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tv   Jakarta School Brawl  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2017 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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in the same breath about his contacts with russia's ambassador. in a second tweet meanwhile the president attacked the f.b.i. he said its reputation was in tatters and called it the worse than history. democratic senator dianne feinstein says a senate investigation into u.s. russia links is also revealed a possible obstruction of justice case. i see it in the hyper frenetic attitude of the white house comments every day the continual tweets that. and i see it most importantly in what happened with the firing director komi and it is my belief that that is directly because he did not agree to lift the cloud of the russian vest a geisha that's obstruction of justice syrian government there strikes have targeted the mask province at least six people were killed they are being while two
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others that i had in her arrest. and the u.s. says it will set its own policies on migration after withdrawing from my un pact designed to improve the handling of refugees and migrants globally the us ambassador to the un to haley says the global compact on migration is inconsistent with u.s. policies that set one on. on the streets of jakarta hundreds of high school students armed themselves ready to
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fight. these brawls go on for hours maybe a trail of blood and that are going. to lease parents and principals are the last to explain the war. on steve chat on this episode or one of many as we go to the frontlines of these teenage battles to fight. you know why so many kids are willing to fight and even kill their fellow students. to. check his. whole being a sex. object he bent. my. back. yes he did. street rules among students have been
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a custom an intern easier for decades but these regular fights between rival schools known as tower on have now evolved into something much more sinister. over the past five years more than one hundred thirty pupils have died in nearly eight hundred drools in and around jakarta. the school should be about learning and growing as people as a place to plan violence are not a student. problem skokie is why best to leave the classroom. they call even. and stage straight back to us things. despite the premeditated crashes sometimes even for the death. mohammed billy abil loved football and when he left school he wanted to join the
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army. he started high school last september but his new school. didn't want to send her son but she had no choice it was the only school in the area that she could afford. when i knew we knew. our values a lot i'm. thinking talked. about. this how. did you have. to. assume. that. i'm not willing ability. to go up on a. daily
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wanted to fit in so when an after school brawl was arranged via text messages he headed straight. to a fight just like this one. when the violence attract an audience of fellow students who post then videos online. on the day billy joined to find his song he too was outnumbered. they lost and he was stopped several times. nearby residents tell me about that day. night after night with some of. them and i
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never got. no you know. they searched for billy hunter back of the family completing heavenly. money and your fellow man let us have you here they have all night. for all you know what i don't know. for myself that the one from body that if that be a part of my death got about what i would like that's all. i was going up on but i get that. light. at billy's home his mom sensed something was terribly wrong but. it wasn't. no longer was alone going to. go about. that i want to.
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call on the or the door so. you didn't think you saw. bill indeed glad that the ticket that i'll play that beat. billie had been stabbed in the chest abdomen and buttocks by the time the paramedics arrived he bled to death. and anyone. his loss has devastated his mother leaving her desperate to find out why it happened. she even thinks she knows who did it. you have a name on this post it knows why do you think this boy is responsible.
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if. the police have done anything to find. and his mates are in the twelfth grade of another jakarta high school and the seasoned street fighters. young were you when you actually first. i thought about why those. are. the last spot the bungler why do you get involved in street brawl and why is it that you get so young. for danny me see. i'm and i mean the bottom can
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you explain a little bit about how you were ranged to me for the fighting and. law and establishment and well meaning you know what in the long run i want peace. i don't know right now so no. no no take on me if i were. in traffic club jakarta the parks are a place to exercise and relax. but for the street fights as they offer something more. decades the kids did yesterday to fight with fists but nowadays they use weapons and one of the school kids was telling me that i hide those weapons in parks like this because i can't take them to school and this is his and this is why kids are now dying.
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told me in a debate about the for the weapons that you use the choice of weapons and he would you know that they're just sort of senior to that you have to have to use certainly and following that no. one need food so what i. mean and i want to kind of last me pull. me from something any something that a young child what i would you know. being an unusual. i don't believe how this one i mean you know when you think out of time snooty but on. the scene is tell the younger students the time around is a right of passage is how you prove that you are now a man. is it the intention to kill the other kids just stop what you're talking that's enough. but it's not going. to why. do you think. people are
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just going to people doing it. in another neighborhood in jakarta another family grieves the loss of a teenage son. and. was seventeen when his group was ambushed by a rival school gang in twenty fourteen. when his mother. had the news she rushed to the hospital.
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when you see a book us. go. to long. with. that are. listed as critical he was due to have an operation at nine the next morning. he died just hate the police were quick to investigate these matter two boys were arrested and charged. he's mother went to court and so was an convict and sentenced to three years in prison.
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do you feel there was some sort of justice for i'll do them. that now but alas i don't but. yeah but what if. that piece of yeah what i called up but even when i'm young i was out of them when i got up but when you're up on what i was if you go on more. than that we don't know. that we've been at it but i got myself. up i mean what a couple i get. a little tells me how she asked the police to look for the other youths involved in her son's fatal beating she says the officers told her she would have to pay for the investigation to continue. i arranged to meet
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a police spokesman and ask him about his claim. but your reaction to the ha yeah i mean. if the moment i want to have a look at that press out of hand i got out of three of us actually it had to do us to get actual gun so that we see our sourcing i brought over by. a lawyer for me she did elements of the glass house when i got farther. along with able. to broaden my game. of the law get out of the box and when i watch it on a couple of the one that did i doubted that i was the last one of the eleven to see another one but when he died. to the modern mother and what do you. while the police deny asking for money to work on a case they do up make it that it's often difficult to gather evidence to convict street brawlers including those who killed audi billy. hostess because.
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of a name that she was given at the time is the chief suspect by the police can you tell us if anybody in particular has been arrested has been questioned there being a line that you cannot account for the guy there that i was. there with or. yeah i thought i'll go out with that and if i do that is i just actually yeah yeah . yeah yeah. so as as you can do i was actually i look at it that i have and so that sounds like a tie then does that mean she's very unlikely to see anybody. brought to justice for his death. by john darwin take it as was in may. with the police struggling to punish the offenders i go to richard carter high
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school to ask the principal how he deals with the street brawls. level and what about the much start the process but enough he didn't have the police. then. on top of the hour plus this is why we. watch stop seeing. someone and they see betty from what i hear yet and i wonder what i knew. but he is the first to admit they are struggling to understand why fight start in the first place. but the friendship turned into going see. there with. him or see. it but. given all of the bandanna see the world around
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a former pupil our freshman believes he knows the route he's written a book about his own street brawling and talks to students about how it's through his life of course. i would run a policy of it in my name but. not in anger and i'm on the run i'm going to have a mass i guess having enough beer but i'm you know. i would i'm glad that it was a bit out of yeah but it's. not my idea of the. media and that's about all that anybody. being in want to do can actually. be someone had a gun i must follow. her but i am filing but i knew my one. young woman. i think it's about prestige about rite of passage to being a man how do you stop that when it's part of the needs and culture. of another now
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what are you going to die you're a last minute. a bad idea i didn't go out so i get up with. my guy in the last minute and i'm young. enough for life to line us about ghosts of what was on the bottom by data but i am indebted to him but i'm indebted to them not enough on what i would add to our development. and i'm going to. give you i am not a mom. then scholar or mommy thought i would i'm glad that it was alerted problem for the reason i see what i mean. two months. by the end of august is one year i'm gonna go learn it on a restart and that's all i need to and that's on. this group psyche means greater confidence and violent. and sometimes death leaving families broken.
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i come back to billy's neighborhood after a phone call from his mother. she's given up waiting for the police to find her son's killer but she's tracked down a friend of the boy she thinks is responsible. she's asked us to go with her she wants to confront his friend to see if she can find out why the boy humor these and us lives and then we can go back. i think. we will the rest of the way to the friend's house. or billy's mom pleads for his help.
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so this is the friend. over the boy she believes killed her son he's now promised to take her to think about boyd to see the guy she wants to confront. the friend who was also in the brawl when billy died doesn't want to be identified but he agrees to show her the house of the suspect. and one was to get to you so i was not going to look at it. i don't have to give a damn i like what we found out i was. well i don't i will i know that i'm sorry that he was about. the messiah with my i'm going to i'm going to see what i was hired back and we honestly i don't mean to do it bad i'm not saying. that i won't. go so i'm not going to but that will be one of the you know.
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we had into the district asking for the house of the boy she wants to confront but the friend who promised to help now says he's not sure where the boy lives so we go to the community leaders house. was a. little bit of that about you. know what and why not just. because the district leader to ask for help at that one would want to talk about. all of them all of that under god or did not at. all go to court for so. yes that was about among. all of the first look younger. yeah.
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he was. on. the phone but. come up with the. fact. that none of us knew about was a top of the however i think i would however have not had the pop. up. but just moments after being told the boy she believes killed her son has been arrested she discovers it's not him. i'm. not that person out not to. do that i mean look i want to go do what we have. already started to. happen we don't want to
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see i don't i'm one of. the community leader then suggests we meet the district leader he spoke to on the phone to see if he can help track down this family. know how he is now pinning all her hopes on the district leader he arrives but he's not pleased to see house with her. and his mother starts to re-explain how she can only find some peace if she can confront the boy the police say killed her son but the latest says unless she has the correct address he cannot help. he isn't going to help.
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me. i'm sorry sorry. very. there seems to be a general acceptance of these street brawls by many here a rite of passage for teenage boy is this attitude needs to change if these fatal brawls are to be stamped out early in the schools and the police are really struggling to work out why the tower on the breaks out and indeed how to stop these boys from street fighting but that doesn't always the compulsively have an impact and get through to them is a mother who's lost
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a song in the fight saying. yeah . you know i know you. have heartbreak biology's mother. but the power. and. after around
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a little found a school i say he'd written on the very day he died it sounds like a premonition. was like my final after. this afternoon was to scariest after my life i don't feel the pain anymore. if only i could turn back time. eagle hunters still roam uncle years rugged mountains but how long can their culture survive the modern world went to a nice meets those determined to save their ancient connection to the magnificent golden eagle at this time when al-jazeera.
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around the world. in syria citizens are collecting evidence i know about it there has shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria and go six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al jazeera. on counting the cost the goldilocks oil price is there such a thing as the perfect price of crude for consumers and produces financial bubbles and big point loss the future of job creation in africa the only continent where the young outnumber the counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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