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tv   Trump And The Ethics Of Foreign Aid  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2017 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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little city of the whole of palestine today i am saying that palestine is unified from the sea to the river unified palestine will never be divided into two countries now you say the so-called peace process has gone forever once and for all and then we will go out of the oslo dark tunnel well french president manuel micro is in qatar where he's meeting the countries appear to me but how it all tiny it comes as qatar agreed to buy twelve a raphael fighter jets from france and fifty airbus planes contracts with french companies forming vehicles and transport projects have also been signed earlier michael visited the dade air base where french soldiers are stationed. on the turkish president recipe for the one who has arrived in greece has kept latham's he's the first visit of a turkish president to greece in sixty five years the ties between the two countries have been strained for decades primarily over the divided island of cyprus more than twelve thousand homes are under threat from wildfires in southern
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california two hundred thousand people have been told to leave their homes as the fires now into the heart of los angeles winds fanning the flames are forecast to last all week those were the headlines who are knowledgeable news and half an hour next people in power do stay with us. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. when the president trumps first sanction office was in order to prevent u.s. aid cash going to n.g.o.s the promotable show as a method of family planning the move when the appeal was approached life advocates
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but it's been condemned by aid agencies and charities who say the ruling will have devastating consequences to their work in the developing world. filmmakers sarah spiller and callum macrae have been to find out why. with. late september in mozambique southern africa we've come here to find out about the impact of a far reaching policy put in place by u.s. president donald trump. volunteers from
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an aid organization called the no definite gather in the province of carter. they've poured their hearts and souls into a multi-agency project called premiums. a key part of an attack is work to spread a message about contraception we began filming but neither we nor these volunteers had any idea about what was to happen next. worst of. all of us for the loss of its program of doing. humans doesn't just yes this is a minute. they said yes it is but sebastiano easy tells these youngsters their work is ending because of us president trumps rule that stops charities like this receiving american funding if they advise on abortion they lost almost half in cities over the last year but again how much the each took their. own that you could leave the other out with all this to go with. the guns this doesn't
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it's the america imo jennifer has been working here since nine hundred eighty nine . two thirds of their funding comes from the u.s. government but because of their opposition to president trump's order on mentioning abortion that will now and for the young volunteers it appears to make no sense. in the last. hour my young american with yes south got on drive this book i guess and landed in washington may. understand. it and like i mean i mean. it was just as my scenes got there most of us. our people in the car investigation took us across this nation to witness the effects of the new u.s. . astray should rule and the questions it raises how usa in
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america is doing this when they are shouting for the rights of the people. is completely and just go and just against human drives completely. it was one of president trump's first acts in office. with a sweep of the presidential pen and executive order on foreign aid and abortion that we. thank you very much for months later came details of how the policy protecting life and global health assistance would apply a charity that now wants u.s. funds must not perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in foreign countries including counseling advice and information regarding the benefits and or availability of abortion as a method of family planning. opponents immediately called it
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a global gag rule. the trump supporters the order was a major victory for the pro-life president. to protect the unborn fire of real estate it was first put in place by president ronald reagan. the rule on foreign aid and abortion has been a political seesaw for success if u.s. administration is introduced by president reagan it was repealed by president clinton reintroduced by president bush rescinded by president obama the critics say this newest version president trumps version of a yawn anything that's happened before. crucially. president trump's rule extends to a far larger range of international aid programs for example charities working to
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combat h.i.v. and other infectious diseases longer get usaid said by his own abortion. and the new policy affects a u.s. foreign aid budget of over eight point eight billion dollars. over one hundred thirty n.g.o.s have condemned. including global names like save the children and population action international. the us administration has briefed that they are committed to helping women and children thrive should just take their word. if this administration was truly concerned about protecting life they want to react at this policy and they certainly want to expand it in the way that they do it because we know from past iterations of this policy maternal deaths and create. unsafe abortions increase this is not going to help women thrive and it's certainly not going to help children thrive in the absence of other.
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it may be early days in terms of president trump's new order but in mozambique we found disturbing evidence about how it would affect work on critical h.i.v. prevention. it's been estimated up to thirteen percent of people aged between fifteen and forty nine here are living with hiv and that the epidemic has led to over six hundred thousand. or ten days husband and some of her children have died five grandchildren now dependent on her as well as her thirteen year old son nelson. has received funds to help people like displaced or their families that they had
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a child be to support. today she's visited by nurse albertine from the charity has become a family friend before you met us tina could you talk about hiv status. how important is it to know that you can look after yourself. and for. the rich to go straight to the marriage the one here in the i mean to me but how mental tiny is hosting his french counterpart president. let's listen to what they have to say to find solutions to these problems that we don't also with five.
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resume. and to us today the first called the nato meeting between both parties and we have attended the meeting. regular meetings will take place in the future and we will follow the results we have signed. several agreements between fronts today to boost with and dollars so the relations between both countries i welcome you excellent mr president and i'm sure this visit will be very successful and it is very important for us the floor is use . thank you very much. your highness where. we are very happy to be here. by my first
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visit after our many telephone exchanges. and. your visit. in august last year relations between france and. is characterized by economic economic cultural and sports ties and strategic ties which are important. as shown by the military base that i visited this morning. and allows a number of our soldiers. to be present and who are taking part in the fight against terrorism we talked with. his highness several subjects. representing our partnership the first is the fight against terrorism
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which constitutes. one of. priorities today in our joint action. we've. talked. on several occasions. and. contributing to the coalition forces. and fighting in iraq and syria. over the next few months the fight against terrorism. we'll end with this conflict in that region in africa and in europe terrorist groups. continue to be active over the next few months and years. we showed the terminal actually. decided to sign up today to ration a roadmap to strengthen our cooperation against. the final thing of
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terrorism and radical radicalization will help to facilitate exchange of intelligence technical information to be more effective faced with. extremism and a first step. are high level talks as mentioned by his highness in the fight against. these talks. between civil legal and military forces and police forces. will allow to strengthen the partnership. the objective. of the international conference on the fight against terrorism and its financing which france will organize in paris in april two thousand and eighteen and i will.
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rely on the full support of concern on this subject we have also talked together. about stability in the near east and we talked. also with his highness the situation. where we support the efforts by these special envoy of the united nations and we wish together. a return to peace and stability. with regards to the situation in the gulf i know my visit is the day after. an important. summit. i also want to see a promise of reconciliation between its members as i said since the beginning of the crisis the reintroduction of stability in the gulf is also
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a priority because we have many friends and it's the reason why i've repeated the fronts in support with regards to mediation. with kuwait and that i can find a quick resolution of the situation we are seeing today finally we talked about bilateral relations which has a very positive dynamic and on the subjects that i've talked about in my introduction we have signed several important agreements into agreements that allow us to go further in our cooperation with regards to culture and education and. french speaking and under socio member. supporter. of our language and the personal choice of his highness who speaks perfect french and to send his children to a french school which is an intimate choice and i wish to thank him for doing so
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and an important one. and he's decided to decide to. send his children to. school something means something for france we've also signed the number of commercial agreements reflects the density of economic relations with the industry to finance important contracts. with regards to armament was. faulty. the exploitation operation of the underground metro system into ha. we're talking about twelve billion euros which was signed today and reflects the intensity of our relations and for that i thank you your highness for the talks that we've had since i was elected in may last year and i hope that we can pursue our relations if
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they happen not of importance on the bilateral level and very structuring internationally and regionally. thank you very much for your welcome thank you. just. for the always i have a question is for his highness about terrorism you've signed an agreement on the fight against terrorism and radicalization. what. is just. what does this agreement mean for you. mr michael after your talks why are you now convinced that.
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lies. are you reassured today. the. question. is quite committed to fight terrorism and some information here are not proper correct mentioned in some newspapers and we have a certain procedures to. not to allow any funny. terrorists and we have had investigations and. claims and for. the arab and muslim countries are the ones. from terrorism committed to fire terrorism with our friends and. this
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has been mentioned by his excellency my friend emanuel. and. we will be having meetings in order to facilitate things between both countries france not going to. speak. with anybody who finances terrorism because we have we have paid a heavy price in france and the threat is continuing over the next few months. a military victory in iraq serious. by mid december iraqi prime minister will. announce the total freedom of iraq even if there is a very big. demilitarizing on to militarize sation and. the country in the next few months. there will
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be full military victory in syria in the years during which we. develop themselves in the iraq syria. and financing. the popular actual resources here at the start. will. be fighting and other networks in africa in the south. in the whole of africa and several other. middle eastern areas but the terrorists have tried to fund themselves through other means but means in the fight against financing must be an absolute priority we know their methods that. trafficking drugs trafficking and human trafficking are taking place in libya and in the saddle and that is our priority all the groups linked to these activities speed
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dismantled and it's a commitment that we made last year last week sorry when i took the initiative for the march summit in a bitch. but we must all the different countries so i mentioned. i do not need. anyone but we are going to have a simple method which we have lists of structures country by country organization linked with terrorism we ask commitments partners and we give the means to check together nothing more complicated not and i also do that for all the structures in france. with organizations that are linked with these activities i do believe in important diplomatic announcement i believe in time and specific action and meticulous approach because terrorist big declarations
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terrorists are in the field they obtain financing. so. we have a working and eating a very specific. framework but behind it is a meticulous work point by point that we are undertaking. of the next few weeks and months and which will allow us to dismantle everywhere these networks. it's. like.
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it's about. us. this is. what. will. come. to. public and private financing identified with regards to all the structures that are connected with terrorism. such as our intelligence services identify to have exchanges on the technical level between our intelligence networks and to increase cooperation remotely and to provide mutual support. qatar has got to organize important events and needs to strengthen the fight
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against terror is terrorism and it's a threat for everyone and we have experience having ourselves having in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the seminar. and after the attacks and so this technical cooperation with regards to. security in fighting against all forms of terrorism is part of the practical action that we've initiated today information action and prevention with regards to the u.s. decision with regards to jerusalem i said it's a you know unilateral decision by the united states. i can't and more than what i said yesterday i do not share this decision and i disapprove of it because it's against international law against the resolution of the un security council council and will france will repeat its.
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opinion and jerusalem is an international matter and it concerns a hold of the international community and the solution must be found through negotiation between israelis and palestinians and it's in that framework the trouble is i'm going to have a status under the united nations and france is attached to that is to have two states israel and palestine living side by side in peace and having internationally recognized borders and having to resume as a capital a question shake you out with regard to the locus of the neighbors if you will of the change in the region. you know with me now from
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change president marco. it's hard for qatar missiles. with regards to countries we're seeing today not be. worth it how do you explain that. in terms of the regional situation. and. they're located. you know from our neighbors and us and them is ongoing. and the situation of cuts is quite clear. we need to sort out. these problems on it on the table of negotiations where everyone talks openly and discuss. viewpoints and action i feel sorry to say
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that others have imposed. on us in the holy month of ramadan. and that you know. we have our own dignity and we have the sovereignty of the state of that is. everything and you know brothers ones to sort out the problems we are ready for that so i think this is a message that is clear to everyone we cannot accept any intervention and you know. the qatari people have the right to know the reasons behind the blockade and the violence. in the. us. the sovereignty as a set of the set of the thought is above and think we need to sort out the problem but not on the expense of our dignity and our sovereignty.
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you understand. that there is any complacent saying and i can repeat. complacency with regards to anyone it means something the trying to exist there isn't any i talked about it when we talked about. instant ties with the claimed terrorist movements and financing it's simple. the contracts are signed today that. the work of french. companies and we'll give. it is ten hours greenwich meantime you're watching a press conference being given by the french president emmanuel mackerel.


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