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really against the interests of the of the countries of area and the united states and that it will create a situation of instability that adds to the instability of the area i mean this is basically. what took place in the beat in the telephone k. are you getting the impression or do you get a sense that this is part of a broader policy jarret cushion the son in law of the president and middle east envoy has been in and out of the region and do you have an idea of of what could be emerging that could passes as a policy for the israeli palestinian conflict. well and i really don't want to go into the. pointing responsibility to the advisors of mr clinton mr trump i mean he in the final analysis has to make the decision he is the person that said that he is going to get the deal of the century and get
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a peace that nobody else was willing to do he suggested themself as the the the honest. advisor and. the intermediary between the two parties and by saying that he is really but what he's doing is violating all of that you cannot really be an honest broker in such a difficult problem and then you go before even suggesting what your plans were what your ideas are to close the the embassy of the palestinians in washington and to transfer your embassy to tel aviv from tel aviv to jerusalem recognizing palestine jerusalem to be the capital of israel i mean this is straight taking sides and destroying that that that that role that you want to play there this is really the astonishing part of it. a rest of them is very important and i think it should know that president trump has said to you that he is doing this because of
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pressure from congress you clearly don't believe that time obviously other presidents in the past a face a similar kind of dilemma and have handled it very differently why do you think donald trump is taking this this this kind of controversial action. i really don't know the man is sometimes very unpredictable and he may even. do this and then change it later and he's done that in several other situations and it's not really for me to do to try to guess him to me what he has done if he goes ahead with it tonight and declares it creates a serious problem and we'll have to go to the whole international community to stand against it we don't want this to be a model for other countries to do what you will complicate matters even even even further and i'm sure that we will get support from from there from the arab
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countries from the islamic countries even from the pope who to hold with whom power president spoke at length that the pope supported our position completely we do not have a losing battle we have a very important issue and the world appreciates it and i appreciate that so doing that in jerusalem makes it very difficult to reach an agreement on a peace process that we have been seeking for a long time it has been suggested that disunity in the arab world if not beyond then the and the islamic world is actually one of the factors that has prevented the palestinians from moving further ahead towards their goal. of reaching their own state with east jerusalem as their capital do you think that the arab world will overcome their differences now and rally behind the palestinians in a significant way. well i know the arab world has
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serious problems and i we've been through this before in one thousand eight hundred two we were we were in encircled in lebanon for eighty eight days by the by the israeli army and we did not get one real support to stand against israeli invasion we've been through this before but that doesn't really make us give up our expectations of the arab world our expectations of the people of the arab world particularly when it comes to a very very important and sensitive issue like jerusalem. and also things are changing and will be changing more in the future the united states is not going to remain the sole owner of the universe there are other parties that are growing and in porton such as the european russia china and others and therefore with this change the president of the united states will have to reassess his position and the arabs will also rise to the occasion i haven't lost hope in the
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arabs even though they are my people and i belong. to the arab world but i understand the limitations of the situation today and we are going to try our best to raise the level of performance to stand against that challenged what steps and if indeed this is the case and president trump announces the recognition official recognition of teresa lynn as the capital of israel and that the u.s. embassy is to be moved to jerusalem what steps is the palestinian leadership preparing to take. tonight we have a meeting of all the leadership headed by our president. tonight all the alternatives would be sorted out undiscussed now some of the alternatives are already exercised in other words our address to all the arabs muslims and other into. rational people have done we went to the united nations and got
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a resolution supported by two hundred and three countries opposing this move of the embassy and changing the status of jerusalem and there are other alternatives like for example telling the americans that if they really do this they will have lost their role. as a honest broker in this peace process and all that comes with it but there are of course other steps in other words in that they all will be started tonight and you've mentioned if this does indeed go ahead that american position as a credible interlocutor as an honest broker in any kind of peace talks but what about what about the palestinians themselves what about. the foster reunification plan with hamas i mean isn't that the first thing that really needs to be put in place in order for palestinians to be presenting a unified front. yes you're absolutely right and that's
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precisely what we are doing sometimes we face difficulties it is not an easy job our brothers are trying our best to really play. as an honest broker but also as a guarantor to the two sides our prime minister and chief negotiator on this issue are going to gaza tonight so we are we are moving in the right direction some steps have already been achieved and further steps will be achieved we are determined to regain that unity particularly in the face of problems like the problem we're facing today that will shelf thank you very much indeed for talking to us here at al-jazeera thank you. right let's go to i want a house correspondent not can really how could she's the at the white house and the world away it's pretty much exactly what president trump is going to announce a few hours from now are you getting any more of
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a sense as to the nuance perhaps that might be in the speech that he makes. certainly we are watching very carefully some of the reactions here domestically inside the united states and what's really interesting about all of this is this is something that was put in place in the one nine hundred ninety s. by the u.s. congress but some key members of congress have come out on record saying that they believe this is a mistake for the president to recognize jerusalem as as the capital of israel that is a mistake in terms of appearances of the u.s. being in any way an honest broker in trying to help and support negotiating a two state solution or any form of a peace deal but this is not about the united states and foreign policy and even national security as it has been in the past what many are observing it and taking note of here in the united states is when it comes to donald trump this is about his political capital this is about keeping a campaign promise for
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a president that has been highly focused on his is goal of trying to accomplish more in the first twelve months in office than any other president it's a president who has had a challenge accomplishing many of his big legislative goals but one of the issues that he believes that he can deliver on is what we expect will happen in about three hours time our team and that is this announcement that is expected to please very much his base in terms of the fact that his poll numbers have really not increased while he's in office but he needs to keep that support base solid this is evangelical lobby groups this is rich republican donors and even those hawkish republicans who support this move so this is a. a lot about donald trump trying to keep a campaign promise in spite of the fact that world leaders have had a chorus for days of caution with regard to this announcement and kimberly we just heard from the bill shaath a senior adviser to the palestinian president the they were told the palestinians
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were told that president trump has been coming full state into taking this rather drastic step because of pressure from congress is that indeed the case. well i despite the fact that we have seen some very prominent members of congress coming out for the most part this is a bipartisan support of what the president is doing but many would say despite the fact that there has been this nod legislatively that has been in place for more than two decades there has been in the views of this of ministration a lack of political courage to put this in place that's why we have seen all of donald trump's predecessor signing these waivers citing national security as a reason why it would not be in the best interest of the united states to carry out the move of an embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but what officials here at the white house are telling reporters is that the president believes that now is the time to do this that this is a recognition of political reality on the ground given the fact that the knesset is
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already operational in jerusalem this is where they believe the seat of government is of this is where they believe that the u.s. embassy should be located recognizing in the view of the united states that the capital of israel is jerusalem despite the fact that this is knowingly going to cause a lot of consternation around the world particularly in the arab and muslim world all right kimberly for now thank you very much indeed i can believe it will be taking this through of course that statement when it. a couple of hours from now in washington when president trump makes this very controversial statement as our correspondent who's in occupied east jerusalem is effectively are in the eye of the storm. and people there must be bracing themselves for what president trump is going to say. that's right the brace for the onset sudden onset of winter today and at the same time pretty wintry news as far as most people are concerned here
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coming from the united states we are in this phase now when people kind of knew what to expect given how much has been trailed from white house officials that the united states president trump is almost certainly going to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel as some further doubt is it as to exactly what he's going to say about the embassy the timing of bringing the embassy from tel aviv to hear suggestion from white house officials that that could be a three or four year process while a plot is found and a building constructed the marriott jerusalem saying earlier that it would just take the sign being changed on the u.s. consulate here so it does seem that there is some intent. to try to present this in a way which satisfies both president trumps and bass as kimberly was talking about and the wider arab world and the palestinians here the palestinians that we've been
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speaking to aren't taking that line at all they are saying that this is insanity that this is running entirely in contradiction to the idea of a two state solution which at its heart has the idea of a shared capital west for israel east for a future palestinian state and as you've been hearing palestinian officials are saying that this move would scupper the trump peace plan that has been worked so hard on by jared cushioning and jason greencard and the various u.s. envoys involved in all of this before it's even unveiled and as we've already mentioned derisive them is a sacred city for the three major religions not just for islam there there's a been any reaction from christians for instance. well we've certainly heard from the pope earlier saying that it's vital that the holy nature of jerusalem is is preserved and that it is the holy land is one that should be
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shared between religions you also heard a little earlier from the king of jordan king abdullah saying that his role jordan's role in safeguarding the religious sites would be something that would be taken very seriously by jordan. now and into the future even after this statement so they are he is not seeing this as a definitive end to the situation here in jerusalem he was still talking about the need for a two state solution there was no other alternative and the jordan would still work to see. a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital in the meantime it would continue to preserve the christian science the muslim sites that is of course so vital this is. a city like no other and that is why with every other country in the world deciding not to have an embassy here the fact that the most powerful country in the world the one which has been at the center of repeated efforts to
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forge some kind of resolution between the palestinians and the israelis if the palestinians concerned take sides in this way that is why this is such a. potentially consequential move by donald trump and we're waiting as you say just in the next few hours to hear exactly how you phrase it all right thank you howie forces there live in occupied east jerusalem we are now going to look at some of the day's other major news stories and start starting with yemen and the fight is a fired shots at hundreds of women in the capital sanaa who were holding a peaceful protest they were demanding the release of the former ousted president ali abdullah saleh his corpse that he was killed by the iran back to the rebels on monday after thirteen and lives his two led coalition protesting women were seen running away in honey and shots were fired. fast moving wildfires in the u.s.
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state of california have now destroyed hundreds of homes and therefore thousands of people to flee the blazes in ventura county that's northwest of los angeles has burned around twenty thousand head father to say they haven't been able to contain any of it the flames are being whipped up by strong winds from the california desert which are forecast to last all week alan fischer reports. it really isn't the extent of the fires in southern california can be best seen at night found by one hundred kilometer an hour winds that tearing through the countryside thousands have left their homes many under mandatory evacuation orders the fire is pushing quickly towards the city of ventura we are making sure we are out ahead of the fire making sure we have evacuated ins in advance of the fire and we're basically leapfrogging our engines doing structure defense as a fire proceeds. more than five hundred firefighters walk through the night doing
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what they could to bring the flames under control but more than one hundred fifty structures have gone many more are under threat. very nerve wracking to see a fire up on the canyon headed your way just i mean just be ready and just don't wait. the fires are causing huge power outages more than a quarter of a million people in the area no have no electricity officials one and about the pace of the flames are telling locals get out while you can you must abide by these evacuation notices we saw the disasters and the losses that happened up north in sonoma and this is a fast very dangerous moving fire in a tobar california suffered its most destructive wildfire in history forty three people died there is no indication how this latest fire started alan fischer i'll just say that. the delegates of the u.n. environmental conferencing kenya have agreed on tougher action against plastic
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waste entering the oceans they signed a resolution which they hope will come that's what the un's oceans chief has described as a planetary crisis but there's no timetable in the resolution is not legally binding letting out a whole and looks at just how bad the problem of plastic in our ations has become five trillion paces of plastic in our russians more than a million plastic bags used it. three minute millions trillions for many of us these are huge numbers difficult to comprehend well here's an idea of just how big the problem has become for our planet eight million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans every year most of it used just the once and then thrown away that's the equivalent of a rubbish truck of plastic every minute at this right that will grow to two trucks a minute by the year twenty thirty and for trucks going into our oceans every
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minute by twenty fifty by which time by weight they will be as much plastic if not more in our oceans than fish plastic like this more than five trillion paces is already there in our oceans creating these huge garbage patches the largest of which is floating off the pacific coast of the united states. president trump travel ban is taking fully first after being approved by the supreme court challenges against it are being heard in the lower courts now it stops residents of six mostly muslim countries from traveling to the u.s. and one of them is iran ravi has been gauging reaction in the capital tehran. before the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine has some party i was a boxer that he says got him a job as a guard for the u.s. embassy after the chaos of the one nine hundred eighty s. he traveled to europe where he ate at mcdonald's for the first time he loved it so much he wanted to share the experience with his own people and must donald's was
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born. for sure or cool iranians love american food because it's tasted delicious and has personality disagreements party abscess or government to government not people to people and with a son living in the u.s. state of georgia he hopes to visit soon it will be his first time. we ask about the travel. he says he's not worried about getting a visa because he has faith in the system and. i know. it seems that the american president were to visit iran he'd find at least one friendly face earlier this year the restaurant guys was named america's favorite burger and there's one right here in tehran you can google it but it's not exactly the same thing. it's a homegrown iranian business with the same name issues of trademarks aside in urban centers like to han eating out of places like this is becoming more popular but not
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everyone has the same for the united states many iranians say the new visa restrictions are islam from a childhood you as a was meant the best for. the ultimate if you reach there. you want after the visa. maybe thinking has faded away. and i'm just finding other solutions for my life and while they may enjoy the food america is no longer the top of the mountain for young iranians maybe many years ago it would be considered something very important and you know maybe it would be something which would make students iranian students. you know not the only goal or the only option that they have for you know continuing their studies experts say the u.s. visa ban is a miscalculation they cannot accept to be limited in traveling to other
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parts of the world including america this is very good i think sound very profound insult against iranian pride so this bill back to. back at home puppy of admirers his most prized possession a gift from an american stranded on the side of the road he helped a stranger fix his car and got him on his way. it was more than forty years ago before the revolution when u.s. diplomats still lived in iraq he said that night he made a friend. the american eagle and the u.s. lawmaker names of god symbols hanging together on the walls of at least one iranian living room. and news is just coming in the russian president vladimir putin has just announced that he intends to run for reelection next year this would be a record fourth term in office the elections take place in march opinion polls show he'll comfortably when setting the stage for him to extend his dominance of
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russia's political landscape into a third decade he made the announcement at a car making factory. five senior colombian military officers are being investigated for killing civilians who were wrongly accused of being guerrilla fighters as many as three thousand colombians many of them farmers were allegedly killed by the army in order to base the government's campaign against rebels other sondra the m.p.'s he explains from bogota. for almost ten years has been searching for the truth about the killing of her son five year plan out of the. lurd by fake job recruiters he left home and then returned alive months later she was told by officials that for you to west's killed in a clash between fired gravels and the military and that her son was the rebels local commander you know. that could have been his case even if
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he was twenty six years old he was like a little boy in an adult's body he had the mental capacity of an eight year old he never learned to read or write and had a physical disability in his right leg and arm. and was just one of many who disappeared over a period of six years most were found in mass graves dressed like rebels in time investigators discovered that during the presidency. at least three thousand colombians were killed by the military or were victims of an apparent effort by soldiers to boost casualty figures driven by performance related bonuses a little over eight hundred military members have been sentenced so far in what has become known as the false positive scandal almost all of them soldiers. but human rights organisations allege senior military officials played a pivotal role in the killings however few have been charged in coming days one
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general in four colonels will be promoted despite being under investigation interestingly enough there wrestle mess has been. playing or doctoring. to eliminate relevant information. during. the defense minister says the senior officers have the full confidence of the government. and. nobody on the promotion list is under formal penal investigation those who are have nothing. this means the resume is good to continue served. columbia footloose maybe now that is not surprising you know. we see no light at the end of the road not the truth nor that those truly responsible ever be judged. after all these years lose my only hope is for the international criminal court to intervene if colombia fails to bring gertrud and
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justice i listen to them. right that's it for me for today but stay with us here because and just a little while fully will be the news bring you much more on that he's an important statement that is due to come from pres president in a couple of hours on the hill also find out more about he's been named time magazine's person of the year to stay tuned for that. travel often. by trying to use an old forrest's new product line or. what i call. valleys and scott i. would venture. to cover it.
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