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try shooting themselves and the other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war with the city journal security sure the people who pay the price clearly there writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize in an exclusive interview with the winning delegation from the award ceremony in oslo al jazeera asks whether banning these devastating weapons could finally lead to complete disarmament on al-jazeera. iran calls on the whole things in yemen's former president to reunite.
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on sam is a than this is out there a live from also coming up. well i'll be careful for you mr president i'm parched that's. tweeting about the f.b.i. rusher investigation. an uneasy calm in honduras as people await the results of the disputed presidential elections. and the u.s. and south korea hold military exercises sending a clear signal to the north. the rebels in yemen say they fired a cruise missile towards the united arab emirates but i would not be is denying the claim that fighting back after former president ali abdullah saleh called for talks
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with the saudi led coalition to end the war now the houthi say salles call amounts to treason the former allies have been fighting coalition forces since march two thousand and fifteen shallow ballasts reports. a missile launching from yemen i didn't bring nuclear reactor at least that's what hootie fighters say is happening in this video uploaded by the military media center. has been a large of a range rocket of the crew towards a life military target important to the coordination of the iraqi military internally the former president. and his militias to create division inside yemen despite the fact that they were unable to sustain any military political or economic gains in yemen. abu dhabi denies this video was authentic saying there was no missile launch or interception what can be verified is fighting in the
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capital sana'a. five days of combat between former allies former president ali abdullah saleh and the dozens have been killed. in alliance with the who think he's after a popular. uprising ended his thirty three years roll in two thousand and twelve together they took control of santa now they're tearing the city apart. snipers are on rooftops and residential areas tanks replace commutes on city streets the u.n. says fighting is so severe medical teams cannot get to the injured and people cannot leave their homes this report see a win is trying to evacuate at least one hundred forty aid workers but fighting has cut off the road they have also being coalition airstrikes on sana airport. the coalition bolstered by the new support of the former presidents have doubled down on the iranian backed who think it's the iranian embassy was hit by
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a rocket on saturday and then who think controlled territory in yemen's north the coalition air strike killed at least a dozen people. that they targeted my house while there were eighteen to twenty guests my whole family was inside as well as all our cattle everything is gone there's nothing left. but tehran has told salai to rejoin the who the alliance against the coalition says he just wants a quick game to the conflict which is a volved into the world's largest humanitarian crisis where his motivations or power play are as unclear as whether the who things really did more to miss on abu dhabi ballasts al jazeera. well the conflict in yemen has its origins in the failure of a political transition following the two thousand and eleven arab spring the uprising forced out longtime president ali abdullah saleh and triggered
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a complicated struggle for power hoda abdel-hamid explains. in many ways the conflict in yemen underlines the contradictions and rivalries of a post arab spring middle east it was all about reinstating the authority of. the heady the internationally recognized yemeni president he had risen to power after the popular uprising in two thousand and eleven taking over from his boss. who had led the country for three decades had to struggle to impose his authority in a country riddled with property the spread of armed groups and corruption he also couldn't fend of the rising influence of the who thiis who had taken control of the northern province of saddam and the capital sanaa. once at odds the iranian backed who these and deposed president who still had the support of many in the military became allies and were planning a total takeover of the country. but more than two years later neither side appears
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close to achieving a military victory and the political cards are being shuffled once again the tactical alliance between the who sees and supporters was fragile at best both being highly suspicious of each other's motives but united by the same desire to overthrow the had the administration former president ali abdullah saleh now says he's open to talks with the saudi led coalition if it will put an end to the fighting and the blockade while they need to lift the blockade and open the airport and allow food and medicine into the country we will open a new page for them for dialogue what is happening in yemen is an elf. this turnaround effectively puts an end to the partnership with those who sees their leader criticize the move as an attempted coup he's very charismatic in the way that he knows how to to actually go out of his way change one hundred eighty
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degrees and be very pragmatic in who he. goes into a coalition with and that showed that once again if it suits him of the timing is right he will do what is necessary to remain in power it's about regime security and he's very good at that the prime with the who this is that they're an ideological player so they do have a clear belief system they believe in something they have an ideological objective they want to achieve and solid doesn't have that for solid it's pure about purely about interests and it's about establishing or maintaining his power base as president saleh was a close saudi ally and full several times he's also known as a man of great survival x. friends have once again too and into enemies and flows into new. living head the illegitimate president of yemen in the cold but that there are. both democratic and republican politicians a warning u.s. president against his constant tweeting on the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election on sunday trump tweeted that he
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never asked former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating is former national security advisor michael flynn he blamed so-called fake news for covering lies komi testified in june trump had spoken to him about letting flynn go through in this proven guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia he insists he was asked to do so by a senior member of trump's transition team and the second tweet frezza didn't trouble also launched an attack on the f.b.i. itself he said its reputation is in tatters and called the organization the worst in history. i see it in the hyper frenetic attitude of the white house comments every day the continual tweets that. and i see it most importantly in what happened with the firing director komi
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and it is my belief that that is directly because he did not agree to lift the cloud of the russian vest occasion that's obstruction of justice bunnies to broker has more from washington d.c. well these tweets always seem to get the president in trouble and this tweet from yesterday was especially problem because up until yesterday the president claimed that he fired mike flynn back in february because he lives of vice president mike pence about these conversations with the russians now yesterday in the tweet he indicated that he actually fired him as well because of lying to the f.b.i. which raises the question what did the president know did he know that the f.b.i. was in fact investigating flynn and that is why senator dianne feinstein raised the question of obstruction of justice because a couple of days after flynt was fired the president asked former f.b.i.
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director james comey to go easy on him because he was a good guy now today the white house is saying that actually the president didn't fashion that tweet yesterday that that came from an attorney and the last people within the president's own party are telling him to go easy on the tweeting i would just say this is for us and there's an ongoing criminal investigation comey may be part of it you tweeting comment regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril i would be careful for you mr president i've watched this and lindsey graham said that he didn't think that the f.b.i. was dysfunctional although he did raise questions as to whether when lying to the f.b.i. constituted a crime. residents in the honduran capital to go preparing for more protests following this treated presidential election. a week of violent clashes that left three people dead in fighting between opposition supporters and security forces
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they were actual commission is yet to declare a winner as of now president hollande orlando has a man this is now only ahead of opposition candidate salvador nostalgia his supporters say some of the results of the manipulative nighttime curfew has been imposed across the country our correspondent nine year old paolo is in the capital to go. protestors made their way across the city of taking on sunday answering a call by opposition leaders who have asked supporters across the country to march there are thousands of people on the streets of the city demanding that the national elections commission coming up with the decision they're also calling for under president going to monday london to step down. demonstrators express a general mistrust of the national elections commission making the job of international observers all the more valuable. we won the recount to be fair no
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matter who wins we will accept it but not with election fraud. we want to allow him to be president we want to wait. we want to remove this repressive government the people of honduras have woken up and we are tired of what's been done to us over the last eight years. there's a large military presence in the city and forcing a strict six p.m. curfew the hundred military's response to wave of violence and looting that gripped the country in recent days at least three people were killed and dozens others injured it's now been a week since the general election and while peace has returned to the city the concern remains that as long as the political limbo continues violence could spark up once again. that was you got less than a week after north korea tested a missile it says it capable of reaching the united states south korea and the u.s. are putting on a show of force joint military drills are on the way and there's plenty of
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impressive hardware on display it's a clear message to the north which the white house national security advisor has labeled the greatest threat to the world. as kathy novak has more from outside south korea's airbase in pyongyang take. i'm outside the u.s. also on air base and we have seen a number of fighter jets flying in and out it's all part of the biggest ever joint u.s. south korean air drills they're part training and part show of force against north korea which of course just on wednesday launched its most advanced ever intercontinental ballistic missile now these drills were planned before that launch took place they take place every year and they always anger north korea which calls them i refer saw for invasion and indeed before these drills went ahead the north korean foreign minister said that the u.s. was begging for nuclear war by staging an extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the
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korean peninsula now these adrenals involve f. twenty two stealth fighter jets f. thirty five and also all together about two hundred thirty warplanes from the u.s. and south korea and also about twelve thousand personnel are taking part former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik says he's still considering a presidential bid although he says he needs to explore the options sure feet made the comments on him gyptian television his first appearance since arriving in cairo on saturday last week while in the united arab emirates he announced he was intending to run in next year's election a few hours later he issued another video statement saying he was not free to travel his family said they fear they'd been kidnapped which has since denied us is a strong supporter of egypt's incumbent leader of the fatah sisi. family is an associate professor of political science at long island university she says since his return to egypt should seems less sure of his presidential ambitions. he and
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the regime were caught off guard by the happiness of the ascii that is you know there's going to be an election next year in each year for president and so having another candidate would give the election some kind of credibility however to be a broad to announce his candidacy he had also said on tuesday that he wanted to have moral core of the egyptian diaspora community now this is important in the last two thousand and twelve election where he ran getting the vote for example in gypsies in the united states gypsies in europe egyptians in saudi arabia getting the diaspora to me to vote was really important and so now that he has come home or been sent home or it's interesting that this part is no longer part in play and so it's easier to gain sympathy when you're abroad but now when you're of whom you actually have to play by the rules that the region is clean clase in so the
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interview that you talked about earlier of the dream t.v. interview the host where the brushy has to be on a telephone interview today even if you almost heard prime minster's i think backtracking from his tenet was saying well now like here i need to see what the gypsum people want and so we're starting to see a power play of what exactly is this seems that both the c.c. and since we were caught off guard. still to come on al-jazeera a lot. of reports the u.s. president plans to recognize jerusalem the capital of israel. i'm told on my. life i love my. job i want to.
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will find cold air ready to cross central parts of the u.s. the over the next couple of days. of lake effect snow as well as a firm ounce of the moment just easing across the rockies beneath this mass supplanting that will drive its way through the northern plains towards midwest as we go on through monday some heavy downpours certainly a possibility and on the other side of the southerly wind where we pick up that moisture it gets dumped over the colder and colder ground into central and eastern parts of canada one terrier quebec seeing a fair bit of snow over the next that will just make a little further race was clouding over full the eastern seaboard but still getting out into double figures fifteen sixteen seventeen degrees for new york and for the say we'll see a similar body there for san francisco last we can see some fine and dry and bright and sunny weather there for the pacific northwest and western parts of canada well
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the dry bright and sunny weather to into the caribbean at the moment. will push a few showers towards the west of the caribbean panama regular costa rica still seeing some rather lively showers as we go through monday and on into tuesday heavy downpours you know just across southern parts of the region by that stage but looking fine and dry for the greater antilles i'm not too bad weather east. the fact. more hopeless on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to a bell now it's a race against time to try to save a species i think chrysler is in the margins he planned they've all extinction techno this tour.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines the rebels in yemen say they fired a cruise missile towards the united arab emirates the u.a.e. is denying its territory has been targeted brown is calling on the who thiis and ousted president ali abdullah saleh to rican sile after the former allies started fighting on wednesday. both democratic and republican politicians are warning u.s. president donald trump against his constant tweeting say take talking about the investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's election could land him in trouble. residents in the honduran capital to be preparing for more protests
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following the disputed presidential election country's military is imposing a nationwide curfew for the third night in a row incumbent president is slightly ahead in the vote count but the opposition says the process has been manipulated. palestinian authority is calling for emergency talks over the possibility of the u.s. embassy in israel being moved from tel aviv to jerusalem the arab league and the organization of islamic cooperation being asked to host the meeting israel's government considers all of jerusalem its capital while the palestinians hope east jerusalem will be their capital the future state palestinian president mahmoud abbas has warned of new dangerous phases if the u.s. moves its embassy and recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital. well u.s. president has to decide on monday whether to issue a waiver to a twenty two year old law requiring the state department to move that embassy the
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waiver has to be renewed every six months laura freeman is the president of the foundation for middle east peace she says moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem will only bring negative consequences. the last time this came up six months ago it was the intervention of king abdullah of jordan that had a significant impact on president trump's decision not to move the embassy that time it's possible this time if he hears again from king abdullah who is just in washington if he hears from the saudis i don't know what he needs to hear from the palestinians the palestinians are in a weaker position in washington right now than they have been it any time since one thousand nine hundred ninety four when their mission was reopened at the start of the peace process the closure of the potential closure of their mission here now hangs on them responding positively to the president's efforts to bring them back to the table which is quasi blackmail already it isn't at all clear to me what
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leverage they on their part have on this administration at this point powers in the region may not care that much about the palestinians but their people do and jerusalem specifically is a red line because jerusalem touches on things that are much bigger than the israeli palestinian conflict that has been the conventional wisdom for jordan this is a domestic issue jordan under its treaty with israel is the keeper of the holy sites in jerusalem so what happens there is a domestic issue for jordan for saudi which wants to play a bigger role do the saudi people care about what happens in jerusalem my personal analysis is that yes this makes a difference i don't know we'll see same with egypt the other piece of it is what happens on the ground you know the palestinians are working on reconciliation both and hamas are are working very hard to show that they are relevant leaders and relevant in challenging israeli policies that are anathema to palestinian interests so my understanding is that fatah and hamas are already talking about what the
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joint the joint response would be if the announcement on wednesday is bad on jerusalem and what that really would mean on the ground in terms of potentially a really a groundswell of opposition like we haven't seen a groundswell of demonstrations on that we haven't seen maybe in a very very long time. carter's foreign minister says the emir been checked i mean rather bin hamad al family will attend the gulf cooperation council in quiet on tuesday the regional alliance is facing its worst crisis in decades as the saudi led blockade of carter enters its seventh month foreign minister mohammed bin and family says he hopes the summit will provide a blueprint for ending the standoff. venezuelan president says his government will launch a crypto currency like bitcoin nicolas maduro says it's needed to fight what he calls a financial blockade by the trumpet ministration gave no details though about what
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the new currencies value will be how it will work or while it will be unveiled. venezuela is going to implement a new crypto currency system from the oil reserves business where they will create a cryptic currency the picture of currency to advance in monetary sovereignty to make their financial transactions to overcome the financial blockade this will allow us to move towards new forms of international financing for the economic and social development of the country and it will be done with the crypto currency issued backed by reserves of venezuelan riches of gold oil gas and diamond. thousands of people have taken to the streets of hong kong to protest against what they call or thora tarion rule by china they're demanding the justice secretary's resignation over a crackdown on pro-democracy activists one of the leaders behind the occupy hong kong protest three years ago says who continue to fight this fight starting
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a jail sentence next week. millions of people around the world are risking their lives working in illegal gold mines is dangerous because most of them use mercury to separate the gold from all of this is one of the issues to be discussed at the u.n. environment assembly being held in kenya catherine sawyer ports. his hands can't stop shaking and she bans a mix of gold and in a mining area in mcgrory western kenya she's done this for the last year and she says her body tremors and slurred speech has some of the effects of matthew pollution. the band's up can remain in there for up to one and a half years and in water that goes up to eleven years an estimated one thousand four hundred tons of my carry from small scale mining like this is released every year. but the tremors are sometimes very serious especially fine burning the stuff
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when it's raining and sometimes i can't even move that's why there is a global campaign headed by the united nations to stop the use of mockery in an official gold mining but alternative machines are still too expensive for miners like those who are here. from the cold. if. one can produce an average. has managed to buy this machine and uses corn starch to extract a concentrate of defend minerals found in the region he was part of a global study ban. environmental nonprofit organizations there revealed high levels of my career in a majority of women who live in areas where the chemical is regularly used the first thing is to create awareness among the miners they need to come together. so that. they can pool their resources together to acquire
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some of these machines. because we are currently dying to leave because we are poisoning ourselves at a cent more women go through basic tests for symptoms that all too much matter in the system could also affect unborn children are fifteen million people vote in minds they have to have. huge number of people affected by mercury in the from the great speeches in the. back of the mind the mind is good hundred metres down to dig out the gold or. economy largely depends on this they say they know about the effects of my carry but they cannot afford anything else catherine al-jazeera nairobi kenya it's fifty years since the world's first successful heart transplant operation was carried out by dr christiane by
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a hospital in cape town and that landmark surgery is still generating groundbreaking ideas today turning a page report. brought to scale hospital is home to a museum dedicated to the world's first heart transplant it happened in this room under the steady hand of dr christiane damaged who died in two thousand and one the surgery has barely changed in fifty years what has of course dramatically changed is the postoperative immunosuppression post-operative care and that led to from norman survival right you have today seventy eighty percent of transplant patients living after ten years in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the first transplant triggered a debate on whether it was ethical all not letters written at the time show a mixed response to the surgery one doctor in the former yugoslavia describes it as
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the most important event in the history of the human spirit a man in turkey wants to send everyone on the surgical team a new pair of shoes congratulations but some were negative as well one man in a stray or has found a complaint with the place he thinks the operation was illegal and this woman and italy say it never men shall be able to replace a human heart as men can't replace god's world half a century later a lack of education and awareness continues to prevent people from bridges storing as organ donors but without them none of these men would be alive today three of them have new hearts the fourth a transplanted kidney we don't have a very strong tradition of people becoming organ donors so why not consider living on through somebody else and giving somebody else a second chance and to aid in a little it is one legacy of dr barnard pioneering surgery is inspiration the
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cardiology team at the hospital where he worked is continuing to break new ground just launching a new plastic heart valve that could revolutionize the treatment of remeasured heart disease the significance of what we do now is a practical significance because we talk about thirty three million patients. who would otherwise that these trainee nurses have come to be inspired by talked about work by looking at the first six hearts he transplanted some see the vital organ as the center of our emotions others as a pump but it's only understood as well as it is because of dr barnard and his team tanya page are just there at cape town. if you want to get more on that story and the others out there a dot com is the address. to take you through some of the headlines now here on al-jazeera both the rebels in
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yemen say they fired a cruise missile towards the united arab emirates the u.a.e. is denying its territories been targeted ran meanwhile which has been backing the who is calling on the rebels and the ousted president ali abdullah saleh to rican sile former allies started fighting on wednesday both democratic and republican politicians are warning u.s. president donald trump against his constant tweeting talking about the investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's election could land him in trouble one of trump's latest tweets attack calling the organization the worst in history residents in the honduran capital because the gulp are preparing for more protests following the disputed presidential election country's military isn't forcing a nationwide curfew for the third night in a row incumbent president is slightly ahead in the vote count but the opposition says the process has been manipulated. in a week after north korea tested
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a missile it says is capable of reaching the united states south korea and the u.s. are putting on a show of force joint military drills around the way some two hundred thirty fighter jets and twelve thousand personnel are taking part and stealth fighter jets are joining in for the first time over south korea it's a clear message to the north which the white house security advisor has labeled the greatest threat to the world and palestinian authority is calling for emergency talks over the possibility of the u.s. embassy in israel being moved from tel aviv to jerusalem the arab league i am the organization of islamic cooperation of being asked to host the meeting israel's government considers all of jerusalem to be its capital palestinians hope will be their capital of a future state palestinian president mahmoud abbas is warning of a dangerous new phase of the u.s. moves its embassy in recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital cutter's foreign
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minister says the. ten the gulf cooperation council meeting in kuwait on tuesday the regional alliance is facing its worst crisis in decades saudi blockade of cutter enters its seventh month. techno now stay with us. this month the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons will receive the nobel peace prize but what he's doing right in a series of special reports al-jazeera examines the state of nuclear proliferation around the world. this is the fact this morning. on the planet money could soon be lost forever. but an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen.


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