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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 6:00am-6:34am +03

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reggae music is really kind of trip my life. i'm very young is it may come from the make of what i feel that. talks of are just part of dr walk alone and there's a reggae music has a message that's deeply relevant to this drug especially for a good thing this is kind of the right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists to make us write to me so it's been intimidated from the arrested people on the streets and protesting against our doorstep so in whichever way i'd like to attempt to contribute something with. donald trump's new spin on u.s. policy in the middle east white house officials say he will recognize jerusalem as
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the capital of israel. protest in bethlehem news of this move angers palestinians living in the occupied west bank. peter w. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.n. security council asks all parties in the war in yemen to work towards a jury will cease fire. fueled by strong winds california wildfires forced tens of thousands of people from their home. ok let's kick off this half hour for you with some breaking news the u.s. president is to announce on wetten stay that the united states will recognize two.
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i'm as the as ready capital and has plans to relocate the american embassy there white house officials confirming the news in a briefing earlier mr trump called arab leaders to inform them of his intentions his she have written and see. well that's beautiful at the white house there was no sense of the international uproar that's been caused by donald trump's forthcoming speech announcing the u.s. is recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital this is a campaign promise to keep trump financial danas like las vegas casino magnate sheldon adelson and his right wing evangelical base whom the president needs now move them ever as his popularity ratings plummet throughout the day the president briefed the regional leaders which led to this question at the state department briefing i'm wondering if you can say that that he's gotten the support of anyone for any decision that he might make so again i'm not going to characterize those conversations minutes later the white house press secretary was similarly callie
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about the decision i'm not going to get ahead of the president's remarks that he'll make tomorrow to say other than israel which thinks this move is twenty two years overdue that all of the feedback he's been getting from world leaders is overwhelmingly negative so no again he spoke with five leaders that's hardly indicative of everybody across the globe mr president the fifth fleet of the president called was the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu israeli politicians have welcomed trucks decision on jerusalem the israeli mayor of the city so that the embassy move could take two minutes by switching the sign on the current u.s. consulate in west jerusalem administration officials who didn't want publicly to be named later said that was not going to happen more about building a new embassy would take at least three to four years to the question of whether that means of this decision could be reversed if president doesn't stay on for a second term the officials insisted once the process of planning and you embassy
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begins it would reach its conclusion they also said the president was simply affirming what they called quote reality both historical moment that connected the state of israel to the city they argued issues of sovereignty would not change and said that not moving the embassy since it was required by congress in one thousand nine hundred five had not made any difference to the peace process but trumpet ministration was still committed to a two state solution they said if that's what both parties wanted. but with reports over the weekend that the president's middle east envoy. is pushing saudi backed plan that gives israel formal control of all of jerusalem it appears that drums announcement on wednesday will be in keeping with the direction of his administration's emerging middle east policy she average hands the al-jazeera washington well news of this possible move has angered palestinians in the occupied west bank dozens of protesters gathered outside the church of the nativity in bethlehem they set fire to posters with trump's image on them the saudi king says
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the move will quote inflame the feelings of muslims while the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is warning of a dangerous consequences. our position the position of president this is very clear and if. they're going to get him this is going to be moved. this is again. this is this would be unacceptable for. this. it would complicate things. for the peace process maybe it will be the end of the peace process hopefully they're going to get the nation back from this decision . well as we've been hearing there has been strong and vocal global condemnation and concern about this intended move at least a dozen leaders and organizations have said they are against it as it would
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destabilize the middle east and contravene international law has just a few of the many voices that have been speaking out. mr trump jerusalem is a red line for muslims. we will follow the struggle to the very last moment with determination and we could even go right up to cutting our diplomatic relations with israel. a way must be found through negotiations to resolve the status of jerusalem as the future capital of the states so that they both this can be fulfilled where medicine was our yard for. the council of ministers rejects this step and expresses its utmost concern regarding this step as well as the moving of the american embassy to jerusalem the iraqi government warns of the consequences of this decision on the stability of the area and the world ignoring the rights of palestinians and the arab and muslim world and other religions let's
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talk. he's a co-founder of the electronic intifada he joins us live from chicago. he's going to sign the waivers at least for another six signings but he says he's either going to move the embassy or even build a new one so what does this actually achieve. well i think it order to achieve this is to its truth in advertising it simply is a more honest expression of the american policy which is to support israel unconditionally including israel's illegal. colonise ation and settlement building in jerusalem and this has effectively been the us policy for many many years and trump is simply coming out into the open about it but if you get the israelis you lose the arabs if you get the arabs you lose the israelis so
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how can the united states now say we are an impartial peace broker particularly when jericho has very warm close relations with the current israeli prime minister and also we understand increasingly good relations with the saudis. you would have had to be living on another planet these past few decades to believe that the united states was ever an honest broker and if trump's announcement is what you know stud you out of thinking that the us was an honest broker i don't know what to say to the u.s. policy is to aggressively assist israel in doing everything it can to destroy any prospects for palestinian self-determination or palestinian liberation and that is the united states has had the assistance of the
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so-called international community and the various arab regimes that are now complaining so loudly about this i think what they should be asking themselves is what have we been doing for all these decades while israel was busy. nixing jerusalem building settlements expelling palestinians from jerusalem israel has been gradually encroaching on on the old city and on the muslim holy sites i mean fact you have this so-called temple movement funded by the israeli government whose open goal is to remove the al aqsa mosque and the dome of the rock and rebuild the jewish temple and meanwhile the arab regimes which complaining about this move by trump busy embracing israel the gulf states moving towards israel at lightning speed and they're in the absolutely no position to
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complain about this because the so-called international community has in fact encouraged aided and abetted this particularly by surrendering leadership of the so-called peace process to the united states despite the clear u.s. . all of the of doing everything it can to prevent the fulfillment of privacy in rights there is a very strong palestinian reaction to the current situation even predating what mr trump is imminently about to announce surely that says there is no peace process but when you talk about the muslim reaction does this if they do this when this happens does this then stop becoming an intra palestinian issue or even a political issue it becomes a religious issue so it becomes about jews muslims and christians as well. israel has been pushing in that direction for many years israel was never
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comfortable with the reality that this is a colonial situation where palestinians are an indigenous people who are demanding liberation and israel has pushed to make this a global religious conflict and we see israel jumping on every opportunity every terrorism incident and in europe for example to say this is a global war against radical islam so that narrative suits israel very well but i think what the rest of the world to do is focus on the reality that israel is an occupier and a colonized they should be holding israel accountable and making it costly for israel to continue to occupy jerusalem it's no use doing nothing and then wringing your hands and issuing angry statements each time israel takes another step towards calling consolidating its occupation would it be fair to say when you use the word
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narrative there that this trumpet ministration doesn't understand the historical context of the narrative and by that i mean this i mean camp david back in two thousand arguably failed because the venue u.s. president bill clinton didn't really seem to get the same travel at c. of jerusalem to everyone involved in this ongoing conflict. no i don't i don't think that's right i think that the clinton administration like obama like trump are committed to securing a palestinian saranda and we've seen that in the trump peace plan that leaked out where basically the palestinians would get a state in name only where it would be about to stand on a little bits of land with no control over jerusalem but the reality is that is just a warmed up version of the so called clinton parameters that were offered at
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camp david the so-called generous offer that. barak made the difference now really the only difference now is you have got reportedly and i have no reason to doubt these reports the saudi crown prince bludgeoning and bullying the palestinian authority leadership to accept it or else that's the only difference ok we have to leave our conversation there have been a month thank you very much. we'll get you more on that in a few minutes here on al-jazeera in the meantime we'll wrap up some of the top stories for you the u.n. security council has appealed to all sides in yemen to recommit to a u.n. led political process to end that conflict is warning the country is facing a catastrophic famine and close to a million cases of cholera councils pushing for unhindered humanitarian access in particular their call on parties to immediately provide safe rapid
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unhindered and sustained commercial and humanitarian access to the populations of all affected governorates. through all of human and pulled and pulled most importantly who data and son on board. the member of the security council urged all size to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law. the xcel son of yemen's usted president ali abdullah saleh says he will launch a campaign against the who seemed this man that killed his father salah has called for revenge meanwhile thousands of things he has gathered for a show of strength in the capital sana'a is intense type. the killing of. has plunged yemen into even more uncertainty the ousted president dominant political force for over three decades was killed in an attack led by who the
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fighters on monday had been in an alliance with the iranian backed rebels for more than two years and his death sparked intense fighting on the streets of the capital sanaa. the clashes were ongoing the entire night until the morning if someone stepped out into the street or fled they would have a bullet hit the mean the head chest or body. on tuesday thousands of supporters filled the streets of sanaa celebrating what they called the end of the crisis but yemen's challenges are far from over the saudi led coalition which supports the internationally recognized government led by a man who are hadi has said it will still strike rebel targets and how to use urging yemenis to rise against the who these ladies. and i call upon all of you with an open heart and a strong will to turn the new page and to get rid of such a nightmare let's put our hands together to end the control of these criminal gangs
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and to build a new united yemen. so then the who pushed out how these government in january two thousand and fifteen and set up their own administration prompting the saudi led campaign against them since then the country has been split between the who the rebels in the north administration in the south and forces loyal to saleh. his death could mark a turning point and the conflict getting worse a conflict which has already killed nearly ten thousand people but she. into the brink of mass starvation and triggered what the united nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis we remind all parties to the conflict that deliberate attacks against civilians and against civilian and medical infrastructure or clear violations of international humanitarian law may constitute war crimes. a former military officer became president of north yemen in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight after a coup and in one nine hundred ninety when the north and south reunited he was
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elected as the first president of the newly unified country he was ousted in two thousand and twelve during the arab spring uprising that managed to stay in the country and wielded considerable power behind the scenes saleh once like in his involvement in yemeni politics is dancing on the head of snakes and while it's not yet clear who will succeed him or what his death will mean for the fighting on the ground or the future of yemen one thing appears certain is nearly three year war is unlikely to come to an end anytime soon. al-jazeera. last minute still to come for you on this channel including this one the boy lead police forces in honduras are refusing to enforce the curfew as uncertainty continues of the results of a close presidential election. the russian olympic teams back in the next winter olympics because of doping offenses those stories when we come back.
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hello there we've got some very cold weather that spreading its way across parts of north america at the moment already we're seeing a lot of snow in north dakota this is what it looks like there at the moment and that wintery seen is now spreading its way southwards you can see the satellite picture is taking out this area of cloud very very clearly and that's what's bringing in a cold air behind that the winds are rushing down from canada and it is turning a lot colder so chicago where we were eighteen degrees on monday two degrees will be our maximum on wednesday and by thursday minus two is a maximum so a real change for many of us here there is that system still with us as we head through thursday bringing in that cold air dropping to seven degrees is the high it will still be maad force in miami getting to around twenty eight degrees out for
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the central americas things here actually fairly quiet at the moment there's not a great deal of cloud showing up on off that live picture we do have this area though here that's giving us a few outbreaks of rain and i think this is where we're going to see some of the most active weather as we head through the next few days so again through panama but this time sports in the way of further towards the north just into the southern parts of mexico will see a fair few showers here more of them too as we head through thursday and force in south america most of the rain it's from paraguay northwards. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the last. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and a zest for living. my chin is yet island kitchen at this time out is
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enough. welcome back you without zero my name's peter dhabi here in doha this hour your top stories the u.s. president donald trump will announce today weapons day the u.s. will officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and has plans to relocate to the american embassy there white house officials confirmed the news in a briefing earlier mr trump did call arab leaders to inform them of his intentions . this of course all has to do with a mechanism that's called the jerusalem embassy act which was approved by the u.s.
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congress in one nine hundred ninety five now that declared that jerusalem should be recognized as the israeli capital and that the u.s. embassy would be established there by may of one thousand nine hundred ninety nine now the act mandated shop cuts in funding for the state department if the deadline was not met but congress also allowed the white house to delay the move for six months at a time on national security grounds that waiver has been invoked since the one nine hundred ninety s. by presidents clinton bush and obama and donald trump has already done it once during his presidency let's get more on that for you live now to washington and our correspondent she has pretenses so she has they're trying to square a circle here that's kind of a bit abrasive and a bit difficult for them because they've got the the waiver that he says he will carry on signing on the one hand and yet he's going to announce today look we are doing this recognition and moving the embassy. right but from what we heard in that
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background briefing after a day of spectacular headlines it was fascinating to hear those three members of the administration who would refuse to be publicly identified really trying to emphasize that nothing's really changing that those waivers will continue to sign perhaps for years to come because they argue it takes so long to build an embassy that you can't simply just change the name plate on the front of the u.s. consulate in west jerusalem you have to build a whole a whole new embassy complex i mean that's been some skepticism if you really want to do it you could do that it goes but clearly they're saying no no this isn't going to happen these waivers will continue to be signed but what's also important is and i think we'll hear this from the trumpet ministration on wednesday is it is the work of the lamb because of that ninety five ninety ninety five bit of legislation not only that this is a bipartisan issue only in june of this year there was a bipartisan resolution that passed ninety two zero sponsored by seventeen senators
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the leadership of the democrats and the republicans celebrating the occupation the anniversary of the occupation of east jerusalem by the israeli military no mention of his international law and also i just dug up barack obama's speech to apac the main right wing israeli public lobby lobbying lobbying group in washington d.c. as he was trying to really curry favor with the israelis as he was running for president this is part of his speech jerusalem will remain the capital of israel and it must remain undivided he got a lot of plaudits at that time from those who were suspicious that perhaps he was a bit a bit pro palestinian that could help bring some of the far right wing jewish lobbies to his side always really lobbies to his side so i think what we'll hear on wednesday is look this is simply the law of the it's a restatement a restatement of the law of the land what's the fuss about every other u.s. embassy or consulate apart from little bits of what we're talking about has been
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based in tel aviv historically they've stayed in tel aviv the commercial capital there's a reason so given that there's this kind of drill down backstory here has any other u.s. president publicly gone this far. well as i said i mean they all play lip service to the idea that one day jerusalem will be the recognized capital off to final status talks but again look at what barack obama said that he said drew slim will remain the capital of israel and it must remain undivided that doesn't sound like it's a leading much room for east jerusalem to be capital of the palestinian state either so just to go back to what your previous guest was saying in some ways the mosque is just simply being is slipping here and it's i things are out in the open was the u.s. ever really and almost broken let's face it did they ever intend to give the palestinians east jerusalem as their capital from what we hear from the parameters of the plan that's been leaking between the saudis i mean this is one of the
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theories about what's going on right now one theory is simply this is for domestic consumption the donald trump's christian evangelical base the international chaos that might ensue be downed or this is part of his new trans usual negotiating tactic create the chaos and then step into that chaos to impose some sort of deal some sort of settlement on the palestinians with the saudis guaranteeing that they can get the rest of the arab world on board that's the other main theory we're hearing but i mean as far as previous administrations are concerned yes the embassies have been tell of eve but i've always paid lip service to the idea that israel should have jerusalem as its undivided capital look at what president obama said when he was on the campaign trail and in two thousand and eight and of course it keeps right on the front pages as well ok she had many thanks to. the gulf cooperation council summit has ended early dashing hopes of a breakthrough in the block's biggest crisis in decades relations have been strains
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in saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with cattle in june while he waits foreign ministers as the bloc remains crucial to regional stability only kuwait and cats are sent heads of state just before the summit the u.a.e. announced a new economic and military partnership with saudi arabia separate from the g.c.c. the leader of the syrian opposition has accused president bashar al assad's government of rejecting the peace talks in geneva an eight throned of un backed negotiations aimed at ending the syrian war began last week talks were paused over the weekend but both sides were expected to return to the swiss city on tuesday however the government delegation was a no show so now it is there is most ability of the international community it is the one stability of. their shares and the special envoy to announce to the lord who is the party who is this is dictating then it was here we are here and we
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will continue your teacher we need to cancel you sharon which achieve the spirit to be a boy the lebanese prime minister saad hariri has withdrawn his resignation after talks with opposition leaders shock announcement to step down whilst in riyadh last month did raise fears that regional powers were again using lebanon as a proxy battleground saudi arabia is a key backer of his political party hariri says his government's affirmed its commitment to staying out of regional conflicts. a full recount or a runoff that's the proposal from the honduran opposition data salvador to end a statement a stalemate over last month's election the authorities have failed to declare an official winner sparking violent protest and a nighttime curfew manuel has the story. after more than a week since the presidential elections in honduras a winner has yet to be named prolonging a political crisis
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a nationwide curfew remains in effect but across the country protests continue well into the night hours. in the latest turn of events hundreds of elite police forces known as cobras have announced they will no longer be obeying orders to enforce the ten day curfew one officer told reporters they are rebelling. our people are sovereign and we are in their service furthermore we cannot be confronting and crushing their rights the ongoing demonstrations continue to call for hunder and president one orlando at nine days to step down and for the national elections commission to finalize an announcement the organization of american states has expressed concerns over quote irregularities errors and systemic problems within the elections and have issued recommendations that the process become more transparent. demonstrations blocking roads and bridges are also having a significant economic impact across honduras several cities are reporting fuel and
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food shortages causing worry that the political crisis is only getting worse money went up on a. big. a wildfire in the u.s. state of california has forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes the blaze northwest of los angeles has burned more than eighteen thousand hectares is more than one hundred fifty structures have been destroyed with many more at risk it is the west on record for wildfires in the state. the russian olympic team has been banned from the next winter olympics for doping offenses the international olympic committee says russian athletes will still be able to compete individually but only under a neutral flag and if they can prove they're clean the competition be held in the south korean city appealing chang in february. to the russian of the suspended who is immediate effect. individual glee in the russian else leads will be able to participate under strict conditions of the olympic winter
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games here a charge to his i wasn't eighteen the president of the russian olympic committee mr alexander's book of is suspended as an i.o.c. member given that his membership is leaned to is pussy should as president of the russian or leveque committee. turns any artist has become the first black woman to win britain's most prestigious arts award the turner prize sixty three year old will be in to him it is also the oldest person to receive the honor the judges praised him its pottery workers uncompromising in tackling issues including colonial history and racism the zanzibar born artist who lives in the north of england will receive thirty three thousand dollars in prize money.
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this is al jazeera these are your headlines so far president donald trump will announce on whedon's day that the u.s. will officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and has plans to relocate the american embassy there white house officials confirmed the news in a briefing earlier mr truong called arab leaders to inform them of his intentions. news of this possible move has angered palestinians in the occupied west bank dozens of protesters gathered outside the church of the nativity in bethlehem the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is warning of dangerous consequences our position the position of present this is very clear and if. they're going to get him this is going to be moved to jerusalem this is again. this is this would be unacceptable for our. if this. would complicate things it would be an obstacle to the peace process maybe it would be the end of the peace
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process if we want to get the nation back from this decision. the u.n. security council has appealed to all sides in yemen to recommit to a u.n. led political process to end the conflict is warning the country faces a catastrophic famine and close to a million cases of cholera the u.n. security council is also calling for unhindered humanitarian access. the gulf cooperation council summit has ended early dashing hopes of a breakthrough in the block's biggest crisis in decades relations have been strained in saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with cats all in june while he waits foreign minister says the bloc remains crucial to regional stability only kuwait and sent heads of state. the russian olympic team has been banned from the next winter olympics for doping offenses the international olympic committee says russian athletes will still be able to compete individually but only under
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a neutral flag and if they can prove they are clean the president of the russian olympic committee has also been suspended the competition will be held in the south korean city appealing chen in february you are right up to speed with all our top stories more news of course is always there for you on the website al-jazeera dot com i will see you a half an hour between now and then my chin is here but i. swear every.


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