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microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on ounces era. al-jazeera. where ever you are. it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. condemnation and control the sea is the u.s.
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president directs officials to begin preparations to move the american embassy from tel aviv. hello there i'm julie went on all the sound you see are live from london coming up . if you say only by realizing the vision of two states living side by side in peace security and little recognition. as the capital of israel and palestine from the un to uncurl leaders warn the decision will further d. stabilize the middle east. palestinians have been protesting the move their leaders in the occupied west bank and gaza are calling for three days the carraige. us president has officially recognized them as the capital of israel and has
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directed officials to begin preparations to move the american embassy there from tel aviv move a strong wife spread condemnation palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage a white house correspondent kimberly how could. more than twenty years ago the u.s. congress recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and with that the relocation of the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv but every u.s. president since bill clinton has blocked it from happening a till now i have determined. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel it's an historic foreign policy term for the united states but the white house says reflects a political reality given jerusalem is the seat of the israeli government trump denies this will harm ongoing u.s. peace efforts we are not taking a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of
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the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders those questions are up to the parties involved many people overseas and in washington disagree and have warned the u.s. president not to break with decades of historical precedence the way it's painted perceived in the region particularly by the by they are a publics is going to be problematic for the united states and will raise further questions about whether the whether or not the united states can be an honest broker in working out an arrangement between israel and the palestinians many people argue this has little to do with peace or security but instead is about boosting the political standing of a beleaguered american president for months the trump administration has been
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dealing with the impact of a scandal that seemed former top officials criminally charged god bless israel god bless the palestinians and so the jerusalem announcement breaking decades of protocol allows try to keep a campaign promise and refocus attention on his policies he won the election not in washington he won it in wisconsin and michigan and places like that and what he said was the problem is with washington and if he didn't do this he would becoming part of washington in so. therefore his own base not not on this issue but on keeping your word is important. but white house officials admit it could be years before the embassy moves which virtually insurer's this will be an issue in the next presidential election kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington well and fisher joins us now live from the white house alan some of the reaction for a stateside. well if you speak to some republicans they say look there's no
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difference from what donald trump has done here toward barack obama did in cuba essentially seeing what we've tried for a very long time hasn't what we need to do something to change the dynamic of course that argument would hold a lot more water if those republicans were the ones who said what barack obama did was wrong but they think they need to do something to change the situation in the middle east and they believe that this is a step to do that they see practically nothing changes the u.s. embassy for the moment remains in tel aviv. really government institutions remain in jerusalem and it could be several years before we come even close to opening the doors of a u.s. embassy in jerusalem if that ever happens because the next president and that could be in three years' time might well sign a declaration saying no this isn't going to happen but this is just a recognition of something that was passed many years ago in a bipartisan nature by the u.s. house of congress and they said we want to move the embassy to the united states to
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jerusalem there is of course a bit of donald trump showmanship when he made the announcement he said other presidents have said they're going to do this some say they weren't brave enough to do it which is century emceeing brave i am on the other side the democrats haven't been quite so vocal senator mark warner perhaps the most outspoken person he sits on the intelligence committee saying that this is a very bad idea because our allies don't want this and we don't think that this will help the situation but as far as donald trump and his administration they think this is them yet again taking another box and seeing something we promised during the campaign and something we're delivering on so alan if this is then by being seen to have political courage i am at home is there any sense of tall of just how much the pain is out of the grenade if i can use that phrase on such an explosive issue in the middle east itself. well donald trump was briefed
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by many people and he did a number of phone calls with world leaders on tuesday who said look this isn't a good idea this will cause real problems we don't want you doing this just know please back off but he was determined to do it and certainly we saw an indication that we can do one is son in law jerry couche no he's also one of his key advisers the man charged with trying to bring together some sort of middle east peace plan spoke at a conference in washington d.c. in sunday and said the president is going to make this announcement and then we'll see where that takes is so there's still got to be a lot of negotiation mike pence the vice president is being sent to the middle east in the coming weeks probably within the next week or so and he will speak to a number of people there and explain the thinking behind the decision by donald trump but interestingly enough there has been a widespread security alert sent to almost every embassy that the u.s. owns around the world putting them on the highest possible security alert the last
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time that happened on such a scale march two thousand and three at the beginning of the iraq war alan fischer there joining me live from the white house allan thank you. donald trump's announcement has already prompted protests in gaza the same inspiration was organized by different palestinian factions which called for palestinian unity the protest has burned american and israeli flags they also waved palestinian flags and banners proclaiming jerusalem caught our eternal capital calling it the red line the leaders the palestine and israel have very different reactions to the announcement. you want to harken want to know my palestinian people we are going through very difficult times after the decision made by the u.s. administration regarding jerusalem they have chosen to contradict all international resolutions and ignore all international positions which have been expressed by many other countries and leaders over the last few days. all the efforts towards peace have been ignored this is
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a reward to israel and further encourages the occupation of the state of palestine the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel i call on all countries that seek peace to join the united states in recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and to move their embassies here. i sure president trump's commitment to advancing peace between israel and all of our neighbors including the palestinians this is been our goal from israel's for us. and we will continue to work with the president and his team to make that dream of peace come true harry fawcett has the latest now from west jerusalem where benjamin netanyahu was framing this in his response as a historical milestone in jerusalem what he called jerusalem is already glorious history he said that this was a courageous and just decision by donald trump he also directly thanked the u.s.
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president and said that this would be remembered forever by the jewish people and the jewish state he also liked old trump talked about this being a way towards peace that there could be no peace without the recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital and that this was a route towards finding that peace with the palestinians that is somewhat baffling to many i think on the other side given the fact that the palestinian leadership has so uniformly condemned this move and has talked about it disqualifying the united states from being an honest broker in any peace process and the talk of convening a meeting of these most senior leadership and making a strategic decision in the coming days about how its relationship with the united states will be going forwards and as well as that you have to consider the hundreds of thousands of palestinians who live in east jerusalem and view it as their
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capital listening to this speech by doldrum despite his affirmations that there would be no free decision as far as in those states was concerned about the final status of jerusalem and the final bounds of israeli sovereignty there there wasn't any of the same emotional content in terms of how israel was linked to jerusalem he didn't say anything equating that on the palestinian side so from that perspective to. seeing this moment as a step towards peace it will be a very hard thing for many palestinians to do still to come here on our. protests to gather outside the earth embassy in ankara to show their opposition to the americans. cash incentives and force deportations the top face of germany's immigration policy as migration becomes a major political dividing. hello
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disappointments about to return to melbourne and probably hang on in adelaide so you've got this massive cloud here which has brought rain to a large part of tasmania and a bit of snow the top it's also the remains of the stormy weather which is around new south wales but this to look to for the change that's a cold front so of course it means it's getting colder eighty degrees is the forecast radel a twenty three in melbourne the sunny twenty three on thursday which is comparable with persons rather settled with at the moment but in melbourne or afraid things go downhill your temperature forecast as a max on friday is about eighteen so cities that breeze from pretty woman thirty four that the picture isn't quite so good as you saw in tasmania nor indeed eventually in the south or south around but still and by look at the satellite picture you can guess what i'm going to say new zealand is sitting both north and south and in the middle of a ninety second area of high pressure is generally means settled weather in the
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middle of summer beautiful weather two twenty three twenty four degrees is typical with that onshore breeze might bring clad or even a spot of rain that the western side of science on and in the next day or so that summer and i we hit winter is it progressing in japan it is it's snowing but it's still there. donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform or actively promote abortion people and power discovers the consequences a u.s. president spends trying can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely and just against. people will go for months of a bush and those people will trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al jazeera.
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are mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera president all chung has confirmed his highly controversial decision to recognize terrorists as israel's capital and move the american embassy there and tell them that the testers had been on the streets of palestine long before the announcement the arab league says it will hold an emergency meeting today. israel claims all of jerusalem as its capital but this has never been recognized by any major player internationally until now. speaking immediately after trump's announcement un secretary general antonio terrorist said you're a celeb should be recognized as the capital of israel and palestine in this moment
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of great anxiety i want to make it clear there is no alternative to the two state solution there is no plan b. if you say only by realizing the vision of two states living side by side in peace security and mutual recognition we jews as the capital of israel and palestine and all final start to issues resolved. permanently soon negotiations that the legitimate aspirations of both peoples will be achieved. mike hanna joins us live from the united nations headquarters in new york mike is still several countries are now calling for there to be a meeting what's been the general reaction well there's been great disturbance at the united nations throughout the day this announcement had been a long time in coming it has been discussed for quite
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a period of time however still with the announcement though the reality of the fact that the u.s. was now reversing decades of policy and recognizing jerusalem as capital of israel the realities seep told him lots of discussions going on in the corridors of the united nations earlier in the day the bolivian ambassador said that should the announcement go ahead he would call for an immediate security council meeting well now there have been a number of countries that have joined bolivia in officially calling for an emergency meeting among them france the united kingdom sweden as well as bolivia and europe why so that meeting will be going ahead when we're not quite sure they wanted they say to go ahead as soon as possible we'll know an exact date or time possibly it will be taking place within the next twenty four hours but certainly this is a reflection of how deeply and with what deep concern u.n. members view president trumps announcement mike what are the options what's likely
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to emerge from such a meeting. well once again we've had numerous security council meetings between ng to israel over the years and in most of the cases in fact virtually all the cases if there has been any criticism of israel or condemnation of israel for any of those acts the us has been quick to wield its veto as a permanent member of the security council in fact in the past fifteen years there's only one occasion on which the u.s. withheld its veto in a resolution condemning israel that was a resolution concerning the illegality of israeli settlements which was passed in december the obama administration on that occasion for the first time withholding the veto but given that this is a u.s. move by the trump administration should any nation attempt to draw up
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a resolution to get it voted on then there will be at the end of that without any doubt whatsoever the veto coming from the united states like our there live from the u.n. mike thank you. and france and cutter have joined international condemnation of trumps decision. to hold with a horrible call today's decision condemns to death all the steps taken for peace the united states has a very important role in the peace process forward and part of it is to be impartial but until we reach a peaceful resolution. sitting this is you it is a regrettable decision and that france does not approve of and which contributes international law in the un security council resolutions. well trumps announcement has spies hanker for another u.s. ally turkey has called on the u.s. president to be consider his decision a crowd of protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy in ankara earlier president rage of tired erdogan warned that the decision would cost public unrest across the list and while there has more reaction from the
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stand. reaction to president trump's decision was swift here in stumble hundreds of protesters moved to the u.s. consulate here protesting what they said was the shocking decision taken by prison trying to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which they said was tantamount to recognizing jerusalem as the copper toll of israel they said they were shocked some of the people we spoke to say they were shocked a present from would take such a drastic measure is support of one of the purtiest in the middle east conflict and of the same time the u.s. was a sponsor of the peace process now early on in the day president ridge of tabor underground also spoke on mentees warriors to a growing chorus of condemnation saying that the u.s.
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decision was illegal and against international treaties and said that the muslim world must speak with one voice on this issue and towards this end he announced that on the thirteenth of december that's next wednesday he's calling for a meeting of organization of islamic countries to ensure that there comes out of that summit a concerted response to president trump a decision moment over porting there now palestinian refugees in lebanon are also angry chumps decision many of them had a whole. to one day return home to a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital then harder has more from they were. born in exile because raised not to forget their identity these are the children of the refugees of the one nine hundred forty eight more palestinians who were forced to leave their homes in what is now israel and. lebanon is where they live but they want their homeland back we want
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a country these children chant. them as irish five year old says promising that no one will be able to take it away from them. i will hussein was younger than what his family fled palestine he was too young to remember his country but for him palestine remains home he has a message for u.s. president donald trump. if trump wants to donate to israel he crossed the red line he should donate one of his country's states to israel. and palestine is jerusalem. there is anger there is the violence tourism status is extremely sensitive in the israeli palestinian conflict. never give up jerusalem but there is a reality many of the refugees. given up hope just like jerusalem the right to return has been at the heart of the palestinian struggle it's been seven decades
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and no one here has returned home. thirty four year old mohammad jamal was born in lebanon he has a nursing degree but he can't find a job palestinian refugees in lebanon are banned from working in many professions and have little rights in a country that has tried to prevent settlement for bahama jerusalem status and returning to palestine are lost causes in. the wrong tree chan is a forgotten cause he's not our intention to forget but the arab rulers betrayed palestine for us the priorities to live. stateless these refugees live in desperate conditions very few were under the illusion that peace with israel was ever a possibility and for them the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem is israel's capital only reinforces their belief that washington was never an honest broker in the conflict. or not that. this is a new aggression against palestinians it is a dangerous new phase they want to destroy the palestinian cause to get rid of the
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right to return prevent a palestinian state. many palestinians feel that now more than ever the dream of their own state is fading away there are people. who say fight is a broken up a rare protest by dozens of yemeni women in the capital's. women gathered outside the military hospital demanding a proper burial for the president ali abdullah saleh who was killed by the rebels on monday after switching alliances to the side to lead the nation. nepal will go to the polls on thursday as part of the second phase of the country's elections well in two years after a devastating earthquake survivors so hope their new elected representatives will help them rebuild so many reports i've kept wondering. political party flags flutter in the outskirts of guttman do reminding everyone of voting day on thursday a series of small explosions in the past few days doesn't seem to have deterred
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these new parties security staff are watching every polling booths and final preparations are being made not far away is another reminder of failed promises by politicians tin shed that continue to be home for survivors of the quake two and a half years ago one thousand of parties were killed judy my body is one of the millions of people who lost their homes during the quake. party leaders have been saying they're going to help us i'm hopeful i will go and vote maybe the ladies will help me rebuild my house while for most voters this election is about development and it's also supposed conservative nepal's path to becoming a federal republic state representatives are being elected for the first time voting has already finished in the remote. thirty two districts on thursday it is the turn of voters in areas where access to polling where it's relatively
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easy their due to close at five p.m. local time when so counting the entire culture. there are two main political alliances the left alliance is a former rebels with about communist party unified marxist leninist the other is the democratic alliance of the party congress and the right of center parties sixty percent of candidates are being elected for a spouse the post proportional representation decides the remaining forty percent the system was introduced into the minorities and the martian allies but critics complain not enough women or minority candidates have been fielded by political parties that mark this is all about call opportunity level playing field for candidates if elections become expensive political party it is money and they are not transparent. most a lot of people will be excluded people who don't have money. mainly women don't have money marginalized people do not have money so they are going to be ex
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excluded from the democratic process so they would end up just being voters so this is one major area for the fall fifteen million eligible voters will have to wait to find out which party's move in amended to form the next government the election commission says it will take around a week for the result to be announced. out of syria that. russian leader vladimir putin says he's going to seek reelection as president next year the sixty five year old has been in power holding the balls to be the president or prime minister since two thousand and nine polls suggest putting the comfortably when a fourth presidential term. former volkswagen executive has been sentenced to seven years in jail for his part in the diesel emissions scandal the german also make a loss as much as thirty billion dollars after it was revealed that secret software was installed in vehicles to evade emissions test german national all of a schmidt pleaded guilty to conspiring to mislead us regulators violating clean air
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laws he was in charge of the company's environmental and engineering office michigan. the german government is offering refugees cash incentives if they volunteer to return home within the next two months they offered about twelve hundred dollars per person or three and a half thousand dollars for a family the voluntary repatch ration offer is in sharp contrast to forced deportations are reported kalon spoke to one refugee who was forced to leave his job in the bavarian turn of buy a clue. from. with their friend about to be deported a group of protesters try to break into a holding room to say goodbye but it was too late for this man whose face we can't show it for security reasons he was told he'd be sent back to afghanistan after arriving for an appointment at the immigration office. with protesters and volunteer workers helping refugees are outraged by the decision. i can't put it in
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words i'm devastated i still can't believe he will be sent back to an almost certain that the deportees boss even showed up to support him let's. when people are trying everything to find their way in a new country learning the language culture and trying to be integrated it's very sad that they don't get a chance. the night before we walked the streets together in the bavarian town of by reut he refused extra money on offer by the german government for anyone who returns home voluntarily they offered me a thousand euros to go back i said account go back a fin away twenty years from my country i didn't come here for money i came here because europe is safe he fears if he took more money home it would make him more of a target in the eyes of the taliban with no relatives or friends in afghanistan he will be alone there i'm not a criminal i'm not an islamist i'm not
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a terrorist for twenty six years i've been living in fear not knowing what's going to happen my life is just over. the german government won't comment on individual cases but stands by its deportation policy fair the situation remains unchanged people see him as a threat criminals and those who repeatedly refused to cooperate can also be deported to afghanistan i believe this is right and we will continue this practice but lawyers say the afghan refugee we've been talking to has no criminal record and cooperated with the authorities the number of afghans deported from germany has almost doubled in recent years and the treatment of refugees is emerging as a key dividing line is the country struggles to form a government. two years ago germany opened its borders to an unprecedented number of refugees now during a shift in domestic politics the reality use their goodbyes like this appeared to be more likely elect al jazeera by reuters germany time
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magazine has named the group science breakers as its person of the year the women started the hashtag me to movement the triggered an international outcry on sexual misconduct and assault it followed a series of accusations against powerful figures in the entertainment industry like the film producer harvey weinstein well than twelve thousand homes are under threat by wildfires in southern california the largest and most destructive is raging in the foothills above the city of ventura that's about eighty kilometers northwest of l.a. the place is being fanned by hot dry wind. where you can find a much more about the stories we're following on our web site head to al-jazeera the home. mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera protests have taken to the streets of
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palestine up to us president don't cha officially recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel he also directed officials to begin preparations to move the american embassy there from tel aviv and they have a strong widespread condemnation palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage the status of jerusalem and central to the middle east peace process although it's been left on the resulting years of negotiations it was partitioned into east and west after world war two that israel has illegally occupied east jerusalem since one nine hundred sixty seven. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel while previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise they failed to deliver today i am delivering i've judged this course of action to be in the best interests
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of the united states of america and the pursuit of peace between israel and the palestinians palestinian president mahmoud abbas has rejected and condemned the move find the u.s. . you are you have been watching and my palestinian people we are going through very difficult times often the decision made by the us administration regarding jerusalem they have chosen to contradict all the international resolutions i think know all international positions which have been expressed by many of a countries and leaders of the last few days. all the efforts towards peace have been ignored this is a reward to israel and if of encourage is to patient of the state of palestine whose he finds his a broken operator protests by dozens of yemeni women in the capital. and gathered outside the military hospital where former president ali abdullah saleh is being kept demanding he gets
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a proper burial he was killed by the around by tutsi rebels on monday after switching alliances be led coalition. that's it you are covering up today with our top stories stay with us the people in paris up next and of course you can head to the web site at al-jazeera dot com. i would use iraq where ever you are. when the president trumps first sanction office was an order to prevent u.s. aid cash going.


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