thirty thousand homes and hawkes explains this seemingly innocuous rural area and south australia has
12:56 am
suddenly become home to one of the biggest sources of renewable energy in the world built in sixty days the us technology company tesla has built the largest lithium ion battery which is plugged into the power grid in the state of south australia the state's premier on build the john battery which is powered by a nearby wind farm this is an example of south australia leading the world the world's largest lithium battery. it's right here in jamestown in south australia and it's already supplying power to the national electricity market australia is a major exporter of coal and it's considered one of the world's worst greenhouse gas polluters the state of south australia is demolishing is coal fired power stations and switching to renewable energy that's imperative after a freak storm last year caused a statewide blackout highlighting the reliable supply of electricity the billionaire business tycoon mosque offered to build the battery most salient point
12:57 am
here is that the system will be three three times more powerful than any system in the on earth this is a this is not like a sort of short like a minor foray into a frontier it's like you know going three times for anyone going before musk also promise that if it wasn't completed on time it would be free lucky for him the forty million dollars project was switched on ahead of schedule it's a exciting development electricity story just kind of been the holy grail for the whole power business for two hundred years now because if we want to move towards variable renewables wind and solar produce their own trysting when they want not necessarily when we want and so some way of storing the excess that they're producing which can then be used when they're not generating has been something we've looked for for many years people nearby jamestown gave their verdict lifted our spirits because everybody is a happy about it and we have a question marks on that but the result in result will tail wind it because it's
12:58 am
never been called into action we really don't know what's coming and that's really all so that when it if it does do the job well and if it doesn't it's just another one of those political. tesla's chief executive wasn't at the unveiling but the state's new power backup surprise i'm sure to please climate change and pollution activists and possibly pave the way for other projects worldwide. news hour but i'll be back with much more news in just a couple of minutes time journey.
12:59 am
to. the fact. this morning hopeless on the planet money could soon be lost forever
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with an international team of scientists is the time and not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to about now it's a race against time to try and save a species. like a chrysler that's in the measures he plans to stave off extinction techno this tour . documentary's. president. pleads guilty to to lying.


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