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seem to believe that the best to prevent the media getting anywhere they're skeptical that. he achieved something that never happened before. donald trump has rescinded fine aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and paladin scholars the consequence is a u.s. president spends strength can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely in jest against. people will go for a bush and those people will trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. well i'm adrian finnigan this is that he is a live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes investigation into donald trump and his ties to russia move closer to the oval office. the united nations sends an s.o.s. to the world asking for billions of dollars to help communities destroyed by conflict. pope francis asks the hinge of people for forgiveness for what they've gone through and for the world's indifference. and the results are in everything you need to know about friday's draw for russia twenty eighty. u.s. president donald trump's former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia michael flynn admitted that his actions were wrong
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but said the senior member of trump's transition team and asked him to reach out to russia's ambassador to the united states he's now cooperating with the f.b.i. investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's u.s. election white house correspondent kimberly helka reports. arriving at federal court in washington michael flynn ignored shouted questions by reporters. inside moments later the former national security adviser to president donald trump pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. court documents show the charges against flynn stem from his lying about efforts to obtain advance knowledge of how foreign governments might vote on a u.n. security council resolution about israel as well as phone conversations flynn had before tribe was even sworn in as president with the former russian ambassador to the united states sergei kiss lee ak. flynn is said to have suggested to kiss liane
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sanctions put in place against russia by the obama white house maybe dropped once trump was sworn in and they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or or impose a censure against russia flints lies to the vice president about that phone call led to his dismissal after just three weeks in office in a statement trumps lawyer said flynt false claims mirror the false statements to white house officials which resulted in his resignation in february of this year nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than mr flynn but his plea in fact may directly tie the oval office to the investigation by special counsel robert muller and whether or not the trump campaign worked with russia this suggests that mr flynt has more information to provide about other
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things the white house has lied about other things the president himself may have lied about and whether or not the white house including the president himself colluded with russia according to the former f.b.i. director james comey trump once asked him to drop the case against flynn and despite claims by the president's lawyer flynn's cooperation with the f.b.i. probe shows that most investigation is ask. could lead to charges against an even bigger target including the president of the united states kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington. michael flynn is the first member of the trumpet ministration so far to be charged as part of rubber bullets investigation in october a former campaign aide george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to making false statements to f.b.i. agents regarding his contacts with russia trump's former campaign manager paul man a photo of his deputy were also accused of conspiring to defraud the u.s.
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in dealings with ukraine a charge that arose from his investigation they both pleaded not guilty let's go live to washington was a serious russell and jordan is that what exactly has flynn pleaded guilty to. well he simply has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. when they interviewed him about his alleged contacts with russian officials and according to the information that's the legal document that was entered in court on friday mr flynn agreed that he lied to the f.b.i. one about his conversation with the then ambassador from russia to the united states sergei his about efforts to try to to rail a u.n. security council resolution that was going to chastise israel for continuing to build build settlements in the occupied west bank mr flynt told the f.b.i.
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they never had that conversation in court on friday mr flynn admitted that he did do just that he also admitted that he was not forthcoming about his conversations with other people within the then tromp transition team the number of advisors who were helping donald trump get ready to become the president back on january twentieth so that's all that he pleaded guilty to that does not mean however that michael flynn is off the hook and that he's only facing a possible prison sentence for this one charge. this is basically the government's way of trying to make certain that he reveals everything he knows or else he could face much more serious charges in connection with a number of things that he allegedly was doing while he was advised in the trump campaign and then while he was for just twenty four days that security advisor all
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right so as we heard the white house is trying to play this down where does this leave the white investigation. well basically michael flynn of the four people who have been brought in and who have agreed to plead guilty to something he probably has according to legal experts the most information although paul man of fort may well be a close second in terms of what he knew about what other people within donald trump circle were doing about trying to extend influence and build ties with russia as well as be involved in other matters of foreign policy before they actually came into office and so the real test for robert muller and the other members of the special counsel team will be to get as much detail much information that can be corroborated by multiple sources and this some say could actually reach as far as
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into the oval office of course this is an investigation that has been ongoing for a number of months and so i think it's going to be some time before we actually find out just exactly how big this all of this activity actually was up until now adrian what we have had is a number of leaks about what allegedly has been happening but nothing confirmed until it goes before a federal judge we'll have more on the investigation is donald trump and his ties to russia a little later in the news for the moment roslyn jordan washington many thanks. the united nations has launched a record appeal for more than twenty two billion dollars to help victims of conflict and humanitarian crises it says that more than one hundred thirty five million people across the world need aid in nigeria fourteen and a half million people particularly women need aid and protection that's to use a fighting between the military and armed groups more than thirteen million people
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in the democratic republic of congo need humanitarian help many were displaced by fighting between rebel groups and government forces a similar number of syrians are still caught up in a civil war that's now into its seventh year a third of the money requested by the u.n. is to help them but it's the largest crisis in the world right now is yemen war has left more than twenty million people in need there with a severe food shortage of the world's worst outbreak of cholera diplomatic correspondent james bays reports now from geneva. the u.n. says it's the worst humanitarian disaster on earth in yemen the people are suffering from conflict and a continuing cholera epidemic the situation only made worse by a saudi blockade stopping much of the food and medicine from getting to those who so desperately need it the u.n. appeal for twenty eighteen estimates there are in the country twenty two million
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people in need the situation in yemen is atrocious the number of people in need of population in twenty of twenty million is approaching twenty million seven or eight million of those people are right on the verge of famine and starvation we need to get the ports fully opened the fuel to run the water systems can get in the fuel to get the food around the country can get in more commercial food as well as the aid can get in until those things happen and the situation will continue to deteriorate and the risk of millions of lives being lost will grow yemen is just one of many civil taney assume urgence is making this a time of unprecedented need in its appeal for twenty eighteen the u.n. says it believes there are almost one hundred thirty six million people in need they come up with a plan to help almost ninety one million people and that will cost twenty two point
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five billion dollars but i have to say i don't think we're going to get all that money you just have to look at this year twenty seventeen their appeal was fifty two point five percent fund it. from south sudan to syria from afghanistan to the refugees from myanmar conflict is the main cause of the human suffering and in most cases these are conflicts with no end in sight james pais al-jazeera at the united nations in geneva saudi arabia's foreign minister says the military coalition in yemen is looking at ways to step up the flow of humanitarian assistance it blocked aid earlier this month after a missile was fired from her territory in yemen toward saudi arabia she says that the who should stop fighting and join the political process and we hope that eventually the who things will be allies that this is not going in and that they
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will make peace their area many citizens they have every right to participate in the political process but they can't control the country not if you're fifty thousand and the country is twenty eight million. that's ridiculous and so this is where we are we are very concerned about the humanitarian situation in yemen we're looking at ways of intensive the flow humanitarian assistance into yemeni ports and airports in the coming days and few weeks we will make more announcements in this area. is the deputy united nations director of human rights watch she says the u.n. needs to address the causes of conflict instead of just asking for more aid. it's a really high number in such a political climate where we see people increasingly looking inward in big donor countries like the u.s. and the u.k. people aren't willing to pay they are interested in focusing on things close to home instead of crises and conflict and suffering far away aid is absolutely
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essential but it's not enough and it's just treating the symptoms rather than the disease itself which are these manmade problems in yemen you have a blockade in south sudan you have a grinding conflict that is included war crimes and those are the issues that need to be solved by world leaders including those here in new york at the security council they need to take decisive action on a crisis like myanmar we're still waiting for the un to even pass a single security council resolution on the crisis that's atrocious pope francis has used the word wrote him for the first time on his trip to asia well missing refugees from the community in bangladesh more than six hundred twenty thousand of them fled me and since august the pope has advised against saying the word on his visit to me and earlier in the week for fear of a backlash by hardline buddhist groups structured reports. and i
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stated hundred thousand bangladeshis crowded into this already park in dhaka as pope francis. but it was later in the day after the pontiff met reinjury fiji's that he finally publicly mentioned the ethnic group. will continue to recognize their rights we want close our hearts to them we won't look in another direction the presence of god today is also called every one of us needs to respond in the right way. mohammed idris was among the small group who spoke with the pope along with his ten brothers and eight sisters he fled the military crackdown on the region just three months ago he says soldiers burnt their family home in rakhine state and shot his cousin dead. i don't know we have very happy to be in bangladesh but we suffered so much pain and agony and that's what we want to tell the pope. this is only the second time the head of the
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catholic churches visited bangladesh the last was pope john paul the second in one thousand nine hundred six and this time it hasn't been easy the pope's visit to bangladesh comes as this country the united nations and international aid organizations struggle to cope with more than six hundred twenty five thousand range of refugees that have arrived here since the twenty fifth it's a visit that is proving a huge diplomatic challenge to the head of the catholic church. rights groups criticized the roman catholic leader for failing to say the name of angel during his three day visit to myanmar in the world since arriving in bangladesh on thursday it's believed he refrained in myanmar to prevent a potential backlash against christians there the reinjure have been persecuted for decades by the myanmar government which doesn't recognize the ethnic group. of citizenship in what was then burma was drawn in one thousand nine hundred eighty two it's hoped the pope's blessings of just
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a few of the hundreds of thousands of refugees here in bangladesh will draw greater international attention to their plight they are often described as the world's largest group of stateless people. strafford al jazeera cox's bizarre bangladesh people in a rebel held on place in syria's eastern go to have made a desperate plea for more medical and food aid the un has called for the immediate evacuation of five hundred people including one hundred sixty seven children from the area which is near the capital damascus many of those waiting to be moot are either injured or six sick rather nine people have died in recent weeks while waiting for permission from the government to be allowed to leave. because of the rockets all the houses we live in have holes in the ceilings there is nothing else to say it is not enough that we are hungry and cold we are covering ourselves with nylon sheets to keep us warm and lighting fires to cook we are like
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a barn animals and now we eat barley what can i say god help us we don't know what will happen to us what is going to be the end of us what now what are we to do our children are gone dead from the shelling and the others have fled the head of the syrian government delegation has criticized the opposition for statements made ahead of the current round of talks in geneva. fahri says there can be no progress as long as the opposition keeps demanding that president bashar assad step down the government delegation has now returned to damascus and says it will decide whether to return to geneva when they go ca sions resume on tuesday the current round of talks to find a solution to the conflict they seem to run until december fifteenth. it was a reason for not serious still to come on the program. it's ridiculous to use a nuclear weapon but just to show that you have them and. it's
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a matter of national pride why there's little appetite in france for giving up nuclear weapons plus. fighting. a trade and if i'm. the president of the european council says the e.u. will refuse to move to the next stage of breaks it talks unless a border plan is agreed with ireland speaking after a meeting with the irish prime minister in dublin donald tusk said that ireland will have the final say on what will be the only land border between the u.k. and the e.u. . it is the u.k. that started. it is dave responsibility to those. commitments to do this necessary to avoid
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a hardboiled and let me say very clearly. if the u.k. or. i won't it will also be unacceptable for the e.u. germany's chancellor angela merkel and the opposition leader martin shultz say that they're ready for more talks to end the political deadlock that it comes after the leaders spoke at a meeting organized by president frank. in berlin germany has been without a government for more than two months now since both major parties lost ground to the far right in september's election merkel's c.d.u. party wants to renew its alliance with schultz's social democrats but chances angrily denying reports that a coalition deal has already been reached. you made a long green asli struggle for the news where's the green light for another coalition is simply false it seems to come out of the other party circles i've just spoken about it with angela merkel on the phone and told her it's on acceptable i
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don't want to speculate about who's trying to harm so for me one thing is clear to other parties on false news destroys trust to serious callousness following developments for us in berlin well it appears that angle americal doesn't seem to be much closer to being able to form a coalition government with the s.p.d. she met with the president and the head of the s.p.d. martin short overnight they were very tight lipped about those talks when they emerged but today after a german newspaper wrongly reported that the p.d. was ready to enter coalition talks much else came out with very strong language denying those reports on the other hand i'm going to merkel c.d.u. seems to be say extending a hand to his party saying they are very much ready to start coalition talks so that we can prevent germany going to another election all of this of course is happening against the backdrop of the far right party the s.d. which is holding its party conference this weekend if
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a grand coalition is formed between merkel and shoals they would end up having the numbers to be the largest opposition group in parliament and that's something that many fear would pull german politics to the right. police in germany have defused an explosive device that was found at a christmas market it happened in the city of port stand near the capital berlin police evacuated the area and cordoned it off special forces were then sent in to diffuse the package which had been sent to the pharmacy. dutch prosecutors say that bosnian croat war criminal slobodan probably ak died after taking potassium cyanide inside a courtroom in the hague that's the conclusion of a preliminary post-mortem examination probably act drank the poison in front of un judges on wednesday prosecutors say the liquid caused his heart to fail the seventy two year old had just lost an appeal against a twenty year sentence for war crimes during the one nine hundred ninety s. yugoslav wars investigators are trying to find out how he managed to get the bottle
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past security. that o.b.l. peace prize is due to be awarded on december tenth picking up the award is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can the group is dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons we're looking at the nuclear status of countries worldwide into the run up to that award ceremony in oslo tony berkeley continues our series now in france the world's third largest nuclear weapon states. when france carried out its first nuclear test in algeria thirty seven years ago it joined an elite club before nations until one thousand nine hundred six france carried out more than two hundred nuclear tests most of them in the south pacific that elite club is now stretched to nine countries france is third in the list with
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three hundred nuclear warheads fewer than the u.s. and russia but more than china and the united kingdom while the french tend to think that as long as russia is a potential military threat to europe and as long as there are a number of threatening nuclear powers in the world it's safer to keep nuclear weapons than to get rid of them especially since we already have a well functioning arsenal its nuclear deterrent known as force to flap all strike force consists mainly of its triumphant submarines for carry nuclear warheads one is it see all the time at a cost of more than eight billion dollars they are the most expensive submarines ever built since one thousand nine hundred one france is almost hard it's nuclear stockpile but unlike many other countries there is little nuclear debate here all political parties except for the greens and most of the general public seem to be in agreement that nuclear weapons are a necessity france's nuclear weapons stockpile pales into insignificance compared.
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to that of the united states and russia and it cost the french taxpayer four to five billion dollars a year to maintain but this is not just a case of money for the french it's also about prestige many feel a collective pride that nuclear weapons ensure france does not have to rely on the u.s. or nato for its defense to be. with big muscles you have big methods so you can say i am the dominant. country but not for you isn't it ridiculous to use a nuclear weapon but just to show that you have them and this is a psychology. but pride costs france will soon need to modernize its nuclear arsenal and that will push annual cost up to between nine and ten billion dollars a year within the next decade and that is beginning to spark a debate ultimately it may be the cost that will prove the ultimate deterrent to
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france's deep and abiding relationship with nuclear weapons tony berkeley al-jazeera paris. well the next part in our series takes us to hawaii. islands are responding to nuclear threats by dusting off a relic of the cold war you can see that all day tomorrow here on al-jazeera. the electoral court in honduras says that ninety five percent of the ballot boxes and now been counted but there's still no results five days after the presidential election the army is calling for calm after twelve people were wounded in fighting with opposition protesters this anger over the delay in the announcement of a winner official say that more than one thousand ballot boxes where irregularities were found will now be recounted by hand at the moment incumbent president when a lot of hand as has a narrow lead over salvador. violent protests or broken out in bolivia after president evo morales declared that he's running for
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a fourth term in office his announcement comes after of course eliminated term limits for presidents making way for more dollars to run again the ruling was handed down to spice a referendum that rejected the idea last year. kenya will soon have a so-called people's president opposition leader raul odinga and millions of his supporters are refusing to recognize the inauguration of president two who are kenyatta earlier this week so i think i will take his own oath of office in a ceremony later this month and yes his swearing in on tuesday was marred by protests and violence as catherine sawyer reports from nairobi john there was a cheerful child who went to a neighbor's house to watch t.v. and play with his friends now his family moans him they say the seven year old was shot as he played on the balcony during confrontations between police and two rival political groups. they live in this densely populated area with little else than
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balconies for children to play. i mean so much pain my son was very bright i knew you would help me in future i'm hurt. i the shootings in nairobi and tuesday happened as president. was being sworn in for his second and final time in office opposition supporters say they were being dispersed by police using guns and tear gas the lunchtime police were chasing portis just down the street protein diet his friends were right here watching the bullet that killed him also he's a pregnant woman she's out of danger but still in hospital the leader of the opposition. has declared he'll be sworn in as president on december the twelfth which is independence day and he'll push for reforms including electoral justice by using the so-called people's assembly the forum established by the opposition has
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already been endorsed by some government he does i don't think in terms of prescribed by the constitution. i think. the people. there would like the. legitimate president. some people say odinga still has the capacity to make the government's job difficult to see will disobedience and economic boycotts are the say the president's inauguration has weakened his position he does this on account of the fact the fact of the north. will rally behind him. and. to be his followers. will be very few and fewer every day elizabeth just wants justice for her son she joins dozens of families be relieved
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by election violence since august she and her neighbors hope the rival leaders will quickly find a solution to prevent more killing and chaos catherine saw al jazeera arabic kenya . we'll get a weather update on the news out then more on our top story the investigation into ties between donald trump and russia and friday's guilty plea from the president's former national security adviser also. the system will be three times more powerful than any system in the on earth it could be the beginning of a new era in renewable energy the world's largest lithium ion battery is unveils that in sport astray aiming for a love and eleven rugby world. i don't allow a rugby league world cup title that's it and he's got that story and much more a little later.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the americas many areas are actually drawing quite bright a bit of cloud around but you're looking at a dry day and highs of ten percent northwest we've still got more weather fronts pushing into the snow over the rockies the rain at lower levels desert southwest not looking too bad los angeles there at twenty one degrees so as you move the forecast into sunday still plenty of snow around seattle will see rain with a temperature of six and further towards the south and dry and fine actually quite pleasant miami there sunshine and highs of twenty seven so let's head down into the caribbean for the islands again a lot of fine weather is expected here showers passing through very quickly on the winds kingston jamaica there looking at highs of thirty through the isthmus the really heavy showers as seen for panama costa rica and up through guatemala telling
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to ease away at the moment so there will be a few showers around but gerri not looking too bad you could town is dry makes your city very pleasant twenty one degrees as a mix i'm heading down into south america we've got showers affecting parts of peru and through into bolivia those could be heavy in places we're also see some heavy rain across southern and eastern parts of brazil was we come further dry cross paraguayan may see some rain affecting parts of argentina later on. just. think it's only that we're. defying my disability
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on al-jazeera well at this time. where ever you. could tell you this a transfer to get here in doha with the news after about zero our top stories u.s.
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president donald trump's former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia michael flynn admitted that his actions were wrong but said he was asked to do so by a senior member of trump's transition team. the u.s. has launched a record appeal for more than twenty two billion dollars to help victims of conflict and natural disasters yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis with more than twenty million people in need. a pope francis has asked a group. for him to refugees in bangladesh for forgiveness for the world's indifference to their place it was the first time the pontiff accused the. on his trip to asia he'd been advised not to use the word while in myanmar earlier in the week to avoid inflaming tension. on our top story donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn and his guilty plea to charges of lying to the f.b.i. the u.s.
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president has so far been quiet on these developments talk is turning to who next might be implicated in the investigation into russian meddling. has been gauging reaction on capitol hill. general michael flynn was a very visible part of trump's campaign for president one of his earliest and closest advisers his job often go after hillary clinton. not her that's right. that chance came back to haunt him friday oh. his guilty plea will make it that much harder for the white house to downplay the investigation that the f.b.i. now admits is looking into potential collusion between russia and the trump campaign which the president has called a witch hunt and i think most of us believe it's not a witch hunt or a hoax and that the f.b.i. director and all others believe this is a legitimate concern for their part democrats dismissed the white house assertion that flynt was
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a minor figure in the administration hard to distance yourself from one of the most visible of your campaign surrogates and your national security adviser we want to wish everybody a merry christmas and on thursday night trump seemed to bask in the spotlight lighting the national christmas tree it was a much different scene after the news broke friday reporters kept out of a planned photo shoot in the oval office the president who seems to love to talk. and tweet stayed silent general flynn is the fourth person close to president that's been caught up in this investigation now that we know he's cooperating it's pretty much guaranteed he won't be the last. al-jazeera washington that's got if you know from jeff house an executive director of the revolving door project to the sense of economic and policy research he joins us live from washington good to have you with us jeff what do you make of this does this get the investigation any closer to proving that there was collusion. it gets us
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very far into the white house the national security adviser is arguably the most important official in the u.s. government on foreign policy the secretary of state may be more forward looking in terms of talking other countries but the national security adviser runs your foreign policy practice and i think it's clear that special counsel moller has not revealed all that general flynn has revealed to him and i think it's very clear that we're going to learn a lot more about the trunk campaign and the early days of the trump presidency very soon and i think we're going to learn that there was a conspiracy in both the election and in after the aftermath of the election what's flynn supposed to wrong here for an international audience perhaps you'd explain it to us what's wrong with with talking to to a foreign entity if you're part of the transition team to take power in
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a matter of weeks and say that foreign entity will hang on of it policy might change when we get into power in a few weeks. so there are two questions here one is is it wrong in and of itself to have those conversations and it is in violation of a very rarely perhaps never enforced law to have those conversations themselves but it is clear that it is illegal to lie to the f.b.i. the federal bureau of investigation about conversations it's illegal to lot of the federal bureau of investigation about the color of the shirt you're wearing so of course it is the topic of conversation is not the question here it is did he lie to the federal bureau of investigation in his admitted that he has done so but he also had exposure on any number of other criminal fronts and i think the general belief is that he is as of now not admitting to those actions but that if he had
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not played the deal he would have been prosecuted on a host of different fronts so what. six years as you said that this. probably only represents a fraction of what the at the moment all of what was willing and able to share i think the special counsel more wants to get as many people to cooperate with him as possible general flynn is the second official from the trunk campaign to make a deal with mahler and so far mahler's terms are been very generous and that sends a message to people who have potential criminal liability that if you make a deal with mahler he will treat you very well the general view is that if you do not make a deal with mahler he is serious he is talented he has a good team and he will go after you and he will find you so he is trying to create a race to cooperate with him by the various members of the trunk campaign who have knowledge of criminal activity jeff where does all of this end. i think this
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is there's a pretty good chance this ends in impeachment forty five years ago. the nixon campaign broke into a hotel to examine some pretty unimportant files at the democratic national committee and that process in an election that they won by more than twenty points a lead two years later to the impeachment of richard nixon i think we're probably in route to something very similar in twenty eighteen or twenty nineteen could still see jeff many thanks indeed jeff holmes with the executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research thanks for having me. u.s. senate republicans say that they have enough support to pass a controversial tax bill later on friday party leaders sounded confident after securing the backing of three republicans who've been holding out critics say the
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bill will add one trillion dollars to the u.s. budget deficit over the next decade president donald trump says the bill which includes a big cut in corporate tax will boost economic growth but the democrats who oppose the bill say it will have a damaging impact on working families. turkey says that it will seize the assets of a turkish iranian gold trader and those of his close relatives. is a key witness in the trial of a turkish banker he allegedly worked with to launder money for iran he pleaded guilty to those charges and is now cooperating with american prosecutors turkey's prime minister says he hopes will turn back from his mistake rhes rating ankara's belief that the trial is aimed at putting pressure on turkey and its economy so i told the court on thursday that turkey's president richard burr the one personally approved is sanction breaking deals with iran. the palestinian chief negotiator is warning that u.s.
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recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel would be playing with fire side out of cat was referring to reports that president trump could announce the change in policy on wednesday but white house officials say a final decision hasn't yet been made the status of jerusalem has long been one of the most sensitive subjects of the israeli palestinian conflict both sides claim the city as their capital. mean. everyone has informed the u.s. administration that jerusalem isn't just a palestinian question it's an arab islamic and christian question the u.s. administration understands the enormity of the subject we're being told that promises were made during the election campaign which would postpone internal u.s. problems that are facing trump or anyone else. but this is a very big issue touching jerusalem touching the al aqsa mosque touching the church of the holy is playing with fire there's no meaning for a palestinian state without east jerusalem as its capital u.s. president of trump has met libya's prime minister fires at the white house he's
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pressing for a u.n. arms embargo on libya to be east side as u.n. backed government has struggled to impose its authority across libya it faces opposition from a rival of ministration backed by the renegade general khalifa haftar. reports from tripoli. many people here in libya including observers and analysts believe that the visit by prime minister face allies to the white house will give more credit and the recognition to their you and backed government of national accord they also believe that by visiting the white house phase that will taint more recognition to the libyan political agreement which is his government the government of national called is part of this libyan political agreement to understand that there is a conflict between the two camps in libya the eastern camp on the one hand which
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includes the tobruk that base the parliament and opposition dignity that's the military campaign led by a renegade generally for hefted on the one hand and with the western camp which includes the government of national court and the high state council on the other hand both camps are in conflict both are trying each camp is trying to lift the arms embargo for their forces diplomatic sources have told i was zero that saudi arabian officials have no objections to attending a gulf cooperation council summit in kuwait there had been doubts about whether the summit would go ahead because of strained relations between g.c.c. members saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties and impose an economic blockade on cattle in june as a mere shakes i mean been hammered has already received an invitation to next week's meeting egypt's foreign minister has told us here and he sees no end in sight to
2:44 am
the ongoing blockade of cattle. i can't really speak about a resolution because we haven't extract it from any determination that it recognises the concerns of the four countries that have been mostly affected by the if. there is that clear declaration of understanding and willingness to change course we find that this iteration remains. at the current level the un is warning that progress in protecting children and adolescents from hiv and aids is being undermined by complacency last year one hundred twenty thousand children under the age of fourteen died from aids related courses and eighteen children were infected with hiv every single if that trend continues they'll be three and a half million new hiv infections by the year twenty thirty doctor got free will
2:45 am
is the director of the hiv aids department of the global hepatitis program of the world health organization he says there needs to be more focus on sufferers who are stigmatized. access to testing and treatment and obviously also to prevention is certainly a major priority for the well has been his asian and for the global community more broadly speaking and more people have access to treatment but still we see too many new infections forty percent of these new infections actually occur in certain populations what we call key populations these are prisons we inject drugs men who have sex with men sex workers in sub-saharan africa we know this is specifically affecting listen girls and young women we also know that in many parts of the world specifically men have. somewhat compromised access to services so we really have to put the access to these services but also we have to make sure that we specifically
2:46 am
get have access for those those populations that are. very severely affected and that need access most most badly so that is a strong focus and come pain message this year is actually exactly that is everybody counts nobody should be left behind so we need to really focus on those that are traditionally stigmatized and excluded at least nine people have been killed and thirty six injured after a gunman stormed a college in pakistan at least three men dressed in women's burkas entered the agriculture training institute in the northwestern city of peshawar up the attackers were killed after two hours of fighting with the army and police come out hiding reports from islamabad. and or day shared. by that. claimed responsibility immediately after their deadly in. the agricultural. if you were doctor and according to officials they did not yet clear their toward
2:47 am
more. dog ate all of the reports about that they remain but a number of people are dead and many more are room day it all happening at a time when the u.s. and pakistan are due to meet at a high level right the u.s. secretary of defense really doing it. and great progress don will be reading about the group operating from across the border in afghanistan and who are now carrying out a deadly attack. on the course of malaysia's hurt that the murders half brother of north korea's leader was carrying an antidote to the talks and used to poison him kim jong nam died after a nerve agent was smeared on his face in kuala lumpur airport in february two women have been charged with. now if you use a laptop or smartphone you'll know the importance of a lithium battery so when the us electric car maker tesla decides to make
2:48 am
a battery that strong enough to power an entire city perhaps the world should sit up and take notice it could be the beginning of a new era in renewable energy. reports this seemingly innocuous brule air in south australia has suddenly become home to one of the biggest sources of renewable energy in the wild built in sixty days the u.s. technology company tesla has built the largest lithium ion battery which is plugged into the power grid in the state of south australia the state's premie a unveiled the john batu which is powered by nearby wind farm this is an example of south australia leading the world the world's largest lithium ion battery. it's right here in jamestown in south australia and it's already supplying power to the national electricity market australia is a major exporter of calls and is considered one of the world's worst greenhouse gas polluters the state of south australia is demolishing is coal fired power stations
2:49 am
and switching to renewable energy that's imperative after a freak storm last year caused a statewide blackout highlighting the unreliable supply of electricity the billionaire business tycoon mosque offered to build the battery most salient point here is that the system will be three three times more powerful than any system in the on earth this is a this is not like a sort of a short like a minor foray into a frontier it's like you know going three times for anyone going before musk also promise that if it wasn't completed on time it would be free lucky for him the forty million dollar project was switched on ahead of schedule it's a exciting development. the story just kind of been the holy grail for the whole power business for two hundred years now because if we want to move towards variable renewables wind and solar produce their own trysting when they want not necessarily when we want and so some way of storing the excess that they're
2:50 am
producing which can then be used when they're not generating has been something we've looked for for many years even nearby jamestown gave their verdict lifted our spirits because everybody is a happy about it and we have a question marks on that but the result in result will tail wind it because it's never been called into action we really don't know what's coming and that's really all so that when it if it does do the job well and if it doesn't it's just another one of those political. tesla's chief executive wasn't at the unveiling but the state's new power backup surprise i'm sure to please climate change and pollution activists and possibly pave the way for other projects worldwide. just ahead on the news hour wrestling star john cena takes a break from body slamming and tries his hand at the crickets and he will be a little details in schools next.
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but again time now for sports his addie. thank you very much will host russia will play saudi arabia in the opening match of next year's football world cup and christiane allies portugal have been drawn alongside twenty ten winners spain the group stage draw took place in moscow with european champions portugal up against spain morocco and earing ran in group b. defending champions germany are in group f. with mexico sweden and south korea russia's opener with saudi arabia will take place on june fourteenth in moscow egypt you're acquire the other group a teams group beat portugal spain morocco and iran. champions france are the top seeds in
2:53 am
group c. alongside australia peru and denmark argentina face first on qualifiers iceland in group d. croatia and nigeria also in their brazil are in with switzerland costa rica and serbia in group f. germany will be aware that the last two defending champions be knocked out in the group stages belgium england panama and tunisia they could group with poland senegal colombia and japan in the final for the top two from each group going to the knockout rounds here's our sports correspondent leigh welling's the first thing that really stood out about the draw was actually a much spine versus portugal that could only come about because spain weren't in the top seeds you always expect spine with their brilliant track record to be among the top seeds but they weren't and they will play portugal what i would say is with walker when they run in the group both spain and portugal will expect to progress whatever happens in the match between them as for the first time finalists iceland
2:54 am
you could barely have gotten a more attractive guy for them to apply the smallest lever to take part in the world cup a fantastic achievement to qualify despite what they achieved in the european championship last year and they're playing argentina in moscow it's going to be another amazing day for the people of iceland what i would say is to manage expectations it's going to be extremely difficult for iceland to pick up points in that group don't really don't expect them to qualify for the knockout stages if they don't it will be quite a story in terms of the toughest group. i look at brazil switzerland costa rica and serbia and i think you've got three strong what really strong tame this being my favorites and i think we're going to call anything the group of death but i think that one looks the toughest along possibly with that i stand with argentina win it as well as croatia and nigeria former england manager sam our guy says everton's
2:55 am
ambitious plans for the future convinced him to come out of retirement to the sixty three year old a signed an eighteen month deal is the club's new manager ever center in the bottom half of the premier league table i've been offered a number of jobs between retiring from crystal palace and sort of almost officially retired for the first time i was before and sort of said you never know what might happen so i got offered more jobs when i said i'd be tried in the law for the mill ife australia will be the big favorites to successfully defend their rugby league world title when they take on england in saturday's final australia have won their last twelve games against england including an eighteen four victory in the opening match of this tournament england's coaches accuses opponents of cheating rock rules in the build up to the game in brisbane well it's part of the part of theatre of. big guys in particular so you know they want to win
2:56 am
we want to win so it all adds to you know the driver of a world cup probably walk up far you know so. we're going to slide the rock there you know so that's that and that's the game right but if you win the right well then you're a great chance of being successful so that's. it's pretty simple going right below now the bizarre case of the head but greeting has dominated the build up surrounds him of the ashes series between australia and england the second test coming up in adelaide after australia won the opening test time count since the smith saw the funny side as team a camera bancroft describing headbutted by england's jonny bairstow in a bar weeks earlier best i claimed it was his way of saying hello. i certainly wasn't mocking his team i was certainly laughing at cameron in the way he delivered . the events of what had happened and. i don't know cameron that well yeah i haven't played a lot with him but. he was very dry and. different in the way things came across
2:57 am
and you know i think if you guys got a good laugh out of it as much as i did i'd like to think that. steve has in a good amount of humility about him and he's laughing at the scenario and the comments rather than the situation and things and i think it's important we we sort of just move on really one man most cricketers wouldn't want to head but has been trying his hand at the gang wrestling superstar john cena is in australia meeting sydney thunder players ahead of next month's t twenty big bash lee seen did eventually get the hang of batting but said he didn't really fancy the idea of having a ball which is what i take the ball and it bounces and it hits the top thing and all those things collapse yeah that's what i did one way to get there first of all i don't ever a bit bored me actually being so i think like. and competitors at the mouth and i
2:58 am
saw him per getting ready for the stage of the rice organizers of the legendary. putting on a sister event in south america while stage three was a relatively short. seventy kilometers or route awaits the total route just over two hundred forty kilometers and with the exception of some strictly russian water runners have to carry all the supplies that is always bought. at the many thanks that's it from the i'll be back with more of the day's news though in just a few moments. see the. arts
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