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day they can bring the assad regime to justice that puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good citizen freedom of the child was born to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. this is al-jazeera.
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and this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes war ravaged yemen is thrown into more turmoil as ruthie rebels kill ousted president and one time ally sunday accusing him of treason. a day that began with hope ends in disappointment breaks it talks store once again. a desperate bid for a better life in europe repeated again and again an exclusive report on the price of hundreds of migrant living in the great port of trust. and i'm peter salmon in doha with all the day's sports news as england's cricketers produce a may to fight back but it's australia who hold the advantage in the second ashes test. for. the war in yemen where another bloody chapter has ended plunging the country
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further into chaos. the man who ruled the country for more than thirty three years and who just a few days ago switched sides in the war has been killed by hoofy rebels the very fighters he just turned his back on a few hours after his death we feel leader abdul malik el who he made a live television address describing sellars demise as a victory against treason yemen's internationally recognized president abdurrahman mansour hadi has also spoken out he called on the people of yemen to unite against the who theses on that in a moment but first this report from him tears tie up. a sudden end for one of yemen's most powerful men who the rebels say they killed ousted president aliyev delish sala during an attack on his convoy. his remains were packed on the back of a pickup truck in a televised statement the leader of the who the said salo was involved in a conspiracy with the saudi led coalition to take over well. what are the
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reasons behind this new transfer to the other side suddenly you took the egresses against your own people salah had been and an alliance with the iranian backed who for more than two years together they controlled the capital sanaa and fought against the saudi led coalition which supports the internationally recognized government led by months or hadi but this partnership with the who thiis collapse last week sparking major confrontations between salis forces. and the rebels after days of running street battles salah announced he was ready for dialogue with the saudi led coalition if it ended its blockade of yemen sports and airports and allowed for more humanitarian aid yemen is already a failed state it's a state where there is no central government institutions have failed most of the structures have failed and the economy has failed the war has further destructive it destroyed the entire country so i think in the in the short run we are in for
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a lot more violence. and the who pushed out how these government in january two thousand and fifteen and set up their own administration prompting the saudi led campaign against them since then the country has been split between the who the rebels in the north ministration in the south and forces loyal to solid when fighting began among the former allies it's part fears of a new front in the war a war which has already killed nearly ten thousand people pushed yemen to the brink of mass starvation and triggered what the united nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis there have been multiple investigations about the atrocities being committed in and all the. parties are guilty whether it's the whole thing whether it's the saudi led coalition and you know the u.k. and the u.s. are largely complicit in this war as well through the billions and billions of dollars worth of arms sales to to the saudis. as yemen's president saleh ruled for more than three decades until he was forced to resign during the arab spring uprising that he was able to remain in the country and continue to wield enormous
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power behind the scenes it's not yet clear what his death will mean for the fighting on the ground or future. al-jazeera the last few hours yemen's internationally recognized president hadi made a televised address he called on yemenis to rise up against the hooty forces. and i call upon all of you with an open heart and a strong will to turn a new page and to get rid of such a nightmare let's put our hands together to end the control of these criminal gangs and to build a new united yemen. or u.n. says fighting and sounded as strikes have now intensified inside with many streets blocked by tanks humanitarian operations including flights to and from the capital have been suspended the u.n. has called for a pause in the fighting on tuesday to help civilians caught up in the violence it
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is paramount that civilians are protected that the wounded or for to say facts as to medical care and that all sides facilitate life saving humanitarian access we remind all parties. we remind all parties to the conflict that deliberate attacks against civilians and against civilian and medical infrastructure or clear violations of international humanitarian law may constitute war crimes. or someone that is the chairperson of yemen aid to us she joins us a skype from new york closer for being with us so what do you think will happen next in yemen who do you think the supporters of so i will now a rally behind yeah this is to ation is a very bleak for young men very dark very dark times the concern right now is is the civilians and the civilians continue to pay the price the humanitarian crisis obviously has as reached. spiral pulled downward situation and so right
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now but do the people of spanish or other provinces have enough to secure them for the next few days until we see what's going to happen. do you think that the real winner situation where actually we can expect more fighting or do you think there's potentially a window for some sort of diplomacy to happen at this stage there's definitely potential of more clashes however there could be to rout the clashes can continue or. perhaps hours less g.p.c. political group and even external tractions like the saudi coalition and not making a political deal i mean nothing is as is guaranteed at this time what about the popular support for who sees i mean we've heard from the the internationally recognized president or exiled president that he wants people to rise up against the who sees what likelihood is there of that happening. well the problem is
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that the. now have a strong base is in terms of their supporters and have you right now i see he's not in yemen he's speaking outside of yemen continuing to talk people to you know to to stand on their feet and to fight but things are not go that way i mean people are fearing a lot of. thinking a lot of parts and they are very confused at the moment and they don't know who to believe what to do and so you going to see them sitting down in their homes for the next few days until they see what's going on how concerned are you about this i mean clearly there's been a an element of this being a proxy war with regional players involved how do you see that playing out that element of foreign powers involved in this what do you think they're going to do next i'm sorry you're cutting off a little bit can you you know i was wondering what you thought the saudi coalition would do next and also the iranians who back there who sees well this articulation
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to be honest had three years to attempt to find these which they evidently failed to do and so it's about it's too little too late the situation is in is not and their control at this time it's out of its they cannot even organize chaos at this time either in yemen so the situation is is is is that for i think everyone at this point not just even saudi arabia or the coalition it's for the in the people thank you very much indeed for joining us someone us i thank you for your thoughts there thank you to q. . or earlier or later lead to yemen for more than thirty years he was a master of shifting alliances playing both sides as well as switching between them what up at home a look back at his eventful life. he once said that ruling yemen is like dancing on a snake's head and no one knew that dance better than ali abdullah saleh mastering every step throughout his three decades in power. believed only he could hold the
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country together but his legacy is one of corruption war and a deeply divided poor nation. born in one thousand nine hundred eighty two as a young man he joined the army and rose to the rank of qana before taking part in a coup that later saw him become president of what was then north yemen at the age of thirty six for the next decade he oversaw fighting with the communist south the decline of the soviet union weakened his enemies and in one thousand nine hundred ninety north and south yemen became one country with the last as its first president that same year iraq's leader saddam hussein a longtime close ally ordered the invasion of kuwait at the un security council yemen voted against the use of force prompting the us to cut off millions in aid and i thank president for his strong support
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a decade later he was welcomed back by the west in october two thousand and attack on the american warship u.s.s. cole off the shores of yemen killed seventeen sailors and injured thirty nine others washington understood that silence a secular leader and yemen we important in the so-called global war against terror he'd won friends and cash but did little to fix yemen's internal problems. rebellion in the north and a separatist movement in the south critics say that more than a dancer was a dark horse of yemen's to mulches politics playing off military and tribes to keep himself in power. the toughest challenge came in two thousand and eleven the arab spring was sweeping across the middle east. inspired by tunisia and egypt yemenis filled the streets protesting against poverty unemployment and demanding for regime change but they sent was something never
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tolerated. yemenis stood firm even when the protests turned violent a few months later injured in a rocket attack on his compound saleh was flown to saudi arabia for treatment his face burned and hands bandaged he appeared on t.v. defiant as ever but this was a week a president abandoned by his political allies at home and under intense international pressure to hand over power with yemen on the brink of civil war gulf countries brokered a deal that so power transferred to his deputy. who had in return for solace immunity from prosecution after ten months of protests many yemenis were celebrating his ousting even though the country was in tatters but ali abdullah saleh had merely gone into the shadows we heard sing the next step in his snake dance and nearly three years later saleh was again at the forefront with
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a strong of support of the army he allied himself with the iranian backed who's his rebels they shared a common enemy his successor heading in two thousand and fifteen as saudi led coalition started a military campaign to restore headed to power and imposed a blockade over the country but the snake charmer was losing direction just a few days before his death turned his back against ruthie's signaling a possible return to the arab fold it was meant to be another great survival act but it turned out to be his last for the. leaders from the gulf cooperation council states are arriving in kuwait for a summit that could define the future of the block is the first such meeting since saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with fellow member qatar back in june. quaid. it's the
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first time senior ministers have met since three of the member states imposed a blockade on qatar back in june saudi arabia the united arab emirates amber have cut off all trade ties with qatar bahrain qatar the citizens from entering their countries and closed off their territorial waters and earth space to their neighbor for six months now it's a crisis that struck at the very core of the gulf corporation council an organization that was set up to unify through greater trade cooperation and the free movement of people for months now has been leading mediation efforts while cutters and near has agreed to sit down and discuss differences with his counterparts kuwait's call for dialogue has not been accepted by the blockading countries that's why this g.c.c. summit is so important many analysts had believed the organizations future would be in doubt if it didn't take place now that it is the focus is on whether the blockading countries will be represented by the heads of state who are junior ministers instead the thought about. how they are going to the meeting
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and if i got the for the first time it would be possible for them to sit together and to discuss something directly i think it was a positive development already the fact that they send you in your office and instead of the foreign minister i think would be. going in the wrong direction but it's not only the blockade on qatar that's threatening the g.c.c. the war in yemen is proving to be a major challenge for the saudi led coalition which continues to spend millions of dollars while the yemeni people continue to suffer meanwhile unemployment in saudi arabia and across the region particularly among young people is on the rise and g.c.c. member economies are slowing down this is one of the most important summits in the g.c.c. is history it has the potential of paving the way for relations to be mended and a solution found to a crisis that has torn up the very fabric of the guy. corporation council but it
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also has the potential for further damaging what is arguably the only source of stability in an extremely well a tile and unstable region. joining me in this year's dr elizabeth kendall a senior research fellow in arabic and islamic studies at pembroke college at oxford university thanks so much for coming in to talk to us so what do you think it means for yemen now that seller has been killed in this way. well the implications are quite hard to tell at this stage but i think we can draw three broad conclusions i think it's likely that the war is going to become more sectarian and the reason for that is that although saleh was zaidi which means some kind of branch of she is i'm like the who sees his rhetoric was very much secular was about a civil society a secular state now that he's removed it does leave the field wide open to the increasingly religious rhetoric of
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a bill malika who see where do you think i mean his supporters that he had that he kind of put in alliance with the with the who these where do they go now or who are their line behind that's a difficult question i think it's likely that his supporters align behind the coalition because he had announced that he himself had aligned behind the coalition over the weekend and now that the who sees of claim the assassination of saleh they will probably seek revenge and what that means is that the war may also become more proxy because without the forces that brought to the table to the huissier alliance the who sees may need to seek additional support elsewhere and that could mean increasing vulnerability to the involvement of iran and its lebanese proxy hezbollah an interesting new one of the who spokesman this evening has suggested that was blamed. his behavior his kind of attempt what they called a coup on involvement of the u.a.e. so that sort of drawing in the kind of the proxy side of things even more isn't in
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there and the who fears have already started firing missiles at you a recently these have claimed to fire a missile at the u.a.e. at a nuclear station actually and i would argue over the weekend you a did deny that but it does seem that whose the anger is in turn not just to saudi arabia but now also much more to us so yes the conflict is likely to eskil. so what do you think happened you think sally underestimated the power of the who sees or do you think i mean what you think led to his is is killing in this way well i think solid had been trying to do some kind of backdoor deal to extract himself perhaps without the need for any transitional justice from the who's he alliance for some time we saw cracks appear actually very openly in august when there were fractures between lucie's and saleh but perhaps this was now the optimal
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time for him to pull out and i think that there had been some deal in the offing that was being negotiated with saudi arabia and with the u.a.e. for some months and so presumably now there's no possibility of any kind of negotiated deal on in the short term at least well i don't think there's any possibility of a deal with the who sees they will be boyd by this what they will perceive as the success a successful revenge assassination i think this makes negotiating with the who sees much more difficult and as a result really makes the u.n. position the united nations position and its resolution two two one six quite on tangible doctrines of kendall thank you very much indeed for coming to talk to thank you for inviting me. the u.s. and south korea put on a major show of force that audience is pyongyang plus. i'm john holl of the port a potty in greece and these are the extraordinary lengths that refugees young men
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of prepared to go to to try and board rocks and ferries bound for italy. and tiger woods makes a solid return to go for him from the fourteen major champion and what he's planning for twenty eighty that's high principle that. britain and the european union are failed to reach an agreement on brics it withdrawal terms ahead of a summit of e.u. leaders in ten days time from mr tourism a admits differences remain on a number of issues including the status of northern ireland on the fritz report. the day began full of hope would to resume a guy with digital brussels rumor mill had it at a breakfast deal was about to be. but when they
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start to several hours there was no deal just two leaders putting a brave face on a disappointing day. i'm still confident that we can reach sufficient progress sufficient progress before the european cultural to fifteen of this is for the failure. of the very strong i'm very confident that we reach an agreement because of history on a couple of issues some differences do remain which require further negotiation and consultation. continue but we will reconvene before the end of the week and i am also confident that we will conclude this positively it's the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland part of the u.k. which is emerged as the problem in recent weeks the republic wants guarantees it will remain open with no return to a so-called hard border but if the british really are intent on leaving the customs
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union and the single market as well as the e.u. itself then how will they meet irish demands tourism a has been negotiating on two fronts on the one hand he's been hammering out a deal with twenty seven countries in brussels but he's also had to talk to politicians here in westminster he needs to be sure that a majority of m.p.'s will support any deal that he brings back. the prime minister called to ignore a small party from northern ireland who give her that majority in parliament these unionists are opposed to concessions on the irish border which they fear could undermine northern ireland's future in the united kingdom. we have been very clear northern ireland must leave the european union in the same terms as the rest of the united kingdom and we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence
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which separates northern ireland economically or politically from the rest of the u.k. when the. you know they still believe breaks it can be stopped that seems unlikely but the faltering negotiations on the government's weak position mean that almost eighteen months after the u.k. voted to leave the u. not much about the future is clear at all part of the phillips al-jazeera westminster. police in malta have arrested ten people in connection with the murder of a leading investigative journalist karen you're going to use your who's reporting focused heavily on corruption on the e.u. island nation was killed in a car bombing in october police in the military also searching for evidence on the boat in a port outside the capital the letter catalonia is former vice president or care us has been refused bail in spain his party says the move is politically motivated to stop him from running in regional elections this month here with another former
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cabinet member and today it is a procession civic groups face charges of sedition six other acts cabinet members have been released on bail. an international human rights group is accusing the congolese government of recruiting more than two hundred exiled rebel fighters to help suppress protests human rights watch says security forces killed dozens of people during demonstrations against the president in december twenty sixth seen those protests were sparked by jessica refusal to step down at the end of his term . central africa director at human rights watch she says the recruits were ordered to crackdown on peaceful protests. late last year as we were approaching the end of president joseph kabila is constitutionally mandated to term limit on december nineteenth two thousand and sixteen there was increasing pressure on the road to step down from office his future the country's future was uncertain and during this
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period senior congolese security force officers were created and twenty three fighters secretly from these camps in uganda and rwanda and deployed them to congo where they were integrated into congolese army police and republican guard units and they were given explicit instructions to crackdown on peaceful demonstrators and any other threats too could be it was caught on power we don't know now you know if there is there use for the crackdown on demonstrations as an ethnic element or if it's just because could be were thought he could rely on them and he thought they would risk be reliable in terms of carrying out repression against protesters out on the lesser known migrant routes across europe but since many land borders were closed and the refugee deal signed between the e.u. and turkey the greek port of patricide seen a huge increase in activity trying to hold takes an exclusive look at the desperate measures young men are taking to board ships illegally bound for italy.
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the game begins when the trucks arrive on the outer perimeter police patrols inside the fence the harbor guard. the goal for hundreds of young men playing cat and mouse like this every day is to find a secure hiding place aboard a truck in the hope of being driven on to one of the ferries bound for italy. some imagined better life lies beyond across borders now closed where once refugees were welcomed in their hundreds of thousands. it must be a life better than this surviving between bouts on the harbor for caught in old warehouses on the sea front. little is left of what normal life once was this is a picture of everyday life for the dozens of men perhaps hundreds more in deserted
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warehouses close to report wake up eat pray and then run for the trucks and then repeat and repeat again and again. mostly single men from pakistan and afghanistan they fight nightly battles with moroccans and algerians in another warehouse nearby all have the same relentless ambition after sharm from lahore has tried twenty times to board the trucks sixteen year old amir saw hail also from lahore twenty four times and counting in a few hours they will try again. outside a medical charity that tends to the sick and injured the majority of the injuries these guys get is when they're on the fences or they're trying to run away from the police or cutting their hands on the fence and this one gentleman this morning is talking about a military individual that smashed his hand pretty well they were going to send a hospital to fresh air it's broken. spotters on the roof send word that trucks are
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arriving for the next ferry sailing and so the game begins again like a human tide they surge and then recede jonah hill al-jazeera at the port of greece. with. the head. new legal questions arise over the u.s. president's weekend rampage. the family of a man killed by the philippine military denies he was part of a communist. government. and sport runners enjoy spectacular scenery as the world's most extreme. however some quiet weather into central parts of the mediterranean nalut elaborate
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clouds as the stormy weather that's pulling away from the balkans slightly clearcuts guys coming in behind the rush of shall as i was towards the west just coming for us we have seen some snow fair bit of which just made its way across central and southern parts of germany now pulling out of the low countries clear skies coming in behind the temperatures around eleven. we go on through the next couple degrees there for london and paris for tuesday there's a wintry mix down across germany pushing down towards austria and will continue to drive its way further south which in these woods as we go on through say when she whether it's eastern pass even over the mountains yes and we'll see those temperatures getting up into double figures as i said up towards the northwest and colder clouds right and some well wet weather filtering its way and then as we go on through the end of the week it will kill was a make the most of that will see some snow coming back here for the weekend the western parts of africa another well cold enough time to sit around fourteen or fifteen thousand. nine hundred. will get still getting up to around
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twenty five degrees with this area cloud. as you go through weather stay. cool. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the last. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and a zest for living. my chin is yet island kitchen at this time out is in.
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jersey. where every. of the top stories for syria ali abdullah saleh in yemen for more than three decades and played a pivotal role in the civil war has been killed by his former allies the rebels. in the gulf cooperation council states arriving in kuwait for
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a summit that could redefine the future of the book is the first such meeting saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cup ties with fellow member qatar back in june. and britain and the european union of failed to reach an agreement on withdrawal terms of a summit of in ten days time. just in you know he is calling for emergency talks on the possibility of the u.s. moving its embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem president donald trump is expected to make a decision this week he may stop short of moving the embassy and instead declare that the u.s. will recognize jerusalem as israel's capital arab states and palestinians opposed either move saying it would seriously damage the peace process how a force that has moved her outside the u.s. consulate in west jerusalem and also has reaction from cities occupied east. changing the status of this consulate here in jerusalem to an embassy was one of the key campaign pledges as far as donald trump's foreign policy went during his
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presidential campaign it has though butted up against the realities of the political situation here as he also tries to implement tries to come up with a peace plan that would be suitable to both sides his key man on this jared cushion his son in law said on sunday that the americans understood the palestinian red lines that president trump was examining all the facts before he made a decision on whether to move the embassy from tel aviv to here but now we have this other potential major obstacle as far as the palestinians are concerned an announcement on wednesday which could see the united states whatever the status of this consulate in the short term recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has said that that would threaten the entire peace process but not as an issue. i don't think that this will happen the arab and muslim world should stand against it. but when trump says something like this he
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should take responsibility for the consequences this is not just the palestinians this will spill over to other countries that's very much the reaction coming from the palestinian leadership as well that this would not just threaten the peace process also it would threaten stability in the wider middle east privately palestinian officials are also talking about this potentially being an opportunity a way to break with the united states before any trump plan is announced and reset the nature of the relationship between the u.s. and the palestinians but if that is the case it doesn't seem to be an opportunity that they're really welcoming given how hard mahmoud abbas and his team are working to try and head off this decision before it happens there have been all sorts of bilateral contacts with other powers in the region you're in a zation these i mean conference the arab league there is a huge effort to stop donald trump from making this announcement on wednesday now all eyes are on washington to see what happens and what the consequences of it
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might be. donald trump's lawyer says he cannot be found guilty of obstruction of justice because of his right as u.s. president over the weekend person to tweet and implied he knew his former adviser had committed a felony when he directed the f.b.i. director to go easy on him all white house correspondent kimberly how could explains all is the president of the united states above the law it's a question being debated in washington following a barrage of weekend tweets by donald trump that comes after former truck national security adviser michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. on friday in the ongoing investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. election hillary clinton was really sorry. no cigar for sure when lies and they destroyed his wife i think it's a shame on saturday this tweet went out from trump's personal account i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the f.b.i.
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many believe that tweet about firing flynn amounts to an admission of obstruction of justice suggesting truong knew flynn had committed a felony when he reportedly asked the former f.b.i. director to drop the case against when trump's lawyer john dowd later said he set the tweet out from trump's personal account and on monday dowd argued the laws of justice do not apply to the president he told one u.s. news outlet the president cannot obstruct justice because he's the chief law enforcement officer and has every right to express his view of any case for a very pretty good indication but others disagree and point to another president richard nixon who in the one nine hundred seventy s. used the same defense after he resigned for his role in the watergate scandal when the president does it that means that it is not illegal. but experts say trump
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could be in serious legal trouble he is not as some people have tried to suggest above the law but regardless of the criminal case president trump can indeed be charged in articles of impeachment with instruction of justice indeed some members in congress are looking into that possibility and may even introduce articles of impeachment by the end of the year kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington a criminal is denying that michael finn's actions had any influence on their decision not to respond to u.s. sanctions imposed by shawn's predecessor barack obama last year spokesman dmitry peskov said on of conference call of course read to me putin took the decision it was his decision and it could not have been connected to any requests or recommendations of the president takes his decisions absolutely independently and he's guided as he has said multiple times only by the national interests of russia . the philippine military says it's killed at least fifteen communist fighters from
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the new people's army violence broke out after the government backed out of peace negotiations with the armed group the relatives of dead accuse state forces of launching an ambush to melinda got reports from the province of us in northern philippines. abigail delicious radio says she couldn't bear look at her husband's body henry was with the bullets when he was abroad to the morgue along with at least fourteen others who were killed last week the philippine military says there was an armed encounter between its forces and the communists a rebel group called the new people's army it says the group led a small cell in but on this province a few hours away from the capital manila. all of them except for about my needs. and very critical in this area because we money.
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hold but there were i think about seven or eight but his family denies henry took up arms against the government they say he was a farmer and the community volunteer who was born poor but had big hopes for his children. i almost fainted when i saw his body others out there innards coming out while the woman had big holes in their chests all of them were naked suppose they were rebels did a disservice such punishment. the communist rebellion in the philippines is one of the longest in the world the new people's army wants to set up a revolutionary government which it says will address injustice in the country but shortly after he was sworn into office president rodrigo detector declared a one sided cease fire in the hopes of finally bringing an end to the decades long communist rebellion but after months of failed negotiations detour to says his government has had enough of the rebels repeated attacks against government forces
12:40 am
well as things stand now much to hope for. the. wrong. express but if i may. does it mean that everything is lost this by decades of negotiations members of the communist movement say the government continues to be fixated on ceasefire mechanisms and combat operations instead of addressing the root causes of rebellion and this is poverty inequality and the lack of social justice the lack of decent jobs and social services in far flung communities have forced many to join the rebellion and even the government admits this to be true that for as long as people feel oppressed many will see that the only solution can be found at the end of a gun battle. dog and al-jazeera in the province of the tongue no i think. the
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south korean and american air forces have put on a massive show of force they have held a joint military drills involving about two hundred thirty fighter jets and twelve hundred personnel kathy novak has more from chung tack. i'm outside the u.s. also on air base and we have seen a number of fighter jets flying in and out it's all part of the biggest ever joint u.s. south korean air drills they're part training and part show of force against north korea which of course just on wednesday launched its most advanced ever intercontinental ballistic missile now these drills were planned before that launch took place they take place every year and they always anger north korea which calls them i refer seoul for invasion and indeed before these drills went ahead the north korean foreign minister said that the u.s. was begging for nuclear war by staging an extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the korean peninsula now these a drills involve f. twenty two stealth fighter jets f.
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thirty five and also all together about two hundred thirty warplanes from the u.s. and south korea and also about twelve thousand personnel are taking part. on sunday this is nobel peace prize will be handed to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons i can in the days leading up to the ceremony and also they were looking at the nuclear status of a number of countries the us is the only country to have used a nuclear bomb in war america dropped nuclear weapons on hiroshima and nagasaki in japan killing millions of people in one hundred forty five of history's first victims of a nuclear bomb where u.s. citizens caught in the radiation field of a test in new mexico hide your question reports. my father had oral
12:43 am
cancer he had prostate cancer my brother gilbert had cancer the list of names and cancers goes on and on my aunt had breast cancer another aunt had lymphoma and lung cancer twenty three people from one family alone my daughter eugenia had thyroid cancer and a tumor in her ovary. a repeated history of sickness in the new mexican desert where on july sixteenth one thousand nine hundred forty five the u.s. government tested the world's first nuclear bomb a blinding light turned the still dark dawn into day the blast converted the desert sands into greener radioactive glass which you can still find here at ground zero today at the time ranchers reported that white ash falling from the sky covering their wells their gardens their livestock for days unknowing children believing it
12:44 am
was snow caught the poison on their bodies and inside their mouths daryl gilmore was seventeen years old and driving past the site on the day of the test. my arms and face and. all or look like i had a bad saw him for years later he developed skin cancer on much of his upper body he continues to battle the cancer among the last living survivors of what was officially known as the trinity test they're just waiting for the rest of us to the . people who have already died for. from the reserves to the. there's not many left though the incidence of cancer in the four counties surrounding the test site is greater than the national average but a formal government study on the health impact to nearby residents is still pending seventy two years after the blast sickened survivors say they were never warned and
12:45 am
later forgotten they counted on us to be unsophisticated and an educated and ignorant in unknowing of what they were doing right now or backyards most people here are of native american and hispanic descent they were among the country's poorest citizens at the time of the nuclear test and remain so today they received no government apology or compensation left to bury their dead in poverty. in justice has been that they ignore is the medical records of children born after the blast are the most devastating oval unexplained birth defects in feared genetic mutations i have a son and two grandsons i know that i have passed on the genetics for years congress has promised to look into the matter but has yet to take action people here though say the evidence is clear that in the us as march toward nuclear
12:46 am
dominance they were sacrificed. castro al-jazeera albuquerque new mexico. and you can watch an exclusive interview with this year's nobel peace prize laureate beatrice finn from icann will be speaking to us right here on jazeera as from sunday the tenth of december at sixteen hundred g.m.t. . russian olympic bosses a poised to find out whether or not they can send athletes to the winter games in china. and the stunning sight that has people from spain to indonesia staring at the skies. of. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. as it is. compiled testimonies a victim of the congolese must. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is
12:48 am
a plunged into. one of a two hundred series at this time. health officials in india warning of prolonged exposure outside a small gain gulfs the capital once again new delhi has been dealing with extreme pollution levels since last month small given disrupted an international cricket match between india and sri lanka on monday with play as needing medical treatment experts have compared breathing the air to smoking a couple of packs of cigarettes a day it's estimated to know half million indians die each year from the effects of
12:49 am
pollution. we come your daily for a walk near the presidential palace there's a big difference between how things were previously and how they are now we cannot breathe properly while walking you're asking the patients also face many problems here used to be good now we're all facing problems breathing. time for sport with peta. lauren thank you so much england's cricketers will have their work cut out if they are to save the second ashes test against australia in adelaide england suffered a brutal day three they were all out for two hundred twenty seven that's one hundred eighty five short of australia's first innings total mitchell starc took three and nathan lyon finished with a full week of flourish but australia did not enforce the follow on then they may be regretting that mel they slumped to fifty three for four by the close of play james anderson and chris woakes took two wickets each they'll need to keep that
12:50 am
momentum going into day four if they are to save this test you know i mean obviously i think we if we fought back well you know we've pushed to show you back tonight which is obviously good to see you can take some positive stuff from the. actually we're behind in the game. but sign time's really good the fact that we fought back in shows and some good character to get ourselves back in the game and we've already well tonight as a unit and put some pressure back on the story tiger woods says he's looking forward to the twenty eighteen golf season after returning to the game for the first time in ten months the fourteen time major champion wasn't quite back to his best in the tournament in the bahamas but he put in a solid performance to please golf fans and he's fellow professionals as helen gleason reports. it's a sight that golf fans have missed tiger woods wearing red and making birdies on the final day of the tournament. but that's what they were treated to at the albany golf club on sunday as the american made it through the front nine in thirty one
12:51 am
shots on it the last few days are anything to go by it could become the norm again woods briefly led this tournament on saturday and was just five shots off the lead heading into day three before a disappointing round of seventy five left him out of contention not bad though for a man who's had four lots of back surgery in three years and he many thought may never get back to the highest level this is the way i was i have been playing at home and when i came down here and played i was playing versa versus not quite us as far as i didn't have a drawing on but overall i'm very pleased so no victorious come back for tiger but it was an exciting end to the contest in the bahamas nonetheless. charlie hoffman had led the tournament going into the final day t. shirts ahead of jordan speight and just didn't rise but the challenge came from further back in the shape of ricky fowler. the twenty eight year old american
12:52 am
hitting a stunning course record eleven under par round of sixty one on the final day to steal victory. what's been is ten shots back in a tie for ninth spot and the attention is now turning to what can be expected of the forty one year old going into the new season one think there was a setback in trying to figure that out and. as i said i don't know my schedule is going to be but my expectations are as it will be playing next year how many where i don't know yet but we'll figure all that out so while this year was one to forget for tiger on and off the golf course it looks like there could be a lot more for him to smile about in twenty eighteen helen gleason al-jazeera earlier i spoke to african news agency sports reporter michael sherman who says it was good to see woods back in action and there's no reason to believe that more success could be achieved by the fourteen time major winner. well i was very
12:53 am
impressed. with them the main thing was that you got through healthy that was the first objective to complete and you did that with flying colors and the clock is in any discomfort in. the short while you get three pretty good rounds that one bear down and overall it was a good week scoring one. but the emphasis on staying healthy you look great having gone so long well basically three or gulping peaking is basically your mid thirty's so it's difficult to say but the first thing you need to do is when a regular p.g.a. to a vain think you have to do that if you're one step in the hope of winning at the masters but if you can win regular p.g.a. turbans that's the first step and once he does there can win another major how many that will be obviously sitting on fourteen dearly love to at least match jack's
12:54 am
record of eighteen majors and hopefully go past but i think with the amount it's it can be that first major and if he does that the possibilities are endless but also be nearly forty two he's got to do that soon twenty eight hundred will be extremely important for tiger rafael nadal knows exactly what it's like to come back from a long injury layoff tennyson's world number one was watching in the bahamas on sunday and also believes woods will get back to the top of his game. have to like to see him play well hundreds of times on on daily. but i don't realize the second time. to come back like this after an injury and playing that that way and five hundred for the first or the first nine holes and i will one mistake but then but now again amazing amazing shot. probably thinks to be enough health to practice heart attack as well and good to feel that you can do the things that you need to do to be to be back to your doctor if he if he's healthy i believe that he has
12:55 am
everything to be back where he deserves to be russia's government says it will not to boycott next year's winter olympics even if it's forced to compete as neutrals in chairing the international olympic committee is due to make a decision on tuesday on whether to bar russia for violations so far the team has been stripped of eleven of the thirty three medals from the saatchi games that hosted four years ago it's not the first time the country has faced and the limbic bennet's track and field athletes were not allowed to compete at the summer games in rio in twenty sixteen because of a state sponsored doping program. the new skiing season is in full swing with just over two months to go on for the winter olympics in pyung chang and one man who is sure to be vying for gold on the slopes is austria's marcel her shirt the twenty eight year old proved he is still the man to beat in giant slalom as he claimed victory in a world cup race in colorado on sunday her sure fractured he's angling training
12:56 am
back in august but still completed these two runs nearly a second faster than his nearest rival despite having won the overall world cup title for the last six seasons only has one of them picked medal slalom silver in sochi back in twenty fourteen. meanwhile at the women's super g. event in lake louise in canada things went from bad to worse for skiing superstar lindsey vonn the american who has won eighteen world cup races and the result crashed out of the downhill on friday she slid again in the super g. but luckily was unhurt in the incident event was eventually won by defending world cup super g. champion tina vajra of liechtenstein. runners of the world's most extreme foot to marathon the marathon in peru were awarded an easy a day if there is such a thing of competition on day five of the stage falls seventy kilometers challenge
12:57 am
competitors enjoyed a mix of small climbs and these things beautiful scenery along the coastline of the pacific as they continued their trick time for forty two point two kilometers but russia. and france's natalie moore clare both increased their advantages as the respective male and female leaders ran a time of three hours twelve minutes and fifty one seconds while more claire clocked a time of three hours and fifty nine minutes. just to two weeks ago we all laughed at a demolition fail when a bus clocked blocked a bigger boat in the cameraman's a live shot of the georgia implosion well here's another the choice was to come down on sunday but it didn't the demolition company said that ten percent of the explosives failed to detonate and hours later the lions former home is still standing and that's all the sport more coming up later thanks very much peter and
12:58 am
the first and final super moon of twenty seventeen has been captured by star gazers across the world a phenomenon occurs when a full moon reaches its closest point to earth and appears larger and brighter than normal it was seen at dawn at bally's erupting volcano at dusk in central spain and washing up the night sky in china's capital beijing. catch up any time on our website and that's it for me after this news hour i'll be back in a minute and a full run of the day's news thanks so much for watching my fam.
12:59 am
december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families who have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. this blog is supposed to exercise the oh and speak of a man compiled testimonies a victim of the congolese mustn't. as this intimate evidence finds its way to
1:00 am
international courts the central african republic is a plunged into further. and intricate tale of the people and a nation crippled by the recent history of. africa but one of the two hundred series at this time on al-jazeera. is know one way of telling the story a key thing is to write and to be i suspect there is a great way to get to know the person from intel's to. eagle hunters still row mongolia's rugged mountains but how long can their culture survive the modern world want to any smiths those determined to save their ancient connection to the magnificent golden eagle at this time when al-jazeera. war ravaged yemen is thrown into more turmoil as who the rebels kill ousted president and one time ally.


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