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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the eyes of five families have been affected by some of the big stories of the yeah in an increasingly polarized world people and sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital
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of israel if you say only by realizing the vision of two states living side by side in peace security and little recognition we just as the capital of israel and palestine and all final start to use issues resolved permanently soon negotiations that the legitimate aspirations of both peoples will be achieved condemnation and control the sea as the u.s. president makes his announcement and directs officials to begin preparations to move the american embassy there from tel aviv. hello there i'm julie macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up palestinians have been protesting at the move their leaders in the occupied west bank in gaza have called for three days wait. there's been global condemnation the
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jordanian king and turkey's president still is warning that the move will fuel extremism. and one welcome to the us president donald trump has officially recognized your islam as the capital of israel he's also directed officials to begin preparations to move the american embassy there from television well the move has drawn early condemnation palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank and gaza calling for three days of rage israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu hailed the announcement his as a historic landmark and are just other countries to follow suit john made the controversial decision at the white house in the past hour today we finally acknowledge the obvious that jerusalem is israel's capital this is nothing more or less than
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a recognition of reality it is also the right thing to do it's something that has to be done that is why consistent with the jerusalem embassy act i am also directing the state department to begin preparations to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. this will immediately begin the process of hiring architects engineers and planners so there is a new embassy when completed will be a magnificent tribute to peace in making these announcements i also want to make one point very clear this decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement we want an agreement that is
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a great deal for the israelis and a great deal for the palestinians we are not taking a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders those questions are up to the parties involved well the un secretary general antonio that harris said jurists name should be recognized as the capital of both israel and palestine in this moment of great anxiety i want to make it clear there is no alternative to the two state solution there is no plan b. if you say only by realizing the vision of two states living side by side in peace security and little recognition we jerusalem as the capital of israel and
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palestine and all final start to issues resolved permanently through negotiations that the legitimate aspirations of both peoples will be achieved. well we have correspondents covering this story from the u.s. from jerusalem and ramallah in the occupied west bank let's first get the latest from kimberly how kits at the white house hi there kimberly i wonder what struck you most about trump speech and whether this will be fodder for his critics or perhaps a bomb if you like for his supporters. well there seems to be like most things involving donald trump a bit of division while the president certainly in his speech talked about how there had been bipartisan support in the one nine hundred ninety s. it again this past summer when the jerusalem embassy act putting in place recognition officially of jerusalem by the united states as israel's capital and also laying the groundwork for those plans to move the embassy to jerusalem from
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tel aviv well certainly there was bipartisan support there certainly isn't now in fact one of the top democratic chairs of the senate intelligence committee who has been a very vocal critic of donald trump in fact is saying that there is some deep concern not only about how this could undermine peace efforts but also how it could put american security interests at risk the wording from him particularly this comes that he in his words mark warner at the wrong time it would inflame tensions in the region and also ends longstanding u.s. policy also international agreements where it has always been acknowledged that any status of jerusalem would be part of a final status peace deal so certainly there is a lot of concern by some democratic lawmakers that seems to contradict the president's position also too there seems to be a little bit of a a lack of recognition about just what this could mean in terms of security
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and some of the protests and reaction given the fact that the president was cautioned repeatedly from world leaders not to do what he has now done and kimberly i'm wondering reading on twitter various reactions that i've seen how much is this about being seen at home for trump as having some form of political follow through political coverage if you like. that is has an awful lot to do with it in fact it may be the driving motivating factor for this president he's very results oriented he has often boast boasted that he has done more in his first year in office than any other president and certainly this was a major campaign promise particularly to donald trump's base of republican donors of christian conservatives in fact christian conservatives releasing a statement of reaction applauding the move by the president for delivering on a campaign promise donald trump's approval ratings here in the united states have
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been relatively stagnant and certainly while he has not been able to build his base he certainly doesn't want to see an erosion of that base of support so donald trump running out of time in terms of the legislative calendar for any of those victories and also too in terms of just the calendar of one year anniversary of him being in office is certainly looking to score and increases political capital believing this is the way to do it and kembali i want to also how will this move translate to the american public i mean antonio good thérèse called it a moment of great anxiety i think was the word he used for political leaders but for the ordinary person will this cut through. you know i hate to say it but the ordinary american probably is not watching this is closely as we are and doesn't understand the nuances and the complexities and how this is going to be tremendously hurtful for those in occupied east jerusalem
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particularly the fact that that is such sacred land for not just christians not just jews but also muslims i think there is a limited understanding because the truth is a lot of americans haven't traveled to the middle east where they've felt some of the tensions that most people there live with every single day so well we understand the sort of at the foreign policy level the international reporting level the ordinary american understands that donald trump is trying to keep a campaign promise but beyond that about understanding just how painful this is going to be for so many in the arab world and in the muslim world the broader region i think there is a limited grasp of just what this will mean can really help there joining me live from the white house can be thinking well how the fossett joins us live now from west jerusalem hi there harry so we heard from netanyahu calling this a historic day that's right there was
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a very almost instantaneous reaction from the israeli prime minister in written form within a few minutes later came a video message from benjamin netanyahu in which means i'm going to have to interrupt you there let's listen now to the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas speaking from the region international all the position into this equation which has been explicit but you may need leaders of the council is an. organization duty in the last few days. the question of jerusalem. this procedures which we. refuse it is given all day the efforts which has been made in order to reach peace and confirm an announcement by. the with overnight
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a state from the negotiation. in comparison of those used to play in the past in the peace process and disciplines and this is a reward to israel. and the challenge is to deliver international legitimacy and encouragement of continuing in the ok patient policy. and this process goes will serve. as good. luck to turn the conflict in our region in tool alicia's war. which division which has only the experience in a very difficult conflict and for which i'm not and in which we have warned about it for of for many times and we meant maintained and we refused
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my brothers and my sisters we have stayed in during the last few days and we were in contact with the mini. me in the leadership of the. country is the position of the the position of the international community and the community or about the light of the. jew is a limb. to achieve a peace based. and a just to build in an independent palestinian firm independent from all the other much turtle is wheat. is that him alongside israel and also result of de. according to his illusion ninety four might people
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people in the leadership. continue in and for the when all the. development of this position and we will this point. in the light time and when it's. partnership with other friends this will give us make us give us a call again in order to speed up because in order to get a deal you need to the place and you see palestinian see and a victory for our people. for freedom and independence and next few days we're not is the cause of all nobody is singing bodies or all defense one for an emergency meeting to follow up the development
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and we will call. the essential council for the. fullest. liberation of palestine we will call them all the all the faction to confirm the. palestinian position and the claire and that's all the choices are in the hand my brothers and sisters this second territory which is the land of. jesus and mohammed. and. peace on him will tell them the jews and them it's. a city of peace with the two second and that i'll have
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a mission if. it is which is the. the capital of the palestinian country there will be no in a decision only solution we can change the and the issue is a limb which. has been proven in every part of it and all. its mosque and its churches. its people. it is exists in every part of it there will against any attempt to challenge its history or its identity. will any conspiracy will become clear which such a targeted as it did this city over the over the history the long history.
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the decision of. the present trump will not change the other two of this city of jerusalem and will not give it any legitimacy to israel or god in this issue because because it is it is palestinian city arabic cushion islamic and also the capital of the. country of palestine for ever my people with our existence and i would believe with of our lights and national unity and delia two of our position with. friends islamic. and we could nation with our friends out. the council is to the world to fight and defend forges a limb for peace and freedom and we will give victory to our people in
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all that and we will achieve national independence and. salute to the martyrs and the. families and. prisoners those who have sacrificed for palestine and for them. palestine and live in for ever. and for ever will be listening there to the palestinian leader and his reaction to donald trump earlier and i'm spent he said it been a waste of all the energy spent towards peace so far that us was simply continuing the occupation policy his message was one of unity and resistance will hold up till he joins us live now from ramallah in the occupied west bank just tells
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a bit more about what he said. president mahmoud abbas had some very harsh words actually towards president trump he said that the u.s. now has no role anymore in the peace process that the announcement was actually a deliberate sabotage of that process and also that it was rewarding and enabling further the occupation now he said also that this by the announcement the reality on the ground doesn't change specially for palestinians occupied east jerusalem remains the capital of a future palestinian state for both muslims and christians and he says that now the situation has become very difficult that he will consider in the coming days all the options on the table for the palestinians to basically respond to president trying to make their position clear and also i'm probably at this point to find
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a departure if indeed president trump us actually is not anymore an honest broker and cannot be any more part of the peace process that's according to the palestinians then they will have to find someone else to do that they will have to find other mediators they will have to find other overtures for other countries i'm sure we're going to hear more from the palestinian authority and president mahmoud abbas in the coming days now joining me is here is neuro day she's a former journalist and a political analyst and she's going to help us understand all what's going on at the moment no you just heard the words of president mahmoud abbas coming at the back obviously president trump what do you think it puts him at this situation you know we hear now the u.s. cannot be a broker anymore in the peace process but what happens next a lot of things a lot of options are on the table what the president president mahmoud abbas did is come out and speak to his people reassure his people that might does not make right
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and that even a decision by the american president will not change the legal facts on the. around which is that jerusalem is an integral part of the occupied palestinian territory he is calling he told he informed the public that he will call for a meeting of the highest level of the leadership. bodies to convene and decide on the options and i think in that sense he is also enabling the national unity talks and the national unity efforts now underway to mature further we're talking about a few days when the palestinian national council is convened and. had that hamas will be invited as we heard from president abbas that means that the entirety of the palestinian political system those who are outside of the p.l.o. and those who are traditionally inside that political system are united in rejecting this american position and are united in saying that the u.s.
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has disqualified itself from the role it has played nobody had any illusions about trump his administration or even previous administration everybody knows that the u.s. is closer to israel than it's ever been or ever ever will be unfortunately to the palestinians at least in the foreseeable future but no administration was so all day shifts in its bias in its ignorance of international law and international politics in the nuance of this conflict as to take a step that is as reckless and irresponsible as the one that trump has just taken and it will it it has really opened the possibilities for a lot of unknowns and that is a very dangerous combination here ok now just briefly president trump a nice beach said talked about the two state solution which is something he did not do from here do you think that that this was just offering a little carrot to the palace is what he was trying to do all of a he few things the palestinian public is clueless like he is maybe but he also
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said that he supports the two state solution if the parties agree to it and that is i'm not sure i can call this a position really i think he was trying to sugarcoat what he was dishing out to appease the evangelicals to be is his inner circle of ideologues and zealots who are out to the right of benjamin netanyahu while trying to sound you know. acceptable at least to some of his closest allies in the arab world and i think he felt thank you very much nor that now palestinians have also called for three days of rage one of them was supposed to be today and then you have thursday and friday . this is really we are expecting demonstrations here in ramallah maybe across the occupied west bank and also in the gaza and we're certainly surely also all eyes will be on president mahmoud abbas palestinian wanting to hear very quickly what concrete steps he will take it is
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a feeling really of this step point ment of hurt is appealing now that there is no future anymore and that the entire peace process is as be chucked away and the palestinians to look for a whole new option doesn't mean their life from ramallah doesn't keith let's go back now to harry fawcett joining us live from west to somehow we so we heard netanyahu earlier calling it a historic day and we've just seen a reaction there from a boss saying basically this move was a complete sabotage the peace process well yes and here regimen and you know gave an entirely different spin saying that it was. part of the road towards peace he said that it was a courageous and just decision by the u.s. president and he addressed him directly saying thank you for that making this is storage decision the jewish people in the jewish state will be for ever grateful and here's what he had to say about his idea of how this decision might play in
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terms of the peace process the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel i call on all countries that seek peace to join the united states in recognizing drew from them as israel's capital and to move their embassies here . i share president trump's commitment to advancing peace between israel and all of our neighbors including the palestinians this is been our goal from israel's first day and we will continue to work with the president and his team to make that dream of peace come true. i wonder what the reaction will be from the israelis themselves that you know ordinary people on the street over the next couple of days you know will they consider this to be a moment of triumph or a moment of anxiety as as the u.n.
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secretary general painted it. well i think it could well be a bit of both. there is of us the majority feeling that this is the obviously jerusalem they feel is the capital of israel but there is within that some pride which is a me you heard from the leader of the meretz party on the left of the israeli political spectrum saying that there was no need to move the embassy to jerusalem because in her way of explaining it everybody recognized everybody knew that jerusalem is israel's capital there's no need to make a point of it and thereby potentially explode the situation and i think there are there will be concerned along those lines and as well as that you have to think about the israeli palestinian population here as well particularly those who live under occupation in east jerusalem they will who see the city as
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very much a national symbol of their own a religious symbol of their own and who live here and feel that it is their city even though they live under occupation having listened to donald trump talk about this city as entirely israeli talking about it being an ancient jewish capital the heart of the most flourishing democracy in the region there was no parallel even a bone being thrown out towards the palestinians apart from what i was talking about trying to sort of sweeten the pill to some extent by saying that the final status was still up for grabs that that it was not being decided by america in advance and that the limits of israeli sovereignty would be solved in that final settlement but there was no real recognition. in terms of the tone of the speech of the of the palestinian claim or the other palestinian identification with jerusalem or force that they're joining me live from my system harry frontal. well the status of
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jerusalem is the heart of the israeli palestinian conflict and it is hugely symbolic for both sides and to understand why we need to go back seventy years while the u.n. vote carved up a palestinian land into two states a jewish one and an arab one in one nine hundred forty seven but under this partition plan the holy city of jerusalem was given a special international status to be governed by the united nations but a year later during the first arab israeli war israel captured more territory leading to division of jerusalem west jerusalem came under israeli control and east jerusalem came on the jordanian rule but in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven after the six day war israel unlawfully occupied east jerusalem it's still on the israel's illegal occupation despite u.n. resolutions well in one thousand eighty israel for the consolidated its grip over the city that's when it's clear the knesset or the parliament declared jerusalem to be its co-eternal and indivisible capital well the international community rejected
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that by refusing to recognize its claim over the entire city palestinians see east jerusalem as the capital of their future state but it's not just a palestinian issue but an arab and islamic one as well the city has the holiest sites from wisdom scris chin's and jews the al aksa mosque the western wall on the church of the holy sapulpa are all in that one city or more in the south is there a senior political analyst marwan bashar joins me in the studio i've got about fifty six pieces of paper here marwan so i think where to start. we heard from abbas what did you make of the tone of his speech i mean he basically said we might as well take in all that energy and everything that's gone into the peace pose and just talks to anyway it hate is calling for unity but there was a sense of i guess hopelessness if i can use that word what did you make of him and age. the man is what eighty five eighty three eighty four years old i think he's
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been in palestinian politics for too long and he is the father of the all slow process and i think he by his own words just admitted that this was a waste of time but basically he and his lieutenants about it caught have said that the american president's speech today paedos the entire peace process and its basis of course a loss policy in the there's have been saying for a while now of a time they hear something that this is the end of the peace process and the addicted to the peace process they keep continuing to go back to the peace process but this time i'm not sure if this was the the deadly blow or if you will to the so-called peace process because in the end of the day. what we heard from the president trump and i think president abbas sort of addressed it was an assault on the palestinian people's rights for their own homeland because you just
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named a few. a few of those turning points in history of jerusalem but let's all remember that in one thousand nine hundred eighteen when this whole jewish homeland was promised by britain to the zionist leadership less than ten percent of palestine was jewish. so this this this this jewish presence in palestine is is less than seventy years old it's a hundred years in the sense of a bit of immigration and a lot of immigration of the second world war but be that as it may. what present trump did he took the spin of prime minister netanyahu and repeated it in a speech from washington that's supposed to represent an american position i listened carefully i saw an american president reading an israeli scripts the
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tone was trumps the spin was netanyahu the words were in english the meaning was israeli and how many people will buy that to use your words mile and then where trump basically said look this decision about where they embassy should be has not helped nor hindered the peace process that's fascination with moving in the way people who say well actually now you come to suggest that you know well look i mean the worst bit of it is that he says recognizing israel's. capital as jerusalem helps the peace process how the hell does it help the peace process what the netanyahu then showed up and says this helps the peace process it's just like with before that the israeli general sharon again another israeli brilliant prime minister said israeli illegal settlements help the peace process how the hell do illegal settlements help peace
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process how does the annexation of an occupied territory illegal under international law help peace process or help peace in the holy land what we heard from our president abbas is completely the opposite he with us what are saying that present trump today inflamed religious. feelings and emotions and escalated a religious war over the holy land that he basically is pushing and empowering religious extremists in the muslim world because of the way he tackled the question of jerusalem because of the because of the way he even interpreted the history of jerusalem as soley a jewish history i mean if you want a bit of history we have three thousand five hundred years maybe or so of jewish history three hundred fifty of it where there was real jewish presence or control
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of jerusalem the last thirteen hundred years for example the last thirteen hundred years in jerusalem was continuous palestinian presence in jerusalem what about that how about that for a reality to at least refer to or call no but what we've heard from the speech was a one sided you know what not just israeli a one sided netanyahu spin on the history of the conflict and on how to proceed how to move forward on the question of jerusalem and by the way that's what the so that's what's that's what's so not much i want to see annoying but from and then and then atika point of view i am trying to explain how does an american speech sound from. the perspective an american interest but i didn't hear the president from defend america great again i so the president trump i do.


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