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the street is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty murders in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes a court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take the violence i lost my. go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers forced to act as security guards.
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hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up president trump will deliver his decision on moving the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem on wednesday the plan is met with condemnation across the arab world. two thirds of the leaders are absent as a g.c.c. summit finishes without concrete progress on the gulf crisis. by whose yemen's capital where a funeral for the former president. has been postponed. u.s. holocaust museum latest exhibition dedicated to remembering the victims of syria's civil war. from the twenty eighteen winter olympic games. but leaves the door open to keep russian athletes to compete as neutral.
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a low our top story the u.s. president has called the leaders of palestine jordan egypt and saudi arabia to inform them of his intention to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. has been met with criticism across the board with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying it will have dangerous consequences and the saudi king warning it will inflame the feelings of muslims president will announce his final decision on wednesday after a six month waiver to delay the move expired israel claims all of jerusalem as its united capital while east jerusalem is seen by palestinians as the capital of their future state. well the white house spokeswoman decatur that the president had made up his mind already on the embassy move even though any policy changes yet to be announced i'm not going to get ahead of the president's remarks that he'll make
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tomorrow he did speak with a number of leaders this morning and he's going to continue to have conversations with relevant stakeholders but ultimately he'll make what he feels is the best decision for the united states the president i would say is pretty solid in his thinking at this point. the palestinian president spokesman said that the middle east peace process could come to an end if donald trump pressed ahead with plans to move the u.s. embassy our position the position of president problem this is very clear and if. the american embassy is going to be moved through the room this is against the . this is. unacceptable for. if this happens it would complicate things it would put an obstacle to the peace process maybe it would be the end of the peace process hopefully there not
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a good solution would back that out from this decision. our correspondent mike hanna sent us this update from the united nations. the most recent u.n. resolution about to rue slim came only last month the general assembly said that any israeli actions in east jerusalem must be regarded as null and void illegal because israel is an occupying power that resolution was passed by one hundred fifty one votes to six one of which was the united states with nine countries abstaining the secretary general's unwilling to comment on any possible plans for jerusalem the trump administration may have but his spokesman outlined what has been the un position on jerusalem for decades as a matter of principle the secretary general has said that he has consistently warned against any unilateral action that would have the potential to undermine the
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two state solution and we've always regarded jerusalem as a final status issue there are spirits of through direct negotiations between the two parties based on real security council resolutions many would argue there are two crucial un resolutions concerning israel and east jerusalem in particular the first resolution one eight one passed by the general assembly in one thousand nine hundred forty seven it eg knowledged the partition of palestine and recommended the creation of a jewish state alongside an arab state the second vitally important resolution passed by the security council in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven that was after the arab israeli war it called for the immediate withdrawal of all israeli forces from occupied territory during the obama years there were numerous resolutions once again all but one were vetoed that one back in december twenty
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eighth sixteen said that the building of israeli settlements in occupied territory was illegal that was the only time that. the obama administration withheld a veto but with trump coming to power the veto is back again but to restate the un position very clear the israeli occupation of east jerusalem is illegal both in terms of the un position and because it is a broaching of the geneva conventions it's illegal in international law. we can by how he joins us now for all the latest from washington d.c. and kimberly we know that president trump has been speaking to foreign officials as press secretary said that conversations are ongoing with the relevant stakeholders what can we expect to happen on wednesday. well certainly it
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appears but this is all subject to change until the president really makes his announcement he has been known to change his mind at the last minute depending on who has spoken to him last but what it appears is that there is an imminent announcement at least of a move of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but what that will look like and how long that could take certainly could take many forms but what i can tell you is we do have a readout now from the white house with regard to those telephone calls you were talking about at the start of the show between the president and the israeli leader the palestinian president king the king of saudi king the jordanian king all of this has been kind of surmised in very general language from the white house basically saying that the white house position and the u.s. position is there is a commitment to advancing israeli palestinian peace talks it is important to support those talks and there is
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a recognition or reaffirmation in these calls that was made by the president to bilateral cooperation with each partner to advance peace within the region there was also one additional sentence in that readout that said that there was a discussion in all of these calls of the quote potential decisions regarding jerusalem so certainly there was no acknowledgement of what we know has been widely reported and that is the caution in by all of these leaders against any sort of announcement of a move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem instead the white house merely saying that these were issues that were discussed as you saying there is mounting opposition and concern on the part of european leaders also in the arab and muslim world can many what is how much opposition is that of this move inside washington. well there has been there have been a number of democratic senators democratic lawmakers in the house of representatives who have been appearing on national television by the hour increasingly and also
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there have been sort of lobby groups that have been acknowledging the grave concern about any potential announcement by the trumpet ministration because there is a recognition that this could make any efforts by the united states to appear as an honest broker almost impossible when it comes to trying to negotiate peace between the israelis and the palestinians but there's another layer of this too there's a recognition that there will be a tremendous amount of security risk that will come into play particularly when it comes to u.s. interests there is expected that there americans could be targeted as a result in terms of violent protests or backlash so there is certainly concern inside the united states as well as outside the united states most with the recognition that for more than twenty years the policy in the united states has been to move this embassy but to not actually implement it now these signals that that may no longer be the case is concerning for many here in the united states and
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they all could have all the latest there from washington thank you. you're watching the news hour live from london still to come lebanon's prime minister saad hariri withdraw his resignation drawing a line under a month long political crisis at least twenty seven thousand people are evacuated as a bushfire rages across southern california. and england's cricketers chase an unlikely victory in the second ashes test against australia. in sports. foreign minister has told a bloc remains crucial to regional stability catherine quite with the gulf nations which sent heads of state to the summit others were represented by ministers or deputy prime ministers the meeting follows a regional dispute which began when saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with cattle in june i'm
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a gem jim reports from kuwait city. while the announcement that this year's gulf cooperation council summit would go ahead as planned in kuwait came as a surprise to many it also brought renewed hope for a diplomatic breakthrough that might be in the gulf crisis upon his arrival in kuwait on tuesday but that is a mere shift i mean been hammered acehnese issued a statement expressing sincere gratitude toward kuwait's emir. and his wishes for the success of the current summit stressing that the current situation in the region required the council's members to band together against all odds and challenges but even before the summit officially kicked off the divisions were very much on display. first the united arab emirates announced it had formed a new economic and military partnership with saudi arabia that would be separate from the g.c.c. then saudi arabia the u.a.e. and decided not to send their respective leaders to kuwait it could be that it is
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embarrassing for some of the leadership of the country is the quartet work i think until he has. to turn up. and then therefore they sent a lower level but it could be that they're really just wanted to have this. just to show that they're actually still exist and the summit is going to take place but nothing else is going to happen which is a really disappointing in that case. in the end a summit that is usually slated for two days ended after only a few hours kuwait's emir said his country will continue mediating in the dispute for just so we're going to crucially be your recent months of saying a lot of troubles but the wisdom of my brothers of the leaders of the gulf countries managed to calm things down and now meeting today will lead us to continue playing the role that will live up to the aspirations of our people in order to have certain mechanisms to sort out disputes with guarantees that will
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allow everyone to abide by these rules. added that the gulf has faced painful and negative development over the past six months due to the rift. six months to the day says the beginning of the blockade against qatar some here in kuwait say the fact that representatives of all member countries actually showed up means that this summit should ultimately be considered a success others however say that today's developments call into question the g.c.c. an institution which at its core is meant to highlight regional unity will be able to survive much longer. wait i'm joining the. chatham house what conclusions or what is. your assessment of this g.c.c. summit what does it say about the state of the bloc right now i think it is significant that the summit place at all because this is the first time that representatives of all the countries have made together since the qatar crisis. six months ago bots clearly there weren't very many productive discussions this is
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taking place at a time when the gulf states could be working together on a lot of rapidly shifting developments in the region we've seen the you say to yemen we've seen the news about trumps and it's been to jerusalem there are a lot of issues of public interest where they clearly haven't really seen the need to work together on those and what is behind that because we've seen definitely a series of very strong and swift unilateral moves on the part of the saudi crown prince are we basically witnessing this disintegration of the g.c.c. it was nor were the saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and thence to new strategic partnership with the eve of the g.c.c. summit no i don't think this is a dramatic change because it really just formalizes something that was already clear that these two countries with the rise of mohammed and so might have been working closer and closer together but announcing it just as the g.c.c. summit started did seem to signal that these countries don't see the g.c.c.
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is that when the vehicle and they will be looking probably into new alliances for some of the areas where they're working so that means that the g.c.c. survives but it limits forward as a forum that simply exist for its own sake but not one that actually addresses crucial challenges in the region that's one of the scenarios that could become something rather like the arab magreb union in north africa where we see the long running dispute between more cornell duryea meaning that the body doesn't function but it still continues to exist on paper and just a quick one how what was the potential for this summit is you say that been the so much going on in the region are expecting an announcement from present. on recognizing that jerusalem is israel's capital we've had the death of. in yemen of course the the cattle crisis seems very much for those and that's gone into a stalemate how would you describe the scale of the challenges facing these countries right now the challenges are huge they are extremely need fast moving so
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one would think this would be a time when go foreign ministers would have a huge amount to talk about and work together on right thank you jane came in one from chatham house appreciate your analysis. well speaking of yemen the funeral of the ousted yemeni president ali abdullah saleh in santa has been perspire and meanwhile his former who's the allies who killed him on monday have been holding a celebratory rally in the capital the u.n. is a combo as it tries to arrange more aid deliveries for beleaguered civilians and has more. the killing. has plunged yemen into even more uncertainty the ousted president with the unit dominant political force for over three decades was killed in an attack led by hooty fighters on monday had been in an alliance with the iranian backed rebels for more than two years and his death sparked intense fighting on the streets of the capital sanaa. the clashes were
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ongoing the entire night until the morning if someone stepped out into the street or fled they would have a bullet hit them in the head chest or body. on tuesday thousands of supporters filled the streets of sanaa celebrating what they called the end of the crisis but yemen's challenges are far from over the saudi led coalition which supports the internationally recognized government led by a man who are hadi has said it will still strike rebel targets and how to use urging yemenis to rise against the who these ladies. and i call upon all of you with an open heart and a strong will to turn the new page and to get rid of such a nightmare let's put our hands together to end the control of these criminal gangs and to build a new united yemen. and the who pushed out toddies government in january two thousand and fifteen and set up their own administration prompting the saudi led
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campaign against them since then the country has been split between the who the rebels in the north adi's administration in the south and forces loyal to saleh. his death could mark a turning point and the conflict getting worse a conflict which has already killed nearly ten thousand people push yemen to the brink of mass starvation and triggered what the united nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis we remind all parties to the conflict that deliberate attacks against civilians and against civilian and medical infrastructure or clear violations of international humanitarian law may constitute war crimes. so there a former military officer became president of north yemen in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight after a coup and in one nine hundred ninety when the north and south reunited he was elected as the first president of the newly unified country he was ousted in two thousand and twelve during the arab spring uprising that managed to stay in the country and wielded considerable power behind the scenes salih once likened his
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involvement in yemeni politics is dancing on the head of snakes and while it's not yet clear who will succeed him or what his death will mean for the fighting on the ground or the future of yemen one thing appears certain is nearly three year war is unlikely to come to an end any time soon n.p.r.'s time i'll just. well joining me now from washington is gylfi is seen he's a former u.s. ambassador to yemen and the director of gulf affairs and government relations at the middle east and city thank you very much for speaking to us last you want to pick up on the point that our emptiness was making and just towards the end of his report that what do you think the death of ali abdullah saleh means for the conflict in yemen. it's great to be with you today. and thanks for having me it's a little bit unclear how this is going to impact the ongoing conflict which has
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been stalemated for over a year my expectation is that neither side will benefit significantly from the change from the death of. clearly some of his supporters will go over to the activity movement but whether or not that's enough to shift the balance i have to call i think that we're in likely for a further extension of the current stalemate. extension of the current stalemate but could things potentially get was because we now know that silo was potential interlocutor for the saudis he was considering switching sides with that possibility now gone do they escalate military action that much more against the who sees. well it's really not clear that there is much more that they could do to ask away. and so you know the the
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fact of the matter is that over the course of the past three years the hooty is have significantly expanded their military capabilities so that was an issue a solid strain says the oil to to have among the many military really had shifted over for the most part to the to the who tease and they'll be able to continue their their efforts but it's not suggest it's not sufficient to really defeat the opposition the fact of the matter is that without all of those saw as part of their call the shia and the hooty is will be seen more clearly. as a pro iranian shape sectarian group that is seeking to restore the a mom eight that was overthrown in one thousand nine hundred sixty two and that will be unpopular with most yemenis and i suppose the those concerns on the
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positive countries like saudi arabia have to be balanced against the deep and severe misery and suffering of the yemeni people you are a former ambassador to the country why has more not been done to address the humanitarian crisis when you look at the level of food insecurity the the many civilians that have been killed in this conflict the people that are starving the outbreak of cholera you a you shocked are you surprised that more hasn't been done by the international community to to bring those responsible to account and to alleviate their suffering . well certainly the humanitarian situation inside of yemen is dire and i agree that much more needs to be done could be done the united nations put on the table a proposal to open up the port of. as well as the international airport under
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a third party supervision that was a good proposal has been rejected so far by the hooty hopefully that could be revisited but overall the real critical issue in the way to address the humanitarian situation is by reaching a political resolution of the crisis to end the fighting and restore governance inside the country then you can really begin to address the humanitarian situation . ok well thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us general fears steen former u.s. ambassador to yemen and now director of government relations at the middle east institute thank you. now the lebanese prime minister saad hariri has withdrawn his resignation after talks with opposition leaders are very shocking announcement while visiting riyadh last month sparked a letter come up have all seen a harder has the reaction from a right saddo how did he cause the political crisis early in november when he
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suddenly resigned while in the saudi arabian capital riyadh he has now decided to stay on as prime minister he made the announcement after rival politicians renewed their commitment to lebanon's policy of staying out of regional conflicts the agreement was reaffirmed by cabinet after it met for the first time since the crisis it's the example when all groups in the lebanese government are committed to disassociate themselves from regional conflicts or wars or any of the internal affairs of other countries so that we preserve our economic and political relations with arab countries. how did say the main reason for his resignation was hezbollah's meddling in arab affairs he later said he would consider withdrawing his resignation if the iranian allied group stopped intervening in conflicts beyond lebanon's borders. hezbollah has recently made changes and its political stance has
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starting what has been lost secretary general. who for the first time hinted has been to withdrawal from syria and this means that they will stick to that. he also noted that hezbollah denied being involved in the. hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters to neighboring syria to support the government there it has also sent commanders and advisers to iraq but it denies militarily backing the hutu rebels in the. resignation was seen as a saudi move against iran's ally in lebanon hezbollah wanted to undermine iranian influence here topple a government that considered too close to iran and prevent hezbollah from taking part in the government none of that happened. hezbollah still part of the government and its political opponents including heidi have agreed not to discuss the divisive issue of the group's huge arsenal how did his relationship with hezbollah has largely determined lebanese politics their relationship now is one of
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cooperation returning to a power sharing agreement that was briefly disrupted during her attempt to resign said. beirut thousands of people have been forced from their homes in southern california by wildfires fanned by winds of almost one hundred kilometers per hour while the one hundred fifty structures have been destroyed and many more risk i'm sure. it really isn't for the extent of the fires in southern california can be best seen at night found by one hundred kilometer an hour winds that tailing through the countryside thousands have left their homes many under mandatory evacuation orders the fire is pushing quickly towards the city of ventura we are making sure we are out ahead of the fire making sure we have evacuated in advance of the fire and we're basically leapfrogging our engines doing structure defense as a fire proceeds. more than five hundred firefighters walk through the night doing
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what they could to bring the flames under control but more than one hundred fifty structures have gone many more are under threat. the very nerve racking to see a fire up in the canyon headed your way just i mean just be ready and just don't wait. fires are causing huge power outages more than a quarter of a million people in the area no have no electricity officials are warning about the pace of the flames telling locals get out while you can you must abide by these evacuation notices we saw the disasters at the losses that happened up north in sonoma and this is a fast very dangerous moving fire in a towbar california suffered its most destructive wildfire in history forty three people died there's no indication how this leak this fire started alan fischer i'll just leave it. what's convoyed as our sprains you dream course has withdrawn an international arrest warrant for the former president of catalonia is campaigning
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begins for this month's regional election. we'll look at the decades long military rivalry between india and pakistan in the latest in our series on nuclear powers. and the fastest man on the track is frozen in time he tells coming out with peter. hello there it's very mild in the west in parts of europe for now that's because we've got an area of high pressure that's dominating the weather here and it's giving us plenty of fine weather however towards the east it's a bit different you can see all the cloud toppling over the top of that area of high pressure the down into the eastern parts of europe so here it's cooler and it's also rather unsettled for many of us as well quite
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a bit of rain around and quite a bit of snow to the next system though that's waiting in the wings and on wednesday and thursday be drifting its way southwards and in london in london will get to around fifteen degrees but that will be an early fifteen degrees around lunchtime we'll see the temperatures begin to drop and they'll continue to drop until we get to friday and friday there will be a very different feel to the day it will be bitterly cold for many of us in that cold weather will continue to spread its way across many other parts of europe to every head further south you can see the winds are firing down from the north so it's not particularly warm for many of us here aaa there at seventeen there's also a fair amount of cloud being brought in by those winds and one or two showers around as well looks like we could see a couple more showers as we head through thursday as well for the western parts though five an hour batts there at eighteen degrees and had a bit further south there's plenty of fine weather to be found here just the chance of a shower in nigeria. escaping
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a mac you're watching the news outlets update you on the stories making headlines u.s. president has called the need as of palestine jordan egypt and saudi arabia to inform him of his intention to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem the call has been met with criticism across the board with palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying it will have dangerous consequences. awaits foreign minister has told g.c.c. leaders that the bloc remains crucial to regional stability but the images of quiting castle where the only heads of state to attend the summit. on the funeral
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of the. yemeni president ali abdullah saleh in sana has been pursued by own meanwhile his foreman c.l.i.'s who killed him called monday event holding a celebratory rally in the capital. now the european union finance ministers have named a so-called blacklist of seventeen international tax havens in a bid to counter global tax avoidance many of the countries named finance ministers meeting in brussels are small caribbean and pacific islands south korea tunisia bahrain in the united arab emirates are also on the list but instead countries may no longer be used by e.u. institutions for international financial operations so we're joined now via skype by your highness langar rock he is a tax expert with the charity oxfam thank you very much for speaking to us is this a. significant step forward in tackling tax evasion that the e.u. would have us believe well i would not see a significant step forward with it is it any case step forward if you compare to
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the e.c.b. blick list published a few months ago that just one country treated it to big you this is the physically a step forward and what does it mean for the countries affected well for the countries affected it doesn't a lot snow it's a reputational damage of course but there are no sanctions in place sanctions are left to do member states to decide by themselves so actually absolutely nothing could come of this because it's the individual state that has to decide what action they will now take well yes and no well do you keep still. a major power it could not make it from an economic perspective so the reputational damage is quite huge and i think the countries will commit themselves quite quickly to adapt their legislation or let. me just break it down for us exactly what are these blacklisted countries doing wrong are they breaking the law. well actually they're
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done not strictly breaking the law but there are three criteria it's transparency fair taxation and commitments to the o.e.c.d. standards well most of these countries actually don't commit to transparency or to do standards and that's what it. calls them now to apply at a theater to stand there so next time they're not blacklisted and at what point will the e.u. and. the plays where they can actually agree on sanctions or penalties. well the member says don't do don't find a consensus on sanctions because it is very tough for the for the member states to find a consensus some member states like luxembourg for example do have some benefit of protecting tax hate that's structures passed by a taxi through luxembourg and. to protect that states and we've learnt
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a lot about the nature of tax evasion through the panama papers in the paradise papers tell us more about how tax evasion moving wealth around hiding it from the authorities how does it affect ordinary people ordinary taxpayers well tax havens have benefits whatsoever tax havens are very are very dangerous day. there it is. the consequence of dangerous tax policies which make developing countries but also developed countries lose billions of tax revenues and use tax revenues could be used for public services like health education education infrastructure should we really need to end this era of tax havens thanks very much for your take on this from. what's sorry. living on now in spain supreme court has withdrawn an international arrest warrant
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for the former president of catalonia his car in belgium karl has pushed him on still faces charges over the region's independents. campaigning has started for regional parliament elections that could decide the future of its independence movement called panel reports from barcelona. thank goal cool for the candidates this is the together for catalonia coalition its main policy is to break away from the rest of spain their leader carlos police devolved deposed head of the capital and government can only appear through video link he's in self exile in belgium. this is the start of an electoral campaign that will be very short and very intense and we must make this a special campaign. these seats have been left empty for opposed to the fall former ministers they all fled to brussels when spain shut down the catalan government and imposed direct group spain withdrew an extradition request for them on tuesday but
12:37 am
at home they still face charges of rebellion and possible thirty years sentences if the independence on the don't win a majority is not being aimed at the independent green. you know concert never think. about it it would probably be in the stuff i stand by but i don't think that these situation will arise gathered in a discotheque for its campaign launch the right wing p.p. people's party is anti independence and in favor of steyn part of spain young supporters say the issue is split society and disrupted their belongings in the independence parties when a majority of our mind is not going to believe it could be so if they were in for us first ember were just starting and were just thinking in and our careers and then just leave here just mean another country in the working class suburbs the
12:38 am
catalan socialist party tries to occupy the middle ground. party leader there is criticised what he sees as spain's heavy handed crackdown on catalan separatists but at the same time he rejects calls for an independent counsel and republic. it's been shown that the independence movement has caused deep divisions in catalan society it's driven companies out of the region and we want to recover economic prosperity after this opening night what comes now is two and a half weeks of political rallies and gatherings the length and breadth of catalonia is a campaign that promises to be hard for him. but catalan separatists a defiant as they sing been around them a song that speaks of breaking the chains of spanish oppression call pen hole al-jazeera. the u.k.'s chief says burson could align
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some of its regulations with the e.u. after it leaves year up. with the e.u. has a snag on monday the two sides on able to agree on whether northern ireland should remain subject to the euro was david davis says person in the e.u. are close to agreement but we're not sure we might be part of european union but leave one part of the united kingdom behind saluted single market and customs union that is in fact not something that the u.k. government is considering no u.k. government is what you're saying a conservative and unionist one. the un human rights chief is calling for a new international investigation into the range of crisis warning of possible elements of genocide as a radical hussein condemn what he called widespread systematic and shockingly brutal attacks against the ranger as well as decades of discrimination and persecution counsellors called on the myanmar government to ensure justice for victims thirty three members who voted for the resolution also want access to rack
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and state for investigators and aid workers. u.s. holocaust memorial museum has two missions to teach people about the nazis campaign to wipe out european jews during world war two and to warn them of modern day attempts at ethnic cleansing this is the latest exhibition telling of the atrocities being committed inside syria roslyn jordan takes a look if life is revealed in details these scraps of cloth list those of eighty two men who were held in a secret military prison in syria five years ago they are now on display at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum in washington. over the loudspeakers a man reads the names of the prisoners the man he had suffered alongside for the better part of a year it's the least the human rights activist monsour omari says he could do a month sort on money i come from. syria. the story you will see inside is
12:41 am
the story that was hidden underground in damascus. omari says the military tortured him and other men for opposing president bashar al assad they knew their families had no idea what had happened to them so the plan write their names using a mixture of blood and rust on pieces of a shirt and try to get them to the all side world when the military released omar he did just that and then he called the families of the other prisoners they didn't know any news about their sons and it was the first time they knew anything mothers cry it was also very hard work for me contacting mothers to begin with their sons museum officials learned of omar exactions thanks to filmmaker sar off sharks who had made a film about syria's disappeared what really struck us about months or story was. how courageous the plan was to actually document these names in detention
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museums typically catalogue what happened in the past long ago but this new exhibition focuses on people who may still be alive as we speak people being detained arbitrarily by the assad regime one of the curators says the exhibit is a call to action it's all the more important for an institution like ours in a capital like washington d.c. to speak up and say these crimes are happening and really to shine a light on on both on the victims but also on ourselves the name of the exhibition please don't forget us both and to the whole cost museums mission and a call to visitors to remember the people of syria as monsoreau mari has done. for a lot of my promise to my colleagues. i have to tell me your story about the world you go what about your story. jordan al-jazeera washington you know with the news out want to come. in ukraine as
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a prominent critic of the government has arrested and then free by his supporters. and in sport the international olympic committee makes its decision on russia's participation at the twenty eighteen winter olympics. me i. didn't business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. a comeback now refugees in greece are taking increasingly desperate measures to and to all the parts of europe greece is being one of the front line countries for new arrivals during the refugee crisis. with asylum seekers arriving on boats from turkey thousands of people wanting to travel north into western europe have been
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stuck in greece since many land borders along the way were closed that was after the un tuckey made a deal last year to stem the flow of refugees the main language house of greece is there macedonia and authorities that use the deal to justify closing its borders to refugees leaving tens of thousands of people stranded in greece will join how has this exclusive report now from patras in greece on the dangerous new reality of people smuggling. the sea crossing from greece to italy can take days and this is no way to do it hidden in airless cargo containers or clinging to wheel arches just inches from certain death. all those people are trying to hide under a tarp or inside the cargo it's very very dangerous for they live and for them it's a mother for life for them. to travel to get away aboard the ship from the success
12:46 am
rate is infinitely small for all the effort for all the risk involved it is a largely due time hack. like i was on the golf course going to go three guys out because i know the driver information that there were immigrants around saw what you'd already found three guys on board your truck and anything told on the way for five three hours. in the past year after the borders of europe were closed to refugees the greek port authorities say they've seen a four fold increase in the numbers perhaps a thousand a day trying to stow away aboard ships bound for italy. most are discovered with a simple search. those better hidden or detected using x. ray. so. the few lucky enough to actually board a vessel will face similar searches by the italian north or it is at the other end
12:47 am
. but there's no deterring them in most cases they'll be released to return and try again allie from our has made dozens of attempts. yeah. more than once a day. his companion donnish describes being beaten by the police. why you are coming here. big problem here. he fight me and stick he kicked you and even at you with a stick stick. it's pretty swollen out he shows us a bruised and swollen ankle. in just a few hours we've watched more men than we can count in this mad dash to freedom and what they imagine is a better life somewhere else. but nothing prepares us for what happens next
12:48 am
his face close to the tarmac it's alie the man we met earlier from pesch hour. here. you are you yeah i was a doctor a doctor who says his life was threatened by the taliban whose journey by air to iran road to turkey and by foot to greece has brought him here he really has no choice but to try again jonah hill al jazeera at the port of patras greece. now the former president of georgia has been rescued by his supporters after being detained by police in his adopted home ukraine. really fled from police to the roof of his kiev apartment where he threatened to jump before being dragged down arrest said he was forced into a police van a large crowd of supporters then surrounded the vehicle and broke him out they then joined him in a march on the parliament actually has lived in ukraine for the past three years
12:49 am
and has become a leading position politician. accused me of having connections with people in russia and the whole of the post soviet world there is no bigger enemy of love putin than me i commanded an army against putin i built up our independence i brought a georgian officers who sacrificing their lives for ukraine against russia how could be even think of accusing me of this. it is here now it is for. thank you so much marianne the international olympic committee have just announced that russian athletes will be permitted to compete at february's a winter olympic games in pyongyang but only under a neutral flag the russian olympic committee has been suspended the decision was made at a meeting of the i.o.c. executive board in lower than where a russian delegation and argued the case in twenty fifteen the world anti-doping
12:50 am
agency first accused russia of a state sponsored doping program particularly at the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi the i.o.c. zone commission has already disqualified the results of twenty five russian athletes from those games the report clearly lays out an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the olympic games and sport. the report includes in particular the money pull asian of the entered open laboratory of the olympic winter games as sochi two thousand and fourteen. zero zero is the executive board after following gross's has issued proportional sanctions for these systemic money pull asian while protecting clean athletes. due process to which every individual and every organisation is entitled to. it which was not available to the i.o.c.
12:51 am
prior to the olympic games a real two thousand and sixteen. as and how slate myself. i'm of feeling very sorry for all the clean athletes from all in overseas who are suffering from these money polish. we have agreed with the i.o.c. else leads commission that for the reader location of medals we will do our best to organize ceremonies for athletes during the olympic winter games two thousand and eighteen to try to dry to make up for the moments they have missed on the finish line or on the podium. so how did we get to this point well after russia only won three gold medals at the twenty ten winter olympics in vancouver it was decided they could not suffer similar embarrassment on
12:52 am
home to cheat and thus a state sponsored doping program came into being russia won a record thirty three medals in searching twenty fourteen but the country's anti doping laboratory director at the time. of has been the chief whistleblower he alleges the country ran a systematic program of doping way urine samples were switched to avoid detection the world anti-doping agency or wada brought in canadian sports lawyer richard mclaren to investigate them clare a report concluded one thousand russian athletes benefited from the system between twenty twelve and twenty fifteen before tuesday the i.o.c. had already stripped eleven of the thirty three russians medalists of their prizes tuesday's action was based on the findings of an i.o.c. commission formed in july twenty sixth scene and as a result they will be no team russia in pyongyang but they will be russian athletes competing under a neutral ban a. professor of political science pacific university and author of power games
12:53 am
a political history of the a lympics jules boycott of joins me now live from portland oregon for more on this professor always good to talk to you how significant is it that the i.o.c. has taken the measures it has against russia. thank you peter this is significant it's historical and unprecedented let's make no mistake russia is a big player in the olympic movement so for the international olympic committee to lay out this kind of punishment is significant as you mentioned athletes who will be participating in the pyong chang games in south korea just around the corner here they will be part two participating as neutrals they will not be wearing the russian flag on their jerseys that will be roughly tantamount to them wearing an invisible scarlet letter on their jerseys a constant reminder of the doping scandal that hit their country as well as the wider issues in sports more generally given the damage this does to the olympic
12:54 am
refutes ation how penny key might the puncturing organizers be right now they must be in freak out mode right now because ticket sales are very low right now the national hockey league full of all sorts of hockey stars is not letting their players go to play in the pyong chang olympics they've already cut down an ancient forest to make way for a ski run getting the ire of activists and the game's prices doubled from around six billion in the beginning to more than thirteen billion today so they have a handful of problems and the russian doping scandal is not helping and to what extent is the i.o.c. doing a good job at restoring its damaged reputation over the last two years considering not just hoping but corruption as well. well the i.o.c. is a thicket of corruption and for too long it is shown willful gullibility when it comes to doping i heard a recent higher up from the international olympic committee say that the i.o.c.
12:55 am
is interested in doping as long as it's not russia so there's been sort of a free pass given to russia for a long time so they've known about this going way back the international olympic committee has and it failed to act in a significant manner that changes today these are significant penalties that they're putting toward russia for some not enough some people wanted a blanket ban would have brought some clean athletes into the vortex and allowed them to not participate so i think you're right there is wider corruption scandals hitting the olympics right now with the head of the brazilian olympic committee carlos newsman recently having gold bars stashed in switzerland found to have more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars in multiple currencies in his posh apartment in rio the olympic movement has significant problems and the doping just fits right in there professor jules boyko if we leave it there thank you so much for joining us from portland in oregon in the united states now they have been runners up in the champions league in two of the last four seasons but i'd let it
12:56 am
go madrid have been the lemonade to invest seasons the group stage who saw that coming diego simeone you seem unable to defeat stamford bridge is chelsea and what it means is that rumor go through they were able to defeat a bug so it means the syriac club go along with the english champions to the knockout stage now england are still in with a fighting chance in their second ashes test against australia in adelaide their skates although straight here for just one hundred thirty eight in a second innings fast bowler james anderson finding is a rhythm at last with five wickets for as many runs forty three that is the home side still held an intimidating lead of three hundred fifty three runs but england chipped away at that captain joe root unbeaten on sixty seven with these team needing a further one hundred seventy eight with six wickets in hand for what seems an unlikely victory at the start of the day's play. the grueling marathon the serve has come to an end with emphatic victories for the men's and women's favorites this
12:57 am
was the first time the marathon. being run in peru and stage six was the shortest of all the stages at just nineteen point six kilometers still that is not easy when you're running through the desert overall manes leader. of morocco went on to take a third consecutive victory in marathon the sadler's win one county sahara triumph as well on the women's side and natalie moore claire was a victorious you wouldn't usually associate the color bronze with you saying bolt but to mark the jamaicans retirement from sprinting he has been honored with a giant bronze statue in his country's capital kingston but unlike so many of his race victories things didn't quite to plan at the unveiling the sheet covering the statue refused to come off at first but a little bit of help from the jamaican prime minister the eight foot sculpture of dalton his trademark pose was eventually revealed just one hundred and two hundred metres sprinter one of the spikes in august with eight olympic gold medals and eleven world titles. and that's all the sport for me another update coming up later
12:58 am
but for now back to you in london merriam thanks very much peter. remember you can get more on everything we're covering on our web site al jazeera dot com is where i need to go for a comment and now assess that takes you behind the headlines you've got video on demand the information on our program and of course you can watch us live as well back in a moment with much more the day's news a full roundup of the top stories coming up very shortly stay with us.
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it. was. the street is quiet the signal is given. out it so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a result one of several in some townships and children sometimes are caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them while i lost my son cooking leyland years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for
1:00 am
several walking buses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world but the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time. president trump has to deliver his decision on moving the us embassy in israel to jury.


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