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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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that's not what we're talking about the very most about shooting people or not is trying to shoot a gun themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's general security is where the people who pay the price clearly their writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. palestinians are reds to respond with rage to the u.s. president's expected announcement that they will recognize jerusalem as israel's
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capital. the status of jerusalem should be determined as negotiate in a negotiated settlement between israelis and palestinians concern and criticism from capitals all over the world. hello again welcome to al-jazeera live from doha imo seemed and it's also coming up field was wrong wins wildfires bring more destruction and devastation to the u.s. state of california. and the world prepares to agree on a path to help stop us fouling the planet that will it make any difference. the repercussions of u.s. president donald trump's expected decision to recognize your islamist israel's
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capital and move the american embassy there are already being felt even before he makes the announcement palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank and in gaza a cooling for three days of rage president mahmoud abbas says trump's move will have dangerous consequences similar sentiments of come from saudi arabia's king solomon who says that the decision would inflame the feelings of muslims he along with the leaders of egypt jordan turkey syria the e.u. france and germany they're all saying the same thing they're warning president trump against it now the status of jerusalem is a central issue in the israeli palestinian conflict israel claims. entire city that's against international law and the palestinians or they want the occupied eastern part of the city as a capital of their future say. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu earlier refrained from commenting specifically about this expected announcement as
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he appeared at an event in west jerusalem but elsewhere in the world the warnings and criticisms are stark iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many says president johnson tensions with the u.s. embassy to jerusalem is a sign of incompetence and failure. the leader of the catholic church francis has spoken to the palestinian president saying it's essential to recognize the rights of all people in the holy land and china's foreign ministry is worried about an escalation in tensions urging all sides to avoid causing new confrontation. with the british prime minister to resume a told parliament in westminster that she plans to speak with president tran our position has not changed we are position as he says has been a longstanding one and is also a very clear one that the status of jerusalem should be determined as negotiate in
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a negotiated settlement between the israelis and palestinians and jerusalem should ultimately form to share form a shared capital between the israeli and palestinian states that is you know we continue to support a two state solution we recognize the importance of jerusalem in our position on that has not changed all right let's go to occupied east jerusalem now and our correspondent there harry foresaid and harry is there a sense of anticipation building up because this this announcement whatever it actually contains is only a couple of hours away. that's right we are now very close we are in a slightly strange situation when there is a pretty good indication of what many people around here would consider to be extremely bad news coming from the united states but we're still waiting to hear exactly what president trump has to say now all the indications are that he will of course declare the jerusalem as far as united states is concerned is the capital of israel people we've been speaking to here say that that would be insanity that that contradicts the entire nature of the two state solution
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a peace process process which the united states would like to sponsor very very different responses though coming from the right wing coalition partners of benjamin netanyahu as well as him there was a vast number of senior political figures speaking at this event in west jerusalem earlier. today a diplomatic conference staged by a national newspaper and we've heard from the education minister saying that other countries must now follow suit the intelligence minister. anybody who doesn't see jerusalem as a capital of israel doesn't recognize israel's right to exist so there's already celebration taking place on that side of the equation what we haven't heard is a definitive comment yet from prime minister netanyahu himself during his speech he didn't tackle the subject at all as he left in his car he posted a facebook video in which he said that the. that the historical and national
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identity of israel was being emphasized in important ways and that this was happening particularly on this day and he said that with a big smile so obviously he's preparing to welcome a statement and as much as the political side of this of course there is also the religious side having your at the damascus gate because this is the center this is a this city is a holy sacred city for three of the major religions of the world today. that's right. side this holy to jews to christians and of course to muslims the majority muslim population here in eastern in east jerusalem occupied east jerusalem and we saw the significance of that just a few months ago during the protests when there was this mass street movement to get israel to remove metal detectors and put around the entrances to the mosque compound what jews refer to as the temple mount and it was a successful one so the question is.
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live now to. the turkish president tired adeline popular. in the region. as an important one. any steps to. change the current status of jerusalem would. cause. disruptions clashes. and. damage. and the reach of. any approach to jerusalem that denies the historic reality. of who should be but who would be bound to be termed. the only
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way in the middle east. peace stability is. to ensure that. becomes the capital of an independent palestinian state. we have discussed their brother and myself have held discussions about this a short time ago and we are going to. the organization of islamic cooperation in istanbul on the thirteenth of december our foreign ministers respect the foreign ministers will carry out the initial. and the leaders' meeting on wednesday to come. you will no doubt reach an agreement and that agreement will be announced to the rest of the world. for the protection of
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the current status of jerusalem is very important and the it is important that the islamic world. unite and act as one. we will continue to be in close. cooperation with my brother king abdullah. i have this announcement to make that. any step any attempt to. change the status states. should be able to be avoided no one has the right to claim the fate and well being of millions of people such a move would only help. to promote the intentions of the terrorist organizations my brother king abdullah and i had discussions about other matters in
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duration we respect and. as a very important matter. territorial integrity of syria. millions of brothers and sisters have had to leave syria. involuntarily. in turkey to three million syrians being. first it and children. of the one million syrians today. you will continue our cooperation with improving the peace. and stability in our region. and i pray to god that this visit. my brother king abdullah the second to. bring. benefits and all speciousness respective
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countries and to our region. i would like to extend my thanks to the king and his family as well. run entire delegation from jordan this visit follows on the heels of your very successful visit to jordan earlier this year and comes at a very timely moment not only are we here to discuss obviously the bilateral. agreements and our future which you have outlined so eloquently but also with the challenges that we are facing in the region our meetings here of a city built on a deep rooted historical ties and as you said we're looking forward to. welcoming the seventieth year of our very historic relations and ties and to expand our ongoing political economic and security cooperation there is vast potential to
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increase trade and investment levels and as it was based on today's meetings i'm really looking forward to our ministry a level delegates to be able to take us into a new phase of relationship between our two nations unfortunately we come at a time to visit you here sir your country. today more than ever before we face regional developments that require close quarter needed and consultations between our two countries and i am very happy to say not only the support that you should have shown to jordan in jerusalem but how closely we work together to overcome the tremendous challenges that we as that oma and region face as we both agree the palestinian cause continues to be the region's central issue there is no alternative to the stupid state solution and jerusalem is key to any peace agreement and it is key to the stability of the entire region i did
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reemphasized to. the u.s. president just today our concerns on the decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem therefore it is imperative now to work fast to reach a final status solution and a peace agreement between palestinians and israelis and this must allow palestinians to establish their independent state side by side with israel and its capital in east jerusalem. ignoring the palestinian muslim and christian rights in jerusalem with all new fuel for the extremism and undermine the war against terrorism and we in jordan as the custodian of islamic and christian holy sites we will persist in undertaking our religious and historical responsibilities towards our aqsa mosque and ahead of the sheriff and up hold our role in protecting muslim and christian holy sites in jerusalem and again i want to thank the president for
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his support as the president had mention we are both in full agreement on the need for holding a no i see summit on jerusalem next week that will bring together arabs and muslim leaders briefly so you talked about other regional challenges and i'll just mention here syria efforts at this stage should be directed in building on the asuna talks to realize a political solution according to the geneva process and ensuring serious unity stability and safety for its people mr president this is probably one of the strongest visits that we have had between our two countries as we stand shoulder to shoulder to face the challenges that lie ahead and i look forward very much to being with you again in the stumble next week so thank you.
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so the two leaders or king abdullah of jordan and the turkish president. roger. concluding their statements are statements quite brief both of them each of them echoing the other pretty much and they expressed a certain amount of concern over this expected statement to come from donald trump a couple of hours from now which they are suggesting would change the current status of jerusalem listening to to all of that this is our correspondent who's in istanbul mohammed and mohamed this is a meeting that was shared children away wasn't it this was to celebrate bilateral relations between the two but it seems to have been overshadowed completely by the developments coming out of washington with regard to jerusalem. yes indeed martin and more leaders expressing their concern about the move by the
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united states to move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem president. was contigo to call it calling the move illegal he said it's against international treaties and laws that they would not watch it or sit around watching it happen he said he was calling for the current president of the organization of islamic countries he was calling for a summit on the thirteenth of december that is next wednesday in which muslim community across the globe are going to carry out discussions in which they would look for a concerted response to this king of the law of jordan also mentioned that they would continue to protect what he called muslim and christian holy sites and said that there is need to restart the peace process between.
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the palestinians and said. palestinian people must get the street with jerusalem as their capital. and hum it integrity to the response to this certainly coming from president ed one was the requirement if you like of of unity in the muslim world which seems to be the case there seems to be the comprehensive response a uniform response coming from the muslim world. yes indeed unity within the muslim world husband elusive in the past. it is up for debate whether they're going to achieve planned on being smarter but what we know is that jerusalem. as the muslims call it is a very important holy site only second to mark. to muslims
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and this is a matter that is expected to unite all muslims across the globe and the turkish people and their government incensed by this move by the united states saying that this is an affront to the more than one point five million muslims across the world protest already planned for later this evening outside the u.s. consulate here in stumble as well as on friday after midday prayers. thank you for that all right let's go and see if there's any reaction yet to the statements that have just been made just minutes ago we can go to occupy the streets and our correspondent there. just wondering what the response might have been there to particularly king abdullah of jordan. the fact that of course he has a special interest in a special. protection role has it when it comes to the holy sites of jury slim.
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that's right there was some look i think a couple of interesting differences in emphasis between the two men during the news conference. taking more of a pragmatic i suppose line almost fracturing and now that this statement will be coming from donald trump receiving despite what he said about trying to stave it off in his phone call on tuesday and really looking forward to how things would progress from now on and so as you say he made it very clear that jordan would continue in its role in safeguarding the religious sites the muslim and christian religious sites here in on. them in the old city making special reference of course to the al aqsa mosque compound the hamas three and as well as that he took a different line slightly i suppose from the palestinian authority as well in that he didn't declare that the the two state solution was there he said there is no other solution than the two state solution and that jordan would continue to work
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for it and to continue to see a final settlement in which jerusalem was shared between israel and a palestinian state alongside it so presumably that might find some welcome in washington because that is the very similar line or at least there is a line coming out of white house officials to reporters saying that we have to wait for the wording and that the united states is not going to try to. define now what jerusalem means it is merely going to say that jerusalem is the eternal capital of israel of course as far as the palestinian authority passing officials are concerned that is taking sides definitively it is really scuppering the trump peace plan before it even happens all right harry these trees and thank you very much says. she is in ramallah in the occupied west bank and the palestinian authority has been very very quick to state its position on this and and indeed all of the palestinians have decided that a three day period of rage is what is is is required in response of what they
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anticipate to come from washington in a couple of hours three hours from now. yes absolutely i mean if anyone you talk to would take it for granted that this announcement will be made by president trump now the women in the words you hear. describing that what will happen in a few hours is the zoster to madness we heard that from a senior palestinian official basically people see the they are angry they say that they have been for years been told that there is prospect of a peace agreement especially the young people would tell you that they were born in the shadows of the. accords and that nothing came out of it and now this is the final really proof. as they put it that the u.s. was never really serious of brokering
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a peace between the two sides and many would also point to the fact that they have been saying all along that the u.s. was never neutral and that this really does announce a minute when it comes proves that right there and then the officials say that once that happens well that sort of neutralizes the role of the u.s. in any kind of future negotiation if indeed that would happen or would be kick started any time soon you have to remember that as we speak now those negotiations have been stalled for several years such an announcement would just make it even more difficult for the two sides to face it to sit in front of each other the table and start negotiating so certainly a very very difficult position what we know is that president mahmoud abbas will make a speech later tonight that will be ofter president makes his own speech and i'm sure the right now in his office they are sitting there making sure that they will get right to wording of that speech many officials said that they were also waiting
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to see what kind of words president trump will will use how he will describe the rules of able not tourism but the. end of the day they say that what is happening now is basically going against any convention that was signed by also the united states that basically neutralizes everything that happened so for any kind of bad men advancement that happened so far between the two sides thank you. reporting live there from ramallah in the west bank now let's go there and correspondent there is ben is with embedded quite often used to hearing a slightly different coming from gaza which has been obviously run by hamas for several years now but what is what is hamas saying and how does it chime in with what we're hearing from the palestinian authority and fattah. well you have the same frustration amongst palestinians as you have amongst palestinians in the
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occupied west bank and gaza now it's other ministers by the palestinian authority hamas was in charge it's been handing over control to the palestinian authority in a reconciliation deal brokered by the egyptians with no less still considerable influence he still has man and. its senior political leader. that if it does announce that you're useless the capital of israel he will have crossed all right lines. the trauma decision is a serious aggression on our policy people on the arab and muslim nations and on the free people of the world and we think and believe that this is a sort of a gamble and an adventure that has no ceiling when it comes to the actions of the palestinians arabs and muslims and on the free peoples of the world and we warned that the bad results of such a decision and before the decision is to be taken we warn against the bad results
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and we call for the complete halt to this decision because no one can know what the consequences will be i think the decision will be the start of a terrifying era on the palestinian and the regional landscape so we know that it don't trouble us president goes ahead with our announcement there will be protests not just here in the west in gaza but also in the occupied west bank palestinian leadership hamas has called for three days of rage to protest on trump's announcement. ben is with live in gaza thank you very much right well let's go straight away to london as he watches are a senior political analyst. mo on the shower now and you've been listening to president everyone and king abdullah and he's been hearing all of the reactions coming from around the world pretty much already what are the specific things that should be paid attention to with
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a great amount of detail in terms of the words are said by president trump when he does make this announcement. well i think the verdict is already out you know president tom basically is adamant on recognizing jerusalem as capital of israel and he'll probably postpone the actual moves of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem as its been put from washington because of logistical reasons finding a location security and so on and so forth but i think that just of it is already out there and president trump is doing exactly what his predecessors have avoided since one nine hundred ninety five which is inflamed the spirits in the arab and muslim world which is basically a give give away whatever little credibility is left in america's sponsorship of the so-called peace process. now what we hear from the various war that we
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just reported whether it's in palestine jordan turkey and other places of course they do vary between concern criticism and condemnation and they are all united taking a negative critical if you world position on the on the american change of heart or mind. but there's a big difference between concern criticism and condemnation so while you're going to see that the arabs and muslims are united against such a decision they're certainly not united at all on what to do about it and hence the next few days will probably expose more than anything else the weakness and disunity among arab leaders and muslim leaders and the region now it's been suggested that president trump who we know already is
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a disrupter that's highly to have he goes about his daily business it's been suggested that perhaps something is disruptive as this could yield some results whereas obviously we've had been in a stalemate for so many years has been absolutely nothing with regard to to gains made for the palestinians is that is there any merit in looking at what we're expecting to come from president trump in this way well martin there's always been some skepticism in the united states about america having a balanced approach to palestinians and israelis or to israelis and arabs and there's been so much criticisms by especially israel's friends of the united states for any american president to care about what the arabs and muslims finke. because according to those skeptics in washington it doesn't matter what the arabs and
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muslims thinks because they are not united because they are incompetent and because leaders in the arab and muslim world michael pose this and that stance coming out of washington but they will always consider washington to be more important than whatever the issue of contention is for them and so all in all i think we're going to see this kind of a push on the part of trump and his people especially the ultra zionist nationalist . are and then like his son in law like his ambassador to israel like his diplomatic advisor all of those are very very altar a nationalist zionist. and it happens to be also jewish americans who will continue to push trump to take towards taking these kinds of what i would call very dangerous and perhaps disastrous decisions on the long term so while they think if you
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a peace israel you might get something out of the netanyahu government moving forward they are definitely fooling themselves i think the general impression marty in the arab street if i may put it crudely. is that i don't believe there is to be in the markets in general not all of them of course a lot of the arab leaders today are in the pockets of trump and president trump is in the pockets of prime minister netanyahu and it is in the end of the day not only our that is calling the shots and president trump is only. the parrot for whatever the israelis are thinking and doing all right. senior political analyst live in london thank you very much indeed for now but now again this week bill shaath is a senior advisor to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas he's joining us live from ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you for talking to us president abbas
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was one of the five world leaders spoken to by donald trump twenty four hours ago was he told exactly what president is going to announce in a few hours from now. well the president truck just informed him that he was going to transfer the american embassy to jerusalem. that there he had to do it because he was facing pressure from congress and the president told him that this is a wrong decision it's a violation of all the of international law security council resolutions and international consensus in jerusalem that you don't touch jerusalem you don't change its political and legal status until you get to a full peace process between the two parties their israelis and the palestinians and that that is going to really create serious problems in the whole area.
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that's really against the interest of the of the countries of area in the united states and that it will create a situation of instability that adds to the instability of the area i mean this is basically. what took place in the in the bt in the telephone k. are you getting the impression or do you get a sense that this is part of a broader policy jarret question the son in law of the president and middle east envoy has been in and out of the region and do you have an idea of what could be emerging that could passes as a policy for the israeli palestinian conflict. well and i really don't want to go into the. pointing responsibility to the advisors of mr clinton mr trump i mean he in the final analysis has to make the decision he
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is the person that said that he is going to get the deal of the century and get a peace that nobody else was willing to do he suggested him self as the the the honest. advisor. and intermediary between the two parties and then by saying that he is really but what he's doing is violating all of that you cannot really be an honest broker in such a difficult. problem and then you go before even suggesting what your plans where or what your ideas are to close the the embassy of the palestinians in washington and to transfer your embassy to tel aviv from tel aviv to jerusalem recognizing palestine jerusalem to be the capital of israel i mean this is straight taking sides and destroying that that that that role that you want to play there this is really the starvation part of it.


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