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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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that's a developing feature that's running its way eastwards it's giving some snow across the rockies at the moment but as we head into monday and we sweeping its way across the great lakes giving heavy rain and snow. the weather sponsored by cattle race. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of injured have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm sam is a than this is the news out live from coming up in the next sixty minutes. rebels say they fired a cruise missile towards the u.a.e. as fighting escalates into a fifth day. opting out the u.s. withdraws from a u.n. pact to help refugees and migrants plus. they told me if i went with them they would look after me and help me find a husband alone and afraid girls being solve the sex lives after escaping violence. plus. i'm talia page reporting from cape town on the world's first successful house transplant which happened fifty years ago. and i'm here to stand with the supporters tiger woods is hopes a nice comeback tournament suffer a big blow as he shoots a seventy five at the hero world challenge better more later this hour.
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the rebels in yemen say they fired a cruise missile towards the u.a.e. but i would deny the claim comes as fighting intensifies into a fifth day in the capital that's between the whole things and their former allies forces loyal to the ousted president ali abdullah saleh his party issued a statement in the past hour or so saleh welcomes aphids to reconcile with the whole thing and this criticize what he calls the saudi aggression against yemen hannah hawkster reports. the alliance that control the yemeni capital sana'a was unexpected as it has been violent dozens have been killed or wounded since the fighting began on wednesday between forces loyal to alstead present. and
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the. now salah is calling on yemenis to rise against his former partners. and i call on all the yemeni people in all the cities all the provinces all the districts and neighborhoods to take a united stand to defend the revolution and the republic against this group who have been irresponsibly playing with yemeni people for the past three years robbing the institutions and breaking into government buildings only seek revenge on the revolution and the republic. has called for talks with the saudi led coalition on condition they stop their attacks if the crippling blockade and allow for more humanitarian support coalition statement welcome sollars move saying it would redeem yemen from the evils of iranian terrorist and sectarian militias return it to an arab pure and natural fault but the loosies who are backed by terror own say they still have support from members of sailors political party and addressed directly. feel we used to praise your position in the past
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even though it was one of words only which came with its fair share of. backstabbing disappointment discouragement disobedience and many other problems remain patient but that wasn't enough for you shame on you and a big shame. struck an alliance with the who is these after a popular uprising ended his thirty three year rule in two thousand and twelve he was succeeded by his deputy after robin months who had a who fled to saudi arabia after the takeover in journey two thousand and fifteen and it was there he called an emergency meeting on saturday to discuss the situation with. the saudi led coalition has been fighting to restore heidi to power meanwhile sila says he wants a quick end to the conflict which is a volved into the world's largest humanitarian crisis. the regional analysts believe salah is personally motivated and is looking for
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a future role for him and possibly members of his family in government whatever the case this latest violence is threatening to destabilize the. whole. of the saudi led coalition began its military campaign in yemen in march two thousand and fifteen hours after the houthi rebels and supporters of the former leader ali abdullah saleh pushed out the government of president abdurrahman sall had the saleh was yemen's president for thirty three years he was forced to resign in february two thousand and twelve after months of unrest and handed power over to his deputy of eighteen years. but how this time in power was relatively short in january two thousand and fifteen the rebels took over government buildings in the capital forcing her to to flee to saudi arabia is still the internationally recognized leader of yemen and the saudi led coalition has been fighting to restore him to power. mallika houthi his movement largely promotes the
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sheer minority and is backed by iran or they support us forces been fighting between the two sides in recent days. and risk read is assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london he joins us now on the set so it's rather confusing situation we have the statements we've had the fighting i should say first the last few days between saleh forces and the houthi as we had the statements yesterday by saleh which he seemed to be moving closer to the saudi coalition and now parties saying they want to reconcile with the who fees who's on whose side and that's the big question but you know yemen has always been a dance on a on a snake's head is set himself so lines are shifting quite quickly and it doesn't really matter saleh is someone who is now been dealing with all different sides in order to stay in power he's the one who seems to be the most sustainable petron in this country of different power bases so he was able to work with who this at some
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point working with the iraqis working with the with the saudis you know he's using whatever is necessary to stay in power and he behind the scenes even though how he was one of the guys who was in was in front and was supposed to be the president of the country the he was still in the back salih was still in the back pulling the strings so here's a guy who managed to play the game perfectly and now coming out on top after five years of the pretty much after the arab spring after six years of infighting and thousands of dead people so it is very hard to say who will come out who in the end who will call the shots but sally stefani going to be the one who is going to be on top after all but also talk about this missile this claim of a missile attack on i would always. the hope is a saying they fired a cruise missile is this being seen as credible well i mean they're big pictures on twitter saying you know there are different pieces falling out of falling out of the sky in northern yemen that was supposed to go to a with a cruise missile would not go all the way to be so we would we would talk about the end zone and do the things have cruise missile capabilities not only question of
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the technology but the ability to operate such is the interesting thing is they were relying the who these were in partnership with ali abdullah saleh for the last two years and his foot forces loyal to ali at the. the national guard and the national guard are those who actually had always the the control over the ballistic missile system so they were ballistic missiles in the country that were usually the who these didn't know how to operate but they had support from operatives from iran and they had support from the national guard so the missiles do exist but i don't cruise is a bit different from your sort of scout ballistics i saw a rise likely so that they wouldn't have the reach to go all the way to abu dhabi i think this is a media stunt a narrative stunt trying to you know wind everybody up and showing that they have the intent to very much disrupt which in the end i don't think they have the intent and b. they don't have the capability because they would need a ballistic missile to do that and that would be a game changer had they fired a ballistic missile there was i with that would have completely changed the environment in yemen bringing other people to the table including the americans and
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the west because that would be completely unacceptable talking about changing the environment i mean do you see an opportunity for prasada forces to make some kind of reconciliation with the hoa fees after all of the fighting that's been over the last few days in samarra it always depends on who wants to when there are different so it's a patronage system where ali abdullah saleh was always the primas into power is but there are other people in there who will call the shots as well i do think that there is an opportunity now if. gets embraced by specially the a mirage in the saudis to come out on top and play their you know be their protege be their proxy to fight that bring the war at least in sanaa to an end it won't bring the whole war in yemen to an end because the with it will just go back into grill your mode and insurgency mode and continue fighting in the north in the same way that they have done pre two thousand and one pre two thousand and fifteen which means the yemen war won't be solved but the saudis can go and say look we solved we we liberated sanaa because it's no longer under the reins iran iranian proxy
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control and rescreen thanks so much for coming in thank you. now the u.s. has pulled out of united nations pact designed to improve the handling of refugees and migrants worldwide un member states will gather in mexico on monday for talks on the plan but the u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley says it was inconsistent with the u.s. sovereignty the plan is known as the new york declaration of refugees and migrants or global compact it was signed last year by all one hundred ninety three nations who make up the un general assembly but it is non-binding the goal is to ensure smooth resettlement access to jobs and education for refugees and migrants. doyle from the international organization for migration says he's disappointed the trumpet ministration withdrew. into country really is going to have an impact and is obviously going to disappoint but nonetheless in the
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globalized world there is no doubt around the movement countries have to. coordinate in non-binding way and that's what the compact is all about and there are large. markets in particular and these are the best result. countries operating in the. united states is a really important voice in migration and you know it's. essential and so it's in. its practices of migration to the forefront. it's important that their voice be heard and really disappointed that they're not. now u.s. president donald trump has again insisted there was no collusion between his campaign and russia during last year's election he tweeted that while he fired his national security adviser for lying to the vice president and the f.b.i. michael flynn's actions were lawful flynn admits he lied about contacting the russian ambassador last december adding he was directed to do so by
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a senior member of trump's transition team than easterbrook reports now on how flynn's guilty plea could pave the way for more arrests. outside the white house saturday morning president donald trump wanted to talk more about the new tax plan passed by the u.s. senate then about his former national security advisers russian contacts now about what i think shows no solution no killer has been absolutely has been absolutely no solution so we're very happy and frankly last night was one of the big nights on friday michael flynn pleaded guilty in federal court to lying to the f.b.i. about efforts to obtain advance knowledge of how foreign governments might vote on a u.n. security council resolution regarding israel and about conversations he had with russia's ambassador to the u.s.
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during the presidential transition as part of the deal flynt agreed to cooperate with special prosecutor robert mueller's investigation into russian meddling into last year's presidential election mohler is looking into whether the trump campaign colluded with russia he's also looking into the president's business ties there oh when is the fourth member of the president's inner circle to be charged in connection with the investigation and political analyst eric ham says he's clearly the most significant by michael flynn was a very high profile target both in the campaign and in the white house and so what he's looking to do is bomb muller's looking to steadily move up the food chain he's looking to get bigger fish and so i think he's looking at possibly jared kosher questioner and maybe even the president going forward last winter president trump said he fired flynn just one month into his national security advisory post because he had lied to vice president mike pence about his contacts with russia but the
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president offered another explanation saturday in a tweet saying i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the f.b.i. he has pled guilty to those lies it is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful there was nothing to hide dian us to book al-jazeera washington. now about an hour ago trump denied the asking former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating flynn in a tweet he says i never asked me to stop investigating flynn just more fake news covering another lie tom ackerman joins us live from washington d.c. as well tom that doesn't exactly agree with what komi is had to say now right well it doesn't actually explain the contradiction between what he says now and his
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own remarks out of his own mouth because as you recall after it in an interview right after he fired he was asked why and he said because of the russia thing which is fake which is all fake which is a ruse so it's clear that. he's attempting to separate. flynn the investigation from the russian investigation and of course that appears by all accounts to be part and parcel of the same thing so this is what's again it's confounding it's confusing and sometimes it sounds confused me talking about confusing let's listen in to this sound bite from february sixteenth mike was doing his job he was calling countries and his counterparts so it certainly would have been ok with me if he did it i would have directed him to do it if i thought he wasn't doing it i didn't direct him but i would have directed
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him because that's his job and it came out that way any all fairness i watched dr charles krauthammer the other night say he was doing his job and i agreed with him and since then i've watched many other people say that no i didn't direct him but i would have directed him if he didn't do it. when you start to look at this timeline tom it is getting really confusing here who fired flynn february thirteenth february sixteenth he made that statement saying hadn't done anything wrong now he's saying well he fired him because he had done something wrong he lied to pens and he lied to the f.b.i. what is the white house narrative now on what exactly the president's position is. well that that business about lying to the f.b.i. as a reason for firing him. doesn't quite make logical sense because first of all it's the first mention that he's made of having lied to the f.b.i.
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and what's what's also clear is that his. his his own attorney apparently has been telling reporters that in adding that lying to the f.b.i. that he was just paraphrasing his own comments in the past which is just not not the case beyond that in a subsequent tweet this morning the president has now gone full force against the f.b.i. currently including his own f.b.i. director his his new f.b.i. director christopher ray by saying that the f.b.i. basically had he seizing on a report today that robert mueller the special counsel had removed one of his chief investigators because of alleged pro hillary and tweets to his own mistress and because of that conflict of interest and obvious
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bias that that that shows that the whole investigation is tainted this molar had actually fired this man or a removed him from the investigation several months ago in july and the reports yesterday were that the reason for that were because of that kind of alleged bias and now trump is seizing on that to to to attack the f.b.i. directly his the f.b.i. under the direction of his own appointed director and in addition to that house republicans are now saying that they will file a contempt of congress resolution next week because the f.b.i. . has failed to provide documents that the congress that the house has demanded on exactly what happened. the course of the investigation as well as the so-called dossier which which allegedly. was.
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initiated by democrats and then subsequently by republicans that had supposedly incriminating evidence of so-called collusion between the president and the russians you can see how this one is not going anyway going away anytime soon thanks so much tom ackerman. claymore still ahead on the news hour including tension mounted as the circumspect away. why britain says its nuclear weapons help keep the peace plus. it's beginning to look along like christmas thousands invited to have welcomed the festive season. and the world is laid down a marker ahead of next year's winter olympics we'll have more on that later in this book.
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kuwait is expected to host a meeting of the gulf cooperation council starting on tuesday the region alliance is facing its worst crisis in decades with the blockade of qatar how much has this report. kuwait has been the mediator in the gulf diplomatic crisis that began in early june the country is now getting ready to host a meeting of the gulf cooperation council invitations have been sent out to gulf leaders but it's still not known for sure who will attend since the beginning of the blockade on couple of kuwait's emir. has attempted to end the dispute in october he warned of the potential collapse of the g.c.c. if the crisis continues many analysts agree this is i think the middle quite knows very well that the crisis is actually for
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a long we are going to see probably two blocs within the g.c.c. one is led by saudi arabia and then it. will actually have. to a lesser extent probably kuwait. so we'll be having been to see a lot of that one asked on saturday about the gulf diplomatic crisis at the international mediterranean dialogue conference in rome how those foreign ministers shift mohamed when i'm on a sunny said it was important for countries to work together you need to reach a level of understanding going security principles that everybody is going to appoint and everybody should and should be committed to and then from there we've been. on it on the next system for a lot of the cooperation the foreign minister added that the gulf region is collective security had been threatened by the measures taken by the blockading countries i think the saudis that these invite declaw.
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they have this is something qatar would not do about it has made it to me and many times a by the middle by other they cannot actually accept a thought that they want a negotiation they want. concessions by all sides actually to solve the crisis the blockading countries of saudi arabia the you. way aebischer in an egypt have accused of supporting terrorism maintaining cordial relations with iran and meddling in the internal affairs of their countries allegations the company government has strongly denied other maintains there is no legitimate justification for the actions taken by the four nations calling their decision a violation of its sovereignty the last time father played host to a gulf cooperation council summit it was in two thousand and fourteen back then no one could have foreseen this kind of crisis now just three years later the g.c.c. may have arrived at a defining moment on the cusp of a hugely important summit that many observers believed would not be happening this
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year. now india's opened a new trade route to afghanistan that bypasses pakistan by using an iranian poll the first phase of the poll to iran was inaugurated on sunday india is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the facility which is set to expand shallop ballasts explains its strategic importance. chubb of our ports is the only one iran has on the indian ocean its location is what makes it important the port allows india to bypass pakistan and trading with iran and afghanistan pakistan blocks land based trade between the countries it provides india with a south north trading route that could go as far as russia a test run of wheat from india's dean dale porter distant for afghanistan was a success one month ago n.d.o. now developed her berths at the port and help build a rail line direct to afghanistan not only does this build
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a transport corridor or independent of pakistan and put saran at the heart of the initiative help for the time when the us is moving to isolate iran through diplomatic and economic means india and iran first agreed to develop the port together in two thousand and three but it went nowhere after iran was hit with sanctions fourteen years later the two regional powers of joyed with afghanistan to develop trade beyond their borders. is a policy consultant on iran affairs and chief executive of the center for applied research in partnership with the orient he joins us from dusseldorf good to have you with us so is this project about trade in economics or more about strategic political gain. it certainly has both dimensions to it for iran has always been important to have outreach both to the west and to the east therefore the two thousand and three initiation of this project has already had the
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same logic it has today as to why didn't you run strategic reach so it has economic and political dimensions to it. and how much of a game changer is it for iran in terms of diversifying its trade options. i don't think it's a game changer as such but it certainly gives iran a better a better sense of not being dependent on economic relations to the west in particular but also to its western borders let's say turkey or iraq that has been important trade partners for you iran so far so this new poured together with india will open iran's reach to its eastern borders so to say and maybe even to the further east of its own territory i saw a little bit about what it means for india how important is that trading route from india to central asia through. i think for the iranians it gives them the opportunity to present themselves towards for example
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the europeans as being a trade hard but that could bridge europe to central asia and to far east asia and that is certainly an ambition that the iranians have and they have been having this in their twenty years and konami plan which was adopted in two thousand and five and is now being implemented so this is a sort of goal for iran to have this bridge here but my question is for the indians what's in it for the i mean how important is that trade route to central asia through your behalf for india well ok then i have to admit i am not an expert on indian economics but i assume that for the indians as well they see the potential in the role iran can play as a bridge between iran and central asia and india in iranian relations have always been very pragmatic no diplomat no political obstacles so therefore i think it's
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and it's a good potential for india to develop this port ok thanks so much. there. well pleasure parts of india are preparing for wild weather. appears to be making its way towards the western good gerard state killed at least fourteen people in the south of india coast guard rescued more than two hundred fisherman rafa's it'll bring widespread flooding where it makes landfall. so get some more weather here yeah let's check on that storm have a look at the little bit more detail than let's see where it's been already because it's worked its way over parts of sri lanka and these are pictures out of sri lanka it was the southern part of the island where we saw the worst of the flooding and that's where these pictures are from course we also have flooding in the southern parts of india but it was true lanka that bore the brunt of this storm now the storm itself as this area of cloud here just to the west of india now and it's
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tracking its way slowly towards the north so you can't really make out at the moment but this is the position of it these areas a cloud around it really just the outer fringes there still giving rain but the main problem from the storm the biggest of the strongest of the waves and the strongest winds there in the center you see is already throwing plenty of clouds towards the north that's already curving its way towards future at stake and that's where we think it's going to go so the moment then sustained winds around one hundred fifty kilometers per hour and of course there's gusts of wind on top of that it's working its way northward but it will curve around back towards the northeast and that's where we're expecting it to make landfall so in the southern part of this is normally a dry state at this time of year we wouldn't expect much if any rain during the entirety of december so we're going to get an awful lot of wet weather the winds shouldn't be too much of a problem looks like the winds are going to blow themselves out but we are going to see some heavy rain and potentially
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a fair amount of flooding to. thanks so much staff now still ahead on al-jazeera termonde not to take a back seat will be disabled people who are part of a push for better treatment plus. i'm john hendren on the detroit river in the only floating postal code in the united states. and it spoiled n.h.l. teams are fighting it out in the early part of the season it will have all the details on that. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and. goes the extra mile to use some of the latest in camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be if you know whether it's
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not just sitting behind because it's about getting involved. with the team whenever needed. as a child of political refugees and ways been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera is a space for that. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles. one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time and al jazeera. you're watching our just zero time to recap the headlines this hour the rebels in
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yemen say they fired a missile towards the united arab emirates. denies the claim it comes as fighting between former allied forces and has a fifth day in the capital. the u.s. has pulled out of a u.n. pact designed to help refugees and migrants worldwide says the plan is inconsistent with u.s. sovereignty. u.s. president outram says he never asked former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating is former national security advisor my quit flynn. flynn has admitted he lied to the f.b.i. which is investigating links between trump's team and russian officials during last year's elections. to the crisis in may and now pope francis has defended his statements on the plight of rangar refugees saying he spoke the truth in private the pontiff has faced international criticism for not directly
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addressing the crisis during his visit to me in ma last week the pope didn't use the word rangar until he was in bangladesh where he met refugees who escaped from a crack down. i mean. i was interested in my message getting through so i saw that in my speech if i had used that word the door would have slammed shut but i describe the situation the riots that no one should be excluded citizenship to allow me in my private meetings to go further i was very very satisfied with the discussions i was able to have. meanwhile the influx of ringers to bangladesh has exposed the dark underlying issue at refugee camps and cox bazaar i the agency say young wrangle women are being sold as sex slaves people trafficking is common in the camps for hanging have sought safety for decades charles traffic reports. cartoon is not her real name we call her that to protect her identity the fifteen
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year old ranger refugee says her mother father brother and sister all killed by a multi shell fired by the myanmar military at her village three months ago she says after she escaped by boat to bangladesh two women approached her on the beach saying they could help her instead they sold her into sex slavery. they told me if i went with them they would look after me and help me find a husband khartoum says that up to three weeks of being locked in a house alone she was sold to a bangladeshi man she says the man took her to another house raped and sexually abused her for twelve days. he said i will choke you i will stab you i will kill you do you want to be killed the way the military killed people in me and ma i won't let you go a local aid agency the latest a cartoon but doesn't want to be named said its staff working with trafficking
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victims have received death threats from criminal gangs operating in the refugee camps the head of the organization told us riggins you girls some as young as thirteen are being taken by the traffickers it's thought some have been smuggled abroad. hasina begum and her family have been living in a refugee camp in bangladesh since fleeing an early a crackdown by the mia military in the one nine hundred ninety s. . a teenage girl was kidnapped on the way to school the kidnappers were wearing a woman's neck out to cover their faces that's why they went recognized. sex and labor trafficking networks have existed in the camps for years but more than six hundred twenty thousand rangers have arrived here in the last couple of months and at least sixty percent of them are children and aid agencies having to focus on the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance at this stage so the trafficking situation is getting worse. with so many vulnerable people coming into
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a small area in such a short space of time. it's definite almost but it's increased there's been recruiters here in cox's desire bangladesh previous to this influx and we know that they're getting more business and that new criminal networks have sort of kicked into action we have to start addressing us and we have to do it now urgently after twelve days the man who bought culture returned to the two women who sold her they left her in the refugee camp where she now lives with a woman who found her alone in the froid. strafford al-jazeera culture is bizarre when with the. it's fifty years since the world's first successful heart transplant the operation was carried out by dr christiane barnard at a hospital in cape town south africa where transplant technique had first been used on a dog in the u.s. a decade before dr bernard was the first human to human transplant during the
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operation the heart from a twenty five year old woman who was given to a fifty three year old man despite its success the patient louis where can ski died of pneumonia eighteen days later his new heart function normally until his death but the anti rejection drugs weakened his immune system this led to the development of better transplant drugs dr bernard went on to perform more procedures by the late one nine hundred seventy s. many of his patients were living up to five years with their new hearts. that first heart transplant operation still generating groundbreaking ideas today turn your page reports. brought to scale hospital is home to a museum dedicated to the world's first heart transplant it happened in this room under the steady hand of dr christiane who died in two thousand and one the surgery has barely changed in fifty years what has of course dramatically changed is the
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postoperative immunosuppression post-operative care and that led to for norman survival rate you have seventy eighty percent of transplant patients living after ten years in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the first transplant triggered a debate on whether it was ethical all not letters written at the time show a mixed response to the surgery one doctor in the former yugoslavia describes it as the most important event in the history of the human spirit a man in turkey wants to send everyone on the surgical team a new pair of shoes congratulations but some were negative as well one man a stray or has found a complaint with the place he thanks the operation was illegal and this woman and italy say it never men shall be able to replace a human heart as man can't replace god as well half a century later
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a lack of education and awareness continues to prevent people from bridges storing as organ donors but without them none of these men would be alive today three of them have new hearts the fourth a transplanted kidney we don't have a very strong tradition of people becoming organ donors so why not consider living on through somebody else and giving somebody else a second chance and to weigh in a little is one legacy of dr bonnets pioneering surgery is inspiration the cardiology team at the hospital where he worked is continuing to break new ground just launching a new plastic heart valve that could revolutionize the treatment of remeasured heart disease the significance of what we do now is a practical significance because we talk about thirty three million patients. who would otherwise that these trainee nurses have come to be inspired by dr. by
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looking at the fist six hots he transplanted some see the vital organ as the same to all of our emotions others as a pump but it's only understood as well as it is because of dr and his teeny tiny page cape town. there's a demand for fair a treatment of disabled people in lebanon because laws protecting them are rarely followed the call comes as the world today of persons with disabilities to raise awareness of their rights reports from beirut. says the best word to describe him would be competitive. several times a week he comes to this basketball court in central beirut to practice drills he's part of a wheelchair basketball league and also takes part in marathons over the years has won dozens of medals and trophies and says his disability which combines into a wheelchair has never stopped him from succeeding. i have challenged my disability
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and i have challenged this society when i ask every person with a disability to fight and face these obstacles because if we don't fight we will. use of his part of the lebanese welfare association for the handicapped that campaigns for the rights of disabled people according to government statistics around four hundred thousand lebanese live with disabilities and although legislation has been passed to protect them the laws are rarely enforced. those with physical challenges aren't the only ones who are fighting for rights and acceptance those struggling with other disability see big too often ignored and excluded. works in administration at a high end bathroom and kitchen design store in central beirut he was born with down syndrome and has been working there for the past four years charbel says he loves his job and.
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have. had. runs the company he says some of his staff were initially uncomfortable with the idea of having a colleague who is disabled something he believes is common for most workplaces in lebanon but soon after she started working there attitudes began to change which had been. for all of us he's a catalyzer of good spirit of joy. and we had any feeling great and they for force had been that among us. says despite all of his awards and medals because of his disability he still doesn't feel fully accepted by society and that others like him are still too often excluded from work and other opportunities which is why until that changes to do is
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fight for the rights of all disabled people in lebanon. al-jazeera beirut. now the award ceremony for the nobel peace prize is due to be held in the summer the tenth picking up the award is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can the groups dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons now looking at the nuclear status of countries in the days leading up to the ceremony in oslo the united kingdom was the third in the world to obtain nuclear weapons british scientists played a key role in developing the first atomic devices but now the strong moral and political opposition to retaining its nuclear arsenal part of the phillips reports from london inside the control room tension mounted as the seconds ticked away.
4:43 pm
a weapon so terrible that britain argued then and now it helps guarantee peace nine hundred fifty two it explodes its first nuclear bomb off the coast of australia today its nuclear weapons are exclusively just for supper means at least one of which is always armed at a secret location at sea britain builds the bombs on the submarines but the missiles come from the united states. if relationships between united states united kingdom broke down to such an extent the united states was no longer willing to continue to maintain. then over time. some stage after a number of years probably in the case of. we would have to give up our nuclear force or build our own. maintenance capability. this is the site west of london where britain's nuclear weapons are made and it's here that they have been
4:44 pm
made for many decades and during all that time this place has been a focus of protest from peace marches in the fifty's and sixty's to the nearby peace camps of the eighty's amongst all the nuclear states opposition to these weapons has been greatest if britain and prime ministers have preferred to retain an element of doubt as to whether that ever used them which made this debate so unusual. prepared. hundred thousand innocent men women and children. yes. the whole point of a deterrent is that our enemies need to know that we would be prepared. but the leader of the opposition a much more hesitant. to. use any circumstances where anyone's are prepared to use a nuclear weapon. it's disastrous for the whole planet although most british m.p.'s
4:45 pm
do believe that the threat of use makes britain safer the only time there has been a nuclear weapon strike in the world was a time when only one nation held that capacity and so it is in being able to be part of overall nuclear security as we push towards a nuclear free world which is really important that the u.k. can play its most effective role in other words in an unstable world don't expect britain to give up its nuclear weapons any time soon to be phillips al jazeera london. next in our series will be exploring china's nuclear power to include chemical and nuclear weapons but the number of nuclear warheads in china's arsenal is a state secret with that story later on al-jazeera. christmas decorations have gone off in the occupied west bank in what's believed to be the birthplace of jesus christ. the lights were switched on in
4:46 pm
bethlehem's manger square next to the church of the nativity it marks the start of a season of celebrations that draws thousands of visitors each year for a force that is their. main just getting. our by twenty seventeen this of course is an event about much more than that it's about the start of the christmas season the lighting of the christmas tree but politics aren't far away the marabout talking about how. it is besieged on all sides by illegal israeli settlements prime minister the palestinian authority rami and i'm also here and talking about an issue. on the agenda in the news the possibility the likelihood even the united states is going to recognize to the capital of israel. if america declares to the capital of israel or move the u.s.
4:47 pm
embassy to jerusalem the whole region will be plunged into further instability and it will destroy any chance of peace. the palestinian prime minister went on to light the christmas tree making the point that there had to be space carved out of the museum and happiness even in sight circumstances and there is a good deal of that on this play here tonight the december season the christmas season is vitally important here in bethlehem for the tourist numbers for the economy and of all of the four thousand beds that there are here no tells all of them a booked out for the whole of the summer that is a a scene that's been seen across the occupied west bank where tourist numbers are significantly out so there is some optimism here and officially the start of the christmas is. still ahead and al jazeera paper will have all the action from the triple crown of surfing and why that and more sport coming up after the break.
4:48 pm
when we managed the financial system between one nine hundred forty five one thousand nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand nine hundred eighty one the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sufferance why because behind the sovereign millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalisation of finance just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be. too ready is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went look after my interest then i would look for a strong if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face.
4:49 pm
all right time to catch up and all the sports the specially the golf right peter that's quite right so i mean that's where we'll start tiger woods has all but faded from contention in his comeback tournaments in the bahamas woods is playing competitively for the first time in ten months since having a fourth back surgery in april the fourteen time major champion began round three of the hero wooll chan just five shots off the lead but he failed to handle the blustery conditions at the albany golf club bogeying four of the first seven holes on saturday he ended the day with a five of a power round of seventy five leaving him ten shots behind leader charlie hoffman of the u.s.
4:50 pm
the american coped best with the weather shooting one of only five under par rounds and he will take a five shot lead over justin rose and jordan speed into the final day yeah it was it was a rough start. whatever i did write up in a bad spot and whatever did wrong it was really wrong. i just couldn't get a turn or turned around and gone the wrong way it's nice to be part of the fight again you know get out there and fight against a golf course fighting a surprise that's fun and i just haven't done a whole lot in the last few years in the english premier league manchester united moved within five points of the top spot with a win that fourth placed aswell you know i had got off to the ideal start with two goals in the first fifteen minutes from antonio valencia and jesselyn guard arsenal then four one back but a second from lynn god helped united seal a three one win. so i think the game was fantastic it's in relation to my team missing amazing individual performances collect leaves really very very strong and
4:51 pm
i couldn't be happier with with what the boys did. i started these ten years as everton manager with a two know when the overhead is filled tottenham draft more points drawing one one with watford they do though move up to sixth position thanks to burnley's defeat at leicester liverpool hit brighton for five and they are fourth in the table so matches the city will be looking to restore their eight point lead at the top of the standings paper as men are at home on sunday against west ham united but in the early game which is just kicked off bournemouth and self-employed doing battle it's no no in the match as we speak and for the second day in a row rain is interfering in the second ashes test between australia and england in adelaide the us is only a declared on four hundred forty two for eight thanks to an unbeaten one hundred twenty six by shaun marsh england were twenty nine for one before the rain arrived to call an early end to play in this first ever daylight ashes test match one man
4:52 pm
the tourists could do with his all rounder been suspended from national duty he made a poor return debuting for canterbury in new zealand the all round it was out for true and failed to take away kit stokes hadn't played since september and has been barred from england duty after being arrested for an incident outside of my club virat kohli has hit a second double to century in as many test matches as india tighten their grip on the three match series against sri lanka and the indians are one of the up and looking good in delhi at stumps on day two kohli's two hundred forty three is third century of the series helped india to five hundred thirty six or seven declared the sri lankans reached one hundred thirty one for three by the close of play with a lot of work still to do and unwilling to in the west indies close day three of the first test against new zealand on two hundred fourteen for two earlier the hosts posted five hundred twenty four nine declared after the windies were skittled
4:53 pm
for one hundred thirty four when their first innings and new zealanders still lead by one hundred and seventy two runs. in the n.b.a. le bron james scored the cleveland cavaliers lost thirteen points to lead his team to victory over the memphis grizzlies on saturday it's an eleventh straight win for cleveland elsewhere the milwaukee bucks and sacramento kings were involved in a close affair giana sente combo contributed thirty three points on the night for the facts chris middleton added twenty five and eric bledsoe schooled eighteen as milwaukee actually lead by twenty points at one stage in the third quarter and held a twelve point advantage in the fourth zach randolph twenty two points lead the charge for sacramento to heal they had nineteen but in the end it was not enough the bucs running out of one hundred nine one hundred four winners. in the n.h.l. alex ovechkin scored is nineteenth goal of the season as the washington capitals defeated the columbus blue jackets four three meanwhile the boston bruins kept their playoff hopes alive with a three mil win over the philadelphia flyers but not before wayne simmons and kevin
4:54 pm
miller got to know each other a little bit better that was before the goals were scored boston still have a lot of work to do there they are three wins behind the capitals and the new york islanders. and the minnesota wild kept themselves in early playoff contention as well in the western conference but they needed overtime to defeat the st louis blues to one. from the ice to the snow now where olympic and world champion slalom skier mikaela shiffrin the first ever world cup downhill skiing victory on friday just a day after achieving her first downhill podium in only her fourth ever race in the discipline the twenty two year old completed the course in one minute twenty seven point five five seconds schifrin now leads the women's overall world cup standings as well as the downhill standings. over in germany snowboarding zbig a world cup continued this is one of the events which will make its debut at the winter olympics eighteen year old norwegian marcus was the men's winner in the
4:55 pm
third round here and switzerland so many triumphed in the women's event it's the first time she's been at the top of the podium. how wise famous sunset beach played host to the second event in the prestigious season ending triple crown of surfing on saturday the usa is conor kaufman tourists winning the four man final heat with the best score fourteen point three three out of twenty. and the second formerly erased of the season has ended in controversy the race in hong kong forming an opening weekend double header in the electric chair project daniel agger passed of the finish line first however he was disqualified for not having the correct stickers displayed only. this means that felix rosenquist was awarded first place. and that's all the sports. now the end of the holiday fair it is a busy time for postal service is across the world people send possibles and caused
4:56 pm
but those deliveries easier to make in some areas than others john hundred went to find out about the challenges faced by one of the more unique postal services in the u.s. . welcome to the world's only floating postal code than the way we go. when cargo ships from around the globe travel the great lakes this boat brings mail and a lifeline will become alongside or just be about us for if that's all right i'll be fine and they don't even have to stop somewhere between detroit and windsor canada a makeshift mailbox plunges down the freighters sun when he returns with the daily post. in an instant it's over. there on your porch. through december if you're on an international freighter going down the detroit river this is the only way to get your mail and while every other postal code in
4:57 pm
the u.s. is fixed zip code for eight to two to goes wherever this boat goes this is captain . in eight hundred seventy four jim hogans great grandfather started using a rowboat to ferry messages supplies and later mail to passing ships a century later the fourth generation owner got the call they had found an opening in the middle of that summer and said hey i need you this afternoon and one thing led to another and here i am forty four years later so the importance of continuing it in the family is what really makes sense to me now there is no business quite like it throughout the world and in major ports there are boats who do deliveries to ships. but the wescott is the only one of its kind that is pacifically. extension of the u.s. post office it's got its own zip code it's its own boat and frankly knowing the crew there they're pretty unique to the company has delivered everything from pizza
4:58 pm
to a donkey this ship sank during a stormy delivery in two thousand and one killing two crew members now the family business is expanding for delivering groceries to some of the ships that go by and i also would like to get a few other boats to do some other. charter things if possible just in time for the fifth generation. john hendren al jazeera detroit. that's it for me for this news hour back with more news that stay with us. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate
4:59 pm
a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull off worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse now marianna uses a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passages only and run by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers facing the realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation through which we can bring
5:00 pm
a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we needed the ball but some of my producers just the hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion a lie about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. yemen's houthi rebels say they fired a cruise missile toward.


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