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tv   Edith Eddie  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2017 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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less than a week after north korea tested its most powerful missile yet south korea and the united states have put on a show of force holding joint military drills. and both democratic and republican politicians are warning president trump against tweeting about investigations into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election they say his commenting on the probe may constitute an obstruction of justice on sunday trump tweeted that he never asked former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating his former national security advisor michael flynn but earlier koby testified that trump had to spoken to him about letting go of the flynn investigation also the palestinian authority is calling for emergency talks over the possibility that the u.s. embassy in israel could be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem the arab league and the organization of islamic cooperation are being asked to host the meeting donald trump is expected to make a decision as early as this week and thousands of people have been demonstrating on
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the streets of homs jurists following a disputed presidential election and the electoral commission is yet to declare a winner those were the headlines you can follow the news on our website at al-jazeera dot com the news hour is here in half an hour to stay with us. the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize in an exclusive interview with the winning delegation from the award ceremony and. asks whether banning these devastating weapons could finally lead to complete disarmament on al jazeera.
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i was. a mere number of the fly. i loved but i didn't really. like. the blade
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anymore so i kept it in. my wife. before them was a. lot of clothes were probably killers she takes over the clothes. and that was another but. yes it was love at first.
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oh. yeah. then the nice and. then the oh. yeah hey did. you
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a. trade there you go and then come to. my great. eddie harrison and eat at hill met after splitting a winning lotto ticket together and last month they got married but his mother lying tells us some folks are already trying to tear them apart so his line is so his is one of love let him be happy it is daughter rebecca wright and rebecca sister or even sco guardians the sister is fighting rebecca for full custody she wants to sell my mother's house what if she wants the money if the sister wins edith would either have to move to florida with the sister or be sent to a home go to separate us this may go to the right is known about the little i think of plagiarism certainly do. and i also think that's
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right yes. home rehabilitation long program that doesn't sound good i don't know if i can open that sense on her own anymore the doctor said she had mild dementia and she knew the fall of attorney officer paul of attorney a third party jessica nissen was a porn and her guardian my sister's have that little relationship with my mother and then was one long down through the years.
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my mom and her second husband must have father was the solace and one nine hundred sixty. sixty one so long mom for all the sorry or so years she had to lay the blame on and of course this is where she wants to be when she calls her on. their little boy. and in. that of lou. you know. you'd play. him the. more they're going. of you and.
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to be fine. and. yeah i just see. and she went down. yes. well put it this way i'm so thankful to live in this world now we've been here. and we don't know how bush longer. retail low and treat him about right if you see somebody that need him. and i come here today to honor the cousin. in our family.
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please bring them down from here so that everyone can see not only way. and it. thank you. thank. you thank. you thank you sir trying to. render marriage or hinder marriage and they got met. god memories. and we are on this one here today. or did i love about david well it's he was kind and and considerate intel can do maybe not become one of the skin but the heart that's what we decide.
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where the heart is writ i believe. the lead in the media. so that made her and me. and it doesn't. really work the road when it's cold and where we're been drawn to journey and the right. thing so it's not really. it's great that wears down. like that i'm not going to wear a. rumor the line. i was called by my lawyer and told my sister make that the money i said would get separated from eddie eddie. does not want to go to florida they've never been on the plane and he's saying that right now isn't the time for him to
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try now they don't want to take me and my sister for me many times that her husband is abusive abusive abusive i think the objective is to move my separate mom and daddy and me and sell the house. or rent the house and put them into. an institutional situation and his family's killing cats here in. new orleans because. the actual bill both you all look so good yeah you're going to be wrong and they look where you have to look for him where he is not only is ready along oh well i don't know yet is where we are then yeah we're ready but yeah i warned him sealed how we traded yeah yeah yeah yeah.
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i know you've been praying for. a free. so let us pray the lord's prayer. over the wires in heaven and hell i'll be reading by him now we'll be on air as if heaven for your guard from whom over there oh and you are a part that everything will work fine everything you write i know you and i don't blame you for way it works. i have the more you know you're told who it does that's the darling conservatoire. just look at these and she's a gaga concert at all or. if they had that i never met you before but.
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they want you to go on to florida. where largo is a lot of when they are with their work back they. tell you good here ever so for. i can't get her to go she was abused. once you were down there just a list is not an accurate this is not. one of the rays of course you like. me trying to make me sleep. sans all your clothes sure. but it means in. my big
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star you make me so work i don't need any authority to be on here with my money i'm not only for. now also part in pictures you can take here all right no problem. this time with who is. what. i'm actually i'm not trying to resist but i don't want them to put their hands on my mother. ha ha ha ha ha i'm.
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nothing but. i don't want my sister leave like. i said. i miss you keep you with me. all i am at my age and everything i don't need if we. have no. way no way if we stop mail over here well there i was there or was for all of the day several thurbert. we're still very low a little way here to say. how do you have the. how do you. the old over landed rock
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mine is by land of pirates is land is so. she's i want to go with the daughter i am the flyer for the railroad like out soldier the child the soldiers out there i get the world the arab. you know i don't go she don't want to go underwater they go why does she want to thank god for florida because it's a little vacation so i always figure out how to teach you a lot more appropriate with the world she doesn't want to go in our world of the go to know what i have to make decisions for her well we prayed to their souls so for example let's have a talk all of us like the tough guy can do for example and take our where our home . and i don't want a pair how do you feel and your mind have the dough there's to your mother you're
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going to get old someday like two years. how do you feel there and i'll tell your mother. well you know. what thank you yes. it may and yes you need to remember with time your memory you're not so you were very susceptible to stories. well you know i'm the answer is yes but i'm only saying i don't like the way patricia has been treat me ok. check me. out of you know right stop working here have pushed me to work. like this sounds like something to bring you stories and develop a range of. well we don't want to miss why should. they just don't want to go near you. but when you
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finally go with the flow and you want to be the first being that were your very own by have you it's like a two weeks. and you can call her every single day on the phone to talk to her surely or denver all of her life that i gathered and. i now want to. know we don't do something sometimes that we don't necessarily want to do you know in this house just working for. works i know you. love doing. there are those i want to donna's my mother and. i have worked all their life. well obviously good that died. you know one of them will do so that will go below your bed you know why because i'm making
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other want to hear more from you did you want to come downstairs and kissed her goodbye. you're evil or did you want to come downstairs do a label or play here your love to get it ok ok. you've got the money. you know remember the day your dad. you will remember there's a very good dad. there
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linda i can't get them to do anything to help. a woman home when they were three below. make me feel with words is. that we were. the paulist here might have been. i believe when he found out that he wasn't coming back that he gave up all hope.
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of having the doctor's appeal to my sister and to the guard again just. to try to get her back up here to say goodbye to the house for. its own horrible thing to have to even. negotiate her coming back. and as long as you remember. who hears what he was i was born or. then she should be afforded an opportunity to say. goodbye i love your. hands.
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and maybe. they eddie. can you hear us. when you come back to us. miss eva's want to come back. we want to see you all holding hands for the unity. she loves. and you say you want us to. be. a system for us and she's. just she's. ok. she's just so we know that you can do everything yes. yes
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i'm so relieved to see. the hands of a person who wants to show us. she's asked the question. so for us so. the choice this seems shows this is for the issues you see this is was just. saying. this is. the best is so. when a telling maverick age and in moment when you take
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a cage we have any say in ink there are no doubt banks so they really need that a tray out but here you've got green tree. when.
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heaven. and. isn't this. unspeakable man compiled testimonies a victim of the congolese mustn't. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into the. hands of the people and a nation crippled by the recent history. africa one of
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a two hundred series at this time on al-jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. right. this is al jazeera.


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