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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and pallid iscar has the consequence is a us president spends strength can have on countless lives around the globe he's gone briefly and just against unions right before we go full on self a bush and those people with trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al-jazeera. my announcement today marks the beginning of a new approach to conflict between israel and the palestinians spy were
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warnings from world leaders the u.s. president officially recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel. i'm sam is a guy and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. and. this is a reward to israel and a further encourages the occupation of the state of palestine. the palestinian president condemns the u.s. decision saying it's ignores peace efforts. donald trump calls on saudi arabia to lift its blockade on yemen and get basic necessities to people plus. for sure all cool iranians love american food because it's tasted delicious and has personality . tension between the u.s. and iran appears to be more government to government than people to.
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the u.s. president donald trump has been widely condemned for officially recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage others warn washington will no longer be trusted as a mediator white house correspondent kimberly begins our coverage. more than twenty years ago the u.s. congress recognized jerusalem as israel's capital with that the relocation of the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv but every u.s. president since bill clinton has blocked it from happening until now i have determined. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel it's an historic foreign policy term for the united states
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that the white house says reflects a political reality given jerusalem is the seat of the israeli government trump denies this will harm ongoing u.s. peace efforts we are not taking a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders. those questions are up to the parties involved many people overseas and in washington disagree and have warned the us president not to break with decades of historical precedents the way it's painted perceived in the region particularly by the by the hour a publix is going to be problematic for the united states and will raise further questions about whether the whether or not the united states can be an honest broker in working out an arrangement between israel and the palestinians many
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people argue this has little to do with peace or security but instead is about boosting the political standing of a beleaguered american president for months the trump administration has been dealing with the impact of a scandal that's seen former trump officials criminally charged god bless israel god bless the palestinians so the jerusalem announcement breaking decades of protocol allows trump to keep a campaign promise and refocus attention on his policies he won the election not in washington he won it in wisconsin and michigan and places like that and what he said was the problem is with washington and if he didn't do this he would becoming part of washington and so therefore his own base not not on this issue but on keeping your word is important. but white house officials admit it could be years
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before the embassy moves which virtually insurer's this will be an issue in the next presidential election kimberley health kit al-jazeera washington now israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is hailed the move calling it a historic day for israel the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. i call on all countries that seek. to join the united states in recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and to move their embassies here i share president trump's commitment to advancing peace between israel and all of our neighbors including the palestinians this is been our goal from israel's first day and we will continue to work with the president and his team to make that dream of peace come true. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is rejecting and
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condemning the move by the u.s. you are. my palestinian people we are going through very difficult times after the decision made by the u.s. administration regarding jerusalem they have chosen to contradict all international resolutions and ignore all international positions which have been expressed by many other countries and leaders over the last few days all the efforts towards peace have been ignored this is a reward to israel and a further encourages the occupation of the state of palestine have been protests throughout the middle east against trumps decision demonstrations took place in jordan lebanon and gaza palestinians waved flags and banners proclaiming jerusalem as our eternal capital announced the move by the u.s. . and trump's announcement has sparked anger in america's nato ally turkey a crowd of protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy in ankara president. warned the decision would cause public on arrest right
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across the muslim world. protecting the current status of jerusalem is very important and it is important that the islamic world unites and acts as one . any attempt to change the legal status of jerusalem should be avoided no one has the right to play with the fate of millions of people such a move would only help to promote the ill and tensions of the terrorist organization. the un secretary general is among the international leaders who have reacted to trump's announcement and turn of the terrorist stressed there is no alternative to a two state solution with jerusalem as the capital of both israel and palestine mike hanna reports from the u.n. now. half an hour after president trumpet spoke in the u.n. secretary general restated what position on jerusalem for decades i have consistently spoken out against. measures that would jeopardize the prospect
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of peace for israelis and palestinians. jerusalem ease a final status issue. that must be resolved through direct negotiations between the two parties on the basis of the relevant security council and general assembly resolutions taking into account the legitimate concerns of both the palestinian and israeli sides a number of other leaders have backed the un position among them pope francis released a statement calling on all to respect to roost lim status quo based as he put it on the pertinent united nations resolution criticism of president trump's decision coming to from the president of france this is. this is a regrettable decision that france does not approve of and which goes against international law and all the u.n. security council resolutions and the british prime minister theresa may said the
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following we disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem and recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital before a final status agreement we believe that is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region the british embassy to israel is based in tel aviv and we have no plans to move it back at the un even before president trump made his announcement the bolivian ambassador said he would call an emergency meeting of the security council. reckless and dangerous decision to go against international law the resolutions of the security council. we can see you have a force for peace in the region and also upsets the whole. region and later in the day bolivia was joined by a number of other countries calling for an emergency security council meeting including egypt france and the u.k.
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however waiting in the chamber will be the u.s. veto mike hanna arjen sierra united nations. well u.s. president dan trump has been talking about yemen too he's called on saudi arabia to end its blockade immediately is a portion of his statement he said i have directed officials in my administration to call the leadership of the kingdom of saudi arabia to request they completely allow fuel water and medicine to reach the yemeni people who desperately need it the u.s. has backed the saudi led coalition in its fight against two three rebel since two thousand and fifteen thousands of people have died in the war there thousands more are facing starvation and famine in the crown prince of abu dhabi is met with the son of yemen slain alstad president ali abdullah saleh mohammed desired offered his condolences to the has been under house arrest in the u.a.e. since his father made an alliance with the hope these in two thousand and fourteen
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the u.a.e. is part of the saudi low coalition that joined the yemen war in two thousand and fifteen to expel the hoa fees from santa who fighters killed earlier on monday after he announced he would talk with the coalition who is a professor of. fessor of islam the university of notre dame he joins us on skype now from south bend indiana good to have you with us do you see this as a change of u.s. policy or is this simply trying to position on humanitarian aid. it seems that you know we one can't question where the president have been moved by the light on yemeni people seeing that the car incident on the very day that he makes them feel sorry and things that entered announcement of recognizing ojukwu some of israel's capital as an afterthought and scenes and hours later he thought
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of our the blockade of yemen and. administration after assad leaves the coincidence of peace to the citizens are quite responsive this time seeing so i guess you don't read into that and they'll be for example of a different posture u.s. pasta and it comes to the issue of supplying weapons to the coalition which is something that's been going on for a while in the conflict thanks to the u.s. in the army saudi arabia and was to go and seen as the as a proxy war between saudi arabia and the iranian supported with the rebels and so on this very day of significant announcement it seems that it sounds like the kind of the diplomatic rock wall and perhaps the thinking in the white house was to rearm don't we're all kind of in our anger about the use of the solution so
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close something we don't of the humanitarian blockade of yemen and the other stop rising parties that yesterday president grant spoke to king some outside the arabia . that you do some decision in which he was clearly a caution backing salmaan not to do so but a yes he did not raise the question of the young they with the king when he spoke in this with them well the saudis listen to this play from trumpet was very direct wasn't it. no direct but you know this is such a major issue several months ago present some very strongly and vocally supportive of the saudi engagement in yemen clarine that iran has to be stopped that pass and then weaponize saudi arabia to the teeth and going to so it's very difficult to see how the saudis are going to change course are on the say so of a president. and you know now clearly the humanitarian blockade aid organizations
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and the u.n. have been qualified for the looking out of a cave for four weeks now and so clearly this coming at this hour will be a relief for the yemeni people and one should not discount that but i'm not entirely sure that this is going to a lot of peace but it will be lethal to the thousands and millions of the only people who are suffering under this lucky and of this. war and the this you know in many ways reckless killing of civilians and the shortage of food and water and medicine also seen m r r t officials meeting with adam and ali abdullah saleh is it being groomed do you think to take over from his father's position. well it seems that one of the reasons as santley would show that he's father opened a conversation with the song while. that was wired to get he sang in that position that lots of the supporters said and there was not turning against the whole of
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these but i think this is possible and assange has already you know announced that you know vengeance father's death and that the that there will be a vendetta war some time and so again i think we are not very close to peace in yemen yet one must feel that the yemeni people have that the end of the food and humanitarian blockade that will bring that leave but i'm not sure that announcing a new leader when they're being relieved that the only people the only way forward in yemen are all parties to sew them together and search for a way forward to a lasting and durable peace in yemen and to be living there compu for many many many months now in years thanks for your analysis on that her him most are still ahead on al-jazeera dangerous wildfires once again threaten california and homes and businesses voters in nepal hope to use the ballot box to force change after a devastating earthquake two and
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a half years ago. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello european or even turkish weather has become very active recent days all spreading across the levant and towards iran is a massive cloud now that represents just a few rain showers for example in iraq but more in syria and significant snow fell in turkey that snow could be repeated in azerbaijan the northeast of iran maybe even northern syria the full cost. of a winter show here jim just above freezing by a long way of course but backers of the plus say in toronto only fourteen when the sun comes up behind aleppo still a plus eleven but anchor is struggling to some degree now it will improve in turkey as armenia and georgia see the rain and snow come in and the sun should come out
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again to syria i don't iraq and iran to be honest apart from the north eastern side just beyond wrong but given the active weather hey you quite often throw things for the size of all it looks twenty six and they're all thirty one america standard fare let me take you had to say to friday in that line they represents our culture and if you like potential shout a behind it the wind picks up and that looks like i have a couple days are all lying down in the gulf so through q.a. to bahrain was towards the u.a.e. further west nice and far. the weather sponsored by cattle and raise. you are making remarks where on line the main us response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal mind or if you join us no evil person just wakes up in the morning and say i want to scour the world in darkness is a dialogue could be what leading to some of the confusion about people saying they
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don't actually know what's going on i'm joined the conversation this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching out zero time to recap the headlines now the u.s. president has officially recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel he directed officials to begin moving the american embassy there from tel aviv israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is hailing the announcement that historic landmark urging other countries to follow suit the palestinian president has condemned the move by the u.s.
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mahmoud abbas says donald trump was merely encouraging continued occupation he added the u.s. is no longer a peace mediator palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage. protests against the decision were held in ramallah our demonstrates his call for a general strike gaza's rival palestinian factions joined hands in a show of unity but also wave palestinian flags and banners proclaiming jerusalem as our eternal capital. the first senior u.n. official to visit north korea in six years has arrived in pyongyang political affairs chief jeffrey feltman comes after pyongyang recently tested a ballistic missile that it says can reach the u.s. mainland diplomats are hoping feldman's trip will kick start the un led effort to deescalate tensions in the region iran is one of the six mainly muslim nations included in donald trump's travel ban a move causing some understandable u.s.
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resentment in tehran but feelings about america as a country may be somewhat different. reports from teheran. before the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine hundred and puppy up was a boxer that he says got him a job as a guard for the u.s. embassy after the chaos of the one nine hundred eighty s. he traveled to europe where he ate at mcdonald's for the first time he loved it so much he wanted to share the experience with his own people and must donald's was born. johore sure of course iranians love american food because it's tasted delicious and has personality this agreements says are government to government not people to people and with a son living in the u.s. state of georgia he hopes to visit soon it will be his first time. we ask about the travel ban. he says he's not worried about getting a visa because he has faith in the system. are no new. it seems that the american
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president were to visit iran he'd find at least one friendly face earlier this year the restaurant by guys was named america's favorite burger and there's one right here in teheran you can google it but it's not exactly the same thing. it's a home grown iranian business with the same name issues of trademarks aside in urban centers like to han eating out of places like this is becoming more popular but not everyone has the same the star ledger for the united states many iranians say the new visa restrictions are islam. child. you as. the best. the ultimate if you reach there. you want after. maybe thinking that way. and i'm just finding other solutions for my life and while they may enjoy the food
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america is no longer the top of the mountain for young iranians maybe many years ago it would be considered something very important and you know maybe it would be something which would make students iranian students or people super you know not the only goal or the only option that they have for continuing their studies experts say the u.s. visa ban is a miscalculation they don't and cannot accept to be limited and put in traveling to other parts of the would think america they say is very do i think sound very profound insult against iranian pride so this will backfire two. back at home puppy admirers his most prized possession a gift from an american stranded on the side of the road he helped a stranger fix his car and got him on his way. it was more than forty years ago before the revolution when u.s. diplomats still lived in iraq he said that night he made
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a friend. the american eagle and the islamic names of god symbols hanging together on the walls of at least one iranian living room zain basra al-jazeera. polls opened in the second phase of the polls parliamentary and regional elections the vote is considered the final step in the country's transition from a monarchy to a federal democracy voters say they want the new leaders to focus on rebuilding with many still coping with the impact of the devastating earthquake two years ago . has more from katmandu. there was a lot of excitement both are going around two hours ago and there have been very long queues and there are a lot of old people of ninety eight year old man who came to vote early and he said he was excited but really. met some people who are really cool about it because. there is a three percent. telling election in two different kind of there's two different
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kinds that they think one is the first half the polls and one is proportional and now the war party is new parties have to get at least three percent of the vote and one first back to a candidate to become a national party and a lot of people are kind of worried that if the places that might get elected are nothing new is going to happen but they're also quite hopeful that the new card is the new faces really make that three percent threshold and someone getting elected now some asylum seekers in germany are being offered cash if they volunteered to return home before february the incentive which applies to around one hundred thousand refugees amounts to about twelve hundred dollars per person the repatriation offer is in sharp contrast to deportation callen spoke to one refugee who was forced to leave his job when the varian town of beit royd.
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with a friend about to be deported a group of protesters tried to break into a holding room to say goodbye but it was too late for this man whose face we can't show it for security reasons he was told he'd be sent back to afghanistan after arriving for an appointment at the immigration office. with protesters and volunteer workers helping refugees are outraged by the decision as part is i can't put it in words i'm devastated i still can't believe he will be sent back to an almost certain that the deportees boss even showed up to support him let's go with that when people are trying everything to find their way in a new country learning the language culture and trying to be integrated it's very sad that they don't get a chance. the night before we walked the streets together in the bavarian town of by reut he refused extra money on offer by the german government for anyone who returns home voluntarily they offered me
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a thousand euros to go back assad account go back a been away twenty years from my country i didn't come here for money i came here because europe is safe he fears if he took more money home it would make him more of a target in the eyes of the taliban with no relatives or friends in afghanistan he will be alone there i'm not a criminal i'm not an islamist i'm not a terrorist for twenty six years i've been living in fear not knowing what's going to happen my life is just over. the german government won't comment on individual cases but stands by its deportation policy of fear the situation remains unchanged people seen as a threat criminals and those who repeatedly refused to cooperate can also be deported to afghanistan i believe this is right and we will continue this practice but lawyers say the afghan refugee we've been talking to has no criminal record and cooperated with the authorities the number of afghan support in from germany has
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almost doubled in recent years and the treatment of refugees is an ageing is a key dividing line is the country struggles to form a government. two years ago germany opened its borders to an unprecedented number of refugees now during a shift in domestic politics the reality years that goodbyes like this appear to be more likely l.a. callen al-jazeera by reuters germany now right wing billionaire who's promised a tough stance on migrants has been sworn in as prime minister of the czech republic and have pledged to stick to the czech republic's rejection of an easy quota which mandates all members have to take in some migrants his party was the strongest force in elections in october about thirty percent of the vote but it's not clear how bad this facing corruption allegations will win support from the majority of legislators russia's president vladimir putin says he'll seek
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reelection next year sixty five year old has been in power holding the post to be the president or prime minister for seventeen years if putin serves another six year term will reach the milestone for the longest tenure is the distance joseph stalin. britain's prime minister says she'll take the constitutional integrity of the u.k. during negotiations aimed at breaking the deadlock in briggs it talks over ireland the reason may says the government is committed to ensuring there is no return to our hard border between northern ireland and the irish republic however she told m.p.'s of prime minister's questions that the issue could only be resolved once negotiations with you move on to the second phase you maintains it will only begin trade talks after the border issue is finalized. leaving the european union relieving the single market in the customs union.
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we will do what is right in the interest. and nothing is agreed until everything is agree. yes i mean our state of california is going through its worst fire season on record the latest blazes fanned by hot dry winds spreading near densely populated southern counties including some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in los angeles kristen salumi reports hundreds of homes have already been destroyed and thousands evacuated. dramatic images of a morning commute california's latest wildfires are threatening more neighborhoods including the community of belair for a time the flames forced the closure of several lanes of one of the most important highways in california interstate four five high winds in unusually dry conditions drove the inferno we had very strong winds coming from the northeast to the
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southwest blowing that fire quickly and it is turned into a fire that is one hundred fifty acres zero percent containment at present from the air or water drops by helicopters to help hundreds of firefighters on the ground been mobilized and are battling to keep the flames away from exclusive homes in the neighborhood some have been destroyed shrouded in the smoke every now and getty center art museum it closed its doors as a precaution officials are warning residents to remain on guard but we are in to supply a continuation of the red conditions throughout the week at least until friday about eighty kilometers away in ventura the largest of five wildfires continues to burn there some twelve thousand homes remain under threat the weather forecast provides little comfort the winds are expected to pick up in the affected areas kristen salumi al-jazeera.
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let's take you through some of the headlines here in al jazeera now the u.s. president's is officially recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel he directed officials to begin moving the american embassy there from tel aviv israel's prime minister binyamin this and now called the announcement historic. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. well previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise they failed to deliver today i am delivering i've judged this course of action to be in the best interests of the united states of america and the pursuit of peace between israel and the palestinians the palestinian president condemned the move by the u.s.
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in a prerecorded message about. it was merely encouraging continued occupation and protests against the decision were held in ramallah demonstrations calls for a general strike there in gaza rival palestinian factions join hands in a show of unity they also wave palestinian flags and banners proclaiming jerusalem as our eternal capital. in other news the first senior u.n. official to visit north korea in six years has arrived in pyongyang political affairs chief jeffrey feltman store comes out of pyongyang recently tested a ballistic missile that it says can reach the u.s. mainland diplomats are hoping feldman's triple kickstarter un led effort to deescalate tensions in the region russia's president vladimir putin says he'll seek reelection next year the sixty five year old has been in power holding the post of either president or prime minister for seventeen years if another six year term
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would reach the milestone for the longest tenure is the. oh it's the stream next time back at the top of the hour with another full of course. stay with us. he was born in ireland but at seventeen found himself in the middle of a political revolution in egypt i went on stage and i spoke about democracy. if you . put a hundred and twenty people and after four years imprisoned in cairo ibrahim. al jazeera at this time. ok and you're in a strange how do you envision. on today's program says that we have.


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