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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2017 3:00am-3:33am +03

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one hundred and fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards banks love to make loans to sufferance because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because us taxpayers never go away there's a new one born every single day a nineteen it is an urgent national message that we officially request deflation of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. debts machine at this time. my announcement today marks the beginning of a new approach to conflict between israel and the palestinians despite warnings
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from leaders around the world u.s. president donald trump officially recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel. watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and i'm telling you now brigade also ahead. present drone. thank you for today's historic decision recognized israel's got. gratitude from the israeli prime minister and they promise a status quo at the holy sites following the trump announcement. and you know this is a group to israel and. the state of palestine palestinian president mahmoud abbas condemns the decision saying all efforts towards peace have been ignored and palestinians protest against the move their leaders in the occupied west bank and gaza call for three days afraid.
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hello the us president donald trump is being widely condemned for officially recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel palestinian leaders are calling for three days afraid others warn washington will no longer be trusted as a mediator israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu hailed the announcement as a historic landmark and urged other countries to follow suit here's our white house correspondent kimberly halkett with the latest. more than twenty years ago the u.s. congress recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and with that the relocation of the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv but every u.s. president since bill clinton has blocked it from happening a till now i have determined. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel it's an
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historic foreign policy term for the united states but the white house says reflects a political reality given jerusalem is the seat of the israeli government trump denies this will harm ongoing u.s. peace efforts we are not taking a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders those questions are up to the parties involved many people overseas and in washington disagree and have warned the u.s. president not to break with decades of historical precedents the way it's painted perceived in the region particularly by the by they are a publics is going to be problematic for the united states and will raise further
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questions about whether the whether or not the united states can be an honest broker in working out an arrangement between israel and the palestinians many people argue this has little to do with peace or security but instead is about boosting the political standing of a beleaguered american president for months the trump administration has been dealing with the impact of a scandal that seemed former top officials criminally charged god bless israel god bless the palestinians and so the jerusalem announcement breaking decades of protocol allows trump to keep a campaign promise and refocus attention on his policies he won the election not in washington he won it in wisconsin and michigan and places like that and what he said was the problem is with washington and if he didn't do this he would becoming part of washington in so. therefore his own base not not on this issue but on
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keeping your word is important. but white house officials admit it could be years before the embassy moves which virtually insurer's this will be an issue in the next presidential election kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington and we'll cross over to washington now and speak to alan fischer who's joining us from there right up until this announcement was made by trump alan there was a lot of anxiety and anticipation from countries in europe right here to the middle east now that it's happened going down in washington where you are. well a lot of supporters of donald trump are applauding this are saying look this is a man who said he was going to do things on the campaign trail and this is another big take in the box for that because he said he would move the embassy to jerusalem something that american presidents and presidential candidates have been speaking about for more than twenty years they say it's not unlike what barack obama did with cuba he looked at the situation said what we've been doing for the last fifty
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years doesn't work let's change it and so donald trump did the same with the peace process in the middle east let's set aside for a moment the fact that those republicans are praising donald trump in the last few hours also criticized barack obama for doing what he's doing but he thinks that this may change the dynamic it may bring a new approach to settling what he believes is a problem which if he gets a deal would be in his words the deal of the century but there are critical voices make no mistake about that people who have been in jerusalem at the consulate there people who have served in tel aviv in the embassy and many people around the world saying that what the united states has done is essentially picked a side in the palestinian israeli conflict and no they can no longer be treated as owners brokers this changes the dynamic of any peace talks this puts people at risk and you've got to know that all u.s. embassies have received a security alert in the last forty eight hours putting their security at the highest possible level the last time that happened march two thousand and six just
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before the iraq war ok allan fessor we thank you for that update from washington well as we mentioned the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has hailed the move calling it a historic day for israel the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. i call on all countries that seek peace to join the united states in recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and to move their embassies here i share president trump's commitment to advancing peace between israel and all of our neighbors including the palestinians this is been our goal from israel's first day and we will continue to work with the president and his team to make that dream of peace come true while the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has rejected and condemned the move by the u.s.
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you're welcome want to know my palestinian people we are going through very difficult times after the decision made by the u.s. administration regarding jerusalem they have chosen to contradict all international resolutions and ignore all international positions which have been expressed by many other countries and leaders over the last few days all the efforts towards peace have been ignored this is a reward to israel and a further encourages the occupation of the state of palestine. well there have been protests throughout the middle east against trump's decision demonstrations took place in jordan in lebanon and gaza palestinians wave flags and banners proclaiming jerusalem as our eternal capital and denounce the move by the u.s. while trump's announcement has sparked anger with america's nato ally turkey a crowd of protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy in ankara president recipe has warned the decision would cause public on
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rest across the muslim world. protecting the current status of jerusalem is very important and it is important that the islamic world unites and acts as one. any attempt to change the legal status of jerusalem should be avoided no one has the right to play with the fate of millions of people such a move would only help to promote the ill intentions of the terrorist organization . well the un secretary general is among the international leaders who have reacted to trump's announcement on your terrorist stress there is no alternative to a two state solution with jerusalem as the capital of both israel and palestine and we now understand that the un security council is planning emergency talks on friday on the issue off jerusalem mike hanna reports from the united nations. to president trumpet spoke in the u.n. secretary general restated what position on jerusalem for decades i have
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consistently spoken out against the left of all measures that would jeopardize the prospects of peace but israelis and palestinians. jerusalem a final stop those issues. that must be resolved through direct negotiations between the two parties on the basis of the relevant security council and general assembly resolutions taking into account the legitimate concerns of both the palestinian and israeli sides a number of other leaders have backed the un position among them pope francis released a statement calling on all to respect to roast lamb status quo based as he put it on the pertinent united nations resolution criticism of president trump's decision coming to from the president of france this is. this is
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a regrettable decision that france does not approve of and which goes against international law and all the u.n. security council resolutions and the british prime minister theresa may said the following we disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem and recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital before a final status agreement we believe it is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region the british embassy to israel is based in tel aviv and we have no plans to move it back at the un even before president trump made his announcement the bolivian ambassador said he would call an emergency meeting of the security council. a reckless and dangerous decision to go against international law the resolutions of the security council. weakens force for peace in the region and also upset the whole. region and later in the day bolivia was joined by a number of other countries calling for an emergency security council meeting
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including egypt france and the u.k. however waiting in the chamber will be the u.s. veto. my kind of al-jazeera united nations well joining us from washington is the executive director of the u.s. campaign for palestinian rights youssef and i had thanks very much for speaking to al-jazeera so we've seen the international condemnation from u.s. allies themselves but to what extent does this the session taken by president trump really isolates the united states well i think you know it's very clear now from the statements that we've heard from leaders around the world including american allies. the president of the united states stands alone i suppose with benjamin netanyahu along his side but but that's about it look there are many different states that have official diplomatic relations
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with israel none of them have their embassies in jerusalem precisely because of how important that city is how contested the issue is and how important it is that a neutral position remain in place on that issue until there is a negotiated agreement so for the country that is a stance of be acting as the mediator between israelis and palestinians to be the only country to put their embassy in jerusalem and the first to do so i think is really an indictment of the united states and makes very clear that they have abdicated any responsibility that they had in trying to mediate in any even handed way and i think the international community is making it clear that that's the case what are the implications on the ground off this decision as you see them. i think the implications are very dangerous first and foremost my concerns are with
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the palestinians living in jerusalem residents of jerusalem who have been subject to very dangerous israeli policies aimed at reengineering the demographics of the city things like home demolitions house of vic sions denial of access to holy sites a limited imitation is on movement a residency revoke ations and so on all of these policies now in the israeli politicians that support them are going to be emboldened by american support behind the notion that jerusalem is the capital of the so-called jewish state so my concerns first and foremost are with the palestinian population on the ground who will undeniably come to face even greater pressure because of these israeli policies what does this mean for region for the region as a whole if you look ahead in the short term for us i mean how how do you see what direction do you see the region going in as a result of this decision. well i think for
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a very long time we have seen this so-called peace process been mediated by the united states and it has more or less maintain the status quo but it has kept a lid on things and now there is a huge question as to what is the future of even the facade of this process if the united states is able to at least maintain the pretense that negotiations are going to result in an end to the israeli palestinian issue that remains an open question again and another source of conflict in contention so i think this is destabilizing and i think it has revealed what many of us have known for a very long time but now is forcing even those who have maintained up until this point that there is hope in washington mediated negotiations that that is no longer the case and for the palestinian leadership what are their next steps spoke
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a few hours ago but in true sort of fashion he was very vague on what the palestinian authority would be doing next. well as a sort of the biggest loser out of all of this you know coming into this decision about sixty seven percent of the palestinian population in the west bank gaza and east jerusalem wanted him to resign he is nonetheless continued to argue to the palestinian people that the best way forward towards achieving an independent palestinian state is through this peace process and time and again he has gone back to washington and now washington has once again thrown our bass under the bus on one of the most important issues to palestinians which is the question of jerusalem so our bass now has to go back to his people and provide a different answer a different strategy or allow the opportunity for new leadership to present
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a new path forward yourself and i are we thank you for joining us on al-jazeera here's what's coming up in just a moment on al-jazeera dangerous wildfires once again threaten california homes and businesses. for sure all cool iranians love american food because it's tasty and has personality tension between the u.s. and iran appears to be more a government to government than people to people. by the time. or is the sun sets in this. how i would have a bloom of cloud in the next two days i think in a good part of china but they wouldn't choose winter now for the immediate future
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it's a fairly humid twenty four and hong kong fourteen in shanghai and here's the start of the blooming cloud which will give i think a bright day rather than a which day for a good part but look at the talking of a northerly breeze eventually he degrees in shanghai that's the day maximum and to learn humility in hong kong all this is mostly cloud the rain bearing. it is for the daily show erupt in your satellite because they were all of a borneo java bali but more concentrated rain has been falling recently in southern thailand now that's disappeared further westwards but we've still got the potential for a few more showers and down through peninsula malaysia and sumatra that's the case for the next day or two as it should be it's the wet season but the heavy rains disappeared off the southern bay of bengal also the undermanned and they could arlen's is developing into what could be a sort of baby sarkozy a tropical depression has already left a lot of rain in port blair and this in mumbai was remains that last one was just
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about disappeared for even get to roger stone so we watch right in developing and usually when you get the north eastern side of india and towards buying today. the weather sponsored by cats and race. the world's largest humanitarian crisis millions caught up in civil war all jews who world examines the roots of the conflict in yemen the complex has to be that through a country into perpetual time. the separation of. the north and the so these dualisms are a part of history. yemen the north south divide this time.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump has officially recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel and is has directed officials to begin preparations to move the american embassy there from tel aviv israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu hailed the announcement as a historic landmark and urged other countries to follow suit. the palestinian president has condemned the move by the u.s. know what i said donald trump was merely encouraging continued occupation he added the u.s. is no longer a peace mediator palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage and protest against a decision were already held in it on monday demonstrators fired shots into the air and they burn flags and then gaza and rival palestinian factions joined hands in a so if you need to see they wave palestinian flags and banners proclaiming
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proclaiming jerusalem as our eternal capital. palestinian refugees in lebanon had hoped. a return home to a palestinian state with. its capital but that dream is edging further away zana hunter has more from beirut. born in exile but raised not to forget their identity these are the children of the refugees of the one nine hundred forty eight more palestinians who were forced to leave their homes in what is now israel. lebanon as where they live but they want their homeland back we want a country these children chant. it was them as i was five year old shaddai says promising that no one will be able to take it away from them. i was saying was younger than shut down when his family fled palestine he was too young to remember his country but for him palestine remains home he has a message for u.s.
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president donald trump. oh if trump wants to donate jenner said i'm to israel and he crossed the red line he should donate one of his country's states to israel jerusalem is but a star and palestine is jerusalem. there is anger there is the violence tourism status is extremely sensitive in the israeli palestinian conflict . palestinians say they will never give up jerusalem but there is a reality many of the refugees here say that they have given up hope just like jerusalem the right to return has been at the heart of the palestinian struggle it's been seven decades and no one here has returned home. thirty four year old mohammad jamal was born in lebanon he has a nursing degree but he can't find a job palestinian refugees in lebanon are banned from working in many professions and have little rights in a country that has tried to prevent settlement. jerusalem status of returning to
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palestine are lost causes. the right return is forgotten he's not our intention to forget that the arab rulers bitrate palestine for us the priority is to live stateless these refugees live in desperate conditions very few were under the illusion that peace with israel was ever a possibility and for them the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital only reinforces their belief that washington was never an honest broker in the conflict. or not that. this is a new aggression against the palestinians it is a dangerous new phase they want to destroy the palestinian cause to get rid of the right to return prevent a palestinian state many palestinians feel that now more than ever the dream of their own state is fading away so. well the u.s. president donald trump has been talking about yemen as well he's called on saudi
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arabia and its blockade immediately here's a portion of that statement directed officials in my administration to call the leadership of the kingdom of saudi arabia to request a completely allow fuel water and medicine to reach the yemeni people who desperately need it the u.s. has been backing the saudi led coalition in its fight against the rebels twenty fifteen thousands of people have died in the war there and thousands more are facing famine and starvation. well the crown prince of abu dhabi has met with the son of yemen slain ousted president. mohamed bin ziad offered his condolences to the saw there has been under house arrest in the u.a.e. since his father made an alliance with the hole with these in twenty fourteen the u.a.e. is part of the saudi led coalition to join the yemen war in twenty fifteen so expel the who with these from. who the fighters killed on monday after he announced he would talk with the coalition al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist
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mahmud hussein who have been been in an egyptian prison for over eleven months hossain is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december the twentieth while visiting family russia's president vladimir putin says he will seek reelection next year the sixty five year old has been in power holding the post of either president or prime minister for seventeen years now putin serves another six year term you would reach the milestone for the longest tenure as leader a since joseph stalin iran is one of the six mainly muslim nations included in donald trump's travel ban a move causing some understandable u.s. resentments into iran but feelings about america as
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a country may be somewhat different sampras ravi reports from to her on. before the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine was a boxer that he says got him a job as a guard for the u.s. embassy after the chaos of the one nine hundred eighty s. he traveled to europe where. for the first time he loved it so much he wanted to share the experience with his own people and much donald's was born. johore sure. iranians love american food because it's tasted delicious and has personality this agreement's party abscess or government to government not people to people and with a son living in the u.s. state of georgia he hopes to visit soon it will be his first time. we asked about the travel. he says he's not worried about getting a visa because he has faith in the system. i know. it seems that the american president were to visit iran he'd find at least one friendly face earlier this year
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the restaurant was named america's favorite burger and there's one right here in teheran you can google it but it's not exactly the same thing. it's a homegrown iranian business with the same name issues of trademarks aside in urban centers like to han eating out of places like this is becoming more popular but not everyone has the same for the united states many iranians say the new visa restrictions are islam. child. you as. the best for. the ultimate if you reach there. you want after. maybe. and i'm just finding other solutions for my life and while they may enjoy the food america is no longer the top of the mountain for young iranians maybe many years
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ago it would be considered something very important and you know maybe it would be something which would make students iranian students were. not the only goal or the only option that they have continuing their studies experts say the u.s. visa ban is a miscalculation they cannot accept to be limited in traveling to other parts of the world including america this is very very. bright so this will backfire to. back at home pub the admires his most prized possession a gift from an american stranded on the side of the road he helped a stranger fix his car and got him on his way. it was more than forty years ago before the revolution when u.s. diplomats still lived in iraq he said that night he made a friend the american eagle and the islamist names of god symbols hanging together
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on the walls of at least one iranian living room zain basra al-jazeera. several wildfires are spreading in the u.s. state of california including the los angeles area the flames are threatening some of the most exclusive neighborhoods there. are reports. dramatic images of a morning commute california's latest wildfires are threatening more neighborhoods including the community of belair for a time the flames forced the closure of several lanes of one of the most important highways in california interstate four five high winds in unusually dry conditions drove the inferno we had very strong winds coming from the northeast to the southwest blowing that fire quickly and this turned into a fire that is one hundred fifty acres zero percent containment at present from the air or water drops by helicopters to help hundreds of firefighters on the ground who've been mobilized and are battling to keep the flames away from exclusive homes
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in the neighborhood some have been destroyed shrouded in the smoke every now and getty center art museum it closed its doors as a precaution officials are warning residents to remain on guard but we're in. a continuation of the red conditions throughout the week at least until friday about eighty kilometers away in ventura the largest of five wildfires continues to burn there are some twelve thousand homes remain under threat but weather forecast provides little comfort the winds are expected to pick up in the affected areas kristen salumi al-jazeera. time magazine has named the social movements silence breakers as its person of the year the women started the online two campaign that triggered an international outcry on sexual misconduct and assaults that followed a series if i can against powerful figures in the entertainment industry like film producer harvey weinstein.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump has officially recognized the roots of them as the capital of israel and has directed officials to begin preparations to move the american embassy there from tel aviv israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu hailed the announcement as a historic landmark and urged other countries to follow suit i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel while previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise they failed to deliver today i am delivering i've judged this course of action to be in the best interests of the united states of america and the pursuit of peace between israel and the
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palestinians while the palestinian president condemned the move by the u.s. in a pre-court message mahmoud said donald trump was merely encouraging continued occupation he added the u.s. is no longer a peace mediator and protests against the decision were held and among the demonstrators fired shots into the air and later burn flags in gaza rival palestinian factions joined hands in a so unity they also wave palestinian flags and banners proclaiming jerusalem as our eternal capital. trump's announcement of sports anger with america's nato ally turkey a crowd of protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy in ankara president. has warned the decision with calls public on rest across the muslim world. russia's president vladimir putin says he will seek reelection next year the sixty five year old has been in power holding the post of
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either president or prime minister for seventeen years if serves another six year term he would reach the milestone for the longest tenure as leader a sense of josef stalin inside story is coming up next on al-jazeera. does the gulf cooperation council have a few new questions are raised to most of the group. in kuwait instead of discussing a blockade against castro. a new set of its military cooperation.


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