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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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the sovereignty as i said of the sort of the thought is above a thing we need to sort out the problem but not on the expense of our dignity and our sovereignty. that there is any complacency and i can repeat. complacency with regards to anyone and it means something the trying to exist there isn't any i've talked about it when we talked about. ties with claimed terrorist movements and financing it's simple. the contracts are signed today that. the work of french. companies and we'll give. it is ten hours greenwich meantime you're watching
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a press conference being given by the french president emanuel alongside the cattery amir this is taking place in the day one that is the seat of katter's government let's go back to what's being said and. it was conducted with professionalism in. because there is strong strategic relationship economically and militarily and companies were able to respond to the requirements in the same way with regards to the fight against terrorism there's no come complacency. because we've decided to progress and have a very specific protocol that we've decided together and nothing's changed and we are doing exactly what we agreed to do.
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so. you know what state of it which is what. does fronts think about the policies of iran in the region. if. the person. follow up a new killer agreement two thousand and fifteen i'm watching closely the work planned under that agreement which. is the very specific. operations on the site i received a few weeks ago. the director. and what i note is that since that agreement was signed it. was unable to take part in all the missions and inquiries that expected what i know is that when we are asked to strengthen certain checks in particular in universities it was done and accepted by the
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iranian authorities what i note is that you will see that the agreement of two thousand and ten is respected it allows to control the nuclear iranian nuclear activity until twenty twenty five. even if it doesn't deal with everything and that's why that. wish to preserve this agreement which is on my side we must maintain. all of the inquiries that allowed to do so because the alternative would be assembled a full absence of of agreement which would mean that. we have a situation like north korea. and not believe that it. relations with iran and the action that we must conduct. talks that we must
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have with terror on my side hope that we can have other types of discussions talks . military and military strategic activity regards to the ballistic activity in iran. since the agreement in twenty and it involves. members of the p five. powers in the region which are directly affected and dependent on the iranian ballistic ballistic activity. the other matter is a strategic discussion on the regional presence of iran and that. we must have limits collectively today in iraq in syria in lebanon in yemen. a strong presence which creates
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a lot of tension in the region. and if we want to pacify the region which is a requirement for all of us it's important to have the strategic dialogue and to give a framework to its presence that's my desire that's another matter but i think we mustn't. confuse all the. agendas and what is expected that's my reading of the situation today i must do it iran remains a regional power that scares a lot of countries including our allies in the region but is a great people that need to be respected and with whom france must discuss thank you very much. ok so that was the press conference being given by the president of france
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and the emir of qatar basically seen very much as a their meetings today have concentrated one on trade and secondly on fighting terrorism the president of france announcing that there is to be a major international conference to be held in paris next year for which he has the support of the emir of qatar there were several a memorandum of understanding signed one of one of which related to this fight against terrorism and as i say this quite a lot of business deals totally him perhaps a much as twelve billion dollars lots more on that a bit later in the program but now to our main purpose our main story here on the al-jazeera news hour and that is palestinian leaders saying the u.s. can no longer play a role in efforts to find peace with israel is after president trump ignored global opposition and formally recognize your recent them as israel's capital that being process in the middle east and in gaza where hamas is calling for
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a new uprising against israel people are also being urged to mobilize for three days of rage and a general strikes being called in the occupied palestinian territories now the u.n. secretary general as well as other world leaders have been quick to react with concern and anger turkey says it wants to host a meeting of muslim nations next week israel various celebrating prime minister netanyahu saying his allies decision is an important step towards peace. ok our coverage this hour begins with. who is in the in the occupied west bank we've also got burn a smith he's in gaza but first we get a hairy forsett he's our correspondent in occupied east jerusalem everyone then pretty much in agreement that whether you're for or against what donald trump has come up with this is a new era for the israel palestine conflict. indeed and people here are trying
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to really process it so far it's a relatively cancer to ation here in east jerusalem in occupied east jerusalem there is a general strike that's largely being observed police are telling us that the security posture by the israeli police here is at a standard level they haven't had any indications of a heightened risk as yet but it's something that they will assess as the day goes on it is interesting though the reports that we're seeing that the united states tried to insist on a fairly low key response from the israelis not too much public celebration from the israeli government that does suggest the united states knew the risks it was taking in terms of the situation here on the ground when it made this decision last night. this announcement had been trailed for days now it was up to donald trump to make the case that a wildly controversial move opposed by the palestinians arab states and most of the
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international community could advance the peace process it would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result therefore i have determined. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel trump said he was directing the state department to begin preparations to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv talk of architects and engineers confirming earlier suggestions that this would be a matter of years not days we are not taking a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders before made this speech white house officials were trying to frame it saying that it didn't define the final status of a terrorist well that could still be negotiated between israelis and palestinians
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in a two state solution if that is what both parties still want it over for the palestinians this is the united states definitively taking sides in this conflict in a prerecorded message the palestinian president said trump was merely encouraging continued occupation. these denounce and rejected measures create deliberate constraints to all of the efforts towards realizing peace and reflect the united states withdrawal from practicing its role as a peace mediator. israel to have repaired its messaging on a day that prime minister benjamin netanyahu called historical milestone the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel palestinians living in occupied east jerusalem would have heard little in president trump speech recognizing their own historical connection to the city which they too view as their capital jerusalem is christian churches warned of conflict violence and
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irreparable harm. donald trump made reference to a perceived lack of courage on the part of his predecessors who'd failed to make this decision now he will have to wait along with the region to see what consequences it brings. and you can see just behind me there was a brief protest from a small group of palestinians who gathered here near damascus gate the police said it's really security forces have already moved in and you can see they're breaking up even a very small gathering like that there was maybe a dozen or so people chanting. against the decision last night and now we're seeing the very quick response they're waving the palestinian flag as well which is something that usually attracts the interest at least of israeli security forces we've been talking to one local fatah leader here about the prospects for more widespread protests especially in light of what happened in july during the very
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large mass demonstrations against the installation of israeli metal detectors at the al aqsa mosque compound he said that that was a religious issue as well as a nationalist one as well as an issue about jerusalem with that kind of issue is likely to bring more people out onto the streets but it could not be predicted exactly what kind of protests might eventually today or tomorrow there have been these calls for days of rage as you're aware. will see it live in occupied east jerusalem thank you very much indeed now let's go to gaza our correspondent there is ben is with the scene heightened tensions in occupied east jerusalem the situation in gaza like. well there are also protests going on. around gars it's fairly small several hundred people here others are expected throughout the day have unfortunately also been some injuries some people were
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throwing stones near the border down in the south of the gaza strip throwing stones at israeli security forces on the other side of vans and they responded with tear gas and live fire on the some three people been injured so there are protests. in some stone throwing in israeli forces around the perimeter fence that runs around gaza also in gaza we've had hamas a senior political leader. speaking and he spoke yesterday condemning the expectation that trump was going to say recognize israel jerusalem as the capital of israel he's been responding to that and today he's criticized on the palestinian authority for playing along with the what he says playing along with the oslo peace process he says it's now effectively dead after almost twenty five years of on off talks between the israelis and the palestinians he says the israelis should now stop says the palestinians should now stop security cooperation with the israelis
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they should stop sharing security information with the israelis is call for a third uprising a third intifada doesn't necessarily mean a violent uprising but it means a policy to an uprising against israel's occupation of the west bank and it's an circumvents of the gaza strip and he said. he says yes this is effectively an end to the also agreement days of what he had to say earlier on today. who acted on yom today i'm stressing that jerusalem is unified no east jerusalem no west jerusalem jerusalem is a palestinian arab muslim city and is the capital city of the whole of palestine today i am saying that palestine is unified from the sea to the river unified palestine will never be divided into two countries now you say the so-called peace process has gone forever once and for all and then we will go out of the oslo dark tunnel. so really strong words coming from the political leader of hamas
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how is that message being received by the people of gaza i mean the people of gaza are already on the streets even before president made the announcement in anticipation of what he was going to say. palestinians. in the occupied west bank and palestinians anywhere else in the world angry frustrated i'm really sad because the has been a lot of. vested in the peace process and i don't see that they've got anything from it meanwhile israel continues to build settlements on occupied land and continues to build those settlements it seems with impunity although they are recognized internationally as illegal so enormous amount of frustration on those words that. you're on also we've had similar words from the palestinian prime minister who's been holding reconciliation talks with hamas leaders.
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in control of the palestinian leader. with. strong condemnation not on the streets he's being reflected by the people coming out to protest not. live in gaza city thank you very much indeed now let's go to. she's our correspondent in ramallah in the occupied west bank and of course this is the seat of the palestinian authority quite a critical tone coming from gaza with regard to the position taken by the palestinian leadership how does it feel there today. certainly there. and here you could hear me. just this is a protest. in support of president obama the best overarching message here is that the. us have failed that any kind of roses is now normal and right now the organizers of this protest are making very sure that this is
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a message of unity usually you would see the city flags of the different palestinian factions not on this day and over and over again. on this day that they were pulling for the fact that only the palestinian flag should be raised during this protest now after here the protesters will go some of them not all of them will march towards the friction points that's the area where the point where the palestinian authorities could shoulder the winning find themselves face to face with the israeli army and usually when they go there there were some violent clashes that happen often were certainly at the front it was saying that jerusalem is staying in jerusalem is muslims and christians and the palestinians will never give up jerusalem and what about this school that has come the most vocally
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from the leader of hamas for an intifada or is this something that the people of the occupied west bank a likely to fall in behind. but certainly we've heard similar messages here people are. people say that they will continue to struggle i think the message of this milan is something that on this day where people are angry disappointed. that one might even say that if you. trade. down with well with many palestinians across the occupied west bank all right how to meet our correspondent there live in ramallah thank you right now outside israel in the palestinian territory and the u.s. actually general antonio he has implicitly criticize the u.s.
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president stressing his opposition to any unilateral measures that could hurt the prospects of peace from the u.n. mike hanna reports on how the world is reacting. to president trumpet spoken the u.n. secretary general restated what today and position on jerusalem for decades i have consistently spoken out against after all measures that would jeopardize the prospect of peace for israelis and palestinians jerusalem is a final stop those issues that must be resolved through direct negotiations between the two parties on the basis of the relevant security council and general assembly resolutions. taking into account the legitimate concerns of both the palestinian and israeli sides a number of other leaders have backed the un position among them pope francis
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released a statement calling on all to respect to roast lamb status quo based as he put it on the pertinent united nations resolution criticism of president trump's decision coming to from the president of france sitting this is. this is a regrettable decision that france does not approve of and which goes against international law and all the u.n. security council resolutions and the british prime minister theresa may said the following we disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem and recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital before a final status agreement we believe it is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region the british embassy to israel is based in tel aviv and we have no plans to move it back at the un even before president trump made his announcement the bolivian ambassador said he would call an emergency meeting of the security council. reckless and dangerous decision to go against international law
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the resolutions of the security council. weakens force for peace in the region and also upset the whole. region and later in the day bolivia was joined by a number of other countries calling for an emergency security council meeting including egypt france and the u.k. however waiting in the chamber will be the u.s. veto. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. so why is jerusalem so central to the israeli palestine conflict well events over the past seventy years have been crucial in ninety forty seven the united nations agreed to split palestinian land into jewish and arab territories jerusalem was granted special international status under un governance a year later during the first arab israeli war israel captured more land leading to
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the division of jerusalem this is west fell under israeli control while jordan took over the east then in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israel occupied east jerusalem after its victory in the six day arab israeli war this ongoing occupation is regarded by the world as illegal the international community also rejected a law passed in one nine hundred eighty by the israeli knesset or parliament which declared jerusalem to be israel's eternal and in divisible capital palestinians see east jerusalem as the capital of their future state it's also important to know that jerusalem holds huge religious significance not just for muslims and for jews but also for christians. all right now let's get the views of cutty who is a lecturer university is joining us live now from ramallah. do you agree that president trumps action by recognizing jerusalem as the capital of
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israel is the final straw the nail in the coffin of the peace process. i agree. i should say that the peace process was dying anyhow before that and i think that the. american bias attitude all along was part of the reasons for the decaying peace process and now this increase in the american bias to president level is like probably declaring the end of the peace process but definitely a declaration of the end of the american role as a sponsor of this peace process i'm the best president trumbo also said that despite the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital that he was still committed to a two state solution if that was what both parties want nor did he didn't he didn't
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actually decrease. specifically on the status of east jerusalem do you derive any kind of comfort from that. but there is a contradiction here this peace process is about implementing. signed agreements on the basis of the international legality the agreement that was signed sponsored by the united states and signed in washington between the p.l.o. and israel decided that general salim needs to be negotiated and the final status negotiations so the american attitude contradicts with this signed agreement that needs to be further negotiated so there is a contradiction between a common commitment for further negotiations for two state solution and already determining. certain significant aspects of these negotiations particularly
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jerusalem i think that by the united states taking sides on one of the most crucial aspects of the conflict then they are undermining their role. and undermining the two state solution anyhow and now there is at least one school of thought that suggests that donald trump and considers himself to be the arch dealmaker has actually got a few more calls up his sleeve this is just stage one that there are other elements of a greater plan to be to be revealed in subsequent stages for instance my parents the vice president is jim in the region next week do you buy into that you think this is just a high risk gamble that has gone dreadfully wrong. this position over jerusalem gives you
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a taste of the kind of. proposal that the united states might be preparing might be developing might be presenting i should tell you that the palestinians the arabs the muslims are not interested in a state that does not include east you're also live simply because the palestinian position is based on the international legality and the international legality consider general salim to be part of the palestinian territories occupied in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and is supposed to be the land of the future palestinian state united states cannot compromise the international legality in their way they develop their proposals for future solution but continuing with the exact same status quo with the may just operandi that was in place was not yielding anything what about the the theory the notion that something
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dramatic had to happen in order to change the course of events could something positive possibly come out of what to all intents and purposes seems to be a very very negative move. yes but i need to add that. new american attitude about jerusalem is not the only problem. the other development in the american approach to the conflict which is tolerance over the israeli settlement expansion is another american compromise to the international legality that is disqualifying gradually the united states from the possibility of playing the role of the mediator and the sponsor of this peace process. i think that any mediation any proposal. to be a successful needs to be consistent with international legality and american
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attitude is growing glee deviating from the international legality to an extent that disqualify them from playing this role look at the reality on the ground east jerusalem is an occupied territory is not only legally speaking but in reality on the ground and this american decision cannot at all alter the obviously a reality that anybody can feel and notice in the ground in is jerusalem. thank you very much indeed for talking to us. right richard will have the weather in just a little while still to come all say here on the. wall and more on whether iran's nuclear bomb was fact or fiction. is in nepal had to use the ballot box to force change after a devastating earthquake two and a half years ago and in sports another day another record for renowned at least in
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the champions league. from the clear blue sky. to the fresh breeze in the city of. well while central and southern parts of europe western an area of high pressure keeping weather conditions pretty settled further towards the north it's a very different picture and here we have storm carline by the u.k. met office barreling into wards not just the u.k. but also into parts of scandinavia as well bringing with it some very strong winds indeed you are seeing wind gusts of probably one hundred thirty kilometers per hour across some of these northern areas so if i take this frontal system and take their front some cells off and look at how this low develops over the next twenty four to thirty six hours you can see how scandinavia no way in particular is going to take
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the brunt of the really severe winds and strong winds pushing all the way down across the u.k. and colder air also pushing a long way towards the south as a lot of snow there over both norway and sweden we've got some very heavy snow levels the strong winds pushing all the way down as i run the sequence you see the cold air starts to push further towards the south so london fourteen degrees is going to disappear the next twenty four hours going to case of six degrees and snow extending quite a long way down through the heart of the u.k. at least in the showery form meanwhile further towards the east that snow expect to continue and be for many parts of this region it's going to be a very white few days. the weather sponsored by cat time release. glowing green bacteria in a. super heated gas escaping from volcanic well in iceland this is really the heart and innovation in the for what happened to experiments both exploring and
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klinefelter by did look at how counter the impacts of climate change the science of capturing culp the new thing names are on the fly in a combat environment tamed the light does happen and so techno this start on all does iraq and monday pointed well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to form a dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war .
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you know with our the news outlets have a look at the main story today and that is of course the reaction to the us which has ignored a global outcry and declared jerusalem israel's capital president trump is also moving the. american embassy that while israel has hailed the decision world leaders have expressed anger and concern. how mrs leader has called for a new palestinian uprising following trump's announcement is mild hania says the
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decision was unfair and provocative. but not long after that jerusalem declaration donald trump then issued a statement calling on saudi arabia to end its blockade of yemen and these were his words i have directed officials in my administration to cool the leadership of the kingdom of saudi arabia to request they completely allow fuel water and medicine to reach the yemeni people who desperately need it the u.s. has supported the saudi led coalition in its fight against toothy rebels in yemen since twenty fifteen thousands of people have died in the war millions more a currently in the grip of severe illness and they're on the brink of starvation where we can speak to see even anderson who is the world food program's representative there in yemen and he's joining us via skype from the capital sanaa interesting that in that statement from donald trump they didn't mention food i'm
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just wondering what is the food situation with regard to at least the capital where you are at the moment you a little situation is is very alarming. in the country and particularly in the northern part of the country. where we're you know. restriction restrictions and and. there have been imposed there was already a very dire situation all together two thirds of the nation are considered to be hungry and the world. is trying to assist on a monthly basis about a quarter of. the entire population so roughly seven million people of march. of course the situation has become even more. even more difficult. during the last month with the restrictions and then of course there's been
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fighting during the last week which is further caused further concern for the people who were really just struggling to survive and how does the world food program actually go about trying to negotiate getting food in. particularly in particular to keep by air well we're not actually bringing food in by air time we try because of the scale without scale of the needs we try to bring in. roughly about seventy thousand metric tons of food. through ports primarily through one day and some reports on the red sea but we also use other than. i don't port in the south. but we're very heavily dependent on ports for the airport we live in passengers on a regular basis including we had
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a life this morning but we're also bringing in other humanitarian cargo mostly for the medical emergencies of colorado there's also the area of great. white recently so of course we are also concerned that if our relations get cut off due to fighting that we will also have to resort to air lifts of food of if we're just the russians but right now because of the scale of the need we're really depending heavily on the ports not only and i just like to make the point that not only manage their insistence this is important but also the commercial assistance commercial food and fuel it's particularly important for the people we are not assisting because they they get and you're a news importing more than ninety percent of its food and any kind of increase in
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the price of fuel as a direct impact on the people who are already there living very very close to between the lines of. hunger and even tension if you can starvation yeah that was a very it's not the point made by the u.n. secretary general wasn't it the fact that the markets and local markets have to be revived i'm just wondering has the situation changed noticeably since the killing of the former ousted president adly abdullah saleh you did refer to the additional fighting on the streets of the capital sanaa following the theft. yes calling the event actually has become. the calm. in some dark and the roads are. high for example from here to
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a down side as well that's a positive development as a venture earlier we were able to bring you out of my regular flights resume. however there has been quite a bit of airstrikes it's. a number of strikes in recent days and of course there's a fear that that fighting could again. resume on a wide scale and we're just concerned really about. first and foremost about the people who've already suffered far far too much and have very little left. to survive on now ok steven anderson of w f p thank you very much in david talking to us live from the yemeni capital sanaa. now the syrian government delegation is due to return to geneva on sunday for peace talks after it went out last week the eighth
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round of u.n. backed talks have been on hold while the syrian opposition waits for government to get it is the come back the delegation left the talks blaming the opposition demands that president assad should play no role in any interim post-war government . catherine france have signed a memorandum of understanding to combat terrorism the deal was announced as the french president emmanuel mccraw visited cata president macro held a press conference with cats has a mere shake tamim bin hamad al funny. we're not. and. we have adopted certain procedures to not allow any funds to go to terrorists and we have had investigations into all the claims against qatar since day one the arab and muslim countries are the ones who have suffered most from terrorism and we
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are committed to fighting terrorism with our friends and allies. but let's go to the american west coast where homes of the rich and famous in los angeles are the latest to be threatened by wildfires twelve thousand properties are at risk and hundreds have already been destroyed this week hot dry winds are fanning the flames as hundreds of thousands in southern california suffer the worst wildfire season on record chris insolently reports. dramatic images of a morning commute california's latest wildfires are threatening more neighborhoods including the community of belair for a time the flames forced the closure of several lanes of one of the most important highways in california interstate four o five high winds in unusually dry conditions drove the inferno we had very strong winds coming from the northeast to the southwest blowing that fire quickly and this turned into a fire that is one hundred fifty acres zero percent containment at present from the
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air or water drops by helicopters to help hundreds of firefighters on the ground who've been mobilized and are battling to keep flames away from exclusive homes in the neighborhood some have been destroyed shrouded in the smoke renowned getty center art museum it closed its doors as a precaution officials are warning residents to remain on guard but we're into this a painting a continuation of the red conditions throughout the week at least until friday about eighty kilometers away in ventura the largest of five wildfires continues to burn there are some twelve thousand homes remain under threat of weather forecast provides little comfort and winds are expected to pick up in the affected areas kristen salumi al-jazeera. now the german government is offering cash incentives to asylum seekers if they volunteer to return home within the next couple of months the potential payouts are one thousand two hundred dollars per person the
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repatriation offer is in sharp contrast to deportation flights eller cullen has been speaking to one refugee before he was flown back to afghanistan from over area . with a friend about to be deported a group of protesters try to break into a holding room to say goodbye but it was too late for this man whose face we can't show it for security reasons he was told he'd be sent back to afghanistan after arriving for an appointment at the immigration office. protesters and volunteer workers helping refugees are outraged by the decision. i can't put it in words i'm devastated i still can't believe he will be sent back to an almost certain that the deportees boss even showed up to support him that's a good thing when people are trying everything to find their way in
1:43 pm
a new country learning the language culture and trying to be integrated it's very sad that they don't get a chance. the night before we walked the streets together in the bavarian town of by reut he refused extra money on offer by the german government for anyone who returns home voluntarily they offered me a thousand euros to go back i said i can't go back in a way twenty years from my country i didn't come here for money i came here because europe is safe. he fears if he took more money home it would make him more of a target in the eyes of the taliban with no relatives or friends in afghanistan he will be alone there i'm not a criminal i'm not an islamist i'm not a terrorist for twenty six years i've been living in fear not knowing what's going to happen my life is just over. the german government won't comment on individual cases but stands by its deportation policy fair the situation remains unchanged
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people seen as a threat criminals and those who repeatedly refused to cooperate can also be deported to afghanistan i believe this is right and we will continue this practice but lawyers say the afghan refugee we've been talking to has no criminal record and cooperated with the authorities the number of afghans supported from germany has almost doubled in recent years and the treatment of refugees is amazing is a key dividing line is the country struggles to form a government. two years ago germany opened its borders to an unprecedented number of refugees now during a shift in domestic politics the reality is that goodbyes like this appear to be more likely. al-jazeera by reuters germany. and once a country has learned how to enrich uranium experts say it doesn't take much more
1:45 pm
to turn a civilian nuclear energy program into a military one wild jumped into action when iran began a homegrown nuclear program up and iranian m.p. has been speaking to al-jazeera and told us that the international panic about building nuclear weapons was based on a myth designed us ravi reports now from the iranian capital tehran. many iranians here say they've paid a high price for their country's nuclear ambitions years of sanctions have led to international isolation and an economic toll that is difficult to quantify but the cost can be measured in at least four lives nuclear scientists killed in targeted attacks between two thousand and ten and twenty twelve the government blames regional rival israel which is never confirmed or denied the allegation iran has rigged. hear that scientists as heroes honoring them with burials in a centuries old shrine next to a descendant of the prophet muhammad. their widows and families are treated as
1:46 pm
national treasures and at this ceremony to remember men and women killed in the line of duty the head of the revolutionary guard himself thanks them for their sacrifice. the first scientist was killed here outside his own home most of the was a professor at a her own university and was on his way to teach a class as he left his home a motorcycle bomb parked outside was remotely detonated killing him instantly. that day he said good bye three times. must mean knows the price iran is paid better than most. i started calling the suit my suit my suit he didn't respond i saw that part of his head was blown away i realized it was guns i put his head down and started screaming and crying and asking the neighbors for help. her home still bears the
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scars from the bomb blast that took her husband's life. she's done her best to preserve his memory. even kept his briefcase the same way it was on the day he died more than seven years ago. iran's supreme leader banned the production of nuclear weapons in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. iranians say the issue was inflamed by the united states israel and other countries as an excuse to isolate them in the global marketplace. iranian m.p. . is spokesman for the parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy he says the idea of an islamist nuclear bomb made in iran is a myth in at. do it with this accusation was a lie that america put it in the mouth of the international community i'm telling you not before not now not in the future nuclear weapons have absolutely no place in iran's strategy first of all it's the fatwa of the supreme leader it's a religious edict we have to abide by it parliament government no one can defy it
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we are obliged by this fatwa. but whenever there's a new argument between iran and its rivals the government here likes to remind the world they could be producing highly enriched uranium again in less than a week while more work would need to be done to build a bomb for iran's enemies it seems it's still too close for comfort. in the pool the polls adjudicators in just under half an hour after the second phase of parliamentary and regional elections they're considered to be the final step in the transition to a federal democracy they just say they want the new leaders to focus on the rebuilding with millions of survivors of the earthquake two and a half years ago still living in temporary housing so being a has more now from kathmandu. kosovan at seven a.m. local time and voting has been going on in in fifteen thousand polling sites
1:49 pm
centers across the country. long queues and people are quite excited about this election we talked to some old people earlier who are saying that it is a very important election because they've waited for such a long time for this country to be a federal republic and there is a level of cynicism as well especially with the young people that we've talked to largely because they're concerned that the same old faces will be elected again there is a three percent threshold for new political parties and one person at least one person from this from new political parties have to be elected in the first passible sister while people are hopeful that this will happen there is also a bit of concern that it might not happen these polls happen in two different phases the first one happened in the mountains where the climate was challenging geography was challenging and this and this station around twelve million people
1:50 pm
are voting this election has been complicated because it had to take place in a relatively short time and it all it is an election of both the national parliament as well as state parliament we talked to one of the election commissioner yesterday who said that because of the time constraint and and budgetary policies and all they could not move to electronic ballots which means around fifteen million people would have cast their votes in on paper ballots for both state and national elections so folk counting is going to take a significant amount of time and according to the election commission it will take around a week before we know who will get the mandate to form the next government. gay couples in australia have been cheering m.p.'s as they voted to legalize same sex marriage and held by the majority vote in the house all
1:51 pm
changes the definition of marriage from solely between a man and a woman to a union of two people legalisation follows the yes vote in a recent national survey. so to come here on the edges here at news hour find out why this champions league football manager dressed up a zorro that's coming up with joe and inspiring. q. thank.
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you. thank.
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it's time for this was used his joe thank you very much of a day and another piece from history made by christiane are an elder the real madrid strike as become the first player to school in all six of his teams you wait for champions league matches rinaldo made history with his second goal against policy adult women date with his ninth in europe this season madrid were already heading for the last sixteen of the competition and went on to seal a three two win well porto city and chance of the nets also qualify for from wednesday's games while living pole storms its last sixteen as group the winners with a seven zero thrashing of spots moscow in his teams have also created champions league history for the first time five of them have qualified for the knockout stage and it's a strong line up of sixteen teams they'll be facing with balsa on a buy in munich and eventis also going through as well as parson and real madrid
1:54 pm
over the english teams chelsea manchester city manchester united tottenham and liverpool progress to liverpool's manager is expecting a tough draw on monday as they take paul for the first time since two thousand and nine. sixteen jabs the galley strong sides but this year it's quite special i don't think that you can face really. that in this. last sixteen if you win the group. but and you. and all the others and so that's that's quite interesting. tony condor said yesterday. no easy opponents and i thought than anybody is happy when they when they. get us in the draw so we will not be happy in a moment when we see who we will face in the next round but we will be ready that's for sure. well we started with her now and he could add to his bulging trophy cabinet later the portuguese star headlines
1:55 pm
a thirty man shortlist for the world player of the year title ballon d'or which will be awarded on thursday now when elder is the current holder and has won it four times is largely considered to be a favorite among fans so after leading round to a second champions league title in a row last season also on the list though is his rival in all messi of past loner who himself is a five time winner and now he was the leading goalscorer in spain last season netting thirty seven goals and veteran italian goalkeeper generally cheaper from well he's an outside threat he's helped eventis to the settee our title and the copper tally at the age of thirty nine but this one was almost always goes to forwards will find out later in paris if the football journalists who vote for the winner will have broken with tradition while the united states ambassador to the un nikki haley says it's an open question whether american athletes will be allowed to compete and next year's winter olympic games in south korea that suited tensions
1:56 pm
with neighboring north korea meanwhile got to me putin says he won't stop any russian athletes from competing after the i.o.c. ruled that they were only allowed to as neutrals because of allegations of state sponsored doping is certainly something i know many of the athletes personally and they have been preparing for these competitions the whole lives it wasn't only a couple of years of preparation they've been preparing the whole careers and for them it's very important so we will bear anything to anyone create conditions that would make participation impossible the brooklyn nets are going to be a long way from home when they host oklahoma city later on thursday the match is being played in mexico city the next visited a school on wednesday that was affected by september's earthquake in the city this is the first year where four regular n.b.a. season games have been played in mexico the nets will also play the miami heat on saturday. u.s. sports leagues are targeting the mexican market an n.f.l. game took place that last month. i love playing abroad to be ours i love playing
1:57 pm
abroad i love playing a different planet from a different very busy year when i'm obviously. you know some people being there we see as me or my be kids out there were moments when some of us got to give them the opportunity to see examples of. organizers for the tokyo twenty twenty lympics and paralympics have unveiled the shortlisted designs for the games mascots. an elementary school in terry care was the site for revealing three options that was selected for over two thousand public entries schoolchildren across japan will get to choose with each class casting a single vote in favor of one of the sets the winner will be announced at the end of february. so i want to leave you with this coach's champions league celebration shakhtar than it says manager paolo from second kept his promise of doing
1:58 pm
a costume if the team made the knockout stage which they did and so he just office sorow a fictional vigilante who's known for being cunning as a fox. this is the most joyful press conference of my career i feel great joy i think not only shocked our supporters but all ukrainians have to be proud of our team points and such a group is fantastic he's a good sport and that is for me. thank you very much indeed not so for me. to have around and be in the chair.
1:59 pm
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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a just see it. protests in occupied east jerusalem following u.s. president trumps decision to record.


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